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10.10.2003 at 21:07:44
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
Reply #1 - 10.10.2003 at 21:12:33
November 8, 2003

by Steven McFadden   © September 2003

   There are some mysteries that I'm not telling you.
   There's so much doubt everywhere, so many opinions
   that say, 'What you announce may be true
   in the future, but not now.'
   But this form of universal truth that I see says:
   This is not a prediction.
   This is here, in this instant, cash in hand!

from The Dream That Must Be Interpreted, by Rumi

For two celestial reasons, the weekend of November 8-9, 2003 will provide an auspicious moment for ceremony on a global scale. Over that weekend the planets will arrange themselves in a Grand Sextile pattern, representing a sublime balance of energy; meanwhile, the shadow of the Earth will pass over and obscure the reflected light of the Moon in a Full Moon Eclipse.

The Grand Sextile/lunar eclipse of November 8-9, 2003 marks a moment laden with potential (both known and unknown) for spiritual seekers and ceremonialists the world over.

In the eyes of many metaphysicians, this is a celestial event worthy of note. It represents an opportunity ‹ an opportunity that is timed to arrive soon, and to arrive in a global context of profound environmental, economic, social, religious, and military upheaval.

Over many decades of reporting, one message I have often heard articulated by spiritual elders from various traditions is the understanding that in our era it is enormously important for good-hearted people to go to the sacred places of the earth for ceremony at auspicious times. This kind of ceremonial deed can be especially effective when done in mass, coordinated groups (The Maharishi Effect).

When large numbers of people focus their attention in synchrony they create a web not of computer nodes, but of human minds illumined through prayer, meditation, dance, or chant. That matrix can link the many sacred sites of the Earth, and thereby help to establish a grid of spirit light characterized by the collective thoughts and feelings of the ceremonialists.

Sky signs are marking a day and a moment for ceremony, but individuals will need to consult their intuition to gain a sense of what they might do, and to what sacred place they might go (seaside, mountain top, forest grove, waterfall, church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or home altar).

The moment pointed to by the Grand Sextile/lunar eclipse is 1:29 AM on Sunday, Nov 9, 2003 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in England; which translates to 8:33 PM on Saturday, Nov 8, Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the US.
Harmonic Concordance

The Nov. 8-9 Grand Sextile at the time of a lunar Eclipse is a cosmic signature that calls out for contemplation. It¹s a rare and beautiful pattern. What could it symbolize? How might people best engage the energy of this moment?

The configuration of Nov 8-9, 2003 was noted by John Mirehiel for the first time over five years ago, in 1998. He gazed upon a horoscope for the Grand Sextile/eclipse, and had a revelation. The link below will lead you to an image of what he beheld; it really needs to be seen to be appreciated.


In John Mirehiel¹s horoscope image for Nov 8, the blue lines along the outside show the Grand Sextile pattern, and the green lines within the chart show two intersecting Grand Trines, which form a six-pointed star pattern.

Mirehiel dubbed this Nov 8-9 pattern the "Harmonic Concordance," to link it by association with a ceremonial predecessor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Harmonic convergence implies a group arriving at a common tone; harmonic concordance implies a group in full agreement and resonance with a common tone.

As John Mirehiel comments on his web site, "Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 also is a call to the Spirit of humankind to awaken to the idea that we are, in fact, spiritual beings sharing a physical experience. Consequently, ceremonies and celebrations in honor of this idea are now being scheduled at sacred sites and pilgrimage places throughout the world."

The web site also points out that the two week following the Grand Sextile/eclipse will likely see an evolution in power and momentum, leading up to an important Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on November 23, 2003.

A lunar eclipse is an indication of change. From the viewpoint of the Earth, the Moon appears to go from Full to dark, to Full again – as if an entire lunar cycle had unfolded in the space of minutes. Change.

Note well that an eclipse of the Moon, such as will happen on Nov 8-9, has historically been regarded as a bad omen. When the shadow of the Earth crosses over and darkens the face of the Moon, people can become deeply emotional and sometimes irrational. Lunar eclipses can stimulate the 'shadow' in human nature, and prefigure 'shadow events' in the world at large.

The general astrological advice is to approach the time of a lunar eclipse with the spiritual qualities of humility and awareness. The energy of a lunar eclipse can be worked with, but it must engaged from a base of respect and purity.
The Sacred Answers to No Dogma

John Mirehiel has his own particular vision of what Nov 8, 2003 might mean, and he and his colleagues detail it extensively and artistically on the "official" Harmonic Concordance web site. It¹s a beautiful vision. Other star gazers and ceremonialists may arrive at other viewpoints as they study the portents of that day.

As observed by dramatist Kathelin Gray, "the sacred answers to no dogma." While we may speculate about the meaning and potential of Nov 8, it won¹t really have any collective meaning until human beings give it one. But there can be little doubt that, from an esoteric point of view, Nov 8-9, 2003 is a special date.

By general reckoning, Nov 8-9 appears auspicious. With the Sun in feminine Taurus and the Moon opposite in feminine Scorpio, the horoscope shows a predominance of feminine energy. All of the planets in the two Grand Trines are in either earth or water signs, which are the two yin or feminine polarities (air and fire are the yang, masculine elements).

The Nov 8 planetary alignment presents a matrix of timeless symmetry. Even a casual observer immediately notices the balanced and intertwined patterns in the chart that are its hallmark.

The outer frame of the chart shows a pattern of connection among six planets that forms a hexagon shape. In astrology, this pattern is called a Grand Sextile. It's rare. It signifies a mutual and harmonious flow of energy among six planets through a sequence of sextile (60 degree) aspects. This energy pattern creates a subtle but powerful vortex, and the vortex in turn opens a portal.

Within the portal of the planetary hexagram appears another six-pointed pattern. It is formed by the internal lines, which connect the six planets in a star pattern formed by two intersecting equilateral (120 degree) triangles. Some of the names for this famous intersection of an ascending masculine Grand Trine and a descending feminine Grand Trine, are "Philosopher¹s Diamond," "Seal of Solomon," "Star of David," and "The Holy Grail."

The six-pointed star pattern, when rendered in 3-D, is also widely recognized as a symbol, or representation of the Merkabah. Esotericists describe the Merkabah as the Light Body, or "energetic field of consciousness" that surrounds and interpenetrates each human being.
The DaVinci Code

It just so happens that right now in popular culture this six-pointed symbol is emerging vividly. That¹s because it is a key theme in the best-selling novel, "The DaVinci Code" by Dan Brown (2003, Random House). In the book Brown tells of how the Six-pointed Star symbolically brings together in harmony both masculine (yang) and feminine (yin).

The intertwined triangles are symbolic of a potential sacred marriage, or fusion – first within the souls of individuals, and then with the outer world.

"Two thousand years ago we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses," Dan Brown writes on his website. “Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. (My) novel touches on questions of how and why this shift occurred and on what lessons we might learn from it regarding our future.”

The Six-pointed Star unites the Blade and the Chalice, and thus becomes symbolic of The Holy Grail. By extension, the Nov. 2003 Grand Sextile planetary alignment, and companion eclipse, can be seen as marking a potential Grail Moment. As above, so below. Is "The DaVinci Code" mirroring the pattern soon to appear in the heavens? Or vice versa?

The Nov 8 eclipse/Grand Sextile can be understood to symbolize a moment in time that holds potential for a profoundly healing expression of balance. For that to come about, many individuals will have to take initiative and organize ceremonies to form a network of light at the same sacred moment in time but in far-flung Holy Places.

A classical reading of the Grand Sextile pattern suggests that this is an opportunity – one not likely to come again for many years. Yet the natural ease of the Sextile pattern requires that people take initiative if the opportunity is ever to ripen to actuality, otherwise the opportunity just eases on by.
Fusion: Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
Reply #2 - 10.10.2003 at 21:13:02
When John Mirehiel dubbed Nov 8, 2003 as "Harmonic Concordance," he was linking that date with an event from the past that came to be known as Harmonic Convergence. Thanks to the work of visionaries such as Tony Shearer and Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, the world focused a considerable degree of ceremonial attention to Harmonic Convergence on August 16, 1987, which thereby became perhaps the world¹s first mass, global ceremony.

The underlying idea of Harmonic Convergence arose from Mayan prophetic teachings that suggested that if 144,000 people could come together on many of the sacred sites around the world on August 16, 1987 ‹ and then greet the dawn with peace, harmony, prayer, meditation, and dance ‹ they could thereby have a profoundly healing impact on world destiny.

Harmonic Convergence is said to have initiated a 25-year cycle of transition time when subtle currents would be released, accelerated, and intensified to work in the world, culminating on Dec 21, 2012. This era of transition (from 1987 through 2012) would be characterized by a global crisis in consciousness as the old gave way steadily to the new. It would mark the climax of the corrupt materialism of the industrial world, and make way for a new paradigm of unified planetary consciousness anchored in an illumined human population.

