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1  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: Korona corona 5G virus
 on: 10.11.2022 at 18:29:13 
Started by gape | Post by Petra.  
Robi wrote on 28.10.2022 at 09:45:16:
Ne sekiraj se.
TV ne gledam že 20 let, ker že takrat so mediji postali orodje za manipulacijo in poneumljanje.

Covid je pa največji zčločin, ki se je kdajkoli zgodil nad človeštvom. Grozljivo je bilo gladati, kako se je narod podredil, poniževal z nagobčniki in si v imenu lažne svobode, dal vbrizgati strupene zvarke.

Zločina ne bom podpiral, zato se nikoli nisem testiral, nagobčnika nisem nosil celi dve leti.
Narod je po večini pokazal svoj hlapčevski karakter in se ni želel konkretno upreti, čeprav smo bili priča zločinu, terorju, kršenju človekovih pravic, diskriminaciji....
Zločince bi bilo treba obesiti na Glavnem trgu, ker svobode ne bo, ker politika sledi agendi 2030.

died suddenly trenda zdej po netu, kamorkoli vtipkaš so grozljive zgodbe. večina cepljenih še vedno z glavo globoko v pesku. l 2023 bo grozljivka, ker so se posledice šele začele. nikoli ne bomo pozabili kaj so nam delali zadnja leta. to s cepljenjem bojo pa nekoč odgovarjali, ker to je čisti naklepni umor oz depopulacija narodov.

https://openvaers.com/  pa zelo redki sploh kaj prijavijo, pa si sam mal poglejte grafe, za zjokat.  


2  General / Spolnost in odnosi / Re: Homoseksualnost ni prirojena in je ozdravljiva
 on: 01.09.2022 at 11:20:56 
Started by Boštyxz | Post by gemba  

