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Message started by Kali on 03.04.2002 at 04:01:57

Title: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 03.04.2002 at 04:01:57

Preberite in komentirajte-vpliv astrologije na dogodke!

                             April 2002
                             By Mahala

   The emotional energy of Pisces has been in effect since
mid-February. First the planet Venus went through that sign, then
the Sun, and now Mercury is in Pisces until the full moon of
March 28, 2002. Neptune rules Pisces and that planet rules water,
fog, ships, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, addictions, abusive situations,
diseases, infections, foresight, flexibility, fountains, idealism,
healing, magnets, mediumship, pineal gland, rejuvenation, dancing,
and cosmic consciousness.

   This is the type of energy we have been dealing with since
February. During that time period many people were looking at their
issues, going within, and hibernating. In April we will be moving into
the Aries energy, which is fiery and active. Pisces is female
emotional  energy, and Aries is male action energy. It’s time to
take action.

  The planet Venus will move into Taurus on April 1, which means
we will start feeling the energy of  that sign. Taurus rules money,
and with Venus in this sign, it looks like money issues will start to
improve. The full moon of April 27 finds Venus making an aspect to
Uranus, which is the planet of change and surprises, so look for some
unexpected energy around money issues during that time period.

  Mars is also moving through the sign of Taurus. It lines up with
the  Sun Alcyone at the time of the new moon on April 12. I hear the
Crystal Grid will be activated on April 13 at 1:00 PM PDT. It’s
definitely a good day for this activation. There will be four planets
in Taurus at that time - they are Mercury, Venus, Mars and the moon.
At that time Mars will also be making a ninety degree angle to
Uranus. This is a very powerful aspect and could also cause Earth

  The meaning of the degree in Taurus, that will be activated on
April 13, is one that means humanity has the capacity to rise in
consciousness and feelings above biological limitations. Let’s take
advantage of this degree and activate the crystal grid. Picture this
grid as strings connected like a spider web all over the world. Then
picture the golden light coming in from Alcyone and activating this
grid on Earth. Everyone will be at the right place at the right time
to act as conduits for this light.

  The exact placement of Mars conjunct Alcyone is right over the
Pacific Northwest. This means the golden light from Alcyone will
first activate the violet grid located off Vancouver Island, B.C.-
then the energy will travel around the world. It’s very important
to activate this grid so more people can wake up and become aware
of what is transpiring around them. Many people will be amazed by
how much control there is in the world. Once they wake up they will
realize they are great beings of light, and will choose freedom over
being controlled.

  On April 13, the planet Uranus will be on the degree of a butterfly
emerging from a chrysalis. This means we have the capacity to utterly
transform the character of our consciousness by radically altering
the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of
relationships we enter into. This is another good reason to activate
the grid. Uranus first touches this particular degree in April and
stays there until it retrogrades in June. In February of 2003 it will
reach this degree again, so if you miss this opportunity to transform
your consciousness you will have another opportunity next year.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 03.04.2002 at 04:02:44

Uranus is the planet of change. It is electrical in nature and
rules light, or enlightenment. It is considered the great awakener
and is very rebellious by nature. When it moved through the sign of
Capricorn, it transformed governments by revolutions. Capricorn
rules  governments, and Uranus rules rebellion. Look at the
Berlin Wall - who would have ever thought that wall would come down
and that Russia would fall apart. Then there were revolutions in the
Balkan countries during that time period. There was much violence,
death, and starvation in many countries.

  Uranus moved into Aquarius in April of 1995 for a few months. Then
it  retrograded back into Capricorn, and in January of 1996 it went
into  Aquarius to stay for seven years until 2003. This started the
computer revolution because that is one of the things Uranus rules.
Look at how the Internet has grown and expanded in the last couple of
years. We are now connected to a World Wide Web, and through this Web
has come much information. Uranus rules High Tech, and when Saturn was
in Taurus (the sign that rules money) making a ninety degree angle to
Uranus, the bottom dropped out of the NASDAQ market.

  Soon Uranus will move into Pisces. In fact it will be in that sign
by March of 2003. This is when there will be a tremendous revolution
in  consciousness. Many will start  experiencing cosmic consciousness
on  a regular basis. Pisces is a water and emotional sign. When Uranus
moves through this sign from 2003-2010, there will be many changes
on Earth concerning water. I think this will be the time to stay away
from the coastal areas because the ice sheets of the Arctic, and the
Antarctic, have already started to melt.

  I would like to quote from Zecharia Sitchin’s book The 12th Planet.
He says: “ One endeavor to unravel the puzzle of the Deluge, then,
focuses on Earth’s climatic changes, and in particular the abrupt
collapse of the ice age some 13,000 years ago. What could have caused
a sudden climatic change of such magnitude? Of the many theories
advanced by the scientists, we are intrigued by the one suggested by
Dr. John T. Hollin of the University of Maine. He contended that the
Antarctic ice sheet periodically breaks loose and slips into the sea,
creating an abrupt and enormous tidal wave!

  This hypothesis-accepted and elaborated upon by others-suggests
that as the ice sheet grew thicker and thicker, it not only trapped
more  of Earth’s heat beneath the ice sheet but also created (by
pressure and friction) a slushy, slippery layer at its bottom. Acting
as a  lubricant between the thick ice sheet above and the solid Earth
below, this slushy layer sooner or later caused the ice sheet to slide
into   the surrounding ocean.

  Hollin calculated that if only half the present ice sheet of
Antarctica (which is, on the average, more than a mile in thickness)
were to slip into the southern seas, an immense tidal wave would
follow and raise the sea level all over the world. How could the
Nefilim predict when the Deluge would burst out of Antarctica? The
Mesopotamian texts relate it to the periodic passage of the Twelfth
planet. Both Mesopotamian and biblical texts described how the Earth
shook when the Celestial planet passed in Earth’s vicinity. Could it
be that the Nefilim, observing the climatic changes and the
instability of the Antarctic ice sheet, realized that the next passing
would trigger the impending catastrophe.” End of quote!

  The ice sheets started melting in 1995. Does that mean the twelfth
planet will pass by Earth soon? Several people on the Internet seem
to think so. In the mean-time we have other things to think about.
At the March full moon, the moon’s node will be on 20 degrees Gemini.
This is the degree of the planet Mars in the United States chart. Our
president’s Uranus is on 19 degrees Gemini, along with his node at
20 degrees. This is a military degree, and if activated upon, may end
in disaster. In other words, this means he should not start a war.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 03.04.2002 at 04:03:23

The Mars/Uranus aspect will be affecting Iraq and the other
countries  surrounding the Persian Gulf in April, so there will be
more action in those countries. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars,
which is a fiery, violent energy, so we will be feeling that energy
all month.

  At the March full moon the planet Jupiter will be conjunct Jupiter
in the USA chart. This means we should be starting a new money
cycle or an upturn in the economy. Time will tell how that works out.
In George Bush’s chart, Jupiter will be conjunct his Sun shortly. This
planet is the largest one in our solar system and brings with it much
power. He will be feeling that power for a few months. Jupiter also
rules religious leaders and beliefs.

  On June 10 there will be a solar eclipse on 19 degrees Gemini. This
eclipse will be very powerful because of the fact that it activates
the United States Mars, and also affects the planets in George Bush’s
chart. Also, during that same time period, the planet Saturn will be
opposing Pluto. This is the aspect that started the terrorist war in
the first place.

  Pluto is considered the God of the underworld. It is also the great
transformer. Since February Pluto has been activating black hole
energy. Picture a black hole as a vortex. A tornado manifests like
a vortex, and you all know how powerful that energy can be. This
energy can also be used to pull any remaining negativity out of your
consciousness, or in other words - transform it into light.

  Back to April. The full moon of April is a double-edged sword. We
have the culmination of the Wesak Festival, which is a yearly
celebration of light, and we have Mars conjunct Saturn opposing Pluto
by sign.  Mars and Saturn together rule police action, or control
issues  like a police state, and dealing with dark energy. Then we
have the aspect of a Mercury/ Uranus square, which means accidents
or communication  problems.

  This April full moon is exactly over Israel. There will be comets
passing by Earth in April, which will stir up energy because of their
magnetic force. Astrology works by the magnetic energy moving between
planets when they make certain angles. This in turn affects us
according to the placement of those planets in our chart. Astrology
is God’s law in action.

  The next few months will continue to be very intense. It’s nice to
be  aware of what is going on, although we don’t have to be part of
the drama. Most of us came here to help the Earth through her change.
By manifesting peace and love within our own being, we can act as
channels for that energy. Once you have reached a state of
peacefulness others will follow.  Remember, there is a world of light
overshadowing the world of darkness. Who knows what may happen
if enough reach for that world of light. Let’s reach for the light -
and lets  be ready to activate the Crystal Grid on April 13, 2002.

  I send you my blessings for a happy Easter.


Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by herby on 03.04.2002 at 14:56:37

Kali! Hvala za tekst.
SUper je , čist zadene, kar se je dogajalo, pa ne samo men, tud folku  naokol. REs divji so bli teli mesci.  In zdej če sem prou razumu,  še pride.
Kr ne bo še miru. spremembe... kr naporno je tole obdobje
 Pa ribe v uranu v naslednjih letih, bo še naprej delo s  čustvi...

Nisem pa čist razumu, kaj naj bi delal 13 aprila?

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 03.04.2002 at 16:31:00

Ja tudi meni ni čisto jasno, si pa približno nekaj predstavljam. Če ima še kdo kak komentar naj ga napiše. Bom probala do 13.4. stvari razjasniti!

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by herby on 04.04.2002 at 13:33:51

OK sem še enkrat bral:
ne vem še katera ura je točno to: April 13 at 1:00 PM PDT ?
Ampak, zdi se mi da je najbolj da takrat malo počičamo ispustimo ommmmmmm ali dva,pržgemo svečke, nardimo stojo na glavi,ipd.  ter si predstavljamo kristalno mrežo čez celo Zemljo in zlato luč ki napolni to kristalno pajčevino. Odpremo se pretoku svetlobe in pošljemo jo naprej v vse smeri. To je čas za spremembe, kakršne si pač zamislmo. Čas za dvig zavesti.

Let's do it!
Get the party started!
;D  ;D

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by gape on 04.04.2002 at 15:56:44

kaj pa če bi kr prvo številko cajtnga izdal na ta dan ???

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 04.04.2002 at 17:40:20

Kaj pa če bi se na ta dan mi skupaj zbrali in si skupaj to vizualizirali?

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Marjana on 08.04.2002 at 14:49:17

Danes sem pa jaz nekaj na to temo dobila v mailbox...
V zadnjem delu sporocila so tudi navodila za vizualizacijo te mreze in vokalizacijo.


HOME H-eaven O-n M-other E-arth

Through this activity of Light, the Golden Light Grid will be permanently anchored into the physical Crystal Grid System of Mother Earth. This will greatly accelerate the healing process of the Earth and exponentially raise the planet's vibratory rate in preparation for our Ascension up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th Dimension.

In order for us to be the most effective Instruments of God for this monumental event, we must BE the manifestation of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Mercy. We can accomplish this by breathing the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love in through our Heart Chakras, then up into our Third Eye Chakras. After absorbing the Light into our Spiritual Brain Centers, we must exhale It out through our Crown Chakras. This Holy Breath will awaken our medulla oblongatas, pineal glands and the other Spiritual Centers within our physical brain structures.

As you absorb this Holy Breath, feel the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love filling every cell of your body. Feel yourself become the tangible manifestation of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Mercy. As you breathe out, know that the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love is bathing every particle of Life in Its Divine Essence, preparing every electron of precious Life energy to receive the Golden Light Grid.

Listen carefully to the promptings of your God Self and see just where you are being guided to be during the Golden Light Grid Activation. We are all Beings of Light, and we can certainly project our Light to anywhere on the planet. In this activation, however, we are anchoring the Golden Light Grid into the physical Crystal Grid System of the planet. The physical Crystal Grid System of Earth is the same as the acupuncture points and meridians within our human bodies.

Those of you who are familiar with the process of using acupuncture to heal the maladies of the physical body know that, on a physical level, projecting Light into an acupuncture point or meridian from a distance is not nearly as effective as using an acupuncture needle, a magnet or applying physical pressure directly into the point. Our Solar Spines with our Twelve Solar Chakras serve as acupuncture needles. When we are physically aligned along a meridian or on an acupuncture point on the planet, we are much more capable of securing the Golden Light Grid into the physical Crystal Grid System through our Solar Spines, according to the Divine Plan.

The Golden Light Grid vibrates with the Golden Light of Divine Consciousness, Eternal Peace and God's Limitless Abundance. Listen to your Heart's Call. Respond to the promptings of your God Self, and go where you are guided to go. You will be eternally blessed for your selfless service to the Light. You have been preparing for this Cosmic Moment for aeons, and the time is NOW!

Please read the Turtle Woman's Vision very carefully, and keep shining your Light! God Bless You,
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc.
a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt educational organization Era of Peace Welcome Page
E-mail:; FAX: 520-886-4897; Phone: 520-885-7909
PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717

Turtle Woman's Vision

nadaljevanje sledi...

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Marjana on 08.04.2002 at 14:53:24

Turtle Woman's Vision

The Golden Light Grid Activation
April 13, 2002, 3:00 PM Central Time
(From the Internet:

The Earth was far below in her entirety, a beautiful blue and white swirling marble in a sea of stars and space. Approaching the Earth, I noticed a grid overlaying the Mother, a five pointed grid, one of mathematical pentagons, honeycombed, one next to another. There were lines that ran through each pentagon point, connecting to the center of each pentagon, creating a huge mesh which encompassed the Mother in her wholeness over land and sea.

I Knew the points of the pentagons and the intersecting lines in the center of each pentagon were the power points along the ley lines. I understood that each point was where a Lightworker needed to be to activate the Light grid to bring full consciousness awakening to all on the planet. I was surprised to see and understand that in reality, it would only take hundreds of Lightworkers worldwide instead of the thousands I had previously thought would be needed to activate the Light grid. An understanding came over me that one Lightworker was needed to physically stand on each and every point on the grid. Once each Lightworker arrived at their assigned point, the Light activation would take place when each Lightworker implanted the Golden Light of Divine Consciousness, Eternal Peace and God's Limitless Abundance at exactly the same time, simultaneously, worldwide.

Then I was shown that it would require several years for Lightworkers to disperse and move to the Light grid activation points. That the breaking up of Spirit Groups would start to commence for this dispersion but many would be reluctant to make these moves, as many of the grid points would require people to leave the comfort of friends, family and spiritually supportive areas to move to rather undesirable locations. Often areas of isolation in one manner or another with little surrounding spiritual support. Many Lightworkers would resist the promptings nudging them in this direction. That the longer the resistance, the more critical the timing in the long run, and the possibility of the grid not being activated with dire consequences for many souls.

The vision transformed again and I was unexpectedly shown a pleasant young Asian man, standing in front of me vignetted. He was small in stature and frame, around 5' tall, somewhere in his late teens or early twenties, and was walking across an open plain on a pleasant day in a short sleeve light or white knit shirt and khaki pants. He smiled at me and I realized he could see me too. I understood that he was Chinese as he stepped to a certain point, stopped and smiled again. I instantly knew he was the last Lightworker to arrive in place on the Light grid, and that it was time to activate the grid. I knew he had made a great effort to get to his assigned point, that he had faced personal dangers to do so, and yet he treated it with ease, joy and knowingness. I knew that once he was in place, that all that had to be done was for all Lightworkers to implant the Golden Light at EXACTLY the same moment, worldwide. I knew that it would only take hundreds, but all HAD to be in place, implanting the Golden Light at exactly the same moment. I wondered if all would follow the promptings they were being given and go to those many undesirable places they did not want to be.

The vision suddenly shifted again, as if in answer to the question. I was standing in a front yard that I knew was "mine," but it was not where I was currently living. I had no idea where this yard, this place was. It was a pleasant spring day in mid-afternoon. Somehow I knew it was 3:00 PM (Central Time - US). I could see and feel a breeze and the Sun on my face, slightly to my right side. I was looking southeast down a street which "T" intersected into the front of the house on the street on which I "lived." Southeast, the direction to simultaneously receive and manifest! (East, the direction of receiving and the Golden Light. South, the direction of manifestation and childlike innocence).

I was standing in the front yard doing what I knew was my daily exercise of implanting the Golden Light within myself, my relations, my property, my surrounding area, state, country, the entire Mother and radiating it out into all of Creation. I knew it was the day of the Light activation and was starting to get concerned as a few minutes passed and nothing out of the ordinary happened. My heart began to sink as I thought the young Chinese man did not make it after all, that maybe he was asleep since it was night on his side of the world.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Marjana on 08.04.2002 at 15:03:20

As I stood facing the Southeast verbalizing and visualizing the Golden Light of Divine Consciousness, Eternal Peace and God's Limitless Abundance, I realized people were walking their dogs, jogging, bicycling, and driving down the street with their windows open with their radios playing. I was not familiar with any of the music. I had never heard it before. People were starting to notice me as they went by and I was a little embarrassed that I was being observed. I felt disappointed and sad as I continued the Lighting while watching an alternative scenario start to play of massive death and destruction in absence of the activation. I sent up a prayer of please dear God, let all Lightworkers activate the grid NOW!

As the prayer went out, an enormous power surge shot into my body like a light switch flipped on in a dark room. I was instantly engulfed in a huge, visible pillar of Golden Light! It came from as far in the sky above as one could see, endlessly extending beyond sight. It surrounded my body several feet in diameter. It was a brilliant Golden radiance, surging with power and energy! I was instantly fully awake and felt like a cosmic spark plug connected directly to the Source. The joy, the Knowing, the total awareness, the complete power of the Highest Good! I Knew the young Asian man had just made the last connection in the grid. I could see him standing in the quiet hours of darkness with a sky filled with stars and his Golden Pillar standing out and illuminating all around him! An expression of bliss was on his face!

My heart soared! I could also see all the others standing at their posts, every Lightworker on the grid engulfed in their individual Pillar of Golden Light! I could see all of our pillars extending out in all directions into space, shooting in all directions into ALL of Creation! My body was rigidly standing at attention, my arms down by my side, my eyes straight ahead, totally engulfed in holy Golden Light extending endlessly into the sky and beyond.

I did not have to verbalize the Golden Light, I did not have to visualize the Golden Light, I WAS Golden Light in all it's power and beauty! I was One and yet separate. I was in complete ecstasy, yet it was taking all my concentration to hold that Power of Light. I prayed silently to hold the Light, to not fail, to be worthy but most importantly, physically able to withstand it!

I prayed for help and strength. I became aware of people on the street stopping and staring, standing with their mouths open, some coming into the yard, amazed and shocked, wondering what was going on! How could this be? They were awed and yet somewhat fearful. I could hear their thoughts, "What IS this?!"

Someone I knew when I was young suddenly appeared in the yard in amazement, starting to comment on what was going on but before she could finish what she was saying, she instantly awoke into full consciousness, overwhelmed and collapsing on the lawn in the power of her instant at Oneness. A chain reaction started to take place. As each person suddenly awoke, the people in the closest vicinity to them would suddenly wake up too in wonderment, amazement, shaking their heads and marveling at how they had been walking zombies all their lives, asleep until just seconds ago! I knew the Miracle of total worldwide Enlightenment was unfolding!

I could see that every Lightworker worldwide, thousands and thousands, were now standing in full Golden Pillars of Divine Light, at work, at home, at the grocery store, sitting in their cars on freeways. We were all connected as One to the Source, to our Selves and to each other. I could see the chain reaction expanding from each Lightworker to each and every Being worldwide as it spread truly at the speed of Light. I could hear the birds bursting out in song and see animals jumping around in pure glee as they witnessed and understood what was happening. I could hear the trees and all the plants giving praise to the Creator, the rocks and stones vibrating with awareness ... everything connected at once in exuberance and song, singing with victory and praise and thanksgiving!

Again the vision instantly shifted and I was in space looking down upon the Earth Mother, and was still within my Golden Pillar of Light, connected to myself on the Earth yet extending into eternity as the entire Mother radiated with the Golden glow, an immense halo of Golden Light surrounding her way out beyond her atmosphere. The intensity of the Light magnifying exponentially as I watched.

I saw thousands of ships surrounding the Mother, and could see all the Beings from innumerable Galaxies, Universes, and Dimensions ... literally all of Creation watching in stunned amazement as the Mother and all her children laughingly exploded with radiant Golden Light shooting out through all of Creation like a supernova, transformed, transforming as it went.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Marjana on 08.04.2002 at 15:03:55

I could hear All of Creation exclaim in surprise, "They have done it! They have shown us the way! We can all be this! Spirit and matter as One!"

In this state of connection to Oneness, I knew the vision was to be released, that permission would be given when the time was right. The vision suddenly popped and I was standing in the living room of my home of many years, with tears streaming down my face. Knowing both sides of the coin of whether or not the Light grid is activated. The choice is ours, according to Free Will.

The vision took place in 1991. I am now living in the place with the yard that was shown to me in that vision. Within the last few weeks, I have finally been given permission to release this vision. I have been shown that the reality of this vision requires every Lightworker who Knows they are part of this Light grid activation to let themselves be guided right now to their activation point if they are not already there. It is imperative that this message reach as many Lightworkers as possible worldwide, as quickly as possible. As shown in the vision, the journey for some will be long and arduous. For the activation to take place, each Lightworker has to be on their point on the grid system. Otherwise, the grid will not activate. The time IS Now.

This Light grid activation will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2002, at 3:00 PM Central Time, US Please adjust your local time, as the Golden Light implantation needs to be a synchronized, simultaneous event to activate the grid.

How to Visualize the Light

1. Simply visualize a column of Golden Light coming down into your Crown Chakra from above. Do not try to control the Light, let it come in however it does ... big, small, wide, thin, whatever.
2. Continue the visualization by letting it fill your body.
3. Next let it rise and surround you in an aura or bubble of Light.
4. Then radiate it out through all of Creation through eternity. There is no "wrong" way to do this. Start with the visualization for yourself, then you can do the entire procedure again for loved ones, your home, your neighborhood, your state, your country, your continent, then the whole Earth. Each surrounding bubble of Golden Light gets bigger and encompasses more.

The Verbalization of the Golden Light
(accompanies the visualization)

1. "May the Golden Light of Christ enter me and heal me."
2. "May the Golden Light of Christ within me fill me and permeate me."
3. "May the Golden Light of Christ within me rise, surround me and protect me and...
4. "May the Golden Light of Christ radiate out from me on all levels of existence and nonexistence, through all time and non-time, through all space and non-space, with speed, joy and ease for the Highest Good of All and according to Free Will.

I thank you God NOW!".
Blessings to All!
Stay in the Golden Light.
All My Relations in Love and Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by herby on 08.04.2002 at 17:55:40

No folk, a kdo ve kolk je ura pr nas ko je

April 13, 2002, 3:00 PM  v centralni ameriki? oz.
April 13 at 1:00 PM PDT

Mende je to enkrat zvečer pri nas.
Rabmo točno uro.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by MIKE on 08.04.2002 at 18:26:46

A tole kaj pomaga.   ;D ;D


Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Marjana on 08.04.2002 at 18:29:52

Evo ga:

PDT = Pacific Daylight Time (USA): UTC-07

UTC,CUT,TUC (french) = Coordinated Universal Time = GMT

mi smo (zaradi poletnega casa) dve uri vec od GMT/UTC torej je razlika 9 ur

Nasla tule:

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by LittleStar on 12.04.2002 at 09:33:06

Torej, kako se bomo zmenili ;D za jutri,

13. 04. 2002

zvečer ob DESET-ih


ob 22. uri


Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by gape on 13.04.2002 at 22:06:34

evo meni je uspelo ... pa vam ???

