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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #120 - 04.02.2004 at 22:37:19
Theme for February


The lessons and practices of February comprise the Way of the Heart.

Jesus, and the line of rabbis from which he came,

summarized the spiritual life with elegant simplicity.

"Love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, with all

thy soul and with all thy mind, and love thy neighbor as thyself."

A precious thought is easier said than done.

This month we will deepen the doing.

Through ancient meditations including the Buddhist practice of

Metta, or lovingkindness,

through awareness and owning of our projections,

through the help of the angelic realm,

and through our intention to love and serve,

we will remember how to open our hearts

and let go of the poison of self-hatred that

keeps our souls in bondage.

In this way we will restore our place in the great Web of life

that we may treat the Earth and all her children

with the greatest respect and love.

Feburary is the perfect time for the flowering of compassion.

Listen to the voices of the the Ancient Ones as they penetrate

the winter stillness:

The seeds are beginning to stir

in the dark womb of the Earth Mother.

Days grow longer and Brother Bear stretches

in his den.

As our hearts likewise stir

and open in love and wisdom,

Archangel Michael

and the energies fo the North

support us

in the practices of lovingkindness and the birth


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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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All IS Full Of Love
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #121 - 06.02.2004 at 23:00:58
The Need of the Hour

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
PO Box 41883, Tucson AZ 85717
520-885-7909 -- FAX 520-749-6643

February, 2004

Harmonic Concordance was a tremendous success, and the Light of Divine Consciousness is now flowing through the hearts and minds of awakening Humanity in ways never before experienced. This victory was accomplished through the unified efforts of hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers all over the world and the entire Company of Heaven. Now the year 2004 is providing each of us with opportunities beyond our greatest imagination.

From outer appearances, it may look as though nothing much has changed, but that is an illusion. Everything has changed, and nothing on Earth will ever be the same again. We are moving forward in the Light, and there is no turning back. As I have mentioned many times, these changes occur first in the Realms of Cause and then filter into the world of effects. The physical plane of Earth is the very last dimension to reflect the changes. Once something has occurred in the Realms of Cause, however, nothing can prevent it from manifesting in the physical plane. The only question is how long it will take, and that is up to you and me.

In order to realize the full magnitude of the opportunities 2004 is providing, we need to shift our awareness slightly. Instead of looking at the outer world and accepting the chaos and confusion existing there as our reality, we need to remember that the physical plane is just a reflection of Humanity’s consciousness. Now that the limitless flow of Divine Consciousness is available to every person evolving on Earth, we have the ability to easily create a new reality. The sooner Humanity accepts that Truth the sooner we will manifest the perfection of Heaven on Earth, which is our purpose and reason for being on the planet at this time.

During Harmonic Concordance, the archetypes of Humanity’s miscreations back to the initial impulse of the fall were shattered and transmuted into Light. Those archetypes included the distorted patterns of all of the maladies that are now existing on Earth. Our thoughts and feelings are creative, so we still have the free will to hold on to those old thoughtforms and to recreate those gross mutations, but if we choose to create something wonderful and positive instead, it will now be infinitely easier.

What this means very practically is that even though we may have tried and failed in the past to change negative situations in our lives, those same situations are now going to seem much less daunting. Without the miscreated archetypes from aeons ago empowering and sustaining our negative thoughts and feelings, we will experience much less resistance. From now on, every effort we make to improve the quality of our lives will be much more effective, and this time we will succeed.

With the influx of Divine Consciousness from Harmonic Concordance now flowing through our newly-opened 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras, our 12 Solar Strands of DNA are being recalibrated into 5th Dimensional circuits of communication. This healing activity is reestablishing Humanity’s ability to commune with the Realms of Illumined Truth through open-heart and open-mind telepathic communication.

Once Humanity reconnects with the Realms of Truth, we will remember that we are ALL sons and daughters of God, and we will realize that all life is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. In that Realm of Divine Consciousness, we KNOW that every thought, word, action or feeling we express affects every facet of life in the whole of Creation. We clearly understand that our peaceful, loving thoughts and feelings bless and enhance all life while our discordant, hateful thoughts and feelings create havoc and cause problems for all life.

Once the Divine Wisdom and Knowledge from the Realms of Illumined Truth registers in Humanity’s conscious minds, it is impossible for us to justify harming ANY other facet of life for our own personal gain. It becomes blatantly obvious that only by working for the highest good of all concerned will we experience true and lasting joy, happiness, abundance, peace, fulfillment and every other attribute of God in our lives. Only by creating win-win situations in every human endeavor will harmony and balance be restored on Earth.

The major life-transforming advantage of Earth’s shift into Divine Consciousness will be Humanity’s realization of the Oneness of ALL Life. This one revelation is the key to Eternal Peace and Earth’s Transfiguration in the Light. When every soul remembers this Divine Truth, Heaven on Earth will be the order of the new day.

The NEED OF THE HOUR is for awakened Lightworkers to join hearts and minds, as we cocreate a living, ever-expanding Forcefield of Light that will assist even the most asleep, resistant people to easily experience the new frequencies of Divine Consciousness that are now flooding the planet.

The following invocation and visualization are specifically designed to help awaken every recalcitrant soul and to assist every neophyte and awakened soul to integrate the new frequencies of Divine Consciousness quickly and effortlessly.

As this Forcefield of Light is empowered each day through the thoughts, words, actions and feelings of Lightworkers around the world, its effect will be exponential, and the Light of Divine Consciousness will penetrate quickly into every person’s conscious and subconscious mind.


