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Message started by Strawin on 23.10.2003 at 15:59:31

Title: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Strawin on 23.10.2003 at 15:59:31

Hey guys I was checking out tonights show on Coast to Coast and one of the guest is Sean David Morton and on his website he has this article about Harmonic Concordance...which he wrote a long time ago but its still an article about it....

Well here is his complete article about Harmonic me it seems like a big crossroads where we will have to pick between good an evil...a war of sorts...but i dont know....could someone break it down....well here is the article...good night guys.....

it has been spoken of in hushed whispers by ancient peoples, Mayan calenders, Native American Elders and wise and learned men versed in the ways of spirit and the stars.

“It is when the strands of the hoop come together,” said Roweena Red Tail Hawk Mother, the new Speaker and prophet of the Hopi.

“The door to the world of spirit will open, and it will be up to us whether we call upon the Great Shining Ones to help us or the Dark Ones from the pit who will bring our destruction.”

Already the Hopi have been stocking up supplies, building Hogans and Kivas underground, storing food, and oils. Our friend Linda Smith from Salt Lake City sells stone wheat grinding bowls, and she is sold out and back ordered for months. “The Hopi and other Native Tribes have been ordering them like crazy,” she told me. “They say the Great Purifaction is coming very soon.”

I knew that 2002 would be the bridge to tomorrow. That this would be the year of learning, preperation and incubation. It is why I have hit the road and tried to teach as many SRV seminars in as many places as possible, to give our people the tools of knowledge and spirit to prepare for what is coming.

2003 will be the year of the The Great Division. When we will smash through the barrier of 4 dimensions of height/width/bredth and time, and into the 5th dimensional world of pure spirit. The Aboriginal Dream Time, the world of mind and spirit, where that which we THINK will be come reality in a virtual instant. The doors are indeed opening, but will we call all the angels of heaven or the demons from the pit.

I have only rarely dedicated an entire newsletter to a single topic. This one is worth it for a number of reasons. Firstly, I have recently been covering a number of topics that are fearful and negative, because the times we are living in are exactly that. Every Mosque has become a fortress. Terrorized on all sides by a faceless enemy, the Dark Lords are amplifiying the frequency of FEAR for their own agenda of slavery and control to keep us from evolving and ascending, because FEAR, not HATE, is the opposite of LOVE.
Secondly, you all needed a good dose of HARD-CORE meta-PHYSICS. Not about money or the stock market or the next attack or set of predictions, but some teaching from learned people that shows that not only is there an Infinite Radiant Creator but that the all powerful “IS” has a fantastic cosmic plan for all of humanity and that plan is slowly weaving itself above our very worried, bowed and unconscious heads. Their conclusions are at once blissfully hopeful and starkly terrifiying.

I had known about the November 8, 2003 date for some time from my own meditations, research and conversations with Elders and holy men, so when I saw the website that was put together my John Mirehiel, the discoverer of the 11/8/03 “Chart Heard Around the World” I was overjoyed. I contacted him as soon as I had read it all and it is with his kind and generous permission that I print his gathered material here. He is looking to publish a BOOK about this coming event to raise global awareness of the date and its consequences for humanity. Just remember you heard it all here first.

With the help of Barbabra Hand Clow and her Bear Publishing Company, Jose Arguilles published a book in 1985 all about “THE HARMONIC CONVERGENCE.” Arguilles found a prophecy in the Mayan codexes that if 144,000 people could come together on August 17, 18 and 19 of 1987, and greet the dawn in peace, harmony, prayer, meditation and love, that ALL of the dire predictions of mass death and destruction in the coming age could be pulled DOWN by a FACTOR OF TEN.

MILLIONS world-wide heard the call and, practicing the ART OF PEACE, gloriously responded! Angelic beings beamed from TVs, glowing feathered serpents of wisdom, the manifestation of Quetzalquoatal, were seen circuling the globe and even the jaded unconscious media was stunned by the outpouring of pure spirit.

Another of those unique moments in history is upon us. Believe me we will NEED the coming 17 months to prepare for what is coming, so you need to get the word out NOW! The Harmonic Concordance will be all about the CHOICES that we make, and the paths we will choose. We must turn it into a GLOBAL EVENT, with music, publicity and celebrations of the God within us all. If we do NOTHING, then the dark forces around us will have won. The path we are on will be set in stone and the Earth will move into the pattern of a NECRO-SPHERE, sealing the death vibration that will lead to the extinction of most of the life on this planet in less than 50 years. Those are the stakes. Our survival the prize.

Our goal is, once again, to get 144,000 to greet the dawn in peace, brotherhood and harmony on Nov. 8th, 9th and10th with the grand finalé being the 11/11/2003 Stargate activation. The sign of Gemini has been transformed from the computer-like, hermaprhoditic, skeptic, static, base lower minded twins to the double pillars of the STARGATE of communication for all the angels, gods, devas, buddhas and dakinis. The destruction of the WTC twin towers, the very glyph of Geminii, was symbolic of sweeping away the past to make way for this new force.