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by herby on 14.04.2002 at 11:33:35

kva je pa blo gape?
jst sm bil v lokalu, pa sm kr neki bil tak odsoten
ostal folk je bil pa kokr da bi bil mal zadet   :-/

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by gape on 06.07.2002 at 18:57:56

herby wrote on 14.04.2002 at 11:33:35:
kva je pa blo gape?

kwa je blo?
prklopl smo mrežo ... in odprl vrata do velikega sonca ... prehod je odprt ... to je blo ... sicer pa (delovna beta):

ni odveč povedat da sm celo reč stipku z eno roko (ok čist mal s tadrugo), danes po dalajlami mojstru sreče in sočutja ...

zraven tega texta spadajo še:

Tale text zgoraj je nekakšno nadaljevanje tega (popolnoma spontano)
Aktivacija kristalne mreže

JAZ (Self) – EGO IN VIŠJI JAZ (Higher Slef)

in seveda nepogrešljivi:;action=display;num=1025474749;start=44#43

in še ostali alerti:
Planet Alert-19. maj zelo pomemben dan;action=display;num=1021236036;start=4

Planet Alert-Feb.-Mar.2002/Zanimivo;action=display;num=1018832138;start=0

in še ta ki je že na vrhu

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 27.06.2003 at 11:07:27

                               JUNE AND JULY 2003
                                         Š Mahala

The month of May was very intense. There were many Earth changes all
over the world in the form of storms, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic
eruptions. Now we are fast approaching the summer solstice. Where does
time go? Speaking of time, how fast do things manifest in your life? I’m
finding that things manifest very fast in mine. I think a thought and it
happens almost immediately; there is not the long delay there used to be.
The Sun is what runs our solar system, and what happens on the Sun
affects us on Earth. What in the world is going on with our Sun? During
the first part of June, there were 65 C-class flares, 16 M-class flares,
and 2 X-class flares. That is an amazing number of flares. There were
also several Coronal Mass Ejections (CME). What is causing all of this
action? There was a huge object next to our Sun on May 29, 2003. This
object looked like a large planet.  Could this object be a planet- sized
ship? Is that what has been affecting our Sun? Check out
<a href="">

I also heard that when Hale Bopp was discovered in 1991, which was long
before it was officially announced, a large planet was seen behind it
which is rumored to be Planet X. This planet brings a whole entourage
with it as it moves through our solar system. There have been many
planet-sized objects  that have passed by our Sun recently and some have
been mistaken for Planet X. They are coming in from the south, which is
the direction Planet X comes from. Just in the past month there have been
around 100 comets passing by our Sun, and they have all come from the
south. Something is pushing this debris into our solar system? Is it
Planet X?

Whatever happens on the Sun is reflected back to Earth. I&#146;m finding that
the flares seem to purge old thoughts out of my mind so I can release
them and move into new energy. Solar flares affect your brain and that,
in turn, may cause problems in your physical body so if you have been
feeling a little strange lately, don&#146;t take it so seriously.

How are you responding  to this energy? Did you find a lot on anger
surfacing to be looked at and released, or did you find other people very
irritable? The solar flares are purging out any remaining stuff we need
to look at. As these flares continue, it will get better and better for
those manifesting a high frequency, and more chaotic for those who
choose  to argue and fight. The Middle East is a good example of the
way these flares are affecting people. There is a lot of anger in that area
that needs to be purged.

When  CMEs and solar flares hit Earth, they affect the magnetic core,
which  is literally changing directions. The scientists don&#146;t know why,
but they  know it is happening and are quite concerned about it.
According to different news releases on this subject, they think it could
result in a &#147;magnetic shift&#148; at anytime. Anyone see the movie &#147;The Core?&#148;
Many people  have been waiting for a pole shift to happen. Is it possible
that it has  been going on for a long time and we have not been aware of
the process?  Edgar Cayce said the pole would start shifting in 1936. I
believe Mother Earth decided then that it was time for her to start her
ascension process.

Because the core of the Earth is shifting, it increases the frequency of
Earth. As the frequency gets higher and higher, time moves faster and
faster. I think we have about half the time we used to have, even though
our clocks still say there are 24 hours in a day. I think we actually
experience about 12 hours a day.

I have heard that when the Earth goes to zero magnetics and 13 hertz, we
will be in the change. The Earth first hit zero magnetics on November 9,
1998, for a short period of time. Our magnetic field is what protects us
from the effects of the solar flares. When this shield is down, the full
effect of the flare is felt on Earth. The Earth has experienced zero
magnetics many times since 1998. We are in the change, and we&#146;re
almost  through the book of Revelation in the Bible. There are many
people still waiting for the first trumpet to sound. The blowing of the
first trumpet was the first world war.

When comet Neat, which was planetary in size, was going around our
Sun in mid-February 2003, it caused our Sun to flare and that flare hit
Mercury. This in turn caused that planet to act like it was retrograde,
which caused lots of communication problems. Mercury was again affected
by a flare in May, which caused the same reaction. The first time I was
aware that Mercury was hit by a flare was in June of 2000. There was a
beautiful picture on the web from SOHO showing that event. Mercury rules
our mind and the way we think. If Mercury is changing, then the way we
think is also changing. The old ways do not work anymore.

We are in the new energy and in order to live in this energy we have to
respond to life in a different way. If you have problems with people, or
life in general, try responding to your problems in a different way.
Think outside of the box.

There are other things that have been going on in our galaxy, like a
Galactic core explosion that was observed on March 29, 2003. This
explosion sent out a wave of energy estimated at a trillion times the
total output of our Sun. It was termed a Hyper Nova by NASA. Check out
the NASA web site if you are interested in more information. Who knows
what effect this will have on our solar system? Galactic explosions don&#146;t
happen that often.

There was also a Gamma-Ray burst on the back of Leo the Lion in
March.  This Gamma-Ray burst was aimed at Earth and we received
more energy to help  us change. The Leo constellation had many
challenges in the past because of a planet that blew up in that area.
This caused many problems in being able to express heart energy on
Earth because Leo rules the heart. This explosion gave us the
opportunity to open that blockage so we  can start manifesting love

There was a super nova explosion in February of 1987 in the sign
Aquarius. This preceded the Harmonic Convergence in August of
that year, which changed the consciousness of Earth. What will
this Galactic  explosion precede? Is this what will trigger the
manifestation of Christ  Consciousness in people?

Before the Galactic core erupted, there was an explosion in the
Universe near the star Sirius. It came out of the Monoceros area.
It was a very powerful explosion. In fact, it was one of the most
powerful that has happened in recorded history. It spewed out
energy waves equal to 600,000  of our Suns. This story came
out in February of 2003. The pictures Hubble took of this phenomenon
are incredible. The star bloomed into what looked like a beautiful
flower after it blew itself up into a huge ball of orange.  Its companion
star, which is blue, danced across the sky in front of it as it was
growing. Does that sound familiar? It sounds like a Hopi prophecy
to me.

Now, what are the other planets doing? The summer solstice chart shows
the Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer. This starts a whole new cycle. The
effects of Saturn in Gemini are a lot different than that planet in
Cancer. Gemini is a mental air sign and rules transportation and
communication. Cancer is an emotional water sign that rules the home,
food, and country. The opposite sign is Capricorn, which rules
governments, so look for many changes or problems in governments,
particularly in China or SE Asia, and the USA. Capricorn rules control

The areas that will be greatly affected by Saturn in the next two years
are between the Mississippi River and the East Coast. When all those
tornadoes came into the south and midwest in May, the moon was in
Gemini  (an air sign) making a conjunction to Saturn over those areas.
As Saturn moved through Gemini, there were many wind storms. With
Saturn in Cancer, there will be much flooding and maybe even an
earthquake  or two in  those areas. In fact, right now Saturn is directly
over the New Madrid fault and will be affecting it for the rest of this

Mars and Uranus are conjunct in the emotional water sign Pisces. Mars is
fast approaching its closest point to Earth which happens in August. In
fact, on the new moon of August 27, there are four planets plus the moon
in Virgo, and they are opposed almost exactly by Mars and Uranus. This is
a major line up in Virgo, which represents Goddess energy.

The Mayan Glyph for that day is the White World-Bridger, ruled by the
planet Mars. This glyph is about death, release, and surrender. This is
the time to surrender your limiting beliefs, the outgrown parts of
yourself that no longer serve you, and it&#146;s time to reveal your true
self, the beautiful being that you are.

The energy of Mars and Uranus together is one of  freedom. There will be
a desire for independence in action, and greater initiative in business.
This will bring a desire to change the status quo, which can lead to
revolutionary action. The Mars/Uranus conjunction will basically be in
effect for the rest of this year. The effects start this month.

Our president will have Saturn conjunct his sun sign for the next two
years. When Saturn is transiting your sun sign, it usually brings lots of
responsibility and challenges. Mars is moving into opposing his Mars for
a long time, so he will experience lots of controversy. Pluto is conjunct
his node right now opposing his Uranus. Something unexpected could very
easily happen to him during this time period.

We do live in exciting times. I guess this is why we are all here. What
an opportunity this is to experience  new energy that has never been here
before, ever. We will be able to create a whole new Earth as soon as we
figure out how this new energy works. I think it works by going with the
flow. First, all of the garbage has to be purged out of your mind and
body so you can manifest joy. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, then
all else will be given unto you. Then you will be able to create what you
choose to experience. What fun that will be.

I send you my blessings!

***Mahala ***

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Marjana on 08.08.2003 at 16:23:44

Tule pa lahko vidite kako zgleda mreža:
(pa še kaj zanimivega preberete...)

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by gape on 09.08.2003 at 13:10:52

bogi ...  :'(

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 11.08.2003 at 10:12:20

                                       PLANET ALERT
                                August  2003     Mahala

Happy New Year! Today is July 26 and the first day of the Mayan
Dreamspell calendar. This is the year of the White Wizard, which is
ruled by the invisible planet Vulcan. This planet is invisible because it
is either on a different frequency, or it is so close to the Sun that it
can&#146;t be seen. It&#146;s orbit is between Mercury and our Sun.

There are several events that will transpire in August. The first event
is the opening of the time tunnel on August 8. This time tunnel was first
opened in 1943 by the Montauk experiment. This is the doorway that
opened to let in a group of negative Ets. These Ets contacted our
government and gave them new technology in exchange for
experimenting on humans. Now the doorway is opening again, and I
hear it&#146;s time for them to go home. This means Earth will be on her own
without negative ET interference although the Earth controllers will still
be in charge. Can they handle this energy? Sometimes freedom causes
chaos. This energy will be in effect from August 8-27.

The next event is the full moon of August 12. This will be the four year
anniversary since the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, which was
the birth of Christ Conscious energy on Earth. The darkness from that
eclipse started in England and went through the Middle East and ended in
India. There has been much violence in those countries since that
eclipse. The planets formed a cross in the fixed signs of the zodiac.
This caused many people to feel like they were crucified because they
have gone through so many challenges since then. Actually it has been
a great opportunity to release old belief systems.

On November 8, the planets will form a Star of David in the heavens at
the time of a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio is a feminine sign
and this eclipse will accentuate magnetic energy. Planet X rules
Ophiuchus (or Aesklepius) the 13th sign, which is situated between
Scorpio and Sagittarius. This may be the time period when we hear
more about Planet X.

In August the Sun is in the hot fire sign of Leo. Jupiter has been in
that sign for the past year. No wonder there has been fires and drought
in many parts of the world - the parts that are not being flooded by too
much rain caused by Uranus in the water sign Pisces. Saturn is  in the
water sign Cancer, which rules the areas from the Mississippi River to
the East Coast. They have had their share of rain and flooding. The
opposite side of the world that is affected by Saturn right now is China.
This full moon will find the moon conjunct the planet Neptune, which
will give energy to that planet. Neptune is an ancient planet. In fact,
in the books &#147;The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East&#148;, it
says that Neptune was the first born of our planets. Neptune represents
the female Goddess, and the color of this planet is light blue. Neptune
is magnetic in nature which makes its energy soft and gentle.

The Earth&#146;s magnetic field fell to zero on November 9, 1998. It stayed
on zero magnetics for several hours, which means the Earth&#146;s protective
shield was down for a period of time. Because of this unprotected state,
a seed from Father Sun was allowed to enter the core (or womb) of Mother
Earth and the conception of a new energy took place. Nine months later on
August 11, 1999, at the time of a total solar eclipse, a baby or new
energy was born from Mother Earth. We have been nurturing this energy
ever since then.

The actual birthing process started at the time of the lunar eclipse on
July 28, 1999, when the Sun was conjunct Neptune. The energy that was
born at that time was one of love. Although the Earth doesn&#146;t feel very
loving right now, the energy is there if we choose to manifest it.
Then in December of 1999 the Earth split into two Earths with a bridge
between them. We have been on this bridge and walking between two
worlds since then. I think the bridge is about to collapse, and those who
are on one side will manifest the new energy, and those on the other
side will continue along the path of war and destruction. Most people
have made up their mind which reality they choose to live in. The
separation has started.

There are still a lot of prophecies out there waiting to be fulfilled.
Probably all of the prophecies of the past that were given have
manifested on some level, although we were not aware of them
happening because we were vibrating at a different frequency. From
my perspective, the Earth still has to finish her cleansing which will
take a few more years.  There will be wars, fires, earthquakes, and
volcanic eruptions in various places. You do not have to experience
these events if you are on the right frequency. You will be at the right
place, at the right time, to experience what your soul needs for its
growth, or you will be in your light body manifesting love and light so
you do not have to experience violence and destruction. Why worry,
fear and worry is a manifestation of a low frequency. Joy is a
manifestation of a higher frequency. If you are manifesting a high
enough frequency you can walk through fire without getting burned.

Because we are having a full moon with the Sun on the degree of
Christ Consciousness and the Moon conjunct Neptune, I am reprinting
information from my Planet Alert of December, 1999.  I would like to
quote from a channeling by Karen Danrich. She says: &#147;We wish to
make our readership aware of the impending changes in Earth&#146;s
electromagnetic energy flow.

In order to explain the origin of your current source of chi, which is
electromagnetic in nature, we must delve into Earth&#146;s history. Two
million years ago, Earth&#146;s energy was only magnetic in nature. Earth
had a species of Dinosaurs upon her that were vegetarian in nature.
Earth made an agreement that was the karmic fulfillment from an earlier
juncture of Earth&#146;s history to receive or take on Electric energy from
Alpha Centauri. It was the diamond and gold kingdoms upon Earth that
agreed to allow the electric energy projected from Alpha Centauri.

The electric energy was nonresonate with the nervous system of the
Dinosaurs residing upon the Earth plane. The nervous system of the
Dinosaurs, along with all other life forms upon Earth, were designed to
run upon magnetic energy only. As Earth began to receive electrical
energy from Alpha Centauri, the energy was far stronger than had ever
been present upon Earth before. The nervous system of the Dinosaurs
began to deteriorate, and within the process, they became carnivorous
and began to eat one another rather than just subsisting off of the

Such carnivorous behavior can be considered violent in nature, so one
could assess that electric energy in a magnetic system leads to violence.
Magnetic energy is a circular energy flow, electric energy is a straight
energy flow. The straight flow cuts holes into the rotation of the
chakras of the human auric field thus causing a deterioration of the
subtle bodies leading to disease. Magnetic energy gently flows in a
circular manner, it fuels the rotation of the particles around each atom,
which sustains life.

A magnetic energy flow is directly related to the triple circle energy
flow. Gradually, within a human ascension, all energy flow within the
form is altered from either a figure eight or Mer-ka-ba (star of David)
energy flow to the triple circle. The triple circle pattern is a magnetic
pattern, and as such, is the pattern most conducive to the health and
well being of humanity.

Beginning in July of 1999, the Earth Mother began to embrace the triple
circle pattern in all of her major and minor chakras around Earth. Over
time, all electrical energy will be detoxified from Earth&#146;s embodiment
altogether. They anticipate this will take approximately 10 years.
Electric energy is equivalent to fear, anger and pain. All biological
programming that confines humanity to a third dimensional thought-form is
based upon pain, anger and fear and is locked in with electrical
impulses. As all electrical impulses cease upon Earth, there will be an
opportunity for mass conscious awakening.&#148;

We are moving one step closer to a mass awakening with this line-up
of  planets in Virgo/Pisces on August 27, 2003. Virgo is the sign of the
woman goddess, and Pisces rules cosmic consciousness. With four
planets plus the moon in Virgo, and two in Pisces, we will surely feel the
magnetic energy from this line-up. What an opportunity to move into
bliss, or to meet our brothers and sisters from space.

However, whenever there is a line-up of planets, it causes much stress
on Earth, and due to this there will be many earthquakes, fires, storms,
volcanic eruptions, violence, rebellions, and anger all over the world.
Many people will express this anger so keep your cool. Mars will be
retrograde in Pisces until the end of September, and Mars is very
powerful in it&#146;s retrograde phase. At the same time this planet will be
conjunct Pluto by declination. Mars and Pluto deal with dark energy and
control issues.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 11.08.2003 at 10:14:02

We are three years into the great tribulation which started in September
of 2000, and lasts until the end of 2007. The tribulation started big
time in Israel in September of 2000, and continues to this day. We are
involved in the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Liberia. North Korea
and China are another challenge. It&#146;s time for the Kings from the East to
play their part.

The Bible says the Earth will be transformed by fire. Some people are
looking for a major fire event. I believe this time period started when
the planet Pluto (the transformer) moved into Sagittarius (a fire sign)
in January of 1995. On December 20, 2007 the Sun, Mercury, and
Pluto will be conjunct on the degree of the Galactic Center. I believe
this signifies the end of the great tribulation. The Bible says that a
stone (asteroid) from heaven will cause much destruction on Earth.
This is the ending of the 18th chapter of Revelation. According to a
book I read by Hilarion, it says that at the midpoint of the tribulation,
(which would be March 2004) an asteroid would fall into the ocean and
cause large tidal waves. Saturn, which rules rocks, is in the water sign
Cancer so if this event is going to happen, now is the time for it to
occur.  I guess that is why we have been told to move inland away
from the  coasts, particularly on the East Coast because that is the
area affected  by Saturn for the next two years I believe August and
September will be very intense and explosive. It is very important to
continue the process of releasing old belief systems from your
consciousness, especially anger, so you can hold more light.

We&#146;re here to help this planet transform. Mother Earth knows who we are
and she will keep us safe as she moves through her tribulation period.
Walk softly on this beautiful planet. I send you my blessings!

                        * Mahala*

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by ViSiON on 01.09.2003 at 18:16:15

kreden, upam da nimaš slabega občutka vendar bi ti resno rad pomagal.  ;)

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 15.09.2003 at 21:10:21

                        September  October  2003
                                   By Mahala

Today is August 27, and the planets are lining up in
Virgo/Pisces. Some people think this is a one day event.
It doesn't work that way. When several planets lined up
in Aquarius in February of 1962, it ushered in the era of
the violent sixties. The effects lasted through 1969. The
energy was so turbulent that year that riots broke out in
several cities across the United States. Uranus, which
rules Aquarius, also rules riots. Then we had the seventies
and the era of the flower children. The eighties brought us
back to materialism.

In January of 1991, there were several planets in Capricorn,
which is an earth sign, and there were major earthquakes in
California and Kobe, Japan. The sign of Capricorn also
rules governments, and in August of 1991 the Russian empire
fell. There are many governments that have fallen since that
line-up. This is also the time our Sun started manifesting
two new frequencies, and a whole new cycle of transformation

Now we have several planets lining up in Virgo, which is the
sign of the feminine goddess. Virgo rules health and health
issues. I think we will see a revolution in our health care
system. I hear that a group of doctors are already trying to
get a bill together to revamp our health system. I also think
many people will turn to alternative health care. Virgo is
an Earth sign. The giant planet Jupiter just moved into that
sign and will be there for a year, which ushers in a time
period of large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and storms.

Saturn is in Cancer, which is a water sign and rules our
emotions. This energy is one of back to family  values. It's
also a time to make peace with those around you, and it's
time to recognize the God spark in everyone. We are all part
of the God force - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything
is God! This doesn't mean you have to associate with people
you don't resonate with although you can bless their God spark.
It's also a good idea to keep yourself enclosed in a bubble of
golden Christ light.

The opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn. This means we are
going to see major transformations in our government, and in
the world wide financial systems. I think this is fast
approaching. We are also in the Mayan year of the White Wizard,
which rules magic and deception. This is the year to be very
cautious and aware of what is going on in your world. Use
discernment before you accept other people's truth because
there will be schemes out there to confuse or control you.

It will also be a very exciting time period because some people
have reached a high enough frequency to be able to manifest
what they choose to experience. We have always been creators.
We unconsciously created everything we have experienced in this
life time. If you haven't taken responsibility for what you
have created, it's time to do so now. We are entering a time
period where we will be able to consciously create what we
choose to experience. This means instant manifestation.

I believe the Earth is about to make a giant step in her
evolutionary path. This means lots of Earth changes will happen.
This is the time to be prepared for anything. We are three years
into the great tribulation, and only four more to go. This year
is going to be a year of  decision. Many people will leave. In
fact, the line-up that is happening  today, is on the Mayan
glyph of death, and this glyph is ruled by  Mars.  This means
lots of people will choose to leave because of illness, heat,
drought, fires, volcanic eruptions, or violence.

The Harvest moon of September 10, is very intense. The Sun will
be on 17 degrees Virgo, and the Moon will be 17 Pisces. Pluto,
at 17 degrees Sagittarius, will make a 90 degree angle to the
Sun and Moon. This makes a perfect T square in the heavens.
Pluto is affecting the longitude of 103 West, and 7 degrees
either side of that line. This line includes the volcano just
outside of Mexico city, and Yellowstone Park. The fires that
burned almost all summer in Northern Washington, Glacier Park,
and Canada were caused by Pluto in the fire sign Sagittarius
affecting those areas. The Sun and Moon lines will also be
affected. The Sun line will probably activate the islands just
north of Australia, and the Moon line may activate Vesuvius,
or the coast of Africa.

The meaning of 17 degrees Virgo, according to the book by Dane
Rudhyar called, An Astrological Mandala, rules volcanic
eruptions. The book says:

"We are dealing here with the dramatic release of
energies which have been kept in check by the outer
shell of the ego-controlled consciousness. It may
be a spectacular catharsis, but it often takes paths
of destruction. Yet unless some for of purification
by fire is experienced, the inner pressure of the
karmic past or of more recent frustrations would
shake up perhaps even more destructively the very
foundations of the personality."

What this means for the Earth is that the energies that have
been building up are about to be released.

The Mayan Glyph for September 10, is the Yellow Sun. I think
this means there may be something going on with our Sun at
this time like a solar flare or more Sun spots. On September 6,
we moved into the Yellow Warrior Wavespell. Some people say one
of the latest crop circles, that shows the Earth missing,
referred to September 6. I think it refers to this 13 day
wavespell that we will be in until September 19. Maybe this
energy will cause us to ascend, or move into a higher frequency.
After the fall equinox we are suppose to be able to manifest
almost instantly.

The Yellow Warrior Wavespell is ruled by the planet Saturn,
which rules governments. This means the energy will be focused
on our world leaders for the next 13 days. On September 10,
we will also experience the Abundance Chromatic, which is a
Mayan glyph. Have you wondered why finances have been so low
for so many light workers, and when will we start manifesting
abundance? I think this full Moon will start the ball rolling
for abundance for light workers.