As it happened in 1987, hundreds of thousands of people did in fact turn out at sacred sites such as Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, The Great Pyramid in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Teotihuacan in Mexico, the Haleakala Volcano in Hawaii, and Wollombin in Australia. They converged in groups both large and small, and in numbers far exceeding the prophetically required 144,000.

Now comes the celestial event being billed as Harmonic Concordance. While it appears to have no direct connection to the dates highlighted in Mayan calendars, it does echo the potential of that event, at yet another octave in the cosmic scale. It arrives at a crucially tense moment on Planet Earth: ozone hole growing larger, economy contracting, fish populations crashing, oil prices rising, wars intensifying, global warming disrupting the climate, and much more. The stakes are higher this time, more urgent.
On to a New Harmonic?

To me, the six-pointed star suggests the process of fusion, wherein polarities merge into something that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Last year in the October, 2002 Chiron Communique (http://www.chiron-communications.com/communique%207-10.html), Carlos Barrios spoke about the concept of fusion. His remarks were offered in the context of a wider discussion about the span of years from 2002 to the Winter Solstice of 2012, as set out in the Mayan Calendar.

Some of the Mayan prophecies concern the transition from one age to another – from our present-day Fourth World to a new Fifth World. As the teachings relate, if humanity awakens to spirit, takes care of the earth, and thereby survives the years from 1987 to Dec 21, 2012, then we will begin a Fifth World, or Fifth Epoch of human life and development.

In the interview Mr Barrios said, "The dark power of the declining Fourth World cannot be destroyed or overpowered. It’s too strong and clear for that, and that is the wrong strategy. The dark can only be transformed when confronted with simplicity and open-heartedness. This is what leads to fusion, a key concept for the emerging World of the Fifth Sun.

"…there can be a fusion of the polarities," Mr Barrios said. "No more darkness or light in the people, but an uplifted fusion. Right now the realm of darkness is not interested in this. They are organized to block it. They seek to unbalance the Earth and its environment so we will be unready for the alignment in 2012. We need to work together for peace, and balance with the other side. We need to take care of the Earth that feeds and shelters us. We need to put our entire mind and heart into pursuing unity and fusion now, to preserve life."

On Nov 8-9, 2003 human beings will have another opportunity to put their hearts and minds on track to pursue peace and respect – and to do it according to the dictates of their own souls on a mass scale coordinated in time by the Heavens (yang), and anchored at the Sacred Places of the Earth (yin).

The six-planet pattern of that weekend keynotes the spiritual quality, and opportunity, of fusion.
Modern-Day Mass Shamanism

This is modern-day mass shamanism: a matrix of individual souls in freely associated group formations, interacting directly with the Cosmos, sans intermediaries. It is the kind of deed that requires mass communications, and spiritual maturity.

Eons of human striving have unfolded to bring humanity to this point: poised to take steps forward and become responsible agents for working with spiritual forces. As I have come to understand it, through the many and various forms of prayer and meditation, human beings can transform their minds into instruments that both apprehend and comprehend the spiritual world. Once people clearly sense the Spirit, then they can work consciously with its forces, especially at holy times, to help fulfill the ancient quest of establishing a New Heaven on a New Earth.

It's totally idealistic. But it's also totally necessary. World conditions assure it.

Such mass ceremonial gatherings as Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance require neither rigid doctrine nor hierarchical institutions to mediate between humanity and divinity. They require, rather, that aspiring souls reckon directly with Spirit.

Many people have grown deeply on their spiritual and ceremonial paths since 1987. The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 offers yet another opportunity to exercise those capacities.http://www.vibrantuniverse.com/auspicious_moment.html
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
Reply #3 - 10.10.2003 at 21:27:04

November 2003

Miracles abound in November.

Two Eclipses and a Jupiter-Saturn harmony are the primal forces at work--or is it play?

Jupiter, a planet so huge it could contain all the others in the solar system, gives us a sense we can do anything. Saturn narrows this magnificence into specifics. The Day of the Dead, November 1, is charged with life. Mercury, mind, is in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn, the energies that shape our lives and institutions.

But no feast is complete without crazy salad. Venus, delight, squares wild card Uranus through the second. The excitement is almost more than we kids can handle. The Sun squares Neptune November 1-3, blurring boundaries and much else. Hold the intoxicants, we've already had a little too much.

Crazy salad deserves an exotic dressing, we decide, or our hearts tell us, on the second when Venus moves from fixed Scorpio into ever-curious Sagittarius, where it is until November 26. Travel and learning attract us, as well as friendships perhaps lovers, too, who aren?t like anyone else. Accents turn us on.

The Moon is swelling toward its fullness and Eclipse revelation, but the Sun makes happy and helpful harmonies to Jupiter and Saturn November 4-7. We're able to channel the mounting power in productive ways. Miracles, you say? Coming right up.

Saturday, November 8, the Taurus-Scorpio Moon?s Total Eclipse is exact at 5:13 PM PST, 8:13 PM EST. On the west coast, you?ll be able to experience the magic of Sun setting and Eclipsing Moon rising simultaneously. If right on the coast, step back, way back, from water's edge, as tides are huge under Eclipses. Say your prayers, do your affirmations throughout the day and evening, as they?re magnified by the Eclipse. Ho! The planet Uranus--enlightenment and other astonishments--pauses that morning, after five months retrograde, and goes direct. We get it! Almost, anyway. Maybe. It was so fast.
Dance, Don't Talk

November 10-15 the planets dance with each other, sometimes easily, sometimes awkwardly, as do we, down here on Earth. Our level of joy, often connected closely with our love lives and cash flow, seems pretty good November 10-11 (Venus, joy, gracefully sextile Neptune, holiness). But we're impatient, scattered, as the week begins, miscommunicate (Mercury, thought and communications, square quirky Uranus).

November 11-15 Venus squares Mars and Jupiter, making us greedy and demanding of each other and of existence. Channel that dissatisfaction, and you'll accomplish a lot, because Mars, action, is happily trine Saturn, achievement, organization.

Luckily, we start thinking of all this as some wonderfully instructive adventure, when Mercury, which filters our interpretation of experience, moves from intense Scorpio into questing Sagittarius. It does this late on November 11 PST, quite early on November 12 in the time zones east of PST. Speaking of adventures of the mind, Mercury enters practical Capricorn December 2, turns retrograde December 17, returns to Sagittarius December 30. The mind games continue until January 14 2004, when it's back to Capricorn and we try to figure out how to pay the holiday bills.

Sunday night, November 16, we attempt to sort things out, reorient, under the Last Quarter Moon. This Moon is worthy of some spiritual attunement, as it's between two Eclipses.

We're passionate November 16-18 as Venus joins Pluto, dark intensity, seek utter purity and integrity, as hearts and hormones determine these.
A Centaur Stampede

Then we likely grow greedy, lusty, November 17-22, as Mars opposes Jupiter, expansion, giving us an excess of fire. Earth is pre-menstrual all week. There likely isn't enough chocolate anywhere to soften the relentless edginess. But we can forgive ourselves, and each other, wax wise about it November 18-19 (Mercury sextile Neptune). November 20-22 the Sun squares Uranus, we're electric, volatile. And we feel the bizarre strangeness of the really dark Moon, just before a New Moon that's a Total Eclipse of the Sun.

This occurs on a Sunday, November 23, at 2:59 PM PST, 5:59 PM EST, and in very early Sagittarius. For a couple of days, half the planets (if we include Sun and Moon) will be in the sign of the mighty and wise centaur, who combines animal wisdom and human intellect.

Eclipses bring magnificent and terrible possibilities, so it's best to follow the natural inclination to drift into meditation or whatever altered state seems to be luring you. Substance free is best, since the natural high is close to overwhelming.

This Eclipse is a catalytic energy converter, could knock our socks and much else off. Mercury, our neurological wiring, squares Jupiter?s expansiveness and Mars's action urgency November 22-24, then joins Pluto, all-or-nothing intensity, November 24-25. We could be chaotically brilliant or out of our minds. Find your quiet center--it may not be easy, just know it's somewhere within you--and you could break through into cosmic consciousness.

Mars squares Pluto November 24-28, a merciless urge to change totally--or die--or do harm to someone else. Clean house, workplace, storage areas, throw yourself into a vigorous fitness program, and spare lives, including your own.

We lighten up, find the hilarity in our absurd furies, November 25-26, as Venus sextiles Uranus (let it go), and changes signs. The goddess of beauty, splendid in the evening sky, moves from restless Sagittarius into long-term, careful Capricorn on November 26, where she remains until December 20. We love accomplishing things, find older people and things more attractive than previously.

Thanksgiving, November 27, could be tense, unless we just let go, relinquish control--if possible. Fasting might be a good idea. Feast on denial.

Sunday, November 30, has a First Quarter Moon urging action. But the Moon's in dreamy Pisces, so we put dreams into motion in December.

