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Title: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 15.02.2004 at 13:51:16

The Illusion of Exclusive Relationship

(No. 1 in a Series about Relationship)

Having troubles with this thing we call relationship, where we have an implied conscious or unconscious agreement of exclusivity with a partner?  Is communication difficult or impossible?  Are you seemingly unable to be understood by and to understand your partner.   Does the person you "love most" seem like an alien to you?  Well take heart this is the human condition and a wondrous aspect of individual consciousness.  This is a gift, a paradox whereby we are all one, yet individual points of consciousness, unique expressions of All That Is.

The spiritual aspect is easy, for we are all spirits, but the human element is definitely the most difficult.  It is easy to agree spiritually; easy to talk about the spiritual higher dimensional truths of life as a spirit in a human body; easy to agree about the universe; but the human element is the "painful" task at hand.  How to be a master in a human body, that is the question; "whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing them, end them."  William S.

We are all masters, spirits inhabiting physical bodies.   Many of us are planetary transition team specialists; experts at conscious awareness; ascension professionals, yet even though we are masters, we cannot seem to be able to have a normal peaceful relationship with one person.  This is insanely illogical and eternally frustrating, but the nature of this transition to oneness.

This exclusive relationship thing that we have created for ourselves is a grand experiment in having a relationship with All That Is.  When you love someone exclusively as we do with our partners we are essentially saying that we only love them, or that we love them the most.  We may be allowed to love friends and family to a large degree, but that ultimate special love is reserved for mister or miss right.

Exclusive relationship of this type is illusion, hence the difficulties. We do not in truth love anyone any more than any one else.  We may feel closer to one person, or experience higher degrees of fulfillment and wonderment, and magnificence with a special person or special people, but these are signs of the truth that we have this same special love with and for everyone.

Sure you may say but what about the human element that does love exclusively?  I must question whether this is true.  Does not the human part love exclusively only when it has someone exclusive to love?  Do we not love exclusively in one relationship until that one is over, we have released our emotional attachments, and the next one comes along to twitter us.  Sure you see people staying together their entire lives and "loving no other", but indeed this is rare in these accelerated times.  How many people stay together merely out of co-dependence, afraid to be alone, facing their fears.  Sure we set up "exclusive" relationships for ourselves, but we set these up as teaching mechanisms, for how could we possibly be exclusively tied to one individual, no one owns anyone, least of all their sexuality.  Am I promoting promiscuity, I am neither promoting it nor denying it, for we love All That Is, therefore promiscuity is an illusion as well.  
I would say that most light workers, and most people for that matter, are hopeless romantics, searching and hoping for that twin flame or soul mate.  Or you have become disillusioned with that futile search and have given up hope.
This is natural as we are all searching for those lost parts of ourselves that were never lost.  And if you are pride-fully content being alone, I bet that there is a secret desire for your prince or princess charming to come along and fulfill you.  So what's the answer? - Follow love into the rose garden, thorns and all?  Be you; live your life as All That Is intended?  Love one person; love all people; love yourself; love no one? - it does not matter, for you are love, an expression of love, and you can do nothing but love.  

This experiment, the ascension of planet earth, is a gradual process of remembering who we truly are; completing what is already complete and reconnecting with that which we thought we had disconnected from.  Because of this illusion that we must re-connect with that which we have determined we are separate from, we invented exclusive relationship.  And because it is based on an illusion it is naturally fraught with disaster and heartache, but luckily, massive amounts of joy. We experience all these paradoxical feelings because of the illusion of separation.  We reconnect with that which we were not separate from in the first place - so we experience the joy of reconnection and the pain of separation.

Communication Breakdown - Dead Ahead

The breakdown in communication between humans is a further example of this experiment in the illusion of separation and awakening process to who we truly are.  It seems impossible to be understood and to understand due to this "separation".  So what do we do to bridge this gap that we apparently have between our fellow mates and humans?  I don't know.   I am an Ascended Master, grandly knowledgeable of the human condition and it's psychological structures, I have many tricks up my sleeve and myriad’s of technologies at my disposal to assist with this process, but there is no quick fix, that is for sure.  There is no quick fix because there is not supposed to be, in fact there is no problem in the first place.  

Mis-communication and un-understand-ability is a gift of this creation, a wonderment of the individual nature of us all.  An obvious sign that we are all unique creations of All That Is with individual perceptions of reality.  We are all individual Universes, perceiving and experiencing reality in our own unique way.

Why are we not able to understand each other?Perhaps we are not supposed to.  Our mental processes operate in the future tense; our emotional bodies reference reality from past experience; our physical bodies are in the present, and our spiritual bodies are in no time - so no wonder things are so confusing.    Not to mention that the sun has a tilt to it which hinders communication and understand-ability between humans, especially between men and women.  
Of course there is huge pain involved with this because we all get sent into the deepest darkest places within our consciousness where we feel separate, alone and abandoned.  Why do people get so dramatic when there is a possible break up situation?  Obviously it is because we are all afraid of being abandoned, or more accurately we are all avoiding the feeling that we have been abandoned by our Spirits and All That Is.  Of course this is an illusion, but it sure feels real.  It was a good creation we devised so that we could deny our magnificence and act like we were humans.  All mis-communication is an illusion, it is a game we played so we could feel and experience separation; it requires us to surrender to the mystery, to the confusion, to the insanity.

So it doesn't look like there is much hope for the average relationship.  In one sense this is true, there is absolutely no hope; there is no hope for relationship based on the old ways of perceiving how it is or should be.  The old relationship is dying and we are birthing the new relationship - Oneness with All That Is; so with this in mind, there is all the hope in the world.  This new relationship is the new civilization.

The planet is shifting to a higher dimensional realm where the illusion of separation will finally be put to rest.  Then we can sit on the edge of the dimensions and laugh about the lunacy of it all with all those beings that we played the game with, especially those that we played the game of exclusivity, dependence, ownership and abandonment with.  Love then can be seen for what it truly is.

So what is the point of continuing. Why not just keep all our relationships casual and detached, wait for the "big" shift, or live life from a spiritual ideal that we do not need anyone.  Well false detachment obviously won't do it for us because we do need someone, in fact we need everyone because we are everyone.   We as humans need affection; and caring; and conversation; and intimate sexual interaction.  We need friends; and family; and children; and joy; and fun; and adventure; and heartache - because this is being human.  Being human is not being spiritual, you already are spiritual, you are a spirit having a human experience not a human having a spiritual experience.  It is about being who you really are as a spirit/human, and that seems to be a gradual process of revelation.  Being human is about experiencing more of self through self (relationship with "another" person), and giving yourself more love through the "other" person loving you - loving self through self.

The realizations and awakenings of Self to All That Is that are experienced through intimacy are truly a great wonder of the workings of the universe.  I will always be drawn to relationship with the one and with the many, because the doors of love that are opened up, and the fears that are vanquished with intimacy are awesome, inspiring and truly a gift of separation and oneness.

I love being alone, experiencing my own solitude and wonderment, the intimacy of myself - but it is indeed a gift of All That Is to experience more of myself by intimately experiencing the essence and gifts that another person has to offer me; by experiencing self through the illusion that I am separate from my self; by experiencing self through self.

I will continue to jump straight into the fire of love just to see how hot it can get and how much heat I can handle.  I will continue to be the adventurer that I am and quest the final frontiers of love experienced with another being.  I will always be attracted to fellow adventurers of truth, love, and consciousness, and to their own individual unique qualities, essence and beauty.  I will always follow love wherever it may lead me, even if it appears like a dark dangerous alley way.  I will follow with as little hesitation as possible in my step.  I will always go wherever love leads, as there is no other direction to go. There is nothing but love, and all experience is an expression of love.  I will remain eternally romantic of prince and princess charming, looking for "the one", knowing full well that s/he does not exist outside of self and is a part of All That Is, that which I am.

Yours forever and ever,

Prince ZaKaiRan, Knight of Love, Ascended Master and Caretaker of Humanity

Copyright ZaKaiRan Alpha and Omega

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by TULA on 15.02.2004 at 19:20:31

Dobro napisano,težje se izvede a ne?

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 17.02.2004 at 21:54:32

Relationship with All-That-Is

The Final Frontier

(Number 2 in a Series about Divine Relationship)

The Quest

I have sent myself on a quest, to answer the perplexing question:  can problems that arise in relationship be fixed.  Nothing that I and my partners have tried have worked.  No extraterrestrial, spiritual, psychological modality or strategy seems to take the stuff away.  And simple, basic, from the heart communication has been extremely difficult due to many factors that I will outlay in this article.

I have contested that love is enough and is all that you need.  Love does not seem to be enough although, because we are in a physical world and ground work must be done.  The transition between temporal physical and eternal love, and the embodiment of this love, is key to this exploration.  The business aspects must be taken care of, and love isn't necessarily concerned with these aspects, certainly not in the manner that we think.  But even with this in mind I know that love is enough, it is just not enough in how we would like it to be - Love is sufficient unto itself.

From a fairy tale perspective love is supposed to heal everything.  Why doesn't it then?  Because love is not as we have romantically fantasized.  Love will not fix a problem by solving it in an old world linear way, love does not work linearly.  Love is efficient although, and isn't very concerned about hurting your poor feelings or not.  If your foundation is built upon unstable ground than love will create an earth quake so that you will build your foundation on more stable ground.  The fastest way to truth is not to take pain away, this is avoidance and denial of truth.  The fastest way to truth is through the shit, through the illusions of separation, and love will always find the most efficient path to Divinity.  Love does not take the pain and dramas away, if anything love brings them up; it evokes suffering that already existed but was previously hidden.  

Love does not heal things directly as if it is some magic wand that will take your suffering away, that is not it's job; that's your job, to see truth so that suffering is seen for the illusion that it is, and love assists directly with this by illuminating the illusions.  Our attention on love and truth heals all wounds and 'fixes' problems by enlightening you to the truth that you are love and not those wounds and pain that you think need fixing.  We are healed by our attention being on love; by truly seeing love; by being aware of love in all things, that all is love and we are love.  Aware that love is always present amongst all the pain, it does not go anywhere.  Just because you 'hate' someone in this moment does not mean that you don't 'really' love them.

So in this instance love is enough and sufficient unto itself, it does not need to do anything, just its presence is enough to shake your limbs and cause you to find the truth of your beingness.  Love evokes pain to illuminate truth.  In this case love seems pretty dastardly to evoke our pain, how can love be so mean, didn't we all think that love was nice and sweet?

Love does not fix things because love is an eternal unchangeable essence, it is not a doing, it is a being.  Love will not fix anything because in truth nothing needs to be fixed.  Things that need fixing are of the world of form, the world of illusion, and there is always something to be fixed in the world of form.  If things could be fixed with manipulation and control then there would be no problems in the world today.  There is a never ending supply of broken, faulty, imperfect things to be continually repaired and improved - nothing is perfect in the world of form.  If nothing else, love will illuminate these faulty things that we have judged so that we will see the truth of them.

You Are Love

Love must be seen for what it really is and embodied - you are love!  Love is not something you obtain by some strategy.  Living an idealistic way that all is love and because of this I can deny that problems exist, will not help you, this only delays the inevitable, and without a doubt, love will put your shit in your face to look at.  This idealistic way of operating is on the right track but you cannot really live based on concepts and ideals, these things must be real for you and embodied, or they will fall away as the illusion they are.

So if there are things that need fixing, then how do we go about fixing them?  First off what needs fixing?  Just the problem of tallying up everything that needs fixing is a huge and daunting project.  Then how to fix every problem is an even bigger project.  Problems in relationship pop up continually.  More and more separation dramas continually pop up to be dealt with or avoided.  Every relationship would have a huge backlog of shit that hasn't been dealt with.  Can we ever catch up?  I do not think it is possible.  If you've been together in an intimate committed relationship for 2 years, it would take you 2 years of therapy to work out all the problems that popped up during that time.  And while you're busy fixing the last 2 years, new things are popping up, so you get more back log.

All problems between two people are problems of the individual.  When two people deal with these together they offer each other the chance to work out their shit, so to speak, thus the creation of karma.  The law of karma has been repealed.  Karma is an old structure that must be laid to rest.  The problem with Karma is it never ends, based on the backlog scenario I described above, you can never be free karmicly from anyone you interact with.

So I recommend not trying to fix anything.  Now this does not mean acting ignorant, denying everything from some ideological spiritual base.  What it really means is take responsibility for what you can and leave the rest to God.  We have a lot on our plates to deal with here, and I recommend giving yourself a break and being gentle with yourself and your mate.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

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Post by Kali on 17.02.2004 at 21:55:26

The Illusions

From a planetary transition perspective, the problems that arise in relationship come up because they are illusions, and illusions must be enlightened.  If you are a planetary transition team member, (a light worker), then you will be required to dig deep within your consciousness to heal a lot of wounds of relationship - the wounds of separation.  And most times you will be required to do similar work over and over again.  This is because once you are good at transmuting things to higher potentials, All That Is will use you further to transmute similar patterns again and again for the planet and human consciousness.


That which you truly are, pure consciousness, is always at work with all the illusions of separation, transmuting them to higher states of consciousness.  Your form is not aware of everything you are doing.  To transmute 3d illusions of denial of Divinity, these structures must be put through your character, this is how it works.  You will not know the full details of what 'who you truly are' is doing and everything you are feeling.  More than likely what you will feel will not feel good.  It may be painful, it probably will be confusing.  Regardless, don't rack your brain trying to figure it all out.  All that you are is hard at work pumping through more than you can process intellectually and emotionally.  Things are happening fast, this Ascension is happening at light speeds, so we are required to work hard and fast.  So I recommend giving yourself a break and not trying to figure everything out.  Lead a simple life as a master, do your work and have fun.

  Therefor trying to figure out everything you are feeling and why, is basically a waste of time.  And trying to fix all the shit you are feeling is an even bigger one.  These things are already being fixed by All That Is and 'all that you are', you do not need to 'do' anything, the work is already being done.  'All that you are' and the Ascended Masters are always hard at work transmuting reality. And you may be required to dig deep in your consciousness and feel terrible things.  You may be required to do or say yucky confronting things.  You may even be tricked by Divinity, your true self, tricked into growth.  Divinity will tell you anything to get you where you need to go.  This is why when we are in relationship we say really stupid and hurtful things totally out of character for ourselves, to trick each other into awakening.  What a great way to expand consciousness at quantum speeds, by digging up shit, wading in it up to our necks so that we can see the truth of All That Is.  All illusions must be shattered, and 'you will' shatter them.  This is the job you signed up for, not to live some fantasy, but to truly live reality.  You are not here to muck around, you are here to Co-Create Heaven on Earth.

Exhausted from all this spiritual work?  Have you reached your capacity?  Need a break?  You can request one; you can say no to spirit, to All That Is; this is your free will choice.  The repercussions of this choice will be significant although.  You may feel bad that you are letting the Universe down, and your ignorance may not be as blissful as you think.  But this is your stuff, All That Is knows you are under a lot of pressure, and does not judge you for a nanosecond.  Remember you actually have no contracts with All That Is except to be here and do what you do naturally - be yourself.  Your presence on planet earth is enough.

Opportunities For Growth

Instead of questing to fix problems, (viewing them as obstacles), shift your perspective to include that these are opportunities for growth, an avenue of awareness for learning more about self, truth and All That Is.  Opportunities to see the illusions for what they truly are, revealing that of ourselves that we are not necessarily at peace with.  Illusions are transformed by using them - not by fixing them, taking them away, or avoiding them.  Discovering the truth of these illusions is the real quest, you cannot get rid of anything, All That Is cannot get rid of any part of itself.  All must be enlightened, all must be loved and allowed.  All must be seen for the truth that it is.  There is no bad, there is no good, there is nothing wrong with anything.   All must be seen as it truly is - a manifestation of All That Is; a part of the drama of the illusion of separation;  a form, and forms are temporary, to be played with and utilized for the experience called life

In the typical old form of relationship, we all looked for the perfect mate that would bring us fulfillment.  This is the root of all dramas, we are relying on the world of form to fulfill us, something we already are therefor already have.  We search for that which we already are.  This type of dysfunctional relationship is something we are actually attempting to avoid as we quest for truth and the optimum peaceful relationship.  This old form of relationship has many problems with it and very little peace.  One is its inherent exclusivity.  In and of itself there is nothing wrong with exclusivity, it is our perception of it that is faulty.  Inherent in this exclusivity is the pressure we place on another person to satisfy our desires and fulfill us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We look to another person to make us happy; to provide security; to have similar tastes and desires; and to have similar spiritual and psychological viewpoints.  If they do not, then our feelings of separation are evoked, and we dislike feeling separate from our mates, as we dislike feeling separate from ourselves and All That Is.

All dramas in the world of form between all humans, in all types of relationships, are because of this scenario.   The pressure we place on one another to fulfill each other is immense, and none of us are 'really' up to the task.  And the pressure we place upon each other to keep us from feeling separation is even greater.

Typically all dramas between people sound and look like this:  you aren't doing the right thing so that we can be happy and get along and have fun etc.  In other words we have a vision for the perfect loving relationship and when we don't seem to be able to accomplish it or live the vision, we start the blame game, blaming our partners and ourselves.  The eternal quest, the illusion of fulfillment - happiness.  If we aren't getting it, aren't accomplishing it, or living it, we immediately start looking for someone to give it to us, or get it from.  If we can't get it then we start looking for someone or something to blame.  We try to find out what is broken and look for solutions to fixing them.  Inherent in blame is projection, giving the other partner your pain and calling it theirs.  Reciprocally your partner gives you their pain and calls it yours.  So the illusory search for happiness and fulfillment from the temporal world of form continues.  

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 17.02.2004 at 22:10:29

We Are Fulfillment

Fulfillment, freedom, liberation, enlightenment - these ways of being do not come from anywhere (certainly not from another person).  We 'are' fulfillment, we 'are' freedom, we  'are' liberation.  These things cannot be obtained, for if they can be obtained then they can be lost again.  If they can be lost then they never existed and you never really had them.   You only had a concept of them, a feeling of them, an expression of them.

Is your mate not doing the "right" thing so that you can both have a happy fulfilling relationship.  Is your head saying:  if only they did this and didn't do that then I wouldn't feel hurt and we could be happy.  And are you telling them to be this way and not be another way and be this way for you. If so, you are using them to be your need fulfillment machine; to satisfy your insecurities and to take your pain away. We have no right to project this on to others when we should be finding fulfillment within.  We are all free spirits, it is not our job to provide fulfillment for another.  It is not our job to satisfy the needs, desires and insecurities of others.  It is not our job to take anyone’s pain away or be anything for anyone.  It is our job to 'Be Who We Truly Are'.  You cannot be 'who you truly are' if you are trying desperately to fulfill another persons needs - you essentially become their slave.  And You cannot be 'who you truly are' if you are trying desperately to get someone to fulfill your needs, then you become the slave driver.  

Are you also beating yourself up because you can't do it either. You just can't communicate well enough; don't listen well enough; don't speak from the heart enough; you indulge in emotions or intellect; you project right and wrong on your mate; you get depressed, or dramatic and loud; you don't say the right things at the right time etc. - please give yourself a break.  Your fulfillment is not dependent on what you do or on what anyone else does.  Who is the doer?  You experience doing but you are not the doer.  You are a spiritual essence that experiences you doing and acting out dramas.  This is why we are called human beings not human doings.

Fixing a relationship is really fixing self.  Therapy sessions do not fix the relationship, the relationship improves if the two people realize that their personal fulfillment does not come from another person.
When people realize fulfillment cannot be obtained, then relationships improve.  They improve when people realize that committed relationships are about providing sanctuary for each other, safe ground to be a master, to be who you really are, not to dysfunctionally try to provide things for each other.  A healthy relationship "should" provide a safe playing ground to realize the truth of your divinity. The truth that you are truth.  That you are 'All That Is' and there is no separation between you.   The spiritual work that we do and embody is a gift for our mates.  That which is available in our consciousness that is truth and is embodied, becomes available to our mates if they have the perception to see it and embody it for themselves.

 In the old scenario we have all gone from one relationship to another searching for the "one" that will be that perfect mate and provide everything that we feel we are lacking.  To fill that hole of insecurity, to calm our nervous emotions, to take our pain away and help us not feel separate from All That Is.  This romantic fairy tale is completely dysfunctional in the new civilization and not personally liberating.  It does not offer liberation in and of itself, but liberation can be evoked from it.


All dramas between people come from the feelings that we are separate from each other.  (You are not your feelings and you are not your thoughts.)  This is one reason why we enter exclusive relationships, to not feel separation.  The illusion of fairy tale oneness by joining with another in relationship, is destined for disaster.  This is why it is a fairy tale not reality.  If it was reality we would have no need for fairy tales and romance.   This fairy tale romance is destined for disaster because it brings up all our deep pains about separation and brings up our feelings that we are separate from each other and All That Is.  The illusion is that the fairy tale romance will make us feel oneness, and at first it does, as the relationship has not yet developed any excess emotional baggage, and spirit is free to roam.  Oneness is always present, but your attention more than likely was on a concept of oneness, a feeling of oneness, and soon the illusion falls away as do all things in the world of form.

When you are getting along, and happy and having fun, you don't feel your pain of separation.

Any discord between you and you immediately feel all your pains of separation.  Or more accurately, your pain of separation has arisen and there is now discord.  Then the fights begin, as we struggle for control and denial of what we are feeling.  We struggle to feel oneness again, to fix the problem.  We tell each other:  if you hadn't done this we would be feeling oneness now instead of pain - you bastard - you bitch.  If only we would have done this and that, then we would be happy.  What a circle of illusion - happiness and peace is who we are not a way to be.

The pain of separation is always lurking under the bridge like a troll ready to pop up and scare you when you least expect it.  Lies must be revealed and will always surface, and the lie of separation must be seen for what it is.  Therefor this lie must come out in relationship, the illusion of separation and the truth of oneness, the interconnectedness of all things must be revealed.  When each person realizes this lie and finally knows that they 'are' oneness, then they can truly be in relationship, for they realize that they are in relationship with 'All That Is'.  When beings truly live who they are and realize that they are pure divine consciousness and that this consciousness is the witness of all these dramas of separation in human bodies, then they will be able to truly be in love for 'we are all love'.  Love is not something you do or accomplish, it is being.  We are love and all things are expressions of that love.

So can anything be fixed? Yes, everything can be fixed, by seeing the truth that all problems are truly illusion and you must put your attention on 'that which you truly are'.  If you put your trust and attention on the world of form you will experience suffering, guaranteed.  If you would like to not experience suffering - find out who suffers, find that which witnesses and watches this human drama unfold; you will find 'who you truly are'.  If you put your trust in that which is truly real, then there is nothing to be fixed as there is 'no thing'.  And these problems are gifts as they point to 'that which you truly are'.  They highlight what you truly are by emphasizing that which you are not.

If you want security - discover that you are security.
If you want fulfillment - discover that you are fulfillment.
If you want freedom - discover that you are freedom.
If you want liberation - discover that you are liberation.
If you want enlightenment - discover that you are enlightenment.
If you want to ascend -  discover that you are Ascension.  
Accomplishment, figuring things out and organizing our lives in cute packages no longer works.  We are free spirits, we cannot be packaged, we cannot be figured out, and we cannot be fixed.  We do not need to become enlightened, obtain anything, be anything, earn anything or learn anything, as 'we are all things' and 'no thing'.

We 'Are' Enlightenment

Freedom, liberation, enlightenment - these are concepts of limitation.  These concepts are usually used in a context of accomplishment, something to aspire to and obtain.  If I do that, and follow this, and study that, and be this way, then I will be liberated and attain enlightenment.  The truth cannot be obtained for we are truth.  Liberation cannot be attained for we are liberation.  Enlightenment cannot be obtained - for we are enlightenment.  True liberation comes when you let go of the search; when you let go of trying to accomplish anything; when you let go of your spiritual glamour, and realize that you are liberated because - you are liberation itself.

So how do we accomplish a successful relationship from this perspective?  A successful relationship cannot be "accomplished".  The mere act of grasping for success implies the possibility of failure.  You cannot have success without failure.  If you succeed and obtain "fulfillment" through being with another, inevitably this will fall away.  The world of form constantly changes, relationship constantly changes, you do not!  That which you truly are is eternal and never changes, it is consciousness itself.

By being who you truly are, knowing who you truly are, that you are consciousness, All That Is - relationship is accomplished - "because all that you are is relationship with All That Is".  Relationship just is, it is not something you obtain, it is who and what we are.  We 'are' Relationship.  There is no separation between anyone for we are all one, we are all the same consciousness stream experiencing the same illusions of separation.  We are divine actors playing our parts in a grand drama.

So once again can a "successful" relationship be accomplished?  Yes, because we are accomplishment, we are the other person, it is already a success, it is already accomplished.  Be still within your being.  Be still with each other knowing you are one, knowing that 'you are your mate'.  Leave the relationship alone, it will take care of itself.

In the next dimension there will be no need for exclusive relationships, we will no longer need to explore ownership, abandonment, infidelity and other illusions of separation; so enjoy them now while you can, and accept the gifts of Divinity that they offer.

We do not need relationships to fulfill us because we are all sovereign entities, whole within our beingness, within the oneness of All That Is.  But we do need relationship - because everything is relationship.  The world of form is one big giant intertwined relationship.  As a species we need love and affection, they are part of the gifts of All That Is and the joys of life.  On a physical health level even standard medical science knows that humans need regular love and affection to maintain optimum health, without it we deteriorate and die.

In the world of beingness, there is nothing but Love,
In the world of doingness, there is nothing but Relationship - Alarius

All relationship is about our relationship with All-That-Is.

With Love,


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Post by Kali on 17.02.2004 at 23:20:40

A se kdo vidi v prevajanju teh člankov? Ker so fantastilčni!


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Post by Kali on 18.02.2004 at 21:36:47

Za začetek 1. del članka

The Co-Creative Relationship

Catalyst for Awakening

(Number 3 in a Series about Divine Relationship)

Relationship Recommendations:   Do not battle with your partner.  Remember this is the person you love, not your enemy.  You are only battling with yourself any way.  Do not defend yourself and do not attack your mate (in any way) - love is not a war.  Don't play the blame game, nothing is their fault, everything happens mutually, we all co-create events for our awakening.  Do not project that your mate must do anything, or not do anything.  You are not a victim. Your fulfillment, security and happiness is not dependent on the actions of another.  You cannot shift relationship patterns.  You can only shift your individual patterns, thus shifting the relationship.

Your ego, emotions and mental body will want to do battle because we feel our partner "isn't doing well enough at meeting our needs," and "isn't providing us what we have determined they should," - thus we feel abandoned by them.  Our egos will try to manipulate and control to get rid of the pain, by telling the other partner their transgression, and get them to do what we want them to do.  The mind tries to fix the problem by pointing it out to the partner so they will do the "right thing".

How do you communicate about your feelings and transactions between two people without placing blame?  To a large degree it is impossible, but read on for the "solution".  When we feel hurt and are not getting what we need to feel happy we "naturally" feel victimized and our emotions and intellect will act from this perspective.  We will try to manipulate and control to get rid of the pain, either by telling the other partner their transgression or admitting our own.  The mind will try to fix the problem or at least dramatically point it out to the partner so they will do the "right thing".

If your mate does a similar thing to you, do not defend yourself.  Do not enter the story.  Listen but do not defend your actions by details of why you did what you did.  If you defend yourself you have just entered the battle of the egos.  The mind will try to come up with the best defense to win the argument.  In other words it will find the best scenario where you are the best or worst victim.  The person who wins this game is:  the one who is the most victimized; whoever can make the other person feel the worst by implying that they are an abuser wins.  Stop this battle, or do not start it by not entering the battle field.  Find what you "need" from your partner within your own beingness.  Provide for yourself what your insecurities have determined you are lacking.

Most relationships exist based on finding the perfect person that can provide the most things we feel we are lacking, or unconsciously feel we are lacking.  When people start looking to themselves, their true selves, and find there is no lack, they will no longer need this type of relationship.

Are you through with this old form of dependent relationship yet you still fall into the old battle traps and dependencies?   Give yourself and your partner a break, this is a process of awakening.  We are manifesting the new relationship of the new civilization.  We have all the blueprints for the new civilization based on this new relationship.  And revealing it and embodying it is a gradual process as the transition to the next dimension is gradual.  You are transitioning the old dependent relationship into the new 'light' form, the co-creative relationship.

Honoring Your Partners Reality

If your mate must tell you how you should be, or what you should do, (for whatever reason they have rationalized), regardless of whether it is true or not is not the point.  If they are lecturing you from a position that you need to hear this information so that you can be better - in truth what they are really doing is projecting their own insecurities onto you. We project onto others, we lecture others, and "help" others, usually about something that we need to do ourselves - practice what you preach.  Certainly they may be right, perhaps what they are telling you is something you need to hear but in this case the fact that you need to hear it is another issue.  The real issue here is that they need to say it,  and they need to say it not for you so you will change, (although this is why they may think they need to say it), they need to say it for themselves, to hear it themselves, for self, to hear self speaking to self.  They are really expressing some lack in themselves, some need or insecurity and they form it as if it is yours.    Certainly that which you have done has evoked this insecurity in them, (that was previously hidden) but it is not the cause.  Simply put, they are putting their pain onto you and calling it yours.

We must always be diligent and be aware of the truth.  If we must lecture someone about something we feel they need to hear - we are treating them not as a master, but as being inferior, the game of unworthy and control has begun.  If your partner is lecturing you, you may need to hear this lecture to become aware of something about yourself, or to be at peace with the fact that others can see it.  But more importantly you need to listen because you honor the fact that they feel they need to express this information.  So please do your best to not be defensive and listen.

You may still feel like they are treating you as if you are inferior, but this is their stuff not yours.  If you resist their expression, regardless of how dramatic it is, you are dishonoring their reality, regardless of how accurate or inaccurate it is about you.  It is accurate for them and their reality, so allow their expression, and have compassion for them, knowing the truth of why they are lecturing you.  If you resist their expression you imply a similar scenario, that they are inferior by lecturing you and avoiding their own stuff, and not seeing the truth.   If you have compassion, seeing the truth that they need to speak for their own unconscious insecurities, and allow their expression, you are acting as a master, honoring the sovereignty of you and your partner.

