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Message started by Kali on 12.01.2005 at 17:22:16

Title: POZOR!!! šamani sporočajo in opozarjajo
Post by Kali on 12.01.2005 at 17:22:16

Mayan Elders Give Urgent Warning

(btw, a ga niso ful hudi norci, tile mayevski šamani? direk t za hahaha iz srca)

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

I have just received an urgent notice from Adam Rubel of Saq Be’. Adam states he has just received word from Carlos Barrios (Mayan Elder), that earth changing events are “in motion” to escalate. No, not next year, not next month, but next week or next day.

The first thing Adam reminds us “not” do is hit the panic button. What is unfolding is in perfect order and the Earth has seen this many times before. However, it is suggested, and I am personally suggesting to you, that our collective influence can make a difference. I believe this is what our ancestors have told us all along. It says so in the Bible, in the Mayan Calendar, in Tibetan Sanskrit, Hopi Petroglyphs, Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the list is endless. No, this is not woo-woo, it is science. More on this below.

Mayan elders have specifically given warning to five continents. Three of which are named. 1) North America 2) Europe 3) Central America .

Through the ancient techniques of divination and tools of prophecy, the Mayan elders are calling forth to pay close attention to messages being set forth by ongoing earth changing events. The recent destruction that manifested in Indonesia is predicted to now occur rapidly upon five continents of the earth.  This message is not meant to induce fear, but to give warning of preparation and remain aware of your surroundings.  The elders are concerned about what has been presented in their recent divinations and they call to all humanity to warn their leaders and to work very hard at a spiritual level to prevent the impending destruction.  

Adam reports this message has been verified and brought forth by various Mayan elders in Guatemala, and is meant for distribution to all humanity. Last years record breaking hurricanes and the 9.0 mag. earthquake with following tsunami in Indonesia have been warnings of possible coming floods in Europe and the US West Coast.

Prayer/Meditation Not Woo-Woo But Scientifically Grounded

Professor Richard Davidson (University of Wisconsin) just released his latest research on the power of meditation. I have sent word to Dr. Davidson to arrange an upcoming interview on Earth Changes TV ‘Radio Hour’. In a Washington Post article released earlier today, Professor Davidson reports over the past few years researchers at the University of Wisconsin have been working with Tibetan monks were able to translate those mental experiences into the scientific language of high-frequency gamma waves and brain synchrony, or coordination. They have pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex, an area just behind the left forehead, as the place where brain activity associated with meditation is especially inten! se. Many have long believed it is the “Pineal Gland”.

Davidson says his newest results from the meditation study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November shows that mental training through meditation (and presumably other disciplines) can itself change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain.  Full Article

Mayan Elders have put out a specific call for people around the world to join in prayer, meditation or whatever method of spirituality one engages in to unite on January 18th at the time of their local sunset (approx 6:00PM).  This date is (9) Keme according to the sacred Mayan Cholq'ij calendar available at:  has the potential for protecting humanity from disaster.  

There will be many major ceremonies in the Mayan communities for this purpose.  An open invitation is extended to humanity that wish to join the Mayan people for the Waxa'qib B'atz' ceremonies on February 12th in Guatemala.

Title: Re: POZOR!!! šamani sporočajo in opozarjajo
Post by Kali on 19.01.2005 at 17:23:39

samo brez panike

Minutes After Tonight’s New Mayan Warning, Tsunami Warning Issued and New X-Class Flare Fires Off

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

In tonight’s Earth Changes TV – Radio Hour show, my guest Adam Rubel of the Saq Be’ foundation, announced he had just spoke with Mayan elders including Carlos Barrios just before coming ‘on-air’. Adam told us what we had seen in the last two weeks “is the tip of the iceberg”. He said Mayan elders have stated the next two months would be a time of escalated “earth changing events”.

Within two hours of tonight’s broadcast, a tsunami warning was issued for Japan islands south of Tokyo (see article below). This is a good time to remind all of us, this is not a time to panic but to be aware and prepared. In our interview I mentioned to Adam that I see the unfolding predictions to be a message of predictability…not chaos. It is the rhythm of our times, not to be feared, but to be viewed as a sign of things to come. Yes, some will say this is a wake-up-call. One could also say it is perhaps an indication that we are exactly where we were expected to be. Yet others will say we have the power to change our direction. Might I suggest all three views can be correct simultaneously.

ECTV members can listen to last night’s prophetic show by going to our “recent audio files” page.

Tsunami Warning Issued for Japan Isles After 6.8 Quake

(Reuters) - A tsunami warning was issued for a group of islands south of Tokyo on Wednesday after a strong earthquake off Japan's eastern coast, and authorities urged local residents to evacuate to higher ground.

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake, the focus of which was about 6.2 miles below the seabed in the Pacific Ocean, struck at around 3:11 p.m. (1:11 a.m. EST), Japan's Meteorological Agency said. Tsunami around 20 inches high were expected to hit the Izu islands around 3:30 p.m. (1:30 a.m. EST), it added. A tsunami 30 cm high was later detected on the shore of Miyake Island. Full Article

New X-Class Flare Fires Off (as I’m writing this newsletter)

(ECTV) At approximately 12:35 AM (Pacific) a new X-Class flare fires off from the Sun, right on the heels of an earlier M-Class flare. I expect a continuous wave of geomagnetic storms coming one after the other, hitting Earth’s magnetic field. Watch for airline flight delays and flying at lower altitudes. Satellite and power gird warnings are already in place.

Watch for a series of “freak storms” to hit in a ‘domino’ fashion.


Sunspots -> Solar Flares (CME’s) -> Magnetic Field Shift -> Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents -> Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

International Space Station "on alert" for Solar Storm

(APF) The two-man crew of the orbiting International Space Station (ISS) has been instructed to follow an "alert regime" due to an approaching magnetic storm caused by release of charged particles from the sun heading toward earth, ITAR-TASS news agency said.

"Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov and American astronaut Leroy Chiao have been advised to stay in the most radiation-protected place aboard the station, especially when it is facing the sun," the agency quoted a Russian official as saying.

Title: MUST TO READ!!!!
Post by Kali on 19.01.2005 at 23:10:32

Darrel Whitewolf

I am answering the call of my brother warrier Darrel Whitewolf...I ask
you or Magi to get the following message back to him as I don't know the
site where he is waiting, to post this message along side of his
message...I stand beside him and await the arrows if they come...In so
doing I
say this as I always say when I speak..."These are my words...I give
them to you...If you like them, then keep them....If not, then throw
them away, they were meant for someone else, they are not for
you"...That choice is yours...I bear you no ill will...

My brother warrior Darrel, I too am an elder, a shaman, and this is what
I say...I have watched the moon and stars, the plants and animals, our
mother the earth do strange things these past eleven years...Before and
during these happenings I cryed out warnings to those who would hear, but my
words went in one ear and fell out the other...I had been instructed by
my guardians to pass on this message...

The time before us, fast approaching is Ancient Time...It has been
foretold in the story from our prophets in many messages...It was said
that the time is near when the trees start to die from the top down...I
have seen this with my own eyes for the past five years, many, many
trees dieing from
the top down...This event would be the prelude to this last prophecy,
"When the north touches the west, fire will fall from the sky, and the
sky will turn black...Following this there will be two hundred years of
peace and following that even a greater peace"...

What this means is the earth will once again fall over on her side as
she has done three times before...Let me tell you and the others who
will listen how this will happen...When the north touches the west

There is a planet coming near to us in it's orbit around our sun which
happens every 3, 657 years...This planet is 4 times the size, 23 times
the mass of our mother the earth and it is known as Planet X...It will
pass by the earth at about 14 million miles away...When it goes by, it
will grab
our mother in a huge magnetic fist and pull the earth over on its
side...The very center of the earth will relocate its energy that holds
us in orbit around the sun, coming first to a complete standstill for
seven ays...When this energy stops, the earths crust will continue for
the one quarter turn (the north touching the west) before it too stops
...The first land to stop will have all the other lands slam into it,
causing the great mother to shake with a force that mankind has not
witnessed for a longtime...This will bring great destruction to all that
man has built...All mans building will fall to the ground, all his
factories, his tall buildings, his refineries, his great fuel storage
tanks, his dams, his power lines and power generating stations, all will
fall...This will happen with major earthquakes of the like not known,
volcanoes erupting and fierce winds...Our mother will unleash this fury
with a vengence for the way we have desecrated her...The sun, the moon
and the stars will stand still in the sky when the earth stops for these
seven days...

Fire will fall from the sky. There is dust that follows this Planet X,
stretching out for millions
of miles in its wake, whiping about like a great tail...This dust is
iron oxidized dust...This dust tail will whip the earth entering into
our atmosphere, ignite into flame upon entry and fall to earth in great
sheets of fire...This fire will join the other fires burning from that
which had fallen of what man built...This great fire will purify the
earth for its new regrowth...

And the sky will turn black

The fires will be so plentiful that the smoke of these fires will fill
the air, surrounding the planet in a cloud of smoke...This cloud will
cut of the rays of the sun, turning daylight into twilite...This cloud
will also be blanket to keep the survivors of the great shaking from
freezing...The cloud will remain for twenty-five years before the sun
shines through again, to smile upon the new earth...Most Elders today
speak of hard times coming...This is that hard time...

Following this there will be two-hundred years of peace

The survivors that make it through the rebirth of the earth into the
fourth dimension will no longer want the negative things of life, the
crime, rape, lies, war, abuse, any evil thing...These survivors will
teach the children only the positive, the love which comes from the four
guiding principals
of "Share, Care, Respect and Teach" that our grandfathers and
grandmothers before us lived by...These first teachers will still carry
a memory though of the negative things they witnessed...

And following that will be even a greater peace

The children who grow to be the new teachers will not even have the
memory of the negative aspects that we suffer through life today as we
know it...They will only teach pure peace, bringing back the four
guiding principals, once again in the true meaning of these principals...

End of prophecy...

It is with sadness that I inform those who listen, that there will only
be .02 percent of the global population that will survive this
catastrophic event...That is roughly about 137 million people worldwide...

The good news is that these people are awakening today, finding each
other, coming together in groups here and there...These ones will enter
the fourth dimension, advance to a higher understanding and be gifted
with amazing abilities... These people will be able to communicate with
the mind, talk with each other through the mind without speaking...These
people will be able to teleport, simply thinking where they will want to
be and then they are there...There will be no viruses in this new
dimension...There will be no mosquitos in this new dimension...There
will also be no money or use for money...This is the root of
evil...Instead the people will share their abilities with each
other...What one shares will be returned in sharing...All men and women
will stand as equals, with no one person greater than another...

Now I will tell you that I have seen this great planet with my own
eyes...It is between us and the sun...It can only be seen looking
through a special glass...This glass is a #10 welders glass, the one
that fits into the shield that a welder uses...This glass can be bought
separate from the welders
shield...Holding it straight in front of you looking at the sun, you
will see a sun with a fuzzy glare around it...You cannot see the planet
holding the glass like this...It must be held on a tilted angle to your
eyes until the fuzzy glare disappears...Then you can see the planet
against the sun...It is at the moment about the size of a heavy pencil
dot...It moves position around the sun on different days...It is fast
approaching the position where the planet will pass by the earth...

The signs I have seen leading up to this is the constellations of stars
being out of place as the earth wobbles now in front of the Planet X
that is approaching...I have seen the moon not make the trip through the
sky where it has gone so many times before, taking a new path through
the sky... I
have watched all the plants grow, changing their pattern of growth,
coming in seasons that are not when these plants should grow...I have
seen the young birds fall from the sky when the snows came too soon and
froze these little ones...I have heard the cries of sorrow from their
parents when their
young ones perished...I have seen the young trees in the forest snap
their trunks under the weight of frost, snow and fall to the forest
floor to be the materials which will burn in the great fire...I have
seen the animals drop in numbers, live only in colonies instead of
spread throughout the forest...I have listened to the news of animals
dieing from strange sicknesses...I have seen the results of man when he
strives to get more money, the pollutants he places upon the earth in
this quest...

These warning are also known to be in the scriptures of the bible,
written there long ago to tell us of the event that happened long ago
and to warn us of this one that is fast approaching, coming in the very
near future...No one of us knows the exact date but it is soon, perhaps
within the next couple of months. I could say so much more, but the last
I will tell you in this warning is that when the earth begins to turn
once again, that the sun will rise in the west and set in the east,
opposite from that which we know it to be now...

Brother Darrel, walk in peace for the creator is standing with us...Long
ago he gave life to all things with the instructions to "Go forth and
learn, I give you a free will" As all things travel in the great circle,
it is time to return to the creator and tell to him that which we have
learned...It is unfortunate that so many chose to follow the free will
and have not learned that which they were supposed too... My name is
Awgawk (Porcupine) and I have spoken my truth... I strengthen the
challenge to all the other Elders to speak out their truth also...We
will stand united as one...

Red Elk speaks........

Due to the upcoming Earth Shift, there is an event that has recently
started that, if you are unaware of it, may cause you mental distress
...even Madness. Our inner Earth's plates are grating, creating a
vibration that is now opening, or thinning, various "veils". All will be
experiencing mental/body "shifts" due to this. The veils will get
thinner and much more frequent as time goes on. These veils will reveal
phenomena, such as visually seeing Angels, Demonic Beings, various Inner
Land Beings, more UFO sightings, etc. Parallel Time Shifts will take
place as well. We are made
of the Earth, and are thus attuned to it. What has already started, and
will get stronger, is as natural as breathing. By BEING AWARE that these
things are before you, you will not be as anxious. We serve an awesome
Father. This knowledge alone will allow you to accept and understand.
BE NOT AFRAID! Again, THIS IS NATURAL, and happens at each earth flip.

Bend like a green reed and you'll be safe.


:o 8) :o

Title: vedno pa nekaj sporočajo
Post by Kali on 20.01.2005 at 23:52:47

From: "Two Crows"
Subject: Enough

I have never owned a slave, so don't ask me to treat you any differently
than anyone else because your ancestors were slaves less than two
hundred years ago. Millennia ago my people were also slaves. I stand
with you against slavery, discrimination, and racial bigotry, isn't that

I have never seen a Witch Burning, so don't ask to me treat all
Christians as if they are potential killers, or the enemies of non-
Christians because of their bloody past. Don't try to tell me that I am
betraying my ancestors, or somehow less a Pagan than you, because I
don't join in bashing Christianity as the only evil left in the world.
Don't try to tell me that only Christians kill Witches, because I read
the news out of Africa, and India, where non- Christians are the ones
killing Witches today. Millennia ago my Pagan peoples put Christians to
death in violent games just because they wouldn't conform to the ambient
religions of the day. I stand against Theocracy, religious bigotry, and
religious discrimination, isn't that enough?
I have never harmed a homosexual, nor advocated that anyone else should,
so don't ask me to hate heterosexuals as the enemies of diversity, or to
see them as potential killers just because some don't understand. Don't
ask me to dismiss them as worthless breeders, because breeders are how
both of us got here. I believe in a love that transcends gender, race,
and societal conventions, and I believe in the right of all people to do
with their bodies as they will with as many consenting adults as they
like, isn't that enough?

I have never oppressed a Woman, nor seen my male gender as superior, or
expected it to afford me special treatment, so don't ask me to treat you
any differently because you're a feminist, or to see my own sexual
nature as prelude to a rape. Don't ask me to join with you in hating
men, or giving up my own dignity because I am a man. I stand with you
against gender discrimination, macho Woman haters, and the rape of
anyone, isn't that enough?

I have never hunted down a Native American Tribe to near extinction, nor
worked in a Catholic Boarding School to indoctrinate my Native
Relatives. I have never tried to steal your culture, nor call myself an
Indian to get special attention, so don't ask me join with you in hating
the White Man, or blaming him for everything that is wrong with the
world. I stand with you against the atrocities committed against your
people, and Cultural Theft by Wannabes, and with you for the Sovereign
rights of your Tribes, isn't that enough?

I have never killed a baby, or shirked my responsibility as a father, so
don't ask me to stand with you against those that would fight for their
rights as Women to choose, or those that see life as precious. I believe
in life, and choice, and morn the irresponsibility that makes it into
birth control for some, isn't that enough?

I have never ritually sacrificed anyone, or any animal, and I have never
advocated that your religion be destroyed, or that your god is false, so
don't ask me to sit idly by while you slander my faith, and tell lies
about me. Don't tell me what Pagans do, or don't do, I am one, and I
Don't conflate my Horned God with your Satan, or my sacred sexuality
with your ideas of sin. I don't care what you think will happen to my
soul after I die, or what sort of person you think I am because I choose
another way to relate to my gods.

All I care about is how you treat others, and why your interpretation of
your religion makes it okay to present false witness against me. I stand
for your right to believe whatever you like, religious freedom for all
peoples, and the sacredness of your religion to you, isn't that enough?

I have never claimed to be more than I am, or titles and degrees that I
haven't earned, but I also don't accept that you are any better than me
because of your accomplishments. Maybe you are better at something than
I, or more educated on something than I, or have more experience than I
do, but we are both human beings, and that makes us equals where I come
from. Don't expect me to sit by while you look down your nose at me, or
bash me for not being what you are, doing what you do, or what you have
done. Don't expect me not to call you out when you toss around your
pejoratives, minimizing, and demonizing elitist talk.

Don't expect that I will see your station, accomplishments, or skills,
as deserving of any more respect than you give others. Don't expect me
to part with my Sovereignty, dignity, or money because you are offering
yourself as a teacher. If I want what you are selling I'll buy some, but
even if I do I'm still the god of my own world. I respect your hard won
accomplishments for what they are, and advocate that everyone be
recognized for their experiences, efforts, and work, isn't that enough?