Judy Havey dreams at 5968 Sierra Nevada, Santa Fe NM 87507, (505) 424-8312, judyhavey@earthlink.net,

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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
Reply #4 - 10.10.2003 at 21:33:55
 2003 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

There will be four eclipses in 2003: two Solar and two Lunar.

There will be a total, full-moon Lunar Eclipse on May 15/16, 2003. This eclipse occurs while Mercury is retrograde, so it will also have an emotional retro-effect that will cause you to revisit unresolved emotional issues of past. The moon will be in the zodiac sign of Taurus; therefore, the eclipse will have a greater effect on those with a strong Taurus influence than others, but all will feel an introspective quality in their lives for at least a few weeks following this event.

There will be an Annular, new-moon Solar Eclipse on May 30/31, 2003. An Annular Solar Eclipse is an eclipse in which a ring of sunlight can be seen around the moon. The sun will be in the zodiac sign of Gemini; therefore, this eclipse will have a greater effect on those with a strong Gemini influence than others, but all will feel an energetic, outgoing, get-the-job-done (or started) quality in their lives for about two weeks following this event.

There will be a Total, full-moon Lunar Eclipse on November 9, 2003. The moon will be in the zodiac sign of Scorpio; therefore, the eclipse will have a greater effect on those with a strong Scorpio influence than others, but all will feel an introspective quality in their lives for at least a few weeks following this event.

There will be a Total, new-moon Solar Eclipse on November 23, 2003. The sun will be in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius; therefore, this eclipse will have a greater effect on those with a strong Sagittarius influence than others, but all will feel an energetic, outgoing, get-the-job-done (or started) quality in their lives for about two weeks following this event. http://www.loving-light.com/freeinfo.htm
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
Reply #5 - 10.10.2003 at 21:53:32
* If you would like to do a ceremony at America's Stonehenge for the Harmonic Concordance, please let us know and we will post it on our web site so that others may join in.

Harmonic Concordance
November 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th
As a sacred power place, America’s Stonehenge will have extended hours for this rare event.
November 8th : Open Sunrise to 9:30pm.
-Total Lunar Eclipse: Moon enters totality at 8:06pm.  The most powerful time to gather for the concordance is during the total eclipse. We are recommending that people who want to be here for the total eclipse be here around 7pm.
November 9th: Sunrise-Sunset
November 10th: Sunrise-Sunset
November 11th: Sunrise-Sunset

What is the Harmonic Concordance?
The ancient people, the Mayan calendar, Native American elders, all seem to have recorded this date in time. According to the elders, all the Stargates will be lined up and activated on the planet in the coming event known as the Harmonic Concordance. With the help of Barbara Hand Clow and her Bear Publishing Company, Jose Arguilles published a book in 1985 all about the Harmonic Convergence. Arguilles found a prophecy in the Mayan codexes that if 144,000 people could come together on August 17, 18 and 19 of 1987, and greet the dawn in peace, harmony, prayer, meditation and love, that ALL of the dire predictions of mass death and destruction in the coming age could be pulled down by a factor of ten.

Millions around the world heard the call and graciously responded. Our goal is, once again, to get 144,000 to greet the dawn in peace, brotherhood and harmony on Nov. 8th, 9th and 10th with the grand finale being the 11/11/2003 Stargate activation.

More information about the Harmonic Concordance:

Excerpt From: http://www.templeofsakkara.com/thechoice.htm
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
Reply #6 - 10.10.2003 at 21:59:16


Harmonic Concordance: Enter the Portal of Grace
by Allison Rae

Elegance, symmetry, design.  A special planetary alignment coming up next month offers us a glimpse of our own higher aspects. The geometry of grace can be seen in the chart for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of November 8-9, 2003.

The hand that created such beauty also resides within us.  Welcome to cosmic consciousness.

On November 8-9 - at the moment of a Total Lunar Eclipse - the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron will create a pattern called a Grand Sextile that forms a galactic spiral connecting heaven and Earth. At this moment, the Earth and all beings upon her will have the opportunity to enter a portal, to be transported beyond time and space to the far reaches of pure consciousness.

Actually, we have that opportunity every day.  But when planets line up in our solar system in special configurations like they will on November 8-9, the veils between realms become transparent and our multidimensional awareness expands.  In this moment, we remember our home, our purpose. We merge with our Creator and the Creation.  We remember our unity.

What Is the Harmonic Concordance?

In 1998, astrologer John Mirehiel was future-surfing with his astrology software and discovered an elegant aspect pattern at the moment of the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8-9, 2003.  When the asteroid Chiron is treated as a planet, the aspects created at the time of the eclipse form a Star of David and Grand Sextile.

The Star of David, or Merkabah in esoteric traditions, is formed by interlocking triangles, one ascending, the other descending.  This ancient symbol represents the union of Heaven and Earth. In a horoscope, the triangles are Grand Trines.  In this case, one Grand Trine is in water signs, and the other is in Earth signs.

The Grand Sextile is formed by the five planets plus Chiron, all in sextile aspect (60 degrees) to each other.  The Grand Sextile is a rare configuration and is said to bring harmony and facilitate growth in the areas indicated by the chart. The sextiles form a wheel that can be perceived as a vortex or gateway into other realms.

Mirehiel perceived the importance of this configuration and named it the Harmonic Concordance, paying homage to its astrological forebear, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Like Jose Arguelles and others at that time, Mirehiel is calling for spiritual seekers to gather at Earth’s sacred sites to honor this alignment and anchor the celestial energies into the Earth grid.

How Important Is This?

Horoscopes, like the one we’re referring to here, represent moments in time. The moment of grace signified by this chart, along with the importance that so many people are placing on it, indicate that humanity has a tremendous opportunity to transcend physical reality with the aid of this unique alignment.

Again, we have the opportunity to do this every moment of every day. But the emphasis here is on the collective intention to unite Heaven and Earth, to uplift human consciousness, at this special moment when the planets align in their cosmic dance.

People will be gathering around the world at sacred sites to celebrate this alignment and draw in the cosmic and Earth energies uniquely available to us at the time of the Harmonic Concordance.  It’s like a chord will be playing throughout the heavens and Earth.

In this realm, we might participate with chanting, drumming or silent meditation.  Our team in the highest realms and the spirit of Mother Gaia will sound the non-physical notes to create an ecstatic harmony perceived through our collective devotion and intention.

What Does the Chart Mean?

If you haven’t yet, please visit John Mirehiel’s site and see the Harmonic Concordance chart for yourself.


The web site offers many articles written by John and Jan Mirehiel and other astrologers whose views and interpretations are fascinating. Studying this information will lead you to your own conclusions.

Here’s what we find relevant:

- The interlocking Grand Trines in the feminine elements of water and Earth signify an awakening of receptivity to the divine feminine.  The relationship of the trines to each other teaches the interdependence of the intuitive, spiritual nature (water element) with the material world (Earth element).  This alignment is a stunning illustration of the role the feminine principle plays in balancing these aspects within us and in our world.

- The chart is non-location specific.  The same pattern appears for a chart cast for any location on Earth at the time of the eclipse.  This indicates the pattern’s relevance beyond the limitations of the human constructs of time and space.  This is significant to our growing awareness of ourselves as multidimensional beings and the effect we have on collective consciousness.

- The Grand Sextile opens us to the challenges and opportunities inherent in the oppositions that make up the pattern (Sun in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus; Mars in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo; Saturn in Cancer opposes Chiron in Capricorn).  In other words, this is a big opportunity for growth, both individually and collectively.

- The chart is cast for the moment of a Total Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses trigger emotional healing of issues held deep within the unconscious mind. Shadow issues come to the surface to be integrated.  Chiron, the “wounded healer,” plays a significant role in this eclipse configuration, so this could be a time to face and process deep inner wounds.

- The Harmonic Concordance is another spiritual wake-up call for all planetary servers. We need to consider this alignment within the context of a series of significant planetary alignments in recent years, all the way back to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. The alignments – such as the Grand Fixed Cross Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, the direct Saturn-Pluto oppositions of 2001-2002 and the Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 15-16, 2003 – all serve to awaken humanity at a cellular level to our true path and purpose in this lifetime.  These alignments focus the incoming energies to awaken our cellular memory and catalyze deep changes within the Earth and within us.

- When we combine an understanding of these alignments with what we’re hearing from other spiritual messengers such as the Mayan Elders of Central America, a larger pattern begins to emerge. As far as Earth Changes and the Shift go, we are at the zero hour.  It’s time to open our hearts and intuitive faculties (represented by the Grand Trine in water in the Harmonic Concordance chart) and work to purify the Earth (represented by the Grand Trine in Earth signs) immediately. We have no higher purpose at this time.