Through the Sacred Fire of Divinity blazing in my heart, I invoke my Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity to COME FORTH NOW!

Blessed Ones, send forth the most powerful 5th-Dimensional Ray of the glorious 12 Solar Aspects of Deity that Humanity can withstand at this time.

Project this Divine Light into the mental body, the etheric mind and the physical brain structure of every man, woman and child evolving on Earth.

Balance the right- and left-brain hemispheres of each person and activate our spiritual brain centers, our pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brains.

Rewire our physical brain structures to withstand the Light of Divine Consciousness, and heal the fragmented circuitry that has prevented Humanity from communing with our God Selves.

Assist us to perpetually hold open our Solar Crown Chakras of Enlightenment, and allow each of us to reunite with our God Self on a conscious level.

I ask that you keep this Divine Light blazing through each cell, molecule, atom and electron of Humanity’s brain structures until our minds and brains are restored to their original purity and Divine Intent.

Help every soul to be, once again, fully alert to the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God, so that we may all achieve great skill in transmitting these patterns into physical _expression.

Legions of Light, expand the Harmony of Humanity’s true Being. Fill our physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles with tones of Cosmic Harmony, and draw these vehicles into alignment with our God Selves.

Allow the Light of God to constantly maintain a state of peace and calm in our outer minds.

Instantly dissolve all thoughts and feelings that conflict with Humanity’s Divine Plan and Potential.

Like the sea reflecting the Sun, help us to keep our conscious minds open to the Divine Plan, and then seeing and knowing that plan, assist each of us to go forth and manifest it.

Beloved Ones, bathe the Earth and her atmosphere in oceans of your Cosmic Melody, Color and Harmony, so that all life will feel AT ONE with your exquisite, prismatic, cascading sea of music and Light.

In deep humility and gratitude, I thank you for your assistance to Humanity and all life evolving on Earth.

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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #122 - 06.02.2004 at 23:01:24

I Am going within to the Secret Place of
the Most High Living God.

There I kneel before the Altar of Love and offer my all in service, as I surrender my lower human consciousness to the perfection
of my true God Self.

I now stand before the Light of God, and all of my Earthly vehicles are brought into perfect alignment. My Twelvefold 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine is aligned, and my 12 Solar Chakras are open to full breadth. As the 12 Solar Aspects of Deity blaze through each Chakra, I become a radiant Sun of God’s Light.

I Am One with Humanity.

I Am One with the Legions of Light throughout Infinity.

I Am One with all Creation.

I Am One with my omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent
Father-Mother God—All That Is.

From this perspective, I am able to see the 12 Solar Strands of DNA that are being recalibrated
within the cells of every Human Being.

In my mind’s eye, I see this DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration that is being modified by Light, radiation, magnetic fields and sonic impulses, as it accelerates into
5th-Dimensional frequencies.

I witness the genetic codes of limitless physical perfection being activated within Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional DNA.

These perfected codes are being imprinted on the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame of Divinity in every human heart and secured into the nucleus of every atomic and subatomic particle of life within Humanity’s Earthly vehicles.

This energy adjustment ignites every cell and lifts Humanity into higher frequencies of Light than we have ever experienced.

Within this Light, each person’s God Self is able to open the conscious mind to the new influx of Divine Consciousness. This greatly increases Humanity’s ability to perceive and understand what is happening on Earth at this time.

People everywhere begin to truly know that the powerful Solar Flares and the influx of Light from Harmonic Concordance are creating vast changes.

They realize now that the hands of time are shifting, and Humanity is experiencing a rebirth and a new beginning.

Every person begins to comprehend the magnitude of their purpose and reason for being on Earth during this Cosmic Moment. All of the physical and emotional densities that blocked this realization in the past are swept away.

The powerful, multidimensional, multifaceted Ray of the 12 Solar Aspects of Deity that is pulsating through every person’s brain now begins to pass back and forth between
the right- and left-brain hemispheres.

The Light gently forms an Infinity symbol, a reclining figure 8. As it flows through all of the pathways and meridians of the brain, it reconnects the circuits and heals the fragmented connections.

This activity of Light balances the hemispheres of the brain and brings into equilibrium the masculine and feminine aspects of
Deity within every soul.

This paves the way for the integration of Humanity’s God Selves and the assimilation of our Solar Light Bodies at a cellular level.

As I hold the focus of my attention on this process, I clearly witness Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies being assimilated into the limitless physical perfection of our
5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies.

The free-flowing Solar Light expands into every cell, integrating Humanity’s God Selves and allowing that aspect of our Divinity to step forth and take full dominion of our Earthly experiences.

Now, the God Selves of Humanity take command. In unison, as one breath, one voice, one heartbeat and one energy, vibration and consciousness of pure Divine Love, we affirm:

I Am now the perfection of my God Self grown to full stature, and I reclaim and accept my personal Divinity as a Beloved Child of God.

I instantly and permanently release and let go of all beliefs and behavior patterns that conflict with the Truth of who I Am.

From this moment forth, I consecrate my life to fulfilling the Immaculate Concept of my full Divine Potential.

From this moment forth, I consecrate my life to reflect Reverence for ALL Life in everything I think, feel, say and do.

From this moment forth, I consecrate my life to be the Open Door through which the Light of God will continually flow to bless and heal all life on Earth.