3  General / Samozdravljenje / Re: (samo) zdravljenje
 on: 16.08.2022 at 11:20:05 
Started by gape | Post by gape  

4  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: end of days 2012 and beyond
 on: 10.08.2022 at 11:36:33 
Started by gape | Post by Petra.  
When Saturn and Pluto change direction in October, your own life will reawaken and the machinery of your destiny will go into high gear. Things you have been planning or attempting to do, ground that lay fellow and resisted planting goes into forward motion at last. Things that were supposed to happen didn’t and 101 delays, obstacles, stones in the middle of the road, all will roll out of the way.
this is not just a regular station of Saturn changing direction, mainly because that happens every year. This one is different this one is way different. This one is not only on sticking delays. It is connecting you or destiny with that of the fate of the world.
It is linking your personal destiny with that of the collective. In politics, economics, and every other aspect of your life you will now say why how and where are your future is directly and unequivocally tied to a set of circumstances that at one time may have seemed remote. Today, howev become intimately involved wither you cannot deny any impact on you or one which you have now become consciously involvedwith.
if you had any doubts before you all realize now why no one is an island we are all connected. This is your link with the rest of the world.
Here is the astrology of it: and one of the secrets behind all astrological projection.
It’s a rather simple method that adds your ability to foresee if not exactly events circumstances and relationships and the timing of them never more clear than the beginning of October 2021.
When any planet changes direction Saturn is about to do in the beginning of October, it is always a heads up of upcoming changing events and circumstances. This one, however, is a whopper.
The planet Pluto is also changing direction around the same time, which in itself is saying everything that was supposed to happen is now happening and there’s no avoiding being caught up in a tsunami that’s carrying you and the rest of the world with its inescapable current.
Nothing can stop it now as it begins it translates toward the end of Capricorn in the next three months to reach 27° of Capricorn.
That happens to be A significant point because it is the point of the beginning of the first American revolution in 1776.
This is why we call at the Pluto return of the United States and infect the rest of the world. If you wish you can refer to the VANITY FAIR column that I wrote  in 2006  in which we describe l the events that are happening now.
We call this a recurrence of a planet to it’s a position that it held in the past and allowed us to make predictions simply to describe of how humanity will react right now, based solely on the unconscious reactions of human beings over and over and over again when slow-moving planets such as Pluto revisit points along there’s a diagonal path that occurred before with the events circumstances and relationships have changed the world. Pluto is here again
Although it had not been discovered back in 1700s the genetic memory and the unconscious remembers everything that happened even before you were born hard to imagine, but it adds your ability to foresee events.
Wayback on Fourth of July 1776 when the American revolution began Pluto was passing over the point of 27° Capricorn yeah that is what gave birth to the American empire more than 250 years ago but you’re alive now. You’re crossing paths with a momentous occasion
And you are here to participate in this revolution which is a galactic one. And you are now going to have to participate in the momentous change of society and to face certain questions: does an empire last only as long as one Pluto transit?
does interior corruption and self-destructive Ness always and an empire at the Pluto transit? In the beginning of October when Pluto moves direct to 24° Capricorn toward the point of 27° of Capricorn in January 20, 2022 this is the sort of climax when traders are revealed as heroes and heroes are reviled as traitors
You cannot escape all is being revealed you cannot flee from your own destiny. It is time to embrace it. More to come.
Stay riveted to this spot
Without going too far into the astronomy of planetary motion let’s just say this: for now. The further away a planet is located from the sun and earth, the slower it seems to be moving. The slower it seems to be moving, the more profound it’s a fact will be on human life. Pluto is now approaching the end of Capricorn the last 3° from 27 to 28 to 29 and then finally changing sign into 0° Aquarius in a couple of years.It is now approaching the last 3° of Capricorn in January 2022 it will reach 27, and our collective and personal boundaries and destiny’s will be revealed. It may take a while for Pluto to get to the very end of Capricorn, but the egg that was led by the serpent in 2006 at the approach and entry of flew into the sign of Capricorn will culminate in mind snapping revelations.
And revelations is the perfect word true identities will be revealed. “Masks“ will be removed. People you thought were the people you thought they were will turn out to be not at all and think of that on every possible level. We can’t even try to guess what this means and the profanity of what it will entail. Technology has been developed way further than we even imagine or have been told.
What the awakening will mean we can but imagine and it will be the greatest task of consciousness that we have ever had to face. Revelation will be liberation on a scale here to for unimagined.
It is the beginning of what the supposed conspiracy theory wrists were calling “disclosure”. On all levels in your own life and in the ways in which your personal and private life will now intersect the political and collective history and future of the world. Hi my cell phone trying to figure it out and illuminate it as I go but right to this point I can only guess so here goes:
We are now engaged fully engaged from this point on in a global and galactic war. This is a racial war of what we perceive as good and evil and good against evil but I believe it will be probably fight over the supremacy of bloodlines.
Bloodlines. There are more secrets to be revealed now in blood types and blood lines then we can possibly figure out as just regular people. And the struggle for dominance will reflect the research and development into DNA that has been going on for years in years, both human and nonhuman. That research will now reach deep deep deep into the past and into the human consciousness
The results of that research will fuel this war of racial supremacy or I should say genetic supremacy.
In order for us to grasp the scope of this it’s possible that all political, religious, philosophical, and ethical, considerations have to crumble right before our eyes. And every conscious being will be charged with the unconscious to urge to survive.
This is not merely religious or racial intelligence or the intolerance of skin color or blood type or language.
What is being revealed is the fact that all differences are superficial the deep down in the core of what we call life is a shared truth a common genetic origin and bond that will fuel up but eventually obliterate the fight for genetic supremacy one over the other.
Dominance and Submission the eternal struggle, strength over weakness call survival.
Once again we face the primal struggle this time understanding and realizing that we are all related there are no differences we are still struggling for dominance over each other even though we are all linked by genetics. Every last one of us from microscopic creature two huge lumbering monsters. The revelations are about to be made we are about to get educated and shown that we are all related but I will but not in the way we have ever thought this is the end of Capricorn this is the finality of our education as sentient beings the serpent hatches at last we all share a genetic bond that allows us all to exist in one same world we all come from somewhere and we are charged with living this is the reality of this war

5  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: Univerzalni temeljni dohodek
 on: 04.07.2022 at 11:59:08 
Started by t | Post by Petra.  
ničesar ne boste imeli, ampak boste srečni! pravi schwab

utd here it comes, by 2030

6  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: HAARP
 on: 04.07.2022 at 11:58:00 
Started by David - Ex Member | Post by Petra.  
ni lih haarp, ampak paše sem, ker je to umetno delanje vremena


7  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: rusija ukrajina putin
 on: 09.04.2022 at 21:23:54 
Started by gape | Post by Petra.  