The two year anniversary of 9-11 is ruled by the planet
Neptune, which rules chemicals or deceptive action, so we will
see what manifests on that day. September 13, is a day ruled
by Saturn and Pluto. This may trigger the Pluto line? The Moon
will trigger it on September 14. The effects from the full Moon
will be felt until the new Moon of September 25.

I believe a great drama will be played out this year. The dark
is fighting the dark for control of this planet. Dark energy is
not necessarily bad. It's the misuse of this energy that causes
problems. Without negative energy there would be no positive.
Dark energy is the glue that holds everything together. The
fall happened because we brought dark energy into our bodies.
This is why we have worked so hard to release the dark energy
that we misused in the past from our bodies. I believe that
when Yahushua Ben Joseph (Jesus) transformed, he released all
of the dark energy from his body and only the light remained.
He was then manifesting his light body. The name Yahushua adds
up to the number thirty two or five, as does the word Christ.
The names Jesus and  Lucifer both add up to the number eleven.
What happens when someone invites Jesus into their heart. Who
are they inviting? Think about that! Have they been deceived?
Are we using the wrong name?  The name Sananda, which means a
female saint, and the word love both add up to number nine.

Remember, love conquers all. Love is the feminine energy that
is within all of us. We are now on an accelerated path to
manifest love energy on Earth. The dark lords can come as
brilliant beings of light and power. They cannot manifest
love, and that is how you can tell the difference. The Bible
says the meek will inherit the Earth. The meek are the people
who have found  joy and happiness in life. They are the ones
who are strong because they are manifesting Christ energy.

I send you my blessings!

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Marjana on 15.09.2003 at 21:54:33

The names Jesus and  Lucifer both add up to the number eleven.
What happens when someone invites Jesus into their heart. Who
are they inviting? Think about that! Have they been deceived?
Are we using the wrong name?

ha ???

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 01.11.2003 at 20:32:51

                                       November  2003

The exciting month of November is finally arriving with its two
eclipses. The first one is a lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003 at 5:13
PM, PST. This one is called the Harmonic Concordance and will open Star
Gates that have never been opened before. Most people know there is a
star gate in the constellation of Orion, although not many know there is
also one in the sign of Aesklepius, which is also called Ophiuchus. This
constellation is the 13th sign of the Zodiac and is considered Goddess
energy. This is the gateway that is opening on November 8, 2003.

The Druids use a 13 sign Zodiac. The Mayans have 13 day wavespells. The
13th tribe of Israel is the Goddess one. There is a painting in an art
museum in Israel of a woman that says, "the 13th tribe." The United
States was founded on the number 13. We had 13 colonies. There were 13
stars on our original flag. If you look at a dollar bill it has the
number 13 all over it. Number 13 means transformation. We have been
transforming for a number of years now into heart energy, which is
feminine energy. This transformation is happening to both males and

This lunar eclipse will be greatly affecting the Middle East, the West
Coast, Korea, and Mexico. This moon will be on the degree of explosions,
bombs, and nuclear energy - look at how the Sun has already been erupting
with huge flares. The Earth has been experiencing major photons (light)
from the Sun. This will put the Earth into fast speed transformation.
Eclipses set up events that are long lasting. There was a full moon
eclipse last year on November 20, 2002. The moon was on 27 degrees Taurus
and the Sun was in Scorpio on that day. This activated the Middle East
and the West Coast. In March of 2003 we started the war in Iraq.

On December 3, 2002 there was a solar eclipse in the fire sign
Sagittarius on 11 degrees. This eclipse activated fire energy.
Yellowstone felt the effects of this energy and started to wake up.
California also felt the effects of this eclipse. When Jupiter moved onto
11 degrees Virgo, in October of 2003, it made a 90 degree angle to the
eclipse degree and the fires started burning in California. The Sun,
Mercury, Mars, and Uranus were conjunct by declination, and the moon and
Jupiter were in opposition when the fires started. That is pretty
powerful fire energy. There was another solar eclipse on May 31, 2003 at
9 degrees Gemini. This sign rules wind.

This November 8th eclipse will find the moons node on top of the Pope's
Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being
the Pope is quite sick it may be his time to leave.  According to
Prophecy, there is suppose to be two more Popes and the next one will
rule for a short period of time. According to this same prophecy the last
Pope will be the true one.

The Hopi's story of creation talks about their creator mother who is
called Spider Woman. This is why the spider is one of the symbols of
Halloween. We unknowingly honor her on this day. This holiday is also
associated with the story of Cinderella because the pumpkin  turns into a
coach, and she changes from rags to riches. Will this be a time of change
for some people? Will they turn from limitation to abundance?  Time will
tell! The veils are very thin between the two worlds at the time of
Halloween and this is when the first gate opens. This happens every year.

The next gate opens on November 8, directly over the Pacific Northwest,
at the time of the total lunar eclipse. This is the one that has been
closed for a long time. It will open to the higher dimension Earth, or
Planet 2 as some people call it. It will remain open and will be the
gateway to the new world. This is the time period light-workers will be
exalted into the light. Are you ready for your illuminated body?
I would like to quote from a channeling I received from Athene. Her web
site is

" We are quickly approaching a time upon your planet that is
unprecedented. It is true that the intergalactic brotherhood and the
council of nine are working together to assist the beings of not only
your star system, but many others as well, for the mass opening of the
stargate in November, 2003.

The portals opening will be interconnected with one another in a way
none upon your planet have experienced before. As one star gate opens it
will activate another and another and so on. The connections to other
planetary systems and beings will be readily accessible to all. If you
originated from another star system you will soon be able to ascertain
from where, and will re-connect with your star family during this period
of time.

The gateways will begin opening on November 4,  and will continue to
activate other doorways for centuries to come. Even though there will be
a burst of energy throughout several weeks in November and December 2003,
the momentum of the ripples being activated by light beings such as
yourself will continue into the next millennium.
Congratulations, with your help we have succeeded in re-connecting the
original 17 star systems back together for the first time since they were
separated back in the Earth time of Mu and Atlantis."

The energy from this opening will be felt around the world, although
there are a couple of places that will feel it stronger than others. The
East Coast chart shows 13 degrees Cancer rising. This means Sirius is
rising over Washington, D.C. at the time of this lunar eclipse. The
better part of the United States will feel the energy from this star.
Sirius is considered our Mother Sun and we are her children.

The Egyptians considered the star Sirius very important, and they
started their new year in July when Sirius rose over Egypt.  Lots of
light from that star will be pouring into Washington, D. C. at this
eclipse. How will this affect our leaders?  Light purges out darkness,
and things that have been hidden from sight will emerge. I expect many
changes in our leadership.

The other area that will be greatly affected by this lunar eclipse is
the Pacific Northwest. The Sun Alcyone is rising over Seattle at 29
degrees Taurus at 5:13 PM November 8. There is great light that comes to
Earth from this Sun. The frequency of Seattle is very high and this
eclipse will cause it to rise even higher. High-frequency energy causes
people, who can't adjust to this energy, to become very unbalanced. It's
a cosmic picnic for those who can handle it.

The state of Washington has already experienced the Scorpio water
energy. We had 5+ inches of rain in one day on October 20. The effects of
eclipses are sometimes felt in advance like the fires burning in Southern
California. The November 23 solar eclipse is on the degree of Los
Angeles. The darkness from this total eclipse will be felt in Australia,
New Zealand, Antarctica, and the South Pacific.

At the time I am writing this article our Sun has been going crazy.
Something happened on October 14, that started activating our Sun. It
might have been a Gamma Ray Burst. There have been several Coronal Mass
Ejections, and solar flares will continue for awhile. There was an X-17
class flare that came off the Sun on October 28. 2003. The photons from
that flare were Earth directed.

An X class flare is enormous. The last time we had a flare that size
was in April of 2001, and this is when the Sun turned on its axis. What
kind of energy will happen on Earth because of all the light we are
receiving? Chances are there will be lots of Earth changing events
because of this solar activity. Our bodies are also being activated.
In my last article I talked about how Jupiter had moved into the Earth
sign Virgo, and this set up a one year cycle of large Earth events. After
Jupiter went into this sign there was an 8.2 earthquake in Japan with
several 7 + aftershocks. There were also 7+ quakes in China and Russia,
and a Russian volcano erupted big time. These events happened as the Sun
was moving through the sign of Virgo.

In early December the Sun will be conjunct Pluto in the fire sign
Sagittarius, and will make a 90 degree angle to Jupiter and Mars. This is
very powerful energy. The force of it will be felt at Yellowstone
National Park, and the surrounding states. The volcanoes in Mexico and
Hawaii may also feel this energy. The other side of the world that will
feel the effects will be India and Pakistan. Mars moves into Aries in
mid-December so there will be lots of energy for new beginnings. Enjoy
the opening of these stargates, and  put on your seat belts as these
energies continue to increase.

I send you my blessings!
I also apologize for the email I haven't answered. I do the best I can.


This article may be reprinted if all credits above are included.
All Rights Reserved ©Mahala 2003

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Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 09.01.2004 at 16:47:51

Planet Alert
January 2004

Happy New Year! What will happen in this new year of 2004? Last year was quite a year. There were many changes and lots of activity because it was a number five year. This year will be under the vibration of the number six. The number six rules the home, family, artistic endeavors, and love. If you have been working on opening your heart chakra, this is the year to do so.

This number also rules teachers, service personal, policemen, firemen, and all service trades. The negative aspect of this year will be more police and military action that we will have to deal with in various ways. The positive aspect would be manifesting love.

We entered this year with a T-cross between Mars, Saturn, and the Sun. This aspect went into effect just after the Winter Solstice, and we went on orange alert for terrorist action.

According to the Seattle Times, dated December 28, 2003, there were a couple of small planes found in Saudi Arabia that were loaded with explosives near Riyadh's King Airport. There was a plot by suicide pilots to blow up a Western airliner on the runway. Fortunately the explosives were found before anyone was hurt.

A restaurant was bombed in Iraq and several people were killed. This is the kind of energy we started the year with. Hopefully mass consciousness will be able to alter this energy.

The Sun is moving through Capricorn right now. This sign rules governments, structures, control, and material things. It is an earth sign, which means it rules earthquakes. There have been more than a dozen 6 plus quakes, and three or four 7 plus quakes since the Sun went into Capricorn on December 22.

This is the year of the quakes because Jupiter moved into Virgo, which is an earth sign, at the end of August, 2003. This year of the quakes started with an 8.2 quake in Japan followed by several 7 plus quakes in various parts of the world. Jupiter will be in Virgo until September 25, 2004. When the Sun moves into an earth sign, the quakes start. Fire signs bring fires, explosions or anything of a fire nature, air signs bring storms, and water signs bring water events.

Because the planet Saturn is in Cancer, opposing Capricorn, there will be problems with structures coming down. This just happened in Iran. The earthquake that happened there caused homes and other structures to be destroyed. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms all cause structures to be destroyed.

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, it indicated to me that we were ending a 26,000 year cycle of Capricorn. This was shortly after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. We are still in the dissolving process. After the Berlin Wall came down, the Russian Empire crumbled. Now Saturn is again opposing structures of all kinds and we will see more structures crumbling. This could include governments. When freedom reins you will know we are totally into the Age of Aquarius, which is the age of light or enlightenment.

On December 30, 2003, the electric planet Uranus moved into Pisces where it will stay for seven years. This is a major new cycle. When Uranus was in Aquarius it brought in technology, like the Internet. Now that planet is in the soft, watery, feminine, sign of Pisces. This will bring in magnetic energy.

When we make the change in our thinking from electrical to magnetic, every aspect of our technology will change. We will have to create our reality in a different way with this magnetic flow of energy. Magnets bring things to you. The old way of going out and seeking what you want will not work anymore. Now, things that you think about will come to you, and they will come very quickly, so watch your thoughts.

On January 21, we enter the Year of the Monkey. The monkey is a very playful animal so maybe this year will be more fun. America was born in the year of the Fire Monkey, 1776. The monkey year usually ends a recession, and brings in many new inventions. Politics and business will be one big poker game with everyone trying to outsmart the other. The monkey can also be very deceitful so be aware. Our presidential election will be very interesting this year. What will we manifest? Will it be freedom or control?

Mars will stay in Aries all month ,so there will be lots of energy for doing new things. If you have been wanting to start something new, like a business or another job, now is the time. Mercury goes direct on January 6th.

It's time to start manifesting joy. Have you ever thought about turning on some lively music and dancing to get yourself out of a bad mood? Try it, you might like it. I send you my blessing for a happy and joy-filled year.

So Be It!

*** Mahala ***

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Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 09.02.2004 at 16:53:18

Planet Alert
February 2004

Blessings to all you beautiful people, and Happy Valentines Day! It's nice to have a cheerful holiday in the cold winter months. This adds joy to life as we wait for the flowers to start blooming, and nature to come alive again. I love the spring time.

Now, what is up with the planets? The Sun is moving through the sign of Aquarius, along with the Planet Neptune. Mars is making a ninety degree angle to those two planets. Mars and Neptune together cause problems with chemicals, drugs, biological agents, and all kinds of illnesses, including the bird flu. The reason that virus is hitting SE Asia so hard is because Neptune is affecting that area.

The planet Mars has just moved into Taurus, which means there will be more violence in the Middle East in the next couple of months. Don't be surprised by anything that may happen there. At the same time Mars will be affecting the West Coast. This could bring Earth changes to the coast, or off the coast because Neptune rules the oceans. There is also the possibility of chemical or biological events anywhere in the world.

The Kali Yuga cycle ends in December 2010, and the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. The Kali Yuga says that we moved into a new seven year cycle on December 30, 2003. This cycle is ruled by Neptune, the feminine magnetic planet. We just came out of a seven year cycle ruled by Saturn, the lord of karma. In Vedic astrology you have to move beyond the influence of Saturn before you can experience the freedom of Uranus, and the cosmic consciousness of Neptune.

The negative effect of Neptune is deception on a large scale. This is the year to use discernment on all levels, including the presidential election. We have major choices to make this year, lets hope we make the right ones because mass consciousness creates world events. George Bush is a born again Christian, and he basically led us into a religious war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Does mass consciousness choose to experience more war?

We are being prepared for a one world government, under the United Nations. Do you realize that in September of 2000 there was a United Nations conference that was attended by almost all of the countries in the world. They passed bills to basically put everything under the control of the United Nations. They passed all of the bills that were up for vote, which included forming a world court, world bank, and many other agencies. The New World Government is in control, just waiting to be activated.

Do you realize that the United Nation's charter was written by Alger Hiss, Mulatoff, and Vyshinsky from Russia? Do you realize that they made a secret agreement that the military-chief of the United Nations would always be a Russian appointed by Moscow? Do you know that most of the United Nations Charter was copied from the Marx "Manifesto" and the Russian constitution? Do you know that only the two Senators who voted against the United Nations Charter had read it?

Is the world ready for a one world government? What organization has been working behind the scenes for years to put this into action? Who is their leader? This is the year we may find out, and that is why I say to use discernment on all levels.

The one world government may control for awhile although I think God has other plans for this beautiful Earth. The planets say that we move into the thousand years of peace sometime between 2003 and 2010. Those who are manifesting a higher dimension consciousness are already experiencing peace within and are living on a higher frequency Earth. They have become observers instead of actors. The rest of the world will have much drama to go through in the next few years.

There are many events that will be transpiring in the next couple of years. Mother nature has started her big time cleansing. The proof of this is that The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has announced that the North Atlantic Oscillation is failing, and, along with it, the Gulf Stream. Check out Whitley Streiber's web site for the article.

This article also says that the Institute has observed the largest and most dramatic oceanic change ever measured in the era of modern instruments, in an analysis of Atlantic ocean currents from pole to pole. Woods Hole has found that salinity levels are changing in ways that they have changed in the past leading to periods of abrupt climate change. Polar waters are becoming far less saline, meaning that the 'heat pump' effect that draws warm water north is failing.

Last summer, reported an ominous sign that the North Atlantic Current was weakening when cold northern water suddenly appeared along US coastlines as far south as Florida. This suggested that the Gulf Stream had moved farther offshore than normal. which would happen if it weakened and was not flowing north normally.

The extremes of heat and cold that the northern hemisphere has experienced over the past twelve months may be further signs of this effect. Extraordinary heat killed at least 20,000 people in Europe last summer, and extreme cold in north America this winter has been responsible for at least 35 deaths. From now on, there is an immediate potential for abrupt climate change.

From an astrological point of view, the planet Uranus is sitting right over the North Atlantic Ocean, where it will stay for seven more years. It will continue to disrupt the ocean currents. The effects of Uranus in Pisces started in March of 2003, then the planet went into retrograde phase. On December 30, 2003 this planet went into Pisces to stay for seven years. Uranus rules very disruptive changes, and Pisces rules the oceans. This means there will be lots of changes in the North Atlantic Ocean, and world wide super storms that will continue for several years to come.

The two most dominant planets in the next seven years will be Neptune and Uranus. The next few years will be very dramatic, and very emotional, because of Uranus being in the emotional sign of Pisces. Pisces is the drama queen. Uranus rules riots, rebellions, the desire for freedom, and the male higher mind. Neptune rules the female higher mind. This will give us an opportunity to move into cosmic consciousness.

Neptune rules our magnetic field. Changes in Earth's magnetic field has already begun. The magnetic shift started on November 9, 1998 when the magnetic field first fell to zero for a short period of time. Then in July of 1999 the Earth opened her vortexes to receive magnetic energy. We have been in a magnetic shift since then. Soon it will fall to zero again and stay there. This will happen in the not too distant future. At that time we will be reprogrammed into a higher frequency. The past will be gone, and we will be living in the now.

I believe the Sun is what triggers everything, and after that the planets take over. The energy from the Sun hits the core of our Earth. This in turn warms up our oceans, and here we are in the beginning of major changes. Uranus rules storms - violent ones with high winds, lightening, and lots of water. The Earth has decided to start cleansing herself big time.

We may have wars for a few more years on the lower dimension Earth, although it looks to me like mother nature is starting to take over, and people will not have the energy to fight because they will be to busy just trying to survive. The prophecies that people are predicting to happen is for the lower dimension Earth. Those living in a higher frequency will not experience trauma. They will be the ones who manifest peace and joy.

There was a super nova explosion in the sign of Asklepius in 1987. The Sun was moving through Pisces when it happened which was on February 23, 1987. The planet Saturn experienced the effects from that explosion. The Astronomers noticed a white turbulence around that planet and wondered where it came from. Next year, in 2005, the Earth will experience the light from that Super Nova explosion. How will that effect Earth? Will there be a great light in the heavens? Time will tell.

When Uranus finishes its sojourn through Pisces in 2010, it will then be affecting Stonehenge and lined up with the Great Central sun that is a super massive black hole which holds a mass of about five billion suns. Twenty-seven galaxies, including the Milky Way, rotate around this nucleus. This common galactic point is known as the Super-Galactic Center which also goes by the name Virga A or M-87.

The magnetic energy from this point in space enters Stonehenge, and then moves around the Earth to all the sacred sites. That sounds very powerful to me. After that Uranus moves into the sign of Aries and we will be manifesting a new beginning. How exciting!

The whole scenario for the Earth changes is given in the Book of Revelation. New York was attacked, and then we destroyed Babylon (Iraq). Read the 17 and 18th chapters, if you are interested. We are now manifesting the 19 and 20th chapters which talks about the downfall of the controllers, among other things.

Here is a quote from the 19th chapter. "Then, I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse (ship)! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one knows but himself. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, follow him on white horses (ships). On his robe and on his thigh, he has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords". What does all of this mean? Will we have a space ship event soon?

Sometimes it takes a long time for one chapter to work itself out. As I see it, we are in the middle of the 7 years of tribulation which is over by the end of 2007. That is not too far away. There are many things that will transpire between now and then, so keep your cool. Remember, there is a world of light overshadowing the world of darkness so reach for the light.

So Be It

*** Mahala ***

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kaskaya on 20.02.2004 at 12:31:24

Petra. wrote on 03.04.2002 at 16:31:00:
Ja tudi meni ni čisto jasno, si pa približno nekaj predstavljam. Če ima še kdo kak komentar naj ga napiše. Bom probala do 13.4. stvari razjasniti!

Kali  :) žal angleškega teksta ne razumem najbolj, a bom vesela, če boš razjasnila dogodke na dan 13.april. Meni so napovedane za to leto velike spremembe  ;) pa upam, da se ne bodo začele na ta dan, še toliko bolj, ker je to moj rojstni dan  ::)


Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by David on 20.02.2004 at 12:33:05

Spremebe so lahko tudi dobra stvar  ;)  :)

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 20.02.2004 at 23:46:10

Title: Planet Alert April 2004
Post by Kali on 13.03.2004 at 17:09:14

Planet Alert

Spring is almost here, and with it comes a strong wave of energy. There is always an energy wave that comes to Earth at the time of the Spring Equinox. This year the wave will start on March 13, and will continue until the new moon of April. We have reached the mid point of the seven-year tribulation period that started on September 13, 2000. From this time forward, the Earth will go through major changes.

I have a book called The Nature of Reality which was written, or channeled, by Hilarion and published in 1978. This book says that in the midst of the tribulation, a number of natural catastrophes will be arranged to afflict the Earth. One of the most frightening of these catastrophes will be the discovery that a large asteroid will collide with the Earth and will be felt throughout the world as a tremendous shock-wave, initiating earthquake and volcanic activity on a scale unheard of in the written history of man. Anyone hear David Booth on Coast to Coast Monday night February 23? He says a planetary object will pass by the South Pole sometime this year and will cause a shock wave around the world.

David also says that this spring will bring to the Southern Hemisphere an incredible once in a lifetime event with the passing of Comets 2001Q4 NEAT and 2002 T7 LINEAR. Perhaps more interesting though is that the point of crossing for these two comet's occurs by the star Sirius. Sirius is the largest and most brilliant star in our heavens. It is known as the Dog Star and is 8.6 light years from Earth. It is visible in the Northern Hemisphere evening sky from November through April. An ancient Hopi prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". The Blue Star is Sirius. And soon, very soon afterward, Pahana (Christ) will return.

Perhaps more ominous though will be that these two comets will form an X, or cross, directly under the Earth over the south pole at almost the same time Venus begins eclipsing the Sun on June 8, 2004. Venus is the ruling planet of the Mayan Calendar and signifies a very important time period. The Mayans look to this time period as the return of Quetzalcoatl, also known as Jesus.

I received an email from Carl Johan Calleman, who wrote an article about the passage of Venus. To read this article, go to He says, "To become real, the energy of Quetzacoatl must manifest in human beings. At this time this must happen through the absorption of the energy of light on the right brain and unifyng this with the left. This is really about activating Kundalini energy for which humanity is now ripe. This is a winding energy of light in our bodies, a manifestation of the movement of the serpent of light".

Another interesting event is that Supernova 1987 has become a raging ring of fire. This Cosmic Pineal has caught on fire. As above, so below! The Astronomers expected this to happen in 2005. It is happening now, and we will soon feel our Kundalini rising, and our bodies will fill with light. To obtain more infomiation on this, go to the web site

The book, The Nature of Reality, and the Bible states that it's now time for the SE Asian countries to come into the act with war and aggression. This could be either North Korea, China, or Taiwan. It's time for the Kings from the East to play their part.

This book also says that before the march of the Chinese army has been completed, there will be a great storm over the entire world, which will be caused by the Earth passing through a cloud in space which contains harmfill chemicals, hydrocarbon materials, debris and larger pieces of solid material. The hydrocarbons will ignite in the higher levels of the atmosphere and produce smoke and other products of combustion which will greatly cut down the amount of light that the Sun and Moon give to the Earth. The burning of the hydrocarbon gases will produce a terrifying display for all to see and will convince many that God is real, and that the final days have come.