And so it is, Beloved I Am.
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #123 - 12.02.2004 at 15:50:33

2012 Watch
by Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle
Politics of Apocalypse III - There’s a Rainbow at the End of the Road

“Say, “Shall I tell you who the worst losers are?
‘They are  the ones whose works in this life are totally astray, but
they think they are doing good.’’ ” Quran 18: 103-104

By the standards of the Quran, on the evening of January 20, 2004. the
world’s worst and biggest loser, George W. Bush, gave his third State of
the Union Address. Anyone who heard this address or has read even
excerpts of it, might join me in considering the fact that the world is
now dominated by a man who is totally insane. Mind you, this is a man
who stole the election in his brother’s state of Florida in 2000, and
who at that time was considered a cut above the village idiot for his

What does it tell you that he now is firmly entrenched in power, and
that his army is equally entrenched in two far away places - Afghanistan
and Iraq? It tells you that the power of propaganda, brainwashing, fear
and subliminal programming can make the lowest form of life appear
great. The propaganda in the Untied States has become particularly
gross. The capture of Saddam Hussein was treated like it was a key
moment in the Book of Revelations. US News and World Report, one of the
leading weekly American news magazines, ran an advertisement free
special edition of its journal entitled “Judgment Day,” featuring a
grainy full size photo of captured Saddam, his baleful eyes looking out
from beneath  the “US NEWs” logo blatantly plastered across his forehead.

Would Bush be anywhere if the 9-11 hadn't happened? It really does make
you wonder about the conspiracy theory concerning that apocalyptic
event. Bush’s foreign policy includes statements such as the following:

“We are tracking al-Qaeda around the world, and nearly two-thirds of
their known leaders have now been captured or killed. Thousands of
military personnel are on a manhunt and, one-by-one, we will bring the
terrorists to justice.”

“As long as the Middle East remains a place of tyranny, despair, and
anger, it will continue to produce men and movements that threaten the
safety of America and our friends. So America is pursuing a forward
strategy of freedom in the greater Middle East.“

This is pure Americana. Let’s remember that way back after World War I,
American foreign policy was established to “make the world safe for
democracy.” George W. Bush has now taken that policy to the heartland of
Islam, as a “forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East.” George is
not alone in his policy. Take a look at America’s number one friend and
partner in crime, the state of Israel with madman Ariel Sharon at the

Sharon’s forward strategy of making the Middle East safe for Israel has
now produced a barrier that makes the Berlin Wall look like nursery
school - and that is the Israeli fence to contain the Palestinians’ in
the West Bank. Instead of sending the Palestinian enemy to concentration
camps like Hitler did to the Jews, Sharon is turning the entire Muslim
West bank into a concentration camp. America has criticized the Fence
(bad for public relations), and the israeli government has put off a
final decision on completing the fence until an Israeli court decides
whether it is illegal or not. Nonetheless, enough has been built already
to make it one of the world’s worst violations of human rights against a
people who have been deprived of their own sovereignty for over 50 years

This fence is supposed to be 700 km long when it is completed, at a cost
of 1.6 million dollars per kilometer. That’s more than one billion
dollars worth of fence. 700 km? The length of the West bank is scarcely
more than 200 km. This is because the fence winds in, out and around
protecting illegal Jewish settlements. In one place it turns the
Palestinian community of Qalquilya into a virtual prison with only one
military checkpoint to get to the rest of the Palestinian West bank. No
wonder that on January 14, the first Hamas woman martyr, a young mother
with two children, blew herself and four Israeli’s up at an Israeli
checkpoint on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli's responded once again by
closing off the Gaza strip as well.

Sharon’s fence -  barbed wire nine meters high, in some places concrete
wall, television monitors, electronic  sensors, roads for military
vehicles as well as fine sand to get footprints of those who would try
to get past this diabolical fence,  has attracted little world outrage.
But no one cared that much either when Hitler set up his concentration
camps. The worst part about living in the apocalypse is the numbness and
impotency that accompanies the normal state of consciousness. To add to
the surreality of it all “Spirit” has gone to Mars (soon to be followed
by “Opportunity”) looking for life there -while Bush is turning the
world into a police state whose ramifications could end all of life on

With these information bites , you can see why Quiche Maya spokesman
Carlos Barrios says that 2004 will be one of the worst years yet for the
collapse of the technosphere and the bankruptcy -moral and literal - of
democratic values. Surely with such scenarios now playing out before our
eyes we need a little perspective - eyes of the 2012 Watch

According to the prophecy cycle of Pacal Votan, 2004 is the final year
of the harrowing of hell. Things can only get so bad before there is a
turn around. Admittedly the world moral political saga has never felt
quite so bad. That only means the turn around is going to be that much
greater. It May not be 'til 2008 that we see the beginning of what could
be the Second Creation. But it will happen - and before 2012 at that.

“For all problems of existence are essentially problems of harmony.” So
wrote Sri Aurobindo in the Life Divine. According to the Law of Time the
maximum disharmony brought about by unconscious enslavement to false
12:60 time is now climaxing. Later in that same text Aurobindo states,
“A rational and scientific formula of the vitalistic and materialistic
human being and his life, a search for a perfected economic society and
the democratic cultus of the average man are all that the modern mind
presents us in this crisis as a light for its solution. ... this is
clearly not enough to meet the need of humanity which is missioned to
evolve beyond itself ...”

