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Re: Datura
Reply #75 - 25.08.2008 at 13:07:33

Tako ja, kot sem rekel, po mojem mnenju je močna duhovna volja in naravnanost na resnico vodilo duhovnega razvoja.  Prakticiranje različnih tehnik, mantranja, molitev je v tem primeru samo udejanjanje namena in središčenje volje.

Kot sam poznam zadeve, namen ni dovolj. Živeti moraš namero, vseskozi, časovno. Seveda pa jo moraš prej spoznati. Svoje namere si ne moreš priučiti z nobeno tehniko ali molitvijo. Pride z zavestnim hotenjem. Ko spoznaš svojo namero jo preprosto živiš.

Lp, Igor

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Re: Datura
Reply #76 - 09.09.2010 at 11:47:01
I used to be a moderate datura user. The last time I used it was when I was arrested at a football game and taken to the hospital. I was completely delirious. Giant string like spiders flowed from the lights and my mother kept switching forms between herself and an annoying little 12 year old. Datura is the hardest trip I have ever done and I've done quite a bit of things. The problem with datura, and how the reason I went to the hospital, is that every plant and part of the plant has a different potency. One leaf could be very light wail the one next to it could be extremely dense in Scopolamine. The day I ****** up my friend ate a flower and a half. He went home just fine. I ate a flower and a half. ****** out of my mind man! It does sound fun and it was a very spiritual trip that I do not regret doing but it is very dangerous. You look up in the news and tons of kids die from it by getting hit by cars or jumping off tall **** because the potency is undetectable. Im not trying to tell you what to do it's just that datura is a pretty risky trip.

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