The Bible says in 2 Peter, chapter 3, verse 10, that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, and then the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire. Then we will have a new heaven and a new Earth in which righteousness dwells.

The Nature of Reality book says, "Prior to the passage of the Earth through the cloud in space, a great sign will appear in the heavens, to indicate to those who have realized the truth, that the last days have come. This is the sign of the Son of Man spoken of in the scriptures. It will be constituted by a comet (or comets) whose tail is divided into a couple of spikes or fingers extending in different directions. Those finger's as seen from the direction of the Earth will exactly form the Greek letter Chi, which is an X or the word Christ". I believe this is what David Booth is talking about.

Tbe Southern Hemisphere will start seeing the comets soon, and by the end of April they will be at the closest point to Earth. The comets will be in the heaven during the Easter season, which to me represents the risen Christ. It's time to manifest the golden light of the Christ that is within all of us.

The planets are very stressful in April. Toward the end of the month, the planet Mars with be opposing Pluto, with the moon making a 90 degree angle to those two planets. This is a very fiery, violent, explosive, energy. The whole world will feel the explosive aspect of this energy. The areas most likely to be affected are the Yellowstone area, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. This could also affect Mexico. This explosive energy will come back even stronger in September.

The book goes on to say that those who fail to understand and heed the meaning of this sign in the heavens will not be able to escape the final period of the Tribulation. This means to choose love in your heart instead of anger, violence and hatred. Up to the time of the appearance of these comets, all of those who earnestly and with their whole heart change their old ways and take up the cross of service and dedication to their fellow man will become entitled to what the Scriptures call the Rapture.

The Rapture is essentially an escape from the horrors of the Tribulation to a place of safety where those who have assembled can work and learn in order to prepare themselves for the new world. The Rapture can work out in different ways. The Bible says we rise to meet the Lord in the air. This could mean being beamed onto a ship or a raise in consciousness into a higher dimension. However you perceive it, that's how it shall be.

This book also says that after the sign of the cross (X) in the heavens, there will arise a great wave of religious zeal, which will burn like a flame in the bearts of its new converts. This religion will be the seed of a new Universal Faith for mankind in the years following the tribulation.

First, there was the book, the De Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, which is about Mary Magdalene. She is the Virgin Goddess, or connected with the sign of Virgo. All of the Temples in France are dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and the temples are built in such a way as to form the symbol of the sign Virgo. Now there is the movie The Passion. It is hitting the world like a steam roller.

The movie was released in the sign of Pisces. The planets signify religious zeal because Uranus is in Pisces and it will remain there for seven years. Pisces rules suffering, both emotional and physical. It signifies a suffering Messiah, thus the movie and the cross in the heavens. Don't you think it's time to take Jesus off the cross and honor him as the risen savior?

The Bible says that Jesus (Yeshua) was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Lion signifies the sign of Leo, which rules the heart. He gave us one commandment, which is to express unconditional love. He was born a Leo in the age of Pisces. Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, has been moving through the sign of Leo for the last 2,160 years. Now it is on 0 degrees Virgo and in the transition stage to the feminine energy.

The mirror image of Pisces is Leo. The mirror image is experienced by being six signs away from each other like Pisces/Leo - Aries/Virgo - Taurus/Libra, etc. We have been in the age of Pisces/Leo. The Pisces influence has brought us much suffering until we can open our hearts to experience unconditional love. The Leo energy rules kings and queens. England's symbol is the Lion.

Now we are in the goddess energy, which started in July of 1991. This is when we first started experiencing the energy of Virgo. The mirror image of Virgo is Aquarius. Now we are in the transition stage of blending our male and female energy into one. This will happen during the time period of Uranus moving through Pisces. In 2010 Uranus moves into Aries, and we start a whole new cycle.

We are also moving from a 26,000 year cycle of Capricorn (materialism, structure, and control), into the Age of Aquarius ruled by Uranus. Tenth level light body is associated with Capricorn, and rules body pain such as knees, bones, dizziness, stomach pain, blurred vision and headaches.

Aquarius roles eleventh level light body. It also rules light, freedom and the Golden Age. We first started feeling the effects of this sign in February of 1962 when most of the planets lined up in Aquarius. Remember the song, This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

We have been moving into this age of freedom for a long time. Now, it's time to start manifesting that freedom. Remember, there is a world of light that is overshadowing this world of darkness. Those who are ready will soon be living in the world of light, and will be through experiencing pain and suffering.

So Be It

*** Mahala ***

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 02.04.2004 at 17:59:04

Mass consciousness creates dramas in order to look at different issues. The drama that is created is like a mirror reflecting back to people what they need to experience. There are twelve levels of ascension, and a major drama occurs with each level. Mass consciousness has been experiencing tenth level light body.

The Earth is raising her frequency so she can move into her expanded light body, and so are we. We were born light beings, although the level of light in each body may differ because some people are able to manifest more light then others. If you raise above mass consciousness you can manifest more light.

There are twelve levels of experience you have to go through in order to manifest your Christ Light Body. With each level you pass, centers open in your body so you can manifest more light. You can also experience more than one level at a time. Some of you may already be manifesting your expanded light body.

Ninth level light body is when the seed of Christ Consciousness is first planted in the womb. The eclipse on August 11, 1999 started this process because that eclipse was on the degree of the birth of Christ Consciousness. The planets also formed a cross in the heavens at that time. The planets were in Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. This is what is considered the son cross.

Next we went into the nurturing process as the seed began to grow. Then we moved into labor pains. Tenth level light body is the labor pains. This can be a very traumatic time period as issues we thought we had dealt with years ago arise once again to be looked at and released. To pass this initiation we have to remove all fear from our body.

Tenth level light body is ruled by the sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn, which is the great tester. The testing time started big time after September 11, 2001. This is when we moved into the terrorist war which brought all of our fears to the surface. People became afraid of flying, which caused the airlines great financial challenges along with the companies who build airplanes. This in turn caused the whole economy to go down and affected everyone. Many people lost their jobs and became unemployed. This brought up the challenge of security and financial issues.

This also brought to the surface dark energy and dark beings who live on fear, that is their food. Do you want to continue to feed them? The New World Order can only control you if you live in fear. Our fears have been surfacing big time for the past two and one half years. Have all of your fears surfaced so you could look at and release them? What are your fears? Are they fears of being sick, fears of not having money, fears of not being loved, fears of abandonment or rejection, fears of being shot or killed? What are your fears? Now is the time to release them.

Some of the physical challenges of tenth level light body are blurry vision, gaining weight, bloating, water retention, dizziness, falling down, and problems with bones, teeth or arthritis. Back pain is also part of the body pain because muscles can also be affected. Lower back pain is connected with survival issues and the first chakra.

Many people have been clearing and cleansing their chakras in the past few months so the Kundalini energy can come up the spine unobstructed. This may have manifested as old health challenges that you thought you had dealt with long ago. Your body is clearing out old issues that have been stored in your body.

This cleansing process started with the Root Chakra which rules survival issues. Pain in the back, pelvis, legs, digestive problems like irritable bowl syndrome, or constipation are all issues connected with your Root Chakra. This is where your problems start as you move into your light body. This chakra also rules issues of trust. If this chakra has been blocked in some way you may have experienced those problems your whole life. You may want to try Yoga if this chakra is blocked.

The next chakra is the second chakra which is at the base of your spine. This rules sexuality and financial problems. If this chakra is blocked, you will experience problems with sex, hemorrhoids, or financial woes. This energy can make you feel inadequate financially, and give you poverty consciousness or low self esteem. You may also have challenges dealing with the business world. Dancing is very good to activate this chakra.

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus. This Chakra represents power and control issues. This chakra has been connected with third dimension energy. If it is blocked you may have problems with your digestive system like your stomach, obesity, or liver challenges. This is where you get your gut feeling about what is happening. It's also the seat of your intuition. Deep breathing is good to release tension in this area.

The fourth is your heart chakra. This is where we manifest love or compassion. If your heart chakra is unawakened, you are very logical and intellectual, or what some people call cold. This is where we hold feelings of past pain. The heart chakra is associated with the thymus gland, heart, and lungs. The challenges can manifest as breathing difficulties, heart problems or circulatory challenges. Meditation focusing on compassion is good for this chakra.

The fifth chakra is the throat and is located in the neck. The throat chakra is the entrance to our whole being and is the exit point of our feelings. If there is a blockage in this chakra it will hinder our ability to express ourselves or to receive love. This is where we experience the balance between giving and receiving. Challenges in this chakra can affect your throat, mouth, teeth, neck, jaw, addictive behavior and allergies. Chanting and singing is good for this chakra.

The sixth chakra is the third eye. This is the chakra of your higher consciousness. It is the chakra that is connected with being able to see beings from other dimensions. Negative thinking patterns such as criticism or judgment can affect this chakra which in turn affects the nerves, brain disorders, headaches, and the immune system. Visualization is good for this chakra.

The crown or seventh chakra is located at the top of your head. This is where the Ego dissolves into cosmic consciousness. If this chakra is blocked, it results in a strong Ego and resistance to spiritual growth. It can also cause depression or sadness. Meditation is the key to enlightenment.

Eleventh level light body is ruled by the sign Aquarius, and the planet Uranus. Uranus rules light so this is when we start to glow and become younger looking. We also start to experience more joy at this time. There are also challenges with this level. You may experience electrical anomalies like electrical surges running through your body and out your hands or feet, or static electricity. You may also experience brain problems like headaches, eye problems or other manifestations as your nervous system is rewired.

Twelfth level light body is ruled by the sign Pisces, and the planet Neptune. This is when we start living in Cosmic Consciousness and what we think is what we get immediately. The challenges with this level are problems with feet and emotional turmoil. This is the time we need to decipher what is true and what is false. Many belief systems will tumble. On June 8, the planets form another cross in the heavens. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury will be in Gemini. The moon and Uranus will be in Pisces. Jupiter will be in Virgo and Pluto will be in Sagittarius. That is six planets plus the moon forming a mother cross. This is also the day Venus eclipses the Sun. This means it is time for heart energy to manifest big time.

Number thirteen is the mother energy. This is a soft, gentle, loving energy. By moving into this loving energy and manifesting a higher consciousness, we will be living on a higher dimension world of light and love. I believe this is what the Bible calls the Rapture. To me it is graduation.

Congratulations to those who are ready to graduate at the time of the full moon eclipse on May 4, 2004. This is the culmination of the Wesak festival which starts on April 27 and lasts until May 4. Not everyone will graduate although those who have been working so hard for so many years to manifest their light body will do so. Those who don't graduate will have other opportunities. I can't tell you who will graduate, that you will have to know yourself. If you start living in joy, health, and abundance, with a younger looking body, you will know you have made it.

The Bible says that those who are sealed in their forehead will not be hurt in any way as the Earth goes through her great tribulation. The sealing of the third eye is the clearing and cleansing of our chakra systems so a beautiful blue light can be seen glowing from our third eye, at least on the etheric level. I believe this corresponds with the light from the super nova that happened in February of 1987. According to the scientists, this eye in the sky has now caught fire and glows. As above, so below.

No one came here to save us, this we had to do ourselves by raising our frequency so we could manifest higher consciousness. I believe now is the time when we will walk and talk with the masters face to face. This could be on the New Earth, or on ships from a higher dimension. The benevolent beings manifest a loving frequency, and in order to see them we have to manifest this higher energy. Love and compassion is the way to a happy, joyful life.

So Be It! I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala ***

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 14.06.2004 at 01:55:36

May 2004
by Mahala

The culmination of this year's Wesak festival is May 4, 2004. It's graduation time! You may or may not notice any difference in your life right away although you will as time goes on if you have released all of your fear issues. If love now rules your life, you will become happy, healthy, full of life energy and you will be able to manifest abundance very easily. Love is letting go of fear.

There are three large comets in our sky right now. This is very unusual. Comets portray important events. This Wesak festival has been very important. I hear a doorway to the sixth dimension opened on April 27, and in the Pacific Northwest it opened with a tremendous wind storm.

The number six rules the energy of love and we are in a six year. The Christ energy is six-sided like a crystal. A crystal is the Christ energy in a solid form. Our bodies are changing from being carbon-based to crystal-based. The children who are being born now are called the Crystal children. The Indigos came in first to break down the paradigm and to bring in information. The crystals are here to set up a new system based on love.

June is the sixth month of the year. The Venus Sun eclipse on June 8, 2004 will open the door to ascension, which will stay open until June 6, 2012. This is a period of eight years. Everyone vibrates at their own frequency, and when that frequency reaches a certain level, they automatically ascend into a higher vibration. Ascension is not a one-day manifestation. We have been working on it for several years by cleansing our body, mind, and emotions.

We have now reached the division point of no return. The light will get brighter, and the dark will get darker. The time line is splitting. There will be one world of war and violence and another one of peace and joy. The world of war and violence will be under a One World government that will be out in the open. It's in effect now, although it is behind the scenes and not everyone is aware of what is going on.

We have moved through the energy of Mars opposing Pluto. You can see what happened in the Middle East as we were moving through that energy. There was much violence in that area. This violence will continue because of the energy from the May 4 eclipse that is over the Middle East. Korea was also under the energy of the Mars/Pluto opposition, and the energy of Neptune. Neptune rules gas, and North Korea had a tremendous gas explosion on one of their trains that killed hundreds.

The May 4 eclipse finds the Sun making a ninety degree angle to Neptune. This planet rules drugs, gas, oil, ships, fish, and the ocean. On the lower level it is the planet of delusion or deception. Remember, we are in the Chinese year of the Monkey, or the trickster. On the positive level it rules feminine love energy.

The energy from this eclipse will be felt on the West Coast of the United States, the Middle East, and the SE Asian countries like Korea. The Middle East will feel it very strongly. There will be more violence and blood-shed in Iraq, Israel, and the surrounding countries. The SE Asian countries will feel the effects of Neptune. Be aware of what happens there.

Venus will be opposing Pluto at the time of this eclipse and will be retrograde shortly after that. When a planet is retrograde, it seems to have more power then when it is direct, which means the Venus energy will be at its strongest point when Venus eclipses the Sun on June 8. This means that the Sun will absorb the energy of Venus and then send that energy to Earth. Venus is considered the planet of love or the Woman Goddess. This energy should be very good for feminine issues.

Mars will move into the sign of Cancer shortly after the May 4 eclipse. It will be moving into a conjunction with the planet Saturn. We will feel this stressful energy very strongly until it reaches its exact conjunction on May 23. On that day Mars and Saturn will be conjunct right over Washington, D.C. Mars is the war planet and Saturn rules control. Watch for big time control issues to surface at that time.

This conjunction will be on top of George Bush's Sun, and the Sun of the United States chart. This is a very awesome aspect. Saturn is the planet of karma and this means that Bush's karma, and the United States' karma will come home to roost. President Bush is in a very stressful period right now and this will continue until fall. Anything could transpire with this energy, and that is why I am not making any presidential predictions until that energy is over.

We are living in very interesting times. Who knows what will happen next? In the meantime, start manifesting your glorious light body, and live in a world of peace and love.

I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala ***

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Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 14.06.2004 at 02:00:06

June 2004
by Mahala

Rumors are rampant on the Internet about a major event that will transpire in June. I am paying attention to these rumors because they fit in with Bible prophecy. In my April Planet Alert I mentioned that it is time for the Earth to move through a debris cloud in space that is full of meteors. This cloud will cause the Sun and moon to darken, and the light will be reduced by about one-third.

We may have already started feeling the effects of this cloud. We felt the effect of a meteor exploding in our area on June 3, 2004. This caused a large bang as the meteor exploded into light which was seen all over the greater Seattle area. On June 5 another one exploded over Arkansas.

In Bible prophecy, we are finishing the 18th chapter of Revelation. New York was attacked and Babylon (Baghdad) was destroyed. The very end of that chapter says that a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone (asteroid or meteor?) and threw it into the sea, saying. "So shall Babylon be thrown down with violence, and shall be found no more." I believe this is referring to a change in the world financial system because of some world wide event that happens, like maybe an asteroid falling into the ocean, or more bombs dropped somewhere on Earth. Only time will tell.

The 19th chapter, in my interpretation, refers to space ships appearing in our heavens and the return of Christ Beings. The Mexican defense minister has already come forth and said that UFOs are real. This happened in May of 2004. Then the 20th chapter of Revelation talks about the downfall of the controllers. The 21 and 22 chapters talk about living on the new Earth which some people call Planet Two.

In the last chapter of Daniel it says "How long shall it be till the end of these wonders?" The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the stream, raised his right hand and his left hand toward heaven; and I heard him swear by him who lives for ever that it would be for a time, two times, and half a time; and that when the shattering of the power of the holy people comes to an end all these things would be accomplished. I heard but I did not understand.

Then I said "O my lord, what shall be the issue of these things?" He said "Go your way, Daniel, for the words are shut up and sealed until the time of the end. Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand."

From the time that the burnt offering is taken away, (the election was taken away from Al Gore) and the abomination that makes desolate (or abominable person) is set up, there shall 1,290 days. I always wondered what the burnt offering meant so I looked up the meaning in my Bible dictionary. One meaning of the burnt offering is referring to a person who gives himself up to serve God, or in this case the people.

I believe the abominable person refers to George Bush who was set up by the United States Supreme Court to be our president on December 12, 2000.  The end of his power, according to this prophecy if I am right, is June 24, 2004. That date is the end of 1,290 days.   This date marks a turning point in history. The Bible then says blessed is he who waits and comes to 1,335 days. I'm not sure what that means, although it could mean 45 days of turmoil.

We've been in the tribulation for a few years. Now we are starting the great tribulation. Then Daniel goes on to say "go your way till the end; and you shall rest, and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days." This is the very end of the chapter of Daniel.

In Thessalonians it says "Let no man deceive you in any way for the day of the Lord will not come until the man of lawlessness is revealed, who enthrones himself in the sanctuary (building) and claims to be the prophet of God." According to news articles I have read, Bush has proclaimed himself to be a prophet of God, and according to him God told him to start the Iraq war. He seems to have fulfilled the above prophecies.

The 24th chapter of Matthew says it all in a nut shell. "When you see the abominable person spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place, then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, for then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and never will be.

And if those days are not shortened, no human being would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened." As I am writing this article George Bush is meeting with the Pope. Does this event fulfill that prophecy of the abominable person standing in the holy place?

Then, if any one says to you. "Lo, here is the Christ or there he is!" Do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. This passage seems to refer to two different people. I believe the false prophet has been in power and now it's time for the Anti-Christ to make his appearance under the New World Order, which will be short lived because Earth changes will cause the whole system to fall.

The verse goes on to say "Lo, I have told you beforehand. So, if anyone says to you, 'Lo, he is in the wilderness, do not go out' if they say, 'Lo, he is in the inner rooms, do not believe.' For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man."

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken; then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven." There is an eclipse of Venus and the Sun on June 8, 2004. The Mayans call this eclipse the return of Quetzalcoatl.

Then on June 12 there is a conjunction of Venus and Mercury. They will be together as one in the morning sky on June 13. The Masons call this the Shekinah or great light of God. Mercury represents male energy, and Venus represents female energy. The Masons refer to this conjunction as the stars representing Christ. This is the sign of the Son of man in the heavens. Venus represents love. Mercury is called the messenger of the Gods. The symbol of Mercury is a young man flying with wings. He carries a caduceus with two serpents entwined around his rod. This represents the 13th sign of the zodiac called Aesklepius, the home of the Goddess.

The effects from the Venus transit will end on June 29, when that planet turns direct. A doorway to Ascension opens on June 8, 2004, and stays open until June 6, 2012.

The planets are very awesome during this month of June. Saturn will be exactly over Washington, D.C and on top of George Bush's Sun from June 8 to June 23. This is when Karma comes home to roost. Saturn will be conjunct Mars by declination for the whole month of June. Mars conjunct Saturn pertains to military action, police, firemen, and control issues. Last month on May 22, there was a Mars/Saturn conjunction on 11 degrees Cancer. There was a tremendous storm over Haiti at that time and over a thousand people died in the flood. Mars in Cancer rules water and emotions. Instead of the effects of that conjunction being felt in Washington, D.C. it was felt at a lower latitude. I also believe the Mars/Saturn conjunction has been working behind the scenes in Washington, D.C. and this month we should find out what is up.

The 24th chapter of Matthew goes on to say "Then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other." Sounds like a space ship event to me or what the Church calls the Rapture, or it could also mean waking up on Planet Two, which is beautiful beyond belief. Are you ready for Ascension?

"Of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the son, but the father only. As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man. And in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man. Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect."

It sounds like there are very interesting events on the horizon. The meteor cloud, the Sun and Moon turning dark, the end of the rule of George Bush, the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens, and the Rapture (however you perceive that). There is also on the agenda huge solar flares that will cause the Earth to wobble and shift which will cause large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tremendous storms. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. By the way, the planets form a cross in the heavens on June 8, 2004. This is considered a feminine cross and there will be 6 planets plus the moon in that cross. It's time to open your heart to love energy.

Our minds create what we chose to experience. There are as many realities as there are people on Earth. Whatever you choose to experience is how it will be. My reality is that I think it's time to buckle your seat belts because it looks like we are in for the ride of our lives. It's very important to stay cool, calm and collected as these events transpire, and stay in the golden light of the Christ.

I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala ***

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Kali on 13.07.2004 at 20:22:45

June was a very stressful month with lots of mental and emotional turmoil being felt by many. There were several meteors that exploded over various cities in June, and I heard on the Coast to Coast radio program that one meteor came down in California and started a wild fire. Towards the end of the month of June there were three asteroids that came very close to Earth.

We are still going through this dust cloud and more meteors and asteroids will be coming close to Earth. However, this cloud did not block out the light from the Sun so we have not experienced any darkness. The darkness may still be on the agenda of events to come. Time will tell.

In my last article I mentioned that the end of Bush's power would come on June 24, 2004, and that this date would mark a turning point in history. At that time I did not know that the opening date of Michael Moore's movie, called Fahrenheit 9/11, would open on June 25, 2004. This movie opened all across the United States on that day.

I think this movie will be very instrumental in waking up people to what has transpired since September 11, 2001. This movie is not very flattering to George Bush's character and I think he will feel the repercussions from it. I think many people are very upset that he attacked Iraq without any good reason, and that so many of our soldiers were killed. There were also many innocent civilians killed and maimed. Millions of people demonstrated against the war in Iraq. This showed me that there are many people working for peace on this beautiful planet.

I am observing the part George Bush is playing in this great drama. He might be a great soul who chose to come here to play this part for the world's benefit. Who knows! Would you like his job? I think we should honor and pray for him because of the part he is playing. He is causing people to look at their dark side so they can integrate that energy and release all their fears.

The greatest lesson to learn in this solar system is the one of power and control. Before you can be liberated you have to pass the initiation concerning power and control. This lesson was Lucifer's downfall. He wanted to control everything. Now we find ourselves in the midst of this great lesson. Our government is trying to control us big time. Do you want to live under restriction or freedom, it's your choice. Freedom comes from within.

The planet that rules control is Saturn. This planet restricts, until the freedom of Uranus is obtained. Saturn is the planet of karma, which is simply the law of cause and effect. What you sow is what you will reap. Saturn also brings rewards when you are ready.

Now is the time when George Bush will have many challenges because what he has sown will come home to roost as Saturn continues aspecting his Sun. Saturn was exactly on top of his Sun in June, and they released the movie Fahrenheit 9/11. Then, on July 8, the Sun was conjunct Saturn on top of his Sun. His birthday is July 6. This Sun/Saturn aspect will also be conjunct the USA Sun which is on 13 degrees Cancer. This means that the USA will also reap what it has sown, good or bad.