Now this rational scientific formula for democratic values and economic
society has turned into the world police state. But evolution has its
own ways of pulling the rug out from under the feet of tyrants. When the
world tyranny collapses -economically, environmentally and due to
massive solar changes - a new harmony will come about. What goes up must
come down. And when the Bush Dynasty New World Order comes down - a new,
greater more harmonic natural order will swiftly come into fill the
vacuum of the fallen technosphere.

It is not man that has the last word - but nature who bats last. And
after nature goes to bat, God will be true to His Covenant. Looking down
the road to 2012, all I can see is a rainbow ‘round the Earth. For at
the beginning of it all, in the Book of Genesis did God, as a promise to
Noah, make His covenant with man and nature:

9:12. And God said,”This is the sign of the covenant I am making between
me and you and every living creature, a covenant for all generations to
come. 9:13. I have set my Rainbow in the clouds and it will be the sign
of the covenant between me and the Earth. 9:14. Whenever I bring clouds
over the Earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 9:15, I will
remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of
every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy the
earth. 9:16. Whenever the rainbow appears I will see it and remember the
Everlasting Covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind
on Earth.” 9:17. God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I
have established between me and all life on the Earth.” Genesis, 9:12-17

So pick up a Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar and keep marching with me
down that Road to 2012. Remember, it is always darkest on a moonless
night, just before the dawn. And a New Dawn with a rainbow halo ‘round
the Earth, that is most certainly coming after the purification of the
present world order. Allahu Akbar! God is Great!

Resonant Moon Alpha 12, Red Galactic Skywalker, White Spectral Wizard
Year (January 21, 2004)

Valum Votan, aka Jose Arguelles, is the author of Time and the
Technosphere, The Law of Time in Human Affairs, The Arcturus Probe, and
the Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology. He is President of the
Foundation for the Law of Time, which sponsors the World Thirteen Moon
Calendar Change Peace Movement and the Planet Art Network (PAN)


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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #124 - 12.02.2004 at 16:08:50
Vceraj sem bila na predavanju Pogacnika - kako priti v stik z vilinskim svetom.
Med drugim je rekel, da je nas svet taksen kot je, samo zato, ker vec milijard
ljudi verjame v njega in si ga predstavlja taksnega.

Pa neke vaje je kazal. Povedal je, da se je 8.nov, ko so bili planeti v obliki
Davidove zvezde, rodilo jedro nove zavesti, in da sedaj tli v vsakem cloveku.
Ful je hecno govoril, najprej je rekel, da se je v zacetku nov zgodilo nekaj ful
lepega, ampak potem so ugotovili, da  je vse propadlo. Nato pa ni vec omenjal
tega in je zacel govoriti o jedru v vsakem posamezniku. Nisem cisto zastekala..A
ti kaj ves?

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Joj kolk radi drug drugemu izdiramo iveri iz oči! Cheesy
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Ride si sapis!
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #125 - 12.02.2004 at 16:40:20
m wrote on 12.02.2004 at 16:08:50:


drugače ne more biti

(že pisal tlele:

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Nič na svetu nikogar ne čaka. Nič ni dokončano, in vendar nič ne ostane nerazrešeno.
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #126 - 28.02.2004 at 15:20:13
The Tibetan new year recently occurred on gregorian feb 21, beginning
the Tibetan year 2131 - Year of the Wood Monkey - TASHI DELEK! A very
interesting thing I learned is that the the day of the new year begins a
15-day period known as Bumjur Dawa which means  "the multiplying of the
blessings month."  They are known as "the 15 days of awakening energy
and ability to perform auspicious accomplishments." This time is known
to multiply virtue and all spiritual effort, including prayer,
meditation, mantras, etc.
So between now and March 6, whatever good
deeds one performs or merits one accumulates during this fortnight,
those actions will be multiplied by 100,000!
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #127 - 03.03.2004 at 09:33:25
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Joj kolk radi drug drugemu izdiramo iveri iz oči! Cheesy
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #128 - 06.03.2004 at 21:57:32
Io wrote on 30.03.2003 at 00:29:31:
Sedaj je pravi čas, da se odločite kam se boste obrnili v življenju. Prišlo je do točke polariziranja.

Vse pozivam, da se vsak dan obrnete k bogu in prosite zase, da ne boste podlegli skušnjavam, ki se vam postavljajo na poti v svetlobo.

Vsak izmed nas je najbolj dragocen, ohranjajmo mir v srcih, ne pustimo se sprovocirati z vojnami, ne vpletajmo se, bodimo to kar smo, božji prevodniki, čista ljubezen.
Vsi izhajamo iz enega, potrudimo se biti odprti do vsakogar, VSI SMO ENO, samo v različnih telesih.

Narobe,... Cisto,... Nikakor ni danes cas polarizacije,... Ta cas je minil, dovolj ga je bilo v sami zgodovini in ni prinesel nic drugega razen vojn, netoleriranja, netolerance,... Halo???? A se gremo, a si z nami ali proti nam? Again? Sam tega nisem dozivel a zgodovina nas uci, da kakrsni koli dipolni sistem ne prinasa srece,...
Jaz bi temu rekel totalna aroganca,.. Od kod ti je dano, da ves da imas ti prav vsi ostali, ki ne mislijo kot pa narobe???
Zelo slabo,...
Jaz enako hocem samo dobro na tem svetu, nikomur ne bi skrivil laska, ne potrebujem nicesar (nocem) od drugih, ko dajem, ne pricakujem feed-back-a,... A do tega sem prisel iz totalno drugega stalisca,... Iz stalisca nihilizma,...
Sem cisti atest in sem vesel za vse vas, ki imaste boga v sebi, sam vam to olajsa zivljenje in ce ste iskreno verni boste delovali zares dobro,... Kar zate ne morem reci,... Saj si fanatik. Ce bi imel boga v sebi bi toleriral tudi drugo stran, ji pomagal naprimer,...
Jaz nimam kulturne morale (antropolosko gledano), bog v meni je mrtev, a vendar sem vesel, ce vidim da so drugi srecni, hocem samo pomagat ljudem, nocem nicesar slabega v zivljenju,... Zakaj? Ce ni morale in ce ves, da ti nihce ne more do zivega, se ljubosunlje, netoleriranje, tekmovalnost izgubi. Ce bi vsi tako razmisljali, bi bil ta svet precudovit. Na zalost imamo taksne kot ti, ki silijo k odlocitvam za ali proti, ki ne razumejo druge, se niti ne potrudijo,.... ZELO SLABO