With Nov. 8, 2003, Scorpio will be similarly transformed. The secretive sign of regeneration, sex and death, its three symbols the posionous, self-destuctive scorpion, the grey lizard and the eagle. Now it will become THE PHOENIX! Gone will be their suicidal tendencies, but they will show us all how to rise from the ashes, how to start over, how to not resist but TRANSMUTE, TRANSFORM and TRANSMORGRIFY all the energy around us. They will become the Phoenix rising from the VIOLET FIRE of the ashes of the old age.

Some say that the internet would be the vehicle for global awareness and consciousness. Well, I wouldn’t bet on the internet...but I would sure bet on the CONSCIOUSNESS. The coming battle will be all about MIGHT versus THE LIGHT...and the bad guys don’t stand a CHANCE!

What is to come is your destiny. It is worth the battle...

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Kali on 23.10.2003 at 21:51:55


Kim from Roswell, NM sent this from a posting on the syzygy board.

     Peruvian shamans of the Qâero line (a lineage shared by both the Inca and the Apaches), descendants of those who fled into the high Andes to escape the Spanish conquistadors, have told shaman-psychologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo about the occurrence of an important event in the late fall of 2003. At that time, which they say will mark the end of the current, and final, Pachakuti (a period of cleansing, when everything is turned upside down), it is said that a tear, or hole in the fabric of time will appear, and that those who have prepared for it will be able to walk through it and into their luminous bodies.

From John Mirehiel

     On August 28, 1998, John Mirehiel (pronounced Ma-RAY-he-el), astrologer, first identified a still-to-come moment of great astrological potential. While he was surfing the future, using a sophisticated software program that displayed planetary positions around a horoscope wheel, his attention was drawn to the patterns forming in early November of 2003.

     As he watched the shifting planets, they began to align themselves in a planetary pattern known to astrologers as The Grand Sextile, (star tetrahedron ) thought to be highly beneficial when it appears in the chart of an individual . In this instance, however, the horoscope Mirehiel was seeing was not one for an individual, but rather it was a global one, for Mother Earth herself. It was a unique astrological chart, representing a moment in time during which we can change the world we see, and ourselves, if we so choose. It has been called the 'Harmonic Concordance of 2003.'

     The context in which the Harmonic Concordance information is presented happens to arrive in the language of western, geocentric, tropical astrology. The chart for that moment is rife with astrological details encoded in this specific date. The metaphors to which those details refer describe a moment in which a great shift in conscious awareness may well take place. It is very interesting to note, however, that this year (2003) and this day (November 8th or 9th depending on where you are located in relation to the International Date Line), if not this exact clock moment, have clearly been anticipated within the framework of other traditions as well.

     The Shifting World of 2003

     In the years since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, José Argüelles and his wife, Lloydine, have been campaigning for a calendar reform that would place us on a Thirteen-Moon Calendar, to complete the necessary realignment of humanity to the cycles naturally experienced by the Earth.

     They believe that this is necessary if we are to avoid crashing into 'the wall' of the 2012 necrosphere. Interestingly, they tell me that on November 8, 2003, we will have exactly one galactic spin cycle left (as reckoned in the Mayan Calendar) to complete the realignment of humanity to the cycles naturally experienced by Mother Earth. But noted Psychic Silvia Browne has said the 2012 date itself is erroneous; that confusion arising over western calendar systems has led to our belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of the Mayan Great Calendar when, according to her guides, 2003 is the correct corresponding Gregorian year.

     Yet another commentator, posting on the Troubled Times website, says that the significant event calendar date line, supposedly encoded into the architecture of the Great Pyramid, terminates abruptly at the end of the year 2003. Even some Christian ministers claim that the prophecies of Daniel predict that the End Times will arrive in 2003.

     Peruvian shamans of the Q1ero line (a lineage shared by both the Inca and the Apaches), descendants of those who fled into the high Andes to escape the Spanish conquistadors, have told shaman-psychologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo about the occurrence of an important event in the late fall of 2003. At that time, which they say will mark the end of the current, and final, Pachakuti (a period of cleansing, when everything is turned upside down), it is said that a tear, or hole in the fabric of time will appear, and that those who have prepared for it will be able to walk through it and into their luminous bodies.

     Another author, 'time researcher' Preston Nichols, who has studied time and consciousness as they are shaped by frequencies and magnetic fields, has pinpointed 2003 as the significant year at the other end of the 3time wormhole2 that was first opened by the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943.

     And Starr Fuentes, master healer and teacher in the 'curandera' tradition, who works with similar metaphors of frequencies as the causal factors behind physical manifestation, says that she was alerted to the importance of November 8, 2003, by her own teacher in 1964.

     The affirmations and confirmations of the importance of this time by these and other well-known seers, mystics, psychics, and researchers, as well as those of many private individuals, clearly indicate the power of the Harmonic Concordance Moment to stand at the hub of a wide variety of converging timelines.