So let them speak, and listen, because we are one, and when we listen to another, we listen to self.  This is why they feel the need to lecture you so they can lecture self.  The difficulty is that they may be accurate in what they are saying or they may be completely inaccurate in what they are saying you should have done or should do, but they are unaware of why they are really saying it now.  Accurate or inaccurate does not matter, accuracy is not important to a master.  If you know who you really are, what they say about you will not matter to you.  What people think of you is none of your business.  Anyway this is their projection of self upon you.  Either way you must listen to respect their right to their reality, even the right to their own delusions.  If you resist what someone has to say about you, then you probably need to hear it, or you are insecure about the truth of your beingness.
If you have no resistance to hearing things about yourself then you know your own mastery.

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A Master Does Not Correct Others

Other peoples perception is their own individual version of reality, and they have a right to it.  And another person cannot change someone else's perception, although they can change it themselves.  You can best help them by seeing the truth and not shoving it down their throat.  A master knows their own mastery and has no need to convince others of this mastery or that others are masters as well.  A master allows others their own reality, no matter how distorted it could be discerned or judged to be, (it is real to them).

Now don't fall into the trap of lecturing them back to tell them what they are 'really' doing.  If you do this you will be doing the same projection.  If they are not aware of their unconscious, it is not your job to tell them, they must discover it themselves.  If they ask you honestly what you see happening and they are able to really receive it, then please provide the information, otherwise it is not your business.  Your business is to see the truth, know it and have compassion for their suffering.

You are unable to be with certain persons on planet earth, (especially intimate relationships), because of what arises within yourself that you are unwilling to deal with, and are unwilling to include as part of your wholeness.  Anything that anyone does or anyway that anyone is - does not directly affect you, it only affects you indirectly by what you experience within your own beingness as a result of the interaction (what you think and what you feel).  This is the truth of the illusion of victim hood.  We are not our feelings, thoughts or emotions, therefore anything that happens to us is merely an experience for our beingness and this individual expression of All That Is.

Embodying Your Wholeness

Oneness is the only absolute, and you and everyone is part of All That Is.  Therefore anything anyone does, any way that any one is, any way that any one acts - is part of your wholeness, part of All That Is.  Your intolerance to other humans is your intolerance with self, with All That Is.  It is part of the illusion of good and evil - "this part is pure and good and this part of All That Is is bad".  There are no victims in the Universe and the hideous things that people do are merely the jobs that they volunteered for as part of the wholeness of All That Is.  These roles that others volunteered for, we should be grateful that we do not have to do.  Even the nasty things we do in relationship are things we volunteered to do for each other to teach us lessons in embodiment of divinity, in including those parts of All That Is as our wholeness.  We trick ourselves into awakening.  The free will choice - face the fire of divinity, your wholeness in all its guises, or run away in denial that that part of the wholeness cannot possibly be divine or be a part of me, it is unlovable.

True unconditional self love - is loving All That Is, and I mean - All That Is!   Rejecting another human for any reason is rejection of self.  In truth it is impossible to reject another person, even to judge them or condemn them.  Rejection, judgment, condemnation only occurs within - disallowing that part of your wholeness to be part of yourself.  The result: the perpetuation of the fragmentation of self - separation.

If you are going to embody your wholeness and be all that you are, you will have to embody All That Is - for this is what you truly are.  You must include the murderer, and the rapist, and the thief, and the part of the wholeness of All That Is and all that you are.  This is true ascension, true enlightenment.  This is all an acting part to who you truly are, and who you truly are treats it this way - can you?

So back to communicating your feelings without placing blame.  This takes true human mastery, as you must cover all the bases that I have spoken of in this article.  Optimum communication would be more along the lines of this example:  "I am feeling insecure, needy and dramatic because my old world dependencies have not been fulfilled.  I know I am through with this type of relationship, so this is why I feel this way now so that I can release what is lingering on.  And at the risk of projecting onto you my own stuff, my insecurities wish you would do this, or would have done that.  And I realize that I am telling you this because I need to hear it for myself.  Whether you need to hear it or not is up to you, but I feel the need to express it."  Perhaps with this full scale communication, covering all the bases, good, non dramatic, non blame communication can be accomplished.  But everyone must be completely committed to discovering their own truth and being blatantly, nakedly honest with themselves.  And we must truly know that others aren't to blame, we are not victims of our own reality.  We are responsible for our own manifestations, and our mate is doing us a divine service of illuminating illusions for us to see the truth of our own divinity.

The Deeper Truth

If you know the deeper truth behind the actions of your partner or anyone for that matter, you do not need to tell them what it is.  Nor do you need to ask them questions in a manipulative way so that they will see the "truth".  It is quite easy to see why people do the things they do, especially if you are an experienced observer and master of consciousness.  You may be able to see how and why people do what they do much better then yourself and what you do.  But again it is not your job to arrogantly supply this deeper information or to get them to see it somehow.  They will see the truth when it is theirs to see.  Just you seeing it makes it available to them, if they don't see it after you have seen it then it is not time for them yet.

This can be disconcerting as we can feel the need to help others see the "truth".  But do not fall into this trap, for this is your own trap, trying to help yourself.  If you are trying to help others see the 'light' you are not treating them as masters, but as struggling humans.  You are projecting your reality onto them.  Everyone is a master in a human body.  A spirit having a human experience.  No one needs your help.  You trying to help them is a projection of your own insecurities.  It is based on an unconscious feeling of inferiority, a need to feel superior,  and to not feel inferior.  By telling them what they "need" to know, you are treating them as inferior, as a student, this is arrogance.  You have taken a control position of teacher.  They are not your student, they are a master like you.

There will always be a situation where someone is more advanced than you; or knows more than you; or is more awake then you; or more spiritually aware then you.  These levels of awareness are part of the plan of separation and are an integral part of polarity consciousness.   We all wake up from the dream of separation at various rates, and this is part of the plan as well.  Because of this it can look like there is such a thing as superior / inferior.  We all answer to a higher authority and work for the Divine Plan, All That Is.  But this authority is ourselves on higher dimensions, so the superior / inferior perception is an illusion and only inherent to dimensional perception, in this case the 3rd.  This is a paradox because in this reality superior / inferior "exists".  This is the nature of things here in this dimension, but it does not accurately describe the truth of reality.

Isn't our dramas and manipulation and denial and rejection just intellectualized pouting.  It is conducted from a child ego state.  If you didn't get your way as a child you pouted, it is no different now - we are still kids pouting because we didn't get our way.  That child whose expectations and desires were not met.  It is the same with relationship when our partners do not do what we think they should, we pout and reject them and deny affection and love just like when we were kids.  Have we really grown up, does the child within ever go away?

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are you ready...gremo naprej...

Relationship Sabotage

Do you sabotage your relationship by digging up pain and suffering from past problems, misunderstandings, miscommunications and dramas that have occurred in the relationship?  Do you hash them over and over to be "therapeutically" worked out, analyzed and fixed?  Do you strive for good quality from the heart communication about suffering and painful occurrences that have happened in the relationship, trying desperately to be emotionally connected, to somehow repair problems between you and your partner and some how bring you closer?  Do you allow yourself to be loved or do you sabotage the relationship out of fear that you are unable to be loved or afraid to love and to be hurt by love?

Spending all this time trying to straighten things out between you, sabotages the relationship because you are spending all of your time trying to fix your personal insecurities through the relationship.  You are spending all your time in the past on the illusion of mind and emotion and neglecting the love of the moment.  This past orientation is detrimental to being in the moment and enjoying what love is here now.  It does not allow for any fun.  It cuts the spontaneity out.  How can you be spontaneous, allowing for new moments when you're constantly in old ones.  The love that we are is here now and always, it does not go away just because you are stuck in an emotional rut.

I know all you people with psyche degrees would probably disagree, that there is denial here of feelings and problems that need to be exposed and worked out.  I am not proposing any form of denial just a broader outlook on all factors involved.  Certainly all patterns of denial of divinity must be exposed but they do not necessarily need to be worked out between you.  All problems that pop up between people in relationship are due to individual factors.  In truth there are no problems 'between" people, as there is no thing between people, there is no space between us - no separation.

Issues do not have to be cleared, they just have to be open - able to be cleared.  This takes the pressure off of trying to resolve issues in relationship, your focus can now be solely on making sure 'you' are open and that 'issues' are open.  This allows for many possibilities of resolvement including divine intervention.


Communication about the problems of relationship from the old world perspective that we are somehow victims to what our mates do, that we are not responsible for these manifestations, is deluded, a waste of energy, and only further damages the relationship.   In psychological circles I have seen therapists attempt to remedy these conflicts with compromise; this strategy works to some degree because it diplomatically creates peace for the relationship, but it does not get to the root of the problem and create peace within individual consciousness; it is a short term solution in favor of a quick fix, to avoid really going deep within beingness to find the real conflicts within, that partners are projecting onto each other.

Compromise does not encourage personal awareness, therefore it is not personally empowering and dishonors your unique perception of reality, your idiosyncratic way of seeing and experiencing life.  A Master does not compromise their truth for any one; a master knows that they are a unique expression of All That Is, and that expression is honored by All That Is.  No part of the wholeness of All That Is gives up any part of itself for another part of itself, as if that part of All That Is is more important than another part of All That Is.  We all have our own perception of reality and our own vision of true relationship, so compromise really is agreeing to disagree, or agreeing that you have different perceptions of reality, because you are separate entities, living in separate bodies, viewing the Universe in your own unique way.

Compromise is an illusion, you cannot actually compromise any part of yourself; you can temporarily delude yourself to perceive reality from someone else's programming, but ultimately everyone will wake up to the truth of their magnificence.  The best example of this is the cultesque addiction to religion that humans have on this planet, where persons zealously believe and preach dogmatic doctrine, in order to belong to something bigger then themselves, to belong to something that they feel separate from and must attain.  They still have their own unique perception of reality, they are still magnificent beings, unique expressions of All That Is, except the truth of their beingness is being repressed by brain washing.


Dramas that pop up between people are due to partners projecting their stuff onto the other; projecting their pain onto the other and calling it theirs; at trying to work out their own stuff through another person.  There are no victims in this or any Universe, you are responsible for your own manifestations.  Your stuff is your stuff.  Their responsibility is their own stuff, and your responsibility is yours.  Any problem you have with someone "doing something to you" or "not doing something" is a projection of your own insecurities.  Unless you are able to take full and complete responsibility for your own feelings and dramas and reactions and judgments; you will project onto your mate your stuff and will more than likely want to work it out between you to "heal" something or fix something.

There is nothing to be worked out between you because there is 'no thing' between you.  If there is anything to be worked out it is only your own awareness of the truth of what you need to learn from this interaction and from all the problems that have popped up "between" you.  What your partner does is inconsequential in regards to its affect upon the relationship.  The relationship is only affected by the individual perceptions of it and on it.  A relationship is a creation based on two individual perceptions of themselves.  The health of this relationship is completely dependent on these individual perceptions and the degree to which these individuals take responsibility for their own consciousness.

With this in mind, a majority of the communication about the relationship should be objective.  In other words everyone should limit communication from the victim position of  "you did this; and I feel this way; and I wish you would do this, or wish you would have done that; and even, I wish I had done that".  That form of communication is past referenced from a perspective of removal of pain, trying to remove your pain is a waste of time.  You must go into the pain to discover what is eternal beyond all the pain, to where pain is inconsequential and does not matter when compared to the expansiveness of your true beingness.

The majority of your communication should be about your own insights gathered via the interaction within the relationship, when you have gathered up all the gifts you learned through the conflict that arose.  Share what you have learned about self and All That Is through your interaction with another aspect of your self (your partner).  They are an aspect of self, so anything you feel that is of a victim/abuser realm is pure fantasy.  Even if it looks like victim/abuser is real, it is not.  Even if it feels real, it is not.

You are ultimately in control of your life, and you are especially in control of your perception of your life.  How much of your life do you have the courage to take responsibility for?  If you are missing out on this moment because you are busy hashing out an old one than you are sabotaging yourself.  If you are stuck emotionally in a past hurt, hashing it over and over in your head, feeling the hurt over and over again, imagining it over and over again, then how can you be in the moment - you are indulging in victim hood to try to have control.  If you are in a rejection pattern because you're stuck in your illusion of victim hood, then how can you be open to allowing love in this now moment.

It is not your partners job to help you work out your stuff, to help you take responsibility for what is yours.  Repetitive communication about problems of the relationship puts unnecessary pressure on the relationship, something that it does not need if it is to continue healthily.  There is no problem with any relationship, the only problem is with each individuals awareness within the relationship, and the degree to which they are aware of their own self and take responsibility for this self, and to the degree that they allow themselves to love and be loved

Assuming things based on your fears and emotional dramas is obviously detrimental to the relationship.  i.e. the projection of jealousy upon your mate based on your insecurities; another example of giving your pain away to them and calling it theirs.  By assuming things based on your dramas and projections towards your mate, you will miss out on now moments, on now fun.  You can be so busy  being dramatic and depressed and spiritually pondering the details of relationship that you miss the fun of the moment for yourself, your partner and the relationship.  Partners need to realize self first, then relate these gifts of self that were discovered and evoked from the relationship.  Then even the suffering is seen as a gift instead of something to avoid.  Problems of relationship are no longer problems but ways to learn more about self and the truth of beingness.

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The Trap of Rejection

Don't cut off the love supply!  This is a big control trap to fall into.  Typically when we have a conflict with our mates, we fall into this trap and we both immediately start playing the control game of starving each other of affection and love in a desperate act of retaliation because our mate has 'hurt' us.  We are caught in the trap of the illusion of victim hood.  We cut off the love supply - energetically, psychically, emotionally  and mentally.  We especially cut off the physical love supply, the avenue by which love is felt and expressed - the ultimate punishment for relationship transgressions.  We reject and will maintain this rejection until the energies shift and one of us breaks down and goes against the pattern, going beyond our fears, and pride, thus offering ourselves up affectionately.  That partner may be rejected or accepted, this is the risk you take in this game as you go beyond your fears of rejection and abandonment.

This pattern typically goes on and off throughout a relationship.  This control drama does nothing but serve your victim positions of I'm hurt, you hurt me, you bastard, you bitch.  This is no way to conduct a healthy relationship, it only serves further co-dependence, regret, guilt, and resentment - things we do not want to hang on to.  So plain and simply - don't do it.  You must feel what you feel, but get to the truth of it, your part of the drama, that you must take responsibility for.  You must go beyond feeling like a victim, even if you feel like one - 'you are not'!  You are in control of your destiny and what you manifest in your reality and what your partner dishes out is what you asked for.  Get to a place where you can be grateful for what you are feeling and experiencing, or rather what you will learn about yourself from it.  Do not fake it though, idealistic, conjured up gratuity for the shit you are feeling and having to put up with is not gratuity, you can't lie to the Universe, yourself or All That Is.

This place where you are grateful for what you gain from what you experience in dramas, is a place beyond the pain, a real place of gratuity, where you realize you now know more about yourself and relationship with humans, and relationship with All That Is - Eureka!  So this gratitude will come when you stop and give up control, when you are silent, leaving your partner alone, and discover the gifts of the drama and what you are feeling.  You can actually be thankful to your partner for providing the stimulation for the exploration and subsequent arrival of these revelations about self and consciousness.  Grateful enough to love them for it and shower them with affection because of all that you have learned about self due to their evocation and your interactions together.

Paradoxically you still may hate them for it, because all the pain you felt sucked, and you would rather be a happy bliss bunny 24 hours a day, and "it's their job to help you be a bliss bunny 24 hours a day as an integral part of this co-dependent relationship, by being perfect and never hurting your feelings".  But all the feelings of dislike and hate and victim and abuser must be seen for what they really are.  You must get to a place in your consciousness where you can go beyond these illusionary feelings.  Remember, you are not your feelings, they are merely the avenue by which you feel the illusions of separation.  You must not act from these feelings and reject your partner and play the I hate you dramas, and cut off the love supply.

If you do fall into this trap of rejection, well, that's OK, give yourself a break and give yourself space to see the truth of things.  And when the fog clears, open yourself up to love, to receiving it and giving it.  This includes going to your partner and shnuggling them.  You must do this because you love each other - remember?!  You are in this together, you are not enemies - remember?!  The dramas are not you, the pain is not you, and they are not the relationship.

Catalyst For Change

Cutting off the love supply is ultimately self directed, as we reject parts of the wholeness of our own beingness.  It is self sabotage at its finest, because ultimately we have only our own consciousness, we do not have any control over anyone else's.  Cutting your partner off, cuts yourself off, because your partner "naturally" rejects you for rejecting them.

Cutting off the love supply with rejection is the oldest control drama in the book, it is the age old pattern of projecting our pain onto others and calling it theirs.  In fact you already cut yourself off from love by rejecting a part of the wholeness of All That Is as not being a part of you, and projected onto another person.  "A part that is unlovable therefore could not possibly be a part of me".  In fact what you are feeling has absolutely nothing to do with them, they were merely the catalyst for change that you manifested into your life for that specific lesson of awareness of your beingness.  Therefore judgment is a total illusion, you cannot judge another person, you only condemn them for evoking in you something that you judge and condemn as being unlovable within self - a part of the wholeness of All That Is.

This is the real reason we reject and project condemnation upon others - our unwillingness to include that unlovable part as a part of our wholeness.  Thus you deny yourself love and cut off the natural love that flows between you.  At the root of this is the feeling that we are not worthy of love, therefore we sabotage this supply, and feel justified for doing so, because the partner "hurt our feelings".

Now, you can comfort each other through it all - you must!  You must realize and remember the love!  You must tap into the source and provide each other that love and affection that you both need!  Cutting this love supply off cuts it off for the relationship.  If the patterns continue, the relationship will suffer and die, so you must go beyond your fear, and pain, and suffering, and need to maintain control - surrender to love!  Surrender the need to get the other person back for hurting you, by rejecting them and denying them affection.  We need people, friendship, affection and love making for health and well being of the form, it is a necessity - surrender to this, you are in a body remember?!

Love each other amongst all the pain, then the pattern of victim hood is broken.  Love each other no matter what, because in truth you do anyway.  Give each other affection, to tap into the love.  Stop talking and hug each other, let your bodies channel love.  Put your hands on each others chests and look into each others eyes and let love do its work.  This works because we all have a program that says you give and receive affection from people we love and who love us.  Especially very intimate affection including sex, because we generally make love with those we love.  So go ahead and make love; not to fix anything, or take anything away, or to manipulate energies, but because you love each other.  I'm talking about real love making here, not make up sex - where you try to passionately and lustily get rid of your aggressions and anger.  I'm talking slow, long, sweet, gentle, intimate, lovemaking with continual eye contact and lots of heart to heart, chest contact, allowing the heart chakras to sing, allowing a space for heartgasms.

The Paradox

In this scenario there is a paradoxical feeling that your partner is both hurter and healer, but you must see the truth of this as well, that you cannot be hurt by another and you cannot be healed by another.  You are not a victim and you are not a patient, you are not an abuser and you are not a doctor.  They are a catalyst for your own growth and you must see them from this perspective.  Your pain is your pain, you did not catch it from your partner as if it is some contagious disease.  You can sell your pain to your partner if they want to buy it, or you can try to put it on to them forcefully from your victim position but this is projection and avoidance and not recommended.  Your healing comes from within, you are your own healer.  Healer, heal thyself.  But all healing is accomplished by knowing truth.

Sometimes we have to be an ugly mirror for our mate so that they can see their own shit that they did not want to look at.  You will be seen and judged inaccurately as if what they see is correct.  You may actually do 'bad' things but they aren't really bad, they are only perceived that way by your mate or by you, more trickery of spirit.  Your idiosyncrasies may be seen as negative rather than a positive aspect of your beingness.  Your "rude" behavior may actually be your natural spontaneity, you doing what is necessary for the Divine Plan of All That Is, which is not concerned at all about outcomes and emotions.  Your arrogance may actually be your divine authority being expressed in the moment.  The reciprocal may of course be true about your mates behavior.

What is your perception of them. What aspects of their beingness do you judge.  In other words which parts of you are you not at peace with.  What behavior do you condemn them for that you are not willing to look at in yourself.  What do you project onto them that they should not do because it hurts your feelings.  Don't they have the right to be who they are.  Don't you have the right to be who you are.  What gives them the right to judge you, and what gives you the right to judge them.  You are not in charge of their fulfillment and happiness and they are not in charge of yours.  You do not have any control over whether you are seen accurately or not.

You will have to go through muck and mire and suffering and perhaps numerous partners throughout the years, but you will get there.  And there is available now, (if both partners are prepared to do what it takes), to go all the way, to really love.  And truly loving while being in a body is no easy task, but it is the job we all signed up for.  We are all love experts, experts at manifesting love from higher dimensions into this one, into these bodies, and being the love we are now.  And this thing called relationship is the perfect playground for this painstaking, gut wrenching and joyous work of embodying Who We Truly Are.  This is another reason why we must do it together; we are all in this together; we do it alone but with others, another paradox.  We must support each others personal growth, thus supporting planetary growth, we really have no choice, because 'we are all one'.  Supporting each other supports self; denying another this support denies your own support.  Don't you want to provide support for yourself?

Break the chain of control and manipulation,
surrender to love for love is all that is,
all that you need and all that you are.
Relationship is a gift, evoking awareness of true self, treat it this way.

All My Love,


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Sexuality and Intimacy

(Number 12 in the Continuing Series about Relationship)

Everyone is working with, and to some degree, struggling with this divine expression of love called sex, or as I prefer to call it, making love, although I think that there is a definite distinction between the two.

Making Love is probably the most intimate thing that you can do on planet earth, so naturally everyone has some dramas about it.  I am an intimacy junky, I am always on the search for the highest levels of intimacy possible with everyone.  And because of my intimacy addiction I personally enjoy making love more than just about anything on planet earth, although I have let go of this addiction to a large degree.

Everything is about sex just as Freud postulated, all psychic sexual energy is about relationship and intimacy.  Sex is about intimacy, intimacy is about relationship; relationship is the expression of divinity; sex is creation; life is creation; enlightenment and ascension are about creation; sex is an expression of intimacy with the entire universe, of love and oneness with All That Is.

Committing yourself sexually is no different to committing yourself in any other way.  It is, or should be, an expression of the commitment you have to yourself, to the honor, respect and love you have for yourself, and in turn expressed outwardly toward another person who evokes, honors, and respects and loves your magnificence.

For real Love making you must expose yourself, inside and out.  You must completely open up on all levels.  Love making creates deep energetic connections.  It connects up your chakras and light bodies; it makes deep psychic connections, and hooks you up genetically and karmically.  This is why relationships become much more entwined when making love as opposed to "just being friends", and why "breaking up is so hard to do".  

When you say yes to making love, you are saying yes to all of these connections, and yes to interacting on all the deep levels that follow.  It opens up past lives together, consciously or unconsciously, and brings up all of your wounds of separation, relationship and sexual traumas across time and space.  This is why we always manifest a relationship that matches the level of evolvement we are currently on, moving to, or are done with.  Whatever aspects of our beingness, including wounds from this lifetime, on this planet, other planets, other dimensions, other bodies, across space time and dimension, are evoked for you to either deal with and heal, or deny.

This includes your soul extensions, soul fragments….;  beings that are part of your soul family, even parts of your self that you and your soul extensions have left in other galaxies, other dimensions…that are in need of healing because of traumas they have experienced that they cannot or will not deal with.  Because of your awareness, and the fact that they are part of your wholeness, you will heal them or help them to heal them, for themselves and for you, because of your connection to them and for the whole soul and Monad (group soul).  So Divine Relationship, and divine Sexuality, is saying yes to full presence, with yourself and with another person, with all aspects of your beingness and all aspects of the beingness of your mate.

Making Love in Every Moment

I believe that everyone should live life like every day they are making love.  Every moment of every day, you must live like you are making love.   Everything you do should have the same sensitivity and awareness as when you are making love.  If everyone lived their lives in this manner, heaven on earth would surely be here; peace and love would reign supreme.

Real love making is the kind where you are completely in the moment with your lover; totally in the moment with every nuance, every touch, every stroke; with no intentions, no desires; where you are not trying to cause anything, or get anything.  And if you live life like this then a tree is your lover; a rock is your lover; a flower is your lover; the grass and clouds are your lover; the wind is your lover…; everyone and everything is your lover - your beloved.

Make love to your computer, make love to your car, make love to the xerox copier, make love to your pets, make love to all animals, make love to the angels, make love to the Ascended Masters, make love to the check out person… and of course, not in any old way.   Make love with them, don't sex them.  You don't make sex, sex should happen as a natural part of making love, directed only by the synergy, by the synchronis energy; just because it is the next thing to do to complete the synergy, to honor the synergy, to honor the union of the divine masculine and feminine, which is its true intention even in same sex bodies.

Sex and Intimacy

I believe that all people are just as addicted to intimacy as myself, they just don't know it, do not allow themselves to experience it, and more than likely, feel that they do not deserve it.  This is the root of all intimacy problems, fear.  Fear that they are not good enough; fear that they are bad; fear that they do not deserve to be loved and nurtured and cared for.

All sexual intimacy difficulties stem from these problems.  It is everyone’s natural tendency to be affectionate, sensual and sexual.  Anyone that is not, has got intimacy and unworthiness issues that they have not dealt with.  I know that everyone loves to be touched, and shnuggled, and stroked, and kissed.  Anyone that does not, is in some form of denial of physicality, based on some fear program and past karmic issues.

Sexuality aside, I believe that it is everyone’s natural tendency to want to experience as much shnuggling as they can.  I am not convinced that some people are more affectionate than others, and enjoy affection more.  The only difference between people is the level of intimacy and love that they allow themselves to experience and express.  Giving and receiving affection is then a direct manifestation of these inner qualities and abilities to give and receive love.

It is natural that when you love someone you would want to hug them and shnuggle them for a long time.  Depending on how much you allow yourself to experience the intimacy of it, will be the degree to which you allow yourself to experience affection, if you have someone to experience it with.  If you have a lover, it is a natural tendency to be extremely affectionate.  If both people are comfortable with giving and receiving love, they will not be able to keep their hands off of each other.

Love making should be greatly honored, it is a wonderful creation of intimacy.  It is an expression of creativity itself.  I recommend to everyone, to make love as often as possible and as long as possible.  Your focus should be on the moment, the sensuality of the moment; the intimacy of the moment; the emotion of the moment; the ecstasy of the moment; the divinity of the moment.  Result should not be a consideration.  Orgasm will naturally be less important if you make love in the moment, with the utmost in intimacy, then every moment will be orgasmic.  Every kiss, every touch, every stroke, every lick will be orgasmic.

Open up your entire chakra system when you make love.  Connect your genitals with your heart. Make love with your heart not your genitals.  Look deeply into each others eyes, look into the soul.  Allow heartgasms to happen.  Allow cosmicgasms to happen.  Be sexually/sensually divinely turned on by Love, by the resonance in your heart and full connection to cosmic and earth centered in your Antakarana/Rainbow Bridge, joined as one pillar of light.

Don’t be an orgasm addict, this is not a race; there is only the moment so don't try to heat things up; allow real passion of the moment from Divine Union, not from sexual excitation.  Making love is about making love to make love, for love’s sake, not to get to some destination.  Be in the moment of what you desire now, make love, make out, shnuggle, kiss forever…  Don’t have orgasms, be the orgasm!

Make love and enjoy affection the way my cat does;  totally surrender to receiving affection without feeling a need to reciprocate.  Reciprocate when it is natural to do so.  Totally surrender to receiving when it is time to receive.  Totally surrender to giving when it is time to give.

Present all of you, allow everything to be there, fully present and with whatever is there.   Be tantric, be intimate, be pure, be conscious, but give yourself permission to be an animal, to being lusty, the sex object; to being consciously unconscious; give yourself permission to being a balanced spiritual cosmic humanimal.

Enjoy all aspects of sexuality and sensuality.  Be a conscious channel of love.  Do not hesitate, there is nothing wrong with any expression of sexuality.  Be as outrageous as you possibly can.  Allow for total spontaneity, for anything to happen, to laugh, cry, grunt, squeel, fart, burp, tone, to experience all kinds of emotions and feelings.  Allow any part of your body to be an erotic zone…; work with everything you experience in that moment; give yourself permission to stop, to change gears, to experience everything; to channel; to have a multidimensional experience; to be submissive; to be aggressive...

You will experience many initiations in your sexual relationships especially with partners you have had past lives with, especially in mystery schools and tantric temples.  Allow yourself to release past sexual traumas, and to experience the emotions from these releases.

Love making is an honorable, beautiful, ecstatic expression of love and divinity.  It is hugely important and it is also not such a big deal.  We only make it a big deal because we are afraid of what it brings up for us.  We are only afraid of it because we are afraid of the intimacy, and afraid of the love.

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Post by Kali on 23.02.2004 at 20:24:29


We all need to get to a place in our consciousness where we are in love with everyone and everything.  You must if possible be in love with your friends.  This must be real, like any relationship.  Love your friends like your lover, stroke your friends like your lover.
The same for your children, fall in love with them.  Love them like your lover, stroke them like your lover, kiss them like you lover.

Allow yourself to be loved by your mate.  Allow yourself to love, to truly love.  To love more and deeper than you ever have.  Channel love through your love making.  Let love making be a ceremony, it should always be treated in this way.  

Love making is one of the most grounded things that you can do.  Many beings in the spiritual realms have become too spiritual, they have worked so hard on opening their upper chakras that they have neglected the lower ones.  They have also done this to not act like typical humans that only operated from these lower chakras.   But you must be fully open and operational if you are going to embody who you truly are.  You must allow all aspects of self to be here in these bodies on planet earth.  You must be divine consciousness as well as divinely human.