Io wrote on 30.03.2003 at 00:29:31:
Imaš samo dve izbire, tema ali svetloba, ni več vmesne poti!

Združimo se v svetlobi! Smiley

Again,.... Prepotetni idiotizem bi rekel temu,... Zelo slabo,... Slabega in dobrega ni, je samo v nas samih, in kot kaze je po tvojih definicijah tema v tebi.

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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #129 - 07.03.2004 at 18:36:35
Ne vem naj recem,... ali je ta topic cicto zastaral,...  Undecided ali pa si nihce ne upa argumentirat drugacenih pogledov,... Roll Eyes
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #130 - 07.03.2004 at 18:56:16
a nisi sam rekel...

minimal wrote on 06.03.2004 at 21:57:32:
ne potrebujem nicesar (nocem) od drugih, ko dajem, ne pricakujem feed-back-a,...


iz srca  Kiss
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Joj kolk radi drug drugemu izdiramo iveri iz oči! Cheesy
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Re: Prišel je čas...
Reply #131 - 04.04.2004 at 10:12:06
.,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´?`·.,¸¸,.»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´?`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in,  PO Box 1988, Sedona, AZ 86339
Website http://www.1spirit.com/alunajoy
E-MAIL alunajoy@kachina.net
Ph:928-282-MAYA (6292) Ph/Fax 928-282-INCA (4622)
,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´?`·.,¸¸,.»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´?`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.

UNVEILING the ZUVUYA - Getting to the HEART of the matter.
"All of life’s experiences are but tools in the evolution of the soul."

Just when we think we got it all figured out, and our lives on the right
track, some times when we least expect it, we get the whammy of a cosmic
Zuvuya (zoo-voo-ya). A Zuvuya is a universal energy infused with intent
that runs in reverse.
The ancient Maya knew about this cosmic force and
knew how to ride it. A Zuvuya can show up in our lives as a reverse way
of thinking, reverse way of doing, reverse way of living etc.

Being mechanical humans we tend to expect things to go the way they always
have - our perceived forward. As we bridge our linear ways with new ways,
we may find that what we once could tolerate in our lives is becoming to
loud to ignore. Sometimes in life we have to back track.

It is not that we have been asleep, but more like the universe has jumped
to another level taking us with it
. Another layer of the truth is now in
our faces. Those questions we have had, are suddenly finding answers.
Many are discovering that these answers send us in a direction we didn't
except. Nothing like getting blind sided by the universe. But
logically - maybe the only way to raise up this world, and our lives is
doing a global Zuvuya.
Years ago the Star Elders said to me that sometimes what we think is
truth is not, and what we though were lies were truth. Now I wonder - how
can we get to the heart of the matter if we don't know what way is up!
This is the Zuvuya challenge.

Today's Shamans understand the shift in perceptions helps us gain a clear
integral view of the world and our lives within it. Learning to see the
world in a Zuvuya is the same thing. When we see with different
perceptions we discover new views of our lives and world. This can give
us great clarity and compassion for other people views, but it can also
clear the fog where we are not living our destiny
. This raises another
question for me. When we find that a few things in our lives are not in
alignment with our souls destiny what are we to do? Do we dump it all to
gain back those small pieces we lost?
It brings up the question? Does one bad apple really ruin the whole
barrel? If we are wanting to live our truth how can we do that if we are
not honoring every single calling of our souls
. If we deny any part of
ourselves does that one place become the bad apple slowly and surly
rotting the rest of our lives to the point of no return? Or  are we
just throwing the baby out with the bath water? Can we really know if the
Zuvuya has arrived in our lives.
If our job is 80% great but the other 20% depresses us and leaves us
feeling unfulfilled, do be dump the job? Is the 80 % enough when the 20%
get more and more unbearable. If where we live does not nurture our
spirit 100% do we keep moving until we find a true home?
And the most
important is personal relationship. We all know a bad relationship by now
and we get out of them quick - but sometimes two good people get together
some how discover that they just don't click
. Do you leave the
relationship to find that all encompassing relationship that sends you to
those other worlds we hear about and see in our visions? Do you foster a
deeper relationship with yourself?

If any issue in our lives shut
us down little by little, why do we stay there? Can we
let go of the comfort of the known so we can unveil our hearts and
discover our soul desires.

OK, by now your saying that I am asking for perfection in a unperfect
world. Everyone can't have the home space they dream about, or the
perfect job or the perfect relationship? But if we look at the laws of
manifesting and abundance, is it our perception of limitation and fear of
change that keep us from the highest possible vision we have inside? Why
do we always settle for less?