I no longer live in the Universe of Conflicting Opposites, or use
Dualism to cleave the world into pieces, so don't ask me to join you in
opposing THEM, because for me there are no real us, them, we, only We
Are US and Them. If you have problem say it, say exactly what it is,
don't ask me to help you hate the person, rather than the behavior. If
you have issues, speak up, get it out in the open, don't ask me to hate
persons. Don't ask me to join your party against that other party, or
your group against that other group. Don't ask me to wave a flag in
Patriot zeal, or for god to bless just one country. I'm a human being,
and I live on Planet Earth, albeit in a nation, a state, a county, a
township, and a town, but those are ideas that don't cut my world apart.

Don't ask me to join your army, your gang, or your clique. Don't ask me
to join your identity group if you identify yourself by who you hate, or
how much better you are than those people over there. I have a race, a
gender, a sexual orientation, spirituality, political views, and my own
pet peeves, and they're all different than yours. Don't ask me to hate
someone with you just so I might have a place to belong, or hold my
tongue so you won't shun me. I don't need a place to belong that bad! I
don't need people of like mind to validate me as a human being, I
validate myself. I AM what I AM. Like me, love me, hate me, but don't
ask me to be anything other than what I AM.

I AM a fellow human being trying his best, with what I have, to live,
die, and leave the world a little better than I found it, isn't that

En To Pan!
Two Crows 8) 8) 8)

Title: Re: POZOR!!! šamani sporočajo in opozarjajo
Post by m on 24.01.2005 at 18:05:54

In light of all the commentary on recent events, I felt compelled to share an
alternative view from a traditional Native American
or indigenous
perspective.    ... Michael

We Need To Talk!
A Message From Big Mama

You know something, I'm kind of fed up with you guys. You take everything SO
PERSONALLY. It doesn't occur to most of you that I am ALIVE.  Yes, I'm a
living being just like you.  I'm continually evolving, growing, changing, etc.,
you are a part of my growth as you are a part of your own process.  When I
stretch, yawn, hiccup, sneeze or simply celebrate my Bat Mitzvah, you think it's

some kind of collective punishment for your 'sins.'  

We Need To Talk!

Your popular human religions have done you a deadly disservice by teaching
you that I and all my other creatures are simply objects that were designed for
your pleasure to use, abuse, exploit and destroy. Did it ever occur to you how
arrogant that is?

We Need To Talk!

You worry about 'Earth Changes' -- no such thing except for the fact that I
am continually changing.  It's not an event. It's an ongoing process that you
don't understand because of your fruit fly mentality.

Last week some guy found fossilized footprints of a dinosaur which roamed the
suburbs of Washington, DC. 100 million years ago.  That was long before you
were even a suggestive sparkle in the Creators eyes.  

Did you know that the total life span of a fruit fly is seven days?  Seven

OK, so lets say this guy John-the-fruitfly is born one Monday morning in late
October.  On Thursday, the first freeze of the season hits.  John tragically
freezes to death.  Now one could take a fruitfly perspective and claim that
this was some kind of punishment for Johns many fruitfly misdeeds or - taking a
somewhat larger view of the matter - one could see that John had the
unfortunate bad luck - or chose at some level - to be born four days before the
killing frost.  John really doesn't understand time or cycles.  His lifespan
and genetic memory are too brief to grasp either one.

Do you have any idea how old I AM?  Your life span isn't much more than that
of a fruit fly.  Your whole species is created, thrives and becomes extinct
while I'm enjoying a cup of tea on a lovely cosmic afternoon. It's just that you

don't have an 'eonic' sense of time so you tend to take things personally.  

We Need To Talk!

One hundred years from now, you and everyone you know will be dead....  and
on to greater adventures.  All the important people and events that you read
about in the newspaper or see on TV... Gone, and for the most part, forgotten.  
I will still be here, yawning, hiccuping, sneezing and enjoying my afternoon
tea long after your species ceases to even be a memory around this place.  Put
your daily petty dramas into THAT perspective.  

Why does it ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT YOU?  Did it ever occur to you how much
of your energy and money is focused on killing other species on this planet -
and I'm not just talking about bug spray and chicken farms.  You are spending
over $175 million dollars a day to destroy Iraq while 14,000 children starve to
death every day. That means that more children have starved to death so far
since 12/26/04 - just from neglect - than all of those who died in the big
wave.  And then you applaud yourself for sending two days worth of war costs for


YES, I'M PISSED - BIG TIME.  But God & I haven't conspired to punish you.  
You seem to do a fairly good job of that yourself.  I'm just fed up with taking
the blame - along with GOD - for just being who I am and doing what I have
been doing for the last umpteen millions of years; long before you came on to

And though I may not sound very compassionate at the moment, I do feel the
pain of EVERY ONE OF MY CREATURES who suffers. Did you know that I sent a
warning to let everyone know that I was about to sneeze?
 Did you see the news?
only ones who heard me were the wild animals in India and some 'primitive'
tribal people on a remote island.  They all went to higher ground just before
wave hit and none of them died.  Why didn't the rest of you hear me???  

So I let you know I'm about to sneeze, you don't hear me because you aren't
listening, and it wreaks havoc. And then you have the audacity to blame GOD!  
Give me a break.  

Maybe you should just start listening.....  Or even better, maybe you should
ask yourself what you are doing that is so important that you aren't

We Need To Talk!

Michael Lightweaver

<a HREF="">International Institute
Global Leadership</a>

<a HREF="">Mountain Light Sanctuary

Title: Re: POZOR!!! šamani sporočajo in opozarjajo
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Title: m, 4U :)
Post by Kali on 25.01.2005 at 22:47:09


In the face of the wound of Mother Earth, opened in the Indian Ocean and caused by the earthquakes and seaquakes (Tsunamis) on the ancestral lands now called Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, The Maldive Islands and Malaysia, the Wise Elders and Guardians of the Otomi Olmeca Tolteca Teotihuacan Tradition send an urgent message to the heart and conscience of this region of the world and to all humanity.

We send our greatest offer of songs and prayers of light, peace and love to all the families and communities in the disaster area.   We join all the brothers and sisters so that they can find fast healing and balance in the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions affected by the catastrophe.  We connect in spirit and in truth so that the dead can find peace, and the survivors can sustain hope in life.  Women and men of planet earth, we call on you to work together, to take action to avoid in anyway the presence of possible epidemics and infectious diseases, and to avoid more death and its undesirable consequences.  Humanitarian help must arrive and must be given in physical, material or economic, mental and spiritual form, always sustained by our love for life, Mother Earth and peace.

The indigenous people and nations, as Guardians of the Earth, know that the centers of energy and the vibratory fields of different regions of the earth have been affected considerably by the loss of the sacred and the lack of connection with the spirit of Mother Earth.  The tsunami catastrophe has brought forth vibrations of pain and tears; waves and feelings of fear, suffering, anguish, distress, worry, anger, loneliness and lack of trust have been created in the disaster area as well feelings of abandonment and death.  It has spread throughout the planet and can cause fields of negative energy at different levels, and in different ways, as well as diverse epidemics and illnesses, affecting Mother Nature-- mainly human beings, but also plants and animals.  It is important to transcend it with acts of Sacred Love.

As in the prophecy revealed by our Wise Elders to all humanity, and our Honorable Ancestors’ vision, the day that we sound eight thousand sacred drums will be the beginning of the true healing of Mother Earth, all the species and the human family. We will be able to coexist in Sacred Peace in harmonic connection with the universe, Mother Nature, the community, the family and our own heart.  This is the time for the seeds of the Four Directions to reunite and meet to reactivate the cosmic energy, heal the historic wounds, and heal our own Mother Earth.

The call goes out to the family from the Four Directions to unite and heal the wound caused by the tsunami, originated by our lack of connection to the cosmos and the sacred.  Let’s honor those who passed on, thousands of sisters and brothers who offer their lives for the healing of Mother Earth, for Life and for Peace.

Our Sacred Work:
To seal and heal the wounded vortexes of Mother Earth

To identify and activate the Magnetic Center of the Sacred Vortexes.

To seed and strengthen the conscience of Love and Respect for our Mother Earth.

To follow the ancestral indigenous recommendation to foster and practice the Great Culture of peace and life.

To recognize the energetic and healing use of our sacred instruments as the beginning and objective of our mission.

With the harmonic planetary connection, this ceremony of the 8000 Sacred Drums will help to regenerate an unlimited field of powerful vibration, a huge effect of cosmic sound of high frequency which will be focused on the Island of Sumatra and The Philippines-- where the tsunamis originated on December 26. It will then expand to Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, the Maldives and Malaysia in the form of concentric waves through the ocean, air and earth, irradiating intensified light, impregnated and bathed in love for all the human family, healing all the living beings (humans, animals and plants in the areas directly affected and the rest of the planet). This will help purify and harmonize Mother Earth and humanity.  With our love, a field of energy of positive vibration will emerge and it will help transform the suffering, anger and pain into greater peace, justice and dignity all over the world.  Our purpose will be to transform the conflicts via peaceful and non-violent ways.  Here and now, Guardians of the Earth, we call on you to reaffirm the human fraternity for the survival of the Planet, so that past, present and future generations know that we have honored our mission of Light and Love; that our sacred fire continues to burn; that our own sacred sound continues to be heard and our song to life blooms forever.

We call to the Four Directions: to all people, nations, communities and indigenous traditions of the world.

The Great Ceremony of the Cosmic Sound and the 8000 Sacred Drums for the healing of Mother Earth, for Life and Peace, will take place in the Isle of Sumatra, Indonesia, March 26, 2005, with simultaneous ceremonies in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, the Maldives and Malaysia.  Also, we will reunite spiritually and energetically in our hearts with homes, ceremonial centers and sacred sites from America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and all the regions of our Planet.  This magnificent event will be preceded by two ceremonies that will take place in January 26 and February 26, 2005.  There will be a total of three gatherings.  According to the Indigenous calendar, these ceremonies will coincide with the period of the full moon, so that we can intensely bathe in light, health and love every living being and the earth.
The Spirit of the 8000 Sacred Drums ceremony is to transform the tsunami energy into Light and Love.  The messages from the wise elders speak of the need to change the drums of war into drums of peace, to recognize the importance of working for the transformation of the resolutions to the conflicts taking place worldwide, and to give our message of love and respect to all the manifestations of life in all the confines of the planet.  We must recognize that everything is sacred, that our mission is to work for a balanced life in our families, communities, towns, humanity, plants, animals, air, earth, fire, water, the cosmos and our own heart, and to give our present and future generations the option of Mother Earth, Life and Peace.  The prophecy of the Ancestors of the Firs Otomi Olmeca Tolteca Tetihuacan Nation foretells of the waking of the indigenous people and all humanity reunited to sound 8000 Sacred Drums, so that the vibration of all the Sacred Drums generates the Powerful Sacred Medicine (Mähki ‘&#209;ithi) and the Intensified Healing Energy (Ts’edi Pa) for the healing of Mother Earth, focusing our energy in the Indian Ocean.

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The Spirit of the 8000 Sacred Drums ceremony is to transform the tsunami energy into Light and Love.  The messages from the wise elders speak of the need to change the drums of war into drums of peace, to recognize the importance of working for the transformation of the resolutions to the conflicts taking place worldwide, and to give our message of love and respect to all the manifestations of life in all the confines of the planet.  We must recognize that everything is sacred, that our mission is to work for a balanced life in our families, communities, towns, humanity, plants, animals, air, earth, fire, water, the cosmos and our own heart, and to give our present and future generations the option of Mother Earth, Life and Peace.  The prophecy of the Ancestors of the Firs Otomi Olmeca Tolteca Tetihuacan Nation foretells of the waking of the indigenous people and all humanity reunited to sound 8000 Sacred Drums, so that the vibration of all the Sacred Drums generates the Powerful Sacred Medicine (Mähki ‘&#209;ithi) and the Intensified Healing Energy (Ts’edi Pa) for the healing of Mother Earth, focusing our energy in the Indian Ocean.
There will be gatherings in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, the Maldives and Malaysia.  Those who cannot attend and live outside of this area (America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania) can connect with this Great Ceremony from your own homes. We invite you to join us with all the love and respect in our hearts. Your family, group, council, aggregate, association, community, indigenous people or nation from any country or region of the planet can meet in a sacred place (valley, desert, jungle, isle, lake, wood, mountains, cave, river, waterfall, ceremonial center, temple or site that is special to you), at the altar of your home, cultural center, educational center or a meeting place such a public plaza, garden or any space adequate for this meeting.

Join the sound of the Sacred Drums with your sacred musical instruments or your prayers, for one hour (at 12 noon, local time in your area) on the following days:  Wednesday, January 26, 2005; Saturday, February 26, 2005 and Saturday, March 26, 2005.  According to the conditions and possibilities of each place, you can conduct your ceremonies or meetings for one hour (at noon) or for 12 hours (from dawn until dusk or noon until midnight) or even 24 hours (a whole day).  Or you can perform these ceremonies on the full moon of each one of these months.

You can play and achieve a connection with the cosmic sound of the Sacred Drums with other native ceremonial instruments.  You can also connect with other musical instruments, with dances and sacred songs, with a ceremony or ritual or with meditation and prayer.  Join the drum of your heart with the hearts of all humanity.  Our focus will be on the Indian Ocean, then radiate to the area affected by the tsunami and expand to the rest of the planet.  May the blessings of Nzuni and the Cosmic Sound (sacred vibrations) reach every being, uniting us for the good of all, reuniting us in peace, reconciling us in love, healing us with light and bringing joy to our hearts.

We ask every sister, brother, family, group, council, collective, association, community, Indigenous people and any tradition of every region on the planet to join us with any activities before, during and after the Great Ceremony of the 8000 Sacred Drums. Our focus will be on the healing of Mother Earth (isles, jungles, woods, communities and cities, sacred sites); the protection and defense of these places; Peace (prevention and peaceful resolution of conflict, end to war, respect for the collective right of the people and all the traditions of the world); Life (balance in animal, vegetal, mineral and human life) and for the sacred life, harmony and dignity of every living being.

We ask that you keep in touch. Let us know if you are conducting a ceremony, festival, gathering, meditation, or any cultural or fraternal activity around the Sacred Drums.

We respect the sacred ways in which each country, community or tradition will connect with this Great Ceremony for the healing of Mother Earth, for Life and Peace.  With love and respect we would like to offer suggestions for the ceremony:

Rising Sun Ceremony (greetings to the Four Directions, to the heart of the Sky and Earth, and our own Heart).
Offerings to Mother Earth, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon.
Meditation to the sound of silence for the healing of Mother Earth.
Ceremony for the blessing and harmonization of the Sacred Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
Consecration of the Drums and Musical Instruments.
Harmonic beating and cosmic sounds of the Sacred Drums for the healing of Mother Earth, for Life and peace (12:00 P.M.)
Message from the Four Directions.
Sacred Celebration (music and songs)
Closing Ceremony (greeting the Four Directions, the heart of the Sky and Earth, and our own Heart).  

Our people, the First Otomi Nation, organized the Great Ceremony of Cosmic Sound and the 8000 Sacred Drums for the healing of Mother Earth, for Life and Peace at the Otomi deTemoaya Ceremonial Center in the state of Mexico, Mexico. We also organized the First International Indigenous Gathering of the Sacred Drums last March 21, 2004, where thousands of people from all over the world joined in prayer and sound for the balance of the planet.  The vision of the Wise Elders, Guardians of the Planet and Ancestral Wisdom, is to dedicate our lives to this grand Planetary Harmonic Concordance.  In order to achieve this, we have to join all our energies in love.

If you would like to contribute to support this mission please contact: Mexico:  Tel. No. 01-722-773-2240 or 01-722-291-0748
Email address:

--Council of the Elders and Guardians of the Otomi Tradition of the International Indigenous University.

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The prophecy of the Ancestors of the Firs Otomi Olmeca Tolteca Tetihuacan Nation foretells of the waking of the indigenous people and all humanity reunited to sound 8000 Sacred Drums, so that the vibration of all the Sacred Drums generates the Powerful Sacred Medicine (Mähki ‘&#209;ithi) and the Intensified Healing Energy (Ts’edi Pa) for the healing of Mother Earth

pa na tem sem jaz bla lani za ekvinokcij 21. marca v Mehiki :hm prav pri Otomijih

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     The Four Laws of Change

in 1984, an American Indian Elder gave Don Coyhis (Mohican), the founder of White Bison, four Laws that govern change:

• Change is from within.
• In order for development to occur, it must be preceded by a vision.
• A great learning must occur.
• You must create a Healing Forest.

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There is no better time than NOW to

There has never been a better time to anchor peace and balance in our lives and our collective consciousness than NOW. As we become more aware that we DO create our reality we begin to take charge and responsibility for our actions. We consider what our thoughts and actions do to ourselves, but also what they do to all life. We are beginning to realize that what we do for ourselves, we do for all life because we are connected to all that is, intimately. With this awareness, we learn to love our brother and sisters as we love ourselves.

The 9.0 earthquake and  tsunami this past December was a disaster that will be remembered for thousands of years.   How we remember this event of biblical proportions will effect generations to come. We can either drown in our sorrow or search for a higher meaning. We do have control to how we react to these kinds of events. The world has responded with incredible generosity and compassion and will continue to do so.  The human family became more connected to each other.

Maybe the illusionary walls separating the human family have faded a little, so we can now become one family once again. What a HUGE sacrifice those have made to get our attention. They have pushed us to open our hearts to each other once again. They have made us aware of how fragile and precious, each life is.  It has opened the heart of the planet.

In an article called “These Are Monumental Times”  by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, from New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose (read entire article at, Patricia states that in all the chaos of recent events, an amazing Divine Plan is unfolding that will lift Earth and humanity into the 5th-Dimension.  The fifth dimension is known for its vibration of peace and balance. Patricia  reminds us that we are being given is an opportunity to participate in our divine plan and how important is and will be for us to stay focused on reality and not the illusion of  the world and to see the bigger picture.

Sacred sites around world radiate fifth dimensional frequencies.  This is why we feel good when we visit sacred places in the world. We feel reborn after a visit to an ancient temple, or a mountain top.  We feel awe when we stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon, the base of an ancient pyramid, or at the edge of the ocean. We need these experiences. They feed our soul and prepare us for the accelerated evolutionary process that is in front of us.