     Astrological Factors

     In linear time, the Harmonic Concordance Moment of November 8?9, 2003, is presently a future astronomical event that will occur at the precise moment when a Total Lunar Eclipse completes an astrologically beneficial configuration known as the Grand Sextile. Like other previously announced, spiritually significant times (most notably the Harmonic Convergence mentioned above), the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 will pull a great many people into a prayerful alignment, at one moment, with a focused intent of a higher spiritual purpose. In this case, the larger purpose is the Ascension of Mother Earth and her awakened inhabitants.

     I have been a practicing astrologer and spiritual seeker for more than 30 years. As the discoverer of the chart, I have identified many individual astrological details that are in play at the moment of the Concordance Eclipse. My experience tells me that those factors, when taken all together, confirm a promise of hope, joy, unity, and transformation. Nor am I alone in this astrological assessment of the Harmonic Concordance chart. Astrologers of all rank, from the world famous to novice, have seen, been inspired by, written of, and spoken about its enormous potential. The spiritually inclined, in particular, are invariably impressed by the power and purpose expressed in the chart.


Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Kali on 23.10.2003 at 21:52:08

The Spiritual Meaning

     Although this astrological chart is set for our future, the ultimate perfection of that ascended world exists right now. Many metaphysical and spiritual traditions have long told us that Time is the great illusion; that, in fact, all time happens in the simultaneous NOW.

     If that is so, then this future moment of ultimate balance, power, and peace is available to us in the present. As such, it behooves us to claim that moment now. If we can accept the idea that that perfect world is co-existent with the somewhat different exterior reality that most of us see, then we must also accept the possibility that we can change that exterior projection. To acknowledge that we are the ones responsible for the appearance of that projection means that we must begin to understand what immense and limitless creative beings we are. Unfortunately, we often have trouble accepting that thought, even though the avatars and exemplars throughout the ages have told us this is so.

     One major block to this realization lies in our persistent belief in solid space and linear time. However, if you can conceive of how it might feel to live as an Ascended Master in an Ascended World, you can step through a hole in time, anytime, and bring that existence back into your daily experience, right then and there, here and now.

     The Harmonic Concordance chart portrays a multi-dimensional mandala in sacred geometry, offering a variety of these reminders through symbols that are significant in many different belief systems. It contains, for example, a two-dimensional representation of the 8-pointed star that is called the Merkaba, the symbol that represents the Light Body form as seen by those who can perceive on this level. Practitioners of the Merkaba meditation essentially visualize rolling their light bodies through time, from one present moment into the next. This exercise allows them to stay in an eternally perfect present, while learning how to work with new energetic concepts of time.

     Conscious Intent and Change

     In The Seth Material, Seth, speaking through the late Jane Roberts, proposes that what he calls 'temporal consciousness,' or time, is essentially a dimension of action. This certainly seems to have been demonstrated by recent mass consciousness experiments on Art Bell1s Coast to Coast radio show.

     The background to these experiments was research conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Institute, which has placed thirty-two data-recording instruments around the world to pick up changes in the Earth's field. On 9/11, a couple of hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center, the Princeton group reported, there was a significant perturbation, or change, in this field.

     Inspired by this indication that a field of mass consciousness exists which carries some sentience about the outcome of human events, Bell and his guest host, George Noory, issued specific requests to their vast numbers of radio listeners challenging them to act collectively in order to deliberately influence that field of consciousness to achieve a positive outcome.

     At the time of this writing, the last such challenge issued was for the audience to visualize a resolution to the Washington 'Sniper Crisis,' such that the situation would be resolved quickly and no one else would be hurt. The two suspects who are now in custody were arrested in the early morning hours immediately following this show. No one was injured in the capture.

     This event is only the last in a long line of coincidences of many types that show us that the Concordance message is indeed an open invitation to play in the field of temporal dimension. Why not do so in the most inspired possible manner? Which is precisely the point. The great promise of this Harmonic Concordance Moment is that its potential may be assessed at any moment.

     Quantum physicists speak of nonlocal reality as comprising the basic structural field that supports and sustains all life. In this reality, time and space do not exist. This is the place from which we are able to see the Universal Perfection in All That Is; and it is from this vantage point that we can step through the Concordance paradox and into a divine state of existence, right now. Spirit will respond to any individual up-reach, at any time. This is the symbolism inherent in the interlocking triangles of the Star of David pattern. It is therefore the great paradox of the Concordance Moment that if you wait until November 8, 2003, to experience it, you might well miss it completely!

From Patricia Diana Cota-Robles

     The Spiritual Hierarchy has revealed that 2003 is the year that is destined for the global shift of consciousness we have been anticipating for the past 50 years. There is going to be a Galactic alignment that will open a multidimensional portal of Divine Consciousness into the Heart and Mind of the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Cosmic I AMÐAll That Is.

     During that rare moment, the Cosmic I AM will flood the Earth with unprecedented frequencies of Divine Consciousness and lift every man, woman and child a quantum leap into the remembrance of the Oneness of ALL life.