- Publicity about the Harmonic Concordance will remind people around the world to be in prayer and meditation at the moment of the Lunar Eclipse.  This focused intention is a powerful force for change and for anchoring higher energies into the Earth grid.  The tradition began millennia ago when the ancients gathered at sacred sites on key alignment dates.  Organizers of the Harmonic Convergence events in 1987 helped resurrect that tradition worldwide, and the Mirehiels are doing the planet a great service in organizing a collective vigil for the Harmonic Concordance next month.

Much has been written about the Harmonic Concordance, and we’re anticipating a flurry of forwarded e-mails and articles about it in coming weeks. We’ll take a closer look at some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the Harmonic Concordance chart in the November issue of the Alignments Newsletter.  To subscribe, click here.

                                                                                        - October 2003 Oracle, Arizona
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
Reply #7 - 14.10.2003 at 02:18:22
Columbus Day Tribute To The Astrology of Adventure
                                               © Dikki-Jo Mullen

Among the cherished and beloved patriotic holidays Columbus Day commands a special charm
and enchantment. Memories of war or politics don't shadow Columbus Day. Celebrated during
the last decanate of peaceful and elegant Libra (on October 12 or the closest Monday, this year
that's October 13) this holiday commemorates the historic voyage of Christopher Columbus and
the discovery of the New World. It is a day which truly honors human curiosity and the urge to
break  down old barriers. The traditional school child rhyme:

"Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492"

is a  reminder that 2003 marks the 511th solar return of that journey into the unknown which
has come to symbolize so much.

The world we have created has changed more during the past 511 years than it did throughout the 5000
years prior to Columbus' historic voyage. Still, some of the same important truisms still
apply. It's important to nurture a zest for life.  Too easily it can be dampened by fear, doubt and
a lack of vision. English historian Rev. Robert Kirk wrote in 1691, "... why the Discovery of America
was at first look't upon as a faerie tale and reporters  hooted as inventors of a ridiculous

Sailors during Columbus' Day had maps which ended in drawings of dragons and sea serpents, marking the
edges of the known world.  Today we have a whole new variety of monsters to face
in continuing to explore and expand. The purpose of this feature is not to  provide another
reminder of possible economic woes, environmental horrors or the consequences of war. Instead
let's look at what is happening under the astrological transits for this 511th  anniversary of what
was possibly the most important risk  ever taken on behalf of all Americans.

Jupiter is at 9 degrees of Virgo. This decanate has a double Mercury rulership. As I am writing this
the successful separation of the two Egyptian twin boys who were born joined at the head has
just been completed (11:17 AM CDT Oct 12, 2003 in Dallas, Texas).  The  story of Ahmed and Mohammed
has united hearts around the  globe.

Meticulous planning (in the spirit of Virgo) was cited by the  hospital  spokesperson as the key. At
the same time medical news from Miami announced  the availability of the Tummy Pacemaker, an
electronic generator, to discourage overeating in those struggling with obesity.

The past few days have emphasized the need to respect the wildness of  animal companions. The tragic
injury of famed tiger trainer Ray Horne  closed the famous Las Vegas show. Almost
simultaneously a tiger illegally kept in a New York City apartment mauled its owner. In Alaska an
advocate for the preservation of the Grizzly Bear and his partner were found killed by a Brown
Bear. Jupiter is very near the fixed star Zosma. This sinister  triple star shines a pale yellowish
violet light on the Lion's back in the  heavens.  Traditionally it is linked to disgrace and tragedy.
It squares  Pluto at 17 degrees Sagittarius, the degree of another star, Sabik.  Both stars reflect a
combination of Venus and Saturn energies. Sabik marks the left knee of Ophichus.  Injury from
friends and unorthodox religious views are tied to Sabik. Since Sagittarius combines human with
animal in its Centaur's body the lessons here are to respect and honor animals while remembering
what the true nature is. Relationships between wild ones and the humans who love them most are
likely to undergo a permanent catharsis in the days  following these events.

Jupiter is applying to form a departing sextile with Saturn in Cancer. This  pattern can bring great
wealth and accomplishment in the weeks before November's eclipses. Entrepreneurs, you can fare
very well indeed. There are new needs to fulfiull and opportunties materializing. Venus has become
a dark and shadowy beauty as she enters Scorpio and slips away from a trine to a mild mannered
Mars in Pisces.  Both planets are about to trine Saturn in Cancer. An unexpected spirit of kindness
and charity will prevail through the Halloween season. Offer a gesture of goodwill to those who
have been selfish or difficult and see what happens.

Whenever there is a war or other tragedies causing many souls to leave the planet at once the spirit
world tends to be particularly active. The gloom time, which spans the autumn equinox through
New  Year's Eve and Yuletide, is always rich in the lore of ghostly apparitions. The climate this
year is especially welcoming to spirit.  Neptune will complete its retrograde on October 22, with
a Sun-Uranus trine. Simultaneously Mercury and the Sun will hover at the cusp of Scorpio. There
is a New Moon in Scorpio on October 25 followed by a bevy of very impressive aspects including
an occultation of the Moon by Venus on the morning of the 26th. It would be a memorable week to
undergo past life regression with a focus on exploring love and soul mate connections. This is
also a wonderful time for planning a dumb supper. The  silent or dumb supper is a tradition among
spiritualists. Dinner is prepared and enjoyed by candlelight in silence. An empty place is set for
the departed.  Afterward any food left is placed out doors as an offering on the Earth. The
departed are light eaters and will just enjoy the essence of the food. Even today some families
always set an extra place at the table for the uninvited guest.  In reality this is a thinly disguised
invitation to a dear departed one to return again for an evening meal.

90 days before an eclipse pattern there is a hint of the changes to come.  Think back to August.
Events which started to develop then  should come to fruition during November.  November has
two total  eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus at the Full Moon on November the 8th and a Solar
Eclipse in Sagittarius at the New Moon on the 23rd.  Change, the unexpected, unusual weather are
the traditional astrological keywords to describe the potentials.  Eclipses are unpredictable. After
tracking them for five thousand years  astrologers largely conclude that they bring what we don't
expect.  However they can mark major breakthroughs and deeply transforming events. It's best to
be alert and flexible and not to force issues  while an eclipse is in progress. Shun undue risks.

The November 8th eclipse has been dubbed the Harmonic Concordance by some stargazers. In
the tradition of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence it has been called a time when a portal to a higher
wave of consciousness will open. There are a number of intriguing aspects forming at the time of the
eclipse, as well as a Uranus station close to the 29th degree of Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol
for this degree is that of a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.  Faith in a brighter, bigger
existence following the struggle to be free from that which has been outgrown is the message here.

Dikki-Jo Mullen is a professional Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor. A graduate of the University
of Florida, she has authored numerous nationally published articles. See her features and forecasts
in The Witches' Almanac, 2003 Dell Purse Book Forecasts and the Dell 2003 Horoscope

Monthly she offers readings at the Spiral Circle Book Store and has a professional practice based
in Central Florida.

This article may be reprinted if all credits above are included.
All Rights Reserved ©Dikki-Jo Mullen 2003
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Re: Mrk
Reply #8 - 15.10.2003 at 01:01:27
November 8th, 2003

There is a 6-day window from 11/5 - 11/11. 6 is Star of David -
Flower of Life - Star Tetrahedron - Kabbalah - Sacred Geometry.
November 8, 2003  This day has been spoken in hushed whispers by
Ancient People, Mayan calendars, Native American Elders and wise and
learned men versed in the ways of spirit and the stars. On this most
powerful and auspicious day there will be an irresistible
combination --   a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse AND a Star of David.- -
18 degrees Scorpio  Research of a 4,000 year span between 1,000 BC -
3,000 AD shows no other date with this precise configuration,
combining the Earth/Water Grand Sextile and the Total Lunar Eclipse.
That Eclipse impart a jolt of solar and lunar energies that greatly
energize the astrologically beneficent known as the Star of David
pattern. This energy flow creates a very powerful vortex, the likes
of which has not occurred in the span of at least 2223 years and

This is for anyone, but especially for those who KNOW there is no
such thing as coincidence. We are at a collective threshold and a
point where we need to direct all this tension that has been
generated on the planet in a direction that helps all. You can be
apart of the change you wish to see, but we must make it happen and
take back control of our lives. Our world is a reflection of our
collective consciousness. You can't change the reflection without
changing that which is being reflected.


We now come to the third [as is 3D] and final movie Matrix
Revolutions - November 5, 2003 - which is somehow linked to the
movement/movie of the Human Consciousness Matrix - Grids - on that
date. Revolutions - Cycles of Time - Fibonacci Loops / Spirals of
Consciousness - Sacred Geometry.