So how do we see the bigger picture? We learn to see the bigger picture when we experience something that is larger than ourselves. It helps us stretch and grow. It helps our awareness grow. These experiences can be perceived as a negative or a positive. Negative experience could be disasters like the recent one in Asia, or a positive experience could be a spiritual experience in a very peaceful and powerful sacred site. Either experience, even though we may perceive them as negative or positive, stretch our awareness, helps us dive deep inside of ourselves, to see a bigger picture.

Maybe it is too soon after the  12/26, 9.0 earthquake and  tsunami in Asia and the loss of 155 thousand souls to see a bigger picture. Maybe it is too soon to stand back and think about what this all means to us. The grieve the loss the suffering is just too big for us to understand in this moment.  But the gravity of the situation is stretching us.  I truly believe there is no better time to begin to see a bigger picture than right now.

A part of the bigger picture is to take action of compassion. Holding onto the grief and loss inside of us for all that are suffering will only add to the collective consciousness of loss and suffering. It will not help them,  it will only hamper their ability to heal.  It's time to add to the collective consciousness, a bigger picture of a divine plan of which we are all participants. It is time to let go of being victims, and become creators.  

Imbalances we experience are our collective creation/karma of which we have all contributed to some extent. When an imbalance happens to a part of our family, it happens to our entire family. When an disaster happens to a part of our country it happens to the whole country.  When we have an event that is global, it comes from a global imbalance, and we all bear it. When we know that any suffering on the planet is our suffering, and any death is our death, we have begun to be one and unified with all life. This the Maya call “In Lak’ech Ala Kin”,  what I do to myself I do to all life.  

It will take our collective light, power and focus, to reverse the negative effects of our misuse of power over eons, but it is possible. It was the collective that created an imperfection of energy that has now manifesting as disease, war, fear, hatred, violence,  strange weather and earth shifts etc. It will be our collective and unified energy that can transmute it! We are talking about clearing global Karma here. Buddhism speaks about cause and effect. So if we caused the imbalances we can transmute the effects with our focus on the divine plan. Human destiny is a collective destiny. Battling the darkness is a another form of war.  Flood your hearts with light, love, peace and balance. Mother earth has voiced her warning. It is time to take responsibility.

A Global SOLAR WAVE of Intent Can Bring Forth a Global Healing!
A message from Aluna Joy and the Star Elders.

The Solar Wave was an idea born in 1990 while on a  pilgrimage to Palenque Mexico.  In an amazing overnight stay in the Temple of the Sun, I was taught, or better yet down loaded with a vision.  I was shown an energy that was coming to the planet.  It was going to come in energy waves in multiplying voltage.  Today, 15 years after the initial vision, the waves are getting too big to ignore (The whole story ...Getting there - a Palenque Story at ).

I have been watching the effects that these waves have on Humanity and our Planet.  It is effecting us on all levels:  Body, Mind and Spirit.  Our bodies are evolving faster causing weird  symptoms.  Our minds are flooded with this energy making us feel overloaded.  Our spirits are searching for something that we can not yet see.

We can use this energy to manifest just about anything we desire.  The bigger the wave, or intensity of voltage, the easier and quicker it is for us to manifest.  I'm sure you have noticed that the time between desire and manifesting has shrunk considerably. You have to watch out for that instant Karma!  There is not much time between Cause and Effect.

Another way this energy affects us is that it's sort of a form of universal justice.  It puts things right that are out of sync with the natural universe.  It clears out anything that is not in alignment with the a divine plan.  We are beginning to see the effects of the earth setting things right.  We are seeing an increase of solar flares, earthquakes, tsunamis and strange weather patterns.

We are also experiencing unusual physical symptoms.  Just in the last couple of months,  we have been seeing a shift of sleeping patterns (like our internal clock is off); deep exhaustion or lethargy; feeling a deep inner sadness; extreme allergies; loss of appetite; mild nausea; a feeling like the ocean washing back and forth inside; feeling faint or dizzy; a feeling of drowning; increasing gravity; increased feeling of stress; unusual womens cycles.  The list goes on and on, and the symptoms are getting more pronounced. (More descriptions of physical symptoms at "HAVE YOU BEEN FEELING THIS??

This is not a time to go into fear.  It is a time to take action!  The more we merge and assimilate this creative power, the more we have control over it.  The Star Elders say that we live in an age of prophecy.  An age during which humanity has the opportunity to re-awaken to timeless inter-dependent relationship with the cosmos.  Without a doubt, we are here at this special time to help fulfill an awesome and delicately orchestrated plan to align Earth with the cosmos and humanity with the universal heart.  We are here to awaken to the full potential of being authentic human beings.  

Over the last 11 years, I've encouraged people all over the world to join in on the Solar Wave.  Every year I feel encouraged to continue on with this, but this year it seems even more appropriate and important.  The Star Elders say It's time to drop your cosmic remote control, get out of that visualization chair, and get to work.  Spirit helps those who help themselves.  Quit watching what is going on, and use your power to do something about the imbalances.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is clear that the earth is telling us that we are out of balance.  The earth is asking us for our help.  With our new heightened manifesting abilities, we can NOW do something about it.  We can anchor balance, peace, harmony, love, truth, and integrity and all positive intent by living these qualities in each moment.  We can magnify these intents one thousand times if we use  powerful balanced energy of an equinox.

Many ancient traditions of the world marked the EQUINOX as a powerful time for manifesting dreams and visions in the future.  From the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, to the stone circles in England, to the solar markers in the Native northwest, this time was revered as a powerful and transformative time.  We have an awesome opportunity to make even a more profound difference this coming equinox.  On equinox, the Earth and Sun are in perfect balance and  harmony, as the sun is centered between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and centered between earth and sky.  This creates a sacred cross of balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and humanity.  If we consciously work with this energy in a balanced harmonious way, we have a great opportunity to affect even deeper and positive changes on this planet.

"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter."
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  

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Mayan Elder Gives Surprising Prediction:

Comet  &#147;Temple 1&#148;

by Mitch Battros &#150; ECTV

In an interview you can hear tomorrow night on the Earth Changes TV &#150; Radio Hour, you will hear Mayan elder Carlos Barrios tell us of a surprising prediction brought forth from a meeting of Mayan elders in Guatemala. To my surprise, Carlos is telling us the &#147;Deep Impact&#148; space probe launched by NASA on January 12th will create unexpected consequences.

&#147;Deep Impact&#148; is the first space mission to probe beneath the surface of a comet and reveal the secrets of its interior. It is set to collide with &#147;Comet Temple 1&#148; on July 4th 2005. That&#146;s right, the 4th of July. Is this a Hollywood stunt, or is it a prophetic indicator of things to come? On collision, the crater produced is expected to range in size from that of a house to that of a football stadium, and two to fourteen stories deep. Ice and dust debris will be ejected from the crater revealing fresh material beneath. But Mayan elders tell us than ice and dust debris is all that will occur.

NASA tells us the ice and dust debris data will be analyzed and combined with that of other NASA and international comet missions. Results from these missions will lead to a better understanding of both the solar system's formation and implications of comets colliding with Earth.

I did ask Carlos if this is related to Hopi prophecy telling us of the &#147;Blue Kachina&#148;. Carlos told me he has spoke with Hopi elder Lopez. He was told it &#147;is not&#148; the prophesized Blue Kachina. &#147;It is not comet Temple 1&#148;.

Carlos did tell of an escalation of earth changing events to occur as a result of this unprecedented event. It will produce some kind of shock wave which will have an unknown effect in our solar system and on planet Earth.

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New Message From Mayan Elders...09/21/03
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

It was another fascinating interview with Adam Rubel last Thursday night "live". He had a new message for us directly from three Mayan elders. The time line has remained the same of expected drastic increases in earth changing events. The time window is August 16th to December 15th. What was added to this turbulent period was the mention of 4 days in December. In the period between December 4th to December 7th, energy portals called vortexes are activated.

The elders tell us after the red planet distances its charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time that lasts four days. Could this be the recently discussed Harmonic Concordance? The dates are slightly off. It is mentioned the date of the "Harmonic Concordance" is to begin November 8 which is marked by a total lunar eclipse.

Like its spiritual ancestor,  the  Harmonic Convergence  of  1987, was made popular and widely distributed by Jose Arguelles. The "Harmonic Concordance" of  2003  also is a call to the Spirit of Humankind to awaken to the idea that we are, in fact,  Spiritual beings sharing a physical experience.  Consequently, ceremonies and celebrations in honor of this idea are now being scheduled at multiple sacred sites and pilgrimage places throughout the world.  More information:

One other highlight of our conversation, was the elders mention of Earth's energy points. Yes, the elders do see Earth as a living entity, and as all living things, Earth has a pulse and a energy grid. As a acupuncturist, it was easy for me to follow. Our Earth, has energy points, or meridians" just as each one of us. The elders mention energy has been blocked. The geographical areas of this was stated by Adam Ruble as being just south of Alaska, and ends in Central America. So guess what?... that would put the strain directly in North America. So if I where to connect the "Mayan Warning" with the geographical area of blocked energy, it would suggest events related to the "Mayan Warning" stating escalation of earth changing events, put North America as the likely area of devastation.

If you missed last Thursday's show, it is hard to capture the intensity in the air as Adam and myself began to put this picture together for the very first time, and the whole "live" audience was right there with us. As a result of this new information handed to us (including myself) as part of our 'live' broadcast, I have asked Adam Rubel to request specific information regarding "Yellowstone Super-Volcano". Adam agreed there has been too much activity which could result in
catastrophic disaster regarding Yellowstone. Adam stated he will be in communication with three Mayan High Priest next week, and will ask them direct questions regarding this potential nightmare.

Here is a written statement sent to me by Adam Rubel which represent "minutes of the meeting" in his latest contact with Mayan Elder's.

New Message From Mayan Elders

" Throughout thousands of years, the traditional Mayan world has preserved the ancestral knowledge.  This legend has been transmitted throughout different clans or groups that follow the highest Mayan spirituality - which is where the purity of the ancient wisdom has been maintained.  Today we are living in prophetic times.  Various prophecies of the Maya as well as other traditions point to these times.  This transcendental time is where the changes are manifesting. Humanity needs to see these changes with respect to themselves and towards the whole of the sacred
mother earth.  We are at the doors of change for the structures of the system that we know both economically and socially, which need to be transformed towards something that is more just and balanced.  The Mayan prophecies are a mixture of scientific/technological knowledge based on the sacred Tzolkin calendar and the visionary powers of the Chilanes Balanes (shamans/prophets).

To date, all of the prophecies they made have been realized with a high degree of precision.  The prophecies are the foundation of the Mayan world, which is based on the sacred calendar. In the Mayan world, this reality exists in the Najt (space-time), and is an infinite spiral in which cycles and events are repeated with a certain correlation to a previous/future time, corresponding to similar events.  This is why each person has a sign inside of the cycles of the Winales (period of twenty days). This will mark their destiny regarding events that occur during different periods of their lives.  Every human brings a certain energy and purpose to their life.

"When a wise one speaks, it is not to convince the incredulous.  They do it to guide and awaken the consciousness of those that follow the path towards consciousness.  Their words are not only for intellectual debate or for the nourishment of the spirit.  In actuality, the spirituality of these prophetic times are not limited to contemplation and meditation.  Today spirituality is synonymous with action; and action is every act of your life, in harmony with Mother Nature, and most importantly the harmony within ourselves, and in relation to the way in which we live."

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Don Pascual - Wise elder of the Mam Maya

"It is not our possessions, nor our actions that determine who we are.  It is our decisions that make us.  And if in this reality, with the divine power of life we have been given which is not defined, the destiny of our life is marked by its transience."
Don Isidro - Wise elder of the Kekchi Maya

This message begins from being with the elders and Aj’qij’ab (Mayan priests) of the Quiche Maya people on the Cerro Turkaj of Chichicastenango in the highlands of Guatemala on April 9th, 2002, at the start of the celebration for the beginning of the cycle of the sacred Tzolkin, known as the sacred Mayan calendar of 260 days. We received a phone call from a spiritual brother, Dr. Marco Cagastume G., that transmitted the words of the eldest wise one from the town of the Mam, member
of the council of the grand confederation of Ajq’ij’ab, wise-ones, elders and Mayan principals.  His call was of simple but very strong words.  There was a tone of desperation, incredulousness; his strength and desire was to shake us from unconsciousness.  He told us, â€&#339;Enough is enough!  Don’t you realize the damage that you are doing to your home?  When did you loose your sense of reason?  When did you loose the respect for our mother earth?â€&#157;

He would ask, â€&#339;Why haven’t we taken action towards the implacable destruction we make every day, all the contamination?  How is it that you can sleep at night, having this knowledge?  Is it that perhaps we don’t feel a responsibility for what is happening?  The reality is we do have a responsibility, a very big one.  By our permitting a few others who have suspect economic interest to do what they want without our putting a stop to this action, we become equally responsible.  Is it not enough to see how the climate has changed?  How the earth is contaminated, as well as the air?  How the rivers are poisoned, and without mentioning, the oceans as well?  Where are our green Mountains?  Where did the spiritual guardians run off to?  Where will the jaguars, the birds and the flowers inhabit? And the rest of the brothers and sisters that gives joy and balance to life?  Why have we let mother earth dry up?
And then we become frightened of the floods, the plagues and the earthquakes?  All of this, WHY?  You know the answer.  It seems we only live for the moment.

We only live to obtain the material illusions, the uncontrollable consumerism of things that don’t serve us.  Things that pacify us, distract us and make us feel as though we are somebody.  What to say of the spiritual guides?  This call is primarily for them, and for all the beings that are working for the light.   Let’s take awareness - it is time to assume the role that they are responsible for. It can all be put into one simple word: UNITY!  Let it bring us harmony and a return of consciousness.  Harmony with mother earth, respect for each other, respect to our brothers and sisters the animals, towards the plants and most of all, toward ourselves.  Ask your
grandmother, your grandfather, the elders – they have the peace and the wisdom, the awareness.  Listen to the wind.  Hug the ancient trees and ask them. Listen to the river or simply quiet your mind.  You will see that the answer, the truth is within yourself, in the depth of your soul – then you will know that you are a warrior of the light, of the peace, of love and of harmony.  And then raise your voice – without violence, but with strength.  All of us united will reconstruct the wonder of life.  Please, let’s return to be human beings!â€&#157;

Today, one year after this phone call, after the prophetic warning, (about the war in Iraq and what this encompasses with this charge of violence and death.  In spite of these unfortunate events, there was good fortune that the war began in March rather than April, because there could have been more tragic consequences.  Before the start of the war, the visionaries and the prophets had begun to talk) we have received the messenger from Xibalbay, known as the underworld. This has nothing to do with the inferno of other traditions.  It is a subterranean world where humanity lived for a long time, after a cataclysm that made it impossible to live upon the surface of the world.  There are still some powerful magicians/beings of Xibalbay that live in the depth of this world and they have sent this messenger.

Cablicot is the name of this messenger.  Its origin is as ancient as the night of time and has as its companion Camalzotz.  Cablicot is the owl with two heads and Camalzotz is the bat with two leads.  Today, Cablicot has come and its words are a warning; it is of the prophetic memory for these times during which various prophecies converge, be they from Mayan or other traditions. Because of its own dualistic nature, its words came with the war, like a preamble. This is a special messenger that looks towards the darkness.  Its head turns three hundred-sixty
degrees.  Each of its faces looks with indifference towards the two polarities. Its words bring a call without charge, almost like a recording.  Its own essence of polarity is the message.

The Mayan prophecies speak to us of the changes towards the fifth Ajaw (fifth sun), on the famous date of December 21, 2012.  This date begins the period of 5,200 years.  This is a cycle of wisdom, harmony, peace, love, of consciousness and the return of the natural order. It is not the end of the world as many from outside of the Mayan tradition have misinterpreted it to be.  The first cycle (Ajaw/sun) was a feminine energy and its element was fire.  The second cycle (Ajaw/sun) was of masculine energy, and its element was earth. The third cycle (Ajaw/sun) was a
feminine energy and its element was air.  The fourth cycle (Ajaw/sun) is a masculine energy and its element is water.  The fifth cycle (Ajaw/sun) will be a fusion of both feminine and masculine energies.  It will be a transition where there won’t be any more confrontations between the polarities.  It will bring balance and there won’t be hierarchy of one over the other.  Both energies will support each other.

It is why this period is called one of harmony, the kingdom of love and the return of
consciousness. Its element will be the ether.  This fifth Ajaw/sun comes with the power of transmutation. To reach this state of supreme harmony, it will be necessary to create the balance of the forces of the light and the dark.  This is where the importance of the call of the Mam elder comes into place – the quest for the unity, the return of the natural order.  This call is urgent in the face of the prophetic times in which we are living – principally for the spiritual guides and conscious people.  At this time, we need to unite and create a belt of light that will contrast with the negativity.

Those working with the negativity are clear in their purpose.  They are the owners and lovers of the material world.  They govern with their power and with the illusions that they create. They have most of humanity half asleep. A human being has become an object for the purpose of production, to generate certain output during their lives. Today, s/he is a number, and object which creates necessities and useless gratification's that fills the void of their unconsciousness.  Those working with the negativity are clear in their roles – they don’t discuss hierarchy, they know who the boss is in the different levels of power and they do their job with precision.  The contrary exists in the side of the light.    Here there is no idea of hierarchies
– every person goes off on their own, each one with their own ego.  They believe they are the owners of the truth, the wisdom and in their egoism scream to the four winds that they are the path of salvation.  Many don’t have a sense of what is happening.