     That rare Galactic alignment will occur on November 8, 2003. There will be a Star of David and other complex formations in the Heavens during a Lunar Eclipse that will be 18 degrees Scorpio.)

     On July 18, 2002 a crop circle unofficially dubbed the Harmonic Concordance Crop Circle appeared, which many felt was a response to work being done around the ideas of the Harmonic Concordance.

     Astrological Configuration of the Harmonic Concordance Moment, November 8?9, 2003 When affording Chiron planetary status, the Moment contains a near perfect Grand Sextile/Star of David pattern in Earth and Water signs, featuring the six planets that offer the precisely appropriate energies for a planetary shift in consciousness: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Chiron. I am frequently asked what relationship November 8?9, 2003, has to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. José Argüelles, the well-known interpreter of ancient Mayan texts, called the world1s attention to the 1987 event as being exceptionally propitious for the spiritual growth of humankind. The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 also offers us an exceptionally propitious Moment (and one shared throughout every time zone) for the further graduation of humanity as a whole, and for Mother Earth as well. In this sense they share the same lineage.

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by indigo on 23.10.2003 at 22:22:01

 :) :)
Čeprav ne verjamem da je nevarnost res tolik v stiko z  8 November 2003, verjamem da nekakšen nevarnost vedno obstaja...
Misel:   'people could come together' ... 'and greet the dawn in peace, harmony, prayer, meditation and love'  je seveda zelo, zelo pozitivna  :)
Tudi zanimivo:
' Some say that the internet would be the vehicle for global awareness and consciousness'   :)

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by ten-nej on 23.10.2003 at 23:28:31

indigo wrote on 23.10.2003 at 22:22:01:
 ' Some say that the internet would be the vehicle for global awareness and consciousness'   :)

saj je zhe  8)


uživajte!  8)

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Marjana on 24.10.2003 at 09:56:22

drgač smo pa o tem že ful pisali


Project OM;action=display;num=1066895446

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Strawin on 25.10.2003 at 22:29:12

Odlično! Več glav več linkov pozna! ;D

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Kali on 04.11.2003 at 01:00:32

Quado: Speaks on the Harmonic Concordance

I have had several questions about the Harmonic Concordance on November 8, 2003.  This is an astrological event, with a lunar eclipse and a star-shaped alignment of several planets that some foresee as causing a global shift in conscious awareness.  As a result, some groups are planning to gather together in prayer and meditation.

Quado, do you have anything to say about the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th?

Yes, of course.  I am pleased to answer. Take any opportunity you can to gather together in groups and project love, peace and joy into the world.  For the group consciousness is very important in this world of illusion and projection.  And any opportunity which you can grasp to get groups of people together all feeling and thinking and projecting in the same direction is a good thing.  Any opportunity to gather together and meditate as a group, to reach up into your soul selves and feel the goodness of the universe flowing down to you is a good thing.

Is this particular day terribly important?  The planets do exert influence and energy.  There are many energy systems at work, and yes, of course, there are times when certain alignments do project positive energy fields.  There are times, as you can feel in your own life, when certain larger energy fields are at work which make it easier or harder to keep yourself centered within love and peace.

And so, yes, the energy will be helpful on this day and it is a good opportunity to place yourself within a deeper state of love and peace.  But do not expect a sudden shift in the consciousness of the world.  Do not expect that the planets will be able to accomplish this all by themselves.  And do not expect that a few lightworkers gathering together will make this happen either.

You are very powerful in your own life and can exert great influence over what happens around you.  And as your power over yourself grows, and as you learn to shine ever more brightly, you can also be a beacon for others.  And as you gather with others who are centered and glowing within themselves, the light will be brighter and brighter.  And this day is a good day to do this.  All days are good days to do this, but there will be some planetary assistance on this day which will make your glow a bit brighter.

And so, if you feel moved to do so, enjoy this day, fill yourself with love and peace and joy, see if you can spend a moment in your meditations to connect up with the love and joy which people are projecting around the world.  It is a very nice opportunity for this.

But then, keep this glow going.  Remember to reach up into your soul self and glow with the love and peace and joy which is yours on every day.  Remember to shine with who you are, in your deepest and most centered self every day.  Remember to live with full integrity every day, glowing with the truth of who you are.

If enough people do this, if enough people shine out with their truth and love, then, yes, the world can be changed.  Take every opportunity to do this, to increase your awareness and your love, to join with others to do this, to project into the global consciousness as much peace and love as possible.

But do not expect anything.  Just be.  Expect only that being filled with the love and joy and peace which is yours to have is a beautiful thing.  Expect that you will feel what you allow yourself to feel.  Expect to make the world just a little more loving.

It all happens one person at a time.  One person reaching peace.  One person filling with love.  One person reaching a truth that helps him or her to shine out.  Yes, yes, shine.  Shine with your own truth.  Shine with your own love.  Let your love and peace flow out across the earth like a great blanket of love and light.  Shine brightly enough to light all of the dark corners, so that the dark shadows of fear have no place to hide.