8  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Stari Sloveni - starovedstvo ...
 on: 18.03.2022 at 16:57:24 
Started by gape | Post by gape  

Trojstvo sveta - Jav, Nav, Prav

Stari Sloveni so verjeli v tri ravni bivanja: Jav, Nav in Prav. To so tri ravni bivanja, trije svetovi: Jav, Nav in Prav, ločeni z nepremostljivimi mejami in hkrati vedno sobivajo skupaj in neločljivo. V svetovnem nazoru Slovenov so to trije svetovi, kjer živijo ljudje, duhovi in bogovi.

Svet Prav – sestavljen je iz prostora in stvarnosti, ki so najbližje prvotnemu viru svetlobe. To je svet svetlih bogov, svet zakonov, nadzavesti in višje modrosti, svet Svarga - nebeškega kraljestva in Irija - slovanskega "raja". To je zlata sredina med svetovoma Jav in Nav, najvišji možni svet, bivališče naših svetlih bogov. Temnim bogovom in zlobnim bitjem je prepovedan vstop.

Svet Jav -  štiridimenzionalni, materialni svet, ljudje in živa bitja. Svet Jav je v celoti pod nadzorom sveta Prav, zato pravijo - "živimo v Bogu" in pravijo tudi "Vse je Bog", - torej, Bog je v vsem, kar nas obdaja v našem svetu, to je njegova manifestacija, to je on. Duše, oblečene v oblačila iz mesa, prenehajo imeti neposreden stik s svetovoma Nav in Prav, ter opravljajo svoje funkcije v tej inkarnaciji. Jav pogosto obiščejo bitja in duhovi iz sveta Nav. To je mogoče storiti na različne načine. Temni duhovi in entitete potisnejo človeka k zlim dejanjem, ga duhovno uničijo in pošljejo naravnost v peklenske svetove.

Svet Nav - drugi svet, svet duhov, duš ljudi po smrti in drugih entitet, kjer po smrti živijo naši predniki, ki se niso uspeli povzpeti na zlato pot duhovnega razvoja in se povzpeti v višje svetove. Naši predniki so verjeli, da se tukaj duše očistijo, da se ponovno utelesijo. Vendar se vse duše ne morejo očistiti in se v svetu Nav spremenijo v zle duhove. Včasih se svet Nav lahko prekriva s svetom Jav, t.j. z našim svetom, tako, da na različne načine povezujemo preminule prednike z živimi.

Drevo sveta povezuje svetove Jav, Nav in Prav. Svetova Jav in Nav ločuje ognjena reka Smorodina, čeznjo so skočili nekateri starodavni junaki. Svetova Jav in Prav sta ločena z nebeško reko Ra.

Vsi trije svetovi so odvisni drug od drugega in to, kar se zgodi v svetu Jav, bo nujno vplivalo na svet Nav, tako da če naredimo nekaj slabega na tem svetu, bo to povzročilo posledice v svetu Nav, svet Nav pa bo vplival na svet Prav in obratno.

Vsa izročila slovenskih narodov o stvarjenju sveta pravijo, da je bila snov, ki jo vidimo, svet Jav, ustvarjena zadnja. Najprej so bili ustvarjeni svetovi Prav - svetovi bogov, nato svetovi Nav in nato naši fizični svetovi.

