The Truth
Is diferent for each individual.
It's the truth he/she belives in.

The others can help him/her to see the truth, but that's it.
He/she must BELIVE himself!

Everything is in accepting and giving
in accepting of the other and giving of the first.

The other must give his/her best, that the first will easyly accept it!

Truth is plural.





We have to change the world!

U can't change the world but U can change yourself!

And that is all there is to it - change yourself and you WILL change the world.



The media "tells us what to think, what to talk about, what to do...".
The media influences on public opinion, regardless of truthfulness of their statements

The real problem with globalization is that social issues are not important, expecially to owners of the capital, couse it is not in their interest, rather the oposite. And the money makes the world go around!



The other day i was watching at the movie "On Deadly Ground" by Steven Seagal
The Message of the film made in a speech...

more to come...

Solution - by gape



Some good ideas - for changes in the world
Our premise is that all ballots for all elections anywhere should include the line "None of the Above" as a valid voter choice.

Dreamers and Inventors have always been shunned throughout history.
The scientists were threatened by them.

and the other side

Sceptics and their wiev on things


Ego by Osho ...

2012 Unlimited philosophy - PERSONAL AND PLANETARY CHANGES

Age Of Aquarius
But if one is in the Absolute then one knows that there is only one Truth for everything, and there will be no more argument or discussion; everybody will enjoy that Truth as it is Absolute.

EARTH HEALING - URGENT - Marko Pogacnik - Help Earth NOW!

KUNDALINI TANTRA - change your life

Thiaoouba Prophecy and The Freedom of Choice - change your life

Alexander Chislenko and his wildly good ideas


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this is the vioce of a man who wants to live in a better place;
I live in Slovenia, a part of former yugoslavia, in balkans; we left yugoslavia to get a better life. But we found out that slovene polititians are as corrupt as the next one. And the life is still shitty (before it was better; what it concerns me).
So this is not the solution.
What the solution is?
Not yust for us but for all the people; someplace else somebody lives in far worst conditions. Our 'former' brothers forexample ...

So I am accusing the polititians in all countries that they are working NOT in nations best interests.

And that we, little people, have to do something for ourselves.
Beacuse they will not.
It is not in their interest. Not in their best interest at all. Worst maybe.

I'am writting quite a site in slovene but there is no voice from anybody
(at least that has changed, there are some voices).
is everybody really so afraid?
even with depocracy and free speech?

So if anyone is out there e-mail me and we shall see.
(maybe i am wrong. tell me)


last updated 16. 2. 2001