They have sold the knowledge that has been given to them.  One of the gravest situations is that many cults and â€&#339;new ageâ€&#157; movements have emerged.  Let it be clear that we are not against their work, but we are suggesting they return to the origin where their techniques came from.  Many of them were taken from ancestral traditions – but only in bits and pieces, not in their entirety.  Although it may work for specific aspects, the most essential elements have been left aside - the integral and harmonious development.  We know that they are necessary steps for development and are a bridge or a path towards the essence of the great traditions, but it is important to recognize the origin of their techniques and to guide the persons towards the depth of the highest spirituality.  The call is for unity, to leave aside all
differences, to find respect and tolerance, to create the balance.  It is true that when a white magician is born, a dark magician is born as well.  The ones that are being
born now are not wasting any time and they are clear on their mission.

They prefer to destroy the planet (something which we can not deny nor close our eyes to) before the moment of the fusion arrives, rather than relinquish their position of power as owners of the material world.  â€&#339;We are living in dangerous times, my sonâ€&#157; my teacher don Pascual would tell me.  â€&#339;If there is no clarity, if there is no unity, if we do not return to the natural order, if we do not reach harmony amongst ourselves we are condemned as a species to disappear as a result of our own madness.â€&#157;

This is the call to spread, the cry of hope, of returning to the brothers and sisters to create
balance based on consciousness, love, the surrender and above all the clarity that we don’t have time to play around anymore.  This is the time of action!  When we talk about not having any more time left, I am referring to the prophetic projections of the ancestral science of the Mayan world, and of our own intuitions in conjunction with our work with the visionaries, the diviners.  This has given us the message of Cablicot.  This makes us see a close future of great danger.  This is a cycle that starts in mid August and lasts until mid-December of this year (2003).  This
period is of instability, destruction and confrontation and natural catastrophes can emerge droughts, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes – like we have never before seen – bringing the consequences of death’s appetite.  The most difficult confrontations are with intolerance as well as the economic interests.  The most delicate confrontation is of the religious fundamentalists, guided by the negative forces that can provoke great conflicts. This is a tendency, an energy that is gestating, which does not mean that we can not change or minimize it on the level on which we are affected.

Title: Re: POZOR!!! šamani sporočajo in opozarjajo
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At this moment, the elders and the shamans of the Mayan world are making fire ceremonies daily, without end, in a manner similar to the Native Americans who are working hard with their own ceremonies.  This is true of our brothers the Hopi, the Huichol elders, the powerful Taitas throughout the Amazon, the great wise ones of the eternal snows of the Andes, the Ayamaras, our brothers in the Sierra Nevada, the great Tibetan wise ones and all others that don’t have a visible form. Each one with their own tradition and mystical knowledge and sciences, are working to create this balance that has been denominated â€&#339;El K’uxaaj Saq’ Be’â€&#157; - the path of the positive
energy / the white path of the good heart.  This is where the two poles intersect over the west coast of the American continent, touching the continents energetic centers simultaneously reactivating the positive flow of energy.

The call is so that we may all work together – the elders, the shamans, the wise ones and all of the people that have the awareness in order to change the negative force.  It is about reaching all of the people with an urgency, to counteract the events that are juxtaposed to this period of August to December.  The elders are making a call for the balance that needs to exist, with the intention of calling all leaders as well as all of the people that have the desire to achieve the balance.

As an immediate action, it is important to meditate at sunset (if this is not possible i.e. work, then as close as possible), placing the focus on harmony, reconnecting with Mother Earth, asking for forgiveness for the damage we have done to her, for our own personal responsibility and for other peoples and institutions that are repeatedly destroying her. Then we can place the intention on sending a message to the negativity to let it know that we are active, that there is an awakening, that there is unity and that we will no longer permit the destruction f mother earth or of humanity and that we are conscious of the importance of this moment and to project to the transition of the date of Dec. 21 2012.  For this, it is suggested that you light two candles – one white, that represent peace, harmony, the positive thought - one red that represents the force, the light, the energy of a new dawn and the action.

The reason for doing this at sunset is because this is the time of transition from day into night and it is the moment to create the balance and to send positive energy.  As inheritors of an ancient civilization, the Mayan elders make us reflect upon the need and the urgency for creating this path of positive energy.  The events of the cycle between August and Dec of this year can be extreme expecting plagues, natural phenomena, (such as hurricanes, earthquakes, drought and floods, overheating and the melting of the glaciers), if we don’t create that strength of peace ,
harmony and balance with mother earth and between human beings. There is also a possibility of creating a major warlike conflict.

These cycles have occurred in the past with other humans (civilizations) and also at the end of cycles of the Ajaw, cycles of 5,200 years.  We are now at the end of the fourth cycle Ajaw that will end Dec 20, 2012, and the fifth Ajaw enters Dec 21, 2012, a date that is known to be catastrophic by people outside of the Mayan tradition- which in reality marks the beginning of changes in the way we see and live life, focusing more on harmony, the key word for existence in this reality.


Inside the charge of these cycles of changes, there are vortexes that open up a space. After the red planet distances its charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time that lasts four days.  This openness gives us the opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space that will allow us access to Jun’ab’ku, heart of the heavens.  This is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for the community, for the consciousness and to synthesize balance.  This is the moment when the strength of all those beings of light, are needed.  If possible, it is asked to fast, perhaps on fruit, to remain abstinent  or at least four days prior and to do ceremonies at sunrise and sunset.  It is important  o work from sunup to sunset on both the 4th and the 7th, because this is the opening and the closing.  The point of focus is to create the longing desire to awaken the south.  Beginning from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, to the Amazons, to the mountain range of the eternal snows of the Andes and carry that energy to the most ancient mountains on this part of the world in Cordova, Argentina.
The transcendence of this moment is of much importance for our beloved mother, PACHAMAMA.  It is also the survival of this â€&#339;fourth humanityâ€&#157;.  The day of the 4th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Tzikin, the great intermediary between the
heaven and the earth.  It is the messenger and the eagle-quetzal-condor that will create the unity between the north and the south. This will permit us willingly if we joined our forces together throughout the continent and around the world to awaken the Saq’ Be’, the white path.  On this day we focus on the divine messenger that carries our prayers, our feelings and the drumming of our hearts.  Let it be that on this day there is only one heartbeat, one sound of drumming calling to the four corners of the universe and at last finding Great Spirit.  In the north it is the Eagle,
in the center it is the Quetzal and in the south it is the Condor, (the ancestral messengers between the human and the divine).  So, lets have just one heartbeat, one fire, a simple ceremony but very majestic.  Let’s travel to the sacred places and reclaim the harmony.

The day of the 5th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Ajmaq, the keeper of the sin and forgiveness.  This is a day to reflect upon our lives, to be in silence and to go within, to look at the damage we may have caused consciously or unconsciously, to forgive and be forgiven, to forgive ourselves, but most of all to ask forgiveness for the damage we have caused mother earth.  We also need to ask for forgiveness for those that destroy without conscience but only for the madness or for riches.  This is an internal ceremony we do. The elders will be having their fires and ceremonies, but our connection (be it through ceremony or meditation) will be channeled towards the south to awaken the force and the return of the wisdom of the condor. This is the
moment of the return of the kingdom of TIHUANTISUYO, the giant panther. As of now it is called the kingdom of INCARI.  As a day of duality, the energy gives way to balance between the polarities, so this is what we need to focus on.

The day of the 6th, brings us the energy of the Nawal No’j.  This is the keeper of the wisdom, the harmony, the balance and the understanding, the power of the mind and of the imagination.  This is a day to use the energy of the mind to create the power of balance.  On this day we need to practice internal peace as well as peace with the community.  The polarization based on religious fundamentalism is reaching its unsustainable limits and it depends on beings that are committed to the essence of the real spirituality and the survival of the human race and of mother  earth, to help stop this energy.  Let’s not forget that this thing we call reality is mental, the â€&#339;great
illusionâ€&#157;, and the one that commands this force is the Nawal No’j.  It is recommended to light white candles, to create chains of meditation and raise our words to the heart of the heavens and to the Great Spirit.  We need to purify internally and check our own existence so we can do away with that which no longer serves us; to be free of antagonizing forces so we can then create the force that needs to govern now, which is harmony.

The day of the 7th brings us the energy of the Nawal Tijaax.  This day is the culmination of this cycle that opens with the intermediary between the earth and the sky, followed by the forgiveness and the sin, then followed by the purification of the mind (creator of all illusions).  Tijaax is the double bladed knife.  It is the energy that opens up dimensions and the vortex on this day, creating a space extremely subtle and only perceptive to sensitive spirits.  To us humans it gives us the opportunity to cut the negativity, to let go of that which holds us back to the vain illusions, to open up our hearts, to awaken and be able to create the balance between the polarities.  We need to ask for all the spiritual guides, so they can leave behind their personal
importance, so they may know how to guide us without competition and to be united and so they may not forget they are not the keepers of the truth.  Each and every one of us brings a force and internal power and that all the truths are part of one manifestation of reality and this is how we’ll be able to face the changes we are
about to encounter.  This will allow us to reach the date of Dec. 21, 2012,
with much harmony.  This is the purpose of Tzacol, the planet being alive, to then be able to transcend to the 5th Ajaw.

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As of February or maybe sooner, according to the sacred books, the sacred Tzi’te and the projections of the wise visionaries, this seems to be an extremely delicate year.  Again this has to do with us reaching peace and harmony.  As of now the economies can start to deteriorate, we can see that it is based on an illusion.  We have seen the real value of things have disappeared many years ago.  Today the economic value, money as we know it, is an electronic fantasy and if the socio-economic systems doesn’t return to being human and to the real value, the actual system is condemned  to extinction.  This is the unconsciousness, the senseless race in the world that continues without stopping, without going anywhere.  It is escapism to live an experience in such  an accelerated manner.  The fear of destruction and the instant gratifications we experience on a daily basis either help us to carry out our existence or to live alienated.
This year will be hard and bring us natural disasters, warlike confrontations and  disaster in the world economy.  Like with all prophecies and visions of the future, there is the ability  to minimize things and in some cases even change them.  Although this year is of much concern, we must focus on the present which is where we will define the balance. The period of now to the end of 2007 is of much importance to maintain the balance.  We will be living in a very dangerous time
that this humanity has not lived before.  It is within each and every one of us to reach balance and change.  The focus must be on the energy that got stuck
in Panama, which, because of the canal, didn’t allow the energy to reach south.  This is where the work will be the most revealing, which doesn’t consist only of these four days.  It is urgent to activate the base of the spinal cord of the continent of the mountain range of the Andes and the ancient mountains of Cordova.  To bring on the change and as the wise Mam elder said:  â€&#339;Please Let's Return to Being Human's"

Carlos Barrios is a Mayan Ajq’ij, who originates from and resides in Guatemala.  Carlos has been given the mission by his elders to begin sharing the prophecies and teachings of the Mayan peoples with the rest of the world.  Carlos travels  internationally to share these teachings and to generate awareness and support for the rescue and preservation of the ancient Mayan tradition in his homeland.  Carlos is also the author of â€&#339;Kam Wuj: El Libro del Destinoâ€&#157;, and out of print book on the astrology and prophecies of the Mayan peoples.  Carlos is presently working on a revised edition which is to be translated to English.

Saq’ Be’: Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies is a non profit organization based in New Mexico, US.  Saq’ Be’ works to bring people, especially young adults, together with ancient traditions for the purpose of cultural and spiritual preservation and to open the doors of opportunity for those traditions to share their teachings with the rest of the world. Preservation programs include Radio broadcast capacity for the Native community in Chichicastenango, Guatemala and support for filmed documentation efforts of elders and guides of the Mayan tradition.  Meetings programs include trips to Native communities in Guatemala (next trip
is for the Mayan New Year, June, 2004) and arranging for travel and teachings for the keepers of  this ancient wisdom to the US and abroad.

Contact: Adam Rubel   Website:  

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The Teachings of Joshua, Healer Heal Thyself.  

Below is  information to help you learn to heal yourself and others, If I can do it anyone can.

Over a period of years, I have been very ill with various ailments.  Cancer in the womb chronic fatigue, endometriosis and many other ailments. With the help of my guide Joshua, and the rest of the ascended masters, I have developed these clearing techniques to keep myself well.

It is much better to be spending the time clearing yourself and using some essential oils, meditating, or spending time with your guides than hanging out in an ER room at your local hospital, on a weekly or monthly basis trying to find out what's wrong with you.  It is also a lot less costly, considering the costs for medication and doctors.  

Through staying on top of the clearing all the time I am now free from my own pain, these simple day to day techniques have saved my life.  I will never be the same again, no more medicines for me.  I have found that once I have cleared myself, I can recognize "negative energy or toxic energy" as I sometimes like to call it as soon as it touches my physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional being.

The healing classes that I teach all over the country are not only for healers but for those who wish to heal themselves as healing  yourself is essential before even considering working on someone else.


I have found that negative energy comes in from many sources. For me it comes in from talking with clients who may be seriously ill or generally just having a bad day or  from sitting in front of a TV, a computer, cell phone or  wireless phone.  

I find when I go to the store that I tend to take in lots of negative energy by  picking up everyone’s vibrations from the things that I touch whilst walking around shopping.  I automatically feel pain in different parts of my body. I may get a headache, or sharp shooting pain in my back, or my hands and wrists may ache.  

I automatically tell myself this is not my own stuff this pain belongs to someone else, as soon as I do that I start to feel the pain ease from my body, it's not completely gone because the vibration is still attached at a cellular level.  That is why is important that when I get home I get into nice hot bath with my essential oils, and then I start to release the rest of  this negative energy.

Other ways that energy can come into your home environment can be via other family members. An example being, your husband comes home from work after having a bad day or your daughter being at school with other kids who are hyperactive or maybe even come from abusive backgrounds.  They take the negative energy in all day long then bring it home with them.

All Children are susceptible to taking on other people's vibrations this is why they tend to get out of control sometimes a little hyper, cranky, or they may look like they're coming down was something.  

There are also some children that are a little more special who are called the Indigo children.  They are very gifted; they come in fully conscious and are more susceptible to taking in all the vibrations and the pain of others.  

It is important that when you are healing yourself from serious or minor ailments, that you get all of your family involved.  Teach your other family members how to clear themselves.  I have taught my husband how to do this and my six-year-old daughter.

Why is Water important

Why is Water important?  For many years now my guide Joshua has graced me with information, for many centuries the bathing ritual has been part of our healing process.  When you go back to different times and cultures, you can see how important bathing was too many of them.  The Greeks, the Romans, Egyptians, all of the ancient ones taught that cleanliness was next to godliness.  John the Baptist, Moses, Jesus, as well healing their people they would  bless them by placing them in water.  They did this for a reason, placing them in water and blessing them helped invoke the release of pain, ailments and  illnesses from the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies.  We have forgotten the old ways; it is now time to remember.

In the old days of ancient Egypt they had beautiful marble bathtubs; the Egyptians wore Egyptian cotton and  soft silks that were easily removable so that they could frequently step in and out of the bathtubs throughout the day.  This along with their prayer rituals helped them keep the vibrations around them clear at all times.  Many other older cultures also practiced daily energy cleansing rituals.

In modern times we are caught up in the fast busy pace of life; we tend to forget how important it is to take time to relax, breathe and meditate.  If we took the time every day to move energy out of our bodies we would be less sick and we would have more time and energy to do the things we enjoy doing the most.  

During our group discussion, my hands on healing class students started to understand the importance of the bathing ritual's and how important it was to be aware of their environment and their surroundings.


Healer  heal thyself first before you work on someone else, you cannot work on someone else when you're sick yourself.  So if you're feeling like you’re coming down with the flu, then more than likely  what you’re coming down with is energy in your body that you've picked up from someone else, so go off and clear yourself before you  go to work on your clients.

Never mix spirit with spirit, in other words do not drink alcohol when you're working with spirit.  This is very dangerous to do not only for yourself, but also for the person you're working on.  If you have alcohol in your system you will be inviting in negative entities that can attach to that dark energy that has been placed within you.  If I decided to have a glass of wine with my dinner, I make a point in telling my clients that I'm no longer available for consultations until that energy has cleared from my physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.  This generally takes about 24 hours to release, so do not plan on doing any healings on anyone until the vibration of alcohol has left your system.  I have also noticed that throughout the years of doing my healing work, I have become alcohol sensitive.  So I have now come to a point in my life where I no longer drink alcohol.

A healer should never work on a client when they have medication or any type or drugs in their system. The reason for this is that you could put that vibration in to your client who is ill, and you could potentially  worsen their condition.  It will also have a backlash effect on yourself as you may end up feeling awful with flu like symptoms.

I  also make a point of  not working on clients when I have work to do on the computer, I make sure that my clients are all scheduled into one day and then any work I have to do on the computer is done on a different day.  To me if I tried to do both on the same day I feel I would be cross contaminating the energies of both types of work; I try to keep the negative energies and radiation that comes from the computer away from my clients.  A lot of time and preparation goes into the days that I work with my clients, and a lot of time spent scrubbing down, clearing my space, and sometimes when energies are too much, getting into the bathtub more than once a day.

Once I have explained to my students about how energy works and the cause and effect of  it and the importance of keeping oneself clear of all vibrations that are negative, only then is it time to teach how to do hands on healing.

I teach all of this plus you'll learn how to listen for the call signs, which is the signals you get in regards to communication with spirit, your guides and the ascending masters.

You learn how to scan all of the bodies and how to shift vibrations from the bodies so that person can heal themselves.

This is just a small part of what I teach; the best part of this is we learn more about ourselves the more we tap into all of our beings.  We learn that we are capable of communicating with spirit, that we are guided on a daily basis, we just have to listen and we learn to heal ourselves.

I hope that you are inspired by this and can use this information given to you, on a daily basis, so that you can make the changes in your life that you need to make.

Love & Light

Rosemary The Celtic Lady.

Founder of The American Association of Healers & Psychics

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Shaman: Developing a Modern Edge
By Linda Leicht
Feb 23, 2005, 17:25

Shamans are found in traditional cultures around the world — African witch doctors in huts, Celtic pagan priests standing in open fields, American Indian medicine men in sweat lodges.