The ascension is a descension, it is a process of you as consciousness, descending fully into your body.  You as personality are building a bridge to soul (higher self)   If you are only operating from the upper chakras, then you are not ascending, or inscending, only escaping.  You may have ascended your consciousness up to discover that you are much more than human; you may have touched upon enlightenment, and caught a glimpse of your magnificence, but it is now time to realize that you always were enlightened, that you were always magnificent, you just forgot.  You as divine consciousness are enlightened.  You, as personality, are trying to attain something that you already are, it is merely a matter of lifting all the veils that block your vision of your true magnificence and mastery.

Now that you have some idea of who you are, it is now time to really be that.  To realize that you are that.  You are pure God consciousness.  Embody that.  Be that.  Making love will help you ground yourself here into this reality because it is a divine avenue for combining human with divinity.  You are putting two bodies together for the intention of creation, not to create another human, but to create divinity, to create a divine synergy; to ground divinity into this reality; to ground love into this reality; to ground love and divinity into your bodies.

Releasing Sex from the Obligation to Make You Feel Better

Sexuality/Love making is a sacred act and should be treated with the respect and honor it deserves.  As part of separation consciousness, we have trivialized and cheapened sex.  It has become a commodity to use and sell and manipulate with.  Society uses it, the media uses it and everyone in their day to day lives uses it continually, to get what they want, to feel desired, loved, generate money, prove their worth….

In our lives we use it to deny our wounds of separation, to create a false oneness, an imitation for true deep intimacy.  So, in honor and respect for ourselves, for truth, for divine union, our bodies, our genitals, our sexual creative energy; in respect for the sexual creative energy of God Goddess, the universe and the entity of lovemaking and sexuality - release your projections, demands and expectations upon sex.  Give sex a break.  Release it from the obligation to make us feel better; release it from the expectation to help us feel loved, and have worth, and be fulfilled.  Release sex from its enslavement to keeping us in denial, avoiding real intimacy and real passion for trumped up sexual charge and discharge.

Also release your expectations and demands for sex to be spectacular.  Sex has become the new god to worship and compare your life with.  Society promotes the fantasy that if you're having great sex then you've accomplished something.  If you are desirable and available to be desired, then you have some worth.  Stop playing the game of unworthiness, it is a lie and not any fun anymore.

Release your partners, lovers, and friends from all obligations to make you feel good.  Don't use people for anything, even to help you feel spiritual, or connected, or centered, or grounded or loved….  People, lovers, friends… are not your slaves, require nothing of them other than to respect and honor you if they choose to have you in their lives, this is unconditional love.

Sex will not relieve you of your suffering and take the woundedness away.  It should just be a natural part of your ecstatic existence rather than some refuge away from mundane life.  If your life is one of full blooded commitment to truth, honesty and openness, you will create beautiful sex and beautiful lovers and relationships in your life.  They will manifest as a natural reflection of your inner awareness that you are love.

So as you are awakening further and further to your magnificence and embodying your divinity, you will encounter difficulties with partners sexually and intimately, as the lies of your unworthiness are revealed, and because of the fact that you will no longer be able to do what has been comfortable, you will no longer be able to sex the way you used to, and this may be frustrating, because you will feel like you've lost something.  Probably the biggest one is no longer being able to swoon off into unconsciousness, into a false world of your own, a world of images and romance.  This is no longer truthful, real and present.  Ecstatic love making is conscious, 110 percent, like your life; there is no room for denial, no room for hyped up overdone stimulation to avoid your shit.  You must be fully present, that means all the good with all the bad, no more trumped up illusionary "perfection".

With this full consciousness, sex becomes an expression of our joy, our happiness, our love, our truth, rather than some say to obtain these in our lives, to avoid our suffering and dissatisfaction with life, others and ourselves.  With full consciousness you do not give any part of your self away, or take anything, but rather allow the union of beings to enhance and expand yourselves; you surrender control to allow love to direct your loving.  Love making then becomes a natural occurrence of our already ecstatic existence, a way of expressing our utter appreciation for the wonders of the universe and creation, and our gratefulness for our existence, a natural expression of the love we are.

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Release your fear of intimacy and real passion.   Don’t crappity smack away real passion, and true intimacy by discharging your passion, which is really the fire of your Spirit.  Don't use sex to discharge your stress, conflict and accumulated tension.  Don't create a false level of intimacy by sexing, go much deeper.  Sex in generally thought of being a very intimate thing to do, but sex can actually be used as a resistance to intimacy, as a barrier and avoidance of intimacy.  It all depends on the fantasy factor, why you're having sex in the first place: your intentions, and ability to allow for love and true intimacy in the moment.  Optimally, all sexual encounters should be guided and instigated by love, by synergy (synchronis energy), then there is no seduction happening and no one wanting anything from the other, you're just letting your souls and bodies guide you.

Love making is an entity in and of itself.  The union of two people is a synergy, a oneness.  This oneness, this synergetic entity, if allowed, will direct your lovemaking, and your lovemaking will become the medium for the channeling of the passionate pulse of your God Presence, of Great Spirit, creation, God/Goddess…

If your love making is not instigated and guided by synergy, by love, then it is controlled by ego, by personality, by patterns, by images, by fantasy and illusion.  Your sex is just mutual masturbation.  An agreement to help each other feel pleasure, to feel loved, to feel one, to feel sexy, to feel wanted… all external agreements to deny wounds of separation.

If you are truly making love in the moment, there are no agreements, no patterns, no desires, no images…only the moment, with no where to go and now place to be, other than where you are right now.  Orgasm does not exist, needing your lover to kiss here or lick there does not exist, if they do anything it is because they are guided by love to do so, guided by synergy and it is ecstatic.  Every moment is ecstatic, every moment is an orgasm, this is true Tantra-(1), true Yoga-(2); true full body orgasms, when every kiss, every stroke, every nuzzle, every suck, every lick, every thrust is an ecstatic orgasmic moment, where your senses are so attuned to each moment of love that the love fills you completely and generates lovegasms, heartgasms, headgasms, armgasms, leggasms, breastgasms, penisgasms, vaginagasms, neckgasms, facegasms, lipgasms - full body ecstasy.

Being in the moment is the key.  There is no other moment than this one, nothing else maters, nothing else exists, only love.  When you can love and make love like this, your relationships will be heavenly, ecstatic synergies of divinity.  If you can live your life this way, truly surrendered to the love of each moment, to the deepest imperatives of each ecstatic experience of each and every nano second, then your life will be a life of joy and bliss and pure ecstasy; a life of pure Divine Essence, of pure God Force; an Angelic existence of oneness, and connection, and appreciation of the wonders of the workings of the universe; God/Goddess incarnate; Avataric embodiment.

"Ecstasy is not the goal, but the Foundation"-3

In Divine Love, Cosmic Sexuality and Juicy Sensuality,


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Shattering the Illusions

Are you a hopeless Romantic, suffering from the longing for the beloved?  Who is the beloved?  The old perception was that the beloved was an object outside of self, someone that you could love forever and would love you forever.  The search for some form of permanence in an impermanent world.  The one that would make everything all right.  The holy grail contained within another person.  But what is really contained within that object of affection, what is really contained within this holy grail?  It contains the Christ Consciousness blood, that Divinity that we all are.  Romance is the search for this grail, a search for that which is eternal, that which lasts forever and ever, something that we can always count on, something that does not change.  This is the root of all romance, the search for self and finding self through intimate relationship with another.  The search to heal our pain of separation by communing with others who have the same pain.  The search for completion, fulfillment, wholeness, oneness.

There must be distance between you for typical romance, the object of desire is outside of self.   This distance, this separation between us is dramatized and inflated, something we do naturally as actors, and fantasy is a key element in the production of the play.  In this case the fantasy is the image of perfection, and of personal fulfillment when the object is obtained, and of course living happily ever after.  The fantasy image untouched by imperfection in an imperfect world.  But alas when the object is attained the perfection of this romanticized image is shattered by reality.

A large degree of this excitement is in the expectation, the search, the hope of attaining the object, and just as when we were children, the excitement level drops soon after receiving the object.  We then had to start wanting something else to generate this emotional charge, we still do the same thing today.

This is the pattern of relationship when the honey moon is over and conflict arises.  This is the point when you are left with yourself, when self is bounced back at you because your fantasy image is now fading and reality is setting in, replacing this perfect image with the imperfection of form.  The focus then goes away from the other person and comes back to you.  This is why we hate it when we realize that our mate has flaws, because then our attention wavers from the fantasy image and we are left with their imperfection and with our own imperfection.  Our fantastic image bounces back at us and we are left with self, self conscious, insecure, fragile, emotional, dependent self.

We can then fall into the trap of condemning the actions of our mates to further avoid focusing on ourselves and being aware of self.  We become angry as if we were lied to or fooled by them, as if they put on an act of loveliness for us, and when we became hooked, the evil twin came out - the faulty, insecure, dependent human surfaced.  We feel abandoned and alone because we are left with our own insecure self, and a false image of our mate.  Many people experience at this state that they 'never really new their partner', their partner now feels like a stranger to them, and you don't feel any connection between you any more.  This is of course logical because you weren't having a relationship with each other but with your images of them.

This is the truth of fear of intimacy, it is not fear of relating with another person that is scary, but of having to be intimate with self.  And we don't want the honey moon to end because then we'll have to focus on what we're up to instead of them.  Maintain the focus (at all costs) in an outward, projective, fantastic manner to avoid self, keeping the imaginary ecstasy going so that it will not be shattered by "reality".

The oneness of typical romance is not real, it is an illusion.  There is pleasure to it, but the temporary pleasure of it masks what is underneath and what is underneath is the pain of separation.  Putting off that pain only serves to make it worse down the line as the fantasy is shattered and the pain shoots to the surface like a volcano.  This is the root of torrid dramas that arise in relationships.  All the repressed pain is kept trapped, and then when the door opens it rushes up to the surface hard and furious to be spoken for.

Typical Romance is blatantly, passionately, obsessively, exteriorly focused on an object of desire, on an object of love.  And we support this pattern and glamorize it.  It is a glamorized form of pornography, and we love the imagery, except romance is more subtle and imaginative.  Manifestations of romance are the over identifications society has with all the forms that excite us and intimate at relationship, and the pleasures that go along with it.  On a deeper level, romance is a strategy to obtain oneness and to become fulfilled.  On a shallower level it is, plain and simply, to obtain pleasure and feel loved.

I personally am a hopeless romantic, I adore romance movies and romantic gossip.  I am fascinated by the blissful, torrid, exciting, passionate love play between lovers and their obsession with "love".  It is an addiction, I get a rush and intense pleasure from it.  This passion feels good, it has a charge to it, a sexual emotional charge.  I get off on the desire, the obsession, the search, the pursuit, the hope, the loss.  It's all an act, I like the drama - I'm just an actor, a divine fool (as is everyone)  - the only difference is I realize it.  This is why I lived and breathed the movie business in Hollywood for 13 years, to see that "all the world is a stage and we are merely players with our many entrances and exits"...  This is the gift of movies that my beloved City of Angels offers the world - the truth of reality.

I love romance so much because I love love so much, and I love having fun, and the adventure & passion of love and relationship.  And I adore the fringe benefits of romance i.e. making love, shnuggling, kissing, companionship, the intimacy, the sharing, the friendship - these things are indeed gifts from All That Is to make this human drama bearable.  Ultimately, love is what we are romantic about, and what we are addicted to and what we are attracted to - in all its forms.


What are you really attracted to when you are attracted to someone?  You are attracted to a unique expression of All That Is.  All That Is expressing itself in one unique form, a very specific individual expression of All That Is.  Personally I will not give up the romantic search for the beloved because I know what the search really is and the romance between beings in human bodies is just part of the fun, the perks of the job, the goodies that make this play bearable and fun, if there wasn't any fun to this then I wouldn't come.  It is all a play any way so I may as well enjoy what the play has to offer.

One thing that I always hope for in this movie called romance is compassion, true compassion.  When we see it, the movie is a joy, if it is lacking it becomes a tragedy.  Because a truly compassionate person is aware of self as well as the other person, this translates as self love, self respect, and honoring of self.  The pattern of focusing on the other disregards self, and in the tragedy the one who focuses his attention on another usually ends up crazy, their life crashing all around them.  And even that part is glamorized - and why not, it's fun, life is meant to be adventurous.

Why does this tragedy happen?  Because the truth must be revealed and the true search is the search of self.  All that is not seen of the truth of self must surface to the light.  And this happens because they essentially dishonor self in favor of obtaining an object instead of discovering self - but self will be discovered, you cannot be let off the hook.  A compassionate person has complete awareness and deeply feels themselves, the other and the whole scene.  The heat of passion is both balanced and honored by the cool of compassion.  When lovers develop compassion, and embody self love, it is a joy to witness, and there will be a happy ending, we leave the theater with tears of joy on our faces.  When lovers fail to truly experience self, most definitely there will be a tragic ending.  Think about all the romance movies that you have seen given to us by All That Is expressing itself through movies, and you will know where of I speak.

As we can see by these movies, to a large degree this romantic adoration dishonors the uniqueness of the individual, because our fantasy is not the truth of their beingness, it is our own creation of what they should be like or what we would like them to be like.  (Thou shalt have no other gods before me)  And your projective image locks them into that image for you and for themselves.  If they do not live up to that image we are disappointed and reject them.  We hate them for not being what we think they should be.  Their true beingness, their own individual idiosyncratic, spontaneous, creativity, with all its patterns that are probably dissimilar to you, are not allowed.  We do not want some one different from us because we don't want to feel separate from them.  We want them to be as similar to us as we can possibly get, their in lies the root of the fantasy image.

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Post by Kali on 24.02.2004 at 12:56:11

This image, this focusing away from self at another is a symptom of our assumed separation from All That Is, from truth and the awesomeness and radiance of our own being.  Both people in the relationship do this: project expectations and desires and perfect images onto our mates, expecting them to act this way and meet our expectations to fulfill our fantasy so we will not feel pain.  We are living out programming dictated by our separateness.  The old version of relationship contained within it the "fact" that we are separate and lonely.  To overcome this 'feeling' we chose to enter exclusive dependent relationships to avoid feelings of aloneness and separation at all costs.

This old form of relationship suppressed individual beingness.  The new relationship supports and encourages the true beingness of the individual, this is why the new relationship can be so difficult.  Generally relationships are based on coincidal imagery.  We obtain mates that meet our qualifications.  If they do not we discard them, try to change them or leave them.  This is an attempt at oneness, if we get along, have similar interests and have a good compatible sex life then we "have oneness".

Naturally this is a false oneness, we disregard individual idiosyncratic identity for fake oneness - to belong, to be a part of a thing that feels bigger than us.  This is the fantasy, the glamorized romance of marriage, the big ceremony, the illusion that this relationship is the "one", the one that will fulfill me and make everything all right - we'll live happily ever after.  Hype it up, inflate it, dress the bride like a virgin (glamorizing the woman, our romantic image of perfection), dress the groom in a boring tux (down play the male, denying the beauty of the masculine), make everything perfect and big to feel like you're a part of something bigger than you.

In truth this is accurate, it is bigger then you, but not in the manner that it is being portrayed.  The synergy created by two people together is greater then the sum of the parts, this is on a higher dimensional level, on a synchronistic energetic (synergetic) level.  This is another reason why relationships can be difficult, as they require you to be truthful to yourself within the combination of the synergy, the bigger creation created by the love and divine essences of two people.  A marriage ceremony celebrates the creation of this new form, a new expression of All That Is.  As these two expressions of All That Is come together - a synergetic entity is created - a new life form.

Typical glamour, the desire to belong to someone, avoids and masks what is hiding deep down below - a longing to belong to the source, the longing of true oneness with All That Is.  Paradoxically if you go right into that longing, you discover you already belong and are one with All That Is.  True oneness requires your full individuality, your full awareness of all that you are.  Focusing on another disregards self and this individuality.  This is why relationships "fail" - focusing on each other disregards the wonderment and awesomeness of self.

Self is pure consciousness, the stream of consciousness of All That Is, Great Spirit, The I Am Presence - no separation.  Yet paradoxically contained within All That Is, is the individual, the fully functional personal you that is an individual expression of All That Is - the entire Universe expressing itself at a single point.  The new romance is 'that' of you, unconditional self love.  And self love is embodying the you that 'can' love so fully, that you that 'is' love, and loves 'now' unconditionally.  That you that 'can' love, is not seduced by anything in the world of form.  It does not need anything:  techniques, methods, information, learning - these are of no use to that which you truly are, unless it serves who you truly are.  The world of form is your servant, you are not a servant to the world of form.

Behind all romance, is the fantasy of the timeless relationship that lasts forever.  A longing for permanence, that of our beingness that is eternal and naturally permanent.  The relationship with All That Is that is eternal, the relationship with oneself that is eternal.  The search for the beloved is the search for ourself, All That Is all that we are.  So paradoxically romance is true, it is real because we see in each other that timeless relationship that does really last forever, that of our beingness that is permanent.

This relationship with All That Is expressing itself through two people never changes, never ends, even when our physical representations of this relationship complete themselves - the true relationship continues.  We never really lose anyone, our true relationship with people never changes, only the physical form of the relationship changes.

Falling in love and being in love with another person, is being in love with that of themselves that is eternal.  What you are in love with is that eternal beingness that you are.  So your desire to be in love with your self - your true self, to be one with that which you truly are, and already are, and are already at one with, is projected at the other person.  And your love of self is evoked by their love for you, their reciprocal projection of adoration for you.

Old Age form of relationship based on romance:  create the perfect image, the dream boat, Mr. or Ms. right, then find the person who fits the image.  If you find this perfect mate and later you find they don't fit the image, you try to change them or you get rid of them.  Then the search continues again for the perfect image.

The new age form of relationship, (hopefully shifting to true reality), is still based on romance, where there is a "deep spiritual connection",  i.e. - twin flame, soul mate, perfect divine partner, past life lover, similar spiritual biases, etc.  It is less form oriented only because we now look for that perfect mate that is spiritually correct for us.  But make no mistake it is still based on some form, even if it is a higher dimensional form, it is still a form.  Both are dysfunctional, the new age relationship is just a spiritualized version of the old.

Further, in the new age relationship, you have idealistically given up desire to control another person, and you hope that you can put up with what ever they dish out and how ever they are.  If not, you "therapeutically" notify your partner that you wish they were different.  You still reject them and go into your "self", saying: "I am processing these energies of separation, (evoked by this relationship), but if I cannot handle this stuff that I am feeling, and can't find a way out, I will leave you or you will have to leave me".  Same shit, nicer version.  It is still avoidance of self and the truth.  Suffering cannot be fixed, and cannot be taken away by some strategy.  You must place your attention on that which is aware of suffering.  Any strategy to avoid suffering places your attention on suffering, with your attention on suffering, you will continue to suffer.

In the "Real" New Relationship you have no images or expectation of the other person.  You have no dependencies, no demands, and no projections that the other person is supposed to fulfill any part of you - this is a reality because you realize 'you are fulfillment'.  You allow, honor, encourage and delight in the mystery of their unique creative individuality.

I hope that you don't think I am promoting the irradication of romance and relationship from this reality, if you do you have missed the point, I am not interested in irradicating anything.  What I am interested in is seeing the truth of everything in this illusion that we call reality, in enlightening these things to higher potentials, in honoring all parts of the wholeness of All That Is.  I adore romance and will always be drawn to it, especially as I see the wholeness of it amongst its distorted elements.  All things in this reality have a higher dimensional counter part, it is merely a matter of finding what that is.  Look long enough at anything and you will see the truth of it, or the illusion that it is.  So in truth what I am promoting is true romance and true relationship, the manifestation of true reality into this dimension of limited perception.  I am promoting complete awareness of All That Is.

What about the fun part?  Naturally if you can do the 'new' relationship or come close to it, the ever expanding mystery constantly unfolds.  So then maybe, we can really start having fun, because we can now operate in the now, where every moment is new and offers new experiences.  You and your partners unique creativity is allowed to flow and constantly be spontaneously expressed.  All That Is is allowed to be channeled to this reality.

So go ahead and be romantic, with complete awareness of the 'truth' of romance.  This entire reality is an illusion anyway, so enjoy the illusion.  Be the actor within the play, engulfed in the part, but remember you are acting.  Remain aware of 'that which you truly are' which is always aware that you are acting.  When you can be the actor and 'who you truly are' (the witness, the audience), then you can really start having some fun.  You can sit back eating your popcorn and enjoy the movie.  You can really have some fun because you know it's just a part your playing.  You can get scared, and angry, and sad, and cry, and laugh.... knowing deep down that it is just a movie and it's all an illusion created by the big Hollywood producer for your entertainment and the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.  Then you can be romantic for the fun of it, knowing what you're really in love with.  And you can really love another person because this reality allows this "illusion", and you can enjoy them for what they truly are.

How much courage do you have to fully play the part with the freedom of knowing that it is all an illusion, where it doesn't matter what you do, where consequences are irrelevant, and regret is unnecessary.  How daring can you be, risking everything, with the awareness that risking everything is risking nothing.  How much will you allow your true self to really be expressed and embodied.  Will you allow your 'self ' to do whatever it occurs to you to do, no matter how crazy it may seem to that part of you that worries about consequences.  The 'real' you is not concerned about consequences because it knows they are illusions.  The real you is not concerned about hurting any ones feelings because it knows feelings are not real and that there are no victims in true reality.  Can you be a bastard or a bitch and know you're just playing a part in someone's play.  Can you be truly lovingly compassionate and caring, knowing that you are just playing a part in a play, this drama called 'discovery of self ' a.k.a. the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.

Blessings on your Romantic Journey,


Title: Follow the Leader
Post by Kali on 02.03.2004 at 19:11:30

Follow the Leader

(This article was evoked by a dream told by a friend: In it she saw a large group of light workers at the top of a bluff, there were no leaders to lead the people down off of the cliff, and no one was willing to jump off of the cliff first.  More and more light workers were arriving, pushing everyone ever closer to the cliffs edge because there was no more room at the top.)

Are you ready to be a leader?  Are you ready to jump off of the cliffs edge into the wondrous abyss of the unknown?  Will you have real courage - being afraid but jumping anyway?  Are you courageous enough to be the magnificence that you are?  Are you willing to give up everything that you have previously known yourself and the world to be?  Are you willing to allow and accept a completely new reality of love and light?

Are you willing to go to the deepest darkest places within your “self” that refuses to let go of pain, suffering, victimhood and illusionary identity, that “self” that refuses to let go of control?  Are you willing to let go of personal will, and surrender yourself to divine will, to being an instrument of the Divine Plan?  Are you willing to be a pathway cutter for all of humanity, forging ahead through the thickness of resistance of the old world?  This is the challenge that we are all facing.

Will you be a leader, or will you wait for someone else to jump first before you do?  Will you surrender and jump in head first or will you walk the fence of indecision and test the water with your toe?  You are a leader of the entire world, but for heaven on earth to manifest we must be an entire world of leaders.  You must be your own leader, your own awakener.  Everyone must realize that each one is the leader of themselves.  Each person is their own Guru, this is why it is spelled G, U R U.  Everyone is their own master; everyone is their own God; everyone is their own savior; everyone is their own space ship.

This is why in this dream there was no one to lead the light workers off of the top of the bluff and no one to jump off first to lead the way.  This is because for a master, jumping off of the cliff is an everyday occurrence, it is nothing, faith is the most natural way to be.  So to jump off in an attempt to lead others, so that they would jump off, (thus creating followers), would be irresponsible, because it would require very little of the awakening leaders, and would not empower them.  This is because everyone must lead, certainly there are some who lead at times more than others, but everyone must be a leader, this is true mastery.  It is a much more beneficial initiation to be lead up to the cliff and then left there to your own experience and choices, of whether to say yes to divinity or to more illusion.

Most people, including many awakening masters in the spiritual community, are waiting for someone to show them the way.  There are many masters that are here now that can light your path and show you the doorway, but you must open it and walk through it by yourself.  There are many masters here that will lead you to the precipice, but you must have the courage and faith to jump off without knowing what is ahead.  A real master will give you lots of nudges, but cannot push you off, you must do that of your own free will.

It is now time to take responsibility for our own mastery, for our own divinity and for your own manifestations.  It is time to accept the awesome responsibility that we are creator Gods just as the Elohim.  We Light Beings, (Light workers, Ascended Masters, Angels, ET’s etc.) with our spiritual accomplishments and the creation of the Christ Consciousness Grid, have ascended the consciousness on this planet to a place where everyone is now left with their own self, without any limitation energetics.  The torch has been passed to the next wave of Illuminators, it is all up to you now, time to take the ball and run with it..

Title: Follow the Leader
Post by Kali on 02.03.2004 at 19:15:07

The Civilization of Light – Heaven on Earth

A completely new civilization is emerging, a wondrous world of beauty beyond our wildest imaginings.  A place where “special” abilities such as psychic knowing, healing, instant manifestation, and teleportation, are normal and average rather than exceptional.  A place where all life recognizes its divinity and oneness with All That Is, and live daily as masters of divinely creative expression.  A world and reality where illusions of unworthiness and lack do not exist.

How that civilization will manifest is a mystery, this is the canyon below the precipice, the void between the dimensions, this is where we must have faith that all is perfect and going as planned.  This is what all great masters speak about, we are doing our best to assist this process by helping the awakening masters function on a daily level, while accepting their divinity and living between the worlds.

We are living between two worlds, between an old dying world of lack, competition, power, and separation, and the birthing of a new world of divinity, cooperation, love, compassion, prosperity and oneness.  For the awakened beings, this is especially applicable because we are aware that we are living between this world of limitation and the world of divine expression.

It is relatively easy to be in one or the other, but it is most difficult to be between them.  This is why you must be courageous; you must be strong; you must be divinely ruthless; you must be more loving and compassionate than you could possibly imagine.  You must not give in to the old world’s pressure to limit yourself and not reveal your magnificence; for you to not be who you truly are; for you to not express your divinity and creativity.

We all came to this planet with our own vision of this civilization of light.  This vision has been locked away in the vault, it is now time to crack the combination and reveal this grand vision of Heaven on Earth.  It is time for you to begin living your own vision of heaven on earth.  You also came here with your own natural abilities that emanate from your spiritual essence.  These abilities from your divine essence and natural way of functioning, are how you will manifest this vision.


You must have faith in God and the divine plan, and this vision of Heaven on Earth that you hold within your consciousness.  You must be the awesome master that you are in order to manifest this vision, because you are the embodier of this vision.  You are the embodier of Heaven on Earth!  Heaven on Earth manifests through you, you are its channel.  You are God’s creator of this vision of Light.

You must have more faith than you thought possible.  You must learn to trust and rely upon your brothers and sisters, and the Angels, and the Ascended masters.  You must realize that all is as it should be, and you are perfect just the way you are!  You are a most awesome creator of reality and you must take responsibility for all that you have manifested, and begin manifesting a higher reality.  Risk everything and nothing for the manifestation of true reality.

Doubt, confusion and fear are not your natural states of being, so do not succumb to these illusions.  Doubt and confusion are merely the ego freaking out because you no longer need it, as you realize your true identity.  Fear was a necessary part of the experience of limitation and survival, but it is not needed for mastery of divine expression.  You and your ego, (even though you don’t really have one), are misinterpreting excitement as fear.  You are really just excited about all of the grand possibilities at this time.  You are really just ecstatic beyond measure about your own awesome magnificence.

Surround yourself with beings that have awoken, that support your mastery, and see you as divinity itself.  Beings who are similarly committed to this heavenly vision and to their own ascension.  Limit your exposure with people that still want to experience the illusions of separation and denial.  Release everyone from your life who wants you to limit yourself so that they will not feel separate from you;  people who refuse to take responsibility for their lives, and try to project their insecurities and feelings of victimhood upon you.  You are not helping them or yourself by trying to maintain a relationship with them, your opposing realities undermine each other.

As you acknowledge, allow and accept your magnificence, as you awaken to the full awesomeness of your divine eternal beingness, you naturally become a leader, because you have become your own leader, your own master.  Others will see you as a master and a leader, and right they should, for you are indeed that.  But you are not their leader, they are their own.  And if you are a true master you will encourage their own mastery.  You will entrain them, which means that just by your presence, by your example of how you live and who you know yourself to be, they will be elevated to a higher level of conscious awareness.

This is the gift of the Masters and the Gurus; in their presence, because they exist at a high level of  awareness, this energetic vibration naturally entrains you to their higher level of vibratory awareness.  This occurs because within their consciousness, you are a master, you are God Almighty expressing itself at a single point, and they have no doubts about this whatsoever, it is unwavering absolute truth.

The only difference between the Master and the disciple, is the Master knows s/he is God, while the disciple does not.  You must begin to see everyone as the master that they truly are, even the lowliest person whose experience of life is one of suffering, lack and unworthiness.

You see everyone lives an illusion, like actors they try to convince themselves and others that they are separate from each other, that they are this and that identity, that they are separate from God.  This is why many people will resist you, because in your presence their divinity is evoked.  People will either be attracted to you or repulsed by you, depending on how much they are willing to accept their divinity.  They will try to get you off track, to try to get you to doubt your magnificence, and to especially doubt theirs, but do not be dismayed, see them as divinity whether they want to be seen that way or not, because that is the truth.

Wake Up, The Time Is Now!

It is time for everyone on planet earth to wake up - now!  Certainly there is divine timing and everyone has their free will, but there is very little time left to play the games of denial and separation, because planet Earth is moving into its next level of existence, this planet is Ascending, it is becoming a star, and in order to continue living on this planet, everyone on it must also become stars.  Any one who does not want to ascend, who still want to experience limitation and the illusions that go along with it, will have to go elsewhere to do it.  The force of evolution is upon us, you can surf this big wave of love or be drowned by it.

Planet Earth is already in the 4th dimension.  Many awakened masters on planet earth at this time are also operating at similar levels, especially if they are activating their light bodies.  Prior to this time, all light workers have lived with an experience of being strangers in a strange land.  We felt like aliens visiting some foreign world.  This feeling was accurate because we are.  We were divine beings living in a world that does not recognize divinity as true reality.  As this new civilization of light manifests further and further, anyone who still refuses to wake up, will become the strangers in a strange land, they will become the minority rather than the majority.