It takes Saturn approximately 29 or 30 years to move through the zodiac. In August of 1974, Saturn was on 13 degrees Cancer and president Nixon resigned. Now Saturn is back in the same spot. It will be interesting to see what transpires this time.

I have said in my past articles that Bush came in as a war president. This is because his node is conjunct the USA Mars and your node is your destiny. All year long the planet Pluto will be opposing Bush's node and the USA Mars. This is not a good aspect for Bush or the USA. It causes power struggles involving political, professional or military action. Conflicts can arise over various issues and it can cause terrorist action. This aspect finally starts moving off in December of 2004.

This past full moon was very emotional for many people because Cancer is an emotional water sign. I could say there will be lots of rain this month although Mars is in the hot fire sign of Leo which may change the outcome. I think the outcome will depend on where you live. If your area is influenced by the water sign Cancer, like the East Coast is, you will have rain and storms. If your area is more influenced by the fire sign Leo, you will experience heat, drought, fires, violence, or volcanic eruptions.

On July 26 we start a new year according to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. The glyph for this year is the Blue Storm which is ruled by the planet Pluto. This means there will be lots of storms and natural disasters all over the world this year. The Blue Storm Glyph is over Hawaii and also affects the West Coast.

Activation of our DNA

The ancients considered the conjunction of Venus and Mercury at the time of the helical rising of Venus very important. The Venus/Mercury conjunction happened on June 12 -13 this year. The helical rising happened on June 14. This conjunction activated our three brains which are the reptilian, belly, and heart brains. This corresponds with our conscious mind, subconscious mind, and our superconscious mind. You could also call it body, mind and spirit. These three brains have now become one in those who were ready for the activation. This means that you can now think with your heart.

In order to think with your heart you first have to feel safe inside.  If your nervous system continues to respond to fight or flight, you are not reconnected. We have had an immune system based on fighting within our bodies. Our white blood cells are sent out to fight the virus, bacteria, and foreign objects that invade us. This means we have been fighting a war in our bodies. Now we are on the verge of a whole new immune system that is based on all of the chakras being connected to the heart.

This new immune system will bring health instead of disease. I imagine there will be an integration period as those whose brains were reconnected adjust to the new system. Everyone will have the opportunity to move into this new system when they are ready. Some may not choose to experience it in this life time. Those who choose to live on the new Earth will manifest the new immune system.

Our heart is an amazing organ. Did you know that within the fifth chamber of your heart, in an air tight cell, there is a perfectly formed Divine Being. A doctor from Canada X-rayed the human heart and found a flame of light inside the fifth chamber. He X-rayed the flame three thousand times and in the flame he saw this Divine Being. It is a chamber separate from Matter, and no medical probing could ever discover it. It is the connecting point of the mighty crystal cord of light that descends from your God presence to sustain the beating of your physical heart, giving you life, purpose and cosmic integration.

This flame is the Lord God of your Being. I have always prayed to the Lord God (male/female) of my Being in the inner chamber of my heart. I also fill my heart with the rose pink light of love, and feel this love flowing through my body filling all my cells. I then say I glow with the love of God. So Be It! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There are several wonderful articles on the Crimson Circle web page. The one that caught my eye is the article for May, 2004. It is called 'The Safe energy is the foundation for imagination'. This article is about how to feel safe on the inside and on the outside. You cannot think with your heart until you feel safe inside.

This article also talks about the unsafe energy that we have felt for so long. It says: "We know so often it has felt unsafe inside, the battles that go on in your mind, unsafe of even being in this physical body, wondering when it's going to give out on you, when its going to betray you. In a sense you've hidden yourself away within yourself because it felt very unsafe inside. There are demons and energies there that seem overwhelming to you, it has been very unsafe on the inside".

This article goes on to talk about how to feel safe on the inside and it also talks about how to create through your imagination and how to let your imagination soar to new heights. If you are interested in finding out how to create through your imagination, and how to become safe on the inside and the outside, read the article. The web site is:

We are living in a very exciting time period. We are being given the opportunity to become creators on a large scale. It's time to start creating from our heart energy instead of our subconscious mind. It's time to live in the Now! We are still in the process of working through the last chapters of Revelation. As soon as we become free and safe inside we will be living the new energy. We will then have a blank screen to create whatever we choose to experience. So Be It!

I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala ***

Title: Re: Planet Alert September 2004
Post by Kali on 09.09.2004 at 21:33:08

On July 26, 2004 we entered into the year of 'The Storm' in the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. Shortly after entering the storm year, the hurricane Charley blew into Cuba and Florida. Rain, storms, and flooding will continue throughout this year.

It's interesting how Astrology works. At the time Charley blew in, the planet Saturn was in the sign of Cancer on 21 degrees. This transposes to 70 degrees west longitude which runs down the East Coast of the USA. The moon was also in Cancer. On a world map, Cancer rules the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast, or from 60 to 90 degrees west Longitude.

Venus was at 19 N declination (latitude) and Saturn was at 21 N declination. The moon was on 27 N declination on August 12, which is also the closest point to the northern hemisphere. On August 14, Charley blew into Florida. Look on a world map and see where the longitude and latitude lines cross. This is where the hurricane blew in. Maybe some scientist out there would like to take a look at how the moon and planets affect our Earth.

Some scientists are finally recognizing Astrology as a science. There was an article on the front page of the Seattle Times on Saturday August 21, 2004 entitled Doctors might soon ask, "What's your sign?" Your birth month is linked to certain diseases. It's a very interesting article. There are other scientists like Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist, and Maurice Cotterell, international acclaimed writer and engineer, who have also proven that Astrology works.

I believe Astrology is God's law in action. Before we came to Earth, we decided who our parents would be and when we wanted to be born. This set up a road map for us to follow. We can either follow that road map or not. This is where free will comes in. An example of destiny is the fact that George Bush's node is on 19 degrees Gemini, conjunct Mars in the USA chart. This shows that he chose to be a war president.

Incidentally, both George Bush and John Kerry are going to be hard hit by the planetary aspects this month. John Kerry's Sun is on 18 degrees Sagittarius and that is where Pluto has been hanging out for a long time. Pluto rules transformation and power. I don't think the Republican Convention will go as planned because the Sun is opposing Uranus. This can cause unexpected events. (This worked out as thousands of people demonstrating in New York against Bush).

Just before the new moon in September, we find the Sun conjunction Mars on 19 degrees Virgo. This makes a 90 degree angle to Pluto, and affects the charts of both Kerry and Bush, and the USA. Mercury and Jupiter are also in Virgo. This is a very intense planetary aspect, so keep your cool. Mars rules fires, fighting, violence, terrorist action, wars, and volcanic eruptions.

Other interesting events transpired in August.

I have learned from experience that whenever a 'Star Gate' opens, it manifests on Earth by either an earthquake, wind storm, or possibly a volcanic eruption. A Sirian Star Gate opened on August 8, 2004. This affected the whole East Coast, and caused Charley to blow in a few days later.

Sirius corresponds with 13-14 degrees Cancer, and directly affects Washington, D.C. Venus was affecting Florida on 19 N latitude and Washington, D.C. on double that latitude which corresponds to 38 N latitude. Both areas were, and will continue to be affected by that Star Gate opening.

Sirius is a sixth dimension star. This is the level of Christ consciousness or the golden frequency. Because this energy was right over Washington, D.C. when the Star Gate opened, it means to me that we are in for a big change in our government.

I said in my last article that President Bush was given a time period of 1,290 days to rule everyone, and after that, his downfall would start to happen. This date corresponded to June 24, 2004. It also says in the same paragraph that blessed are the ones who come to the end of 1,335 days. If you count from the time the Supreme Court made the decision that Bush would be president, which was December 12, 2000, the end of that date was August 8, 2004. This means that Bush can no longer rule light workers, because we now vibrate to a different frequency.

Something good is bound to happen that will change our future because the Star Gate opened on that day, and Christ energy poured into Washington, D.C. from the star Sirius. Sometimes when a positive energy comes in so strong, it appears to manifest on a negative level to begin with because so many people can not handle the energy. This energy will not only affect Washington, D.C., it will affect the whole world; look what it did to Florida. Watch what happens in September because of the intense planetary energy in effect at that time.

It is now time for light workers to start receiving some rewards for their hard work. It has been a long hard battle, which is now over. As of August 15, 2004, the dark ones are no longer able to interfere with light workers. Isn't that great? It will be full speed ahead for us after the September 14th new moon in Virgo, the Virgin. It's now time to do our work on a larger scale. The opening of the Sirian Star Gate changed everything.People have now made their choices whether they want to live on a higher, or lower level Earth. This will be expressed in the upcoming presidential election. We will be able to see if the people in the USA again choose a war leader. As the USA goes, so goes the rest of the world.

This is the time when the dark side will start to destroy itself. This is talked about in the 20th chapter of Revelations. Events may get very dark on the lower level Earth. I think this time period will last until September of 2007. We, anyone, can now start living in the new vibration which is safe energy. It's simply a matter of living a joyful, happy, life with a loving attitude.


The Earth and our solar system revolve around the central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian constellation. Alcyone is a seventh dimension star. The Pleiadian system represents the seven stars before the throne in Orion. Remember, we have to go through the Star Gate in Orion ( Saint Peter's pearly gate) to see the throne of light. The Mayans say their ruler lives in a pyramid house in the sky in the Orion constellation. This is considered the throne of light in our galaxy.

Some people say that negative beings came from Orion. This is true; the negative ones were kicked out of heaven (Orion) after the great war was over. Some came to Earth to stir up wars and to control us. They are on Earth right now and they are the controllers.

The Mayans say that our Earth is the eighth star in the Pleiadian system. The seven stars in that system represent seven dimensions, our chakra system, the seven trumpets in the Bible, and the seven hills that Seattle was built on. The Pacific Northwest is directly aligned with Alcyone, the Central Sun.

On April 27, 2004 a Star Gate opened in the Pacific Northwest to seventh dimension energy. I originally thought it was sixth dimension energy. I was wrong. This Star Gate opened with a tremendous wind storm, and lightening on the West Coast. After that opening, we had lots of storms and lightening, particularly around the summer solstice. Once a Star Gate is open, it affects the whole world.

The Pleiadian system represents Goddess energy. Now everyone has the opportunity to open to the seventh dimension. This gives us the opportunity to connect all seven chakras to our heart. This will bring in our new immune system and this is when we will become healthy. This is also why those who connect and work through their heart energy will not be hurt as the world goes through the rest of her tribulation.

The goddess energy is an iridescent silvery crystalline energy ruled by the Platinum Ray. Platinum has a higher frequency than gold, and is much more expensive than other metals. This silver ray is a very beautiful energy. I saw it several years ago as a silver light (almost white) with all different colored sparkles in it. You might want to meditate on this ray coming into your body and connecting with your seven chakras and your heart.

In the beginning there was the gold and silver ray. Out of the silver ray came the other colors and all of creation. In other words, the goddess energy is the creator ray. It's time to connect to this beautiful ray that is held deep within your emotional body, or heart chakra. This ray will expand the flame in your heart so you can live on a fifth dimension Earth, manifesting the love of the seventh level goddess ray. On March 23, 1993 all of the black holes in our galaxy opened to a new frequency. This energy was on one frequency not two. This is when the oneness energy first showed up on Earth. In December of 1993, there was a 5.2 earthquake in Egypt. This opened the acupuncture points of the pyramid so this new energy could travel around the world to all of the sacred sites.

Then in July of 1999, the Earth opened her vortexes to accept feminine energy. Many vortexes opened to the triple circular pattern of the magnetic flow of goddess energy. Then on August 11, 1999, there was a total solar eclipse with a cross in the heavens on the degree of Christ Consciousness. We have been in the process of clearing ourselves of negative thoughts and feelings since 1993.

The goddess energy is loving, watery, and emotional. The Earth is expressing this by all of the water events that are now happening on Earth. The ice at the North Pole has melted. There is hardly any ice left there anymore. In the Antarctic, two ice shelves have broken away and slipped off into the ocean. The third one has started to crack and when that breaks off and falls into the ocean, the level of the ocean will rise and flood all coastal lowlands. We are in the great tribulation. It's happening right now.

Don't get caught up in fear. Love is letting go of fear. You can now live in safe energy because you are protected. So Be It! I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala ***

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Title: Planet Alert October/November 2004
Post by Kali on 16.10.2004 at 19:52:05

by Mahala

We are in a very important time period right now that may challenge us to our core. There are two eclipses this month. The first one is a solar eclipse in Libra on October 13, 2004. The main challenge with this sign is relationships. Friendships or romantic relationships you thought were secure may end suddenly because of various reasons.

The next eclipse is a total lunar eclipse on 5 degrees Taurus. The Sun will be on 5 degrees Scorpio on October 27, 2004. This eclipse will activate the Pacific Northwest, the Middle East, Russia, and Mexico.  Mt Saint Helens is already erupting, and this will continue to occur. These eclipses may bring up things from the past which may surface in your life to look at once again. Things you thought you had released years ago may surface. This time it will be from the core of your being, and the release of this old stuff will finally free you to be the magnificent, powerful person you really are.

Everyone is asking, "Who will be our next president, will it be Kerry or Bush?" Mass consciousness is what will create our new leader; that is the way it works. I will say that Bush has a very critical chart right now. Anything could happen to him, or to the United States. Pluto is a very slow moving planet, and to reach the exact point of being opposed to Bush's Uranus and node has taken a long time. It is now in exact opposition and will remain that way through mid November. This is a very critical aspect and could be life threatening.

Pluto is also in exact opposition to the United States Mars. Pluto is the transformer and is also considered the God of the underworld. Mars rules wars, fires, and violence. In opposition to Pluto it is very explosive. Sagittarius rules mountains, (volcanoes) banks, bankers, schools, colleges, churches, foreign travel, military, politics, lawyers, and religion. With Pluto opposing Mars it may bring up challenges with all of the things I just mentioned.

Kerry is a Sagittarian with Pluto on top of his sun right now. Pluto is a very powerful planet, and is very strong in his chart . His sun is on the degree of politics, which is what he has done most of his life. He is also a more compassionate, spiritual person because that is what Sagittarius rules.

Bush is a military leader. I said that when he first came to power in 2001. He came in as a war president, which was his destiny. This has proven to be true. Now mass consciousness has the choice of whether they want to vote for war, or the principle of peace. Which will it be? In my article of January 2004, I said that the stars portrayed Marshall Law this year. I was thinking about the United States. I never dreamed it would happen in Russia. On September 13, 2004 Vladimir Putin eliminated popular elections of governors and members of Parliament, a move one Russian analyst said would destroy the last vestiges of democracy. Putin is now dictator of Russia. This is a major event. Why is almost nothing being said about it? This event could really unite the countries of Russia and China.

We, in the United States are still free even though a lot of our rights have been taken away from us. I believe it is time to stand up for our beliefs, and speak our truth in a non violent way. One of the ways to do this is to vote in this election.

Pluto is opposing Mars in the United States chart, this is not good for our country. There are different events that could be triggered by this aspect. There could be more terrorist attacks, more volcanoes may erupt, or there may be trouble for our economy due to some problems with banks or the banking system.

People may say this is very negative information although that is what I see in the planets for the lower level Earth for the next couple of months. However, there is both a positive and a negative vibration that comes in from the planets and this is where free choice manifests. We have the ability to chose how it will affect us.

We may be experiencing the greatest challenges or the greatest rewards we have ever received. The rewards can come in various ways as gifts. It may be a healing gift, or a creative gift, or some new opportunity that may arise in your life.

We may even have contact with beings from space. Who knows? Uranus is connected with new technology and space. This may be the time that the Bible talks about as Jesus coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Time will tell on this one.

In the 24th chapter of Matthew it says, "For as lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man. Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken; then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven, and then all the tribes of the Earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory; and he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other."

Some people say the things predicted to happen in the Bible played out long ago. From my studies I have found this is not true. I see the Bible as a road map to what is happening right now. We are manifesting the 19th and 20th chapters of Revelation. This is when the white horse (ship) appears in heaven followed by an army of white horses (ships). The 20th chapter is the downfall of the controllers.

It says in the Bible that Jesus will return. Is that a fact? Will he return in the clouds of heaven or a space ship like the Bible says? I don't see any reason why Jesus can't come back if he wants to, do you? He already appears to many people.

A lot of people I know say that he never left Earth, so why would he come back? They say that Christ is within. This is true because we all have the God spark within us which is connected to all there is. They say why would he need a ship? Don't you live in a house or apartment? Don't you think he wants a home too?

They say we don't need a savior anymore, that we are who we have been waiting for. This is also true. The ships are not here to save us from our sins. They are coming to help people who will be in peril due to the great earth changes. Two will be in the field-one will be taken and one will be left. This is the time period of moving to a higher Earth for those who are ready. Some may just wake up one morning on a different frequency Earth. It may be just like this Earth, except there won't be as many people and there will be no war or violence. Your destiny is already set, and you will be wherever you are suppose to be to keep you out of danger.

If you are picked up by a ship, it doesn't mean that you won't come back. Someone has to set up the new organization for the new Earth that is already here on a different frequency. The lower level Earth will still operate as it always has with wars, and violence. People who make predictions may or may not be right because it depends on which level Earth these predictions are for.

We are living in an exciting time period. This election will be the manifestation of the choices that people have made. The end of a cycle was on August 8, 2004 when the Sirian star gate opened over Washington, D.C. It was also the beginning of a new cycle.

Our election will occur during the energy of the opening of the Halloween vortex this year. This is the time of year when the veil is very thin on Earth, and a doorway between the two worlds opens. This is the time when the creator Goddess appears symbolized as a spider. The Hopis worship Spider Woman who they consider their creator Goddess. That's what Halloween is all about, it's the celebration of the feminine Goddess. Could the Spider Woman have anything to do with the world wide web? This month the planets will form a five pointed star (pentagon) in the heavens. This is the symbol of mankind with two arms and two legs stretched out, with the head at the top forming a five pointed star. Whatever happens now will affect all of mankind.

People are now being given the choice of what kind of Earth they prefer to live on. Will it be one of peace, or one of war? This is a very important election. It will show what kind of choices the people of the United States have made which will effect the whole world. The manifestation of that choice will be apparent to all on November 2, 2004. Vote from your heart. I send you my blessings!

*** Mahala ***

Title: Planet Alert december 2004
Post by Kali on 10.12.2004 at 20:52:39

How have you been feeling in the last couple of months?  Do you feel like you have gone through an emotional earthquake? Have you had challenges in regard to friends or relationships? How do you feel about the election? In my last article I said that events would transpire in October and November that would challenge us to our core.

I am an empath and feel the emotional trauma that happens on Earth. This allows me to write my articles through experience. This past election caused many people worldwide to experience much trauma because they don't see the whole picture. They feel like the dark side has total control of Earth and there is no way out.

I think God has other plans for this beautiful planet. I believe there is a higher plan in the works, and it is spelled out in the book of Revelation. God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to complete. In order to see the whole plan you have to reach for the light.

Right now it appears like the dark lords control this Earth, and many people are afraid.  There is no reason to become fearful if you have love in your heart. The downfall of the controllers is on the agenda, so don't give up.  This downfall is talked about in the 20th chapter of Revelation.

If you want to be inspired, read the 21 & 22 chapters of Revelation. This talks about the new heaven and the new Earth that we will soon be enjoying.  The challenge is getting past the dark stuff. The light is not fighting the dark. The dark lords are fighting each other for the control of this planet. It may take a while before the controllers completely tumble, so hang in there.

The question is what can we do now? What avenues do we have open to us at this point in time?  Fighting against something does not work because it sets up a resistance which causes a lower vibration that can come back to you in a negative way. Working in a positive way to change events can work. If enough people learn to manifest love, many wonderful events can happen.

People will have the opportunity to start waking up this year because  on December 4, 2004, we move into the 4th day in the Mayan calendar. This is the year of transformation of consciousness. This does not mean that everyone will suddenly be transformed into great light Beings, although it does mean that many people will finally wake up.

The highest vibration in this universe is love. Light comes out of love.  
You can be totally enlightened in consciousness, but if you do not manifest love you have nothing. Love is the glue that holds everything together.

In the book Love Without End by Glenda Green it says:  "The mind generates structures as reality, and all of the oppressive structures which you experience in the world are from those mind-generated concepts attempting to create a perfection that doesn't need to be created because it is already there. In other words, the mind breaks things in order to fix them for a price. This includes breaking lives, breaking hearts, breaking souls, breaking relationships, and breaking wills, just to gain the upper hand through some kind of glorified structure." "When the mind serves the heart, anything is possible. Think with your heart. When the heart serves the mind there is nothing but limitation. Emotional energy will seethe and boil into restless liability. The mind will perform dualistically unless supervised by the heart. When the mind dominates, polarity is the order of the day."

We have lived in a polarity universe for eons of time. Now all of that is changing because a new energy is here that is on one frequency instead of two.  We are in the process of break-down right now. For the last 26,000 years we have been in the age of Capricorn. That has been an age of structure, control, and materiality. The dollar became God instead of love. Now we are in the beginning process of moving into the age of Aquarius, which will be an age of enlightenment.

The planet Uranus rules Aquarius and it is now moving through the sign of Pisces.  It started moving through that sign in March of 2003, and it will be there until 2010. This is the time period of many natural disasters because Uranus causes storms, wind and flooding. It is a male planet, and also rules light, lightening, and electricity. Neptune is a female planet and rules the sign of Pisces. It also rules love, magnetics, and cosmic consciousness. It is very interesting that we will have an electrical male planet moving through a magnetic female sign for seven years.

Our universe has been an electrical one for eons of time. In July of 1999, the Earth opened her vortexes to receive the triple circle flow of magnetic energy.  We are slowly moving into a magnetic universe. I believe that the seven-year time period where Uranus moves through Pisces is the time period of the transition from electrical to magnetic energy. Electrical energy is forceful, magnetic energy is soft and gentle. By the time Uranus moves out of Pisces, the Earth should be experiencing the soft, gentle, magnetic energy of Neptune.

The planet Pluto is in Sagittarius and will stay there until November of 2008.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and one of the things it also rules is our economy. This will change drastically in the next four years. The American dollar will continue to fall. The Chinese are already dumping dollars.  China is now one of the largest economies in the world and now that it has signed a treaty with Russia, the rest of the world better watch out. China also made a pact with Iran.

The planets will be very challenging in December. The Sun will be conjunct the moon and Pluto at the time of the new moon on December 12, 2004. This starts a period of very transforming energy on Earth. Pluto is considered the god of the underworld, or the dark lord. On the day Bush was elected president, Pluto was opposing the USA Mars. This brings a continuation of war and violence. As soon as he was elected, he bombed Fallujah.

The planet Mars started crossing the Middle East on November 11, and Arafat died. This planet will be affecting the Middle East throughout the month of December. Wherever Mars goes, violence follows. Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius during most of the month of December. This could possibly bring up some challenges regarding voter irregularities. Things get a little chaotic when that planet is retrograde, so just flow with the changes.

Back to the book, Love Without End. "Evil is not innate to existence. Good and evil were not established as equal and opposite forces belonging to an eternal drama.  Evil is simply disconnection from God and denial of the love that you are!  Goodness is the other choice. Such a choice has to exist, otherwise the granting individuality would have been a meaningless gesture."

"A choice has consequences. So it is with the choice of love or the denial of it. Avoidance of a choice also has consequences, and that is the perpetual dialogue of indecision which results in dualistic thinking. However, when you consider the impact of evil, you must be careful not to judge the hearts of others, simply because you don't agree, or because their actions seem destructive."