Shane Knox plans to work in an office.

Knox, who uses the name ShadowHawk, says he has been a shaman for 25 years. He studies and applies traditional native American, Asian, African, Celtic and other methods, but he is firmly planted in the modern world.

"I may very well do a traditional ... smudging and blessing with prayers to Grandmother and Grandfather, but I will have booked that appointment on my cell phone and entered it in my electronic organizer," says Knox. "Now we're going to do it at the office."

Moving into an office seemed natural to Knox as his business grew to include more clients, CDs and a Web site.

"My personal mission is to take all of these traditionally honored modalities of helping people and bring them into the modern age," says Knox, sitting in front of a desk covered with plants, crystals, a cell phone and a Hewlett-Packard computer.

Knox plans to be in his new digs by month's end. He will share space with longtime friend and massage therapist Sheila Johnson, owner of Natural Escapes Body Therapeutics on East Battlefield Road.

"My basic concept ... is to help people relax," says Johnson, leaning back on a comfortable brown leather sofa in the waiting room of her salon, the natural sounds of birds and running water filling the air. "The world is complex and fast paced. It's hard to get quiet," she says. "Shane is very good at ... getting you quiet."

The combination of a shaman — who offers guided meditation, intuitive readings, soul retrieval and energy work — and traditional spa services seems natural to Johnson, whose office is filled with representations of angels.

She also finds it a natural fit with traditional Christianity. A churchgoing Christian herself, Johnson believes her own clients will feel comfortable with the match.

"When doing massage you have a whole attitude of acceptance," she says. "You accept everyone where they are. That's why there are so many different religions; everyone is at a different level. There's room for everyone's beliefs."

Knox also has a Christian background. Raised in a Baptist church, he still remembers his "calling" as a young boy of about 10 singing in church.

"I felt the call of Spirit and was saved," he says. "I felt for the first time a true connection and closeness to God. I wanted more."

His quest began, leading him to various churches, faiths and interests from Zen Buddhism to metaphysics. By the time he was a student at Ash Grove High School, he was doing "shamanic rituals out in the yard."

While he was a youngster he met a woman he calls "Barb" who told him he was a reincarnated shaman who had more work to do in this life. Barb and her sister, whom Knox describes as "medicine women of the Black Bear Clan of the Lumbees," gave him the name ShadowHawk. The Lumbees are a tribe in the eastern United States.

Knox says he continues to respect the faith of his youth as he participates in rituals that recall other belief systems. "Even though I ... use words like Grandmother and Grandfather to refer to God, I believe it's a gift from God," he says.

"I'm not afraid of standing up in the middle of the Bible Belt and saying, 'I'm a shaman and I'm going to do my work,'" says Knox.

'Try on new ideas'

The word shaman comes from Evenki, a Tungusic language of Siberia, and means "a priest or priestess who uses magic for the purpose of curing the sick, divining the hidden and controlling event," or anyone who "resembles a shaman."

While definitions differ, Knox says a shaman is "somebody who acts as a go-between for the physical and spiritual realms, and who is said to have particular powers such as prophecy and healing."

Almost all cultures around the world have shamans, he says. They have different names and their emphasis varies, but they all connect the "people and the spirit world."

For shamans such as Knox — modern day Americans in a fast-paced world — all those traditions are mixed together.

"Each has his own specialty, but the core thing is that they are the people who can alter their consciousness, connect with the divine, the all, the that-which-is-beyond-the-physical-limitations,"he says.

Meditations, intuitive readings and even healings are now offered in climate-controlled offices, on CDs, Web sites and over e-mail.

Michelle Pillen, a psychologist and author who lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, seeks out Knox for his readings, a way she manages to "stay sane" amid a busy life of work and family. They connect every few months by phone.

"Shane has helped me to accept my path and live my life more fully," she says. "Sounds corny, but it's true."

She says moving into Natural Escapes is a good business move because "it will give folks like me, who aren't fluent in New Age ways, more opportunities to try on new ideas and new experiences."

Mindy Spitz of Springfield agrees. She has been consulting Knox for years, but she sees his new location as a place where "people would feel more comfortable to visit."

For Spitz, who works in public relations, having a "regular place and schedule" will also make it easier for her to access his services.

Fitting the ancient spirituality of a shaman into a square office may seem an odd fit, but Spitz isn't concerned. "While (Knox) is in tune with other-worldly powers, we also have to be part of the real world," she says. "The real world means doing business. It's part of life."

'spirit guides'

Knox lights his smudge pot — filled with cedar, sage and tobacco — and blesses the room while moving the smoke with a "spirit fan" made of colorful feathers. He offers prayers to the Grandmother and Grandfather as the smoke covers his computer screen. He turns to a shelf covered with crystals, totems and a pipe wrapped in animal skin and leather.

"The sage gets rid of the negativity. The cedar calls for good, and the tobacco is an offering to the spirits," he says.

Then he sits down in a high backed office chair, tucking his legs up lotus style, and begins handling a deck of tarot cards with American Indian symbols. The cards offer focus but no information themselves. Bouncing back and forth, the leather medicine bag swinging from his neck, Knox begins an intuitive reading, barely looking at the neatly displayed cards.

He mentions disagreements at work, projects at home, health problems and a dying friend, all spilling out of him in a matter-of-fact way. It is his "spirit guides" who provide the information. He offers no solutions and no opinions.

"My guides and my intuition tell me what to say",
Knox explains.

In the background, he plays a CD of pipes and drums, taking the place of the traditional drummer. His cell phone interrupts the reading. He smiles apologetically and turns it off.

The computer screen shows the Web site where music and meditation CDs are available.

"We're introducing the cyber shaman aspect of what I do," says Knox. "Yes, we're going to honor tradition ... but we're going to bring it into the modern day."

He gently moves a rattle, tied with a small fetishes of bird and bear claw, to its place on the shelf, then flips open his cell phone to see who called.

"We're living in a high-tech world," he says. "There's no reason why those two things can't be married."

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Petra. wrote on 24.02.2005 at 04:32:35:
Heights Of Awareness
Highly Sensitive People

Some people are born into the world with their ears and eyes open to the strong energy pulsating all around them. They experience everyday sensory input in a uniquely heightened way that can cause both pleasure and pain. In an environment overflowing with subtleties of thought, chemicals, noise, light, scent, and both positive and negative energy, these highly sensitive people do not have the ability to filter the emotions, substances, and sensations they take in.They can be easily overwhelmed in crowds and may require quiet time alone to regroup their feelings. But highly sensitive people are far from being weak. On the contrary, they are strong, perceptive, intuitive, and exceptionally artistic people who have a wonderful gift of insight to offer.

Highly sensitive people feel emotions deeply and, as they tend to be empathic, find themselves affected by the emotions of others, even the emotions of actors or characters in books. Because of this, they are perceptive of the needs, joys, and pains of others and they cannot simply shake off their feelings. They are as hurt by an insult to another as they would be by an insult to themselves, and try to avoid most conflict. When faced with negative emotions or situations, it can be easy for highly sensitive people to suffer from depression or anxiety. Their unique mode of perception allows them to develop a strong appreciation for nature, music, art, and literature. Many talented artists are sensitive and most sensitive people are artistic in some way.

This sensitivity exerts itself physically as well, which can cause the nervous system to become overloaded when faced with bright lights, loud noises, strong tastes, or erratic environments. Highly sensitive people may be allergic to a number of foods, fabrics, and chemicals. They may also be so touch-sensitive that coarser cloths like denim bruise their skin. Thus, they fare best in peaceful, harmonious settings that offer strong support and may find they build their strongest bonds with other highly sensitive people who understand their needs. To minimize stress, it can be beneficial to create a daily routine, seek out calming activities, avoid jarring noise and lighting, meditate, and use relaxing essential oils.

Though some highly sensitive people develop animosity toward their way of experiencing the world, it should be understood that it is not a curse, but a path to wisdom. Denying your sensitivity can lead to unhappiness but exploring its benefits can lead to positive change in yourself and others, particularly when you choose to seek out the world's beauty and demonstrate to others the heights it can reach.

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When you outgrow your clothes, you get new ones. We are outgrowing our flesh suit. Its carbon and genetic base no longer matches our high level of awareness. Our genetics are being mutated, activated, to accommodate these increased levels of light, and allow us to experience and express more divinity and everything that goes along with it. Your physical body may experience many physical mutations as a result of this radical transformation to Light Body, we call these ailments mutational symptoms. These symptoms are not related to any form of disease, they are just physical reactions to the intense light levels you have allowed into your body and your conscious awareness becoming more vibrant and acute.

Shift your perception away from the illusion of disease, there is nothing wrong with you, you are just mutating. You may experience symptoms that appear like typical diseases such as "cold or flu" symptoms: congestion (mucous), headaches, back pains, earaches, eye discomfort….and many other mutations that will be unexplainable by fundamental medicine, but do not be deluded by human perception, these are merely reactions to chakra openings, glandular openings, system re-alignments, Light Body activation's etc., as you embody more light.


Planet Alert - March 2005
By Mahala
Feb 21, 2005, 10:42


Lets talk about the changing energies as we move through the ninth initiation of releasing our fears. It's time to release all old fears and get ready for the new energy that is coming in at the spring equinox. Once you have removed your fears, love will take its place in your body, mind, and spirit. It's time to graduate and start being the beautiful, brilliant, being that you were meant to be.

Many people have had 22 or 24 strands of DNA activated in their body. This is good, although you still have to pass the ninth initiation before your body will light up. Nine strands need to start glowing for you to manifest your light body. When this starts to happen you will know you have graduated. Fun and happiness also comes with this activation.

There are thousands of strands of DNA in our bodies that the scientist call junk DNA because they don't know what it does. There are nine strands that connect directly with the nine chakras in our bodies. This chakra connection is needed before you can manifest your light body.

The following information is from a Kryon channeling on November 13, 2004. "The ninth layer of DNA is called Shechinah-Esh. We will translate that in our way as the Flame of Expansion. Layer nine is what's missing in layer one! You might even say that layer nine is what makes the 'junk" work! When you put layer nine and layer one together, you get a completion of communication to the rest of the interdimensional layers.

Layer nine, therefore is the bridge. The Flame of Expansion. It's the bridge to ascension - to healing. It's the bridge to mastery. It's the bridge to self-worth. It's what you are trying to reach for in what you are calling The Cosmic Lattice, for that is the energy of layer nine. All of the masters who walked the Earth had the same DNA that you have, although they had layer nine activated and vibrating. (The merging of layer one and layer nine is called the sacred marriage that is spoken of in the 19th chapter of Revelation).

Visualize yourself in a dark room. It's dark as can be - the darkest of dark. The DNA is in there with you, and there you sit watching it. Now I want you to enhance your eyesight. I want you to make it 12,000 times more sensitive than it is. Now you're going to see something, even though it's totally dark, DNA creates light! The room is going to light up and the DNA begins to glow. DNA creates photons, and has its own energy source. DNA is active. It also creates sound or vibration. And it does it all by itself. One strand all by itself, which contains all 12 interdimensional strands, creates light and sings songs. DNA vibrates and creates, literally, sonic energy.

Pretend for a moment, that humanity has discovered a beautiful piano. The piano is called DNA. The piano is not only a beautiful instrument that is complex with many notes that play together, that intertwine in their harmonies, but also the craftsman called God has made the tuning sonically perfect.

This piano plays a tune all by itself, over and over. And that tune is called Human Health. The structure of the piano is called the layers of DNA. There is a musician who is playing the tune and the musician is called Life Force of Consciousness, and it's the Human Being. So there we have the DNA - perfect, creating health on its own, and doing it beautifully through and within the consciousness and biology of a Human Being".

We have no idea what we will be capable of doing once all nine strands are lit up, or maybe even twelve strands. It's my understanding that Jesus the Christ had nine strands activated and working. He was the master of love and what he did we can also do. Jesus came to teach people how to love, and how to live on a peaceful Earth. This we can also do if we have our nine strands brilliantly glowing.

It's my understanding that John the Baptist had 12 strands activated and that is why the Templars honor John, and Mary Magdalene, above Jesus. One is not better than the other, they just had different jobs to do. John was connected with the Eastern tradition of meditation. Their goal is to get 12 strands of DNA activated and glowing so they can be liberated. This means they are off the Karmic wheel and never have to come back to this Earth unless they want to. The job of Jesus was to teach people how to bring heaven to Earth by manifesting unconditional love.

We just passed the eighth initiation. The eighth chakra is the one in the back of your head right above your neck. This is considered the soul star and is aqua in color. The ninth is the thymus center which connects with your endrocine system. This center produces the hormones that run your body.

Now we are working on the ninth initiation of releasing our fears. Fear can not live in a body of light. Love is letting go of fear. Lets get our DNA glowing so we can live on a beautiful new Earth in peace and love. Pluto is the planet that is driving this transformation. It is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and Pluto will remain there until 2008, which is the ending of the Bible tribulation, in my way of understanding Revelation. Then Pluto moves into the sign of Capricorn, which has been known as the birth of light. I believe many people will be manifesting their light bodies by September of 2007.

The thymus gland is what activates our endrocine system and the hormones that run our body. The color of this chakra is red/orange. This is one of the colors that is being beamed to Earth by the Sun right now. It may be a good idea to have that color around you at this time.

Another color that is being beamed to Earth from another galaxy is bright peach, almost orange. It is a beautiful color, and I have seen many items of clothing lately in that particular shade. This is the color of our second chakra. By manifesting this color we can move out of a poor me attitude into one of happiness and joy.

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The three lower chakras are very powerful, especially the second one because that is our sexual, creative chakra, and it connects to our emotional body. Emotions and water are very important elements on this Earth plane. Our foundation is our three lower chakras. Without a good foundation it is very hard to live in this world. This is why it has been so hard for empaths to stay healthy.

It is also time to activate your third chakra, which is your power center. If you have a good strong emotional body and know the right use of power, it is now time to come into your power by standing up for who you are and what you know. It's time to speak your truth.

Of course, it is always important to run energy through your heart chakra. Think with your heart and love with your mind. When your other chakras are healthy and strong this reflects back to a good healthy body, mind, and spirit. Inside of your heart chakra is a beautiful bright rose pink color, which is the color of love.

I think it is very important that we release our old fears. It is much easier to go through Earth changes if we have no fear. There are many challenges going on right now. There is one Earth change after another happening around the world, although you may not hear about them on the regular news. I guess it would be too overwhelming for people if the news made us aware of all of the changes that are happening right now.

The 9.3 earthquake that happened in Sumatra on December 26, 2004 literally shifted the Earth into another frequency. We have to adjust to this new frequency.If you have been feeling stressed lately, or gone through a physical cleansing like a cold or flu, this may be the reason. A shift in consciousness is sometimes difficult.

There are other possible events that may happen in the future, like a show-down with North Korea. This was prominent in the news lately as the planets moved over that area. Iran is also a challenge right now.

President Bush will be having a lot of challenges in the next couple of months. It starts with the full moon of February because Uranus will be opposing his natal Mars, and Mars will be opposing his Sun. This will bring conflicts with friends, people, countries, or Congress. This energy also brings outbursts of temper. This is an unfavorable time for initiating new projects like the Social Security reform. This can also be a life threatening aspect because Uranus is conjunct his node.

On Inauguration day, January 20, 2005, the planet Mars was again in the position of war god. It was on 19 degrees Sagittarius on that day which is in exact opposition to Mars in the United States chart, and it was on top of Bush's south node. This is a war-like energy and is in effect for four years. The hand writing is on the wall. Watch out Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

Many unexpected events will happen after the full moon of February 23rd, because Uranus will be conjunct the Sun. This ushers in a two week period of unexpected events. Uranus is a very rebellious planet and people may take to the streets in protest of some event. Uranus also rules light, so the positive aspect would be to start manifesting your light body.

The planet Mars is moving through the Earth sign of Capricorn. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will continue, along with many fires. The February full moon finds Mars over Washington, D.C. and in opposition to Bush's Sun

The nodes of the moon are moving through Aries/Libra. This activates Hawaii, Alaska, and the ocean off the West Coast of America. The other side of the world that is affected by this energy is Italy (note the Popes recent illness), Greece, Turkey, etc. Watch for more events in those areas.

The better part of March will see the Sun moving through the water sign Pisces, so expect lots of water events like rain, snow, storms, flooding, and more glaciers melting. This is a good time to spend time sending love to water. Bless the water you drink, bless the oceans, bless the rivers, bless the lakes, and bless the fish that live in these bodies of water. Our thoughts are very powerful. When many people gather together with loving thoughts they can do wonders. Don't forget to bless yourself. I send you my blessings.[/quote]

I love you!



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March will be quite an active month, with three planetary stations that include Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, all within one week of the spring equinox.

The first week in March contains several challenging aspects between Mercury, Mars and the outer planets.  On March 1, Mercury in Pisces squares Pluto in Sagittarius, which can result in underlying power and control issues entering our communications.  On March 3 and 4, Mars in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra and Venus is aligned with Uranus in Pisces. Both these aspects bring out independent, feisty streaks in people in the areas of business and relationships, causing them to rebel against any perceived threat to their individual freedoms being curtailed.  While Venus/Uranus aspects are known for creating sudden attractions, these usually are not of a lasting nature.

Perhaps the most challenging period of the month will be on March 7 when Mars in Capricorn opposes Saturn in Cancer.   Since this aspect happens to fall on the same degree as the New Moon on January 10, events from these two time periods are related.
This is often a tension-producing time, with ego conflicts and irritations that can cause angry reactions or inner traumas. Any health problems could flare up now.  In general, it is best to take especially good care of oneself and try to stay in the background around conflicting situations.  Pushing for a certain outcome will probably not work at this time.

The New Moon will occur on March 10 at almost 20 degrees of Pisces. Pisces rules spirituality, compassion, mysticism, and seeking higher truths.  A few days later, this is followed by a benevolent Jupiter/Neptune trine. These are aspects of ease and grace and should smooth over any tensions produced the previous week.  Our higher ideals are awakened and our dreams and inner visions are experienced more vividly.  Be open to receive greater opportunities on all levels at this time.