Gather together at every possible opportunity and do this.  Shine as individuals.  Shine out as groups.  Let the combined force of your shining, loving hearts light up the world

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by indigo on 04.11.2003 at 22:32:38

  Aha......., prišel je čas ?!
Strawin :) , kaj priporočaš, bomo (forumi) skupaj nekaj delali ? 8)

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Kali on 06.11.2003 at 16:45:19

Let this New World begin with you...   Om

The Harmonic Concordance and The Lightness of the Heart  EDITORIAL  by
Drunvalo  In the ancient Egyptian tradition, Lightness of Heart was absolutely paramount to a Spirit's ability to transcend into the higher worlds.  The papyrus in the picture that illustrates this article (also see diagram at left) shows the human heart of one soul being weighed on a scale  against Ma'at's feather in the opposite tray. In the Egyptian pantheon, Ma'at stood not just for truth but for balance, integrity, and the order of the universe.

In the Egyptian tradition represented here, if the heart is lighter than
Ma'at's feather, then the soul can proceed to the higher realms. If not,
then the soul must reincarnate on Earth, hoping next time to  live a life
that will bring this all important Lightness of Heart.

The Harmonic Concordance of 2003
Here I am again, going out on a limb. What I am about to say may not
happen. But sometimes one has to do that in order to stay in integrity.
And I feel that the signs are too strong for me to remain silent.

On November 8 and 9  in just a few days ; there will be in the Northern
Hemisphere a total lunar eclipse. And during this eclipse there also
will be, worldwide, a most remarkable event in the heavens: a Grand Sextile of planets.

The Grand Sextile is the six-pointed star, sometimes called the Star
of David, and it will be formed during the lunar eclipse by five planets
and Chiron.

And after a great deal of introspection, I have come to believe that this
Harmonic Concordance represents an interdimensional opening of unparalleled importance to the human race. I believe that this moment in history is the time when the 4th Dimension will begin to open on
Earth and the parameters of life will be extended beyond what we have
previously thought possible.

The Concordance and Modern Prophecy
It was John Mirehiel, on August 28, 1998, who discovered this unique
astrological chart and named it the "Harmonic Concordance of 2003." It
was he, also, who first realized this was not the chart of an individual
but of Mother Earth herself (see The Harmonic Concordance of 2003).

This chart, as John Mirehiel related it to me directly, depicts a potentially amazing time when the human race can change the external reality
into one that is new, hopeful, and beautiful. This moment represents
not the end of life but a new beginning.

When John presented this information to me, I had no context for it  no
other facts against which to weigh what I was hearing. But with the recent
predictions of the Maya and the Hopi, that has all changed.  Concordance and Convergence  From John Mirehiel's point of view, this November 8  9, 2003, is actually related to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which was announced to the world by Jose Argüelles and his wife, Lloydine. And from what I have read, both of these researchers also believe that
November 8 ; 9, 2003, will mark the beginning of the last galactic spin
cycle that ends on December 21, 2012.

But there is a growing body of researchers who believe that the Gregorian
year 2012 does not line up with the Mayan Calendar date of 2012. In my
research back in the mid-1980s, I discovered six places where, for
political and religious reasons, the Catholic church changed the date of the year, holding it back. From my understanding at that time, I
could prove that according to the Mayan Calendar, our current Gregorian
year of 2003 is really at least 2009.

But others say that there were three other times when the year was held
back. If that's true, then right now, in the year 2003, we are actually at
the year 2012 of the Mayan Calendar!

And if that's true, the recent predictions of the Mayan elders (that between August 16, 2003, and December 15, 2003, our world will undergo
massive changes) makes total sense. This rereading of the year also
agrees with the calculations of the Hopi elders, who believe that this
same time period will bring the Day of Purification.

I spoke of the Hopi and Mayan predictions in the October newsletter
(Letter No. 10). But they are not the only ones. There are medicine men and women from several traditions around the world who also agree that
this time is the time we have been waiting for.

One set of facts that comes out of Egypt is extremely interesting when
placed beside the Mayan and Hopi predictions. It concerns the Great
Pyramid's stone calendar. I don't have the precise information before
me anymore, but in the hallways that move through the Great Pyramid
there is a series of parallel stones that have long ago been decoded to
represent, year by year, the Gregorian Calendar. They could, of course, be decoded to represent any calendar. But if they relate to the Gregorian Calendar, they would represent a period of time beginning at about
10,500 BCE and extending through history to end in December 2003!

What might the ancient Egyptians have known about this fast-approaching date? And what does all of this mean?

If my interpretation of all this data is true, then the Mayan date ofDecember 21, 2012 ; the End of Time date that we have all been hearing
about for so many years  is actually going to happen this year![1] )

Any interpretation or prediction beyond that is up to you and whomever
you are listening to. But what's clear is that, if it is accurate to readjust
the Gregorian calendar downward by nine years (and I think it is), then
the time we are now living through is no ordinary moment in  history.