9  General / Knjige & Filmi & Slike & Glasba / Re: Fajn knjige 2.
 on: 01.03.2022 at 21:44:46 
Started by Petra. | Post by ja in  
kdor hoce lahko razume Smiley

10  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: 11.september.2001 = inside job (911)
 on: 27.02.2022 at 14:37:38 
Started by josip | Post by gape  

11  General / Knjige & Filmi & Slike & Glasba / Re: video
 on: 21.11.2021 at 11:50:33 
Started by Eva | Post by Eva  
Andrew Hall: Cracks in Theory | Thunderbolts


Whether they make lovely geometric shapes, or chaotic mangles, a study of cracks is essential Electric Universe science. Cracks are interfaces—boundary layers—and electrically, that’s where the action is. To understand any geology, the first thing to look for is boundary layers. Charge collects at boundary layers where it displays the effects of inductance and capacitance most prominently.

Google maps južni del Irana, tam je očitno zemlja oblikovana z električnimi, plazmatskimi atmosferskimi pojavi, z bliski.

12  General / Izventelesne Izkušnje / Re: Reinkarnacija
 on: 22.10.2021 at 13:26:23 
Started by Hana | Post by Petra.  
gemba wrote on 05.08.2021 at 10:11:12:
Jaz se ne spomnim niti včerajšnjega dne...

Wink Smiley Wink

a bejž bejž

13  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: stari uporabniki, če še berete, dejte se pofočkat
 on: 19.10.2021 at 18:26:56 
Started by Petra. | Post by gape  

14  General / Knjige & Filmi & Slike & Glasba / Re: Kaj trenutno poslušate... II.
 on: 19.08.2021 at 09:08:55 
Started by Igor P. | Post by Eva  

15  General / Šamanizem / Re: Plants of Power
 on: 20.02.2021 at 13:47:52 
Started by Xalien | Post by Eva  
Sacred Medicines, Creativity, Evolution and the Paradigm Shift

16  Tukaj lahko predlagate nove teme in to / Sistem, predlogi ... namen foruma / Re: Novi internet
 on: 18.02.2021 at 10:52:00 
Started by gape | Post by gape  
pozabla si agente ki so jih poslal da so uničl use skp Wink

Blogerji smo veljali za politične oporečnike, saj smo razpravljali o političnih temah, ki jih ni mogoče povzeti v 140 znakih. Takšnih vsebin na družabnem internetu danes tudi brez uradne cenzure skoraj ne najdemo več

17  Ideje izpod odeje / Dogodki, zabava, lepe misli, razno ... / Re: Še malo resničnega heca 6
 on: 06.01.2021 at 14:59:28 
Started by veronika | Post by gemba  
gemba wrote on 31.08.2017 at 22:15:20:
-American way of life ?
-Hamburgers, porn, guns.


and Monster Trucks and Military.

18  General / Knjige & Filmi & Slike & Glasba / Stop World Control
 on: 12.11.2020 at 18:48:24 
Started by gemba | Post by gemba  
The shocking truth about Covid19

Discover how superrich criminals have planned the pandemic,
to create a world dictatorship