Mercury turns retrograde on March 19 at 14 degrees of Aries, intensifying the spring equinox on the next day. The main difficulty here is that with Mercury in Aries we will want to impulsively take action on our desires and plans. However, it would probably be best to wait until mid-late April to avoid having to make major changes and adjustments later on.

On March 21 Saturn turns stationary direct at around 20 degrees of Cancer. The results of previous hard work on our goals and projects will begin to become more evident.  Major adjustments may also be needed at this time. Events or news about families, children, and national, personal and social security will be more prominent during this week.

The Full Moon on March 25 at 5 degrees of Libra will be aligned with Venus and Mars.  This will bring more relationship themes and events to the foreground over the next few weeks.  With Venus in Aries and Mars in Aquarius, expect some challenges around asserting personal needs within relationships. Seeking balance and cooperation will be key factors for resolution.

The next day Pluto turns stationary retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a powerful Full Moon period, with many dramatic transformational changes possible on both a personal and planetary level. It will be best to stay centered in one's own truth and spiritual practice at this time.

Blessings for a wonderful spring!

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Shaping Your Destiny


As we approach the end date of the Mayan calendar in 2012, our manifestation skills are improving daily.  What we think becomes &#147;what is&#148; -- instantly!
There&#146;s a reason for this, and it&#146;s tied to the evolution of consciousness sweeping the planet.

More is happening in every second than ever before.  In his book &#147;The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness,&#148; Carl Johann Calleman explains that the rate of change between levels of consciousness has been accelerating gradually over millennia.  Today, the acceleration is not so gradual.

Billions of years ago, a shift of consciousness happened every 1.26 billion years.  Millions of years ago, a shift of consciousness took 63.4 million years.

Beginning in 1755 AD, a shift of consciousness occurred every 20 years.  Up until 1999, we lived in that cycle.  Then, on January 4, 1999, we entered a new cycle of consciousness called the Galactic Cycle.  Since 1999, a shift of consciousness happens in only 360 days, rather than the 20 years it used to take.

Beginning on February 10, 2011 - less than six years from today - a shift in consciousness will take only 20 days. So, what used to take 20 years to shift prior to 1999 will take only 20 days to shift.

What does all that mean?  With each shift, manifestation becomes more and more instantaneous.

We are entering the times when personal mastery is attainable for vaster segments of humanity than ever before.  Two thousand years ago, the Master Jesus incarnated as a wayshower to imprint in the Earth grid the possibility of personal mastery.

In Eastern traditions, the Buddha laid a similar path.  Other avatars are embodied today.  Their presence uplifts humanity and the Earth grid.  They teach and inspire by example.

Tools, techniques and teachings are available to help us reclaim our mastery and shape our own destiny.  Some are borrowed from quantum physics, a branch of science that accounts for our ability not only to influence but to create the reality we experience.  Meanwhile, transformational healing techniques help us raise our vibrational frequency so we may embody more and more of the Christ Consciousness energies.

Are you ready to reclaim your mastery, to stand in your truth and step into your power?

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Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Doorways of new thought open upon you and about you as you stand in the mist and amidst change. Doorways that present themselves as a gift you have so sought to receive. Doorways that open and close dimensionally allowing you to see through them from time immortal.

Your life in this season of shift will explain and exclaim itself to all levels of you as you finally unwrap the gift of you. For too long you have allowed others to determine your value, to determine your self worth, to determine whether you have a good thought or a bad thought, a good day or a bad day. For too long now you have allowed others to evaluate and re-evaluate who you are and why you are here. You have been designed by your deeds, and you have been re-defined by the way others receive said deeds. As you come to a point of explosion in a plane of expansion, it is time to let go of the rope that you have been holding onto. The rope that you think you are, the life that you think you have and allow yourself to free-fall into all that you destined to be.

The doorways of expansion past all previous limitations are there if you allow yourself to see them. Do not be afraid of the future. Do not be afraid of your beauty, of your sexuality, of your dreams, or of your thoughts. Do not be afraid of your world or the darkness in your world. Do not define yourself or the world by the news

The magic of you awaits you. Do not be known by who you were 5 minutes ago, but allow yourself to be designed in a new logistical way, past perimeters, past expectations, past the very past that haunts you. You are a voyager in this life. You are a cell in the body of the Universe. And just like a blood cell in your body, you move all through the body of God and the body of life and light in your life. The journey begins and ends with you. The magic begins and ends with you. No matter how much you read and how much you do, how much you pray ultimately it falls upon how you see yourself as. Do you see yourself as a beautiful magical creature that you are? Do you see yourself as someone who is stretched beyond time and space? Or do you see yourself as a mere mortal? If this is all that there is to your life, how are you spending it? Are you spending it being angry or negative or sad? Or are you spending these golden nuggets of light in loving every minute of you, every inch of you?

In 2005 you enter a new chapter of your life, one that does not have a name or a title, it awaits your description of it. If today were your last day on earth, how would you define who you have been up until now? What would you publish in your eulogy and your obituary? How would those that viewed you see you? Would they remember you in all of your glorious being? What would they remember about you? This new chapter of you that asks to be re-written in the next year is written specifically by you and for you.

Re-define who you see yourself as and give that new definition to the dictionary of your cell membranes and cell intelligence. By re-defining this new chapter of light that you are writing, you change the outcome of the world. If you could re-define yourself, how would you want your world to see you? How would you want the people to remember you? If you were to have a vision that contained every person that you have ever crossed paths with, what percentage of that vision would be beautiful, what percentage would be dark, what percentage would be sad, what have you given that you have not received? The universe opens its arms to you and takes you upon its lap. Granting all of your wishes as a kindly rich old uncle. This year is about becoming you.

You speak about the Star Children and the Indigo Children, but you are of the same genetics and the same light. Many of you have worked to remember some have just done it naturally. You have worked to become more light, to become more heart, to become more giving and loving. You have worked to love the darkness that resides deep within the light.

You hold the flame of hope for those that do not have the eye to see. You hold the light in the darkened room of their life choices and karmic debris. You hold the diamond that glitters in your heart wanting so much for everyone to see it. You want the people to see the good about you, the beauty about you, the God about you, the Goddess about you. And so it shall be. Ask and so it shall be. Ask that every person that you meet, mirror your beauty, mirror your good, mirror your heart, and mirror your love. Ask that every person feel the spirit of love in you. Ask for these gifts that you still do not feel worthy of receiving and they shall be deemed yours for the asking. Know you are precious and you have worked so hard to become this beautiful light that you already are. This time of peace is yours if you so desire it. The universe cannot force you to become love, to become peace, to become beauty. It can only allow it to be partaken by you. Open up to receive this. You have asked. You have prayed. You have begged. You have meditated for peace, for love, for beauty, for abundance and here it stands. What shall you do with all of your granted prayers and your granted wishes? What shall you do when everything is fulfilled? Are you tried of asking for it yet? It has accrued as a cornucopia of light. It is now time for you to sup upon it and break bread with all of it that you have prayed for. We leave you with this thought.

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Time Walkers, the Ancient Ones of ORR

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome Dear Ones as we enter into your field of light, your field of inquiry, and your field of Heart. We are the Time Walkers, the Ancient Ones of ORR (Ore/ORR means a source from which valuable matter is extracted) We come forth on this day, this time, this system of Light to lift you into aspects of your essence that you have forgotten, that you are afraid of, that you have not acknowledged for eons of time.

As Time Walkers we escort you into what is iron ore, what is magnetic ore, what is golden ore, and what is light ore. A time of lifting is what you have initiated yourself into, a place and a response time of quickening is what escorts you there. Everything coincides with all the markings of the heavens in alignment with the markings of earth. The doorways open within every cell structure, within every thought, within every inkling and desire, awakening every aspect of you –future, past, and present. The time has come to shift the outcomes of who you thought you were, of who you were thought destined to be, and to do.

The time of shifting is upon you as you are no longer sequestered in a four-dimensional playing field, but now bring your selves to the holographic deck of all possibilities. It is here that you will sit in your dreamtime. It is here that you will view the circumstances of your life from a platform of knowing, and a point of healing that surpasses and circumnavigates all previous layers of your light.

You have allowed yourself to play the role of human for far too long. You have allowed yourself to get lost in the wrappings of humanness and limitations that serve you well as their master. You sit at a crossroads a dimensional flux. In this place of all time / space and possibilities, you will view what has been consuming your time and energy on earth. You will see entire sections of worries, fears, hates and unforgiveness'. You will see arenas of love and gratitude. You will see all of your sins shuffled and categorized throughout all time. You will sup upon them and dance with them for one last time. Then they will leave not to set foot upon the porch of your light, or the landscape of your future from that point forward. In this intersection of timespace and light there is a relinquishing a releasement.

When you are birthed from the original light, you have a certain number of quantum photon particles, bio-luminary essences that describe who you are. As these energies of the New Year line up you will find that you are cleansed and purified, as one at their Holy Communion. You are baptized into a higher light that does not exist on earth. You hold the encoding for that light within the encoded solar structures of the cells of your heart. As these time frequencies are set free from the heart you will find a great pitter and a patter in your heart. You may experience a pain, a palpitation as these bio-luminary cells are set free and allowed to move forward into a place of undivided freedom. Landing in a place that surpasses emancipation and proclamation, past freedoms of earth, past freedom of even what you know to be heaven.

Everything that you have worshipped now looks at you eye to I knowing that one day it is destined to look up to you. Everything that you have placed on a pedestal now replaces itself with you. It is your turn to be become God, to become Savior, to become the Enlightened One. As you move that awareness into a higher understanding of what it is you really seek in this physical incarnation, you will be relieved, for all the pressures of doing, observing, coming, acting out, acting like, acting as if, will now be released. You will be allowed to draw yourself exactly as you see yourself in these higher octaves of light. When others look upon you allow them to see the shine of your heart. No longer can you hide behind the mountain of Commandments. It is a time for you to come out and be seen beyond Biblical proportion, beyond Ancient Knowledge.

Earth vibrates in every cell of your body. Every new discovery that is made on earth is a discovery that is made within your own being, within your own thinking. It is a time of not questioning your motives but a time of knowing. Walk onto this platform of light as a Presidential Candidate with all eyes of the world upon you. Hold the place of honor. Hold the place of integrity. Hold the place of worthiness and respectability. Support yourself in all of your choices.

The vastness of your presence now makes itself known. No longer can you be a victim. No longer can you have an excuse. No longer can you punish yourself for all the deeds that are done and undone through all space and time. Come forth in all of your glory to be seen, to be felt, to be known. There is no escaping your light. There is no escaping your heart. There is no escaping what you are destined to do by every thought and every action. It is time to believe in yourself, to vote for yourself, and to know that you are the right person for this next level of light.

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Mary Magdalene speaks "The Gift of the Year 2005"

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

What was once was and all that has been now resurrects itself to the light of a new day, a new eye, and a new future. The Stargate that was once closed now opens to be seen. Influxes from beyond time now make their way home to be seen in a fullness of a circle in the form of a golden ring. A sacred wedding announcement is commanded and heard as clarion vibrations skip throughout time. You have wed what is holy within your self, you have married what is holy within life. The sacredness that has so longed for itself, for its bride and its groom now looks heart to heart touching hand to hand. A doorway that was not seen opens within the cellular vibration of your Christ DNA and the wedding is announced to your circuitry.

In time before, What was once deemed holy was sequestered, swept under a rug lost in a shuffle of papers, erased and eradicated. The time portals of 2005 now open as a century plant allowing this new information to be resurrected and reentered. The Year of the Magdalene (2005) births itself into the House of the Seven. Bringing forth the healing of the sacred selves of the Temples within women and men.

Aligning with the vibration of what you once knew to be you will assist you in making your choices in the upcoming time of Spring as the vibration of the ancient Goddess of Easter and all she represents in resurrection will make herself known to many. The vibrations of these portals of time past now escort you into doorways of no-time that will allow you to access the Halls of Records. This is not Karma that seeks to be released. This is the equation of Completion on the outskirts of Karma. All that was left undone, you will weave together into a tapestry of healing. All that was secreted away now comes to the surface as the sands shift and the waters lessen, as the tide lines change, and the Teutonic plates move. The long lost scrolls that announce to the world what you know in your heart will be seen by eyes that doubt and held by hands that fist.

Vibrations of healing can be heard throughout the earth as each one of you announces what brings you love. Make a list dear ones of what you love about your life, about yourself, and about others. This will be your map, your compass, and your guiding wire in the year 2005. No doorways of escapism will be allotted to you as you are all drawn to the center, the center of all that is woman, the center of all that is man, and the center of all that is holy. You will be open as a temple for all to enter and all to see. Your holiness will be seen in a way that cannot be describe by the neophyte, but sensed and felt on a cellular basis.

You shift the outcome of everything by seeing yourself as a sacred place, as a sacred temple and as a sacred being honoring that temple. Walk through your life as if you were a holy man or woman walking through a town. Stay as connected as you can to that holy vibration and do not place it asunder by default of thought. Hold higher expectations of your world, of the people in your world, and of those that you love, and especially those that bring discord to your life.

In 2005 a divine union and a sacred marriage happens between every person that you meet and every person you are yet to meet. Open up the pathways of your heart in vein, in capillary, in aorta. Open up the four chambers of your heart release biological division, and separation. The gift you give to others is your ability to be sure footed in your knowing. Now it is time to take what is sacred within your own union and bless yourself with it. Anoint your actions. Anoint your yearnings. Anoint your dreams as a holy sacrament. Allow yourself in 2005 to ignite your passion, to live life not fool heartedly, but full heartedly.

Do not doubt or question who has been touched by your heart Light. Do not doubt or question if they finally understand for it is not your script to read. Busy yourself about clearing and becoming all that you can. It is not your life experience to busy yourself with another’s evolution. If they come to your temple and ask to be taken in, then so shall it be. But do not drag them kicking to your holy space to hear your holy words.

There were days when my beloved did not want to hear what I said. There were days when he looked at me with fire in his eyes even though I knew how much he loved me. There were times I did not agree with what he did and nor he with me, but we honored the experienced and exchange and so it shall be with you. You are the most beloved of the universe’s creations and yet you see it not. When you learn to love all that you are then doorways upon doorways will open up for you and upon you. Then you will see in the fullness of time that you have not been able to see through your human eyes. All my Love Mary Magdalene

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Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am the She-ness of All that is, I am Sophia. I am the breath of that which you have spoken. I am the breath that is and that is yet to be birthed. I bring within my words and energies a fulfillment that comes not from the substance of earth, nor from the substance of self. I ask you to taste the sweetness that you are as you kiss the lips of God. I ask you to taste the sweetness that was destined to be your life before you chose the conflict. Come forth into the fullness of your power in this hour of light. Do not wait a fortnight; do not wait another day until the timing is correct in your perceptions. For in the scheme of universal knowledge and the schematics of universal light, there is but this moment. In this moment you need to fill yourself with all that you want to be. Do not talk of what you shall accomplish one day, but fulfill that accomplishment within your mind, within the pictures of your heart and the pictures of your word in this moment this thought.

In the upcoming time, you will find that many words that you speak will change in enunciation, in meaning, and change in vibration. You will find that as you speak, a gentle hum is heard in your heart as it begins to vibrate with truth so fast that music is created. These are not heart palpitations but the sound of love that hums through the caverns of your being.

I am She that was whispered into existence by the mouth of God. I am sometimes seen as Shekinah the holy breath, the Holy Spirit. I am feminine of nature, but not always depicted as such. I come forth with the vibration and the teachings of the ancient Magdalenes. You birth a New World on this day by believing. You birth a great white hope that lives so deeply in your cell memory that you have not yet seen it in your world. You birth on this day a completion as you spiral and dance around all layers and faces of your soul and of yourself finally landing in climax within the oceans of your being. I am that which is yet to be found within you. I am the sacred feminine that you seek but do not always see reflected in the mirror of your life. I am the sacred face of the feminine light of God and I come to heal you as I come to birth myself.

The essence of Sophia (Ma-RI) has lived by many names and each one of them you have donned as a costume in the masquerade of life. You came in this time holding an encoding that will be released in these upcoming times. It is that sacred number, that sacred sound, that sacred geometry and color of the Wild Woman untamed Goddess within you that you allowed to be birthed in fullness for me and through me.

It is time for you to celebrate everything about you for every one of you is a strand in the tapestry of my cloak of light. The doorway opens for you to see and to celebrate. Some days the celebration will be in a place of loneliness and other days it will be in a large beautiful group, but it matters not. Your life needs to be a celebration of who you want to be and who you know you are. Strip off the weather coatings that you wear as protection and allow your glorious beautiful self to be seen in the fullness of time. Do not be afraid of your emotions or your angers or your passions. Do not be afraid of your wild hair days.

If you would sound my sound in your heart, it will help you to heal for it comes as an elixir, as an amendment to all the rules of order that you were forced to follow from time beginning. Say my name softly to yourself – Sophia—Sophia – Sophia. Does it not soothe the thorns of your being? For in that sound is a memory and in that memory you are very close to home.

I thank you for being who you are. You have never allowed others to break your spirit even though there were times when you teetered very close to that. Do not allow anyone to take of your heart. You can give it all that you want, but do not let others take your dreams or your desires. Give and give and give. That is the doorway to the greatest healing of all. Invite me into your day, into the morn, into the night. I will escort you into passageways that you have forgotten. Run bare-footed in the temples of your past. Allow me to escort you into all that you are for it is a place of completion that you come home to. I am Sophia as are you.

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Council of Light of 13 Octaves

The seasons of Choice are upon you

What was once hidden in ceremony now announces itself to the hearts of humanity. Will you align with the light that so seeks your companionship? Will you align with the holiness that seeks you that has not been felt on earth for eons? Will you align with what cannot be explained or mathematically calculated away? Will you align with the future and the fulfillment of all of your desires and all of your dreams?