For me the inner spiritual life was with me at birth. It is natural for
me to be in those unexplainable unseen worlds. So do I dump the convinces
and comforts of the material world that may be impinging on me to stay
within my natural souls calling. Yes - if I am brave. The other option is
numbing myself to tolerate a space that does not feed my

My dear teacher in Mt Shasta, Peal Dorris always said "Be
Natural." I think now that I am understanding this concept from a new
perception. If I am not natural - do what is natural to me and am not
acting from my personal integrity.
On the flip side we could think Zuvuyally (a new word for us all)
What if your souls call was the world you can see, the outer world.
Would it be unnatural to dump it all for the simple spiritual life. Sure.
If all the complications and details of the material world makes you feel
alive why would you want to. If you alter who you truly are, does this
altering become your bad apple? The question is are we being
natural or being controlled by our fears?

This way of thinking was triggered during a pilgrimage to Palenque,
Mexico for Mayan New Year. Our group allowed spirit to move us in what
ever direction it did, even though we might have had other expectations.
In a visit to Pacal Votan's Tomb we all felt a deep love and peace merge
with us. When I came out of the tomb I was different. My life had changed
and I was clearer. The effects of this trip are still in the process of
unveiling as I write this.
It was shortly after the Maya new year on the
21st that many of us felt a huge shift at
about 3 to 4 am. I was awake at the time listening to the howler monkeys
in the tree tops outside my comfy palapa - and in a matter of seconds my
body shifted so radically that at first I thought el teruista had found
me while everything became very clear.

Something is stirring inside
of us. Some new way of being that we didn't expect. I think the Zuvuya
has arrived.
When I got home something inside me said "I HAVE to LIVE it ALL THE
WAY or not at all.
I HAVE to LIVE what is RIGHT not what is comfortable. To follow integrity
of spirit no matter where it takes me. We should never allow life's
circumstances to slowly and quietly numb us into closing down or being
un-natural. "

I think the time has come for us as a collective human race to not let
any thing in the world take us away from our own hearts calling. It took
us a lot of hard to unveil ourselves. It is so easy to loose ourselves
bit by bit, and ignore the blessings and gifts that are right in front of
us. It is so easy to be blind to the truth .... and yet so frightening to
face it. The next step has arrived. It time to show up all the way for
ourselves. I hope we have the courage to face it with arms wide
I hope you all have the amazing courage you need, the open hearts the
eyes wide open
and the power to take the next step, No matter how hard or scary, because
one thing I have learned if nay thing at all is that the best stuff in
life usually scares me right back to life.
~ Aluna Joy
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Joj kolk radi drug drugemu izdiramo iveri iz oči! Cheesy
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Re: Prišel je čas...
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Nine Touchstones of Spirituality
~ Author Unknown ~

Nurture life.

"To honor, respect and support mothers and children. To recognize all people and all beings as connected in the web of life. To embody the intelligent love that is the ground of all being."

Walk in love and beauty.
"To appreciate the infinite diversity of all beings in the natural world, including ourselves and other human beings, and to sense that everything wants to be loved."

Trust the knowledge that comes through the body.  
"Take seriously that our bodies are ourselves and that sensation and feeling are the guardians of life. To experience the joy and pain that comes to us through the body. To allow the power of the erotic to lead us to question the denial of pleasure and satisfaction that is inherent in the ethos of domination. Ground ourselves in the earth and to acknowledge our interdependence in the web of life. Trusting body experience also means never giving ourselves over to any authority - no wise man, no guru, no spiritual teacher, no spiritual tradition, no politician, no wise woman, no one."

Speak the truth about conflict, pain, and suffering.
"Not idealizing life. Not denying the realities of our personal and social lives. For many of us, childhood and other traumas have been intensified because conflict was denied and we were not allowed to feel our pain. Denial is also a social phenomenon .
. . Denial is only possible when we sever our minds from our bodies."

Take only what you need.
"Acknowledge that conflict - taking the lives of other beings - is inherent in human life and thus encourages restraint."

Think about the consequences of your actions for seven generations.  

"Affirms interconnection and asks us to consider not only our own needs, but those of al our relations for seven generations as we take and give back to the circle of life . . . We are not asked to hold ourselves to impossible models of perfection, but to consider the consequences of our actions on a scale we can comprehend."

Approach the taking of life with great restraint.  
"Taking only what we need . . . those of us who live in industrialized countries take so much more than we really need without thinking of the lives that are lost. And because as individuals, communities, and societies we so readily resort to violence and warfare to resolve personal, ethnic, and national conflicts."

Practice great generosity.

"If we are to gain the power to act, we must acknowledge that no one of us can take on all the burdens of the world. As we recognize our strengths and forgive our limitations, we can begin to approach others with a generous spirit. A Native American philosophy asks us to always "speak the best of one another and perceive the best in everything." And adds "it is a strenuous discipline in these times to practice this." We must speak the truth about the harm dominator societies are doing to ourselves, to other people, and the web of life. Yet it requires great discipline to understand the harm that white people have done to Native Americans and other people of color without concluding that all white people are mean and that white culture has nothing of value in it . . . Though great harm has been done, very few people or groups have nothing to commend them. When we polarize situations, we make it difficult for our "adversaries" to change, and we begin to perceive ourselves unrealistically as "all good.""

Repair the web.

"We are living in a world where the bonds of relationship and community are broken by violence . . . it calls us to transform our personal relationships, our social and cultural institutions, and our relation to the natural world."

