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Message started by Marjana on 11.04.2002 at 11:42:25

Title: Voda ni samo voda
Post by Marjana on 11.04.2002 at 11:42:25

Sem ze vceraj dala link na topicu 'Katera voda'

ampak saj vem, da se nekaterim ne da brat in 'moram' najbolj zanimive delcke dat semle.

"The icosahedron, being water, was the aspect that this Earth was missing since the time of Atlantis. So the Great White Brotherhood, for the last 13,000 years, and everything that the 72 Orders have been doing has been around the bringing back of the consciousness of water and prana together. The consciousness of water.

If we look at the DNA, which encodes our information, it is made up of only the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. That's all it is. It is water and prana put together. The Christ grid that is around the Earth that we are all familiar with, is what the Great White Brotherhood has been working on for 13,000 years, so that we can move into the next level of consciousness, made up of an icosahedron and a dodecahedron: water and prana.

Title: Re: Voda ni samo voda
Post by Marjana on 11.04.2002 at 11:43:46

Structured and Unstructured Water

In the University of Georgia, around the early 1990s, they discovered that every cell in our body that is diseased, or harmed in one way or another is surrounded by something called "unstructured water". Always, whatever the disease is, this "unstructured water" always surrounds it.

They discovered then that every healthy cell, no matter which cell it is, is always surrounded by "structured water". So, what is the difference? It is extremely simple. The only difference is in the number of electrons that are in the outer orbits. That is it! Unstructured water is missing these outer electrons, and it causes disease. Water that has these outer electrons and their shells are completed, is healthy.

Water flowing through rivers and lakes in natural situations that are not polluted is "structured". However, water that goes through a pipe, which almost all of the water that goes into our bodies, is "unstructured". It takes only just a few feet of water moving through a pipe under pressure, and the water can't rotate the way it wants to.

Title: Re: Voda ni samo voda
Post by Marjana on 11.04.2002 at 11:44:50

From everything I am being told from the Ascended Masters and from the angelic realms, we can't leave here until we clean up our place. It is part of our consciousness. It was our consciousness that created the Earth the way and state that it is now, in a state where our planet is dying. Before we leave, it is our responsibility, as spiritual beings, with the awareness that is now emerging on this Earth, to clean our world and to bring it back into the health and purity it used to be.

Title: Re: Voda ni samo voda
Post by Marjana on 11.04.2002 at 11:47:45

But now, something else has happened. Something that is so extraordinary... I don't even know how to actually tell you this. Ten years ago, or a little more I believe, there was a small group of very spiritually aware people in Turkey. They are quiet, and nobody knows about them. They have created something; or allowing something to come through them that mankind has never seen.

One of these men came forth from this group. He is 78 years old and looks and feels like he is about 40. You'd never know that he an older person. He gave something to the world. He gave a kind of water that mankind has never seen. He said, "Here, this is for the healing of the world".

They began to do research and they found that whenever they put this water in a polluted lake, or a polluted river, it would immediately, usually within 3 to 4 days, the whole lake or the whole river would go absolutely clean, the way it was 1000 years ago. Even the sediment and everything inside there. Nobody could believe it, but they had to believe it, because they could see it. They continued their research for 10 years.

Title: Re: Voda ni samo voda
Post by Marjana on 11.04.2002 at 11:49:12

Super-ionized Water

What is this water? All it is, is water with 3 extra electrons on the outer orbits. It is called super-ionized water. Again, all the scientists, the physicists and the chemists of the world who have been studying this for the past few years, have been keeping it secret. Not one of them, with all their credentials, can explain how it is happening. They don't know! They can't figure it out.

Title: Re: Voda ni samo voda
Post by Marjana on 11.04.2002 at 11:51:00

Dovolj bo. :) Upam da sem še komu zbudila zanimanje...

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