The climate of humanity shifts, as does the seasons and the weather. The seasons but emulate the emotions that percolate within humanity. Who has grown colder this winter and who has grown warmer in heart? Who depends upon the seasons for work and who depends upon the seasonal catastrophes to fulfill their pocketbooks? As time wraps herself around all that you desire, who do you finally become, what do you evolve towards?

The earth herself rocks and rolls shifting in uncomfortabilty and upheaval as humanity sits shaking in fear. Expectations dawn a higher wave, a warmer winter, a colder summer. Expectations become alive as humanity fulfills the outcomes of others thoughts. Others can predict based on the alignment with the stars and how the planets were explained in time past and unknown. All planets moons and asteroids are explained in a new theory. As long as one bases ones calculations upon the past, whether written by Plato or upon the heavens, it will tend to repeat its self. If one bases a new conception calculation and configuration upon what is yet to be birthed – what will that creation consist of?

The seasons you enter explain and exclaim themselves appropriately. As mankind still sits at the stoplight of the past everything else that matters marches forward into an appointed alignment that cannot always be seen or explained by humanity. If you would but see yourself and earth in a place that is beyond despair, beyond sadness, and beyond the outward chaotic conditions you will find peace. If you seek peace in the past, or in what was once predicted or the political temperature you will find a trail of tears and despair.

Move your awareness into a creational quantum vibration above and beyond what is seen and what is deemed to happen, or what is suppose to be a truth. It is there that you will find your future and your peace amongst the world that does not choose to wear the garments of the day before, nor allow the dust of the past to bring the allergies of the future into the now. Do not wrap yourself in the mummified clothing of what once was.

As long as you live at an address of thought that is superimposed by others intentions and manipulations you will lose this game of life. Do not be cajoled into fear by the climate of world finances, by the temperature of politics, nor by the stickiness of your need for crude oil. Everything points out the limitations of an existence that is prescribed to fail and fall.

As these seasons of choice come upon you, you must prepare yourself Intuitively for you will know innately when the storms are to come. You will know instinctively when the tornadoes are birthed. Prepare in whatever way, no matter what state or country you live in. Intuitively the animals know, the plants know the soil knows, when an earthen doorway of shift is about to happen. You are composed of the same elements as the body of your Mother Earth, listen within the cells of your flesh. Because you are formulated from these things, you know as well. Trust your knowing and you will never fall short of your mark.

The climate of humanity is determined person by person one by one until a thought is turned into a reality. No other can be responsible for what befalls you. For intuitively you will feel within the deep abyss of your being. If your Angels give to you an intuitive thought, that is a gift. When and how you unwrap that gift is up to you and only you. You are given all truths to come on a cellular level of knowing. How you spend those knowings is a very personal choice?

Open up wider and deeper to hear with the sensories of the animal that lives within you. Open up to the messages of the crystalline being that is part of you. Open up to hear the Ancients swim in your thoughts and bask upon the shores of that knowledge. Prophecy can and will be shifted by intuition intention and preparation. That is what you are asked to do in the upcoming year.

We are the Council of Light of 13 Octaves. Thirteen representing the unknown, what is hidden, what is invisible, what is on the other side of the fog and Stargate. That is the doorway you enter and exit in this 7-7-7- year. If you do not trust your choices, you cannot trust your life. If you believe in yourself, then all will be well. You have been given the tools to dive down deeper then you are aware. Intuitively, you are an 'A' student. What you do with that grade of knowing is up to you.

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Council of Light of Eleven

Do not lessen your Light

From time immortal, you have reined in your light. You are destined for what is great, what is unseen, and what is unknown. You are destined to move beyond the shackles of humanness into a place of arraignment. It is you and you alone that do the bidding of self. The soul commands you to move forward and the self screams no. The soul says that you can fly high in the sky and the self says, we can not. The soul says you can love, it will not hurt and the self says, but it has hurt, it does hurt.

Throughout your existence and time known and unknown you have battled more battles with self then any war or predicament upon earth. You have battled with the inner demons, the inner gods, the inner longings, and the inner truths. You have sequestered them, hidden them deep, waiting for the perfect time to sup upon them. At this time and this year all will arise to the occasion of remembering.

For far too long, you have held yourself back blaming and finger pointing at everyone in your life. You have held back what you felt for another. You have held back your angers for it was not proper. You have held back your desires due to the vows of poverty and celibacy and you have sequestered the most beautiful of hearts in a place that can only be reached by helicopter.

The time frames of the past now truly dissolve as you are seen in the new light of a new day. No longer will you paddle back to the past and lounge upon the shores of what was for you now exist in an octave of light that lifts you toward your true potential. The encodings of your bio-luminary field now have instructs that will take you beyond your understanding of who you are. Landing in a field of all possibility if one deems it so. Even in this knowledge you seek to see beyond the sands of time into a place of safety.

In times of old you held yourself in a perfect space, a space where nothing could enter and nothing could exit. Nothing could hurt and no one could disappoint you or betray you. You stifled the emotions, you stifled the pain, so time after time incarnation after incarnation you came back to experience it over and over again, your own personal ground hog day.

At this crossroads of all that is held holy within the world, and within self, you are able to stand at the apex and finally see for your self. The days grow short as time wraps herself around what ticks and what tocks. She does not see the need for you to worry about the length of your day, or what you were suppose to accomplish. For Time herself addresses the fact that you do not give to your sacred self enough time of day, nor time for prayer, or communion.

If you want your days more opulent and filled with opportunities, you must be the first in line that you give to. Stopping to honor holy self before you are entrapped by your daily duties and obligations. Stand in the presence of the holiness that is you, the sacred temple that is your human form; acknowledge the sacred light that shines from the inner temple of you. Hold your humanness in holiness. Do not become disgusted with your shortcomings. Do not become disgusted with your imperfections but allow the frequencies of all that is holy to lift you to a place of sacred union for self, by self with self. It is time to stop pushing the human self away as if it is tainted and dirty and lift it to a place of reverence.

The vibrations of all that interfere with your growth and your ability to love, can be felt through the soles of your feet, in the pulse of earth. Changes come in wave and particle before they come onto the physical plane. Changes come in heartbeat and blood flow before they exit the earth. The world gives to you her sensory barometric reading on a daily basis. She speaks to you of her ups and downs, of her sadness, of her disappointments, of her deaths and her births. She speaks to you through the feet and into the body to be held in the heart as a place of love. The one thing that the Earth needs from you this year is to love her unconditionally. To hold her in the highest octave of heart and align with the teachings she comes to give you. She knows her form grows in shortness of matter and brightness of light. Thus she must pass on her stories, her teachings, and her secrets. What she speaks is in a language that you can only hear with your heart. (anagram for earth)

As you move through your day, take off your shoes and place your sole upon the body of Mother earth and listen with your toes. Allow her to awaken what sleeps within you. As a mother she wants to dissolve your fears. She wants to heal what still hurts in your life, in your heart, in your memory.

Earth's memory and your memory are slowly disappearing. You can barely look back into the past without confusion or fuzziness of thought. Time makes itself present and the past can no longer be allowed to exist except in lower dimensions where it serves growth. The memories of how you have identified yourself in this existence will cease to exist. No longer will you be able to say; I am a victim of this or that abuse. No longer will you be able as a holy instrument to identify yourself with the past its limitations and pain. For your time, your energy, and your attention are needed in the threshold of now and you will not be allowed the luxury to meander in your past- shortcomings and disappointments. Filling the self with sorrow only shifts the immune system backward.

We of the Light need your thoughts and immune system at its peak. The hormonal imbalances that the earth has felt as a menopausal being are now being balanced as all matter releases a new hormone. It produces a vast sensitivity in animal like fashion, to sound, to color, to light, to vibrations, to weather changes, (the weather of your family, the weather of your job, the weather of your business, the weather of your best friend. Is it cloudy or sunny?)

The frequencies of the past have now released themselves. You hold within you a seed memory, a slight octave of past thought that you feel a need to hold onto. That seed will also be shedding its winter coat. When you finally align with this new information you will find that all of the pitfalls and the traps and the entrapping of what you have done continually to sabotage your life no longer exist.

The amount of light in your life varies for each of you depending upon thought and action and intention. New emanations of a far light will be given to you in increments throughout the year. The four seasonal changes will be doorways for this, as will the eclipses and two formidable planetary alignments. These increments of light encodings give the new instructs. Moving you into a place of Creational ability and as a god (little 'g' god for now) to learn to trust that which you desire. For the universe pulses through you with these desires of a fulfilling nature.

The treats that come this year have no tricks within them. In the time of August and September of 2005 you will need to batten down the hatches of your life. Many of you will choose after this year performs her new act, to move out of a chaotic unpredictable frequency into a place of peace and more solidness. In 2006, energies will shift and the same energetic confusion will not come. As the universe has created each of you in accordance with a one of a kind mathematical equation, color, sound, and denomination, every year gives to you a new outlet to plug into, a new frequency of electrical denomination. Each of you will be served differently.

Wear this year well in all of her beauty. Honor yourself and do not lessen your life because another is suffering or doing without. Do not lessen your ability to create wonders and miracles because another is sad. Do not lessen the love in your heart because many mourn for those that have pasted. As a Creational force, you must hold the highest octave of light for all to see. Do not lessen yourself for anything for we need you solid of light and solid of heart in this next leg of the cosmic three-legged journey. We are the Council of Light of Eleven. We leave you and bless you in all that you do.

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The lag time in Creational abilities is a quantum necessity.

What was once deemed necessary has became unnecessary. What was once deemed unnecessary has become necessary. In times past as you studied earth evolution, many thought that she had an endless supply of bounty. They viewed her as something that would never end. They raped her, they abused her, and they saw her as something that was constant and would always be there.

As you moved into the 21st century that way of thinking shifted. Many of you came in with contracts that stated "We will help her (Mother earth) heal, we will help her remove the toxins by holding them within our own body. We will help her remove what pains her and we will use our human selves to do this." There were a 144,000,000 that dedicated them selves to this contract to assist Mother Earth. They are the ones that feel every earth injustice, every earth shift, and every earth child crying. They are the ones who are empathic. They can move their awareness from their humanness to the earth to the cosmos and back again because that is their contract and ability.

There was once a time that Earth was deemed to be destroyed but she was saved and shifted by those of stellar agreement. There was a time that she was suppose to ascend to star and there were interruptions of such that kept her in a position of matter. Now as you enter the year 2005 the Mother Earth has canceled all of your contracts. She has pulled that agreement back into herself. She has set you free from the agreement to be toxic, to be angry, to be heavy, to be less than. She has set you free from nerve/muscle pain from chronic fatigue from all of these Earth healing syndromes. The people thought that they needed to hurt for earth and they did, but by doing this they did not quicken her evolution, or her ascension. There has been a backward movement instead; stunting all that was to be birthed.

The energies of what was termed an earthquake, your 2004 tsunami, was caused by outside interference. It was something that Mother Earth herself gave permission to experience. It was one of the largest wake-up calls that has come to the planet Earth in many years. Now everyone knew she means business. Her energy is becoming badger like as she physically attacks the areas that are not honoring her through underground /underwater testing, that are not honoring her through toxic displays that are killing her inhabitants. The Earth Mother is very serious of nature. She asked for her body to ripped open to allow these poisons to leave her womb.

The outside source created the earthquake that was felt 6 miles down under the ocean and throughout the world. There were many who were aware of the warnings and readings. There were many who did not listen to the warnings and even some that did not tell of what they knew. They just watched as countries and cities went through a great death.

The energies in the next 4 years will supply healing to what you have not been able to shift through your physical bodies. Many people of earth try to shift the earth pain. They cry for the loss of trees, they cry for the children. They lessened their own light to dilute the toxic energies for Mother Earth. In her eyes, this is a wonderful selfless gift. What they have been holding as poisons, as angers, as energies that block them from supplementing their income, supplementing their heart and supplementing their life with a greater light is shifted. The doorways that you so seek to open for self and person are now polished grand and shiny. The extra weight, stress and pain upon the body will be lessened. As will the extra fears and the extra toxins within the body. As you have learned your own lessons well and taken them all to heart.

We come not to speak about earth disasters, but to make you aware that your body needs to shift into a thought pattern of healing beyond the physical earth. Begin setting up a grid of healing around and above the earth, one she can energetically reach up and draw to herself. She has pulled on her earth children and leaned on you, heavily. You gave it all that could give. Now, she sets you free from that contract. What she asks of you is to become the brightest light that you can by living in the fullness what your heart desires.

Don’t allow the sadness of the world take you down to a place of such deluge you can’t see the light. Your job dear ones is to hold this biological light that you house as high as you can and then reach higher. It is there that she will receive the assistance, for no longer can she receive the assistance through your body. The freedom on earth lessens everyday in ways that you do not see. Everything that you eat is deliberately clouded with toxins and plastics and debris undetected. You are doing all you can to keep your head above water and keep yourself from drowning in the toxins that your world knowingly gives to you.

Align your human energy field at a higher level of light and do not allow these energies to taint you in any way body mind or spirit. Move your energy upward and away from the distress calls into a place without judgment and chaos and shift from that point of knowing. Do not be sad because another is hurt. Your actual physical body suffers when you are sad for another. Your immune system drops when you are sad for another. Every time you watch sadness you lessen your life span. You must be a brave heart and stand as a great light shining hope upon those that cannot see.

You think you are supposed to hurt and feel sad and angry about the injustices on your planet. But what gift does that give you or another? How does that help your God, your Earth, your future, and your life? It does not. We ask you to be lifted into the higher octaves of light so that you can see from a point of view that is not argumentative that is not sadden. Mother Earth will break free from the shackles of the pain of the physical.

The masses of light and the star brethren mourn as earth shifts with such loss. Mother Earth agreed to have this incision, to have this surgery, to open up the eyes of the people that were sleeping. She has asked you gently and nicely to wake up for many years. Many of you did, but many hit the snooze alarm. We are the Sirian High Council of Elders. Our words are sharp. Our dialogue is thick. But you know in your hearts that what we speak is true. Understand that you were born to do great things and no matter what karmic releases others have felt and formulated on this earth, you have a singular vision that belongs to you and you alone. That singular vision must be honored. The reason you are afraid to See in the fullness of time is because you do not want to be happy or pain free or successful when others are in need. How dare you be successful when others suffer? You wear that exalted encoding a cloak of lessons and lessening a cloak of global karmic debt. We ask you to honor the earth and your holy self and remove it.

There are many beings that incarnate on earth that have not spent as much time in humanoid form. They come only when there is a great galactic need or shift. These Masters of change assist from the inside out. Many are dormant Masters who have lost sight of their reason for living. You are not here to be sad. You are not meant to lessen your light because of another's sadness or difficulty. You must hold your light as a great sun that shines for all those that are blind and must feel the light instead of see it.

The lag time in Creational abilities is a quantum necessity. Many of earth have been running ahead of themselves and the evolutionary schedule. Their energies were opening doorways that were about to cause havoc upon earth. The time frame of manifestation was lengthened for those who had hidden agendas. We could not just pick out who was to have the lengthening procedure, so the entire earth was gifted with this.

Do not take these energies personally, as they are not meant to lessen your abilities or offend you. They come to hold back the reins of death and the arrival of the 4 horsemen. There are individuals that are engineering situations on earth that must be interfered with by the universes of Light. Be patient with your manifestations and what you seek to create and accomplish. Do not take this interference personally. What man has placed asunder God will set right. We leave you at this time. the Sirian High Council of Elders

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The Phi Gate and the New Earth Maiden
by Simeon Nartoomid

We have shared a great deal of information concerning the Phi Gate and its opening on March 5th, 2005, as well the Maiden Grid and the Venus Transits, in previous communications. I will thus only give a brief bit of background information on these dynamics herein leaving it to the reader to explore previous messages at the links provided at the end of this article.

The Venus Transit which occurred on June 8th, 2004 is the first of a pair of significant celestial events. The second Venus Transit occurs on June 6th, 2012. The period of time between them is being termed the "Venus Gate."

The Phi Gate is a hyper-dimensional celestial vortex that has been magnetically anchored for a temporal period of time within the earth's crystalline grid at Kaua'i, most specifically in association with the sacred mountain Wai'ale'ale. It will host a transmission from galactic center on March 5th, 2005, one that will forever alter the crystalline geometries of the earth's etheric envelope. The Phi Field is a  vast field of energy and consciousness which will pour through the Phi Gate during and after the cosmic trigger which will occur on March 5th. March 5th is but the "threshold" wherein enough cosmic momentum has been built up to take across the line of demarcation into the reality on the other side of the "gate."

The Maiden Grid is the soma, or body, for the New Earth Maiden. The human body has an axiotonal grid in its etheric body [the KA or etheric double] which is made up of  crystallized star light.  The axiotonal grid thus incorporates many stellar vectors and energies within its overall design, and is in part made up of your unique astrology.  But it is more than our individual astrology, it also mirrors specific elements  of the Adam Kadmon, or Divine Template for expression as a human being. This in turn is a massive and entirely universal set of stellar vectors crystallized by Master Intelligences into a "template" or archetype that can interface with various Logoi in the universe for the purpose of exanding the range of divine human experience in the universe. The interface of the Adam Kadmon with first our Solar Logos, and then secondarily our Planetary Logos, largely determine the type of physical form that is needed  for the specific expression of an the embodied race - in this case our human race.

The easiest way to think about the Maiden Grid then, is to witness it as a correlative of the human axiotonal grid for the New Earth Maiden or Divine Feminine archetype.   This axiotonal grid is
being woven into the earth's etheric body, and consequently into our own "individual" etheric bodies, because they are in truth at-one with the earth's etheric body.
The weaving of this Maiden Grid has in fact been ongoing for well over 100 years. Its exact nature has been determined in part by the evolutionary thrust of humanity itself. However, there are celestial factors involved that have been brought into the weaving of the New Earth Maiden's soma which are universal in scope  and far beyond the limited perceptions of most of humanity.