November 11= 11/11/03 - the 11:11 grid connections - repetition of
digits in cycles - digital codes that activate millions of people
each day.  (- - - for more just type in "11:11" into any search
engine. - - -)   The eclipse - the Diamond Ring Effect - Bailey's
Beads - Beads = DNA. We witness what appears as an eclipse at the
end of the program - the end of the Cycle called Time, the
transformation of the solar system

"This day is an opening, it is not the only opening. It is a point
in time in which a cosmic doorway is held open for now and always.
·· It is an announcement of integral truth. The Concordance is a
unification of consciousness.  ·· It is the birth of divine
collective human awareness. The importance of this star gate, or
star date, is in the acknowledgement of multidimensional
consciousness.  ·· It is a refinement, a desire to be in Concordance
or accord with the Earth and the Earth's movement.  ·· It is a
desire to participate in and with the wholeness of the Earth. This
includes a desire to bring the human body to its next level of
health and vitality and to acknowledge the twelve strand DNA as
timely and welcome. ·· It further instils the desire within humanity
for the body to willingly accept a crystalline basis as its movement
and heredity.  These are the underpinnings that are aligned with
this date and with the chart that you have brought forward. Of
course, it would not be
fair to discount all of the energies leading up to this date, for
each one makes the next possible.

·· Invite your mind and your heart to speak as one, give each equal
voice and purpose.   ·· See the perfection and potential for
wholeness in every being and in each decision.   ·· Choose to be of
benefit to self and of service to others.   ·· Expand upon thoughts
and awareness that unite rather than divide.   ·· Live the teachings
that support oneness through equal diversity of creation.   ·· Open
doors and windows to thoughts based upon soul initiative.   ··
Whenever possible, shift awareness from a linear to a
multidimensional perspective.   ·· Relinquish belief systems that no
longer serve you such as historical hysterics.   ·· Look at today
with a simplicity that honors all beings regardless of origin or
perspective.   ·· Look to the future with the anticipation and
innocence of a child.   Other changes will be apparent as well, how
the Earth relates to all other species for instance. Kingdoms and
species will be in more direct, telepathic and kinetic relationship
with one another.
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Re: Mrk
Reply #9 - 16.10.2003 at 02:15:24

written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan.

In 1987 the planets and humanity aligned with the heavenly down pouring of Grace and Hope for all mankind. Opening a doorway for each of us to step through unto the Path of Illumination. Millions of people gathered and globally embraced this moment opening their hearts and mind and birthed what was called the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE. That day shifted the destiny of mankind by swaying the critical mass in a direction of global enlightenment. The Harmonic Convergence stepped up everyone's vibration to the next level, so we all could get a glimpse into our future, known and unknown.

That was 16 years ago. Since then we have been through more ups and downs then we ever thought we could endure. Riding our lives bareback at full gallop we have held on for dear life and light for many years. No matter how loud we yelled 'whoa' our life would just not stop or slow down. Every one and every thing has tried to buck us off of this path of light and love constantly trying to discredit what was good about the spiritual movement. Humanity has maintained a vibration of love and hope through many years of good/bad, right/wrong, and light/dark.

On November 8, 2003 we have been issued another opportunity to move forward into what has been called the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE.

The dictionary defines harmonic and concordance as follows.

HARMONIC: harmonious combinations of tones/energies simultaneously heard in agreement or covenant. It is sometimes referred to as the 'vertical' aspect of sound, the parts agreeing with the whole.

CONCORDANCE: a harmonious state of things and their properties. Congruity of parts with one another and the whole. Agreement of opinions, a similarity between things.

The HARMONIC CONCORDANCE represents the Sound of the Soul and voice of humanity aligning in agreement and echoing throughout the universe. A day of discovery finding what has been missing on one's life and self. All is aligned top to bottom, side to side, human to human, and heart to heart.

On November 8, 2003 there is a full moon, lunar eclipse at 8:33:34 p.m. (Florida time) in a Star of David configuration. The moment of the eclipse, which was named The Harmonic Concordance by astrologer John Mirehiel, is thought to mark a time when masses of people will awaken to their divine origin. Many feel that a shared focus and collective intent can influence the field of consciousness to such a degree that resulting effects will be seen in physical reality.

The Star of David alignment activates within each cell of each person. A cellular encoding identifies the day as a signal and opportunity to move past what is limiting. Allowing humanity to embrace the future of planetary healing with such a zest and passion that all else pales in comparison. Hold your hearts desire within your minds eye during the eclipse. Knowing that this soul seed was given to you to be birthed. Never give up on what lives in your heart.

Some agree and some disagree with this equation of awakening and the stellar alignment. Does this planet count? Does this asteroid change the configuration? All confusion becomes obsolete as humanity awakens to the internal knowledge that this HARMONIC CONCORDANCE is a deep truth and remembrance felt on a cellular level.

A beacon is birthed and all eyes look up for the promised sign of a future that must go beyond the predictions of the past. We each come from the stars and when the heavens announce a doorway to open, it is felt on all levels seen and unseen. We cannot undo who and what we have been up to this day and thought, but we can allow the Harmonic Concordance Alignment to point us in a direction that leads home to our One heart.

For more info go to HARMONIC CONCORDANCE home site www.astrosite.com

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Harmonic Concordance
Reply #10 - 27.10.2003 at 09:41:22
Če se komu še da brat...

A friend asked me what insights or updates I have regarding the upcoming Grand Star formation on November 8.  I expected to write a few sentences.  Instead the following poured out, so I have decided to share.  For those of you who feel I am preaching to the choir, thanks for singing.

If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, please look at the charts on the page  http://www.harmonicconcordance.com/__TheChart.htm

The stage that has been set for this event (according to a consensus of several good writers and our own interpretation of the best) could be summarized as - we have shifted onto a path where everyone on earth has chosen to ascend together into the fifth dimension.  This is a slower path than the alternate version that was true a couple of years ago - that the earth was splitting in two and those who did not choose to ascend would move out of our system.  Those two 'earth aspects' have now (as of a year ago?) rejoined and all earthlings are now moving into the light realms.  (Of course, individuals may still choose not to make any particular advancement, and they will go elsewhere eventually).

So, what this means is we have to clean up our mess.  The lightworkers actually have more work to do.  We truly have to see the unity of all as the divine truth, in order to harmonize with and facilitate the fact of ascension.  We MUST stop seeing good guys and bad guys.  

We have to give up all our judgments of others and replace them with only personal discernments - i.e., 'this is what feels like the right path for me.'  Our focus must fully be directed toward building what we desire, trusting that God will give those persons their personal lessons to move into harmony at the right moments.

We are now on a path that may appear slower, but it is much more fundamental, inclusive of all.  Stewart Wilde said a few years ago something like there is nothing that is going to come down like a genie and solve all of this for us.  We have to do it for ourselves.  At the time, I thought he was uninformed, which may be true, but the outcome is, he was right.  It is happening slowly and gradually, from within ourselves, from within our governments, from within our businesses, corporations, and institutions.  This is the best possible outcome, but disappointing, perhaps, for those of us who have been waiting for three days of darkness and the earth to start to rotate in the other direction.

The Grand Star is providing the energy of harmony. The double trine exhibits perfect balance between all polarities.  November 8-9 will provide a huge opening for additional celestial energies which can only enter in through a harmonic gateway.  Personally, I use my body for drawing in energy and anchoring it into the earth.  Others use tools such as crystals, water, jewelry, or metal configurations to tune to it and preserve the vibration.  A lot of light workers have their own way.  I like to see the energy coming down in a column straight to the center of the earth, to her crystalline core, and then emanating in streams to each and every sentient being on the earth.  November 8 provides a huge opportunity for such ceremonies, alone and especially in groups.

What will we wee in the outer?  Alas, it depends on the observer.  Some people will awaken the next day still hungry, still angry, still violent.  Some of us will hold the harmonic vibration throughout the rest of the month, until the time of the next new moon.  Then we may also slowly forget.  But just as with every new opening of an energy portal, with every passing of a major gateway, the shifts are powerful, subtle, and irreversible.  This one is the most powerful yet, and of an order of magnitude that we cannon fathom.  I think the thing to get most is the incredible magnitude of this one.

It is up to each of us to hold the harmony, the peaceful way, the discerning way, moving steadfastly toward what is right and just.  Never hanging on to being ‘right,’ just moving, inch by inch, toward harmonious solutions on every front.  

There is a world-wide revolution underway at the grass roots level.  It is so subtle that the powers that be do not yet even understand that it is there.  Phenomena such as the poor of Bolivia ousting a powerful president and returning their country to democracy (last week) are like grassfires to the super-rich.  But the fire that is blazing is in the hearts of every man, woman, and child, even if they are unaware of that fire, is blazing, growing, and tuning to the new energies.  The Grand Star of November 8 will provide the perfect vibration for each person's heart to well up in resonance.  I expect the grass-fire will illuminate the planet as never before.

Don't be mislead by what we see in the outer.  Prosperity or collapse,  war or peace, NESARA announcements or not, don't let the illusory world fool you into thinking the grass fire is of lesser importance.  The material world will always conform to the vibration; it just takes longer.  Predictions are not useful.  Each individual is 100% at choice.