"The source of all evil is the denial of love. When a person has denied the love that he/she is, he loses the power to command the affairs of his life. In its place he will use force or deception. Love commands. It does not control. When any person, situation, or element of the universe denies the love that it is, it loses command, and so it snatches control. The result is a heartless momentum of debased values, implemented by deception and controlled by force."

In the book of Genesis we are told, "In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. And the Earth was without form and void. And darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water and said, let there be light. And there was light." Light comes out of darkness. Does this mean that darkness is love? Is our Divinity hidden in the darkness of our Being? Is everything we have been told backwards? The light force is AH energy. The dark force is OH energy. The light and dark work together as one. There is nothing wrong with dark energy; it is the misuse of it that becomes a problem.

What is the void? The void is darkness which has the Holy Spirit (magnetic energy) moving over the face of it. The void was also a magnetic vortex created within the One Spirit, through which the adamantine particles were called into assembly. Water, in the above paragraph, represents magnetic influence and response, not the liquid substance itself. Water was a symbol for magnetics, which represents love.

When Jesus and Mary Magdalene were here they were overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. After the crucifixion, the disciples were also overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and they talked in tongues. The Holy Spirit (magnetic energy) then went dormant on Earth until November 11, 2004, when it arose with great power and was released from the Pacific Ocean to once again cross the face of the Earth. Many strange anomalies will now be seen by many as this energy proceeds to wake up people.

Water is the substance of life. Without water there would be no life. Right now much of the water on Earth is polluted.  Something very important that we can do is bless our water every day. Bless the water of Earth. Meet in groups and send love to the water. If we can clean our water, we can clean our Earth and our bodies. The vibration of love changes polluted water to a beautiful clear white crystal. While you are at it, how about blessing your food with love before you eat it. The Sacred Heart is your magnetic center, as well as your source of higher intelligence and your life force. This center of your life is a great and powerful magnet. As love, you have the power to attract to yourself everything you need. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, than everything will be given unto you. In other words, find the God spark that is within you and manifest love. Love is letting go of fear, judgment, and control. When you do that, you will be able to manifest joy, happiness, and abundance in your life.

It may seem very dark on Earth right now but remember there is a world of light overshadowing this world of darkness. Reach for the light!

I send you my blessings for a joyful and happy holiday season.

*** Mahala ***

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Title: Re: Planet Alert JAN-FEB 2005
Post by Kali on 24.01.2005 at 23:48:31

Planet Alert Januar-Februar 2005
By Mahala,

We're in 2005 already. Where does the time go? What's up for this year?
The outlook is not very good for the lower dimension Earth. However, we have the choice of how we respond to events. We can respond by focusing on the negativity, or we can respond with joy in our hearts. I prefer to know what is going to happen on the Earth so I can be mentally prepared for the events.

We ended 2004 with a major disaster. The positive aspect of this disaster was that it was a great heart opener for people all over the world.

I had a dream about that quake on July 23, 2001. My dream was of a huge earthquake. I was in observation mode in the dream so I knew
the quake would not be where I live. The dream started out with an earthquake.  The first quake that happened  wasn't that bad. ( This refers to the 8.2 quake that happened on December 23). Then a second quake hit and it was huge. It shook the whole world. In my dream I was observing tremendous damage from this quake. I had written down that I must have been by an ocean because there was much water in the dream. I was expecting this earthquake to happen some place in the world.        

If I had been paying attention to the planets I would have seen this quake coming because it was so obvious. The Sun was in the Earth sign
Capricorn right over Sumatra at the time it happened. Earthquakes always increase when the Sun or a major planet is going through the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. It was also a full moon in the water sign of Cancer. There were five planets lined up at Christmas, and they stayed that way for a week. There is tremendous pressure when planets line up at a full moon. Neptune, which rules the ocean,  is stationary over the Indonesian Islands.        

There was also a meteor shower present at
the time of the quake. Some say  there was even a meteor that landed in the ocean and caused this quake. This is a possibility because there hadbeen a number of reports relating to fireballs, mysterious lights in the sky, and exploding meteorites turning 'night into day' in both Indonesia and China during December.

Coinciding with these events was the December 22nd report that scientists had identified a
small asteroid after it had passed Earth orbit. It was below the orbits of some satellites. What happened to that asteroid? Did it fall into the
ocean? Another possible cause of the quake was the Gamma Ray Burst that came in from the galactic center on December 21, 2004. This burst could have activated the underground fault which was triggered when the planets were just right. There were also two volcanic eruptions in India right after the quake. There is also a comet in the heavens that can be seen the whole month of January.  

The straits of Malacca, one of the world's busiest shipping channels, was significantly altered by the quake. The straits which separate Malaysia and the  Indonesian island of Sumatra, had its depth cut from 4,060 feet to just 105 feet. This is major because this is a main shipping channel, and some of the ships need more depth than 105 feet to pass through the channel.                    

The opposite side of the world, which is ruled by Cancer, experienced tremendous snow storms around Christmas that played havoc with
transportation. This is the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. At the same time the planet Mars was activating southern
California and Arizona. They also had tremendous storms. As I am writing
this article the planet Mars is starting to cross the United States, Pluto is over the midwest, and Saturn is over the East Coast.  

The 9 point earthquake that just happened was predicted in the Bible. I also published the prediction in my article of March and April
2004. The tidal wave finishes up the 18th chapter of Revelation, and lets us move into the 19th chapter. The 17th and 18th chapters talk about the new Babylon being attacked (New York) and the total fall of the old Babylon (Iraq). Then a stone (asteroid - beam?) from heaven falls into the sea and causes a great quake. The Bible says, "Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea."  

The 19th chapter talks about the return of Christ Beings in white ships. It also talks about a war happening at the time of their return. We still have Korea, Russia, China, and all of their Arab allies to deal with. At the end of
the 19th chapter it talks about the down-fall of the controllers.

According to the Bible, we still have almost 3 years left to go through the great tribulation which lasts until September of 2007.              

Title: Re: Planet Alert JAN - FEB 2005
Post by Kali on 24.01.2005 at 23:49:55

The first trumpet was the first world war.
The second trumpet was the second world war. The third trumpet was the atomicbomb dropped on Japan. The fourth trumpet was all of the volcanic eruptions that have happened on Earth. The fifth trumpet was when the whole world gathered together to attack Iraq in January of 1991. The sixth trumpet was when we attacked Iraq on March 18, 2003. The 27 year
war in the Middle East that Nostradamus talked about started when Iraq attacked Iran in September of 1980. Now the seventh trumpet is about to blow which heralds the awakening of Christ Consciousness on Earth. We have been in the tribulation for a long time.

There are three cycles ending around the same time period. The Kali Yuga cycle gives the
ending date of 2010, and the Mayans give the year 2012. We are getting really close to those ending dates.              

The Kali Yuga is based on the planet Uranus going through the signs. Between 2003 and 2010 we find Uranus going through the water, ocean, sign of Pisces. Uranus is the planet of change, and there will be many changes in the next few years.In 2010 Uranus moves into Aries, and that brings new beginnings.        

This past earthquake is just the beginning of great Earth changes. I believe we will see many earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and maybe more tsunamis in the coming year. The areas the planets are over is where the events will manifest. Right now the Sun is over the
Indonesian Islands and will remain there through February.              
For the past year and a half the north node of the moon was moving through Taurus, and the south node Scorpio. One of the things Taurus
rules is money and we   saw the decline of the American dollar. Scorpio rules the Middle East, and everyone knows about the war in Iraq.   Now
the north node is in Aries, and the south node Libra. Aries is ruled by mars which will bring fire events like fires, volcanic eruptions, war,
and violence. The south node is touching Jupiter. I consider Jupiter the earthquake planet, so quakes will continue all year. The areas most
likely to be affected by this placement are Hawaii, Alaska, and the ocean off the West Coast. The other side of the world is Italy, Greece, Egypt and surrounding countries.  

With the planet Uranus moving through Pisces, there will continue to be great events in our oceans, particularly the South Pacific. The ice at the poles will continue to melt, which will cause flooding along the coast-lands. It is not a good time to live by the water unless you are on
high ground. The Earth is taking a bath.
Unfortunately Jupiter will be making a square to Saturn for the better part of this year. This brings problems with business, and is not a
favorable period for initiating changes in business or professional affairs.  There will continue to be unemployment or a slow-down in
business activity. If you don't want to be affected by this energy, youwill have to create your own reality.

The Chinese new year starts on February 7, and it will be the year of the Rooster. The Rooster likes to flaunt his authority and a lot of
trouble can come from his domineering attitude. Since he also symbolizes a good administrator and overseer of justice, the peace will still be kept, hopefully.

Politics will adhere to hard-line policies. The diplomatic scene will be dominated by philosophical orators who rave a lot about nothing.

Governments will be found flexing their muscles at each other although everyone will be too concerned with themselves, because of the great Earth changes, to care what other people are doing. Big brother will try to control us this year, although I think Mother Earth has other plans.

Another event on the agenda is the Earth passing through a dust cloud in space. This dust cloud entered our solar system in August of 2003. I
think this dust cloud will black out the Sun, and there will be the 3 days of darkness that has been prophesied for so long. I think this event
is the meteor shower Ed Dames talked about on the Art Bell Show.

He said: "when you see one of our space shuttles going up, and then being forced
down by meteor showers, 'pay attention' because this is the sign of the end."

It says in the Bible that not one of the people who have God's  mark on their forehead will be hurt as the world goes through the great
tribulation. This mark is your awakened third eye. In 1987 there was a super nova that exploded in the constellation of Pisces that  formed an eye is the sky. This explosion caused many people to wake up, and open their third eye. The scientists are expecting the gas in this eye to catch fire this year, and to really glow. We might even be able to see it from Earth. When this eye in the sky glows, we can also start to glow. As above, so below.  

In order for your third eye to glow, you need to have nine strands of DNA activated which corresponds to nine chakras. To activate your DNA you have to pass the ninth initiation. We just passed the eighth initiation
which was problems in the area of money issues, sexuality, secrecy, integrity, and relationships. It was connected to the sign of Scorpio.Bill Clinton was the actor who led us into the eighth initiation by his affair with Monika.

On 11-11-04, waves of aqua energy started coming to Earth. Now there is an aqua comet in our heavens. This comet is the color of your soul star chakra at the back of your neck, which is
considered the eighth chakra. This comet represents graduation from that level. We will now be going through the ninth initiation. The ninth initiation is when you have to face all of your fears, every one of them.

There are good actors on the world stage right now that bring fear to the foreground. This will give us the opportunity to look at and release any remaining fears.                                

The energy of  the ninth chakra is C#. This energy is being broadcast to Earth right now,
and the color is red/orange. This color activates your endrocine system which connects to all of your nine chakras. Right now there is a filament
on the Sun which stretches more than 250,000 miles from end to end.

The color of this filament is red/orange. We have the opportunity right now to activate our light bodies. Are you ready, or do you have more fear to release? I send you my blessings.

Title: Re: Planet Alert MAREC letos , YES=JUHU
Post by Kali on 21.02.2005 at 20:08:52

Planet Alert - March 2005
By Mahala
Feb 21, 2005, 10:42

Lets talk about the changing energies as we move through the ninth initiation of releasing our fears. It's time to release all old fears and get ready for the new energy that is coming in at the spring equinox. Once you have removed your fears, love will take its place in your body, mind, and spirit. It's time to graduate and start being the beautiful, brilliant, being that you were meant to be.

Many people have had 22 or 24 strands of DNA activated in their body. This is good, although you still have to pass the ninth initiation before your body will light up. Nine strands need to start glowing for you to manifest your light body. When this starts to happen you will know you have graduated. Fun and happiness also comes with this activation.

There are thousands of strands of DNA in our bodies that the scientist call junk DNA because they don't know what it does. There are nine strands that connect directly with the nine chakras in our bodies. This chakra connection is needed before you can manifest your light body.

The following information is from a Kryon channeling on November 13, 2004. "The ninth layer of DNA is called Shechinah-Esh. We will translate that in our way as the Flame of Expansion. Layer nine is what's missing in layer one! You might even say that layer nine is what makes the 'junk" work! When you put layer nine and layer one together, you get a completion of communication to the rest of the interdimensional layers.

Layer nine, therefore is the bridge. The Flame of Expansion. It's the bridge to ascension - to healing. It's the bridge to mastery. It's the bridge to self-worth. It's what you are trying to reach for in what you are calling The Cosmic Lattice, for that is the energy of layer nine. All of the masters who walked the Earth had the same DNA that you have, although they had layer nine activated and vibrating. (The merging of layer one and layer nine is called the sacred marriage that is spoken of in the 19th chapter of Revelation).

Visualize yourself in a dark room. It's dark as can be - the darkest of dark. The DNA is in there with you, and there you sit watching it. Now I want you to enhance your eyesight. I want you to make it 12,000 times more sensitive than it is. Now you're going to see something, even though it's totally dark, DNA creates light! The room is going to light up and the DNA begins to glow. DNA creates photons, and has its own energy source. DNA is active. It also creates sound or vibration. And it does it all by itself. One strand all by itself, which contains all 12 interdimensional strands, creates light and sings songs. DNA vibrates and creates, literally, sonic energy.

Pretend for a moment, that humanity has discovered a beautiful piano. The piano is called DNA. The piano is not only a beautiful instrument that is complex with many notes that play together, that intertwine in their harmonies, but also the craftsman called God has made the tuning sonically perfect.

This piano plays a tune all by itself, over and over. And that tune is called Human Health. The structure of the piano is called the layers of DNA. There is a musician who is playing the tune and the musician is called Life Force of Consciousness, and it's the Human Being. So there we have the DNA - perfect, creating health on its own, and doing it beautifully through and within the consciousness and biology of a Human Being".

We have no idea what we will be capable of doing once all nine strands are lit up, or maybe even twelve strands. It's my understanding that Jesus the Christ had nine strands activated and working. He was the master of love and what he did we can also do. Jesus came to teach people how to love, and how to live on a peaceful Earth. This we can also do if we have our nine strands brilliantly glowing.

It's my understanding that John the Baptist had 12 strands activated and that is why the Templars honor John, and Mary Magdalene, above Jesus. One is not better than the other, they just had different jobs to do. John was connected with the Eastern tradition of meditation. Their goal is to get 12 strands of DNA activated and glowing so they can be liberated. This means they are off the Karmic wheel and never have to come back to this Earth unless they want to. The job of Jesus was to teach people how to bring heaven to Earth by manifesting unconditional love.

We just passed the eighth initiation. The eighth chakra is the one in the back of your head right above your neck. This is considered the soul star and is aqua in color. The ninth is the thymus center which connects with your endrocine system. This center produces the hormones that run your body.

Now we are working on the ninth initiation of releasing our fears. Fear can not live in a body of light. Love is letting go of fear. Lets get our DNA glowing so we can live on a beautiful new Earth in peace and love. Pluto is the planet that is driving this transformation. It is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and Pluto will remain there until 2008, which is the ending of the Bible tribulation, in my way of understanding Revelation. Then Pluto moves into the sign of Capricorn, which has been known as the birth of light. I believe many people will be manifesting their light bodies by September of 2007.

The thymus gland is what activates our endrocine system and the hormones that run our body. The color of this chakra is red/orange. This is one of the colors that is being beamed to Earth by the Sun right now. It may be a good idea to have that color around you at this time.

Another color that is being beamed to Earth from another galaxy is bright peach, almost orange. It is a beautiful color, and I have seen many items of clothing lately in that particular shade. This is the color of our second chakra. By manifesting this color we can move out of a poor me attitude into one of happiness and joy.

The three lower chakras are very powerful, especially the second one because that is our sexual, creative chakra, and it connects to our emotional body. Emotions and water are very important elements on this Earth plane. Our foundation is our three lower chakras. Without a good foundation it is very hard to live in this world. This is why it has been so hard for empaths to stay healthy.

It is also time to activate your third chakra, which is your power center. If you have a good strong emotional body and know the right use of power, it is now time to come into your power by standing up for who you are and what you know. It's time to speak your truth.

Of course, it is always important to run energy through your heart chakra. Think with your heart and love with your mind. When your other chakras are healthy and strong this reflects back to a good healthy body, mind, and spirit. Inside of your heart chakra is a beautiful bright rose pink color, which is the color of love.

I think it is very important that we release our old fears. It is much easier to go through Earth changes if we have no fear. There are many challenges going on right now. There is one Earth change after another happening around the world, although you may not hear about them on the regular news. I guess it would be too overwhelming for people if the news made us aware of all of the changes that are happening right now.

The 9.3 earthquake that happened in Sumatra on December 26, 2004 literally shifted the Earth into another frequency. We have to adjust to this new frequency.If you have been feeling stressed lately, or gone through a physical cleansing like a cold or flu, this may be the reason. A shift in consciousness is sometimes difficult.

There are other possible events that may happen in the future, like a show-down with North Korea. This was prominent in the news lately as the planets moved over that area. Iran is also a challenge right now.

President Bush will be having a lot of challenges in the next couple of months. It starts with the full moon of February because Uranus will be opposing his natal Mars, and Mars will be opposing his Sun. This will bring conflicts with friends, people, countries, or Congress. This energy also brings outbursts of temper. This is an unfavorable time for initiating new projects like the Social Security reform. This can also be a life threatening aspect because Uranus is conjunct his node.

On Inauguration day, January 20, 2005, the planet Mars was again in the position of war god. It was on 19 degrees Sagittarius on that day which is in exact opposition to Mars in the United States chart, and it was on top of Bush's south node. This is a war-like energy and is in effect for four years. The hand writing is on the wall. Watch out Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

Many unexpected events will happen after the full moon of February 23rd, because Uranus will be conjunct the Sun. This ushers in a two week period of unexpected events. Uranus is a very rebellious planet and people may take to the streets in protest of some event. Uranus also rules light, so the positive aspect would be to start manifesting your light body.

The planet Mars is moving through the Earth sign of Capricorn. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will continue, along with many fires. The February full moon finds Mars over Washington, D.C. and in opposition to Bush's Sun

The nodes of the moon are moving through Aries/Libra. This activates Hawaii, Alaska, and the ocean off the West Coast of America. The other side of the world that is affected by this energy is Italy (note the Popes recent illness), Greece, Turkey, etc. Watch for more events in those areas.

The better part of March will see the Sun moving through the water sign Pisces, so expect lots of water events like rain, snow, storms, flooding, and more glaciers melting. This is a good time to spend time sending love to water. Bless the water you drink, bless the oceans, bless the rivers, bless the lakes, and bless the fish that live in these bodies of water. Our thoughts are very powerful. When many people gather together with loving thoughts they can do wonders. Don't forget to bless yourself. I send you my blessings.
6212=21.2., he he

Title: June 2005 Planet Alert w/ Mahala
Post by Petra G. on 01.06.2005 at 21:38:19

June 2005 Planet Alert w/ Mahala
By Mahala

I am writing this article in mid-May just after the Sun made a 90-degree angle to Neptune. This is a very confusing aspect and I
find it feels like Mercury is retrograde. This is also the time when the Sun is going crazy. Not only do we have the Mars/Uranus
conjunction, we have major solar flare and CME activity. This, of course, affects the magnetic field of the Earth along with the
people living on this planet. It causes major chaos.

Neptune rules deception and that is also coming to the forefront because 89 Democratic members of the U.S. Congress last
week sent President George W. Bush a letter asking for an explanation of a secret British memo that said "intelligence and facts
were being fixed to support the Iraq war in mid-2002". This was way before the war started.

The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the heavens opposes Bush's Mars in his chart. This is a very dangerous aspect. He needs
to be careful in whatever he does or he could get hurt. There will be a lot of opposition against him in the next couple of months.

This Mars/Uranus aspect also affects our country. The main manifestation of this energy will be the start of a revolution for
freedom in our country that will continue for a couple of years. This revolution does not have to be violent. The above letter may
be what triggers the beginning of this revolution. When people wake up and realize how they have been taken into supporting a
needless war in Iraq, they may tend to be a little angry.

There was also a National Conference for Media Reform held the weekend of May 14-15 that drew citizens from all 50 states.
They are another group for freedom.

We also have the Russian President Valdimir Putin taking his part on the world scene. One Pope left, and another one rises
connected with the Russian Orthodox Church. After decades of repression under communism, the Russian Orthodox Church has
reunited with the country's leadership under the presidency of Valdimir Putin. On July 31, 2003, there was a celebration in the
southern Volga town of Sarov. This celebration was in honor of the reunification of the Church and State.

Putin, a former KGB chief and now a dictator, is an avowed Orthodox believer. The Church that was so suppressed in the Soviet
era has seen a great revival under his presidency and that of his predecessor Boris Yeltsin. Did you know that nearly 70 percent
of Russians proclaim themselves Orthodox believers and the Church has taken on an increasingly important role in public life since
Putin came to the presidency in March 2000?

Then we have Putin standing in Israel offering to play host to an international conference on peace this fall. Jupiter (religion) was
on top of his Sun when he went to Israel on May 1, which was Easter in the Greek Orthodox religion. The solar eclipse on
April 8, 2005 activated Putin's Sun and Saturn in Libra. He has a very important part to play in this great drama occurring on Earth
right now. The United States has a religious leader and so does Russia. Don't you find that interesting? Will they continue to share
the spot light? Time will tell.

The Sun is now moving through the sign of Gemini, which is an air sign and rules communication, transportation, and wind.
Normally there are many accidents when the sign of Gemini is afflicted. Please surround yourself with the golden Christ light and
ask for a safe journey before you get into your car with that energy in effect. Of course it is always good to put yourself in a golden
bubble of light.

In July there will be some changing energy taking place. Saturn moves into Leo and Mercury goes into the shadow of retrograde at
the same time in mid-July. Both of those planets will be in Leo. For the last two and a half years, Saturn has been in Cancer, which
rules the home, family, and religious beliefs. Because Capricorn is the opposite sign from Cancer, the energy from that sign has
also been in effect. Capricorn rules the bone structure of the body and many people have had challenges with their joints,
particularly their knees in the last couple of years. Cancer is an emotional water sign and many people felt much emotional turmoil
during that transit.

Now we have Saturn moving into Leo for two and a half years. Leo rules the children of the world and they will play a prominent
role in the next couple of years. In the United States chart, Leo rules the third house, if you go by a Gemini rising chart. The third
house rules the transportation systems of the USA. Because the price of gas has gone up, we will see a slow-down in the
economy. This price increase affects airplanes, cars, trains, and trucks that transport our goods from one area to another area.
With the price of gas up, the price of food also goes up. We are in a spiral of inflation.

Leo rules the heart and back. We will probably see more people with back problems and heart challenges in the next couple of
years. The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius, and that rules the ankles and lower legs. Aquarius rules rebellion, electricity, light, and
freedom. The positive side of this energy is that if enough people wake up, we can start manifesting freedom.

Remember, Uranus is in the sign of Pisces, which rules Cosmic Consciousness, and Uranus is the great awakener. It's time to
wake up on all levels so you can manifest the higher level Earth energy. So Be It! I send you my blessings for a happy, fun-filled

Title: Holiday Special - December 2005 Issue
Post by Petra G. on 27.11.2005 at 17:26:13

Holiday Special - December 2005 Issue

BlankI am writing this article during the full moon of November. At this
there is a cross in the heavens in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo,
Scorpio, and Aquarius. Mars is in Taurus in an exact square to Saturn.
This on the lower level Earth expresses as frustrated anger and violence
as witnessed by the people in France, the Middle East, and other parts of
the world.