You are the manifestor; you are the master; you are God the creator!  Be who you truly are!  By you being who you truly are, heaven manifests on planet earth.  Every moment that you are acting and being who you truly are, heaven is here now in that moment.  Do not be afraid, for I AM AllWays with you.  Go ahead and jump into the mystery, into the magic, into the wonders of creation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We are waiting for you at the bottom of the canyon.  We are waiting for you to be who you truly are, to being the magnificent awesome master that you already are; this is the leap of faith, and the leap is into your own loving self, into the Godness that you truly are.  Surrender control of your personal will to divine will; be your own leader; be your own savior; be your own guru; be your own master; Be a Walking Talking Expression of Divinity!

Co-Create Heaven On Earth!

All My Love,


Copyright ZaKaiRan Alpha and Omega

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by bp on 02.03.2004 at 19:30:56

Meni se tole bere kot se en mali wannabe veliki diktator.

Heil Hinkel!


Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Rose on 02.03.2004 at 21:37:44

 :) Čas napačno ločujemo v preteklost, sedanjost in prihodnost. Čas je v resnici preteklost in prihodnost. Sedanjost ni del časa. Sedanjost je del večnosti. Čas je to, kar je prešlo, in to, kar bo prišlo. Tole, kar je, ni čas, kajti nikoli ne mine, je tu. Ta sedaj je večnost. Če se premikaš iz preteklosti, se nikoli ne giblješ v sedanjosti. Iz preteklosti se vedno giblješ v prihodnost. Nikoli ne pride trenutek sedanjosti. Iz sedanjosti se ne moreš nikoli premakniti v prihodnost. Iz sedanjosti greš globlje in globlje ... v še večjo sedanjost, v še več sedanjosti ... to je večno trajajoče življenje. Čas pomeni, da se giblješ v ravnini, v ravni črti oziroma vodoravno. V trenutku, ko si v sedanjosti, se dimenzija spremeni. Giblješ se navpično - gor ali dol, skozi višave ali skozi globine. Tedaj se nikoli ne giblješ vodoravno. Buda in Šiva živita v večnosti in ne v času. Jezusa so vprašali: "Kaj se bo zgodilo v tvojem Božjem kraljestvu?" In Jezus je odgovoril: "Tam ne bo več časa, Božje kraljestvo je večno. Je vedno tukaj." Samo premakniti se moraš proč od časa, da vstopiš vanj. Vedno kadar gledaš v času, naletiš na zid. Ko gledaš brezčasovno, je nebo odprto, neskončno. Ljubezen odpre neskončnost, večno trajanje eksistence. Ljubezen naenkrat spremeni tvojo dimenzijo. Vržen si iz časa in si pred obličjem večnosti.  (Osho: Tantra, duhovnost in seks)  :)

Lepo piše ZaKaiRan. Relax & Trust The Divinity! V bistvu: Enjoy the Experience called Life!  :)

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 03.03.2004 at 10:38:53

wrote on 02.03.2004 at 19:30:56:
Meni se tole bere kot se en mali wannabe veliki diktator.

Heil Hinkel!


Pol mogoče njegova sporočila pač niso namenjena tebi v branje? ;)

Title: The Paradox of Humanity
Post by Kali on 14.03.2004 at 14:56:44

The Paradox of Humanity

The Love Masters

Trying to be like God

Underneath it all, humanity believes they are unworthy bastards.  They believe unconsciously that they have been cast out of heaven and must earn or learn their way back in somehow.  Humanity is trying to be like God.  They try to act like God or as a god would on many levels.  Religiously they try to be puritanical, as they perceive that God is - to be like God; to deserve God’s favor; to deserve heaven and be saved from hell or non-existence.  Scientifically, people try to be as “creative” and as powerful as God by synthesizing awesome technological things for the good of or for the destruction of humanity, (to have power over life and death).  Militaristically, politically and economically, people try to be as powerful and controlling as they imagine God to be.  Medically people try to be creators, saviors and protectors of life as they imagine God would be.

Everyone is trying to be like God, or trying to be like gods.  But they are trying to act like gods rather than actually being the Gods that they already are, this is the paradox, the great cosmic joke.  It is like when you are looking everywhere for your sunglasses, and they are right on top of your head.

This was the experiment in separation, forget that you were God, and go as far away from being God as you could get, then try to find your way back home.  The Ascension of planetary consciousness and of the species human is this journey home.  A new civilization is manifesting on planet earth where worthiness no longer exists, where we no longer try to be like God, or try to earn God’s grace, because we realize that we are each an individual expression of God, we realize our oneness with All That Is.

Good and Bad – The Polarity

Good and bad are both illusions, you can’t have goodness without there being the opposite of badness.  They are both just expressions of separation, denial, and unworthiness.  It is our natural inclination to be good, on higher dimensions there is nothing but goodness.  Goodness is subjective based on your level of awareness and judgement.  If it is your natural inclination from the divinity of your beingness to be good, then be good.  Most of humanity has forgotten that they are just naturally good, because of this they try to be good so that they can prove their worth to God and earn their way into heaven or at least earn the love, praise and adoration of their fellow humans.  Other people feel so bloody unworthy that they don’t even try to be good, they just go ahead and act like the despicable humans that they believe themselves to be, they figure, “what the heck, I’m going to hell anyway.  Both of these two scenarios come from the same feelings of unworthiness.  Neither one is enjoying themselves.

If you are going to be good then I recommend you do it from the center of your beingness, from the natural essence of your divinity, otherwise you are no better than a murderer or a thief.  And if you are going to be bad, well then I recommend you really enjoy being bad, this might be your road to enlightenment.  Of course, as I’ve said, being bad is not our natural state, and anyone being bad is really in denial, (consciously or unconsciously, and/or has just volunteered for a specific role in the drama of polarity), otherwise they would be good, naturally, but the point I am making here is that both are delusions.  If you are acting good you are deluded, if you are acting bad you are deluded, there is no difference, one is not better than the other in the big scope of things.

Additionally, the point I am trying to make is you should enjoy your experience here on Earth.  If you as a master, have to act in a way that will serve everyone’s growth in the moment by being confrontational or by telling someone that they are being a jerk, then I recommend enjoying this acting part, have fun with it.   One thing that is part of being an enlightened master is you always have fun, even when you are experiencing emotional discomfort, or you have to confront someone you love with truth, (and we all hate confrontation).

Regardless of what your spirit requires you to do, I recommend you enjoy it.  Have fun confronting the lies.  Have fun illuminating the truth.  Have fun revealing distortion and denial.  And have fun telling people how magnificent they are.  Have fun waking up yourself and your friends even when they act like they don’t want to wake up.  Certainly you will experience lots of sadness because of people’s resistance to waking up, especially when you know it is their time, but have fun with this too.  Find that point of divine consciousness that you are that truly enjoys every aspect of the experience of humanness, all the sadness and disappointment and of course all the happiness, and joy.

I recommend seeing the hilarious movie “Mars Attacks,” because the ETs in it are really excellent bad guys because they really enjoy being bad so much.  The real truth is that even the “bad” ETs: the Orion’s, Reptilians, Dinoids, Grays, Zetas…, are so disconnected from love, which is felt through emotion, that they don’t even enjoy being bad guys, in fact they experience no enjoyment at all about anything.  (Also see “the Highlander”, the bad guy is the best bad guy ever, he really enjoys being bad).

This is the part of the great shift of being human, being so paradoxical, because to even enjoy being bad you have to still have some connection to love, because the enjoyment of being bad comes from resisting being good,  from resisting the light.  It’s the child syndrome, (which we all still are), where if you tell a kid not to do something, that’s exactly what they want to do to feel in control and experience power.  Even though they are seemingly powerless, they will resist your authority to enjoy “being bad” and to feel powerful.  (This is why most people commit crimes - to feel powerful and in control of their lives).  We are doing the same thing with God, we resist the supposed authority of God, that the religions have sold us, in order to feel powerful (and in control of our lives) like God.  We are enjoying being bad, maybe not humanly so, (because we are denying this enjoyment), but on a soulular level we as spirits are enjoying the experience of being bad.

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 14.03.2004 at 14:58:12

 So I recommend looking back on your life and admitting to yourself that you have enjoyed being resistant and defiant to God, and your parents, and all authority figures.  Admit it to yourself that you have enjoyed breaking the rules; that you have enjoyed being naughty; that you enjoyed committing “adultery”, or stealing something, or screwing someone out of something, or playing a nasty joke on someone.  You may have felt bad afterwards, but you know that you enjoyed it while you were doing it, (especially the adultery one).

But did you feel bad because you did something that is actually wrong, or that actually hurt someone, or did you just feel bad because of some societal program that says that act is a bad thing to do, or because someone screamed poor me, victim, and then you judged yourself.  Aside from a few things, I would say that most people have done very little badness in their lives.  If we really looked at all the things that everyone has done, from another position of consciousness, we could see that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that and it was just an expression of the psycho-spiritual state you were in at the time, a natural or unnatural reaction (depending on your perspective) in the moment.

Looking honestly at your life this way teaches you compassion.  It teaches you respect for each individuals expression no matter how their actions can be judged. Because actions do not accurately describe the true reality of the being, it only describes the position they are holding in their consciousness, or the denial quotient they are operating at.  It shows you that they are suffering and are trying to deny this experience with their actions.  But this will change, everyone grows, everyone will eventually wakeup to their Divinity, cease the denial and realize that unworthiness is an illusion, but until then, it is just experience, nothing more, nothing less.

This is an example of how it is easy to love everyone, even the scum of the earth, because they are still divine, even though they don’t know it.  Even someone that screws you royally, steals from you, rapes you, hates you, beats you, whatever, you realize you love them, and they really love you too, they just don’t know it.

Bad does not exist without good, this duality is just part of this experience, this reality.  So anyone on any dimensional level including humans, disembodied spirits, and “bad” ETs are only “bad” because they resist being good, because they resist being God.  They are disconnected from the experience of Godness through feeling, through Love.  This is our edge as humans, our ability to love and feel love, to feel and express emotion.

We humans are more multidimensional then those negative ETs.  They are stuck on their dimension (usually the 4th, sometimes the 5th), they can’t go up, and they can’t go down.  The grays and other ETs have tried both, and they can’t do it.  You can’t transition to higher dimensions with technology, you can only evolve to higher consciousness with Love.  But we can make the transition, we are not stuck on this dimension, we have access to all dimensions because we still know Love.  (Love is your dimensional portal).  (This is why the Greys and Zetas wanted to genetically breed in an emotional body into their genetics, and why we can release disembodied spirits and 4th dimensionally stuck ETs  to the 5th dimension).

This is the reason ETs are so fascinated with us.  The Andromedans (through Alex Collier), say we are all from the 11th dimension, a much higher dimension than the negative ETs, (even though, more accurately, we are from multi-dimensions).  The reason why we are so paradoxical, and the reason why this planet and this specie’s ascension is so important, because when we ascend, we affect every dimension on up the scale.

In essence, we are like angels in bodies, we stepped down our vibration to a massive degree to inhabit very dense animal like bodies.  I have already spoken in many of my articles about many of us being ETs and Angels.  And that essentially everyone is an ET on a genetic level, since these bodies were created by ETs.  And that many of us are ETs, Angels and ET/Angels, from the stand point that we (our spirits) are from other planets, universes, dimensions….  But also there are beings here on planet earth that are human consciousness, that were created at the onset of the creation of this Christ Universe.  These are the Christ Beings.  If you were “created” in this universe, then you are a Christ Being.  You are the model of the return to the source for all beings outside of this Universe.

The ETs are fascinated with us because we are capable of such love and beauty and at the same time, capable of such hate and destruction.  You see other races on other planets, in other universes, aren’t so much like this, they are less paradoxical, usually being either very good, or very bad.  We are truly the paradoxes of the Universe.  We do both all the time, with many variations of good and bad in between.

Many positive ETs are completely puzzled by this behavior, they view our behavior as being quite bizarre and many consider us to be great masters and great heroes for the work we do and the courage it takes to do this.  When you ascend from such a paradoxical 3rd dimensional planet, you are such a great master, such a master of creation, that your experience and mastery is valued and respected greatly.  This is why the negative ETs have always crappity smacked with us, because we are so great, they have always wanted to somehow steal what we’ve got, but you can’t steal Love.

The implication has always been that we are bad, dense, un-evolved, low-life’s, when compared to ETs.  The negative ETs and other dark forces, have propagated this delusion to keep us controlled.  This was a great plan to keep us from realizing our Divinity and even higher status then these ETs.

We are fooled by appearance and by technology, because they can fly around in ships and kick ass.  This is our delusion as humans – being fooled by appearance.  But once you realize your Divinity and multidimensionality, you are no longer fooled by external technology.  You realize that internal technology is far superior and much more powerful than external technology.  If it wasn’t, then why would the negative ETs even bother with us?  Why would they study us?  Why would they try to control us?  Why would the Grays have needed our “inferior” DNA and need to study us emotionally?

We are the key to Ascension for countless other species.  When we ascend as a species, this transition becomes available to all the other planets and species that are ready to ascend.  The estimate is that at least 341 other planets are in a similar position as ourselves and are ready to ascend.  And because of our involvement with ETs, this ascension energy is available to them as well.  This is why all of them that are here, because they (unbeknownst to most of them) were sent by God to learn about Love.

We are the Love Teachers, even though it appears otherwise sometimes.  Even though it appears that most people on planet earth don’t have a clue what Love is, (especially not unconditional love), but do not be fooled by even this appearance, we are the Love Masters.  And as soon as everyone realizes their magnificence, and realizes the truth of their Divinity, and realizes they are Masters of Love, even appearances will prove this.

Be the Love Master that you are!

Blessings on your Journey of Awakening to your True Essence of Love.

ZaKaiRan (Love Master Extraordinaire)

Copyright ZaKaiRan Alpha and Omega

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by mind on 14.03.2004 at 20:31:42

Mae wrote on 02.03.2004 at 21:37:44:
 Buda in Šiva živita v večnosti in ne v času. Jezusa so vprašali: "Kaj se bo zgodilo v tvojem Božjem kraljestvu?" In Jezus je odgovoril: "Tam ne bo več časa, Božje kraljestvo je večno. Je vedno tukaj." Samo premakniti se moraš proč od časa, da vstopiš vanj. Vedno kadar gledaš v času, naletiš na zid. Ko gledaš brezčasovno, je nebo odprto, neskončno. Ljubezen odpre neskončnost, večno trajanje eksistence. Ljubezen naenkrat spremeni tvojo dimenzijo. Vržen si iz časa in si pred obličjem večnosti.

mind wrote on 14.03.2004 at 19:12:06:
za ljubezen sta potrebna dva, ki nesebično zadovoljujeta potrebe drug drugega  na podlagi svobodne volje in se tako (neprisiljeno) združita v eno (v interesu) a hkrati ohranjata svojo individulanost  

ponavadi ljudje zamenjujeo ljubezen z poželjenjem, ki pomeni v glavnem delovanje za svojo lastno korist

ljubezen pomeni služenje, in takšna je naša izvorna narava in prav v takšni poziciji (ko služimo) smo lahko najbolj izpopolnjeni....seveda ce je to služenje iskreno in obojestransko ali ce tega ne prekine čas

mi (duša, princip večnosti) hrepenimo po brezpogojni (večni, trajni) ljubezni, in dokler je ne bomo našli bomo ostali neizpoljnjeni

to pomeni, da nas "materialne" ljubezni (mož-žena, otrok-stars,..itd..) ne morejo dokončno in zavselej (večno) zadovoljit, to lahko stori samo On (Bog), naš večno-idealni partner in samo od nas je odvisno ali mu bomo služili

seveda če hočemo nekoga zadovoljit moremo vedet kaj Njega zadovoljuje in ne moremo o tem sami z svojim omejenim mindom oz. čuti spekulirat, ampak je najboljše da se o tem pozanimamo v avtoritativnih svetih zapisih ali osebah

On je neomejen, mi smo omejeni in neoomejen se vedno lahko naredi "vidnega" (oz. pove svoje želje)  omejenemu, drugace ne bi bil neomejen.....samo od nas pa je odvisno kolko iskrene želje  imamo da bomo Njegove želje izpolnili

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by stoychi on 14.03.2004 at 21:50:13


nekateri ljudje

se malo preveč ukvarjajo z večnostjo

in malo premalo s tem trenutkom,

zaradi tega jim ne prihaja

do notranjega božanskega stika,

drugače mi je pa tale zakarian full všeč,

človek očitno po božji volji ve, kaj piše.

:-* :-* :-*

Title: Love / Hate – the Paradox
Post by Kali on 15.03.2004 at 21:10:54

Love / Hate – the Paradox

Love is everything.  You are Love.  Love is all there is.

Your true Divine Essence, your Spirit, Higher Self, loves everything.  This True you, does not hate or dislike anything.  It does not dislike anything because it exists beyond and outside of the realm of duality where the illusions of like, dislike and hate exist.  This YOU perceives every individual perception and reality as just being part of the wondrous creation of All That Is.

You as humanness, from your perception of human consciousness, have the ability to Love everything if you are one with your Spirit.  When you are operating from this advanced level of awareness, where you and your Higher Self are one and embodied, you will realize that you love all life and all creations, regardless of how they can be judged.

Only the human perceptive you (with your separate-sense-of-self and ego), experiences the illusions of pain, suffering, like, dislike, love, and hate.  These things are part of this reality of physicality and limitation that we are experiencing.

In order to be able to Ascend in consciousness to a position where you and Higher Self are one, where you are truly a master of human and divine reality, you must accept and allow all aspects of this reality of humanness to be part of God’s Creation of All That Is.  Every limitation and illusion of power, control and manipulation; every polarity, duality and dramatic emotional reaction, every experience and sensation that can be encountered, you must learn to allow them to be part of All That Is.  You must learn to allow them to be a part of your wholeness, part of your experience of the expression of creation and physicality.   Things that you would normally judge, especially as you begin to awaken and see what has crappity smacked up the world so much.  Things that you perceive that if they were just taken away, the world would be a better place.  To a large degree, this is true, but it is not the experiences that screw up reality, it is what we do with them.

For instance, some people in the spiritual community perceive that hate is the opposite of Love.  Or that fear is the opposite of love.  From a human perspective this is true, but in true reality, fear and hate do not even exist, so they are not really the opposite of anything.

Liking or disliking something, is subjective based on the level of awareness you are currently operating at.  From  a human perspective, liking or disliking something is dependent on whether or not something gives you pleasure or not, or feels good to you energetically.  You like certain people because they energetically feel good to you.  You are in synergy with them (synchronis energy).  Your awareness levels of truth, divinity and Self are similar.  They evoke and encourage your magnificence.

People that you do not like are the opposite.  Essentially they do the opposite.  Your two polaric realities undermine each other.  They not only do not evoke and encourage your magnificence, but they deny and discourage your magnificence so that they won’t feel lesser then you from their reality of unworthiness.

Similarly with this illusion that we currently exist in, called “reality”, aside from all the good love stuff, most of the denial and lies that currently are prevalent amongst the systems and people of planet earth are negative, dark and in total denial of divinity and truth, they are totally driven by false identity, survival, lack and enemy consciousness.

From my perspective as an Ascended Master, these patterns are just part of the old world and the experience we have been exploring called mastery of limitation.  From my perspective as an Ascension specialist here to assist this planet’s evolvement and ascension to higher realities, they are part of a reality that is archaic, is dying and is being replaced with a more enlightened reality of oneness, cooperation and prosperity.  The transition may sometimes be an arduous one, but Heaven on Earth will manifest, I personally will make sure of it, because I am one with the Divine Will and this is the Divine Plan of All That Is.

From this perspective, combined with my human consciousness, these negative dark energies of limitation are absolutely hateable, and I give myself absolute permission to hate them.  In fact I give myself absolute permission to dislike anything, or anyone.  I recommend that you give yourself a similar freedom, give yourself permission to dislike people, things and situations.  Do not try to be a goody goody and deny that you dislike something or someone, otherwise this feeling goes unconscious and you will then be (unconsciously) psychically attacking them and acting like you like them, and you are lying because you really don’t but you don’t have the honesty and courage to admit it.

So now that you give yourself permission to dislike, and you allow yourself to feel all the feelings about it, including being angry at yourself for being a jerk, you then must discover why you dislike this thing or person, and discover if any of this dislike is actually yours or if they really dislike themselves and project this self loathing out into the world, and you are acting out their reality.

At this point you realize what I spoke of earlier, that you do not dislike anything or anyone, but this must be real for you, you must have made sufficient contact with your higher self for this to be real.  You must have embodied your Self and had a real experience of your Divinity and Oneness with All Life.  Otherwise you will be living idealistically, trying to manipulate your thoughts and feelings to try not to dislike someone, or to try and like someone that does not want to be liked.   You will be trying to police your thoughts, trying to arrest the bad ones and put them in prison, but this is futile, because thoughts are nothing and do not describe your true feelings from YOU.  You realize that on Divine levels you like everyone and especially love everyone, but combined with human perception, many people are shits – plain and simply.  So until this like/love for all life is real, give yourself permission to:  want, desire, lust, be outrageous, be angry, etc., allow your emotional experience and discover what is behind these illusions.

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 15.03.2004 at 21:12:07


Know yourself!  Know your likes and dislikes.  Give yourself permission to be human.  I know exactly why I dislike and judge people or things.  I know exactly what I dislike and “judge” about people and what they do, because I know why they are doing it, which is always because they are suffering, but in this case it is not judgement but classification.  See reality for what it is with no condemnation, with unbiased detached observation and full realization of the truth.  This is divine judgement.

Many new age people have judgement about judgement, that it is wrong and you are not supposed to do it.  So they police their thoughts trying not to be judgemental, then beat themselves up because they are being judgemental, a double jeopardy.  Mafu used to say that judgement is not when you do something that could be judged to be wrong, but judgement is when you do something, then later on judge yourself for that behavior.  There was nothing wrong or right with the original act, it was just an expression of the moment, it can be condemned or not.  Judgement is when you later rebuke yourself for your “nefarious” activity and then feel guilty and wish you could take back the experience.  Judgement is really only self referential because you only have any real affect upon yourself.  Regardless of what you say or do to someone else, their perception of reality is what determines their life experience, and they may react how ever suits them and their spiritual growth.

There is nothing wrong with judgement, if it is based on classification, on the realization of why something is the way that it is or why someone is acting the way they are acting, rather than denial and condemnation.  Real divine judgement is merely forming an authoritative evaluation about something based on your empirical knowledge and awareness.  The only problem anyone really has with judgement is when someone is doing it in a condemning way from their ego personality, where something has been evoked in them that they don’t want to deal with, so they maliciously judge and condemn you so that they won’t have to deal with their own shit.

So I recommend giving yourself permission to love things, to like things, to dislike things and even hate things, or people.  If you do not, then you are idealistically being spiritual and you are denying your humanness, and humanness is what you came here to experience.

If you deny any aspects of your humanness, then you also hate those aspects.  If you deny and hate them, then you will more than likely repress them.  If you repress them, then they will be acted out in consciousness, because all things must be expressed somehow, this is the natural flow of Creation and Divinity.  Previously when there were parallel realities, you would even act them out in another reality, but now that there are not any more parallel realities, you will act these things out in consciousness on unconscious psychic levels.

Any part of anyone (especially an awakened spiritually oriented person) that has not been allowed to be, that is repressed and unloved, that part becomes the evil twin, the Egor in the dungeon, a dark side that is kept hidden and who does all of your dirty work for you.  (Get it – Ego-r).  And the secret fear is that someone will discover this “dark” aspect of yourself and think you are evil and condemn you, and put you in prison, or send you to hell.  So you have to keep it really hidden and deny it at all costs to the bitter end to the extreme of even dying with the secret.

You see, darkness doesn’t really exist.  We are not dark, we are all of the light, it is only when parts of ourselves are unloved and judged and denied and repressed, do they become like darkness, because they are hidden from the light.

Honor and allow every feeling and thought that you have and realize that they might not be your feelings or thoughts and none of them are real.  Honoring all aspects of humanness as part of the grand creation of All That Is, enlightens the old reality to higher perspectives, it ascends humanity and mass consciousness.  So in essence you have to love everything and allow yourself to hate everything too – because both ends of the duality are both illusion and both part of God-Goddess-All That Is.

One thing is for sure, experiencing life through a human body is an experience of the paradox, because we are smack dab in the middle of light and dark, heaven and hell.  We have been given this thing called free will and with it we can choose how we will  be, whether we will serve the Light or whether we will serve the dark.  Whether we will be good or whether we will be bad.  Life is a paradox, the sooner you realize this the sooner you will master this reality and really become a creator God/dess.

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 15.03.2004 at 21:16:19

The Spiritual Heads

Are you a spiritual head, meditating and ingesting spiritual knowledge and connecting with higher dimensional realms, being a cosmonaut, with open higher chakras but not very connected to your lower chakras and not very connected to the earth?   This is a pattern that many people have fallen into, people develop their mental bodies and upper chakras, but neglect the lower ones.  (It is an old pattern left over from past lives and genetic memory from our religious dogma, including sexual guilt and repression and the perception that the way to get to heaven was by being puritanical to earn your way in.  From the old perception that we were humans having a spiritual experience and needed to become spirits rather than the truth that we are already spirits and spiritual, and are having a human experience, and the perception that you needed to get out of here rather than really get in to here).  The lower chakras enable you to be able to embody these cosmic energies and this advanced knowledge, to earth it rather that it just being in the head, a lofty cosmic possibility.

Knowledge and awareness of cosmicness, is of no use if it is not here on this planet, in your body.  If something is not embodied here in this dimension, then it isn’t even real yet, it is idealistic.  Certainly it is real on those dimensions, but here it does not really exist.

Many beings in their experience of awakening/enlightenment/ascension, get to a certain level of awareness and really progress no further, even those that are in the spiritual limelight, leading workshops, writing books, etc.  This occurs especially if they are information junkies, or meditation junkies, or heavily psychically oriented or rely upon channeling.  They amass large amounts of data and higher awareness, but neglect one whole half of the puzzle – the emotional body, which embodies and expresses love.  (This is the right eye of Horus, the emotional (body) initiations – developing unconditional love – female vibration).  You cannot ascend without love.  You cannot ascend or really grow spiritually with just knowledge, or ascension techniques, or meditation.  (This is the left eye of Horus, the mental (body) initiations – developing wisdom – male vibration).  Everything must be in balance, inner awareness with light acceleration.  Inner technology with external technology.  Internal processes of connection to oneness with techniques of attainment.  Male and Female.  Wisdom and Love.

True attainment is not attained, it is realized.  There is no real technique or method, no knowledge or meditation that really gets it for you, “it” just happens from finally letting go, from finally releasing all that you are not.  The emotional body is a huge key to this.   The emotional body is very spontaneous, it is your mechanism of embodiment, experience, expression, emanation and release.  (It is through the emotional body that you release all that you are not).  It is receptive as well as projective.  Balanced with the focus of the mental body, these two bodies are a powerful force.  

So are you a spiritual head, with a halo around your crown but the rest of your body is not shining too brightly? Do you walk the walk, as well as talk the talk?  Is enlightenment real for you or is it idealistic, still something you aspire to?  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be entirely light, not just your crown – a whole light being.

Inherent with spiritual heads is a preponderance towards being goody goodies.  Towards having a perception that the proper way to be is being nice, peaceful and non-judgemental.  They do not experience intense emotions or feelings because “they are beyond such human limitation”.  They certainly never get angry, or express disdain for anything or anyone, theirs is an idealistic reality of oneness.

This is arrogance and denial, because behind this is repression of basic human emotions, and a perception of superiority and pride because they are so “spiritual”.  Consciously they would not admit to this, but they feel superior to the rest of humanity, and because of this superiority, they are no higher in awareness to humanity at all.

Having spiritual knowledge does not make you awake.  Knowing how reality works does not make you enlightened.  Being a psychic, a healer or a channel, does not necessarily really make you any more enlightened than the next guy.  
Being truly enlightened makes you enlightened.  It must be real, embodied and true.  There must be nothing hidden, you are an open book.  Your consciousness has no hidden agendas, every part of you has surrendered to the light.

No matter what level of awareness you are at, there are always higher levels, and acting spiritual does not make you spiritual, because it is not knowledge or psychic powers that enlightens, only light and love enlightens.  It is not the teachings of the master that enlightens others, but the emanation of the master, the emanation of Divine Truth, Divine Light and Divine Love – the emanation of God – this is what enlightens those in the presence of the master or those who read the words of a master, as his/her emanation comes from the book.

Presence is the key, divine presence and emanation of the Divine Essence of God-Goddess-All That Is.  The emanation of True Reality and Unconditional Love.  Christ Consciousness (the vibration of unconditional love) is the gift of the Christ, not the teachings.  As wise as they may be, they are the teachings of all great masters leading to the same thing – Christ/Buddha/Krishna…Consciousness.

Realization is not a teaching, it cannot be taught, you must find it on your own.  The same goes for other aspects of this process of awakening, such as ascension.  No one can teach you what ascension is, you must find out for yourself.  Certainly it helps immensely to study and allow the teachings, knowledge and awarenesses of others about what they know and experience about ascension.  But you do this so that you can discover what it is for yourself, because this is your experience of awakening; this is your experience of ascension; this is your experience of enlightenment; this is your experience of realization to Divine Self.

Others can show you a myriad of pathways to travel to this realization, and give you glimpses of what is behind each doorway, but you must decide which one to open and if it is the right one for you.  And your experience on the other side of that door will be quantumly different from some else’s.  So give yourself permission to experience this human experience.  You don’t need to try to get out of here, you are really trying to fully get into here, the word inscension serves well to describe this experience.

You have not been cast out of heaven and are not being punished, so enjoy this experience of embodiment and expression of humanness.  Be who you truly are in this body, don’t try to be who you are on higher dimensions, you already are those expressions.  You don’t need to try to be you there to be you here, you are both, you are multidimensional, and this body is one of your newest experiences, one of your newest experiments of separation and oneness, a new experience for the soul.  Both must be honored, both exist, this is the paradox of creation.