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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Prišel je čas...
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May 1, 2004

This is the Third "Night" of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle; the "Midnight" of this cycle will occur on June 6, 2004. http://mayanmajix.com/cycles.html

In this sixth issue, I’m going to explain what we are about to experience as Consciousness shifts over the next few months.

During each Third "Day" of previous consciousness cycles, certain truths about consciousness and survival begin to take shape. During the Third Nights, these truths evolve—and are applied.

Below is some research I did into which truths came forward in consciousness during Third Days and Nights. You can decide for yourself, but it looks to me like profoundly basic truths come out during these Third Days, and those truths are, sure enough, applied or acted upon during the Third Nights.

During the first Third Day in the Cellular Cycle (10 billion years ago), the first clouds of matter were gathering; eventually, they would become galaxies.

During the second Third Day of the Mammalian Cycle (500 million years ago), the Cambrian explosion occurred, and the truth about calcium as a survival tool emerged. This is when soft-tissue organisms began developing shells of calcium around themselves as a survival tactic.

During the third Third Day of the Family Cycle (15 ½ million years ago), a new development in the evolution of man occurred. Pliopithecus, a tail-less ape, walked the earth on hind legs.

During the fourth Third Day in the Tribal Cycle (1,200,000 years ago), Homo Erectus, the first man of our genus, appeared.

During the fifth Third Day in the Cultural Cycle (69,200 – 61,300 B.C.), the first tools, scrapers made of bone and stone were used.

During the sixth Third Day in the National Cycle (1538 –1144 B.C.), Egyptian obelisks, the first clocks, were erected. Through trade and sea travel, the Egyptian and Phoenician cultures expanded in influence. The Iron Age began. Beer was invented in Egypt. And it was declared by Amenhotep that Aton was the “One God”—the first time in recorded history that god had been conceived of as a single entity.

At the very end of the sixth Third Day in the National cycle, Moses received the Ten Commandments. During the seventh Third Day (1834 – 1854) in the Planetary Cycle, the abolitionist and women's suffrage movements swept through consciousness among industrialized nations.

During the eighth Third Day (Dec. 14, 2002 – Dec. 9, 2003), you have witnessed an almost overwhelming amount of truth concerning your personal survival level. Which is basically that you are all slaves of corrupt corporations, including the corporation called the United States of America formed in 1873.

During each and every Third Night, Consciousness applies the new truths received during each Third Day. This applied consciousness is another step in the evolution of Consciousness in general.

During the first Third Night (8.5 billion years ago), our own galaxy, the Milky Way, was forming. (Now there’s a worthwhile application if I ever saw one!)

During the second Third Night (460 million years ago), if you didn't have a shell, you got eaten. So just about every body tried one on. (Application again.)

During the Third Night of the Family Cycle (12 million years ago), Oreopithecus, a more upright ape, roamed Africa, Europe, India and China.

During the fourth Third Night of the Tribal Cycle (1,020,000 years ago) Homo Sapiens, our most direct ancestor, appeared.

During the fifth Third Night of the Cultural Cycle (61,300 – 53,400 B.C.) tools for scraping, chopping, cutting and crushing were fashioned by chipping rocks and grinding bones.

During the sixth Third Night of the National Cycle (1144 – 749 B.C.), Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and out of slavery. Troy was destroyed by the Greeks. And between 1090 – 945 B.C., civil war raged in Egypt.

During the seventh Third Night of the Planetary Cycle (1854 — 1873), civil war racked the world. The Apache declared war on the U.S government. The Spanish, French, East Indian, Russian and Japanese peoples were embroiled in civil war. The U.S. Civil War raged between 1861 and 1865. The potato famine in Ireland killed a million people; many of those who survived emigrated to the United States.

In every case, those with more sophisticated technologies won out over those whose cultures were based on agriculture or sovereign natural law. (Raw Power Applied)

This is the purpose of the Third Night—to jettison systems that are antiquated and need to be upgraded or cast aside. That is why monarchies fell, the Indians were sent to reservations; this is why the Shoguns and Samurai of Japan were defeated, and why the North won the Civil War—industrial power. The North had more commercial clout than the agriculturally based economy in the South could manifest. In fact, if you check the history books, you'll find that the tariffs demanded by the North on goods shipped from the Southern states to their French trading partners were the real reason for the war. Not slavery. The slavery issue was put forward to garner public support for the North’s invasion of the South. Consciousness works in wondrous ways, doesn’t it?

During this, the eighth Third Night of the Galactic Cycle (12/10/03 — 12/3/04), we are going to see another jettisoning of systems that are unworkable in light of the new consciousness. Being as this Galactic Cycle's consciousness (1/05/99 – 10/28/2011) is bringing in Ethics as its focus, any system not based on Ethics and Integrity will be jettisoned, along with those who are in any way "dependent" on those systems. That includes some fifty percent plus of Americans who are supported by the federal government or defense contractors. This is no joke—or fluke. Study your history—this will become very much clearer. The Third Night never fools around. Things Change! In the past, though, those changes happened over longer periods of time. During the time of Moses, the Third Night was 397 years. During the time of the American Civil War, the Third Night lasted for 19.7 years. This Third Night will last for just 360 Georgian calendar days. Same amount of no fooling around about change—just twenty times quicker change than ever before.

Here are some of the ideas and things that are going to become extinct:

1. The idea that any governmental or administrative body can bestow or take away any rights of a living breathing person.