The fixed cross is known as the son/daughter cross, or in other words
the Christ Cross. Taurus and Scorpio carry feminine energy, and Leo and
Aquarius carry male energy. The sign of Leo is known for it's love
energy. It is ruled by the golden energy of our Sun. This is why I say
Jesus (Joshua) was the Lion (King) of the Tribe of Judah. He came here to
teach us how to love.

The Lion's gate is connected with the fixed star Sirius. The new year in
the Mayan dream spell calendar  (July 26) is based on when Sirius rises in
the heavens. It rises in the sign of Leo. The Lion's gate that opened in
August of 2004 over Washington, D.C. was very powerful. I experienced
that love energy when I was in that city in April of 2005.

That gate opened when Mars was on the last degree of Leo, or zero
degrees Virgo. That degree lines up with the star Regulus which is called
the royal star of the Lion. Goddess energy is also flowing to Earth from
the sign of Virgo because Regulus is now on the degree that affects both
Leo and Virgo. It first started bringing in the Virgo energy in July of
1991 when there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico city.

The symbol of the Sphinx in Egypt has the head of a woman and the body
of a lion. The Sphinx symbolizes this period of time when the energy
shifts from male to female energy.

Not everyone in Washington, D.C. felt that loving energy after the Star
Gate opened because we all experience events from our own perspective. I
do  know that energy is working behind the scenes to cleanse the
negativity in our capital. This negativity has to be exposed before the
energy can be transformed. This is happening now.

Because Saturn is in the sign of Leo, I expect to see many changes in
the leadership of our planet in the next couple of years. Capricorn rules
governments and that sign is the mirror image of Leo, so the structures
will crumble and many leaders will fall to be replaced by leaders who are
full of integrity.

The planets are still very critical. This means there will be more
storms, floods, earthquakes, fires, and explosions in various parts of
the world. Mother Earth is cleansing herself and this is a natural cycle
that we can not do much about.
People say, what can I do to help? The most important thing to do is
change your perception of life. Quit judging or criticizing because that
just adds to the  negativity of the world. Wake up in the morning and
give thanks for your blessings. If everyone did that every day, our world
would change in an instant.

Another thing you can do if you become angry or frustrated is to take a
moment and visualize yourself in a shower and see the water cleansing you
of all negativity. See it cleaning your body, mind, and emotions. Say out
loud, I release all negativity from my body, mind, and emotions. Release,
release, release. You can also say, I now fill my body with the bright
pink light of love and feel it flowing through my body and filling every
cell. I now glow with the love of God. So be it!

Now back to the prophecies. In the Apocrypha, which is a book that was
taken out of the Bible, it says that at the end times a kingdom will
arise that has twelve wings of an eagle, three heads, and eight little
wings. The twelve wings symbolize the European Common Market, whose
symbol is a circle with twelve stars. The three heads are the United
States, Russia, and China. It says that two heads will unite against the
third head. Last year Russia and China signed a pact between their
countries. The eight little wings are the Arab nations.

There is a power struggle going on behind the scenes that many people
are not aware of. The dark ones are fighting each other for total control
of this world. If you want to know who controls the world follow the
money trail  Russia is scheduled to take over chairmanship of the group
of eight industrial nations on January 1, 2006.

This world government, that is now in effect behind the scenes, will soon
be out in the open on the lower level Earth. This has been prophesied for
a long time. Our freedoms have been taken away big time over the last
several years.  Because many people are not aware of what is going on in
the world, I think it is time for everyone to wake up before they are
totally enslaved.

The Earth changes are waking up a lot of people because when you end up
with nothing it changes your perception of life. Those who are caught in
these Earth changes are experiencing their own Armageddon.
I believe the next power structure coming to the forefront is the
European Common Market. Their money system, called the Euro, is backed by
gold. Russia, who has an abundance of oil, is trading their oil for
Euros. Other countries are buying in Euros and they are also going on
the gold standard. China, Iran, and Venezuela, are starting to trade in
Euros. The United States money is not backed by gold, which means our
money could lose its value.

It appears that the whole world is going back on the gold standard.
Maybe that is what it means when they say we are moving into the golden
age. I know that the price of gold has gone up. Maybe it is time to buy
gold or silver. Did you know that the word gold has God written inside of

Have you heard of the white gold of the Gods?

This is an alchemical process that turns gold into white powder. Some of
the rulers of the ancient past used white gold to become immortal. White
gold Iridium is already aligned to the neural threads of our brain. All
it has to do is become awakened for us to become immortal.

Back to the planets. The banking system is ruled by the sign of
Sagittarius. Pluto, the transformer, has been in that sign for a few
years and will remain there until the end of 2007. I foresee a
transformation in the world banking system during this time period.
I hear there is an abundance doorway opening on December 6, 2005. The
abundance doorway is 6th dimension energy, which is also unconditional
love. If you are interested in hearing more about this opening of the
abundance doorway, check out the web site and
look for the Lord Kuthumi channeling.

On December 3 the Sun is on 11 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn is on 11
degrees Leo, and the north node is on 11 degrees Aries. This makes a
perfect triangle in the heavens. Maybe that is the 11-11 everyone has
been waiting for. On December 6, the Sun moves onto 14 degrees
Sagittarius and that is the degree of the Sphinx. Saturn on 11 degrees
Leo rules wealth, and the node on 11 degrees Aries
rules gold.

The energy coming through the Star Gate in Washington, D.C. is 6th
dimension energy. Sirius is a 6th dimension planet. The color associated
with Sirius is a beautiful royal blue. Have you ever noticed that inside
the golden flame of a candle is a very beautiful blue flame? The council
on Sirius is called the Great Blue Lodge.

Many years ago a planet was destroyed in the constellation of Leo. This
disrupted the flow of love to Earth and we went into the dark ages. Now
there is much light coming to Earth and we are moving into the age of
love and light. It's been our job to anchor this light. Now it will be
our job to manifest unconditional love.

The whole world will be opening to 6th dimension energy. This does not
mean that everyone will feel or respond to that energy. There are places
on Earth where people will continue to fight each other. That is their
choice.  We do not have to be part of that energy.

One of the ways to help the Earth vibrate to the  higher energy is to
see the planet Mars as a planet of peace. For eons of time  mass
consciousness has considered Mars the planet of war. I think it's
important for that belief system to be changed. Mars is considered the
red planet. Red is the color of energy. What we do with that energy is up
to us.  If you are tired, wear something in the color of red.

The opposite color of red is green. Our heart chakras our green,
although the inside is a beautiful bright rose pink. When we mix the
White Christ light with red it becomes a beautiful rose pink which is the
color of love.

Have you noticed that our beautiful Sun now appears white at times. The
color white contains all colors in perfect balance. When you add water to
Sun- light you get a beautiful rainbow of all colors. The Goddess energy
is white with all different colored sparkles inside it. Some call it

Others say the goddess energy is a beautiful orange/pink, like sherbet
ice cream. That color is the color of our emotional body or second
chakra. That chakra is connected with the pink color of our heart thus
emanating a very nice vibration of love and creativity.
The feminine mother cross consists of the signs Virgo, Sagittarius,
Pisces, and Gemini. As the Sun moves through the sign of Sagittarius this
year we will be feeling energy from the Galactic Center, and I believe
there will be many Gamma Ray Bursts coming our way. Gamma Ray Bursts
bring light to Earth. The Arctic is already aglow with light and has been
for some time.

The father cross is Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These signs are
considered cardinal and that means action. If you want something done,
ask an Aries. The mother cross is mutable and that  means activity
because those signs like to move around the planet and find out what is
going on.

We do live in interesting times. What is next on the agenda? I think it
is time to see who comes to control in the next few months. Will it be
the European Common Market, China, Russia, or the United Nations?
We are now entering the holiday season which is the time to give thanks
for our many blessings. I hope all of you out there have the best season
you have ever experienced. It's time to manifest unconditional love and
move into the higher frequency Earth.

So Be It!  I send you my love and blessings!


Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 03.01.2006 at 17:47:21

What Will the Year 2006 Bring? Planet Alert - January 2006 with 'Mahala'
By Mahala

What will the year 2006 bring? This is a number eight year. Eight is the number of MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, and BUSINESS. It is also the number of GOD, and some people have made money their god.

How will the money part work out? There is an economic war that has been going on behind the scenes between the Euro and the dollar for a long time. Which money system will come out on top, and will the abundance doorway that opened on December 6, 2005 start to be felt?

How will the power and control part work out? Will an event happen that causes martial law to take effect? Will a new leader arise who wants to control the world? Time will tell! Will there be lots of people starting new businesses, or will some go out of business. There is always two sides to a number. Lets pull in the positive energy of this number.

The negative part of the number eight can make it a very confrontational year. People may become very critical of political authority and leaders in general. There will be an inclination to rebel against authority on all levels. If big brother is going to come out into the open, this is the year it will happen, thus the rebellion.

We will also be entering into the Chinese Year of the FIRE Dog on January 29, 2006. The fire dog is a very dramatic dog who likes to be the center of attention. He also has great magnetic charm and can convince many to follow his lead. Watch out for a leader who may arise this year.

Don't get caught into that energy.

The fire dog can be very fierce when attacked and he will not make threats that he cannot carry-out. The drums of war will be beating again.

This is not good for Iran or Israel because they seem to be the focus of attention right now. The leaders of Iran and Israel have been challenging each other. Iran says that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth, and Israel is afraid that Iran will try to do that. The wild card is that Israel has atomic weapons. Will they use them?

There is another challenge going on with Iran that the United States doesn't like. Iran will be starting to deal in Euros. There is an article on the web site called:

It says that Iran is about to commit a far greater offense than Saddam Hussein's conversion to the Euro for Iraq's oil exports in the fall of 2000. Beginning in March 2006, the Tehran government has plans to begin competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil trades - using a Euro-based international oil-trading mechanism. The proposed Iranian oil course signifies that without some sort of US intervention, the Euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the international oil trade.

Given US debt levels and the stated neoconservative project of US global domination, Tehran's objective constitutes an obvious encroachment on dollar supremacy in the crucial international oil market. There are huge sums of money involved in this deal. The oil consuming countries will soon be converting their money into Euros instead of dollars and this means that the Euro will go up, and the dollar down. What will the US do in this case? Will they give up their power to the Euro, or start another war? Russia, China, and Iran are working with the European Common Market, through the Euro, to control the world. They are a pretty powerful group!

March of this year looks very critical for confrontations of all kinds because Mars (fire) is moving into an opposition to Pluto (transformer) which is conjunct the galactic center. Light has been coming to Earth from the galactic center and is so powerful it has caused the arctic region to be in twilight during the winter instead of dark. This great light is also causing deeds from the past to be uncovered or exposed to the public.

Mars and Pluto in opposition are instrumental in causing very negative events to happen. On April 7 and 8, mars, on 26 degrees Gemini, will be opposing Pluto on 26 degrees Sagittarius. This degree in Sagittarius is the degree of a religious leader, and 26 Gemini is the degree of bankruptcy. Sagittarius also rules banks. How will that work out? Maybe the money system of the world will go through a transformation (Pluto).

The fire energy will be in play all year. Fires are already burning in Texas and Oklahoma. The New Madrid fault area is under the energy of Pluto. The fire energy can also bring events such as volcanic eruptions, explosions, war, and violence.

The energy of the fire dog doesn't sound very good for the world although there is also the loving domesticated dog. This energy will also be present on a higher level Earth as manifested by the numbers two and six. Two is the number of partnerships and cooperation. Six is the number of love. Remember the doorway that opened in December to the higher sixth dimension love vibration. If you can tune into that energy you will be OK during this powerful year of the fire dog.

Sirius is the dog star and is a sixth dimension star. It is possible to live in this unconditional love energy, all you have to do is stop judging and criticizing others, and yourself. Send out love energy from your heart. Love energy is very soft and gentle. If you manifest unconditional love, you will be fine as the Earth continues her journey through the fourth dimension.

Even if the Earth is in the fourth world, we can still manifest consciousness from the higher dimensions. We can very easily live in the sixth dimension of love and compassion.

We entered a new time line in 1987 when the Earth moved into fourth dimension energy. We have been passing through that dimension ever since then. The fourth dimension is where the great war in space and on Earth is fought. We have been in that energy for a long time.

I believe that between 2010 and 2012, we will move into the fifth world, and will be out of the war cycle. The Kali Yuga ends in 2010. The new children that are on Earth right now will not stand for war. They will refuse to fight. This means that our children and grandchildren will be able to live on a peaceful planet and that is not very far in the future.

I've maintained that the seven years of great tribulation started in September of 2000, when Israel and the Palestine people started violently fighting each other. This violence continues. I also contend that the Bible prophecies end in September of 2007. (9-9-9). This does not mean that the Earth changes end because they will continue for a while. This means that lots of things will happen in the next two years.

Pluto moves into Capricorn in January of 2008. Because that sign rules governments, it means that this is the start of a new form of leadership.

Saturn moves into the sign of Virgo (a feminine sign) on September 2, 2007. This is the time when woman will come into power and take on leadership positions.

In 1991 we entered the time of the sixth Sun of the Mayans which corresponds to the sign of Virgo, the Virgin. This means that the feminine energy came into focus big time. There was an ancient Mayan prophecy that the Lords of Light would return on July 11, 1991 when there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico. This happened, and continues to happen daily. Now there are whole fleets of ships seen in the heavens.

There was a program on the history channel a couple of weeks ago about Mexico and all of the UFO that have been appearing there. They showed pictures of hundreds of ships in the sky. Our friends from space are back and are looking over us to make sure we don't destroy ourselves.

We are in the last two years of a nine year cycle. This is an eight year and 2007 is a nine year. This means that events will speed up very fast.

If you thought that 2005 was a WOW year, wait until 2006 is completed.

The planets are still very critical, which means there will be many Earth changes this year. There will be lots of wind, storms, and floods all over the world. It's probably a good idea to stay away from the coast-lands, especially the West Coast and the areas normally hit by hurricanes. Uranus is still in the sign of Pisces and this means more water and wind events all over the world.

The planet Jupiter is already affecting the West Coast and will remain there all year. If there is going to be an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or tidal wave on the coast, this looks like the year. If there is a large earthquake or volcanic eruption off the coast it could cause a tsunami somewhere along the coast. California is already flooding. Please send loving energy to Mother Earth as she continues her cleansing.

The opposite side of the world being affected by Jupiter is the Middle East, and Mexico. Maybe they will have the big events. There is very critical energy in the world right now. January, February and March look very stressful. In November there will be a major T cross in the heavens with the Sun, Jupiter, and Mars in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo, and Neptune in Aquarius.

Then we have the countries that are under the pressure of Neptune which is Japan, Korea, and SE China. Japan has had one earthquake after another and most of them are 6+ quakes. The areas directly under Uranus are the countries around Indonesia and they always have quakes.

There will be lots of fear in the world this year because of the Saturn/Neptune square. Fear of illness, fear of martial law, fear of the economy, fear of Earth changes, and anything else people can imagine. We need to counteract this energy by manifesting love. This planetary aspect is what is bringing to light misdeeds from the past. It looks like Bush is in big trouble this year because the force is against him. Saturn is on top of his Mercury/Pluto conjunction, and his Mars is afflicted.

Saturn is in the fire sign Leo which also adds to the fire energy. As I see it, the fire energy will be very dominant this year. Fire energy also manifests as love energy. It activates the energy in your heart because Leo rules the heart.

This year of 2006 will be a very interesting year.

There may be some challenges with money, and there may be wars because of that. People may try to control the masses for a while, but all of that will soon cease and freedom will reign faster than you think.

Time has speeded up and will continue to do so until we reach the year 2012, and enter the time of no time. I believe this is when time, as we know it, will no longer exist. Aren't you glad to be alive to see all of this manifest? We are moving into an entirely new Earth where love will reign and the Earth will be clean and new.

So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings!


Title: Re: Planet Alert February 2006
Post by Petra G. on 15.02.2006 at 12:31:57

Planet Alert
February 2006

I live in Seattle and am ready to build an Ark. We have had rain, and more rain, and lots of snow in the mountains. This is what happens when Jupiter is in the water sign of Scorpio. Jupiter is affecting the West Coast and is the planet of abundance. Jupiter is also making a perfect 90 degree angle to Neptune, which is considered the water planet. When a planet comes along and triggers that aspect it rains and rains.

Unfortunately, Jupiter is going to be in Scorpio all year. This doesn't mean it will rain all year, although there will be more rain than normal. Mars is affecting the Middle East and has been there for several months. We have now reached a very critical time period. The Middle East is heating up. There is a crisis in Israel, and Iran is now the target of our wrath. There is a lunar eclipse over the Middle East on March 14, which is the Jewish festival of Purim. This is a holiday in commemoration of the deliverance of the Israelites from Persia (Iran). An eclipse often brings challenges.

The planets are still lined up by declination. This means that we are feeling the affects of Mars and Saturn together which brings anger, frustration, and violence to the surface. The drums of war are beating again!

We are and have been in a weather war, an economic war, an oil war, and physical wars. The big controllers are fighting for control of this world. Who will win? I read an article the other day that explains the economic and oil war very well. I decided to devote my article to the words of wisdom from Krassimir Petrov. He currently teaches Macroeconomics, International Finance, and Econometrics at the American University in Bulgaria. I found this article so interesting that I want to share part of it with you. His email is:

"Economically, the American Empire was born in 1945. The U.S. dollar was not fully convertible to gold, but was made convertible to gold only to foreign governments. This established the dollar as the reserve currency of the world. It was possible, because during WWII, the United States had supplied its allies with provisions, demanding gold as payment, thus accumulating significant portion of the world's gold."

"An Empire would not have been possible if, following the Bretton Woods arrangement, the dollar supply was kept limited and within the availability of gold, so as to fully exchange back dollars for gold. However, the guns-and-butter policy of the I960's was an imperial one: the dollar supply was relentlessly increased to finance Vietnam and LBJ's Great Society. Most of those dollars were handed over to foreigners in exchange for economic goods, without the prospect of buying them back at the same value. The increase in dollar holdings of foreigners via persistent U.S. trade deficits was tantamount to a tax - the classical inflation tax that a country imposes on its own citizens, this time around an inflation tax that the U.S. imposed on the rest of the world."

"When in 1970-1971 foreigners demanded payment for their dollars in gold. The U.S. Government defaulted on its payment on August 15, 1971. While the popular spin told the story of severing the link between the dollar and gold, in reality the denial to pay back in gold was an act of bankruptcy by the U.S. Government. Essentially, the U.S. declared itself an Empire. It had extracted an enormous amount of economic goods from the rest of the world, with no intention or ability to return those goods, and the world was powerless to respond - the world was taxed and it could not do anything about it."

"From that point on, to sustain the American Empire and to continue to tax the rest of the world, the United States had to force the world to continue to accept ever-depreciating dollars in exchange for economic goods and to have the world hold more and more of those depreciating dollars. It had to give the world an economic reason to hold them, and the reason was OIL."

"In 1971, as it became clearer and clearer that the U.S. Government would not be able to buy back its dollars in gold, it made in 1972-73 an iron-clad arrangement with Saudi Arabia to support the power of the House of Saudi in exchange for accepting "only" U.S. dollars for its oil. The rest of OPEC was to follow suit and also accept only dollars. Because the world had to buy oil from the Arab oil countries, it had a reason to hold dollars as payment for oil. Because the world needed ever increasing quantities of oil at ever increasing oil prices, the world's demand for dollars could only increase. Even though dollars could no longer be exchanged for gold, they were now exchangeable for oil."

"The economic essence of this arrangement was that the dollar was now backed by oil. As long as that was the case, the world had to accumulate increasing amounts of dollars, because they needed those dollars to buy oil. As long as the dollar was the only acceptable payment for oil, its dominance in the world was assured, and the American Empire could continue to tax the rest of the world."

If, for any reason, the dollar lost its oil backing, the American Empire would cease to exist. Thus, Imperial survival dictated that oil be sold only for dollars. It also dictated that oil reserves were spread around various sovereign states that weren't strong enough, politically or militarily, to demand payment for oil in something else. If someone demanded a different payment, he had to be convinced, either by political pressure or military means, to change his mind."

"The man that actually did demand EURO for his oil was Saddam Hussein in 2000. At first, his demand was met with ridicule, later with neglect, but as it became clearer that he meant business, political pressure was exerted to change his mind. When other countries, like Iran, wanted payment in other currencies, most notably EURO and Yen, the danger to the dollar was clear and present, and a punitive action was to order Bush's Shock and Awe in Iraq. The war was not about Saddam's nuclear capabilities, about defending human rights, about spreading democracy, or even seizing oil fields: it was about defending the dollar, the American Empire. It was about setting an example that anyone who demanded payment in currencies other than U.S. dollars would likewise be punished."

"Many have criticized Bush for staging the war in Iraq in order to seize Iraqi oil fields. However, those critics can't explain why Bush would want to seize those fields - he could simply print dollars for nothing and use them to get all the oil in the world that he needs. He must have had some other reason to invade Iraq. Bush must have went into Iraq to defend his Empire. Indeed, this is the case: two months after the United States invaded Iraq, the oil for food program was terminated, the Iraq EURO accounts were switched back to dollars, and oil was sold once again only for U.S. dollars. No longer could the world buy oil from Iraq with EUROs. Global dollar supremacy was once again restored. Bush descended victoriously from a fighter jet and declared the mission accomplished - he had successfully defended the U.S. dollar, and thus the American Empire."

"Now we have the Iranian Oil Bourse. The Iranian government has finally developed the ultimate 'nuclear' weapon that can swiftly destroy the financial system underpinning the American Empire. That weapon is the Iranian Oil Bourse slated to open in March 2006. It will be based on a EURO-oil-trading mechanism that naturally implies payment for oil in EURO. In economics terms, this represents a much greater threat to the hegemony of the dollar than Saddam's because it will allow anyone willing either to buy or sell oil for EURO to transact on the exchange, thus circumventing the U.S. dollar altogether. If so, then it is likely that almost everyone will eagerly adopt this EURO oil system."

"The Europeans will not have to buy and hold dollars in order to secure their payment for oil, but would instead pay with their own currencies. This will benefit the European at the expense of the Americans."

"The Chinese and the Japanese will be especially eager to adopt the new exchange, because it will allow them to drastically lower their enormous dollar reserves and diversify with EUROs, thus protecting themselves against the depreciation of the dollar."

"The Russians have inherent economic interest in adopting the EURO - the bulk of their trade is with European countries, with oil-exporting countries, with China, and with Japan. The Russians seemingly detest holding depreciating dollars, for they have recently found a new religion with gold. Russians have also revived their nationalism, and if embracing the EURO will stab the Americans, they will gladly do it and smugly watch the Americans bleed."

"The Arab oil-exporting countries will eagerly adopt the EURO as a means of diversifying against rising mountains of depreciating dollar. Just like the Russians, their trade is mostly with European countries, and therefore will prefer the European currency both for its stability and for avoiding currency risk, not to mention their jihad against the Infidel Enemy." End of Quote!

That really says a mouthful. Iran is backed by Russia and China. It looks like the world is turning against the U.S. dollar and moving toward the EURO. This means the United States is in crisis. What can we do about that? Hopefully, we can get through this crisis without blowing ourselves up. It's time to stay cool, calm, and collected so we don't add to the energy of violence. If each of us would concentrate on finding peace within it would help the whole world. We need many people manifesting peace to offset all of the violence.

Synchronicity is the Christ energy in action. If your life is flowing, you know you have made it to the higher frequency Earth. Remember, there is a world of light overshadowing this world of darkness. Continue reaching for the higher frequency world.

We are almost at the end of the Bible prophecies. There is hope for the future because the last two chapters of Revelation talk about the new heaven and the new Earth that is fast approaching. Gamma Ray Bursts are helping us transform by bringing much light to Earth. It's time to walk softly on this beautiful planet.