The Venus Gate is a period of time [8 years] wherein gestation of the New Earth Maiden will be occurring. The Phi Gate opening on March 5th is where her soul matrix becomes more than fifty percent present within her soma even as her etheric body and axiotonal system is still being fully developed. The Phi Field has a similar relationship tp the Maiden's soma as does the human soul to the human body. The Phi Field can be thought of then, albeit somewhat metaphorically, as the soul energy for the New Earth Maiden.   It is, however, also much more than that and its vibrational register within the earth's etheric body reaches far beyond the New Earth Maiden archetype it hosts. The Phi Field pouring into the earth's crystallex grid will affect everything here on physical, etheric, astral, causal and soul levels of being as new flame geometries infuse the old forms of the earth propelling them towards a quantum leap in evolution. The New Earth Maiden is a key dynamic in what is unfolding for us right now in this regard.

There is a cycle of the Divine Feminine known most commonly as the Maiden, Mother and Crone. On a planetary level this cycle has repeated itself many times over in the existence of the earth in celestial terms, versus every human female's re-enactment of this Great Cycle during the course of her life. During periods where there is a New Maiden being birthed, the previous cycle's Crone becomes the new Maiden's Mentor for however long is deemed necessary in that particular cycle by the Illumined Ones. What is important for us to understand at this time, is that the New Earth Maiden will have her soul energy very present within her soma or body as an archetypal presence after March 5th, 2005. This infusion of energies roughly correlates to the point where a fetus starts to receive the soul energy wishing to incarnate within that form. At this point the expecting mother often starts to feel more than just a live body in her womb, and begins to experience the actual soul energies and qualities of her soon-to-be baby. This is how it will be for us on earth. To those humans on earth who are sensitive to subtler energies, the soul essence of the New Earth Maiden will begin to be perceived more fully.

In a similar manner the New Earth Maiden will be in gestation within her new soma or body until the second Venus Transit on June 6th, 2012. This is the point wherein she will actually be birthed into a more solid structure and form.  The Crone of the Old Earth will remain with her for some period of time after that to pass on her wisdom, and then she leaves the earth reality forever. Her tender impress and caress will fondly remain with us for all time, so not to worry about losing her as a familiar. The actual birthing of the New Earth Maiden on June 6th, 2012 may be at some other location on the planet besides Kaua'i, yet to be announced.

In a previous message I received from the IAC Merkabah of the Host dated 05/23/04, we were informed most beautifully about the role of a universal Divine Feminine archetype that many of the Illumined Ones know as "Ishkea." We were also informed that Venus was her "daughter," and that we would receive a cosmic gift from Ishkea and a sweet embrace or cosmic hug on the date of the first Venus Transit. We indeed received a cosmic embrace on that day as a planetary consciousness, many people reported they felt it happening.

Now, I have been brought into an awareness wherein it is being revealed that the New Earth Maiden is the bearer of Ishkea's primary gift that follows the "cosmic hug." The New Earth Maiden is also Ishkea's daughter. Ishkea will be pouring forth her essence into the earth through the New Earth Maiden as she develops and matures.  To those who are sensitive to subtle energies her presence will be immediately known. She will unveil herself for the masses at a later date after the second Venus Transit takes place, representing her actual exoteric birthing.

I was also brought into an awareness that it is Ishkea who gives birth to the New Maiden on EVERY changing Divine Feminine cycle, not just this one. She has many earth daughters! So what is so special about this time, when EACH time is truly so special?  This time around, we are not just sounding a higher note, we are moving into an entirely new octave of the Divine Feminine which has not yet been sounded in the earth before. The last time we moved into an entirely different octave in this regard was at the end of Atlantis.

This is where we now get into the real substance of this unfoldment. We are each being called upon to embody this New Earth Maiden in our own being, to help her take her first breath, to stay alive and healthy while in the womb space of the Venus Gate for the next 8 years. She embodies the Divine Feminine aspect of the Christ Consciousness   and is destined to transport us to a higher degree of balance leading ultimately to androgynous states of being.

Title: nadaljevanje
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What are the primary qualities of this new Goddess energy?  Here is what was revealed to me: soul level compassion [as differentiated from human compassion], balanced nurturance, and mutable love crystallizations.

Soul level compassion can be differentiated from a personality level compassion in that it is far more objective. It is a compassion that has been elevated beyond all sympathetic and empathic components and which accepts the negative or painful experience of other beings as being entirely valid for them PRIOR to projecting itself forward into an outward compassionate expression [there is much to this which I won't go into further here lest it sidetrack me from the main thrust of this article].

Balanced nurturance is a full-on embrace without any possibility of becoming overbearing; or on the other hand, of having the nurturer shut down or feel somehow denied in the process. Today, as human beings we do our best and still come up short of what we know is possible in terms of nurturing others. We might move with spontaneity to nurture someone who needs it, then, we find we have inadvertently over-extended ourselves somehow and have to pull back towards balance.

Mutable love crystallizations are what happens when love is liberated to follow its own nature. This is rarely attempted successfully until the soul reality has impressed itself upon the personality consciousness to a high enough degree. We see many examples of non-mutable love crystallizations in our world today. These non-mutable crystallizations are breaking apart quickly now and dissipating. The New Earth Maiden will, in the future, eventually bring mutable love crystallizations into a more profound manifestation as a primary form in our world.

Love crystallizations can have many faces, such as a relationship that is too rigid and has become a dark prison for those involved. They can materialize also as feelings of fondness we have for something or someone and that never change regardless of what is taking place, and which are part of a dysfunctional dynamic rather than being anchored in more expanded forms of soul based love. These immutable love crystallizations can also look like an unreasonable love for an inanimate object, or a dysfunctional and harmful habit. They can be blind love for a religion, or nation, or any group or organization that is rooted in loyalty at the cost of ethical and moral values. The lowest expression this world has seen of immutable love crystallizations in recent times was Hitler. He loved his self-serving and grossly distorted ideal at the expense of many, many others.

The New Earth Maiden will bring these new spiritual gifts to planet earth to strengthen our own efforts to move in this direction. She will add an immense amount of potential into the equation for us to tap. In order to tap the gifts she brings, we must become aware of them and stay aware of them, the rest unfolds naturally. When you work with the Amatrix Angel process we have provided for remote linking with us for the March 5th Phi Gate opening, hold it in your heart that the new crystalline forms and flame geometries we are facilitating within the earth's etheric envelope include the Light encoding for the New Earth Maiden as well.

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Post by Kali on 04.03.2005 at 01:51:37

Were it not for Fairies...

B Y   M O N T E  F A R B E R  &  A M Y  Z E R N E R

THE TERM "FAIRY" is derived from the Latin word "fatum" meaning "fate." This is an ancient acknowledgement that recognizes the talent fairies have in affecting human destiny and the powers of prediction, something my wife and I know quite a bit about.

My name is Monte Farber. Amy and I are the world’s foremost designers of interactive, self-help guidance systems, more commonly known as “divination systems” because they are designed to help you “divine” the future. We believe that divination systems can help you do this because they help you get in touch with the spark of The Divine that is within you and all things. To us, The Fairies are the embodiment of that divine spark. In fact, most of us who believe in fairies claim that when they allow themselves to be seen, it is usually out of the outer edges of our eyes and in our gardens as sparks of light, often when major life events are taking place or about to.

Amy and I have always believed in fairies—that’s the truth! If it were not for fairy tales and my belief in happily ever after, I would not have been able to survive my difficult childhood, grow into the kind of man who could attract to himself someone as wise, beautiful and talented as Amy and together create our own Enchanted World of love, light and laughter – sharing it with the world through our published works and through Amy’s collage artworks which grace their pages.

Since 1988 Amy and I have enabled more than a million people around the world to contact the unseen realms of guidance, support and protection that surround and sustain us all. The essence of our work and of our life, but especially of The Truth Fairy (Thorsons/element 2004), our newest creation, is to help us all recapture the sense of awe and wonder that we had as children and were transported to magical kingdoms by the goodness and power of fairy tales and the art that graced their pages.

"Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's finger."

– Hans Christian Anderson

Children literally grow up on fairy tales. As little children we were supposed to be sheltered from the harsh realities of life by parents and other caregivers who were there to love, nurture and protect us. Fairy tales helped them to gently show us the truth about life and helped us to grow up a little at a time. As we were exposed to the many important life lessons contained in fairy tales, we were slowly and safely introduced to some of the best and worst aspects of life in the adult world. If you are fortunate enough to be able to remember back to when you were a child, you can see that the fairy tales and the questions and answers that were inspired during their readings were very important to you in later life – your earliest introduction to the system of formal education.

Amy’s mother, Jessie Spicer Zerner, was also a renowned illustrator of many children’s books. Her specialty was fairy tales, masterfully drawn in pen and ink, with intricate flowers and animals and all the costumed characters that inhabited her detailed fairy lands. One of Amy’s favorite memories is her mother reading Victorian fairy tales to her. Jessie, herself, was like a fairy godmother – gentle, smart, spiritual and beautiful. Jessie’s own mother, Lilias, had read these same stories to Jessie when she was a child. In fact, as a child, Jessie had bestowed the nickname “Rena” on Amy’s grandmother after a fairy named “The Grand Marina” from one of the old fairy tales.

Yes, Amy and I believe in fairies and we trust that you believe in fairies, too, because fairies believe in you. In fact, that’s the main thing that fairies do—they believe. Fairies are true believers—they are cheerleaders for Truth, Good and Beauty. They even believe in those who don’t believe in them.

Fairies are not mortal, but they know how hard life can be for those who are. They don’t judge or condemn. Instead, they demonstrate sense and sensibility. They trust in the basic goodness of everyone, affirming truth and compassion, hoping that we will follow their lead and work to create a world of peace, beauty and mutual respect for all beings. If such an enchanted world is ever to come into being, we must all first emulate the fairies and believe with all of our heart that it can, indeed, be born from even these times we live in.

Fairies believe that baby plants can push their soft, spring-green heads up through frozen, rocky or deeply soggy soil, even when the plants themselves are mired with doubts and growing pains, not to mention mire itself!

Fairies believe that ponies and fawns can stand themselves up on their spindly little legs and walk to their nursing mothers just moments after they are born.
Fairies believe that furry caterpillars can spin themselves into their silk cocoons and transform themselves from crawling insects into the most beautiful butterflies. Some of them, Monarch butterflies for one, are able to fly for hundreds of miles. And who do you think believes in them and cheers them on as they’re making their long-haul flights? You guessed it!

Fairies even believe in the rocks, water, air and fire that make up this wonderful Earth of ours. Even though fairies can choose to appear to us as eternally youthful, they are the guardians of Nature and have been around since our Earth was formed four billion years ago.

Back then, I guess all they had to believe in was that the super-hot gases swirling around our neighborhood star, The Sun, would keep cooling off and solidifying to form our planet and the raw materials for everything in it and on it. I suppose that’s why they’re such good friends with the rocks and the crystals—they’ve known them the longest!

Title: Re: POZOR!!! šamani sporočajo in opozarjajo
Post by Kali on 04.03.2005 at 02:04:59, for ages and ages the fairies have believed in the goodness of nature and cheered on every part of it, giving all of Mother Nature’s children the strength to keep going and growing. That is what fairies are always trying to do for us human beings, too. They cheer us on no matter how bleak or how difficult things appear to be. This is an especially trying time in our world’s history and we need fairy wisdom now more than ever to keep ourselves grounded, healthy, and as in tune with Nature as possible.

Luckily for us, even when we’re not doing our job—being the good people we really are and listening to our heart of hearts for guidance—the fairies are doing theirs. They never stop encouraging us, praising our efforts—no matter how small, patting our heads and holding our hands when we think we’re alone and abandoned, and kissing us with happy dreams while we sleep.

Sometimes, especially in difficult times, fairies concentrate as hard as they can so they can appear to us.

Have you seen a fairy? I’ll bet you have. Whether or not you are lucky enough to be able to see with your eyes, fairies can make themselves visible to you as a bright flash of light, usually when there are beautiful or fragrant flowers nearby. It’s happened to us all so many times and yet most of us usually say it is just our imagination. Well, in a way, it is! Fairies are our imaginary friends, not because they are not “real,” but because they symbolize and help us with one of life’s greatest gifts to us—our imagination.

Each Fairy chooses the form in which it will appear to us mortals. Like our imaginations, fairies can be delicate and elusive, yet strong and powerful. That is why the beautiful portraits that Amy has made show them in several forms that are different from what you might expect. Fairies can appear to us as being male or female, small or big, young or older, and even passive or fierce.

To help us use our imagination, they guard our minds against intruding negative thoughts so we can imagine in the most creative way imaginable! It’s hard to think of the sad things in life when you’re thinking about the fairy realm. Without them we would get distracted by what too many people call the “real” world (even though most people can be heard to say several times a day “This is totally unbelievable!” about real world events).
Fairies know what is really real—they’ve been around since the beginning and they know better than almost anybody—and we have created The Truth Fairy to give them a way to “speak” to you through the Truth Fairy pendulum.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself surrounded by nature, you can hear your fairy godmothers and godfathers in the wind or the rain or even in the silence of a calm night. Even if you live separated from nature, you can hear your fairy friends, but only if you and your surroundings are quiet enough. However, for most people in our fast-paced world, it’s almost as hard to quiet our inner thoughts as it would be to quiet a noisy city street. That’s where Amy and I and especially The Truth Fairy come in.

Even before Amy and I met and fell in love back in 1974, we were searching – she through her art and me through my music and poetry – to find out if there was any practical benefit to be derived from the various wisdom teachings of the past. We were rewarded beyond our wildest dreams. Although the sorrows of life cannot be avoided, we have learned and put into practice many tools and techniques that have enabled us to create a life of quality and meaning spent loving and working together. We have made a living from using our art and our hearts to share with the world what’s helped us to create and live in our own enchanted world.

Like the world of the fairies, it is hard for people to believe that it’s possible for themselves to live in an enchanted world, too, but it is. It is now time for you to learn how to do it, too!


When artist Amy Zerner met author Monte Farber in 1974, an enchanted relationship was formed. Since 1988, they have shared their unique brand of life mastery and artistic excellence with their readers in the more than one million copies of their unique, award-winning works published in nine languages.

Amy and Monte have been guests on morning shows like ABC TV's Eyewitness News Sunday, FOX TV's "Good Day" New York, L.A., Atlanta, and Detroit. They were profiled on the nationally syndicated B. Smith With Style TV show and Monte has also appeared on Cinematherapy on Women's Entertainment Televison. In addition Amy and Monte have been reviewed and interviewed by newspapers and magazines across the United States. On November 7th, 1999, The Sunday New York Times published a feature article praising their unique and powerful approach, the quality of their prodigious output, and their mainstream success.

For more information on them please write to: or visit:

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Post by Kali on 04.03.2005 at 14:25:22

sorry enga zajebala:

pa hvala ti mARYAN M.

     10523.2 in reply to 10523.1
My healer cat (my ginger maine coon) has been chasing faeries the last couple of days almost non-stop :)

maryan se TUD MUca SVETi

Title: Re: POZOR!!! šamani sporočajo in opozarjajo
Post by Kali on 04.03.2005 at 14:34:56

Correction to Sivaratri Date

Our last newsletter stated that Sivaratri will be on March 9th, when in fact Sivaratri is on Tuesday, the 8th of March! Our web-site and Astroved Calendar correctly have the March 8th date published.

It is not too late for you to participate in this most auspicious time for changing your planets and destiny. Below is a special offer for this night of Siva.

Siva Baba speaks on ...

Destiny Changing Sivaratri Ritual


Sivaratri, which literally means the night of Siva, falls on March 8th. It is a cosmically eventful time where the destiny of not only the earth plane, but of the entire cosmos could be changed. Baba is organizing a special event for Sivaratri as he describes as follows:

"I have been away from the United States for almost 2 months. This has been a very eventful time in India. In all of my previous incarnations, I have tried my best for the transformation of mankind. It has never been acceptable to me that people should suffer in the name of karma. It is not that I deny the existence of karma. Karma is certainly an inexorable law. It creates two individuals. One sits in the Oval Office as President. Karma creates another individual who is born in a slum without food or shelter. Can one erase karma totally? Probably not.

Nevertheless, I am delighted that I have found ways to erase karma. A few years ago I revealed the mantra “Thiru Neela Kantam”. I have also been revealing the esoteric effects of the planets on ones own consciousness through Astroved. During this Sivaratri we will worship the Sivalinga with golden lotuses. I decided to stay in India to do this karma-removing ritual.

The offering of 1 golden lotus equals the offering of 1000 regular lotuses. Flower offering is a great device to erase bad karma whether it is money, relationship, health, etc. In many respects it is more powerful than meditation. But to find 1000 lotus flowers is hard. While reading the Siva Purana recently, I found out that offering golden lotuses to the Sivalinga is a powerful device to erase karma and seek Lord Siva’s Blessings. As I read this I felt within me a deep conviction that this would accomplish the task of providing a leap in changing human destiny.

Accordingly I have made arrangements to facilitate the performance of the ritual. Ideally, I prefer everyone to have 108 golden lotuses. When you offer 108 lotuses, it would be equivalent to chanting and offering 108,000 lotuses.

I know that there is a money constraint. "You must have at least one."

-Siva Baba

Each of these 22 Karat Gold Lotus Flowers weighs 1.75 grams. They are designed to be used over-and-over again in your personal daily poojas.

We will be energizing all of the lotuses at the sacred mountain of Arunachala in Thiruvanamallai, Southern India. Arunachala is Lord Siva’s most powerful form as an infinite pillar of fire that completely annihilates ego. Each full moon, 500,000 to 1,000,000 people flock to Arunachala to make a holy procession of walking 8.25 miles (14 km) around the mountain.

lih kar na mail


6396, btw, a TITO o 1975? ::) :o ;D119898  

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