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13.02.2003 at 04:22:27

Seeing Beyond
The literal meaning of transcending is "going beyond," and at moments of clarity it is possible for anyone to be aware that reality isn't confined to the five senses. Peak experiences open up windows to spirit. Yet "going beyond" is not an accurate description of the experience of transcending, since there is no distance to cover; spirit never leaves us, it is only overlooked. This practice trains you to stop overlooking the spirit and love that surround you, waiting to be noticed.
Although it means "going beyond," a better way to describe transcending is "seeing beyond." What can you see beyond the apparently solid façade of life, the constant flow of time, the limitations of space, and the laws of cause and effect? If the answer is very little, the reason is that your perception has not been trained for such vision. Yet every day contains clues of the second reality we all inhabit, which is timeless, unbounded, causeless, and intimately tied to our needs on the path to love.
First examine the following list to determine if you have experienced these sorts of clues:
1. In the midst of danger or crisis, have you had suddenly had the feeling of being completely safe and protected?
2. Have you ever been with someone who was dying and felt a sense of peace or a coolness in the air when the moment of passing came?
3. Have you known someone who recovered from an "incurable" illness?
4. Have you prayed and had your prayer answered?
5. Have you ever witnessed a soft light around another person or yourself?
6. Have you ever asked for silent guidance or the answer to a dilemma and received it?
7. When looking at a sunset, a full moon, or something of great natural beauty, have you felt yourself expand as if you were no longer enclosed within the physical limits of your body?
8. Have you experienced a silencing of your mind, perhaps just before going to sleep or on first waking up?
9. Have you felt a loving presence when you most needed it?
10. Do you ever hear an inner voice you feel you can absolutely rely on? (This voice doesn't have to speak in words; it can also be a strong feeling or intuition.)
11. Have you felt wonder at the sight of a newborn child?
This isn't a quiz. You aren't trying to answer yes to as many questions as possible, but if you did say yes to any of them, pick the one that resonated most for you. Let us say it was the first one: feeling a sudden sense of safety and protection in the midst of crisis or danger. Close your eyes and put yourself back into that situation; see all the details of where you were, who you were with, what time it was and so on.
Try to relive the moment, but instead of being the person who was reacting at that moment, ask to be given a larger perspective. Ask to see the meaning of what was happening, and request that the meaning be as specific as possible. Take a deep breath and listen to whatever response comes. Now interpret your answer. Do any of the following meanings come through?
I am loved. I am safe. A part of myself watches over me. I know. I am. The light is with me. God is real. God is. Nothing is wrong. I am at peace. Things are OK. I can love. Everything is one. These are the messages love is trying to send you at every moment. Each is extremely simple yet eternally true.
You do not have to have an extraordinary or peak experience to receive such messages, but peak experiences do bring sudden clarity.
Attune yourself to spirit, and it will speak to you in love.
Spirit isn’t a phenomenon; it is the whispered truth within a phenomenon. As such, spirit is gentle, it persuades by the softest touch. The messages never get louder, only clearer. If you have the slightest hint of communication from spirit, ask for clarification; look at the preceding list if you need to. At first the links to spirit may seem tenuous and fragile, but as you grow more confident you will find that your life is full of meaning, that every moment has an aspect that goes beyond if you have the vision to find it.
the exerpt is from The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra
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