So with this, comes the paradox of human expression and existence, being separate and one with everything at the same time.  So with this comes a wide range of experiences: loving everything and allowing everything, having complete patience with everything, and at the same time disliking things, hating things, being intolerant of things and people, and completely impatient.

So your job is to balance these things.  If you do not, then you will either have to be a spiritual head, lost in never never land with your idealistic vision of spirituality, or a talking grunting body, lost in the old matrix, disconnected from all true reality, higher chakras and the realm of spirit.

This is why your heart is between the two, and why the new way to breathe is into your heart.  Your heart is the new breathing center.  The old center was the belly, human relative and psychic instinct centers.  The new center of humanness, (the cosmic human), is the heart center.  It is the bridge between the old and new worlds.   The bridge between dimensions.  The bridge between the upper and lower chakras.  This, combined with your Pineal center and Kundalini rising, (sacral and pineal connection) balances you between the Cosmic and Divine Human, it allows you to embody the higher dimensional you that loves all and is love.

Without love, you can do nothing real.  Without love you cannot create.  You can synthesize, which is not real creation because you must use external technology.  Real creation is when you can create something from nothing, without technology or 4th dimensional magic.

You are becoming a Cosmic Human, balanced between the paradox.  A light human – separate in your individual unique perception of life and one with All That Is.  This is enlightenment, this is Ascension!

Blessings on your Paradoxical Journey,


(Intergalactic Interdimensional Multidimensional Extraterrestrial Angelic Human Cosmonaut)

Copyright ZaKaiRan Alpha and Omega

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 20.03.2004 at 14:43:44

Mutating or Sick ?

That Is The Question

You are not sick, there is nothing wrong with you; you are not broke and do not need to be fixed; everything you always thought was wrong with you may actually be something that is divinely perfect about you.

There is a picture of reality that exists in social consciousness, this is the belief in sickness, in unwholeness - you cannot be unwhole.  Sickness and unwholeness is an illusion, this is one of many in this dimension of illusion; although you can choose that reality/illusion if you like.  You cannot catch disease any more than you can catch health, even science knows this fact but is reluctant to release this information due to the ramifications it would have on the medical industries money generating machine.

Planet Earth is Ascending through the 4th and 5th dimensions, it will eventually become a star.  We are doing the same thing, we are transitioning into higher dimensional realms (a.k.a. Ascending), or more accurately we are descending our spirits into here.  Along with this process of Descension/Ascension is a phenomena called mutation, we are mutating into bodies of light which is the next step for us as a species and as planetary stewards for Gaia’s Ascension.  This mutation process has been occurring for sometime, in fact the Ascension began the moment this Universe was created.  This mutation is accomplished by gradually descending light and love, who we truly are,  into us and planet earth.  We are the grounding rods for the planet, we ground her up into our spirits.

As these increased levels of light descend into our bodies and onto planet earth our bodies experience mutational symptoms, these symptoms are typically misdiagnosed as colds, flu and any number of "diseases", and may occur depending on the individual and the resistance that certain bodies may have to these increased levels of light.  I have had massive mutations in my eyes, serious reactions to my third eye opening.  I also have had many throat "problems" due to my throat chakra receiving its fair share of light and being prepared for speaking truth, divinity and channeling higher dimensional energies through to this dimension.  My personal list goes on as the body workers around town will attest to, including back problems and muscle aches.

Typically these mutational symptoms are not thought of in the context of wholeness that I have stated above but in the old fashioned victim position of sickness consciousness.  Sickness consciousness is a devious plot devised by the dark forces to keep us stuck in the dramatic polarities of victim hood, one of the many polarities that maintain the 3rd dimension.  I have never been sick in my entire life, I have been mutating although since I was born and have had symptoms of this Ascension / Descension process throughout my life.

Pick Your Own Reality

This is a dimension where you are allowed to pick your own reality, no matter how outlandish it may be.  Which reality do you prefer? - one where you are a victim to your body and your environment, prey to any disease you might "catch", suffer and die from; or that of, I am a spirit inhabiting a human body, that is transitioning dimensionally, I am embodying my oversoul self, my light body, and my body may experience discomfort as this transition occurs.

If you have mutational symptoms: aches pains, imbalances etc. that you need assistance with, find someone who holds a similar picture of reality that you are a whole being, in need of assistance, as we all do, as you transition dimensionally into your immortal body of light.  Seek someone that you have synergy with and that will empower you by holding you in there consciousness as a master on a holy mission, a spirit having a human experience, who just needs a tune up; some assistance from a M.A.S.H. team member, one of the Body, Mind, Spirit specialists.  Instead of a human that didn't take good enough care of their body; has bad karma; did something bad in a past life; is broken and needs to be fixed.  You can be the healthiest person in the world and still have mutational symptoms.

The Universe Rearranges Itself to Accommodate your Picture of Reality

What are you implying as real?  Whatever you participate with, make decisions based upon, and base your actions upon, (what you are calling real), the Universe will give you more of it.  Thoughts, and feelings are not real and do not determine your reality, contrary to what many new age teachings propose.  The Universe does not rearrange itself to accommodate your thoughts, feelings and affirmations, but by what you are implying as real.  If you are a holy being on a holy mission occasionally experiencing discomfort as you descend more of  who you truly are  into your body, then the Universe will give you more of this reality.  If you hold dear to being a struggling human trying desperately to have a spiritual experience, to earn or learn your way out of here by adhering to spiritual rules, than the Universe will graciously give you more of this reality.

Pick your reality.  Which reality do you prefer ?

With Love and Mutation,


Copyright ZaKaiRan Alpha and Omega

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 23.03.2004 at 17:15:24

totally fabulous, thankyou very much.  Although that geocities site is now history, everything is now at a direct domain of, if you could please change that info that would be dandy,

mega blessings to you,

 :) 8)

se pravi

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 23.03.2004 at 23:32:37

Communication, Thought, Relationship,
Meditation and the Ego

What is the point in communication when verbal intellectual / emotional conversation is not who you are. Who you are experiences or witnesses that communication, but aren't our egos conducting the investigation? What part of us that speaks and thinks and wonders is not ego? Is my ego writing this article? How much Spirit is present in what I intellectually explore? Is there more spirit if it is more emotional, with feeling from the heart? And is there any such thing as more or less Spirit? How could there be more or less Spirit, isn't Spirit everything - or is it no thing? This paradox stuff is so confusing. And by the way, who is confused, certainly not Spirit.

Conflict seems to always pop up with communication, especially when it involves your emotions and a significant other. How the heaven do we have a proper, from the heart, loaded with Spirit, Who We Truly Are conversation? Sounds pretty impossible; we still have egos; we are still in bodies; we still have emotions. I guess we have to be perfect and imperfect simultaneously, another example of the paradox of existence.

Perhaps in relationships we should spend a lot more time being still with each other and a whole lot less time jibber jabbering. Spending quiet time just shnuggling, a very enjoyable meditation. All that jaw work can be distracting to the truth of who you are. Now of course I am not proposing that the intellect and ego are somehow wrong or bad, I am merely pointing out their true place in the scheme of things. We need our egos in order to be here, without them Who We Truly Are could not be in these bodies experiencing the illusion of separation. We could not play these roles and believe that it is "real".

And this is a world of form, we need to logically figure things out. Ego and our intellect are part of our wholeness. Spirit uses your mind to think. So give your ego, your mind (mental body), and your emotions (emotional body) a break, they are just doing their jobs. You do not need to make them the enemy, they are your friend. You are their master, you use them and experience through them. Without them there would be no form to experience through.

So be still and know 'you'. You do not need to shut up your intellect. That which you truly are is not concerned with what your ego and mind do. Your thoughts are of little importance to who you truly are. Your thoughts are not you, so they cannot be an impediment to who you are. Who you truly are uses your mental body to think and reason.

This has been a big fallacy of some schools of yoga, that you had to somehow shut up the mind. Trying to stop the mind is like trying to stop a puppy from playing. The mind is just doing what it does. The ultimate goal of yoga, meditation and all spiritual practices is to rediscover and know that which you truly are, that which observes your thoughts and witnesses all that you experience. That which is eternal, unchangeable, divine consciousness. Yoga is not about shutting up your mind so that you can get a rest, this is a nice part of it as it gets you in touch with other aspects of yourself, i.e. emotions, feelings, chakras etc., but this is only one part. Even this leads to find that which you truly are. Go deeper to what is behind thinking, go deeper to what is beyond thinking. The ultimate goal of meditation is for your life to be a meditation, for every moment of your life to be connected to divinity, to pure essence, to love.

The de-stressification factor of meditation is also a part of this process, as you experience more than the constant chitter chatter of internal monologue, (or dialogue if you're schizophrenic). But still the ultimate goal of meditation is to give you a chance to see that which you truly are. But it is not something you obtain, that which you truly are is always present whether you know it or not; whether you find it and experience it or not. And even the search for that which you are can delude you as the search implies that it is something that must be found.

If something can be lost, or found, then it is not real.

Only you are real, all else is illusion.

You are 'no thing', You cannot be lost. You cannot be found.

You are All That Is - how Zen.


Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 26.03.2004 at 00:12:56

Healthy Bitching and Moaning

Tips on staying sane during the transition from the old world of separation and denial to the new world of creative expression and unconditional Love.

How to stay positive about life and the new world we are creating, while wholistically complaining about how crappity smacked the old world is.

One of my best recommendations in cosmic human mastery, is to give yourself permission to complain a lot. Allow yourself to emphatically express all your disappointments and dislikes about the old world systematic illusions and the people who support them. There is a lot to complain about. In fact, anything about this world that you would naturally complain about is some separation pattern of competition, greed, power, control…that is on it’s way out, it is time for it to die.

Healthy complaining is an excellent emotional release exercise because you have spent lifetimes repressing your disdain for the despicable actions of people and the systems they have created that it would do you good to now finally express yourself about it all. This healthy exercise is also beneficial to the planet, because as you release your repressed feelings about it, your karmic patterns that supported it, and any and all energetic connections to these disfunctional behaviors, you disconnect from this old reality which enlightens it just that much more. Your disconnection from the matrix, disconnects supporting energy that keeps it all together, because without everyone’s support, the matrix does not exist. Additionally, giving yourself permission to dislike and complain about status quo reality, allows you to clearly see all the illusions of the old world without missing any of its really sneaky tricks and hidden traps.

Bitch and moan like a sailor, but learn to have detachment so that you do not get wrapped up in the old world and its death throws. Don’t get too wrapped up in trying to save the world, if you do, you will only be putting energy into this old world, getting caught up in the “reality” of enemies, a world that loves your resistance and attention. Your attention must be on the manifestation of the new world to a larger degree than your disappointments with the old. You are in this world, but you are not of it.

The old world did what it did, it practiced limitation, separation from the source, personal will, control, power….it was all perfect, so in that sense there is nothing to complain about. But now we are in the transition period, the old world is dying and the new one is manifesting. Since our attention is on the new civilization, we are nicely waiting "patiently" for the old one to - crappity smacking die already!

But of course we must do this transition as gently as possible, we must allow for divine timing. Once again we are smack dab in the middle of a paradox, this is the fact that all is perfect, everyone is waking up in their own divine timing, but at the same time it is now time for everyone to wake up and start loving each other and cooperating - right bloody now!

It is as though we have all the time in the world and absolutely no time at all. So you have to be paradoxically patient and impatient at the same time. Patient and allowing of other people’s realities and timing, allowing them to experience as much limitation as they can before its all over, and at the same time completely impatient because you realize that it is all happening now and your impatience is really the divine fire of change burning in your heart to manifest Heaven on Earth Now!

So you have to be discerning as to know when it is divinely appropriate to be patient and allowing of the awakening process to run its course and when it is divinely appropriate to be completely impatient to act now and push the limited barriers of the old world, to shatter old illusions and destroy old perceptions of reality to make room for a higher reality.

Sometimes it's time to take out the trash and it you don't take it out when the trash can is full, everything in it will rot and get smelly and more trash will pile up until your swimming in it. So unless you like swimming in garbage, I suggest you get rid of it in your life, in life on planet earth and if necessary and appropriate, assist others to take out their trash because sometimes the garbage can gets heavy.

So bitching and moaning in my opinion can be extremely therapeutic, because everyone really wants to complain but they don't want to make waves or be rude, and be rejected etc. And the new agers are so busy being positive that they're stuck in an illusion of positivety, when they really just want to piss and spit and tell people they’re being crappity smacking assholes and to bloody wake up already!

If you attempt to be positive all the time and repress your thoughts and feelings about how crappity smacked life can be then you are going to bust a gasket, or get cancer. So if you want to stick around for a while and not die a hideous agonizing death because your body is being eaten away by your repressed emotions, then I suggest you start screaming and yelling. Scream and yell any time, any place, with anyone and be done with it.

If you are treated unfairly or disrespectfully, then it is time to say so to who ever the perpetrator is. You don't need to abuse them in retaliation but speak the truth that we're all in this together and if we all cooperate and get along and treat each other fairly and respectfully, the world just might be a nice place to live in. You deserve to be treated with honor and respect, so settle for nothing less than perfection and treat people in the same manner, honor them for the Gods-Goddesses that they are, even if they don’t know that they are or feel they deserve it. We’re all in this together Bunky.

Yours in Divine Bitching and Moaning,

("Bitch and Moan, they go together like a horse and carriage" - thanks Mike).

ZaKaiRan - one of the best complainers on planet earth.

P.S. Anyone who is offended by my profuse use of the slang terminology for coitus or any other word that could be judged as being rude crude or socially unacceptable, I recommend that you should practice saying these words that you judge so harshly and release the social programs that you have adopted that are associated with these words and the use of them.

Words in and of themselves mean nothing, it is only our intention behind the use of certain words, and our socially agreed upon meaning of words that makes them so impactful to us. In this case my use of “harsh” words are used to emphasize a point and to describe my emotional state, nothing more, nothing less. And if you still can’t get beyond your programs about the use of naughty words – then crappity smack you.

Title: Time
Post by Kali on 26.03.2004 at 21:15:06


What is Time?

Time is a wavelength of light, a measurable period or progression that each species experiences within its consciousness. From the perception of the "higher beings", the Creator Gods, Lords of Light, etc. time and space do not exist.

As humans we have our own specific time reference that is indigenous to the human species. Every realm of consciousness and physical expression, on all dimensional levels, has its own specific time reference. And the evolution of each species is related to this specific time reference.

Every evolutionary experiment, such as the ascension of planet earth and the species called human, has its own Light-time zone, which is related to geometry and our genetics. Time is within the consciousness of the specie, literally within the structure of the chromosomes. As this species evolves, we are surpassing the human Light-time zone and proceeding into Light Body. Our chromosomes are changing to accommodate this ascension.

Every realm of higher or lower consciousness has its inherent time zone. They are called consciousness time zones. The planets geomagnetic fields are being altered to accommodate new time zones, the time zone of the new Civilization of Light.

The physical structure of time is being altered to accommodate a much higher reality of universal intelligence. We have been essentially trapped in time and are now being released from our self imposed time warp. We are now free from the cycle of reincarnation and the polarity of darkness and light.

Time could be described as being dimensional. We perceive time as having only a few facets, Higher Beings view time as having many facets. By expanding consciousness we may access these other facets. So time is perceptual based on your level of awareness.

In higher "dimensional" realms, life in relation to time is an eternal unfoldment, where everything is happening now, the past, the present and the future. You can experience this if you just place yourself outside of this reality and view it as the cat views the fish bowl.

As a specie we experience time from one perspective, very linear, very "3rd dimensionally," without other dimensional possibilities. As physical beings we have many bodies, physical, emotional, mental, causal, etheric, etc. We have many systems, including chakras, that experience and receive the energies of humanness in specific ways. We are unifying these bodies into a unified whole called Light Body. With this unification we will then be able to experience time similarly to the "Higher Beings", that it is referential, perceptual, experiential and a creation. By connecting to "Higher Self," we will then be able to experience the many facets of time at once, being able to experience both the past and the future of the physical plane functioning as one.

Why was time created?

Time is an inherent aspect of this reality, part of the physical creation designed for All That Is to experience itself through. As expressions of All That Is, time and other energetic structures were created for us to experience the expression of physicality and all the limitations that go along with it; and for us to experience ourselves as being separate unique expressions of All That Is.

Time gives us a reference point, a perspective of progression that we would not have if time did not exist. Without time we would not have the illusions of past and the future, there would only be the moment. Time also helps us to have sense of self, by being able to refer out of the moment, to redirect us back to the moment, to true self.

Time was a necessary creation so that reality could be slowed down enough to experience sequence, to experience the process of gradual unfoldment, so that we have growth, and flow, and progression. So that we could have a perception that A + B = C. Time slows things down, this allows us to study and experience the process of Creation in detail as it unfolds before us.

So within the realms of physicality it is necessary and part of the fun to have time, but if you travel in consciousness beyond this physical realm, expand your awareness to higher realms of consciousness that are beyond time, you will see the truth of time, that it does not really exist.

In order to play this game we have purposefully deluded ourselves by convincing ourselves that certain illusions are real. We have limited our perception of reality, and one way to do this was to limit our perception of time. The ascension of planet earth is now taking place, in order to manifest this ascension, we must now wake up to our eternal beingness that is beyond the illusions of space and time. We must cure ourselves of our self imposed amnesia and un-delude ourselves - Wake Up, Un-delude Yourself, The 'Time' Is Now!

Perceptions of Time

We live in a limited world, a world with its specific laws and make up. Physically speaking, we are subject to these laws. Spiritually speaking, from the level of who we really are as spirit beings, these laws are subject to us. In terms of what manifests on planet earth and the co-creation of heaven on earth, we must be able to use time for our purposes, we must make it our friend.

The old worlds perception of time is based upon lack and obligation. Time is a commodity, something to be bought, sold and traded in this world of survival. And because this world thrives on the illusion of power, time is used to manipulate life for this purpose. An example is our current Gregorian calendar, which was designed by a man, who was disconnected from the earth, feeling, and divinity. It was not designed with the help of divine guidance but out of greed and his specific desires for power and control.

This calendar is disconnected from reality and does not accurately define any real cycle or progression. It does not even mimic the most basic and obvious progression that exists scientifically, cosmically and spiritually on planet earth, the 28 day moon cycle. This is a natural earth progression that we are under the influence of. As we awaken to the truth we will follow more natural progressive cycles like the Mayan calendar which is aligned to the earth and the cosmos, rather than some man made farce.

From this false-male world's perception, time is strictly linear, based on cause and affect. And this limited perception that humanity has upon reality, limits itself to one time cell reference, it limits the ability of people to see beyond strictly two dimensional perceptions.

As planetary transition team members, our perception of time is naturally different from the rest of humanity. Your perception of time as you co-create your vision of heaven on earth is completely different, it is not based on strictly control oriented linear perception, but upon spontaneity, grace and divine timing.

Who you are, what you are, and the degree of awareness you have about the truth of creation, reality, time, space, and true relationship, will determine how time affects you. Ultimately it has no affect upon you save what you give it the power to do so. We are all beyond time; time is an illusion; but to us who live within the constructs of time, in the physical world, it is a reality. So time must be dealt with from this paradoxical perspective, similarly to our experience of being unlimited spiritual beings within limited physical bodies.

The Acceleration

Time is relative to the different levels of the cosmic, the different orders of creation on dimensional, physical and consciousness levels. On higher levels, time has very little meaning as things happen instantly. The Divine plan for the creation and ascension of all lower heavens is instigated from these realms. In the lower heavens there is a time lag that occurs where we experience events measurably slower than the master program, things happen slower, based on the time cell reference of that world and species. Hence, our civilization acts out events that have already taken place on those higher levels of creation.

This is a description of the relation time has for us on the physical worlds, compared to the spiritual worlds, that are essentially in control of this physical creation. Everything that happens in the world of physicality, is set up on non-physical realms first. We are under the direction of the divine hierarchy, our friends in high places, and we are that divine hierarchy as well, projecting into these bodies. From our perspective in the physical world, it is the subconscious world, not the conscious world, that dictates the primary order of events.

[b]We are ascending as individuals and as a species. This planet is also ascending as an individual consciousness and as a physical being. Prior to now we and this planet have been condensing, we are now expanding. With this expansion comes the acceleration of time. Due to this accelerated "time" now taking place as we ascend to higher levels of awareness, manifest our light bodies, and planet earth becomes a star, time has less relevance. Time is becoming less real as we manifest more and more of our divinity, divinity which operates outside of the perceptions of time.[/b

As you ascend higher into your true self, and your true self descends further into your humanness, time becomes mutable and relative to your perception of it. Time always was mutable and relative, but we were unaware that it was so, because we believed time to be absolute.

Time is accelerating with or without our help, as the force of evolution sweeps into our universe like a tsunami, you can catch this wave like a master surfer and ride it to God, you can flow with and accept this acceleration into your lives, by continuing to accept the eternalness of your being, and stepping into true self, into light body, or you can let it go past and get left out in deep space.

Title: Time
Post by Kali on 26.03.2004 at 21:16:17

The most important factor of time is that we are accelerating beyond it as a species. You are already beyond it on a consciousness level, but as a human you are still within its grasp to some degree. As you become more aware of your eternal beingness, as you ascend, as you accelerate your vibratory rate and frequency, you as a physical being, also go beyond the grasp of time and its influence. When you have ascended and inhabit your light body, you are operating at near light speed. When you expand to light speed and beyond, you become physically beyond all creations of time and space, then you become the creator of time and space.

As a whole, we are becoming a civilization of light, eventually we will all be operating at light speed and beyond. To enable this, time is increasing to the eventual culmination at light speed. Until this point, while in the transition we will experience time accelerating constantly. Time is accelerating at such a speed that even though by our calendars it is 1999, in truth it is actually closer to about 2012. The Mayan calendar has estimated that the "big" transition would take place at this time; time would then stop or not exist, or a new time would be here. Many beings in the know, have estimated that this transition would take place before that time, due to this massive acceleration. Time will tell.

With this acceleration, as consciousness expands further and further on planet earth, there will be less time for illusionary activities. There will be no more time for the illusions of lack, power, competition and control. There will also be less and less time for mundane, daily, survival oriented activities. Eventually there will be no time for anything but divine activities. You can surrender to the truth of your beingness and live a divine existence, or, you can put your attention on survival, thus limiting the flow of the accelerated time now available, and creating large consequences to your growth due to your inaction.

Some times it is totally appropriate to put all your attention upon the mundane normal things of life, this can help assist with grounding of yourself into this physical reality and into your body. But you must be conscious of what you are doing, you must have discernment about what is totally perfect to do in your life. You must do what is required of you to be in the divine flow of time.

The Moment

The old version of linear time is obsolete. Time is not solely linear, it is also circular and curvy, it is male and female. There are beginning and ends (linear) and there is no beginning and no end (circular). The feminine circular aspect of time now supports accelerated growth.

Time is unchangeable from a linear patriarchal point of view, but allowing the balance of the female, we find that it is not absolute but changeable. The future and past are (linear), and in the now moment, within the mystic circle of time, there is no beginning and no end, only the moment. Ultimately, time is what you want it to be, it is your servant, you are not under it's control as the patriarchy tried to convince us from its position of fear.

So to be beyond time, to be a master of time, you must combine the cosmic with the mundane. You must live within the world of time and space but know that you are not of time and space. Time and space are under your control, you are not under the control of time and space. Light body and Ascension are beyond the limitations of time and space. Love is the key, it ascends you beyond past and future. Love is truly in the moment, beyond time. Ascension combines the spiritual world of non-time with the physical world of time.

When you live in the moment, in the "space" of love, you are beyond time; there is no time but the present moment, all other time is perceptual within references of past and future, out of this moment.

When you know that you are beyond time, that you are a force greater to it, then it changes for you as your needs dictate, for your mission of the co-creation of heaven on earth. Time alters, it shortens and lengthens depending on your needs and perception of it.

So life evolves with this thing called time. It may be quick, it may be slow, it is in your control and out of your control. You are in control of time from your perception, for you. For others, time is different depending on their perception of it.

From the perspective of divine timing, the divine plan, and the force of evolution, you are under the control of time. So flow with it, time is a gift, not a curse. You can use it to create reality with. It is part of the forces of creation. Creation is how it is, depending on you. You can create heaven for yourself, or you can create hell for yourself. What is your choice? Life is creation.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why we call it the present.

Yours for Eternity,


Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 26.03.2004 at 21:23:36


Please be aware that all the articles and books contained on this website are written from my awareness level, that current initiation, perception of reality, and level of Divine embodiment at the time of writing.

None of what I have written is implied as any form of absolute and has no real universal significance. (Nothing is an absolute, as everything in this “reality” is an illusion). In fact I do not claim that anything I have written is accurate at all, even though I have an immense fire of passion to always provide ever expanding higher insights and truth.

Reality is full of contradictions and paradoxes, and I may contradict myself on another paragraph, article or book, and I give myself complete permission to do so, as life on planet earth is a paradox, with many contradictions, realities and perceptions happening all at once.

What ever I have written may be true on many levels, but perception is always subject to revision based on higher embodied awareness and realization, and I will always endeavor to provide the highest awareness possible for me at the time.

All articles, books, insights, perceptions… are offered for the evocation of your Divinity, your own spiritual insights, mastery and stimulation. They are provided as a tool for you to illuminate for yourself what is Divinely true for you, because the most reliable source of knowledge, awareness and realization is your own Divine Self.

Enjoy being stimulated!

I Love You Always and All Ways,

Your Brother and Divine Friend,


Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by miha- on 27.03.2004 at 12:20:42

js sm ze prebral krneki clankov od zakairana in moje nepomembno mnenje je da model tko lepo pise o stvareh da se ti zdi nacin pripovedovanja prava poezija, umetnost izrazanja idej z besedam...

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by gape on 27.03.2004 at 13:07:44

Petra. wrote on 26.03.2004 at 21:23:36:

Please be aware that all the articles and books contained on this website are written from my awareness level, that current initiation, perception of reality, and level of Divine embodiment at the time of writing.

None of what I have written is implied as any form of absolute and has no real universal significance. (Nothing is an absolute, as everything in this “reality” is an illusion). In fact I do not claim that anything I have written is accurate at all, even though I have an immense fire of passion to always provide ever expanding higher insights and truth.

Reality is full of contradictions and paradoxes, and I may contradict myself on another paragraph, article or book, and I give myself complete permission to do so, as life on planet earth is a paradox, with many contradictions, realities and perceptions happening all at once.

What ever I have written may be true on many levels, but perception is always subject to revision based on higher embodied awareness and realization, and I will always endeavor to provide the highest awareness possible for me at the time.

All articles, books, insights, perceptions… are offered for the evocation of your Divinity, your own spiritual insights, mastery and stimulation. They are provided as a tool for you to illuminate for yourself what is Divinely true for you, because the most reliable source of knowledge, awareness and realization is your own Divine Self.

Enjoy being stimulated!

I Love You Always and All Ways,

Your Brother and Divine Friend,


tega si bom kr namest unga da se lahko tudi motim zapejstu spodi dol ...

res je dobr stric ...

Title: The Cosmic Joke
Post by Kali on 29.03.2004 at 20:37:10

The Cosmic Joke

All reality is a creation. All reality is a created illusion. Only pure spiritual essence is real. You are that spiritual essence, only you are real. You are the creator of all reality, all illusion. Reality, creation, physicality, dimension, time - this is your playground.

You are the creator of all reality because you are God-Goddess-All That Is expressing itself as a single point of consciousness. You are creation creating. Your illusion was that you were a creation no different to any other creation, that you were an illusion, a creation of God, but not a creator of God.

As an illusion you thought you had to earn your way to reality, you had to deserve to be real. You always were real, you were the only thing in your entire reality that was real. You are and always were God. You were never separate from God.

In one sense you are the ultimate creation of God, of Gods own stuff, designed to be an actual extension of this isness, a creation that creates, for only God can create. So all the cosmic rebellions (ie. Lucifer rebellion) were trying to accomplish something that already exists, separate Gods creating separate realities. But of course there is no real separation, so these separate realities all coincide with one another, and are all co-created. Everyone’s separate realities are all part of the oneness of All That Is. Everyone’s separate creation is all part of the entire creation of All That Is. How can you not be part of All That Is? How could you not be a creator? Why would God limit its creation in any way?

Your limitation is self imposed. You are not limited by the hand of God or any other force. You have not been cast out of heaven. You are eternal and unlimited as God and creation is. Unlimitedness and infiniteness is your birthright. How could it be otherwise?

You’re awakening is in your own hands. Do you accept responsibility for your own awakening, or do you give your power away to someone else to do it for you? No one else can do it for you, (this is the nature of the gift of free will). If this is your pattern, you will never awaken, you will always be searching for that one thing or that one master that will help you get it. What you search for, you already have - this is the cosmic joke. When you realize who you are, and realize your birthright, you will laugh the biggest laugh in your life, you will realize you were putting your self on.

Everyone that has ever awakened, especially the ascended masters, has gotten this joke. Getting the cosmic joke and learning to laugh at life, is the key to your enlightenment. It is the key to your awakening, the key to the full realization of your Divinity. Everyone in higher realities, especially those that have descended into these dense realms and experienced physicality, are laughing with you, not at you.

It is time to stop being so gullible and get the joke. Start laughing at life and the joke that it is. Especially the joke called civilization as we currently know it. This is a real joke. The joke of this reality is that it appears to be a tragedy, but it is a Divine comedy. The funniest comedy is always tragic. Other people’s folly is always funny. It is only tragic when it is your own and you do not get the joke, when you are the brunt of the cosmic tragedy.

The great and awesome master William Shakespeare, outlaid the comic tragedy of life in his plays. He always showed how stupid humanity is. His tragedies were always for nothing, (which is how life is). His comedies always appeared tragic, just as life appears. And the dramas, and corruption turn out to always be futile, (much ado about nothing) and reveal the pathetic comic tragedy of man’s folly.

