Those who are rulers of us others, are doing their best to stay there where they are. So it is not in their interest to leave that job.

we have to change the world

the new world order (maybe)








State (communitty of more than a few people) shall be organized like public establishment wich will work in interest of all (most?) citizens, not just those who administer the state. People who live in such state shall own it, and live it, usually with taxes. State shall be administered by people elected by the people, and no other way, as deep as possible in the structure (down the pyramid). Last but not least: all of those who administer the state has special privileges, but smaller amount of personal freedom -> if they are lying and/or stealing they have to serve out the punishment. Citizens too.


Welfare of all people
is the basics of all this, cause, until all citizens don't feel totally safe, it is not good enough. Totally safe we'll newer be, couse of the nature and her forces. Still, if we have relative welfaire of all, a real ACCIDENT has to happen, if somethig happens to anyone. The threat for fellow men can be reduced to zero with welfaire of ALL, dare i say equality of all, against wich the rulers have fought since the beginning of time. All equal: king, president, worker, peasant, clerk,... but equal we will never be, because some people want to work hard, that they will have more then the neighbour, and there are some people who are yust lazy. Plain and simple.

Government administration
exists beacuse of uscitizens, not we beacuse of it. And should behave like that. Employees should act like merchants, selling service; wanting me coming back; so that he/she 'll kep that job. All people who are payed out of taxpayers money should behave like that. Beacuse taxpayers need, or do not need them. And somewhere allways exists a better man for that job.

Taxes and tax administration
Let's make taxpaying possible and wanted for all people who make money. Any money but: stealing, lying, making other people hurt. For those who are today criminals too, whose service is illegal, but we taxpayers still use them; that means directly that they are wanted. And taxes has to be payed, so it has to be legal, to pay tax out of that sevice. Thru legalization of todays illegal services: whores, pimps, drugs, dealers, weapons, and other stuff that is forbiden in someplace i don't know about, we can gain control over criminals. Also we can put up some standards who can be 'ciminal' and who can't be. Those who have more money and consecutive more goods and assets, has to pay bigger taxes not only in biger amount of money but bigger precentage too. The bigger the money bigger the precentage. Also the goods, that are harmful for 'man and/or coman', by opinion by iDon'tKnowWho, must have bigger taxes. (Let's say heroin should be at least 200% taxed, but bread for example or milk 0%; ok maybe 5%). The effect is: if i use bad thigs for me/you i shall pay biger taxes than someone else, who doesn't need detoxication every month, or so. The tax pecentage reflects states percentage of trouble with you, compared with someone else, who also lives in that state.

Army we do not need, if at all, then only for defence of the STATE.

Children in school
In school children should learn thinking, creativity, searching facts about the current problem and fixing it,... We have to acchive that children will like school and going to school, one way is playing and learning interesting facts, on wich base you can think your way to new conclusions, that will maybe help the world. Someday. They should learn about ancient knowings, wich are much greater than todays.

Healthy and sick people
We have to ensure that peple will live healtier life, not with restictions. For those who get sick, has to be PERFECTY taken care of, in no time.

Taxpayers - owners
If a state is making money, the citizens are justified for a part of that profit. If the state is loosing money the citizens loose. That way all citizens are interested in state better functioning. All of us afcourse won't deal exactly with that, but that much, that we will notice and stop stealing, lying, violating of human rights,... i hope everybody is interested.

Members of parliament are elected by the citizens and those represent administration of state at the top, so we do not have to ask the people about every little shit. We would elect people, who can be supported by the partys, but it is not necesary. Old administrators will at start have a little advantage, but in years, others will come with new ideas and replace the old ones. Newcomers should not be only polititians but also ussual people. How ussual? Administrators should vatch over each other, pyramid like in bussines, and correct errors of their subordinats, before it's too late. Beacuse they are operating with unthinkable amounts of taxpayers money. For elections we could use cheap computers, for those who can't afford expensive. Free Email for every citizen, and few computers for those who won't have it at home. This way we make possible that whoever is interested in makeing a difference, or not, for that matter. About the issues anyone can read all the matirial on the web, and decide based on facts; true facts. Lying is forbidden anyway.

Privilege of administartor
Is basicly that you can change thing or two, to the way you think is better for you and for those who got you there; by election, make no mistake. Salary for that kind of yob can't be small. Especially now with all coruption and shit.

Administartor's personal freedom
Is about to go down. Mostly beacuse: no lying, no stealing. Stealing can't be excused in state where all people live in welfare especially administrators. To ensure those things, taxpayers should at all times know where and how much of their money goes. That includes: administrators sallary, assets before, assets after mandate,... No hiding, no lying. Lying is punnishable in such state.

Debt that yudge setences you to, has to be payed (in market society, where money measures all, has to be done this way), if you don't own enough, you have to work for the state. Anyone who falls in such misfortune, should get a chance, to work what he knows best so he'll pay his debt as soon as possible. If he refuses to work he slowly gets to prison cell with selected books. Presumption for such a state is honesty of citizens. Wich has to be ensured. How? With computer we can gain allmost perfect law & order. It has to look yust for stealing, lying and mybe somethig else. Computers are everywhere in our life if we want them or not, so let's give them somethig to do for us. Computer finds names that are repeating all the time, yust like that. Here we can use ********pragovna funkcija******** where way out is conditioned with few ways in. Well designed and changable algorithm would spit out names, that policeman would search for months. And those names go directly to judge, where you explain yourself and juge does his yob.

Anybody who is involved in bussines such as that should pay taxes. Consumers or providers. We get for ourselves safe prostitutes, without aids and other diseases. If they get infected the test shows it and STOP. People who is now in that bussines will be able to live more normal life. We get control over them and out of them taxpayers.

Anybody who is involved in bussines such as that should pay taxes. Consumers or providers. State gets control over drugs thru taxes. Responsibility of addicts moves over to dealer; he in first place can and has to see when his client is abusing and not anymore using drugs. State can do it's best that number of addicts is smaller not bigger every year, again, not with repression.