2. The idea that any person owes anything to anyone anywhere at any time. In other words, an economy based on “Pay It Forward.” The basic Idea of pay it forward is that you do a service(s) for three different people that benefits them, for free. There is not a limit of three. Before long, with each person helping three, there is an explosion of assistance everywhere and life as we know it changes.

3. The idea that your body is somehow the property of the State and can be licensed to, or not to, perform in society. For example, marriage, which is a license from the state to have sex (otherwise an “unsanctioned” or illegal act.) The fruit of this contract is new taxpayers, who are also the property of the State. (Never read the small print did you? They count on that.)

4. The idea that only powerful and rich players can generate power (electrical, oil, atomic, etc.) that you in turn must purchase at exorbitant rates to participate at a useful level in society.

5. The idea that you can keep secret, any unethical thought or deed. And that's the big one I want to talk about.
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Prišel je čas...
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nadaljevanje s prejšnje strani:

This is my own take here, so I don't expect you to swallow it as the truth. Chew on it a good long time and spit out what you don't like. Okay?

What I am seeing in the news is that if something is crooked, it is being brought to the light of day very quickly. A tidal wave of ethics is surging against the fortress of power, and that fortress is being demolished in front of our very eyes. Of course those in the battlements, the empowered, are very excited and yelling like crazy! Bush and company, for instance. Their methods of offensive defense, assaults, secrets, threats, and their reliance on public apathy are just not working very well against the onslaught of an ethical tsunami.

Now, I am not saying that Kerry and the skull-and-bones crypts on his team are any better than Bush—they are just different. But bones is still bones, and both Kerry and Bush are vile zombies who will soon be tearing each other, the people of this country and the economy into itsy bitsy pieces. They will have the help of the weather, which is just about to rage out of all predictable control, and earth changes that will alter our coastlines and mountain ranges.

This is gonna be over quick—although it will be dramatically violent.


First, because everything is speeding up. And because "What you pay attention to you become conscious of."

Just take a quick look around at which movies are the most popular, what television programming pulls in the most audiences. In our culture, this is the most direct measure of what the general public is paying attention to. From what we now know, looking through the lens of the Mayan calendar, as this acceleration continues, we can expect people to experience more and more directly whatever they are paying attention to.

So it looks like some troubling times ahead for most of these folks.

What are you paying attention to? Now, of course, bad news is going to come to you. The message of the Hopi Elders is "Keep your eyes open and your head above the waters." This means know what is going on around you but maintain a higher perspective on all that you see. It is important to watch the news. It’s probably best to track the news on the Internet to keep pace with the rapid dissemination of information in our society. Television networks are hopelessly slow and retarded—and I’m being kind.

What do I mean by what are you paying attention to?

What do you intend for your own future? Which abilities do you see developing in yourself? Are you only looking at your problems, who is doing what to you? This is literally what will make the difference in your coming experience: whether or not your awareness is focused on insurmountable problems or mounting abilities. Your choice.

Either you will be an unconscious victim who has unknowingly created his or her circumstances, or a Conscious Co-Creator who is creating his or her abundant future. There is little middle ground here, and it is shrinking very quickly. As always, what you pay attention to is your choice, no matter what circumstances are currently challenging you or what problems lie down the road. You can either move out of your “comfort zone” by choice now, or have it vaporize in front of your eyes in the very near future.

Your choice, of course.

Secondly, things are going to change fast and furiously because of the Venus transit happening on June 8, 2004. We know that in the middle of the Third Night a midnight happens on June 6, 2004. From there Consciousness will move towards the dawn of the Fourth Day—which will take place on Dec 4, 2004. What we see here is a reversal of direction on the part of Consciousness, and a major event happening right after this change. I would encourage each of you to read the articles about the Venus transit by Dr. Carl J. Calleman and Kiara Windrider on our site for the details.

In general, each Venus passage recorded in human history has been a time of great change in perspective and communications.

Recent Venus Transits

1518 (1526) The first circumnavigation of the globe, proving the world was not flat.

1631 (1639) The first national mail services were established.

1761 (1769) The first ever international scientific experiment was conducted. The purpose of this experiment was to measure the distance from the earth to the sun, and it involved the observation of the Venus transit from seventy-seven locations all over the globe. This was a crucial step in global cooperation.

1874 (1882) The World Postal Union was established, and a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable were both contributing significantly to global communication.

2004 (2012) An increasing awareness of telepathic abilities in humans.

Yes, I said that the next step in the evolution of our ability to communicate will be delivered, starting June 8 in earnest. Telepathic abilities, which many of you have noticed have been on the increase, will be unleashed.

This means real trouble for a lot of humans. Which ones?

Those who need to hold secrets. Anybody come to mind?

If we are going to get bumped towards an ethically based consciousness, this telepathic ability opening makes the most sense to me as the next step of our evolution.

Those who cannot accept these abilities will be eliminated from the journey of evolution. Those who will not or cannot allow telepathic connections will be totally eliminated by Nov 28, 2005, if not before. Most will simply go insane and kill one other after receiving threats by thought wave.

Can you imagine Bush receiving all of the thoughts directed at him?

My advice? Get off your secrets right now. Go find someone to spill your guts to and do it. Get clean! Start forgiving yourself for everything you have ever done that you are not proud of. You DO NOT NEED permission to do this! Just do it!

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

A national poll just in from Lou Dobbs tonight on CNN April 23, 2004:

Do you think Americans have a clear vision of the future?
Yes: 5%
No: 95%

If you cannot envision a future, you will not have one. Get yourselves together, people.

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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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