The shift is in the fire.  The shift is in people's hearts.  The shift will occur in each person’s harmonizing between heart and mind.  As we speed on our way toward a unified, benevolent way of being, it is this new glow within a unified humankind that will light the way.  

The fire will have shifted to a harmonic that is more pure and stronger.  It’s like the difference between an oxy-acetylene welding flame, and the arc of an electrical welding device.  We’ll now be blazing like that arc.  It’s a blue-white flame of potent force.  Since it will now reside in the hearts of all, those who dare to speak their truth toward compassionate and just values will resonate with those who hear, as never before.  The resonance will be surprising.  New ideas, bold ideas, will be accepted and acted upon like never before.

God has turned up the juice.  It will be up to us to use this new power to steer the ship.


Susan <firedeva@earthlink.net>  
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Harmonic Concordance
Reply #11 - 27.10.2003 at 09:49:39
pa še Zakairan

MerKaBic Harmonic Concordance from ZaKaiRan

Dear Ascending Masters of Divine Concordancy,

As you may be aware of by now from the huge amount of emails and information
available on the Harmonic Concordance beginning November 8 through to the 11th,
(which is a Star-Gate activation), that the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron
and the Moon will be in a position that forms a six pointed star (the star of
David), linking and balancing the energies of these six astrological bodies, and
creating a grand planetary energetic and sacred geometrical alignment.  
And there will also be an eclipse at this time.  (This is, as you can imagine, a
huge astrological alignment.  I was sent an excellent email from Kiara Windrider
about this which I will send out for you Astrology nuts).

The Star of David, represents your MerKaBa, your vehicle of transportation to
higher dimensions and your transformation and transmutation into
Higher-Light-Body, or Christ-Body, creating the New HUman, (God-man) - HumAngel.

The MerKaBa is a huge aspect of your Light-Body.  It essentially is your own
Space-Time-Dimension ship.  It is not only the doorway to higher dimensions, but
it is the first geometry that is the doorway to all of your higher ones.  This
linear representation of the star, is the male geometries.  At each point is a
sphere, (female), all together they create a female geometry, or a star of David
made of spheres.  In this case, those spheres are our planets, Moon, and beloved
Sol.  And within all of this, in the center of your MerKaBah, and this celestial
MerKaBic alignment, is another sphere, and that is you.

The Star of David is comprised of 2 interlocking tetrahedrons, or 2-3 sided
pyramids.  The one pointing up (to the cosmos), is male.  The one pointing down
(into the earth), is female.  There is much information about this structure
available from Drunvalo Melchizedek.  I also have a few articles on Light-Body
and MerKaBah on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com

This "Star" is your own space-time-dimension ship.  Every living thing
has one.  By its activation you are able to travel through space and time, and
you are able to Ascend to the higher dimensions - physically, mentally,
emotionally and spiritually.  So needless to say, this Harmonic Concordance,
this celestial body MerKaBah formation, will enable a huge opportunity for
everyone to activate their own personal MerKaBah's, their Light-Bodies and
higher genetic blue-prints.  And as a whole, if everyone links their individual
and group MerKaBah's into one big Harmonic Group-Soul MerKaBah, then we will
actually accomplish the creation of Earth becoming a giant
Mother-Earth-Light-Ship, a giant Star - which is what Earth is becoming.  

This is how Mother-Ships are created, they are Divine Synchronies of each
individual Light-Being, (individual stars), who are on this Mother-Ship, all
combining their individual MerKaBah's together to form one giant MerKaBah - a

So I urge everyone to tap into this divine configuration that our beloved
celestial bodies are creating for us in the heavens, and calling upon your
Divine Presence to activate your MerKaBah.  And in the groups that you will be
communing with, join your individual MerKaBahs to form a group MerKaBah.  And
then combine your group MerKaBah with all the other group MerKaBah's on the
planet to form one giant Planetary MerKaBah.

Individually, or in groups, I recommend that you begin by calling in the
Ascended Masters, Angels, God-Goddess, Father-Mother God, The Christ…and any
individual Ascended Master, Bodhisattvas, Masters, Gurus… that you personally
work with.  Call upon the energies of the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and
the Moon.  And call upon all the celestial bodies in our solar system and
universe to assist with this activation.  

Blend your energies with all of the activation's that are taking place at this
time: with the eclipse, the Star-Gate opening, grid alignments, matrices
activation's, geometry activation's, genetic activations…  Connect to all the
power places on planet earth.  Call upon the energies of Mother Earth, the
Cetacean Guardians of Mother Earth, the Devas of Planet Earth, the Agartha
Network (subterranean cities, and the people therein), the High Council of Water
Beings..., and anything or anyone else that occurs to you to invite in and
connect to, to assist with this divine alignment.

Then individually, you may say something like:  

"I call upon my I-AM-God-Goddess Presence to merge with me and activate my
MerKaBah now!  And so it is! It is done!

Or, "By Divine Decree, in the name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is,
Father-Mother-God, and the Divine Christ that I AM, I command from the Lord
God-Goddess of my Beingness for my MerKaBah to activate now!  I now command this
MerKaBah to meld with the other MerKaBah's being activated around Planet Earth,
during this Harmonic Concordance.  I command that it blend and combine in Divine
Synchrony to form one giant Planetary-Earth-Light-Ship".  

Now see this happening.  See your tetrahedrons spinning, and your entire MerKaBa
structure becoming a Light-Ship, in the shape of a "space" ship, or
the shape of galaxies.  

(The reason space ships and galaxies have this shape, is because they are
MerKaBah's who's counter rotating fields are spinning, or have spun so fast that
the edges elongate, while the center remains centered.  So the center is bubble
shaped.  This is how you look in your individual space-time-dimension-ship).

As a group example, everyone in unison can say:  "By Divine Decree, in the
name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, Father-Mother-God, and the Divine Christ that I
AM, I command from the Lord God-Goddess of my Beingness for my MerKaBah to
activate now!  

I now command my MerKaBah to meld and blend with the other MerKaBah's in this

We now command our group MerKaBah to combine in Divine Synchrony with the other
group MerKaBah's around Planet Earth to form Mother-Ship-Terra - for the
Ascension of humanity and Mother-Gaia to the higher dimensions of Love and
Light, Co-Creating Heaven on Earth!  And so it is!".  And in unison you may
Om together three times, or chant I AM, I AM, I AM!…

See all of this happening, individually, as a group, then as a planetary group.

(You may of course re-word these decrees and create your own to suit your
personal bias)

In Infinite Divine Concordance and Divine Love,



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Re: Mrk
Reply #12 - 31.10.2003 at 21:28:54
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it
through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.

We are entering the final stages of purification and preparation for
the global event known as Harmonic Concordance. This unique influx of
Light will take place during the Lunar Eclipse on November 8/9, and will
build in momentum and power until the Solar Eclipse on November 23,

During that time period, a multidimensional portal of Light will be
opened into the Divine Heart and Mind of God—the omniscient, omnipresent,
omnipotent Cosmic I AM—All That Is. Once this portal is open, our
Father-Mother God will flood the Earth with the most intensified frequencies
of Divine Consciousness Humanity can endure. The Divine Intent of this
unprecedented experiment is to catapult Humanity into a higher state of
Divine Consciousness and to accelerate the Ascension of ALL Life on
Earth into the 5th Dimension.

Every facet of life in the whole of Creation is aware of this Cosmic
Moment on Planet Earth, and we are receiving more assistance from On High
than ever before in the history of time. The God Victorious
accomplishment of this experiment will result in the creation of a whole new
octave of Godhood. This will expand the borders of Divinity for ALL Life
into previously unknown expressions of limitless perfection.

Since the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in May, the Elemental Kingdom has
been purging the planet of the miscreated thought and feeling patterns
Humanity has manifested over the Ages. As a result of this intense
purification, we have witnessed unprecedented wildfires, hurricanes,
tornados, earthquakes, floods, heat waves, and now Solar Flares. Through the
gift of God’s Divine Grace, this incredible cleansing process has
involved relatively little loss of life. Any loss of life is tragic, but in
the original predictions made aeons ago, it was thought that there would
be massive loss of life during this purging process.

Due to this cleansing, every person on the planet is now vibrating at a
higher frequency of vibration. The higher the vibration of the atomic
and subatomic particles that make up the cells and organs of our bodies,
the more Light we will be able to assimilate, and the more effective
our shift into Divine Consciousness will be. The Solar Logos from our
physical Sun and the Solar Logos from the Suns beyond Suns beyond Suns
that support this Solar System are well aware of this Divine Truth. That
is precisely why they are intervening in unfathomable ways at this time.

Our Father-Mother God is breathing Solar Light from the Core of
Creation through the multidimensional spectrums of Light into the Heart Flames
of the Solar Logos from our Great, Great Central Sun. These Beings of
Light, in turn, are breathing the Solar Light into the Heart Flames of
the Solar Logos from our Great Central Sun, who are breathing the Solar
Light into the Heart Flames of the Solar Logos from our Central Sun,
who are breathing the Solar Light into the Heart Flames of the Solar
Logos from our physical Sun. The Solar Logos from our physical Sun are, in
turn, breathing that Solar Light into the atmosphere of Earth through
massive Solar Flares.