One last point. Sometimes people think that when December 21, 2012, is
reached, the world will end or abruptively change forever. But I have
spoken with the Mayan elder and shaman/priest Hunbatz Men, and with Don Pablo, who is the Mayan people's elected spokesperson, and they both agree that December 2003 will mark the end of a very long cycle, not the overnight emergence of a new world.

Realistically, it seems probable that the change we're anticipating began
about 100 years ago, and that it will continue for some time in the future.
In other words, the shift is not going to be an abrupt event.

The Harmonic Concordance and Lightness of Heart  I have been following the Hopi and Mayan predictions and studying ancient Egyptian knowledge for most of my life. And I feel that the time has now come to talk about why Lightness of Heart is essential for moving into the higher worlds. Let me relate this understanding in as  few words as possible.

Like the worldwide shift itself, Lightness of Heart is not something that
happens abruptly or automatically. It is achieved only over a long period of time and many, many lifetimes. But if you are ready, you will
understand what I am saying, and the change will begin within you. If it does not, there is nothing to do but continue working toward this goal.

When we enter into the higher dimensions  the "Fifth Sun" of the Mayans or the "Fifth World" of the Native Americans  the thoughts, feelings,
emotions, words, and actions that radiate outward from us become powerful waveforms that manifest directly as the outer reality.  We will create our reality directly by who we are.

If we radiate fear, then we will create a reality of fear. If we radiate love, then we will create a reality of love.

And if this is true, then it becomes obvious why our inner state of
consciousness is immensely important to our experience in these higher

Lightness of Heart is a state of being that is achieved by
non-attachment. And that is achieved by an inner realization that all
Creation is whole, complete, and perfect, just exactly as it is in this
moment. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go!

Another way of saying it is this: When one knows that God is present at
each moment of life, and that God is whole, complete, and perfect, then, and only then, can this state of non-attachment be realized.

Once this state of non-attachment is realized, Lightness of Heart follows
automatically. And when we have reached Lightness of Heart, we have
nothing more to gain or lose in life. In this state, we are one with God, and our lives become part of the Sea of Lives that is the matrix of Creation.

You can do this. Let go of the stress. Let go of the worry. Realize that
God lives within you and all around you. And know that whatever you
emit from the inside of your being will become the external world you live
in and experience.

After November 8  9, 2003, I believe this fact of life is going to become
more and more obvious. Let this New World begin with you.

In love and service,

Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
Post by Kali on 06.11.2003 at 23:54:50


A marriage in the heavens by John Michell
This coming weekend, extraordinary things are happening in the skies around us. One of them is an eclipse of the moon. That is not a rare thing in itself. What is remarkable is that it coincides with an event that we have never seen before and will not recur within our lifetimes.
It is known as the Harmonic Concordance. Six planets will appear equally spaced in a ring, forming a hexagram or six-pointed star. Jonathan has much to say about this from the astrologer's point of view. He has asked me to comment on its numerical significance.
The hexagram is a symbol of marriage, the mutual attraction between two opposites and their perfect union, It is made up of two triangles, one pointing upwards and the other down. This figure has a special meaning in the story of Creation. It signifies the order that governs the universe. Examples of the hexagon in nature include the structure of snowflakes and the cells of a honeycomb.
Six is called the marriage number for another reason. It unites the first even number, 2; with the first truly odd, 3, for 2 x 3 =. 6 (One is the unit behind all number and is is regarded as neither odd nor even). In sexual symbolism odd numbers are male and even numbers female.
Six is also a perfect number, meaning that it is the sum of its factors, the numbers that divide into it. Its factors are 1, 2 and 3, and these add up to 6. The second perfect number is 28. which is the sum of 1,2,4, 7 and 14. There are 28 days in the lunar and female cycle.
The simultaneous occurrence of a heavenly hexagon and a lunar eclipse brings together the perfect numbers 6 and 28. You could hardly imagine a more happy coincidence than that.
Two triangle, the light above and the dark below, touch and then embrace each other, creating a six-pointed star that represents the perfect union of opposites.

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At 8:13 PM (New York Time) on November 8, 2003, a
geometrically perfect six sided (Star of David)
configuration will appear in the sky, linking and
balancing the energies of six astrological bodies; the
Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon. In
addition, there will be an eclipse of the full moon at
this time. The interaction of this significant
planetary alignment at the moment of the eclipse
combines to produce a powerful alchemical
transformation offering the opportunity for both
personal and  planetary shifts in consciousness.The
name that has been given to this particular energetic
window of time is the Harmonic Concordance.  It goes
from November 5th through the 11th with the peak at
8:13 PM EST on November 8th! (6:13 MST)

In linear time, the Harmonic Concordance Moment of
November 8-9, 2003, is an  astronomical event that
will occur at the precise moment when a Total Lunar
Eclipse completes an astrologically beneficial
configuration known as the Grand Sextile. Like other
previously announced, spiritually significant times
(most notably the Harmonic Convergence August 17,
1987), the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 will pull a
great many people into a prayerful alignment, at one
moment, with a focused intent of a higher spiritual
purpose. In this case, the larger purpose is the
Ascension of Mother Earth and her awakened

This Grand Sextile astrological configuration,
accompanying a total lunar eclipse, has never before
occurred in recorded history.  This is an immensely
powerful vibrational activation that many throughout
the planet see as a major interdimensional gateway
fulfilling  ancient prophecies from different
traditions and ushering in a new activation of energy
upon the Earth. .