19  General / Samozdravljenje / Re: Zdravljenje z zelisci
 on: 06.10.2020 at 22:33:10 
Started by Devi | Post by gape  

Pri človeku VELIKA PEKOČA KOPRIVA ureja motnje, ki jih čutimo pri dihanju in cirkulaciji krvi. Kopriva harmonizira bronhije in pljuča, krepi tvorbo krvi in deluje diuretično.
Kar se človeka tiče vemo, da imamo v krvi nekakšno sevanje železa in ga tudi potrebujemo. Tam, kjer je sevanje železa v človeškem organizmu moteno, telo ne more tvoriti dovolj novih rdečih krvničk in pride do levkemije. To se pogosteje pojavlja v okoljih, kjer je prisotna povišana radioaktivnost.
V koprivah so precejšnje količine mineralnih snovi. Ljudski rek pravi, da ni rudnine, ki jo potrebuje naše telo in je ne bi vsebovala ta pekoča rastlina. Izstopa po vsebnosti kalcija in magnezija (nobena gojena rastlina ne vsebuje toliko magnezija kot prav kopriva). Bogata je tudi z železom, saj ga menda vsebuje najmanj toliko kot špinača. Po analizah sodeč vsebuje še vrsto manjših količin drugih rudnin in veliko mikroelementov. Razen omenjenih mineralov je bogati vir beta karotena in vitamina C, a ji tudi drugih vitaminov ne manjka. Vsebuje tudi acetilholin, mravljinčno kislino, histamin, nekatere organske kisline, flavonoide, fitosterole, nekaj encimov in bioaktivnih snovi, med katerimi ne gre zanemariti klorofila. Ta je namreč kot nekakšna protiutež manj zelenim nitratom, ki jih koprive vsebujejo. Koprive namreč dobro uspevajo na dobro pognojenih tleh, kar pomeni, da so tla bogata z dušikom. Iz tal tako posrka veliko nitratov in jih pretvarja v aminokisline. Iz tega sledi, da koprive sodijo med zelenjavo, ki je najbogatejša z beljakovinami. Nitratov je pa toliko več, kolikor močno so pognojena tla. Ker pa klorofil v črevesju zavira pretvorbo nitratov v kancerogene nitrozamine, zmanjšuje njihov škodljivi učinek. To je pomembno za uporabo koprive tako v kulinariki kot tudi v zdravilstvu.
Kaj je v semenu?
Sestavine semena se prekrivajo s sestavinami v listih, a z eno veliko razliko. Seme deluje kot odličen adaptogen, uravnava naš odziv na stres, krepi nadledvično žlezo in pomaga premagovati utrujenost. Številni zdravilci in naturopati poročajo o odličnih uspehih, ki so jih dosegli s pomočjo tinkture iz koprivnega semena pri svojih pacientih z ledvičnimi težavami. Pred kratkim je bila objavljena tudi raziskava v reviji Journal of The American Herbalist Guild [4(2): 22–25], ki je potrdila blagodejen vpliv koprivnega semena na izboljšanje funkcij ledvic in na zmanjševanje ravni kreatinina.
Seme vsebuje tudi odlične beljakovine, veliko linolenske maščobne kisline, zdravilne sluzi in veliko rudnin. Če k temu dodamo, da surovo in sušeno seme kopriv vpliva tudi na naša nevrotransmiterja acetilholin in serotonin, ni čudno, da pripomore k boljšemu razpoloženju, čilosti in dobremu počutju. V nekuhanih koprivah so našli tudi holin, ki je zelo pomemben za normalno delovanje živčevja.
Uživanje svežega semena je bližnjica do več energije, zato ga ne uživajte zvečer, razen če si želite ostati budni dolgo v noč. Za ta namen so ga pokuhali – 25 gramov semena na 300 ml vode naj bi zagotavljalo, da naslednjih 12–36 ur ne boste zaspali. Vse to so naši predniki očitno poznali, saj koprivna semena v črnem vinu, postrežena za večerjo, veljajo za najboljši afrodiziak na naših območjih. Poleg tega seme kopriv pomaga ščitnici do boljšega delovanja, zato posledično vpliva na zmanjševanje telesne teže.
Koprivo torej lahko uporabljamo:
za poživljanje ter razstrupljanje našega telesa,
za boj proti alergijam ter artritisu,
proti slabokrvnosti ter utrujenosti,
za boljše delovanje jeter in hormonov,
za proizvodnja mleka pri doječih materah,
za blaženje predmenstrualnega sindroma,
za sijoče in lepe lase ter kožo,
za boljšo prebavo,
proti najrazličnejšim oblikam vnetja ter proti      zobni gnilobi,
za otroke, ki imajo težave z močenjem postelje,
za učinkovito uničevanje notranjih parazitov,
za spodbujanje endokrinega sistema, vključno s      ščitnico, vranico in trebušno slinavko.

20  General / Knjige & Filmi & Slike & Glasba / Re: Activist Post LINKI
 on: 12.09.2020 at 08:17:43 
Started by gemba | Post by gemba  












21  General / Splošno,  aktualno ... / Re: Nova24TV - TV oddaja
 on: 17.08.2020 at 12:59:43 
Started by ik.kanu.na | Post by Petra.  
jerry springer show

22  General / ZNANJA / Re: Astrologija
 on: 07.08.2020 at 20:23:40 
Started by Andres | Post by Petra.