It is obvious that everyone takes life entirely too seriously. Most people see life as a tragedy. Their lives are tragic because they believe in the lie of their own unworthiness. They watch the news and think how tragic, and then their lives don’t feel so tragic. They feel something (hopefully), another reason why people watch the news, to feel something – anger, sadness, passion, compassion, disgust…, because their lives are so passionless, so un-emotional.

When I see the news I think how tragic that everyone takes this reality so seriously. How tragic that everyone is more fascinated with drama, conflict and pain than joy, cooperation and love. When I see politicians, bankers, and business people playing their games, I laugh big huge cosmic laughs because they take the game so seriously – it is truly hilarious.

If you cannot laugh at life, then you are not going to get it, you will always be the brunt of the joke, you will be the one crying rather than the one laughing.

Get the Cosmic Joke!

Yours in Jollity,

ZaKaiRan Heyoka

If you see life as a tragedy and cannot see it as a comedy, then you are not living high enough. If you see life as a comedy and cannot see it as a tragedy, then you are not living deep enough.”“ - Nasod Lamosa, Nez Master. Starbuilders, Federation Flash #44.

Heyoka: Native American for trixter

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 07.04.2004 at 22:47:38

Free Will - Does It Really Exist?

Free will is a reality, a truth if you will, and an illusion. We are in a free will universe whereby you have the free will to decide whether you will choose the light or choose the "darkness". Whether you will choose Love or fear. This is the only choice you have available to you.

We are all under the direct supervision of our spirits. Our free will dictates that we have the right to follow this direction from our spirits (our true selves) or to resist this direction; therefore resisting self, therefore denying spirit, and the source of All That Is. Free will is an illusion, there is no choice really, because - who are we resisting but self. We are all indeed one, separation is a total illusion therefore free will is an illusion.

This is the experiment of this dimension of this planet and this universe. This is the core of the Lucifer rebellion. The Lucifer rebellion is a reality whereby we all chose to put on a mask of denial and play the part of separation, to play the game called free will, in other words, I am separate from God, God does not exist and I must be God. This reality has precipitated external consciousness, a reality where everything is outside of self.

So do you actually have free will? If you live your life from the old world perspective of "I am separate from my spirit, God and all of humanity", then free will exists. You have the illusion of being able to choose what to do with your life, how to act and react, what to eat, who to be with etc. But from this reality, generally there is still very little free will because most people in this old civilization reality live there lives based on programming. Genetic and social consciousness programs and influences; ego influences; educational, media and political influences. So even in the old world, free will has very little validity.

Generally, it is thought that if you resist these influences and go a different path, then you are experiencing free will, but are you? Why are you drawn to resist the status quo and go your own way? Were you directed by your suffering, another outside influence, your emotions - or are you directed by your spirit. Was spirit directing you to be who you are as a conscious point of light and love, was spirit saying to you, be your divine essence.

From a broader based perspective we are all totally in the hands of our spirits and even if we choose the external world of "darkness" over Divinity, this choice is directed by Spirit for you to experience. So you choose "free will", you choose the external world to experience what it is like to deny that you are a Divine Master. What a fabulous creation we live in that you can actually experience this illusion, this reality.

From a planetary perspective, (the transmutation of this planet to a star and the transmutation of humanity into bodies of light), you absolutely have no free will at all. Genetically these bodies are transmuting whether you want them to or not - you have no choice. Your only choice is to surrender to this force of evolution and have a fun ride; or resist it, hang on to being a human body, and become extinct like the dinosaurs.

From a spiritual perspective of "free will", you can still choose light or dark meat. You can stay and experience the awesome joy and wonderment of this fabulous transition, the co-creation of heaven on earth or you can go elsewhere and continue experiencing the illusion of separation, complete with its inherent pain, denial and suffering. But even this choice is not in your hands but spirits. Spirit decides what is in store for your evolution and experience. And as far as your evolution is concerned, your spirit will not let you off the hook. Your spirit will badger you and manipulate you and put influences around you to give you no choice at all, but to choose divinity. If you are here to experience the transition and live Heaven on Earth then you will do so. If it is not yours to do and you are not done playing the game of separation, then your Spirit will have you go elsewhere to play this game with other kids that want to play.

Free will is an illusion of the old world and it is an illusion of the "New Age". The New Age is merely the final manifestation of the old age, there is nothing in the new age that is new at all. Free will promises control and power; the illusion that I have control and power over my life, but you do not. You as Spirit, do have control; but you as body, mind, emotions, ego, do not. Only consciousness experiences. The body, mind, emotions, ego etc., is how what and through which consciousness expresses through and experiences through.

The new age has promised control and power by knowledge of internal and external forces. It has promised power and control over old world influences, political and religious structures. But there is nothing to have control and power over because no thing exists. Everything is an illusion; a creation; a set; a prop for us to play with in the play called separation. All crystal power; psychic power; astrological power; psychological power - based on awareness, these are all illusions, for we are not these things. We are pure consciousness - that which experiences these things; that which creates these things to play with. These are the parameters of the game; the rules; the structure of the game. For without structure there is no game; you do not know how to play it or where to play it in the void. Energy, power, control, god, religion, spirituality - these are all the structure, the parameter of this game called life.

But we are all bored with this old game called mastery of limitation - a game where we played survival and war; love, lust and relationship; destruction and creation; pleasure, pain and suffering - where we played the big game of darkness and light. But there is a new game being produced by the big game manufacturer and its called The Co-Creation Heaven on Earth; Divinity, Love, Light; remembering who you truly are; Mastery of Divine Expression. A game with no rules except be who I truly am. A game where we combine our vision of the new game with the old, throwing out the old rules, and play with a whole new set of parameters of reality where we are all indeed one with All That Is. A game where there are no winners and losers only Divine players in a holy mission of Love. A game where we laugh about the old game and how funny it was, this is the cosmic joke. A game where unworthy is seen for the illusion that it is; earning, learning, deserving, success - words and realities of linear thinking do not exist.

You cannot resist the light and choose darkness for you are the light, this is one of the grandest illusions. The illusion of free will was created by us all with the whole force of creation, to play this fabulous game called creation. We created all the illusions of good; bad and evil; darkness and light; just for the fun of experiencing it. How else could God experience itself but put itself outside of itself to see its own reflection.

Now go and experience your free will truly, try your damnedest to choose darkness, to resist your divinity - inevitably you will find that that is impossible. And as the veils of denial are lifting you will find it extremely easy to see who you are, that you are a light being of the highest caliber and that everyone else is as well. You will see that they are merely actors doing a damn good job of playing their parts for themselves and for you.

So do you actually have free will? Do you actually have creative control of your reality? - Your perception is where you have creative control. Your free will choice lies in how you choose to perceive every situation in your reality. What is real for you: the world of illusion; the world of form; your thoughts; your feelings? This is your free will choice - what you decide is real. What of you is real? - Who you truly are; pure consciousness; the eternal, unchangeable essence that is always present and always was present, even prior to conception; - that is real - where you place your attention - that is your choice

How do you choose to use your freewill in day to day life, do you choose projection over being in your own suffering? Is your cup half full or half empty? Do you see the higher dimensional truth of reality or only the control dramas? In relationship, how will you choose to live - will you choose to follow your suffering, or love? Will you choose to try to get over your boredom and feelings of aloneness by drumming up shit, indulging in drama, so that you won't feel this suffering?

Do you choose to see the distorted humanic limitations of a person or do you choose to see the mastery of a person. Do you choose to see the 3rd dimensional perspective reality of things, or do you choose to see the 5th dimensional perspective reality of things. Do you choose to use old ways of perceiving reality or new, mysterious, unknown ways of perceiving All That Is.

All choice, the only choice, that every choice is contained within, is the choice of love. Do you and will you consistently choose love or fear? Will you go where love leads you, and pushes you, or will you run away to familiarity - away from the unknown, away from the mystery. Will you really feel deeper and more passionately then you ever have in any lifetime, or will you deny the pain evoked from discovering who you are, and the denial that you have practiced.

Will you embody your Divine magnificence, or will you settle for mediocrity and the comfortable numbness of denial and mass consciousness perception. Will you be all that you are - embodying your individual, unique, awesome expression of All That Is.

What's your choice? - Love or fear - Or is there really a choice at all?


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Petra. wrote on 23.03.2004 at 17:15:24:
 :) 8)

se pravi

spet ne dela  ???

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Earth Ascension Times (April 30, 04)

Dear Ascending Masters,

Can you feel how awesome and accelerated this time truly is?! If not, just go internet surfing to see how much awesome stuff people are putting out, and get tapped in to receiving email reports and you will see that it is really happening. If you are having difficulty in any way tapping in to this energy then you are in the process of letting go of the old glamour and survival illusions of the matrix.

For me this past year has been a very fascinating, unstable, seemingly "boring" and "slow" time as I let go of the last of my attachments and fears of complete activation, and deal with the new time frequency, flow and acceleration. I have not been in a "permanent" earth base for a while, living in temporary housing, in an area that is being invaded by greed, which has forced me to not be attached to living in specific places, accelerate my financial manifestation abilities, and learn to fully function spiritually and financially on the run. It also became obvious that I was needed in different areas to work with and heal the land, and commune with the land, and get more grounded. I have fully been grounding myself officially on planet earth. It is time to really and truly be here and let go of all conscious, subconscious and unconscious desires to get out of here, that is not why we came here, we came here to really be here, not try to escape as if we are being punished and are in prison.

The matrix has been doing its best to try to create lots of trudgery and dramas to distract our attention from the real job and to try make it hard to get real things done. But this has required that I and others tap in to this new time frequency that is no longer about control, but magical manifestation. Everything is manifesting really quickly. The fact is we have accelerated so fast due to our work and including the peace movements due to the Iraq war, that we have jumped about 6 years ahead. And due to the veils of the dimensions being so thin and time acceleration, we paradoxically have less time in the day to do what we need to do, but have the energetic support to manifest things faster without the same effort needed before to trudge through lack consciousness.

The vibration of Christ Consciousness manifesting within and without, is totally and completely about Unconditional Love and divine timing, so it is certainly patience time. You will be unable to get anything done that is related to your divine mission if you are trying to do it in some old way within old systems. You will feel driven to get a lot done, receiving the visions and energy needed to accomplish many manifestations and projects, but you must also tap in to divine timing as to what to do now, and not waste your energy. And you must allow and wait for divine timing and magical manifestation. Using the old energies of control won’t work, so anything that you are trying to do that is not directly for and about unconditional love and directly with and from authentic magical creation (which is manifestation of something from nothing) will either fail or you will have great difficulty in manifesting it without the support of your spirit and the divine plan. Therefore you must be diligent with letting go of anything and everything that is limiting you in any way. In fact if you don’t do it willingly, your life, your relationships, things, projects… will all collapse, die or leave you anyway.

You must especially let go of all of your attachments to old forms and systems, (including the financial lack/competition system, cars, houses, jobs…). And it is especially time to let go of all old forms and perceptions of relating. Any relationships that are based on agreements are devolutionary, and if you are tapped in to the divine plan, and your divine essence, there will be no energy to relate to those people or in those old ways. You must let go of all relationship attachments. There is no real reason to hang on to anyone. We love everyone and are always connected, regardless if you never see those people ever again, you are always together within the oneness of All-That-Is. The only reason people hang on to anyone is because they have conscious or unconscious agreements to do so and were trying to create false oneness, (because of our feelings of being cut off from oneness). But of course, since this is an illusion, only synergetic relationships are supported by the unconditional love/Christ vibration.

It is time for divine prosperity for all of humanity, so if you haven’t let go of all of your vows of poverty, and other limiting patterns related to money and miraculous manifestation, then get busy baby. It is now time for everyone to accept their divine sovereignty as a creative and co-creative force in the Universe. Which empowers you as a Creator God/dess, a Christed Master. As a Christed Master, you as your true Christed nature, are completely unconditionally loving, and completely non-judgmental. Therefore, you must heal, forgive and let go of everything that gives you an emotional charge, (which is where you have judgement). This may be directly related to the individual or the specific act on karmic past life or soul aspect levels, or it may indirectly related. Regardless, it is something within your light-body fields that you must take care of to be free from the web of victimhood and unworthiness. (Please see my article on "Judgement" on my website:

You must truly get to a place of compassion, where you realize that no matter how nasty anyone treats you or treats someone else, they are only doing this because they are suffering from their own belief in their own unworthiness, and trying to deny, repress, give away or sell this suffering. And there are no victims in the any universe! Every experience is for our soul growth and experience. So thank and bless everyone who has ever "screwed you over" for the fabulous soul growth you have experienced from it, and thank yourself for manifesting it, for creating the experience of separation to further know the truth of oneness. But also please rescind all old vows and agreements to relate to anyone in any limiting way. Limitation time is over! It is now time for Mastery of Divine Expression.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. To stay in tune with the new energies and accelerated vibration, you must be continually upgrading everything within and without. That means your energy fields, physical body, light-body, relationships, technology, computers, cars, jobs, money, friends, family, teachings… Anything that is old technology or old civilization needs to go. If you are not volunteering for these upgrades, then your spirit will have to work overtime to convince you to allow them. I personally just had my car totaled by being rear ended while I was stopping for a family of bush turkeys crossing the road, which included momma, poppa and really cute and shnuggly babies. I was rear ended because I was being in the moment to stop and see the birdies and make sure everyone is safe, while everyone else around me was rush rushing in a typical linear fashion. The point is, you cannot do things in a typical linear fashion, otherwise you are missing the magic of the moment. If I had not stopped, even though I was rear ended, I could have ran in to another car coming from the other direction, killed birds, and still gotten ran in to from the rear.

It seems that all my friends cars/vehicles are dying. My team mate’s car just burned up, taking with it old vehicular and other energies, now me. It is completion completion completion, always completing to allow for the new. This is all directly related to our own vehicles that are dying and need to die, or rather, transmute into our new divine-light vehicles. In other words, you must be constantly dying, to make room for the new. Typical physical death is a thing of the past, boring, old, been there, done that methodology. The transition of Ascension is death in every moment. Continuous Ascension is what you must embrace, which is what authentically living in the truth moment offers. Ascension is not some final mystical ascension and it’s all over, done and your totally enlightened floating above the poor masses who haven’t gotten it yet. Oh no my bright little star, ascension is totally continuous. Ascension/Inscension is living in the magic of the moment; being the Christed you; divine creation; God Presence you in this and every moment. The direction is not just linear any more, this was the patriarchal distorted masculine, without the wholeness of the feminine. We must now include the feminine, the sphere and other feminine geometries. The completion or addition of the divine feminine and divine masculine allows for the moment. It allows and works with the divine miraculous energies of creation. It completes the alchemy. The Divine Mother and the Divine Father within us all may now merge in divine union to create the Christ Children, a light civilization made up of little starlets living in divine synergy with the ChristStar Planet – Terra.

You must let go of all conscious subconscious, and unconscious death and disease programs. And you must be continually upgrading your "vehicle", to be able to surf the ascension tsunami. You must upgrade and accelerate yourself so much that you are able to steer the tornado. (Thanks Dan Winter). Ascension is a tornado. The Ascension of planet earth is a tornado. It spins with and from the Golden Mean Spiral (1.618 recursive fibonnaci ratio). The ratio and wave of creation whereby everything is sharable. You are the tornado, the MerKaBa, the Light-Ship! You are the Ascension! If you are not spinning as fast as the tornado, then it will be hard to hang on to it. So you must ground your tornado to be able to steer it, so that it is not flipping everywhere out of control and so that it will synchronize with all the other tornadoes in a co-creative sharable spiraling column/planet/civilization of Light/Love. HOLD FAST! (thanks "Master and Commander")

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 30.04.2004 at 17:01:04

This is a massive soul/aspect retrieval time. You are spread out through all space time and dimension, and it is time for all aspects of your beingness to be healed and brought back in to your soul. You must literally be energetically clear with and from everything and everyone. I know you are all doing this and have already cleared lifetimes of stuff, but there is still more to take care of, especially aspects of your beingness in the outer reaches of your light body that have been hidden for millennia, that are now resurfacing for healing and heart/soul home-coming. But also allow for Grace to heal everything without having to do anything about it. Call upon the karmic board, the ascended masters and angels for mega assistance with everything. (Ascended Master/Angel list in "Cosmic Cookies and my article "Angels" on my website).

And make sure you are spending time recharging in nature, on earth and in water, activating all the elements and electromagnetic circuits within your fields, communing with these elements in nature, and charging nature in return as a gift for mother earth. Also make sure you are connecting with the devas and fairies and ancient native guardians of the land. Also working with the water bodies and water ways, the life blood of mother earth. Also clearing energy pathways and old trauma energies held in and by the land from old traumas such as massacres.

And I must emphasize the extreme importance of making sure you are ingesting energized and divinely structured water. Please educate yourself in this regard. All water ain’t the same. We are generally depleted in oxygen, water and prana. Time to be getting them all in to ya big time. ("Pranic Breathing" article on my website, highly recommended). I will be selling geometries in the future that will restructurize water back to its crystalline nature. There are other ways to restructurize it including toning the water, infusing it with the flower of life (creation mandala), (F of L discs available from me, but not on my website yet), also the "wellness filter" looks really good. There are many water websites, including many links in this regard on my links page on my website, in cosmic cookies. Plus more info to come.

Physically, it is super mutation time, as our bodies struggle to deal with the amazing amounts of light we are embodying. (Concurrently, I am sending out my mutation article in regards to this). I have had a lot of upper spine stuff happening. You will have many symptoms as the acceleration continues as your DNA accelerates and activates, and your endocrine system activates. So you must make sure you are diligent about keeping your energy fields very clear from all negative and limiting energies in addition to EMR (electromagnetic radiation and other similarly debilitating energies). Call upon the Violet Flame and the Violet Flame Angels to clear energies and karmic patterns, plus the karmic board for karmic clearing. And call upon Archangel Michael often to cut all negative cords around you often.

If you are interested in tools for releasing and manifestation, and for remaining centered and activated during the upheaval, I am happy to email you a copy of my book, "The Ascension Master’s Toolkit", which is chocka block full of lots of goodies for all of this, including ascension activations… I am still working on this book and making many additions, so it is not complete yet for a hard copy release, but it is in good enough shape to work with now. If you want a copy of this book, send me an email to: with the subject being "Toolkit". I would like and would greatly appreciate donations for this service and to help with the manifestation of the complete hard copy version. Please send $5 bucks or more in cash or bank checks in Australian dollars, to: Vastairan Productions P.O. Box 580 Mullumbimby, NSW 2482 Australia

If you are well tapped in to Email reports, you would have been receiving regular reports about the ETs planning to land and NESARA finally being announced, including channelings by many ET commanders and St. Germain about its impending revelation. (If not, get on triple Z’s email list: "ZaRaya Zanzara Zeviar" <>, to be kept up to date). And Matt and Trey and the South Park Kids have revealed the truth behind it all, which is the fact that our planet is one big intergalactic reality TV show for the ETs, in fact if you tune in to galactic television, you will see "Earth" on TV, the most exciting show in the galaxy! Very exciting times. In my local area (Byron Bay Australia), we’ve got a hemp crop growing to soak up the effluent from the sewage treatment plant, and we have just elected a female green party mayor! Are these accelerated times, or what? (Galactic Federation reports, (Planetary Activation Organization: Capt. Helena/ Capricorn channelings. Devin, Head of the Galactic Federation’s 9D Nibiruan Council Through Jelaila Starr). Other related goodies to be put on my website asap.

I am currently planning to tour Australia, so if you are interested in sponsoring me to your area, please let me know. The essence and titles of what I will be doing is still coming in, but regardless, they will be highly accelerated. I’m not planning, at this point, on coming to the US until June 2005. I am currently working a lot with sacred geometry, (especially archimedean geometries), that are directly related to our electromagnetic/geometric/elemental circuits and the elements of life/creation/form. I am also pretty driven to educate people about EMR (electromagnetic radiation), geopathic stress and other radiations. I have a page on my website about these geometries: Geo-Jewelry and Geomatrix - Platonic and archimedean Sacred Geometry Jewelry and Structures -, including jewelry that will keep you safe and centered amongst adverse conditions, for instance computers, mobile (cell) phones… and other energies. (By the way, my website is up and running and fully functional. Still updating though).

Other muse:

Sailing/Whaling Hervey Bay

This year’s sailing/whaling trip in Hervey Bay will be happening in August/September. I am meeting soon with Captain Tim and "Satori" the 13 meter catamaran to discuss the trip, including prices, dates…, and will be sending out a report on this. If you are interested, start setting aside some moola. Last year it cost $850 for a week, including food. Satori will be continuing on up the coast of Australia to the Whitsunday Islands and beyond, so many sailing adventures are available if you are interested.

Last year I had such an awesome time with the whales that I can only say, "Beyond Awesome!" Read my article "Close encounters of the 5th kind", on my website. The whales and dolphins are so permanently imprinted in my beingness now after my last experience, that I am a whale/dolphin, I just happen to have legs and hands instead of flippers. I can’t wait to play with them again. They are indeed our divine brothers and sisters who have formerly allowed us to kill them and now play with them.

ZaKaiRan on Tellavision

Dig this! I recently did a television show which will air here in Australia in June on Foxtel Cable. It is a program called "Hit and Run", whereby they put comedians through various challenges which is video taped, and the comedian then does a comedy act based on the experience for the half hour show. In this case, the challenge for the celebrity was spiritual. The premise was: the comedian, (Libby Gore), was coming to Byron Bay to meet me (ZaKaiRan) to help her meet her Higher Self, become enlightened...

First I was interviewed by Libby about what she would hopefully experience and what we intended to create for her. We discussed stepping in shit, (which she actually did, cow doody), spirituality, enlightenment, ascension, ETs, the Pleiades, (which she resonated with, and where I am from), fairies, (including fairy dusting her face and ample cleavage, the host, and goofed about other spiritual stuff.

The scene then moved on to the prepared meditation space, where we discussed the importance of setting up an altar/pillar of light to hold and activate the divine energies. (Altar was created with various beautiful divine thingys, including: Ascended Master pictures, Kwan Yin sculpture, flowers, crystals..., and hung behind it and the action/meditation, was an Archturian Gateway banner, that I channeled and painted for the Higher Self Ball 2001, which is encoded with ascended master codes (courtesy of Qala), and Archturian Light Codes (courtesy of me), 12 and 8 point waves of whales, dolphins, space ships and stars, around a Merkaba geometry). All beautifully lit and photographed!

I then led her and a small group through a meditation to "meet her higher self". All of this on camera for cable television, to be also picked up by the ABC (Australian Broadcast Channel) for national coverage on regular television.

Can you believe it! I am still blown away by this. It is totally unprecedented and a test to these accelerated times. The producer of this show and her and Libby’s decision to choose me, are to be highly commended.

The finished product will hopefully be in my hands soon and I will send out copies of the half-hour show ASAP. The entire spiritual process was led and approved by me, so this aspect was done "seriously" and legitimately, even though the show is for entertainment value and we had a lot of fun with the process and doing the show. I was invited to see Libby do her act based on the experience in Sydney, but was unable to attend, but this will be at the end of the show.

We are indeed in the 7th Golden Age when I and what I do is put on television. Yee Ha!

Golden Age Love,

Blessings on your journey of divine awakening to your awesome magnificence.


Earth Ascension Times:

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evo, v slovenščini:

Iluzija izključnega partnerstva

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Manifestacija in fascinacija

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Svobodna volja – ali res obstaja?


Title: What is a Friend?
Post by Kali on 09.10.2004 at 12:59:19

What is a Friend?

True Friendship – Darkness and Light

We are all friends. We must recognize this fact. Everyone on planet earth is your friend, recognize and acknowledge this fact. You are their friend as well, but they do not know it yet. Even your friends may not know that you are their friend because they do not know how to truly be friends yet.

Good friends, real true honest and integrated friends, are not easily come by, similar to a primary relationship. You may encounter people that become your friend, then because of your interaction with them and something they experience because of your presence, you become adversaries. Especially as you assist them with their growth, they may experience resistance, they may hold a grudge about something, something that they are not clear about, something they do not realize was for their highest good.

If you dislike them in any way for some reason, you must become at peace with why and own your own shit about it, you are not a victim. You must become at peace and understanding about your experience and their actions so that you can be friends. If you do not deal with this situation and avoid this because you want things to be nice and smooth, and how could you dislike your friends anyway when you love them so much, in some part of your consciousness they are your enemy. And in consciousness you think they are scum and will treat them this way psychically.

This is the fall, if you do not deal with everything in your consciousness and heal your relationships, you will have many enemies. Even your closest friends, lovers, and family members will become your enemy. Now this is dealing with things on multi-dimensional levels, something that the seasoned planetary transitioners are used to dealing with, while for others it is new.

You must realize that you exist, live and operate on many many levels. If you do not deal with certain levels of your consciousness that exist on these levels, you will be a slave to them – case in point: what I have already spoken of. So you must be impeccably honest with yourself. You cannot be ignorant about any part of yourself. If you ignore anything, then it becomes the master and you become the slave, and you will unconsciously live under the control of that master. And because that master does not live in the light, you will not as well. This part of your beingness will be operating in darkness, unaware of itself, this is the fall.

Being aware of self, true self, all of self, is enlightenment, it is self realization, it is living in the light. If you do not deal with those parts that are hiding in the dark, in enemy consciousness, they will consume you, but the tricky part is they will consume you very subtly, you will still remain your usual self, but the delusion will take you over slowly and surely, so slowly that you won’t see it coming and it will manipulate you to believe certain things, to be true, and act from these beliefs.

If you get to this point then you are lost and will have to be rescued or left alone in your darkness to be further manipulated by others also living in darkness. You will band together with other fallen masters that are ignorant of their light. Many of these fallen masters will appear as light workers, but make no mistake by being fooled by the “appearance” of light. Taken to this extreme this describes in a simplified version, how dark masters are created. Darth Vader is our example, little Anikan Skywalker, a boy of the light, becomes a master of darkness, but of course there is no mastery of darkness, you do not master darkness, it masters you. I hope you understand, I hope I am explaining clearly how important it is for you to be honest with yourself, I hope my example hits home, and helps you realize the truth of light and dark.

Many beings have had experience dealing with dark force entities, (fallen masters – like Darth Vader) negative ETs and disembodied spirits (ghosts), working for darkness, unaware that they are light. We see people (in bodies) living in darkness because they so drastically believe that they are no good, that they are unworthy evil bastards, (this is of course unconscious because if they admitted their frailties, they could surpass them). But not many people have experienced and had to deal with fallen masters in bodies.  Beings that attained a certain level of awareness and perhaps earned a certain position on a cosmic scale and then decided to resist and deny love, to follow their fears rather then the light which looked even scarier.

They went through an initiation that was too difficult because they didn’t want to let go of something, some person or some identity that gave them security. Perhaps the possibility of their greatness was too much for their ego to handle, they couldn’t let go of the illusion of their unworthiness.

They decided (usually on an unconscious level) that the responsibility of being completely aware was too great, the task seemed insurmountable, they lost faith. This is the path of fear, the “reality” that everyone lives, where conditional support is given to provide a co-dependent security. A surrogate divine support. A faith and trust in an illusion to make up for the loss of faith in Divinity.

Co-dependence is the surrogate faith. A consolation for not making it through the initiation. An agreement that the old reality is better, easier, safer and real. What was on the other side was fantasy.  People live their lives helping each other stay in denial. This is “friendship” in the old civilization of darkness. In the new civilization of light, friends help each other wake up not stay asleep.

Never lose your faith in God, it is your only saving grace, if you take the “easy” route, status quo, the path of normalcy, the path of ignorance where you are comfortably numb in your existence, then the devil owns your soul, the world of illusion has you by the balls (or ovaries). Is this world your master, or are you its master? Do you even dare to be a master of reality? Do you even dare to be a master of truth, existence and consciousness? Do you dare to be a master of all the elements in the forces at play in this reality? Do you dare to realize that you are the co-creator of Heaven on Earth?

You are its manifestor, you are responsible for its manifestation. I know that this is a big responsibility, but you are up to the task, you have had enough experience in mastering illusion to transmute this to reality. You have the blue prints for heaven on earth within your consciousness. You are its blue print. The task is not greater then you, for it is you, you literally are Heaven on Earth. You are heavens representative, the manifestor of the Divine Plan! You are God incarnate in human form. As you awaken to your magnificence you will realize this. I repeat – you are Heaven on Earth! You are God/dess in a body! You are the Divine Plan in action! You are the manifestor of the Divine Plan! You are the Divine Plan!

Feel the fear and accept your job with faith that God has it all under control. God is with you always, you are never alone. Since this is true you don’t have to worry about things getting too hard, God will give you strength, I guarantee it. All it takes is allowance.

Trust in the divine plan, you have no other ‘real’ choice. You either trust in the Divine Plan or you live by your own agenda. If you live by your own egoic agenda, you will suffer the consequences. Oh you may feel powerful and strong because you are living your “own” life, on your “own” terms, (which is probably really based on old world programming, and not really your own thoughts) as if you are God, but this illusion will eventually fade away and you will be left alone in your darkness. Find true strength through faith in God, I know I sound churchy, but it is not any simpler then that. See, the Christians didn’t have it all wrong, at the core of every religion is the truth.

Firstly, trust in God, always, don’t be an idiot. Secondly, trust in yourself, in your Spirit, Higher Self, (which is the same thing).  Trust that you always serve God, that everything you do is of the highest service to All That Is. That you are good, divine, honest and true. Trust that with the help of God, and “his” helpers, you will always know what to do and say. And that everything you say and do is for the greater good of everyone, even if it appears otherwise.

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Know that you are light, and reveal those aspects of yourself that do not know they are light. Take care of yourself on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Be very discerning as to who you will interact with, and recognize where they are in their consciousness, you have this ability. We each have the ability to judge others truthfully, to recognize and classify where they are in terms of awareness of self and truth.

Always remember who you are, a child of God, I AM that I AM. If you get into trouble and are forgetting who you are because the world of illusion has taken you over, and your life has become dramatic, stop, be silent, center yourself, and repeat the words I AM that I AM. This is all you need to do.

