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January 2004

The Year of Mastery

Master Guide Kirael through Rev. Fred Sterling

The Earth participant is an electromagnetic source of light, functioning as a great weave of consciousness. To predict the future is to create a mastermind that, if strong enough, will bend the fabric of this weave.

Journey with me into a space and time you call 2004. The numbers alone foretell of one of the most important periods in many years-both past and present. Collectively, the numbers total 6, which is the number that represents the unfolding of the Mastery. Every moment of this year will begin to set the course of many years to come.

This is a year where human masters will have to let the world know where they are.

At the same time Masters of the Light World will move closer to humanity's vibration than ever before. They will lean their energies heavily into the weave of your Earthlight. The Masters of other levels will be called on by the Creator Force to begin the awakening of the masses. No one Master will allow its energy to be selected as the all-knowing over another. This is good advice for the human world as well. The etheric Masters will set the standard for humankind's ability to "get along." Unification!

Many in the human form, who have felt the call of Mastery, will also awaken in this year. Because the collective prayers of the masses who are searching will be felt so powerfully, many who have attempted to be quiet and low-key will now find themselves connecting with their spirit selves so strongly that they will not be able to ignore their awakening.

You'll not have to wait long for the year to get started. For many, as they awaken on the first day of the year, the calling will be so total that from that day forward they will see and awaken to the reason for their pattern in the weave.

Called the God/Creator period, January will see a time for new understanding of adoration for the one light source. Here, those choosing to understand the higher realms will find the apparent separation between human and Creator no longer applies. The angels will have already moved close enough for the average person to hear their guidance. The guidance of the unseen forces of Light (guides) will open their channels for many in the first few days of the 2004. Their message will be strong and clear.

They will speak of the month of February as a place where all caution must be exercised as the duality of Earth human will be tested in the knowing of "everything is possible," when thoughts are clear and examined for the relentless need to move onward. Don't be left behind. Allow your connection to Spirit guide you into the possibility that mastery is possible. No gifts are given without passion; everyone will have to want it more than ever before.

Within the first few days of March almost everyone on the planet will be feeling the power of 2004. Things will be present in three's as governments and leaders will see the chance to come together for the salvation of Earth as a whole. The church will start a resurgence in truth, trust and passion in this period and will find a whole new following. They must be prepared to accommodate the broad thinker. Because just around the corner.

In the fourth month-almost as a whole-humanity begins to understand that masterminds of the old have not worked and that new thought is claiming its role for the future. In April new research will be spilled unto the world that is ready to see it. You will have to look, but the reality is that it will be there for the seeker.

Entering May, it just might be the time to open yourself to a new relationship-either with someone new or be prepared to understand love on a level never approached before. Love will finally mean what it was always meant to be. Does the word "agape" ring a bell? Prepare.

Through June and July the weave will become so bright that those of you wanting change will rejoice as mastery is shaped by the transitioning. Life altering changes permeate this period and if one is truly paying attention to the changes going on around them, they will safely open their world of abundant creation. They must stay aware.

What will have almost the appearance of alien forces will be woven into the will of the people during August. The truth is that it will be the higher or essential self merging into your conscious thoughts as never before. Those around you that have never even considered spirituality will seek you out for information. Be free with it.

In what should be the period of completions, September will open with the need to begin something new. Don't get confused by the inner working minds of limited-thinking people. Close all open-ended paths you have left ajar. Leave nothing to chance because this is time to reap the abundance you have worked all year framing.

October and November will almost merge their energies as the two periods cause friction enough to power a city the size of New York. Many will want to hide their heads in the sand, but I'll be telling you, this is a time when you in the human world must surrender to the acorn theory and believe that nothing can stand in your way. It's time to plant the seeds of your future.

There is no end to 2004 because it will lead into the transition of your forces and allow each the emergence into a new form of light body. Here, you and your thoughts will have been honed to the knowing that enlightened humanity is limitless and that, in this power, "We the People" will begin to root itself into the fabric of a world destined to transition.

Do yourself a favor and pass this on to every friend you can get to read it. It is time the human world began to realize that collectively you can direct the future. The weave is laid yet the bending is your destiny. Together, let the human world create the world they truly want instead of the limited world of the few who have commanded it for so long. In the world of guidance, each is still seen as "We the People" and we pray you will unite in 2004 because it is you we know as the masters of the weave.

Guide to Kirael's Numerology

1 ~ God-Creator ~ The number one offers an opportunity to reconnect to the Creator Light within you and to know that something completely new is about to begin. It is interesting that in numerology, the number one always follows a nine, or "completion."

2 ~ Duality ~ A number two reminds you that the third-dimensional world in which we live is based on duality and that yin/yang situations are all around us. In this case, it is best to take a look at where your life is and to move your thoughts into a higher, more balanced "trinity" level of understanding.

3 ~ Trinity ~ Allow yourself to be guided by the trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion when the number is a three. Love, the one force in Creation that has no opposite, is created and held within this trinity, so perhaps you will feel this essence awakening within you. Something bright and beautiful is about to take place in your life.

4 ~ Thought ~ Four refers to the energy of thought. When four is the number, be very conscious of your thought processes. Keep your thoughts extremely positive because in the world of thought, they can readily be manifested in any direction.

5 ~ Love ~ Five is the number of the unconditional Love of the Creator. When the number is five, watch for anything around you that can resonate in love and take advantage of it. Be in love and feel love surrounding you. When you choose love as the foundation of each decision, all comes to perfection in light.

6 ~ Mastery ~ A number six reminds you that you are in control of your life. Take this opportunity to focus on mastery. Complete all lessons and leave nothing undone. As master of your own life, make decisions that allow you to ascend to new levels of conscious awareness.

7 ~ Transition ~ The number seven offers you the possibility of transition and change. You can experience this on multiple levels simultaneously and move from one level to the next. You are in the flow of change and transformation.

8 ~ Infinity ~ The number eight signifies that the present is being experienced in two realities at the same time, as in a continuous loop. You are in simultaneous connection with both spirit (non-physical) and matrix (physical) energies. If you can remain in the center of the loop looking out at both directions, you are in a good space.

9 ~ Completion ~ Nine indicates that completion is at hand and it is a time to move on. Recognize that you have the choice to complete anything you choose to in your life. The beauty of a completion is that it always leads to a new beginning with the number one again.

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