Please use the energy of this doorway as a gift for
your own individual healing and for the healing of all
of Humanity and Mother Earth. Pray. Meditate. Chant.
Tone (check out Project Om on World Puja). Breathe
(see our last newsletter). Do Fire, Water, Earth, Air,
Ether Purification. Sing. Dance. Do Ceremony. Do
Ritual. Do Mantra-Japa. Fast. Do Any Form of
Yoga-Hatha,Bhakti,Jnana,Karma,Kriya,Asana.Just do
something with the intention of using this energy to
benefit THE ONE.

As we approach a major portal of ascension, when it
will be easier than ever to consciously ascend up to a
higher vibrational frequency of Universal Love and
Unity, millions of Light Servers who have incarnated
to assist humanity into its aeons-long quest for
higher consciousness and spiritual realization, are
getting ready to merge their hearts, minds and souls
into a cosmic reunion with the invisible aides from
other universal locations and dimensions whose mission
for Earth's redemption is now nearing a major climax.
The level of preparation for this event is
unprecedented, both at the organizational level with
literally hundreds of local celebrations planned in
over 30 countries around the world and, most
importantly, at the personal level following years of
intensive training by countless individuals whose
inner guidance has led them to remember who they are
and what they came to accomplish, here and now.

The exact circumstances and details of what each Light
Server will be guided to manifest and implement during
this global soul alignment with the One Source of all
Life is of no relevance to what will go on in the
secret alcove of each being's heart and acutely
conscious mind, for no single path or method can
possibly satisfy the exact needs and be adapted to the
precise vibrational patterns of every single soul to
be involved in this Grand Experiment in Ascencional
Reacquainting with our true divine nature. So each
participating soul is invited to simply follow one's
heart call in deciding how to best join the
multitudinous others who will combine the vibrational
magic of their soul tingling projections of Goodwill,
Love and Compassion when they will reach the doorstep
of this collective harmonic concordance in synchronous
melding with All That Is, for the Highest Good of all.


Time Zone Co-ordination List Based on Greenwich Mean
Time (GMT)

GMT +1 - 2:12:45 am - November 9 - Paris, France
Berlin, Germany Amsterdam, The Netherlands Brussels,
Belgium Vienna, Austria Madrid, Spain Rome, Italy
Bern, Switzerland Stockholm, Sweden Oslo, Norway


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mogoce kaj zanimivega....


248 Harmonic Concordance ceremonies confirmed around
the world in 30 countries!
(as of Nov 5, 2003)
>From a few hours to 3 and even up to 7 days events.
Many, many more, probably over a thousand not
reported... This is worth a look!

Project OM for Harmonic Concordance
This Saturday's webcast during the HARMONIC
CONCORDANCE will now begin at 7:30 pm (NY time)
instead of 8. We will be welcoming the astrologer who
first identified this cosmic event, John Mirehiel. We
will still be doing a synchronized sound pulse at
precisely 8:13pm with sound healer Jonathan Goldman.
On November 8, 2003 at 8:13 pm (New York Time) we will
have the opportunity to sound together and anchor in
new interdimensional energies at a powerful and
climactic moment in the Earth's history.  It is our
great pleasure to co-create with you PROJECT OM, a
Webcast on World Puja  facilitated by Jonathan Goldman
using our Sound, Light and Love to assist in anchoring
these new energies for personal and planetary healing
and transformation. (...) Because of the enormity of
this cosmological event, the Harmonic Concordance,
which some are comparing to the Harmonic Convergence
and the 11:11, there are literally thousands of
websites with differing information about this
important time.  There are also events occurring
throughout the world to help usher in this new energy.

The Harmonic Concordance e-group
This was created by Jan and Johnny Mirehiel on May 28,
2001. There are 802 members.