On October 28th, the third largest Solar Flare ever recorded erupted on
the Sun. It was classified as an X17.2 flare and persisted for more
than an hour. It released an ejection of more than a billion tons of gas
from the Sun's corona. Both the Solar Flare and the coronal mass
ejection accelerated charged particles to even higher frequencies and hurled
them at near the speed of Light directly toward the Earth. It takes
Light about 8 minutes to travel from the Sun to the Earth. These particles
reached the Earth in less than an hour. The coronal mass reached the
Earth several hours later.

This mammoth Solar Flare projected forth an electrified cloud of
geomagnetic particles 13 times the size of Earth, which blasted this planet
with supercharged Solar Light. As these highly-charged particles from
the Sun were hurled through the atmosphere of Earth, they penetrated into
the core of purity in every electron of precious life energy evolving
here. The frequency of vibration of every facet of life on Earth was
accelerated the maximum that Cosmic Law would allow.

This accelerated Solar Light which originated in the Core of
Creation—the very Heart of God—is the pulse beat of the Universe. It is the
Life-force of all existence and the cohesive power of Divine Love. It is the
quickening force within the soul of Humanity; it is boundless,
unceasing and everlasting energy.

For the very first time, the full power of Solar Light from the Heart
of God has penetrated into the Core of the Earth and exploded as a
mighty Starburst through the mental stratum of the planet. The majestic
power of this Solar Light has burst asunder the almost impenetrable veil
that has prevented Humanity from perceiving our own Divinity. This
miraculous act of Divine Intervention has cleared the way for Humanity’s
Ascension into Higher Consciousness.

Just for a moment, feel the rejoicing pouring forth from the Beings of
Light in the Celestial Realms. In deep humility, please send forth the
full momentum of your heartfelt gratitude and love to our Father-Mother
God and the Solar Logos for their selfless service to ALL Life on this
sweet Earth.


Many people have asked me what they should do and where they should go
to most effectively serve the Light during Harmonic Concordance. The
Truth is, each of you has been preparing for aeons of time to fulfill
your unique facet of this remarkable phase of the Divine Plan. Your God
Self knows exactly where you should be and what you should do. Listen to
your heart, and ask your God Self for guidance. No one outside of you
knows what is the best way for you to participate.

Trust yourself!

You will be in your right and perfect place, doing your right and
perfect thing. Remember, the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and YOU are
that Light.

Thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart for remembering who you
are and for fulfilling your purpose and reason for being here.

I Love YOU.

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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
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"Vortex Merkaba: The Harmonic Concordance"

My Dear Friends:

In today's message, we wish to validate and energize this powerful initiation called "The Harmonic Concordance." There are moments in history when your planet and your consciousness will highlight certain time sequences, or junctions of emotion and human consciousness, and this is definitely one of those times. Go with it. Let it have its way with you. Make a space in your busy life to pause and reflect, not only upon the message we will give you, but also upon your own inner applications of this powerful new vibration, exactly as they come to you.

You are moving beyond the period when you can expect to be spoon fed, from the hand of some "Master Teacher," whose opinion and perceptual abilities you value above your own. And this also applies to beings (such as ourselves), who will approach you from Etheric Realms. We are neither better nor worse than any other source of information that might come your way. We are simply here, and we have caught your attention--and that alone is verification that we hold some importance in your life flow. If we held no importance for you, we could not have found you, nor would you have found us.

From now on, one huge determining factor for source material which you might wish to follow could be that your body and your energy begins to percolate with excitement when you encounter the vibrations of certain messages or messengers. In a sense, your physical vehicle has been built for this purpose. It is a kind of "Geiger Counter" for measuring the worth of those energies that will come to you at this powerful time. Your body-mind also has the ability to act as a "pendulum" of sorts--in the very way that we described at the end of our transmission dealing with "Pleasure and Pain." And now, we wish to build upon this material to an even greater extent.


In our Pleasure-Pain Message, we spoke about a place of conjunction (energetic merge) which is forming at the center of all polarities that operate upon your planet at this time. Is it a fine line that exists between "this" and "that" (in whatever form those ideas will take). It is neither "this" nor "that" but a conjunction of both ideas, in whatever context of life you are studying. The ancient Celtic Peoples referred to this as "the betwixt and the between." It is the Body-Mind, the Pleasure-Pain, the Up-Down, the Hot-Cold and so on and so forth.

If a particular energy considers itself to be "pure"............there will be no desire to approach The Betwixt and Between, either in consciousness or in actual physical space. In fact, such individuals will usually want to run the other way! And yet, within every polarized essence there is a sub-part, an "Inner Child," if you will, that manifests a curiosity about things that are "impure." When we speak of "purity," we are talking about that which is "uncontaminated" with tolerant exposure to its opposing factors. Have you heard the _expression "What you see is what you get?" That is a purity _expression. It does not allow for variance or divergence of motive within itself. It is either pure light, or pure dark. It is pure good, or pure evil. There can be no compromise.

Do you remember the love that Romeo had for Juliet? Do you remember the fascination she had around him? This is an example of an energetic vortex that is formed in The Betwixt and Between. It is two (supposed) "opposites" that become connected to each other, and they begin to dance in physical space, drawing in many people and ideas into their flow.

A Vortex spins or turns, like a revolving door in a huge office building. It can bring certain elements in, and it can also carry them out. A Vortex can turn clock-wise (when the energy opens), or counter-clockwise (to close it up again). In your physical body, there are spinning vortices which you call "chakras," and they open and close like the shutter on a camera lens. Each of them represents certain energy dynamics, and their state of openness or closing is a prime indicator for your general attitude towards the immediate environment in which you find yourself.

If an airline passenger shoots a hole in the window of a moving airplane, the divergence of air pressure (inside versus outside) creates an Instant Vortex where the bullet pierced the hull, and it begins sucking people and objects towards itself, and out of the plane. In that moment, those people and objects realize that the velocity of the wind outside the plane is a more powerful vehicle than the vehicle in which they are traveling. They are irresistibly drawn to it, and merged with the wind........letting go of whoever or whatever was holding them back (including their physical body!).

The Vortex that is opening around the Earth at this time involves your steady infusion of the essences of the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, and your expanding awareness concerning the Multidimensional Nature of All That Is.

You began this physical infusion with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and you have continued to up the gain on its intensity through many other key activations since then. Of course, the delineation of times and dates is only for purposes of easier integration of this knowledge. In truth, all time is now, and all space is here. But, for purposes of learning and 3D perception, it can also be quite useful to assign importance to key times, dates, and physical locales, if that will further your grasp of the changes that are taking place all around you.


The basic symbolism of The Harmonic Concordance is centered around the image of a Grand Sextile, or Star Tetrahedron which appears in the Astrological Charts that portray and study key parts of your planet in the coming days of activation that are ahead. At a certain time and place, the appearance of the Grand Sextile in your chart will begin to penetrate the tender membrane that surrounds your consciousness, and produce reactions and decisions in your life and in the lives of all those who surround you.

This symbol is also known as a Merkaba. Like the wind that speeds past an airplane in flight, a Merkaba can be an Energetic Vehicle for those passengers inside that plane. If a hole is cut in the Veil that surrounds their minds and hearts, the "wind velocity" of the Multiverse will begin sucking people towards expanded awareness, and they will be forced to make some decisions about their goals and their lives in the Now Moment.

Indeed, the energy shifts that will be caused by The Harmonic Concordance are usually much less overt than having a passenger shoot a hole in the window of a speeding airplane. This is the benefit that can be attained by mixing and mingling dimensions of two or more experiences with each other. We will speak more about that later.

The symbol of the Merkaba is shaped like a "Star of David." It is an overlap of two inverted pyramids, one of them pointing in one direction, and another one pointing in the opposing direction. As we said earlier, these pyramids symbolize various polarity configurations, such as "up/down," male/female, God/Devil, and all such ideas. Since the Star Tetrahedron is multi-planar (it goes in all directions), there is room for each and every energetic polarization that is involved or represented in the soul cluster for each of your lives.

Each pyramid starts from a broad base, which gradually tapers itself into a point, and this shape reflects what happens when an "expanded frame of reference" gradually gets narrower as it moves away from Middle Ground. At the center of the overlapping pyramids, there is a collaboration of space that looks a bit like "home plate" on a baseball diamond. This is the "Betwixt and Between" for all of those polarizations.