You do not need to go meditate and be away from other people to be yourself. Be yourself always, especially amongst the confusion and drama – this is true mastery. Be yourself in a mass of people that do not know themselves. Their confusion can be overwhelming, but this confusion is nothing when compared to the clarity of your magnificence, your awesome light which vanquishes all ignorance and darkness.

Know who you are especially in dramatic situations, for this enlightens those illusions, your presence is enough to dispel all darkness and illusion. But you must take care of yourself and be discerning as to when it is time to get the hell out of the fallout zone. If you do not, and stick around trying to be social or a goody goody, you will get your butt kicked, their world of illusion will overwhelm your world of truth. So you must be strong especially in the emotional realm. You must be open enough to feel everything, absolutely everything, yet being detached from any expectations, judgements, outcomes… Do not run from any emotion, any feeling, if you do, then that emotion or feeling becomes your master.

You must feel everything and know that none of those feelings are you. This is true detachment. This is the gift of feeling, to go beyond it, behind it, to see who’s who in the zoo, who’s feeling what. To know who you are even amongst the turmoil. Stand naked in your truth, centered in the middle of thought and emotion, which are lateral, to the side, you are vertical, centered in source.

The Recognition

Ok, so we are all friends, in truth. Some people know this, some do not. You must know the truth of friendship, what is true friendship. A friend is someone who recognizes your mastery and divinity, they are able to do this because they recognize their own.

A friend honors your mastery and respects it no matter what level of awareness they or yourself are on. A friend is realistic about their awareness. A friend recognizes when you have gifts for them and their spiritual growth, and recognizes when they have things to learn from you that will further illuminate their awareness to true self.

A true friend is utterly compassionate and forgiving. A true friend does not blame you for anything, so that they can manipulate you by being a victim and be elevated in status because you are a “perpetrator”. A true friend recognizes when they crappity smack up and they admit it.

A friend is someone who you can say anything about yourself to and they will not repeat it and especially will not use it against you. Never say anything about anyone to anyone, that if they had over heard it you would not be embarrassed and ashamed that you said it. In other words, if you can’t say it to their face, with courage that it is the truth, then you shouldn’t say it all.

A friend is someone who holds nothing against you. If there is some conflict because of some interaction together, some misunderstanding, if they are a friend, they will deal with their stuff about it, realizing they are not a victim, and become at peace with it, getting to the core of truth so that there is no rift between you.

A true friend is someone you can reveal who you really are, and they will not reveal this to anyone, even in consciousness. Unless of course they know someone who is also a true friend that all can be revealed to.

You see, not all of who we are can we reveal to everyone, they would not handle it and would use it against us. Even those who are awakening and are living in the light, most could not handle it, it is too much of a stretch for their ego to handle.

Revealing yourself is tricky business because you must be very secure within your beingness, very secure in your realization of who you are to withstand the psychic, emotional and mental projections of others. Others that do not recognize their magnificence, in order to not feel their feelings of separation, to not feel lesser then and separate from you, will try to undermine your reality, (so that they can feel superior). If they see a hole in your beingness, a hole in your confidence, a place where you are unsure of yourself, perhaps a place where you do not like yourself or are insecure about yourself, they will capitalize on it and accentuate it to hopefully bring you down to their level.

You can be strengthened by these interactions with ignorant people, or victimized by them, your choice. In a sense they are doing you a service, revealing the lie, this is how the ignorant serve us, by making us aware of places that we are ignoring. This is the gift of relationship in general, it reveals all the lies. All denial is eventually revealed by someone, if you put yourself on the line for scrutiny. (This is why relationship can be so difficult and dramatic).

Sure you can sit in a cave and meditate and discover your true nature, but this must be incorporated into humanness, you must be able to live this true nature within humanity, amongst all the ignorance. If you cannot do it in society, then you do not yet know self, you have seen a glimpse of true self perhaps, but it is not real yet, not in this world, not embodied. Sure it is real in the world of non-form, but you are in a form. You are here to experience humanness, true self through humanness, beyond the world of ego.

So recognize your true friends, honor them for this trueness, encourage it, thank them for it, and nail their asses to the proverbial wall (with compassion and forgiveness of course) if they are acting with less than integrity and less than respect, that is if they are open to being nailed, to being sprung, to being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. If not then don’t waste your time, leave them and have compassion for their suffering, denial and ignorance, and know that they are your friend, but they cannot be your friend, because they do not know how to be your friend.

Everyone on planet earth is your friend. Everyone in the whole universe of All That Is is your friend. See this, feel this, know this. We are all one. Emanate this truth to everyone. Make it sink into the consciousness of everyone you meet. Be this truth and everyone will melt in your presence. Emanate this truth and the darkest force in the universe will bow down before you. Know this truth and your life will be heaven. When everyone knows this fact, Heaven on Earth will be here.

Your Divine Friend,


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Cilj ne opravičuje sredstev. Oni (voditelji, "evil ones", power jukies) hočejo, da svojo pozornost in dušo popolnoma posvetiš preživetju, saj v tem primeru pač ne moreš posvečati pozornosti svojemu opolnomočenju in svoji božanskosti. Ohranjanje občutkov nebogljenosti in nemoči je zanje bistvenega pomena.

Če priznavaš možnost, da nezemeljska bitja obstajajo, potem moraš priznati tudi obstoj možnosti, da si ti eno od njih, ali pa vsaj, da ravnokar gledajo vsak tvoj gib prek programa 'Zemlja v živo'.

Enost, mir, sodelovanje - teh stanj se ne ustvarja tako, da se spreminja zunanji svet. Obstajajo v nas, a če počneš nekaj, da bi jih dobil, Vesolju namiguješ, da jih nimaš (v tej dojemani realnosti), zato Vesolje preuredi realnost in priskrbi primerne prostovoljce, da ti pokažejo še več ločenosti, vojne in tekmovanj.


Bitka se je začela! Armagedon je tukaj! Kdo bo zmagal, tema ali svetloba? Nobena, obe sta ista stvar - ha ha! Vojna je iluzija! Ni druge vojne razen te, ki divja znotraj vseh ljudi, medtem ko skušajo razrešiti svoje trpljenje in svojo nevrednost. Da bi nekako opravili s krivdo in sramoto, ki jim je bila vcepljena od družbe, religij, politikov, medijev, genetike.

Vojna je bitka spominjanja, boj za odrivanje Resnice. Boj je v tem, ali ostati v zanikanju ali se predati temu, kdo res smo. Vojna med nami je vojna v nas. Sem Svetloba? Sem Tema? Sem dober? Sem zloben? Sem vreden ljubezni? Si zaslužim oditi v nebesa?

Na tem planetu se resnična bitka bije za to, kdo lahko vsili svojo precepcijo realnosti večim ljudem. Kdo lahko proda svojo realnost/iluzijo bolj uspešno.

Pravica ne obstaja! Ni mogoča, saj ni nikjer ničesar drugega kot brezpogojna ljubezen.
Pekel ne obstaja, razen če si ga ne zgradiš zase, kar ljudje počnejo vsak dan.
Matrica se napaja iz konflikta, če ga ni, se zruši zaradi pomanjkanja podpore in energije.

Vsi religiozni/ozemeljski (nafta/moč/denar) konflikti, 'teroristi', 'vojne proti teroristom' in podobno, tudi 'vojna proti drogam', so zadnji napori za to, da bi se igra iluzije in ločenosti nadaljevala.

Imeli smo matriarhat, patriarhat, sedaj je čas za srednjo pot - za paradoks, za spoznanje, da enost in ločenost obstajata hkrati in da je to darilo, ne pa preklestvo.

Tretji je Sin/Hči/Kristus - rojen iz ljubezni Božanske Matere (Sveti Duh) in Boga očeta, Božansko Žensko in Božansko Moško. Dualnost je izključno v tem: ti in realnost sta ali moški/oče ali žanska/mati. To je pripeljalo do podreditve moških oziroma ženskih sil in do utvar, da je eden pomembnejši od drugega. Dejstvo, ki ostaja, pa je to, da brez obeh, združenih v Ljubezni, ne moreš narediti otroka. Ničesar ne moreš narediti brez dveh v božjem združenju. Mati forme, prepletena z očetom zavesti v stanju neprestane ekstatične združitve. (Dve kači, prepleteni okrog drevesa življenja.) Forma, ki vsebuje zavest. Forma, ki omogoča izraz zavesti v božanski sinergiji. Božansko Moško in Božansko Žensko znotraj nas v sočnem čutnem/seksualnem strastnem ustvarjanju Kristusa-Otroka v Ljubezni. Popolnoma novo Bitje Ljubezni-Svetlobe, ki v malem odslikava popolno ravnovesje. Bitje, v katerem sta paradoks enosti in ločenosti v popolni enotnosti in harmoniji. In skupaj kot Kristusovi Otroci, v čutni/seksualni enotnosti Duš, ustvarjamo popolnoma novo Civilizacijo-Kristusove-Enosti, Brezpogojne Ljubezni in Svetlobe.

Brez svojih nacionalnih, političnih, religioznih, finančnih, socialnih ... identitet bi večina ljudi ne imela ničesar v svojem življenju.
Te identitete so novi bogovi.

Ključ za premik stran od vloge žrtve in nemoči je odpuščanje.

Imej usmiljenje do tistih, ki so še vedno v zanikanju svoje veličastnosti, ki se borijo, da bi dokazali svojo vrednost, ki se borijo za ljubezen. (Ne)vrednost je iluzija. Ničesar drugega ni razen Ljubezni in odpovedi Ljubezni.

Ne gre za zmago, ampak za opolnomočenje.

Ko iluzija nima več podpore, se ne proizvaja več in preneha obstajati.

Ni ti treba spreminjati starega sveta ali ga razsvetljevati. Saj noče biti razsvetljen, hoče se samo boriti. Za vedno. Če še vedno potrebuješ izkušnjo te igre ločenosti skozi polarnost in konflikt, potem nadaljuj z bojem in uživaj v njem. Če pa si se že naveličal te stare dolgočasne igre, ki se nikoli ne konča in pri kateri nihče nikoli ne zmaga, potem usmeri svojo pozornost v ustvarjanje raja in ne bodi zadovoljen z ničimer drugim kot z božasko popolnostjo. Dovoli svoji stari realnosti, da spokojno umre. Zahvali se ji za vse, kar te je naučila, in pojdi naprej. Zahvali se svojemu egu za vse, kar si se naučil ob raziskovanju ločenosti, in pojdi naprej. Zahvali se staremu svetu za vse, kar si doživel v njem, in mu zaželi dobro na njegovi poti. Dovoli stari civilizaciji, da umre spokojno, tako da ji odvzameš svojo očaranost nad njo in osredotočiš pozornost na svojo vizijo nove civilizacije Ljubezni-Luči. Svet sodelovanja in brezpogojne Ljubezni, ki je napolnjen z bitji Ljubezni-Luči, ki z vsem srcem podpirajo popoln razcvet vsakogar. Ki drug drugemu priznavajo veličastnost.

Če imaš kakršno koli težavo z izgovarjanjem spodnjega z vsem srcem, iz centra svojega božanskega obstoja, potem moraš še nekaj odpustiti.
Ponavljaj te besede: (I love = Ljubim)


Dostikrat se uporablja terminologija a la 'temne sile'. Resnica je pač taka, da ne obstaja 'temna sila' ali zlo. Obstajajo posamezniki in celo skupine, ki so zelo izključeni iz toka Ljubezni in Luči, ampak to ne pomeni, da so zli v svojem bistvu.
Dobro in slabo sta popolnoma subjektivna glede na opazovalčevo perspektivo gledanja. Luč in Tema sta v bistvu ista stvar. Razlika je samo v vibraciji. Ali zavedanje idividualne ali skupinske božanskosti ali pa zanikanje tega dejstva. Tema ni nič več kot skrivanje pred Lučjo. Zlo ni nič več kot skrivanje pred Ljubeznijo.

Na nek način vsak od nas deluje za luč in za temo. Edino, kar je, so odstotki: koliko tebe je uravnano z eno ali drugo stranjo, ljubeznijo ali strahom. Ko si popolna Ljubezn in Luč, si razvetljen.

Vsakokrat, ko delujemo iz strahu, hodimo po poti teme, po poti ločenosti.

Ko se dovolj ločiš od matrice, se ti bo vsaka bitka, ki jo še moraš izbojevati, manifestirala kot boj med teboj in tvojo novo družino 'delavcev luči'.

Učenja predajajte naprej prosto, kot se le da, saj je to v sozvočju z napredovanjem zavesti in prihodnjo civilizacijo, v kateri denar in preživetje ne bosta več obstajala. Trenutno pa še vedno potrebujemo denar za podporo svojih nalog, zato je zelo priporočljivo in dobro tako za osebno kot za kolektivno blaginjo, da darujete denar tistim, ki dajo zelo veliko sebe za prebujanje človeštva. Podpirajte svoje učitelje in vodnike, ki vam pomagajo spomniti se, kdo ste. Mojstri, ki ustvarjajo mojstre. Več denarja in časa ko imamo za res pomembne dejavnosti, saj ga ne zapravljamo za tipično človeško sranje, več božanskega dela/igre lahko opravimo, več ljudi lahko dosežemo in bolj pospešena učenja lahko priskrbimo. Tako mi ustvarjamo raj na zemlji. Mojstri prebujajo mojstre, ki prebujajo mojstre, ki prebujajo mojstre. Drug drugemu se pomagamo prebujati, dokler ne bomo imeli celega planeta mojstrov.

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Najbolj lažno je to, da ljudi zavajajo da ni pekla, da ni satana in hudobnih duhov....

Preberi si to:

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ej, gost, vidim po več različnih forumih da maš aktivno kampanijo ...  

Imam filing, super če me vara,  ..da ste rahlo paranoični pred vsem kar se ne začne na "M" in pred vsem kar prihaja z Vzhoda.

..smem vprašat -   Zakaj ?

lep dan


..vidim da preprosto kr brišete kar se ne ujema z - vašo pravo, in edino    resnico...

c c  c....

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Petra. wrote on 09.10.2004 at 13:05:22:
So recognize your true friends, honor them for this trueness, encourage it, thank them for it, and nail their asses to the proverbial wall (with compassion and forgiveness of course) if they are acting with less than integrity and less than respect, that is if they are open to being nailed, to being sprung, to being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. If not then don’t waste your time, leave them and have compassion for their suffering, denial and ignorance, and know that they are your friend, but they cannot be your friend, because they do not know how to be your friend.

Good stuff!  :)

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Ascension Tsunami 2005

A Message of Faith

by ZaKaiRan

Happy New Year to everyone!  And infinite blessings to all those beings who have given their lives, and those beings who volunteered to experience such tragedy and loss for the awakening of humanity.  And thank you mother earth for knocking us off of our pedestals and pulling our heads out of our…., I mean out of the sand.

The Tsunami has hit big time, and I am not just speaking literally.  The Tsunami that has hit these countries is a physical representative of the big Tsunami that is hitting the entire planet, that is the Ascension Tsunami; the Tsunami that is propelling this planet to higher levels of divine function and awareness.  And our brothers and sisters in the Pacific have graciously volunteered to help us all realize that we are indeed all on this planet together and we are all indeed one people.  Our Earth Mother is showing us this fact, because even the hardest of hearts melts with compassion when witnessing tragedy of this scale.  

The earth is transitioning to the 5th dimension, to Christ Consciousness, regardless of whether people want to realize this fact or not.  This is why Mother Earth let fly the cleansing nature of water to help heal our hearts; to show us that this life is not permanent, can change in an instant and is changing right now all the time.  If one is not in tune with the earth, and not aware of her movements, one can obviously place themselves in a precarious position.  And in divine synchrony, our Mother let these cleansing waters fly during the time of remembrance of the Christ, (Christmas), a time to remember that we are all “The Christ”.  Every one of us is a babe in a manger, honored by the wise men (Ascended Masters) and the Angels, and nurtured by the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.  We are all Christ Children and Jeshua illuminated this fact by embodying “the Christ” and reminding us that our true nature is Unity/Christ Consciousness; we are all Unconditional Love!

This year is already shaping up to be a doozy, which is an obvious sign of what the Divine Plan, Mother Earth, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation and our own Spirits have in store for us.  Regardless of the details and timing of these plans, it is certain that everything is full speed ahead.  For those beings who are not yet awake from their self adopted amnesia, their lives will become more and more uncertain.  Fears will inevitably continue to be rampant and escalate to the farthest point to shake people from their foundations that are built by fear, lack and competition.  These foundations of the old world are crumbling and the only real choice is clear: put your faith in the only real foundation  God.  It is becoming less and less possible to ride the fence.  The choice is: choose Love or choose fear; prosperity or lack; cooperation or competition; unity or more separation; accept your Divinity and magnificence, or continue believing in the lie of your own and others unworthiness.

Subconsciously, everyone knows that massive change is upon us, whether they want to admit it or not.  We have been given signs of this change for thousands of years, through every religion and through the history of “lost” cultures.  Within everyone’s Soul, the message is being played over and over again  Wake Up!  The Time is Now!  Time to Ascend!  Time to Co-Create Heaven on Earth!  

The world is becoming one whole planet fast and furiously.  International borders and our judgement of cultural and spiritual differences are disintegrating naturally due to our gradual awakening; and through world trade, travel, movies/television and the internet.  The truth has already been revealed and is easily available to anyone who desires to know it.  And even the greedy governments and corporations who are exploiting the 3rd world are even facilitating this, as we bring these countries into the capitalist world and as we purchase the goods that are made from our brothers and sisters in the far reaches of the world.  Regardless of the real intentions of big brother, even their greed and lust for power is bringing us all together, because what is really behind it all is the Soul’s desire to create prosperity/unity for everyone.  Our deepest desire is to become One World; One Planet; One People.  God-Goddess works/plays in mysterious ways!

My sole/soul mission and intention, is to help myself and all of humanity ground themselves (all that they are) into their human bodies, (this creates the Christ Body; the real “body of Christ”).  I know that this is also the Soul mission of everyone on this planet, they just don’t know it yet.  The absolute key to this embodiment of their magnificence and the co-creation of heaven on earth, individually in each persons lives and for the collective whole, is Faith.  We have been asked for countless lifetimes through every spiritual teaching and religion that we have been involved with, to “have faith in God”.  If they’ve said nothing right whatsoever, at least they got this one right.  Well this recommendation hasn’t changed at all, but is even more imperative.  It is obvious to me in my life and my awakening process of embodying my Divinity, which is completely dependent upon me having faith that I will be taken care of by God, and to stop trying to take care of myself.  To stop trying to obtain money, feed myself, promote myself and prove myself…, (all from lack); but let God-Goddess handle the whole operation; and have faith/know that all will happen in divine timing.  

Allowing God-Goddess to provide for you financially, is the one that is the most obvious and apparent.  But this is only the tip of the iceberg of letting your God Presence handle your whole awakening process, which includes being taken care of on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually…

We have previously relied primarily upon our ego’s and the world of ego to “provide” for and dictate our needs.  Naturally, this support was conditional upon our proving our worth to ourselves, others and this matrix of agreements, deals and obligations.  But in the New Civilization that you are being asked by your Spirits to co-create together, there are no such illusions as worth and unworth.  Polarities do not exist.  In this new civilization, this earth-heaven we are creating, it is not energetically supported or supportive to try to provide for yourself because this action is survival and competition oriented, which are also illusions.  Lack is another one; and this action of striving to accomplish in typical human terms is completely lack oriented; so every action in life, from this base, is an illusion.  

It should be clear to everyone that every illusion is in our faces.  They are so blatantly apparent that it takes a lot of work to avoid the truth these days.  Even if you don’t read, but only watch TV, the truth is obvious, even through the most banal television programs; the truth is sneaking in through our moles in the media.  And I send quantum blessings and thanks to those beings with the courage to say, print and film the truth, regardless of possible or certain retribution from controlling forces.  (To name a few of these heroes: Michael Moore, Howard Stern, Stephen Grier (Disclosure Project)…, and anyone and everyone making documentaries exposing the lies and deceit of the governments and corporations.  “911 in Plane Site” and other 911 exposition documentaries.  “Windhorse” and other Tibetan movies).

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by Kali on 07.01.2005 at 12:13:58

We must also thank the governments/corporations who are continuing to exert their fantasies of power and control over their own citizens, other countries, cultures, religions…, and attempting or succeeding in disallowing our access to wholistic technologies, products and foods…, because they are requiring us to accept our own sovereign power; to accept and embody our own creative nature; because as our rights and access to externally supportive things are curtailed, we must learn to manifest them regardless.  These deluded greed mongers are playing god, but we are God, and it is time to embody this fact and the associated powers and responsibilities.  Grow your own organic food; make your own herbs and supplements; grow your own shamanistic plants; make your own free energy devices; heal the land and waters with your own healing powers…

There is absolutely nothing that any force can do to you or attack you with that can actually realistically affect you in any negative way; even if you are tortured and killed, this can and has been totally empowering.  So thank all the controlling forces who have tried to keep you off track, and have tried to keep you from embodying your Divine Power.  Accept your Divine Power and absolute Sovereign Divine Abilities to manifest anything from nothing, from God-Goddess-All-That-Is.  

Stand stubbornly anchored in the foundation of Divine Faith and God-Goddess will provide everything that you need for your physical health, wealth…, and for your spiritual awakening.  Your separate oriented self/selves, that exist in fear, will of course, try to convince you that having faith in mysterious and unseen forces is just plain stupid, but do not listen.  Doubt and confusion are not your natural states, faith is!  Having Faith in the Divine Plan is your natural way of being!  Following your Spirit/God Presence without hesitation, is your natural state of Divine function.  

Allow your Vision of Heaven on Earth to guide you.  If an action or decision is related to and supportive of the manifestation of your vision of heaven on earth, and the force of your divine Spirit is behind it, then do not hesitate; do it now!

In the years to come, everybody that is having fun with their awakening process, regardless of cleansing reactions (emotional trauma…) from this process; who are delighting in the wonders of the workings of the Universe and unconditionally supportive of the birthing process of the Earth Christ; who continues to have faith in the Divine Plan; in the Ascended Masters; the Angels; the Galactic Federation; Christed Extraterrestrials…; and their own God Presences, will have even more fun, no matter how shitty things get on the planet.  Faith is your rock.  Stick to this rock and you will have a great time, waiver and things will get difficult again and you won’t have any fun.

Those beings who are holding tight to the old world, who are holding on to the past, will continue to manifest more things that are exactly like the past.  For those people, the new world will be fraught with disaster and war and “that’s just how life is”.  These beings will remain comfortably numb and will continue to believe the lies because it serves their amnesia and belief in their unworthiness to do so.  Have compassion for these beings for they are the position team members.  Their job in the Divine Plan, is to maintain structure, to allow for as much gentility of reality dismantling as possible.  (Please see my article, “The Position Teams & Transition Teams - the reality creators & dismantlers, on my website:

For those beings who are aware of the lies, but who feel powerless to do anything about it, and are still unwilling to take responsibility for their own divine power and create change outside, by changing that which is inside, will have the hardest time of all.  Those beings who try to stay on the fence, will be in the most turmoil emotionally.  Do your best to help these beings by the example of your life, by just showing them that it can be done and the result is magnificent.  

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!  Yee Ha!


2005 Predictions from Swami ZaKaiRananda

Weapons of mass destruction finally found in Iraq.  Secret video footage reveals they are labeled: made in USA.

Australia becomes the 51st state of the United States of America.

US Government passes a law that anyone not supportive of the Bush regime will be sent to a concentration camp.  

President Bush is subsequently impeached and is replaced by a black lesbian woman from Kentucky.  

Former President Clinton marries Nicole Kidman, but he “does not have sex with that woman”.  

The truth is revealed that the real reason the world trade center towers were destroyed was because the owners needed a tax write off.

The U.S. dollar collapses & the Mexican Peso becomes the new world money denomination.

Video footage finally proves that Doug and Dave really do make all of the crop formations using a hover mower made with ET technology.  

The ETs land en masse, sending human looking ‘First Contact’ representatives to everyone’s doors, so as not to cause alarm, but 99% of people turn them away thinking they are Mormon’s.

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make your own ZaKaiRan

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zakaj že naj zgradim svojega ZaKaiRana? ???

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The 7 Keys of Inner Alchemy

The 1st Key is:

All is Within You

The first key asks one to go within and connect (be with) the whole self inside. Just through this connection this wholeness will flow to the parts that do not feel whole. By focusing on your wholeness within it will expand. By connecting to yourself you create balance in your outer reality in relationship to your connections in life. The recognition of oneself as a divine being is a key to this.

The 2nd Key is:

Receive Life Direction or Guidance from your Whole Inner Self

So whilst connecting within to your wholeness, if you truly wish to be guided by this wholeness (soul) you will receive this. Merely ask for this and it will come to you and your power to receive guidance from within will grow. If one does not align to one's soul purpose and follow one's guidance, one will find oneself experiencing a feeling of non presence (that is, feeling like one is in the wrong place and time). The second key keeps one attuned to one's soul path in life.

The 3rd Key is:

Holding One's Power…To Love all Equally - Inwardly and Outwardly

This key speaks of one on an inner level loving all parts of self equally - very dark (living in the shadow) or very light. Only when one is able to love all aspects inwardly will there be complete balance in one's inner life. This will reflect outwardly also as one is more able to love all aspects of self equally, one is able to meet more aspects of others with love.

True power is the merging of love and light in equal balance within one's central pillar. If there is too much focus on light and not enough on love then large amounts of shadow aspects will arise from within. And if there is too much focus on love and not enough on light then one will have limited awareness in relation to one's own creation of reality in life. To give your power away to any other being or to your aspects of self that do not feel whole will create you to feel split in your being and will lead to an inner battle.

These 3 Keys are a triangle that are the base of a pyramid of your energy that connects you to the earth plane or physical plane. To create balance in your physical life (outer reality), simply apply each of the 3 keys and harmony will always result. It is important to apply all 3 keys with equal energy from within. Daily practice to these 3 keys are important in training yourself in your inner

The 4th Key is:

Be the Rainbow Bridge

Connect your tube of light to the core of the Earth and through each of your chakras to the sun and moon and then to Source through the heavens. The tube of Light is the only bridge that connects you to your whole nature through all of heaven and all of Earth. As karma arises it will create your chakras to be clogged at times so if you connect your antakarana to Earth and Source you are able to be fed energetically to shift the energy within all chakras and bodies.

If you hold your love when doing this, a vacuum of Source energy will suck all karma into the higher chakras to be transmuted by Source and down through the lower chakras to be transmuted by the heart of The Earth. It is important to connect your tube of light if karma as negativity arises.

Asking for your antakarana to activate will create balance in your chakras. Do not forget to ask for all you wish for and then receive.

The 5th Key is:

Connect to your Divine Feminine Body of Light by Honouring all parts of your Feminine Energy as Divine

This body is filled with large amounts of your love that will channel and fill your etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical bodies creating balance and harmony in their energies. Once this occurs you will feel waves of energy and feel more expansive. This opens your energy body to be able to receive more from the Sea of oneness - or the breath of God/dess. This flows then into the pillar of light (Antakarana) to fill all bodies and create their expansion.

The whale breath can be used to create this to flow more ... breathe into the heart and out the crown ... and also to connect to the 6th key.

The 6th Key is:

Connect to your Divine Masculine Body of Light by Honouring all parts of your Masculine Energy as Divine

This body of light creates more opening in the expansive nature and emanation of your being. As it is fed into the brow it creates a connection to your higher mind and will still all thoughts. This body of light is your inner doorway to the energy of the void or to the pure energy of the stillness of God/dess. This energy dissolves thoughts and the body feels clarity or divine truth through the energy body. Stillness comes to the mind and the mind and heart connect love and light and balance the love/light balance in the energy body.

The breath to connect to this more deeply is to breathe in through the brow and out the heart.

(My insert: At this time you may ask for a no time activation - access no time.)

The 7th Key is:

Call for your God Presence to Merge and Anchor into your Physical Body

It is important to be with this seventh key .... to ask for this and then to receive. This is a powerful experience of meeting one's own presence as God/dess in the body... if one has clearly manifested full balance through the previous 6 steps.

The 4th to 7th Keys create a square that relates to the 4 foundations of your heavenly connection to Source. This square cannot truly be fully activated to its highest potential unless the first 3 keys are mastered and balance is created with them in the your physical outer reality. All 7 keys singularly are able to heal many experiences within you and bring wholeness but the true power of one's mastery is felt when one has mastered all 7 in the order given.

St. Germain, Channelled by Qala Serenia Phoenix, web site:
www.light-elixirs-com, email:

Copyright 24 February, 2002

Title: DONIRAJTE ZaKaiRanu
Post by petra pan on 16.03.2005 at 06:48:54

Dear Love Hearts,

še posebej, če ste naloadani z unimi papirčki, ki prav kmalu ne bojo nič več vredni!

I was recently gifted $120 from two of my Divine Goddess friends to assist my travel to the Wesak festival in Sedona in April.  These generous dispensations of prosperity sparked me to create a raffle to raise the money needed to fly me to the US.  

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a Free Ticket to:

“Wesak 2005 Soul Family Reunion”

(22nd – 24th April 2005) in Sedona Arizona -

2nd prize is a free phone session with me

3rd, 4th & 5th prize will receive a free Ascended Master picture plus a DVD of ZaKaiRan on TellaVision

All donations of $10 will receive a free laminated Flower of Life Disc.  

Donations of $20 or more will receive a free DVD of ZaKaiRan on TellaVision:

Please send all donations asap because I need to book my ticket very soon.  

Infinite thanks and blessings to everyone for your donations and prosperous thoughts,


All donations to: P.O. Box 580 Mullumbimby, NSW 2482 Australia - - 02-6684-6993

International: 61-2-6684-6993

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Light Body Health Products
is having a
Super Duper Discount Sale
Raw Spirulina Powder

I have just purchased a large quantity of Spirulina powder.  Because of this, I am passing this savings on to you my Divine Family to assist in the support of your physical and energetic health of your light/love bodies.  