What is the Harmonic Concordance?
Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence
of 1987, The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 is also a
call to the spirit of humankind to awaken to the idea
that we are, in fact, spiritual beings sharing a
physical experience. Ceremonies and celebrations in
honor of this idea are now being scheduled at multiple
sacred sites and pilgrimage locations throughout the
world. (...) The Harmonic Concordance promises to be
one of the world's largest events of this kind since
the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

original one by John Mirehiel
Scroll to #4 "Earth Changes and Harmonic Concordance
this coming November 8" to find it.
On August 28, 1998, John Mirehiel, astrologer, first
identified a still-to-come moment of great
astrological potential. While he was surfing the
future, using a sophisticated software program that
displayed planetary positions around a horoscope
wheel, his attention was drawn to the patterns forming
in early November of 2003. As he watched the shifting
planets, they began to align themselves in a planetary
pattern known to astrologers as The Grand Sextile,
(star tetrahedron ) thought to be highly beneficial
when it appears in the chart of an individual . In
this instance, however, the horoscope Mirehiel was
seeing was not one for an individual, but rather it
was a global one, for Mother Earth herself. It was a
unique astrological chart, representing a moment in
time during which we can change the world we see, and
ourselves, if we so choose. It has been called the
Harmonic Concordance of 2003. CLIP


Several Astrological Interpretations of Harmonic
Concordance (35 pages+)
(...) The grand sextile configuration highlights a
chart of absolute alchemical resolution. No conflict
or resistance remains unreleased. This resolute energy
the Concordance reflects is so inclusive that any
notion of exclusion, separation or otherness, melts
away and dissolves. There are squares and oppositions
present here, but their activity in truth only
unleashes the dynamic drive of eternal creation
without discordant effects: a full concordance in
infinitely extending harmonies. Nothing in this chart
is known in one aspect of its mandalic wholeness that
is not simultaneously known in all aspects. Every
individual psychic-spiritual impulse is immediately
accessible and capable of full generalization for
immediate USE by all.

The 9D Nibiruan Council's November 2003 Update on
Project Earth Shift
(...) Now you are coming to a crossroads at which
there are 4 doors leading onto four paths. You call it
Harmonic Concordance. We like that name. The doors
represent one of the 3rd, 4th, 5th,and 9th dimensional
grids respectively. As we said earlier, a dimension is
a state of consciousness. Another word for a state of
consciousness is a reality. So, each door is an
opening to a different reality. As you focus your
intentions on the day of the grand planetary
alignment, your state of consciousness, your level of
integration and compassion, will determine which one
of the doors you move through and which reality you
will exist in.

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indigo wrote on 04.11.2003 at 22:32:38:
  Aha......., prišel je čas ?!
Strawin :) , kaj priporočaš, bomo (forumi) skupaj nekaj delali ? 8)

Se opravičujem za to zamudo. Če si imela v mislih Harmonično Konkordanco je na žalost že prepozno. Sicer sem izvedel, da so imeli nekaj v LJ ampak sem to izvedel dva dni prepozno.

Če si pa imela še kaj dodatnega v mislih glede sodelovanja, pa kar na plan z idejami! ;)

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Title: Re: Harmonic Concordance
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Petra. wrote on 14.11.2003 at 10:39:35:

Imagine being able to remember what you do in - your dreams - in other realities - to have your powers back - to be free of emotional dramas of third dimension.

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Petra. wrote on 13.11.2003 at 21:45:13:
Jose Arguelles, author of Mayan Factor, Dreamspell, and Time and The Technosphere, tracks the Tzolkin cycles based on the reference point of the Harmonic Convergence "global peace meditation" of gregorian August 16-17, 1987.  We have completed 23 Tzolkin spins since the Harmonic Convergence and are now embarking on the 24th spin. Arguelles writes: "The timing of the Harmonic Convergence was prophetic. It augured the fulfillment of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl (947 - 999) known as the Thirteen Heavens and the Nine Hells. The Harmonic Convergence completed the ninth and last Hell cycle, and ushered in the final 25 years of the thirteen baktun cycle. The Harmonic Convergence was a Mayan wake-up call answered by millions of earthlings." It is fascinating to note that in the Synchronic Order, the Tzolkin date of the Harmonic Convergence was Blue Electric Eagle - Yellow Self Existing Warrior, (within the Skywalker/Prophecy wavespell), as was the Tzolkin date of the 1945 bombing of H!
iroshima also Blue Electric Eagle.  (To get updated on Jose Arguelles' current efforts - Campaign for the New Time, focused on The Great Calendar Change of 2004 - please see the global website: )


We recently experienced a LUNAR eclipse during this last FULL moon as well as a 6-pointed star in the sky -- Self Existing 22, Blue Crystal Storm Kin 259, Nov 8. The heightened energies of this alignment earned it the name Harmonic Concordance, and many, many, many kindred spirits  gathered and focused during this synchronization. Thank you to all who joined in this collective Art!!!

We will soon have a SOLAR eclipse during the next NEW moon on Overtone Moon 9, White Magnetic Wizard Kin 14, Nov 23. Eclipses always come in pairs such as this -- signifying an opening and a closing of an auspicious time period...Eclipses are very good days for ritual as vibrations are greatly amplified!

A fascinating synchronicity is that while there was a 6-pointed star in the sky on this most recent Blue Crystal Storm day, exactly 260-days later on July 26 2004 it will be Blue Crystal Storm again and it will be the 13 Moon New Year - the day that Jose Arguelles has been calling the initiating point of "The Great Calendar Change of 2004!"

Arguelles says that this 260-day period between these two events is a time of ABSOLUTE ACCELERATION!

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