In this place, there is a Conference Center, wherein delegations from all polarities can meet, and share their viewpoints and gifts with one another. To remain there, for any length of time, is to damn yourself from returning to what could be considered "extreme" or "totally pure" again. This is because your "pure brethren" would be able to catch the scent of your collaborative experience at the Center, and would no longer be able to trust you as being sincere or committed to their separation stance. It is this energetic fusion that produces the Radiance Energy that has been escaping through Energy Gates that are now
opening all over the world.


What causes the Wheel of the Merkaba to spin is the attraction/repulsion response that accompanies the mixing and mingling of all these (seemingly) divergent energies. As a soul approaches a point of conjunction between two "opposites," that soul must make a decision about who he is, and what his relationship will be to the dance that he witnesses in that space. Does he side with the one, or does he choose to side with the other?

The Essence of Oneness Energy tells us that we are everything and everyone. But that is only a generalized concept that, up to this point, has involved the mind. When we begin to see the Merkaba Dance played out in our own home town, or personal context of life, it also invokes input from the emotional body. At that point, the observer may begin to bring up memories and distinctions he has formed from other life encounters, and go into a state of conflict, which slows the whole process down to a point where everything solidifies. We have described this in detail in our transmission called "How Universes Are Formed."

When an Irresistible Force meets an Immovable Object, the only thing that can happen is a MERGE. If neither is willing to "give space" to the other, and if the velocity of their claims to that space are fairly equal, then the only option they have is to BECOME ONE WITH EACH OTHER.

Contrary to the "rules" that you have been taught in 3D Separation, there is no such thing as a "winner" in a conflict. When two opposing forces clash, and one succeeds in dominating its essence over the other, the form of that "victory" may remain--in a universe which appears to honor one idea over another---but the essence of the "losing partner" simply withdraws (dies), leaving the lonely victor to enjoy his "spoils," which end up rotting in his hands.

The "normal" state for Life in the Multiverse is Oneness. Anything else is considered an aberration away from that, and signify that by confining themselves in universes (or sets of universes) that are locked away from the everything else, which is also there. In those separated states, a being can enjoy his "purity" forever, by simply blocking out perception of anything or everything else.........thereby never tasting of the expanded joys and prospects that would be available if he allowed in the rest of who and what he is.

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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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Re: Mrk
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The Multidimensional Vehicle for every individual body and personality centers itself in the Heart Space. It is a conjunction of sensory, emotional, mental, and volitional forces that mix and mingle all types of essences, that are evaluated for inclusion or exclusion into the beingness of the Form Entity they serve. As various essences are attracted to your Heart Center, the multiplicity of who you are stands at the Gate to welcome and inform them about what they can expect to encounter if they wish to come in and become intimate with you.

We call this your Vortex Merkaba. Since it is multiplanar in nature, it spins like a wheel, or turn-stile, that gives entrance into your personal Conference Center. We speak generally about this now, as it will become key information later, when we begin to share about Sacred Sexuality, and the future of Human Relationships, as they manifest in the Grand Society that is to come!

We have also likened your Heart Center to a Universal Cauldron, in which you mix and brew your elements, in hopes of producing your own version of the Philosopher's Stone, which is a universal catalyst that combines anything with anything else. Another symbology that has been attributed to this Heart Center is the Holy Grail. If you will recall, the Grail was a cup (tarot symbolism for heart energy) that was used by Jesus at the Last Supper. At that event, he held it in his hand and said: "This is my blood. Drink ye all of it."

Jesus' statement was very sexual, and it was also very intimate. Eating flesh and drinking blood is about as intimate as a person can get. And the Sexuality of the Future will be very much like this--not in a literal sense, but in a figurative one. It will be less characterized by an "act" and more characterized by an intent or an alchemical drive for becoming One and Reconnected with the Oneself of All That Is.

As each of you begins to stand at the Gate of your Garden, holding out your cup and and inviting those who pass to "come and drink," you also will form a Vortex Merkaba, which will meet and greet those who choose to accept your invitation.

However, the spinning wheel is not made up of "rounded edges," if you still have "separation issues" in your life. Encountered at a distance, they are pointy, like the pyramids they represent. This makes the energy of the Merkaba quite challenging, as a person can be cut by the points of your personal constitution, as they spin in clockwise or counter-clockwise motion.

Whoever draws "first blood" in an interaction is the infuser of potential Reconnection Energy for that dance. The points of the Merkaba do not cut the physical body. They are too precise and pristine for that. Rather, they are designed to make surgical incisions in the Veil of Forgetfulness for the individuals involved. This is, of course, all planned out beforehand, through per-incarnate contracts between the dancers, long before they meet. As knowledge and remembrance "bleeds through" the walls of their Veils, these two individuals get to decide, once again, if they wish to live in Oneness, or if they choose to create new walls of Separation and Forgetfulness concerning who and what they are.

With either choice, there will be learning and direction about where to take the dance next. Some dances last for years, and result in a close camaraderie between two distinctly different people or organizations. Other dances begin with a grand stepping on of toes, and the dance is over before it even begins. And that, too, has its wisdom.

The Vortex Merkaba is an eternal process, so there is no "right" or "wrong" way to dance the Merkaba Dance. If, at some point, your tango gets you all tangled up, you simply learn to tango on! Remember the wisdom of that statement, which was found in the movie "Scent of a Woman?" It is timeless and very true indeed.


In Separation Universes, there is always a concern about who or what will end up being the Keeper of the Power. These universes are built like Thunderdome. Two men enter, one man leaves. They are filled with the appearance of demons and foreboding powers. These are phantoms, who merely put on power. They have no basis in eternity. Do you remember Master Blaster" in that movie? He had earned awe and respect of everyone in Bartertown. He carried considerable power over their daily lives. No one but a stranger would ever dare engage him in battle. Thus is the gift that being a "stranger" brings. You are not sullied by pre-conceived notions. You get to challenge the status quo.

And what, My Dear Friends, did that Master Blaster Energy turn out to be? Was he not a midget, riding on the shoulders of a retard? And wasn't he using his bitterness and malice about his "infirmity" to rule his heart, and capture his mind in hatred and disdain?

We sense that some of you are in a state of reaction. Please forgive us if we sound disrespectful of certain physical beings or manifestations of life. We intend no harm or disrespect, except to punctuate what fear and separation-based "power" and "protection" will always turn out to be when it is brought into the light.

To be a person of small stature, or to be a person who possesses "Crossover Consciousness" (our delineation for those whom society calls "Developmentally Disabled") is to perfectly portray certain valuable transitional attributes that are rapidly appearing in society today. They are not "disabilities" at all. Indeed, they can be great advantages for those who have created the life to operate within them. There are those with these characteristics who are playing extremely important parts in the Earth Shifts at this time. There are also those who perfectly bear out what their stereotype describes them to be.

There are "small people" and there are "midgets." And there are "Crossover Intellects" and there are "retards." So be it. Every human quality has its gifts and its abuses of those gifts. And this is what we are trying to tell you when we speak about The True Center of Power.

That place in the midst of the Merkaba, which looks a lot like "home plate" actually IS a HOME for the Soul of Humankind. It is the very essence of humanness. Those who have the ability to go all the way in to the "Conference Center" of a person's life are often those who have been called "misfits" by society, or who are "refused" by the "purer souls" who hold power and dominion in their Separation Universes.

Having been sliced and diced by the spinning of the Vortex Merkaba, these souls have drunk deeply from the Grail, and they have let the Blood of Christ Consciousness flow in and around them, forming a tide of  love, power, and passion that carries them all the way to the Core of Creation!

That figure which has been called a Celtic Cross is a perfect depiction of a Vortex Merkaba. The cross, itself, has always been a perfect figure of a human person, as he or she walks upon the 3D Earth Plane. The Circle in the Center is a perfect portrayal of the Spinning Vortex that either includes or excludes those who desire to enter into the Holy of Holies for a particular universe.

And now comes YOUR TIME of Harmonic Concordance. A "concordance" is an agreement. When the window for this process opens in November, 2003, the people currently inhabiting the Earth Plane will give to themselves new opportunity and empowerment to make decisions, once again, about those elements they wish to keep in their life (those things that nourish their path), and those elements that no longer fit in with who and what they are now choosing to be.

The cards are being dealt anew. It's time for everyone to ante up, once again. Are you in or are you out? This will be the symbolism that will abound during the next three months of Earth Time. After that, society will begin to accelerate its efforts to make the outside of their world more congruent with the inside of their sacred hearts. And won't that be an interesting sight to behold?

This, My Friends, will be a "gamble" that is well worth taking. It is the Pearl of Great Price, that will make you want to sell everything you own, just to acquire the peace and purpose that will soon be coming your way. As you cast your lots with each other and deal your cards, there is no such thing as a "bad hand." There is only a true and honest reflection of what is, and a clear choice that can be made about where you wish to go from here.

And we will be with you, every step of the way. Just call to us, and we will answer. Vortex Merkaba...........the only way to fly!! http://www.reconnections.net/vortex_merkaba.htm
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you cant look in the mirror and expect it to smile first
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