Spiru Love,



Super Duper Discount Prices on Raw Spiritulina Powder

150 grams.  $17 - (in container)         (RRP $28)          

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500 g           $40 - (in ziploc bag)        (RRP $60)      

1000 g         $78 - (in container)          (RRP $96)      

1000 g         $75 - (in ziploc bag)        (RRP $95)    

(Prices are in Australian Dollars)

150 grams     $4Aus            $8 Other Countries            

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Payment inside Australia: Visa, MasterCard, Personal Check, money order, direct deposit or PayPal (

International Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, or Bank Check (in Australian dollars).  You may also send your own denominational equivalent in Cash or International Money Order in US dollars.  (If sending cash or International Money Order (not in Australian dollars), please include $7 extra dollars for exchange fee).

Payable to: Vastairan Prods. - P.O. Box 580 Mullumbimby, NSW 2482 Australia

02-6684-6993 - International: 61-2-02-6684-6993    -

Visa/Mastercard orders - Please add 4% to order if paying with credit card.

Call or Email your credit card number and expiration date with order. (If you are concerned, for safety sake, you may send the number split in two, in two different emails; or you may pay via PayPal). Exchange conversion is automatically done for you.


Below is more information about our Raw Spirulina, including the “normal” prices and other products available.        


Raw Spirulina

Whether you have studied the benefits of raw and organic foods or not, it should be obvious that they are the most natural, nutritious and healthiest for you, physically and energetically.  So when my spirulina supplier told me that he had found a raw spirulina supplier, I was very excited.  I bellowed - Yee Haa!  Below is a description of how raw and typical spirulina is harvested.  I include most of the original document sent to me by my supplier and added a few bits of my own, they are in 'marks'.  At this point in time, you will not find raw spirulina in any stores.  And as far as I know, my supplier is the only company selling raw spirulina in Australia.

This is how raw spirulina is produced:

Harvested spirulina (blue-green algae) is reduced to a thick paste, then pressed through a machine making long round or wide noodles.  (spirulina spaghetti).  These noodles are then placed on trays in a large fan forced drier for a maximum of 7 hours at a maximum temperature of 600C reducing the moisture content to 5-7% . Then the "chips" are crushed/milled to customer’s specifications.  (This temperature may seem high but it doesn't adversely affect the spirulina.  Spirulina harvested from desert locations reaching surface temperatures of 620C came out of dormination upon contact with water).  'Additionally, with raw spirulina you do not need any binders to make it into tablets.

This is how typical spirulina is processed anywhere else:

Harvested spirulina is reduced to a thick paste, then it goes to a rotary atomizer to mill it into the smallest particles possible.  This very fine paste is then heated to 600C and sprayed into a drying chamber.  The air inlet temperature can be up to 1600C, the air outlet temperature about 850C.  The drying takes about 30 seconds.  (The air temperature must be so high and the spirulina powder must be so fine, because the powder must dry up while falling from the top of the drying chamber to the floor.)  The powder is then bulk packed, or it goes for tableting, or granulated for capsuling - the powder is too fine to be filled into capsules.  The granulation involves mixing it with a binder and going through a machine similar to an instant coffee granulator.  Only then these granules can be filled into capsules.  So, if you buy encapsulated spray died spirulina, don’t believe that you are getting pure spirulina.

What makes whole "raw" spirulina nutritionally superior to spray dried spirulina?  'Heat is the biggest factor in the equation.  Extreme heat alters the cellular structure of proteins.  Spirulina is 62%-65% protein. It also kills the enzymes'.  The higher the temperature the greater loss of nutrients.  Every cell of spirulina entering the rotary atomizer is crushed and the filament exposed to extremely hot air.  Everybody knows that if the skin of an apple is not cut and the apple is stored in atmospheric temperatures, it will keep all its nutritional values for months and months.  If you chop it up, you have to dry it for future use, but the nutritional value is reduced proportionally to the temperature used for drying.

Though I haven’t tried it, I have a feeling if you would mix raw spirulina with water and gave it the right growing conditions, it would start growing again - it is "live" food - just like all raw fruits and vegetables - and everybody knows that raw foods are the healthiest.  Raw spirulina is also much easier to mix with water, juices, or other foods and because the cell walls are not damaged, the odour and taste are not as pungent as spirulina that was finely milled in the atomizer.  (In all honesty, I have noticed superiority of the raw spirulina, over the spirulina I have been distributing since 1995, but not VERY significant, with the exception of less pungent taste and odour and incomparably easier mixing of the powder.

The benefits for the consumer of tableting and encapsulating raw spirulina without any additives are self evident - certainty of getting a 100% pure product.  Because the "chips" can be milled to particles of the right size for encapsulating, there is no need to re-granulate it as it is with the finely milled spirulina, thus you have encapsulated pure spirulina powder.

I don’t know who discovered it, but when the "chips" are milled to certain grain size, and compressed in a special tableting machine, under very high pressure the protein and carbohydrates will act as a glue and bind the powder together.  This is not possible with spray-dried spirulina - the heat during spray-drying changes the physical properties of spirulina (you can’t do with a boiled egg, what you can do with a raw egg).  I am not aware of the existence of such a tableting machine in Australia, but in the very near future I will be buying one.

I expect many spirulina aficionados will want to know the source of my raw spirulina and whether it is certified organic.  I will not reveal the source of my raw spirulina.  It is a relatively small site and just about all of the spirulina goes to Europe.  The U.S. definition of an organically grown product is different to the European Economic Community definition.  Hawaiian Spirulina sold in Australia, USA and a few other countries as certified organic, cannot be sold in the EEC as such - because it doesn’t meet the EEC’s criteria for classifying it as organic.  So, for my supplier there is no worthwhile reason to have his production site certified as organic.

In the past many of my customers pleaded with me not to change the source of my spirulina, as they were very happy with it.  I will continue to stock Spirulina Plus powder and 500 mg tablets, as well as Raw Spirulina powder, tablets and capsules.

Vlado - Health Harvest Spirulina


Testimonial from a satisfied customer: I had my Kinesiologist test my body for the spirulina...the positive charge on it was huge, ie. my body thinks it's marvellous and I had to double my dosage!” - K


Spiritulina Prices

Notice: I have given the recommended retail price and the price I am offering to you.  I am offering this discounted price because I believe that everyone should be eating spirulina, as it is such mega jam packed quantum accelerated food, loaded with so much goodies, and everyone should be able to obtain it as cheaply as possible. – Z

Powder (grams)      RRP          Your Price
100 grams.              $19                   $16

250 g.                       $38                  $34

500 g.                       $60                  $52

1000 g.                     $96                  $88

1000 g.(Econo Bag)   $95                  $87

Tablets(500 mg)    RRP         Your Price
100 count                 $16                $14

200                           $24                $20

500                           $47                $40

1000 (Bottle)             $78                 $71

1000 (Econo Bag)     $77                 $69

Tablets(200 mg)   RRP         Your Price
250 count                $18                 $15

500                          $27                 $23

1250                        $55                 $47

2500 (Bottle)            $90                 $83

2500 (Econo Bag)    $89                  $81

Capsules              RRP           Your Price
(Beef gel caps)
100 count               $19                   $16

200                         $29                   $25

500                         $57                   $50

1000 (Bottle)           $90                    $83

1000 (Econo Bag)    $89                   $81

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by petra pan on 16.03.2005 at 06:53:03

Book: "Spirulina the Healing Food" by Vlado Viglasky - $10

Prices include GST.  (GST Exemption pending).  International Orders no GST charges apply.  

You will be sent Raw Spirulina, unless you request otherwise.  Both are the same price.

Our tablets have 500mg of pure Spirulina powder, 140mg binder and 10mg hardener.  They are thicker than tablets of other brands, which are 500mg, including binder and hardener.  Econo 1000 tablets are “Economy refill” in Glad bags with snap lock, to be transferred into a dark bottle after purchase.

All prices are in Australian Denomination (AUD).  The “average” exchange rate is roughly .60-.75 cents AUD equivalent to $1.00 USD.  Canadian dollar and Euro tend to be similar to AUD.  Pound is considerably higher.

Payment inside Australia: Visa, MasterCard, Personal Check, money order, direct deposit or PayPal (

International Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, or Bank Check (in Australian dollars).  You may also send your own denominational equivalent in Cash or International Money Order in US dollars.  (If sending cash or International Money Order (not in Australian dollars), please include $7 extra dollars for exchange fee).

Payable to: Vastairan Prods. - P.O. Box 580 Mullumbimby, NSW 2482 Australia

02-6684-6993 - International: 61-2-02-6684-6993    -

Visa/Mastercard orders - call or Email with credit card number and expiration date.


Postage Charges

Add the weights together to determine the postage charges.  To figure weights for Tablets and Capsules, figure that the count is similar to grams.  (For instance, 500 count = 500 grams).  


0 - 500g =             $6  

501g – 1kg =        $10

1.1kg - 3kg =         $13

3kg - 4kg =            $17

Each addtl. kg add $3


International Shipping

via Air                                                                

0 - 250g =                $8                                            

251g - 500g =       $14                              

501g - 750g =       $19                              

751g - 1000g  =     $25                                  

1.1 kg - 1.25 kg =  $29                                

1.26kg - 1.50 kg = $35                                  

1.51kg - 1.75 kg = $39                      

each extra 500g add $7

Please allow 1 - 3 weeks for domestic delivery.  2 to 4 weeks for international air.  I  will notify you of any delays.   Thankyou for your support and patience.

Thankyou for your support and patience.


Light Body Assistance


Physical Health

Do to the increased levels of light coming into our bodies, they need mega amounts of fortification to assist them with the mutation process to Light-Body.  To assist with this process with grace and ease, I recommend lots of pure rain water, whole live organic foods, fresh organic juices, Spiritulina (blue green algae), NACLO2 (Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen) and chocolate, preferably organic, (Pleiadian food).  These supporting elements will greatly assist your body during these times of massive acceleration and the grounding of your Divine Magnificence.

Spiritulina is awesome mutational support food.  It's nutritional profile is a compendium of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids, (all in an easily digestible form) -practically everything your body needs.  Grown in ponds and lakes, blue green algae is one of the riches foods found in nature.  There are lakes in Africa where the algae bloom is the main food source for thousands of migrating birds, including the pink swan.  (There is enough spirulina in Africa to feed every person in that country if it was harvested).  The nutritional content of spirulina is detailed at the end of this article.

NACLO2 is an oxygen product in a liquid form where large amounts of O2 is bound up chemically with sodium chlorite.  This oxygen is released directly into your body when taken internally which is obviously very excellent for your body.  Our bodies need oxygen above all things (except for Prana).  A healthy physical function depends on it on all levels.  You can hardly get enough oxygen into your body these days due to the current depleted levels of oxygen on planet earth from deforestation, green house gases, air pollution, toxic water and toxic food… - all depleting our oxygen supply.  NACLO2 puts large amounts of oxygen directly into your system, without having to deep breathe for hours on end to get the same effect.

Aside from Prana, (life force energy), your body needs oxygen above all things, and lots of it.  All diseases are anaerobic.  They thrive in oxygen depleted toxic environments.  You may have heard of the term oxidizers.  Oxygen and other oxidizers destroy pathogens which cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment.  This is obvious by the rampant amount of diseases on planet earth.   (Which is why dense dark ignorant corporados and politicos are hell bent on limiting the oxygen supply on planetary levels and why allopathic medicine authorities repress and oppress oxygen therapies).

Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by petra pan on 16.03.2005 at 06:54:25

Our bodies are generally oxygen depleted, especially if you live in a city and have a stressful life.

There are many ways to get more oxygen into your body: raw organic juices, deep pranayamic breathing, ozonated water, ozonated air, and the most readily available and easily taken form -NACLO2.  I highly recommend utilizing this product for general health and well-being and to assist with the Light-Body mutation process.  And to assist with the dismantling of old dense patterns, structures and programs stored in your body.

During my path of exploration and awakening, I have studied human nutrition and function extensively.  It is my opinion that optimum nutritional requirements of the body cannot be met under normal circumstances with just basic meals.  You cannot eat enough of the right things to provide for what your body really needs.  Even with the sole consumption of only organic foods.

Trying to supplement your system with vitamins to try to close the gap is totally futile.  Most supplements are unassimilable, and are often treated by your body as a toxin because they are in an unnatural form and energetically depleted or synthetic.  We are not machines, we do not need anything synthetic entering our bodies.  The only way to get massive amounts of nutrients and life force into your body is via live easily assimilable sources.  Organic fruits and vegetables are alive, full of life force energy (Prana) and oxygen.  Spirulina is alive and full of life force energy, (if you can obtain raw spirulina, which I sell).  I totally recommend getting yourself a really excellent quality juicer, as live raw vegetable juicing is a really wonderful way to bless your body with massive amounts of life force energy, and easily assimilable vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and oxygen.  8 glasses of fresh raw carrot, apple and green juices is the backbone of the Gerson Institute, a highly successful cancer therapy.  (  Wheat grass juicing is also mega beneficial if you can grow your own wheat grass or buy trays from your health food store.  (Information about Wheat Grass juicing is available from the Hippocrates Health Institute: (US), (Australia).  Note:  the chemical structure of chlorophyll is very close to the chemical structure of our blood.

Additionally, I recommend  learning to breathe Prana, and to activate your Light body.  There are details of “pranic breathing” on my website, additionally, the Unified Chakra Meditation is on my website for light body activation.  I also recommend doing the MerKaBah meditation which is taught by myself and Flower of Life facilitators.

(For additional information about the light body mutation process see my articles “Mutation” and “Light body I” on my website)


Spirulina Nutrition Statistics


Moisture            5 - 7%

Protein             62 - 65%

Fat                   5%

Carbohydrate            13%

Minerals            9 - 11%

Crude Ash            3%




(RNA) Ribonucleic Acid                                         3.5%

(DNA)            Deoxyribonucleic Acid              1.0%


Isoleucine                     5.9%

Leucine                                    9.6%

Lysine                          4.9%

Methionine                   2.7%

Phenylalanine            4.9%

Threonine                     5.7%

Tryptophan                   2.0%

Valine                           7.6%


Alanine                                     7.1%

Arginine                                    6.4%

Aspartic Acid               9.2%

Cystine                                     1.0%

Glutamic Acid               13%

Glycine                                     4.9%

Histidine                                   1.6%

Proline                                      3.8%

Serine                                       4.9%

Tyrosine                                   4.9%


Ess.  Linoleic Acid                 1364mg

Gamma Linol. Acid                 1185mg

Dihomogamma Lin.      48mg

Alpha Linoleic                          638mcg

Myristic Acid                                        9.9mg

Palmitic Acid                                        2415mg

Palmitoleic Acid                             326mg

Heptadecanoic Acid     20mg

Stearic Acid                                         79mg

Oleic Acid                                                        119mg

Lauric                                                               23.7mg

DHA                                                                14.3mg

Others                                                              138mg


Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)             170mg

Vitamin E                                       19mg

Vitamin B1                                                                               5.5mg

Riboflavin B2                                                                4.5mg

Niacin B3                                                                                 13mg

Pyridoxine B6                                                               0.3mg

B12                                                                                                      0.2mg

Folic Acid                                                                                50mcg

Biotin                                                                                       0.5mcg

Pantothenic Acid                                                     1.1mg

Inositol                                                                                     35mg

Bioflavinoids (Rutin)                          80mg


Calcium                                                131.5mg

Phosphorus                              894.2mg

Potassium                                 1524mg

Sodium                                     41.2mg

Iron                                                      156mg

Magnesium                               191.5mg

Zinc                                                      3.9mg

Copper                                                1.2mg

Chromium                                0.28mg

Selenium                                   0.55mg

Manganese                               5mg

Germanium                   60mcg

Molybdenum                0.1mg

Boron                                       1 mg

Trace Minerals            6051mg


Phycocyanin (blue)               15,000mg

Chlorophyll (green)             760mg

Carotenoids (orng)               366.3mg

Beta Carotene                                      170mg

Echinenone                                                       43.9mg

Zeaxanthin                                                        31.6mg

Xanthophylis                                         100mg

Superoxide Dismutase            39.6mg

ENERGY (per 100g):

1600 kj - 360 calories

LIPIDS (PER 100g):

Glycolipids                   1980mg

Sulfolipids                     100mg


Cholesterol                   19.6mg

Sitosterol                      9.7mg


Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by petra pan on 16.03.2005 at 06:56:12


Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen

NACLO2 is based on Sodium Chlorite (Na-Chlorine, 02-Oxygen).  This a liquid concentrate of stabilized electrolytes of oxygen, which is made available to the body, in molecular form when ingested.  These electrolytes are very alkaline (with a pH of 12 to 13) and stable until diluted in water.  When diluted in water the ph drops from 12 to about 8.6 causing the separation of chlorite ions and stabilized oxygen molecules from the sodium atoms.  Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are also released.  This reaction destroys microbes in the water (therefore NACLO would be good to carry when travelling overseas).  Ten drops in 8oz. of water can kill Giardia Lamblia in 2.5 minutes.

Then, after ingestion, when the diluted NACLO2 (ph 8.6) encounters stomach acid (ph 3) an even stronger reaction occurs and it generates more molecular oxygen, more chlorite ions and more chlorine dioxide.

When this occurs, the result is the release of an abundance of molecular oxygen into the bloodstream, carried by the two most abundant and important electrolytes of body fluid: sodium and chlorine.  NACLO2 has been measured as containing 12,000 parts per million (ppm) of oxygen  (tap water contains 7-12ppm of oxygen molecules).

Another added benefit is the production of the specific "oxidisers" of chlorite and chlorine dioxide which destroy viruses, bacteria and protozoa.  Laboratory tests have found that NACLO2 destroys a large range of pathogens including salmonella, cholera, giardia lamblia, etc.  In addition, NACLO2 actually stimulates the growth and development of the normal flora in internal organs, since they require and thrive on oxygen," i.e. lactobacillus, acidophilus, bifidus.

Subsequent reactions produce a form of H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), which is perfect for the body in that it has the correct polarity and electron spin.  It puts oxygen into the blood and cannot overoxidize the cells because the iron atoms on the red blood cells can only release the amount of oxygen which the cells can use.

It is safe to say that stabilized oxygen is one of the biggest breakthroughs in medical history.  Investigations have not found an anaerobic (without oxygen) disease, infection or putrefaction where the causal bacteria are not killed by oxygen!

Australian NACLO2 is the strongest oxygen product currently on the market.

"We can look at Oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all disease."

(This research is confirmed by Nobel prizewinner Professor Otto Warburg)

Taking NACLO2

1.         Put required number of drops in half to full glass of water.

2.         Take half to one hour after meals when stomach acid is at its highest.

3.            Commence dosage at 5 drops twice daily.  Gradually build up to 10 drops.  If felt necessary dosage can be increased to 15-30 drops 2 to 3 times daily.  And can safely be increased well beyond these amounts if there is a particular reason to oxygenate the bodily cells and detoxify anaerobic activity.

Other uses:  A drop on a soaked cotton swab can be applied to any insect bite.  20 drops in a quart of milk will keep it fresh for 2 to 3 weeks.  Can be used in douches, enemas, and colonic machines.  Pets and house plants thrive on it.  Excellent as a food preservative, fruits & vegetables washed/sprayed with 60 drops per gallon remain fresh longer.

Many people who use NACLO regularly report that their immune system seems stronger, and they do not succumb to general illness ie. colds.  NACLO produces a general tonic and detoxification affect and gives an energy boost.  Many athletes use oxygen products to boost performance.

Some people experience mild discomfort when using NACLO in the beginning.  This is caused by the body commencing a detoxifying program and cleaning out the system.  Symptoms (including loose bowels, skin rashes, mucous etc.) are a good sign that the body is commencing this detox program.  These symptoms will subside after a few weeks.


Product............ Price(Aud)....... Postage........Postage (air)

65ml Bottle
w/ eye dropper.......$12.................$4.....................$6
100 ml Bottle.........$16..................$4....................$8
200 ml Bottle..........$25.................$6....................$13
500 ml Bottle..........$45.................$8....................$18
1 Litre Bottle..........$70................$12....................$28
2 Litre Bottle..........$120..............$14....................$43

All prices are in Australian Denomination (AUD).  The “average” exchange rate is roughly .60-.75 cents AUD equivalent to $1.00 USD.  Canadian dollar and Euro tend to be similar to AUD.  Pound is considerably higher.

Payment inside Australia: Visa, MasterCard, Personal Check, money order or direct deposit (please enquire about account details).

International Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, or Bank Check (in Australian dollars).  You may also send your own denominational equivalent in Cash or International Money Order in US dollars.  (If sending cash or International Money Order (not in Australian dollars), please include $7 extra dollars for exchange fee).

Payable to: Vastairan Prods. - P.O. Box 580 Mullumbimby, NSW 2482 Australia

02-6684-6993 - International: 61-2-02-6684-6993    -

Visa/Mastercard orders - Please add 4% to order if paying with credit card.

Call or Email your credit card number and expiration date with order. (If you are concerned, for safety sake, you may send the number split in two, in two different emails; or you may pay via PayPal). Exchange conversion is automatically done for you.

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for domestic delivery.  3 to 4 weeks for international air.  8 to 12 weeks for sea.  I  will notify you of any delays.   Thankyou for your support and patience.


Light Body Products

Support for your Multidimensional Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health…

to support you in the graceful and easy embodiment of your Divinity your physical mutation into Christ-Light-HumAngel-Body and your natural graceful healthy state

More products available, including:

Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Copper, Sea Mineral Tonics and creams…


MiEssence Organic Body Care Products
(Information available at:

If you want to find out how the compensation plan works (the nuts and bolts of how you can make money):  login at the members login at the top right hand side of the screen as: visitor and password: visitor

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

"The Eye of God" taken from the Hubble Space Telescope (courtesy of NASA) -

"God (you) is watching you!"

Title: DONIRAJTE ZaKaiRanu!!!
Post by petra pan on 16.03.2005 at 07:03:03;action=display;num=1076849477;start=55

od tu naprej pomebno!

ah, koga hecam, ZaKaiRan je res vreden greha, zato, ga spet in spet vedno znova berem, v bistvu ga nikol nimam dovolj, a ne Zak?

Ti itak vse vidiš, slišiš, čutiš, pa še letet znaš in ti je najbolj fino!

Donations Gratefully Received!

In the Spirit of Prosperity Consciousness, and the realization and manifestation of the New Civilization of Love and Light, where everything is freely given from our Spirit of abundance, generosity and goodwill towards everyone, and our natural appreciation of those that guide us and walk a similar path – I have placed most everything that I have completed freely on my website as a service to the awakening of humanity. Since we are still operating in a system whereby we exchange an illusion called money to support our missions financially - donations for this service are greatly received. Or you may also support my/our mission by availing yourself to a phone session, personal session, purchase a hard copy of my books, or purchase any of the goods that I may have for sale.

Donations, gifts of goodwill, letters of appreciation… may be sent to:

P.O. Box 580 Mullumbimby NSW 2482 Australia - or via Credit Card

Torej, če si naloadan z denarjem, če ga maš mogoče celo tolk, da sploh ne veš kaj bi z njim, in si od teže tega denarja mogoče že čist zmatran?

DONIRAJ ZaKaiRanu! kolikor lahko!

eto, majke mi, jst sm lih prej si naročila un DVD z njim, k bi ga res rada slišala, pa vidla! Čutim ga itak!



Title: Re: ZaKaiRan
Post by gape on 27.08.2005 at 13:43:17

Divine Health, Rejuvenation and Immortality Decree/Invocation

By ZaKaiRan

By Divine Decree, with the Power, Love and Grace of God-Goddess, the 7 Mighty Elohim, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, and my God Presence and all the divine forces associated with health on all levels, I invoke and command for the active creation, embodiment and result of the highest possibilities of gracefully and easily having and maintaining constant optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and rejuvenation, on multidimensional and soulular levels, across time and space.  I also command and request for every possible support necessary for the complete and continuous manifestation of perfect health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually throughout all aspects of my beingness, including my Soul/Souls, Soul extensions, previous inhabitant (for walk-ins) and my entire genetic lineage, across space, time and dimension.  

I command and request to my God Presence and for all these divine forces of Love and Light to continuously create complete alignment of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; all of my energy bodies, body systems, organs, meridians, glands, cells, bacteria…, and for all of them to work/play together in complete wholistic unity.  I also open and allow for a full and intimate connection with my Divine Spirit, Guardian Angels, Councils… for optimum body-mind-emotional health and balance.  

And I invoke and command with the full force of my divine beingness and all the forces of healing and creation for the complete release of all non-health, non-immortality oriented disease, pain, suffering and death oriented programs, beliefs, vows and agreements, across space time and dimension, for myself, my Soul/Souls, soul aspects, soul extensions and genetic lineage!  I release all of these to the Light and any elements that may have been supporting the maintenance of any of these agreements, vows, beliefs, programs, implants…

I ask for a complete multi-dimensional healing and karmic clearing/healing and absolution for all aspects of my beingness in regards to health and healing, and for the complete release, healing and forgiveness of all past lives of disease and death, and associated traumas, vows, agreements, memories, regrets, curses…  And I Call to the Archturians to remove any implants, programs and soul fragments from my Soul/Souls, soul aspects and genetic lineage, for their healing and forgiveness.  And I call to the Karmic Board for complete karmic absolution and healing of all their records related to these lifetimes, and between all beings associated with these lifetimes.  I send Love to all of these aspects of myself to release all of these programs and lifetimes and forgive all experiences that created them to experience disconnection, illness and adopt beliefs and vows of illness, disease and death.  I call to all my Souls, soul aspects and genetic lineage and I ask you all to accept divine health and physical and spiritual immortality as our natural way, reality and birthright.

I call to the 7 Mighty Elohim and the Lemurian Emissaries to download into me the original blueprints of the Divine Human, for the graceful and easy activation of dormant DNA and limitedly functional glands and other systems.  For the activation of my DNA and all my physical and energy body systems to their divine potential, for the full and complete embodiment of my God-Goddess-Christ Presence and creation of my Christ Body, my immortal body of light.  I accept and embody this divine presence that I truly am now and forever.  I allow this Christ-Body to create for me a life and experience of true unconditional love and divine creation.  

I also request the graceful and easy ability to energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually deal with the increased levels of light and love that I embody through the continuous opening and expansion of my Heart and subsequent mutational symptoms that I may experience from these activations, (manifesting as flu and cold like symptoms, aches, pains, mucous, memory loss, time displacement, headaches, vision loss, gland swelling…).

I also invoke, request and command for a complete interdimensional immunity activation, for a mega immunity boost, and continuous quantum support for my immune system to function at peak efficiency, with the graceful and easy ability to align to, transmute and release toxins, unbeneficial bacteria, physical and etheric parasites and implants, viruses, heavy metals, radiation, drugs, genetically modified foods…, and anything detrimental to my system’s health and anything that is not in alignment with my Soul.  

I request and command for a continual download, upgrade, activation and integration of the most accelerated and complete health, immortality, rejuvenation, maintenance and Light-Body programs available.  And for the most optimum complete DNA, endocrine gland, meridian… and body system transmutation programs.

I also command and request for a complete connection/reconnection to and alignment with Mother Earth/Gaia, Buddha (our planetary logos [embodier], formally Sanat Kumara), and all the elements needed for this perfect health, including Light-Body/DNA/gland/chakra activations, karmic absolution, record clearing, forgiveness…, and support from all the Devas, Faeries, dolphins, whales, unicorns, ancient shamans…, and assistance from the galactic, dimensional healing, light body activation and mutational assistance teams.  

I open to, allow, request and command for continuous support  including multidimensional Ascension healings, activations and Divine Healing energies from (insert whoever you desire) Doctor Lorphan and the Galactic Federation of Healers, the Healing Angels, Sai Baba, the 7 Tibetan Healers, from the extraterrestrial Light-Body specialists:  the Archturians, Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Light League, Ascended Master’s, Ashtar Command…, and the Hathors (the Heart/Love specialists), MAP Teams… and the karmic record keepers and karmic board.  And a release healing and forgiveness of anything that might be impeding a complete alignment with Gaia or any of these support teams.

I also request and command for the ability and capacity to always know and receive the most optimum healing arts and abilities, and to manifest the most accelerated and balanced healers available.  And the ability and capacity to be able to always heal myself and keep myself in the most optimum health.  I also request all of the healing energies of: Reiki, Sekhem, Seichem, Pranic Healing…(insert whatever you desire), and all healing arts such as: Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Homeopathy…, and unnamed arts, be integrated and made available to me.  

I also open to all physical and energetic exercises, reCreation, communion, such as: swimming, running, hiking, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Falun Dafa, tiddly winks…, and anything that may assist with my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  And I release any sloth, lack or laziness programs such as: “there’s not enough time”, “I don’t have enough energy”...  And I tap into, open up to and integrate with my bodies natural knowing of its optimum needs, including: food, drink, temperature, planetary location, exercise, sex, posture, sleep patterns…  

And I decree, command and open to realize that I am and will always be doing the right thing, with the right people, in the right places, at the right time.  

I also request and command to the manifesting powers for the creation and manifestation of more than enough money and resources to support the purchase of any needed foods, juicers, supplements, herbs, products and therapies, for my optimum health, rejuvenation, immortality, balance, centeredness, nurturance…and to always have an abundant supply of money to purchase whatever is needed for the creation and maintenance of my optimum health and mission!  

I call to myself everything that my cells, organs, blood, bones, tendons, ligaments, glands, healthy bacteria…, need for their optimum health and happiness.  And I thank Mother Earth and the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms for providing everything that I need for optimum health and happiness.  And I thank all the support teams who have helped me thus far and will help me in the maintenance of my divine health, the embodiment of my Divinity and realization of my Divine Magnificence.

This I do decree, in the name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is,

and my own Divine God-Goddess Presence!  

And So It Is!

In Divine Health and Immortality,

I AM ZaKaiRan

(P.S. Please insert any healing teams, ascended masters and anything else that you think of into this invocation to suit yourself).  

This is an excerpt from the Ascension Master’s Toolkit, information below and at:

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