So Be It! I send you my love and blessings!

*** Mahala ***

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 20.01.2008 at 00:17:29

January 2008

Listen to a recent audio recording of Mahala on the radio progam.   This may take a few minutes to load.    

Happy New Year everyone! On New Year's Eve there was a fireworks display here in Seattle that didn't work as planned. At midnight everyone waited for the show to start and nothing happened. We all waited and several minutes later the display started and was very beautiful, although it was out of sync with the music.

This event was very symbolic to me because it has felt like everything is still on hold and nothing has started to move forward yet, probably because Mars is still retrograde.  Like the fireworks, there is a glitch and then everything starts to move forward into the light.

I believe 2008 will be a very exciting year once it gets going and there will be lots of changes on all levels. There will be many Earth changes, political changes and personal changes. This year adds up to ten which is a little different than a one year. Number one always indicates new beginnings but ten has a different meaning. Ten means that we have the number one (ourselves) with the zero (Christ energy) behind it.  This means it is time to manifest our inner power, and stand in our truth. Let's make good use of this energy.

We've just completed a number nine year. I'm sure glad that year is over because it was very challenging for everyone. It was a very fast-paced year with lots of inner and outer changes. Now we have the force with us to go forward with new ideas and new ways of doing things. This year also has an eight (2008) in its number. Eight is known for the energy of money, power, control and business, which also includes financial institutions and the housing market. There could be challenges in all those areas this year. I believe there will also be more challenges with our money system because the bottom has dropped out of the dollar, and many countries are now trading in Euros. The European Common Market has become very powerful with so many countries trading in Euros. Could this be the new money system, for now?

Huge waves of energy have been permeating the Earth from the December planetary alignment and the comet Holmes.  Look how that comet expanded into light in just a few days to become the same size as our Sun, and it kept expanding until it was about three times the size of our Sun. The possibility is now here for us to expand into light and move into a place of joy and happiness. The new energy is here and we have a blank screen in front of us for our new creations.

On February 6 we move into the year of the Rat. The Rat year is supposed to be a year of plenty, bringing opportunity and good prospects. There will be speculation and fluctuations in the stock market and the prices of commodities. The year of the Rat is ruled by the cold of winter and the darkness of night. Those who speculate indiscriminately and overextend themselves will come to a sad reckoning. This will be a happier year for those who have learned how to release negative thoughts from their minds, and replaced them with joy. This will also be the year of many storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.

Speaking of blank screens, that is what I see when I try to see the outcome of our election. However, from my astrological point of view our new president will be either a woman, or a gentle man. I said that on a radio program about five years ago when I was looking forward to the 2008 election. Right now it looks like Barack Obama is taking the United States by storm, although Hillary Clinton is right up there too. According to the chart I got for Obama, he is a Leo, with Scorpio rising, and his moon is 0 degrees Gemini. His node is in Leo, which is where the south node is right now. He was born on August 4, 1961, just 6 months before seven planets lined up in the sign of Aquarius, which ushered in the New Age. He appears to be a very gentle man. Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947, and is a Scorpio who never gives up. I don't have charts for the other candidates yet.

Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn, which also rules business, the housing market, and governments. I'm sure there will be lots of changes in our government starting this year, especially after Pluto, the transformer, moves into Capricorn by the end of this month. Capricorn rules structures and we will see the destruction of many buildings and houses. This could also manifest as the housing crisis that has already started in some states and is expected to get worse this year.  Remember to be compassionate and stay in observation mode this year. Stand in your peace and don't be drawn into the drama.

The major planetary line-up this past month brought lots of changes to us and the Earth. As I am writing this article, the planets are still in alignment by declination and causing all kinds of havoc. Comet Tuttle was close to Earth on January 2, and this added to the misery.  Comets have a bad reputation in our consciousness because they usually bring negative events like assassination of leaders, which of course happened to Benazir Bhutto. The positive aspect of comet Holmes is that it has been sending waves of light and love to Earth. As it was expanding into light, that energy was sent to Earth for our benefit.

In my last article I said that the alignment of planets would cause storms in the Midwest states, including the lower states like Oklahoma, and the plain states. This happened in a big way. The opposite point of that line-up is Pakistan and the energy is also working out there. I said to watch out West Coast. My timing was a little off because I thought the storms would happen when the moon was in Taurus, instead it waited until the moon was in Scorpio (water) and then the storms let loose on California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and surrounding states. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter were still lined-up by declination at that time and the moon triggered them on January 3-4 when the storms started. There were also 3 or 4 earthquakes in the Queen Charlotte Islands with the largest 6.5. There will be many more earthquakes this year all over the world. There were many storms in December and January because Mercury was in the alignment and Mercury rules storms.

Eclipses foretell events to happen.  Last year the eclipses were in Virgo and Pisces. This year there will be a solar eclipse on February 6 on 17 degrees Aquarius. This particular degree rules air, gas and gasoline.  I'm sure we will see the price of gasoline skyrocket. This degree is also associated with explosives and freedom. The north node of the moon (also called the Dragons head) is also going through the sign of Aquarius and I don't see how they will be able to take away our freedom without lots of people rebelling against control.  This energy of rebellion sets the tone for the Chinese new year of the Rat that starts on February 6, 2008, PST.

There will be a lunar eclipse on February 20 at 1 degree Virgo, and then the eclipses move to the polarity of Leo and Aquarius. The Leo eclipses cause the death of famous men, and the scarcity of crops. It also rules the possibility of war, and stirs up the people to rebel. The Aquarius eclipses also cause rebellious action and change in all things. Last year there was a lunar eclipse in August on 4 degrees Virgo, and the eclipsed moon was seen over the West Coast. Shortly after that eclipse there were major fires in San Diego because that city's birth Sun is 4 degrees Virgo. That's how eclipses work.

Now we have Mercury moving into its retrograde position around January 26 through February 22. Mercury can cause things to get mixed up or not turn out right so it's best to be aware of this energy. We started the year with Mars retrograde and opposing Pluto. Mars is very powerful in its retrograde phase because it is closest to Earth at that time.  Mars goes direct on January 30, and will then move into forward motion. It will again oppose Pluto the first week of March as Mars moves into Cancer.  Mars can be a violent planet in opposition to Pluto, so hope the leaders keep their cool and don't start another war. We can use this Mars energy to our benefit by keeping our cool and not getting angry with everyone and everything.

This year will go by very fast because time has speeded up. The higher the Earth moves up in frequency the faster time goes until there is no time. I think that is what the Mayan Calendar is all about, the ending of time. The maximum solar cycle has started and they are expecting it to crest in 2010, 2011, or 2012. This Sun activity will cause many events on Earth and of course the photons hitting our magnetic field will also affect us. As the Sun bursts into light so do we. I also know we are in the new energy NOW because I can feel it.  This means that we have the ability to start creating our life the way we choose to experience it. Let go of the old way of doing things because the old way will not work anymore. Live in the joy of the moment and give thanks for everything. Develop an attitude of gratitude. All is well in my world!   So Be It!

I send you my love.          *****Mahala*****

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Oldi on 20.01.2008 at 00:26:38

Uf spet ena navidezno ne vem kakšna lega vidna samo iz te anše micene zemljice in vse se bo prkucnilo - zaradi milijone svetlobnih let oddaljenih zvesd.  ;D

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 17.03.2008 at 00:48:56

March 2008

Today is March 7, 2008 and we just experienced a new moon with the Sun conjunct Uranus. This planet rules light so start expecting some good changes in your life. We could also focus on creating some good changes for Mother Earth. [b]According to Carl Calleman's work, this is the year of Armageddon. It started in November of 2007 and continues until November 13, 2008. In November of 2008 the Goddess energy will take over and everything will start to flower. He also says that the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28, 2011 which is not very far away. I'm not looking for any drastic events to occur at that time because I believe we are in the changes right now. By the time we reach 2011 or 2012 we should be through the changes and into the period of no time.

Time rules the fourth dimension which we have been going through since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. There are many levels to each dimension. We are now on the higher level of the fourth looking into the fifth. There is no question in my mind that time has speeded up, and it will keep moving faster and faster until we reach no time and then we will be totally in the fifth dimension. The new earth energy of the fifth dimension is already here although we barely feel that vibration. Before long it will become very strong. The fifth dimension is one of joy, happiness, love, and getting along with each other. If you have reached that level you are vibrating to fifth dimension energy.

January and February were very intense months. Hopefully this Spring Equinox will push us into a different energy. Because the fourth dimension relates to the Astral plane there has been much distorted energy appearing on earth. This has been basically the culmination of the psychic mind war that has been occurring on the Astral plane for a long time, and it can focus into the earth plane. The Reptilian controllers rule from the astral plane. They use the technology of holographic insert projected from the Astral Plane to influence human behavior on earth. This can cause distorted realities. I experienced this when there was a forest fire burning out of control at my cabin. I stepped into such a weird reality that I couldn't believe it. I can't really explain it but it was like I had suddenly jumped into an alternative reality. This energy has continued for me since August of 2006. The planets change for me at this new moon so maybe it will also change for other people. Life has been very intense and it's time for a break!

I received an email called 'Urgency in the Cosmic Vacuum' by Lisa at which really relates to what I have experienced. She says, "There is a process underway in the astral layers at this time, which is point blank, one of the most distorted and damaged of all of the time spaces. Hence from dimensional sound wave bleed-through of these current events, humans will be feeling incredible pulsing momentums caused from the grids shifting through these magnetic storms. Earthquakes have increased since we secured the Astral Portal Project which became aligned on February 17th. More earth surface changes are suspected to reverberate through our system as the astral layers shifting will impact our reality. There are extremely powerful intersection points that exchange massive frequencies coming in at the March Equinox, the middle of May and through August. However much is being done to circumvent these magnetic shift impacts during those high risk timelines. Using platinum to protect your energy field and to stabilize your environments is highly suggested."

She goes on to say, "We are now experiencing a timeline collapse on this planet. Those on the Ascension Timeline feel very much as existing within a void space and have no ability to sense directionally what is next as these systems are collapsing. Even future identities and parallel possibilities are collapsing now as they can no longer be energized. The primary project of where this is underway during this phase is the Astral Plane or zero point fields. In accordance with the Law of Harmonics, whatever structure does not resonate to its original blueprint pattern, either self-corrects as it is overridden or it collapses. The collapse of the structure is due to distortions to such degree the integrity of the blueprint has been corrupted."

This energy has been in effect since August of 2006 when Mars was in a 90 degree angle to Pluto. That is also when the Dreamspell glyph 'The Star' appeared in a crop circle in England. This glyph is ruled by the planet Venus. This is the glyph of the Goddess and unconditional love. This crop circle said to everyone 'The Goddess Has Returned'. The 17th Tarot card called 'The Star' is an eight pointed star signifying radiant cosmic energy and is surrounded by seven smaller stars that radiate solar energy. This maiden is eternal youth and beauty. She is Mother Nature and this card represents the Waters of Life flowing freely and perpetually renewing creation.

The controllers have been trying to hold on for dear life but their time is soon over. The Mars/Pluto opposition that has been going on big time since September of 2007 ended at this new moon. Those two planets in opposition rule the negative side of life. It is a very powerful opposition. Now that Mars is moving through Cancer it will energize that sign because Mars rules energy. Pluto is now in Capricorn and this sign rules structures. Because Pluto is the transformer all structures will be changed. If the structure fits the new vibration it will continue but if it doesn't it will be either changed or destroyed. This is why I have been saying it's time for the controllers to go down. Control or manipulation is a negative manifestation of energy.

Capricorn rules the housing market, business, governments, and all structures. Pluto rules change in those areas. Pluto also rules the masses. Have you noticed how Barack Obama creates mass people at his meetings? He is a very magnetic Being and he is also riding the wave of the desire for change. I've had many people say to me that they are very concerned about his safety. Do they realize what they are creating? How about seeing him and his family in a safe environment. Of course, he has the final say in his reality. Whatever he has created for himself will happen and there is not much we can do about that although we can send him positive thoughts of safety. With all of the changes that are occurring who knows how the election will turn out.

Speaking about mass thoughts, how about all the complaints about the cost of oil and gasoline. If we complain about something, that is what we will create. Wouldn't it be better if we just all visualized the cost of gasoline going down to a reasonable price like $2.50 a gallon? That would sure change the economy for the better. The cost of gasoline affects the transportation industry which in turn affects the rest of the economy. We could also work on creating better gas mileage for our own vehicles.

Carl Calleman says that we are in the Mayan fifth night from November 2007 to November 2008. This year will bring the desire to stop wars (which is definitely in effect), and financial problems. Financial challenges are happening to a lot of people right now and also banks. I just heard that the Carlyle Corporation is in a big financial crisis. The Carlyle group includes such people as the Bush family and their controlling friends.[/b]

In the middle of this dark night a wave of love will come to earth in August 2008. This will be the beginning of the fourth world of Galactic energy and will bring all kinds of new energy creations and peace will eventually start to manifest on earth. That sounds good to me. The sixth day starts on November 13, 2008 and goes to November 7, 2009. This will activate goddess energy. Soon we will start using alternative energy sources, the war industry will collapse, we will develop a new health care system, and our economic system will recover. The future looks pretty bright once we get through this negative energy overlap that we have been experiencing. Have a happy Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year!

I send you my love and blessings. ***** Mahala Gayle*****

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 23.07.2008 at 23:48:45

June 2008

Here it is June already and we are fast approaching the new moon and the Summer Solstice. There is an interesting chart for the new moon on June 3. We find four planets (Sun, Venus and moon all conjunct) along with Mercury in Gemini making a nice trine to Neptune and Chiron plus the node in Aquarius. Actually this is a very nice chart. Chiron (the wounded healer) is on 21 degrees Aquarius along with the node. This particular degree means that what has appeared dark can now be turned around for the good. What has happened in your life that can now be changed? On the world scene the controllers are being exposed.

You have probably seen the YouTube by Benjamin Fulford talking about the scalar wars that have been going on big time since the Tsunami on December 26, 2004. If you haven't seen this YouTube you can search it out on Google. The scalar wars are caused by HAARP in Alaska, and one in Russia, which is called SURA. This is located 150 kilometers from the city of Nizhny, Novgorad. Their SURA is as powerful as our HAARP. The Chinese say they can guarantee good weather for the Olympics. Will they be getting help from the Russians to make this good weather? If the Alaska HAARP was used to cause the Chinese earthquake, then watch out USA.

The 13th chapter of Revelation says that a beast arises on earth and is given power over the whole world for 42 months. This beast can bring fire down from heaven to Earth. Isn't that HAARP? Isn't that used to heat up the Ionosphere? These beasts (the controlling bankers) were allowed to make war on the light workers and to conquer them. Don't you feel like you have been walking through a dark tunnel or a false reality since December of 2004? This war has been both on the inside (facing our dark side) and on the outside affecting the whole world.

It looks to me like we have been in a weather/earthquake war for quite a while especially since December of 2004. Do you realize that a time period of three and a half years, or 42 months from December 2004 ends on June 26, 2008? The dark side was given total control of the Earth for that 42 month period of time. Have we reached the turn around time for light workers, or those who have released their dramas? The planets say we have. We have just entered the Stargate of Asklepius. It takes the Earth a period of 16 days to move through this sign so we will be coming out of a black hole birth canal just before the Summer Solstice. There were several planets on 22 degrees at the May full moon. This energy activated our 22 strands of DNA and is allowing us to ascend into our light bodies if we are ready for that experience. Asklepius is ruled by the caduceus which is symbolic of our DNA and the rising of our kundalini. When that rises we become full of light. We are in this process right now.

This major war has been fought on the fourth dimension because this is where we live. This dimension is like the astral plane where everything exists; the good, the bad, and the ugly and this is the home of the controllers. Once we reach the fifth dimension we are out of reach of the controllers and will be able to live in a peaceful world. We're in an ascension cycle which means we are raising our frequency by releasing our dark stuff and reaching for the fifth dimension. Some people are already there and waiting for more people to arrive. When we start living in the NOW (no time) we will have reached this higher dimension.

Wars have been ongoing for as long as I can remember, but this energy has really accelerated in the last few years since HAARP came on-line. The thing about this war is that not many people have been aware that it is even going on, or it is too devastating to think about so they just turn off that information. Nuclear bombs are obsolete. We now have the technology to destroy the whole world with our Star Wars Technology, which is a repeat of Atlantis energy. I don't believe the world will be destroyed because we will ascend out of the fourth dimension into the fifth. I believe the whole world will be in that dimension by 2012 but who knows what will happen on the lower dimension Earth until that time? That's why there are so many prophecies out there and some come true and others don't. It depends on what dimension the prophet is looking into.

The really accelerated time period of Revelation started on September 11, 2001 when the woman (New York City with the statue of liberty) was attacked. This event changed our world dramatically. Then we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and the old Babylon fell. That is talked about in the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation. Now the war is also being fought over the price of oil. This is really affecting the economy big time, and is changing the way people are living. Right now, as I am writing this article, there are demonstrations going on all over the world because of the rise in the price of oil and gas. This is caused by the planet Uranus being in the sign of Pisces, which rules oil and gas. Uranus will be in that sign for another couple of years. Seven years from September of 2001 is September of 2008. We are in the turning point of prophecies. According to the Mayan prophecies, Armageddon is over in November 2008.

Uranus went into Pisces in 2003 and will stay there until 2010, which the Vedic Kali Yuga says is the end of this age. Uranus is the planet of change. It rules wind, storms, tornadoes, lightening, light and technology. Pisces rules water, the ocean, rivers, fish, ships, oil, and gas. The combination of that planet in a water sign has brought many storms and lots of flooding. This will continue as long as Uranus is in Pisces. When Uranus moves into Aries in 2010 it signals a new beginning or a new seven year cycle.

This month the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are moving through the air, wind sign of Gemini. This brings with it lots of storms, particularly over the Midwest states like Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, etc. Pluto has been stationary over that area since Katrina came in and will continue to activate that area. The opposite side of the world is India and they just had a 6.6 quake. When the Sun moves into Cancer at the solstice it will be activating a water sign and Jupiter will be in opposition which will activate the Earth sign of Capricorn. This means there will be more large earth events. The sun was in a perfect aspect to Jupiter over China when their quake happened. That's why I said in my last article that the planets would be activating China and Japan.

I've always looked for what some people call the Rapture. This means to me a rising of consciousness out of the darkness into light. There has been a group of people who have been on the ascension path for a long time and they will finally reach the point where they burst into their light bodies. I believe we are at that point right now or very close to it. I believe we were forced to look at ourselves with a fine toothed comb this past three and a half years. It's like we fell asleep and are just reawakening. It's like we had to have our own space to discover who we really are and so lots of people went into a period of hibernation and lots of groups broke up. I believe it is now time to reconnect with friends and family that we haven't seen for a long time, which includes our friends from space.

I reconnected with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and she told me about going to a class that really set her on a new course of action. The class was about how a trauma that happens to everyone before the age of five sets our course of action for life. When the trauma happened our brain was actually affected and this set us on a certain path. This became our story. Everyone has a different story. My story was that I lived in an unsafe world, so everything became unsafe for me. I became chemically poisoned and the after-effects were that I became chemically sensitive to almost everything. This meant that I could not stay at anyone's house overnight because I would get sick. I couldn't eat certain foods because they were unsafe for me. I had food poisoning three times. Of course my Astrology chart showed all of those events but I didn't know how to overcome them. I tried everything. It was very frustrating.

Now I've learned a new technique. Part of this technique I got from the book The Moses Code by James Twyman, and the other part is from my friend. In the Moses code it talks about breathing in and out the name of God, I am that I am. Becoming part of God is the secret of creating. Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, then all will be given unto you." God said to Moses "I am That I am."  When you breathe out you say I am That and when you breathe in you say I am. This is you talking to God and God answering. First you get yourself into a quiet place and then you breathe. I've been saying to myself as I breathe out, I am That and as I breathe in I say I am totally safe and I live in the Now.  I breathe several times and I will be saying this particular affirmation for 21 days to reprogram my brain. I always give thanks when I am done. You can say anything when you breathe in, like I am radiantly healthy. We all have different wants and needs. To get more information read The Moses Code.

We do live in exciting and interesting times if you can raise yourself above the darkness. The challenge is to become an observer of what goes on around you and not an actor in the play. We need to learn to balance our emotions. The object is to still feel compassion but not emotions that bring us to the verge of trauma. Be silent and know that you are part of God.  Change your story. It's time to create a new one full of love and happiness. So Be It!

Written in love and light!          ********** Mahala Gayle *********

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Post by Petra G. on 23.07.2008 at 23:49:56

pa še julij:

July 2008

I'm writing this article right after the SolarWave Celebration that was held on June 21, 2008. In the past, the summer solstice was known as the celebration of the little people. They like to come out and play on the night of the solstice. They sing, dance, and party all night. I was just thinking, do you think that some of the orbs we see in our photographs could be the little people making themselves known to us?

Judith Moore received information from the 13 grandmothers about a tone that would go out from the galactic center creating the sound harmonic that would shift the Earth into the new dimension on the solstice. She received information that the Time Shift spoken of in the Galactic Mayan calendar would happen on June 21, 2008 when the harmonic overtone was created. One overtone aligns all the galactic suns, solar codes and the One Harmonic of Source.

The tone of love vibrates to 528 hertz. This is the tone that connects us to all of creation. This tone comes from the galactic core and connects to the vibration of our heart. The color of this tone is green which is the color of our heart chakra. This tone can be used to heal your DNA. Check out the music by Jonathan Goldman. His music is very healing. The number 528 adds up to six (5+2=8=15/6). You can also tone the vowels AEIOU. Those letters also add up to six. The Tribe of Levi vibrates to the color green. They are the Priest Scientists that are here to bring in new healing modalities. They are also here to bring in sacred geometry. Most of these people are from the Star System.

Did you know that we all have a diamond core cell in our heart? This cell carries memories of who we are, and connects us to God and all there is. Once we activate this cell we become consciously aware of being connected to all of creation. Inside this cell is a beautiful bright red/pink light. This bright pink light is the mirror image of green, and pink has always been known as the color of love. By touching this love you can open yourself to the universe. This color vibrates to the number 13, and the Tribe of Judah. It is also the Goddess number, and rules the immune system.

The seed of life, which consists of six lilies and seven circles, is the creative mathematics of the universe. The six lilies and seven circles add up to thirteen. Walter Russell talks about the cube. In geometry a cube is a solid with six equal square sides. Crystals are six sided objects and the clear ones are the Christ Vibration in solid form. I think this is why so many people are drawn to crystals.

Our bodies are changing from a carbon base to a crystal base entity. Our bodies consist of cells. A cell membrane encloses a mass of cytoplasm that contains a nucleus and various ultramicroscopic structures. A chromosome is a rod like body formed in the cell during cell division and is the carrier of a gene. A gene is a unit occupying a distinct position on a chromosome and it transmits certain characteristics from parent to offspring.

There is a certain gene that was passed down through the lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdelene that now encompasses one third of the world population through a recessed gene. This is approximately 2 billion plus people. That is a lot of people. I believe this gene is in all Light Workers whether they know it or not. These are the people who came here to overcome fear and to set the course of the world on a new track of oneness. By being aware of this gene you can tune into your Christ Consciousness. I'm not dismissing the rest of the world. Everyone has the diamond Core God cell within their heart and this is what was just activated at this past summer solstice. We have reached the turning point from darkness into light. This means that a lot of us have released our fear, pain, sorrow, and drama and are ready for a new life.

It might not appear like the light has won for a while because Mother Earth still has a lot of challenges to go through. We're in a five month period of time when the deceptive things the dark ones have done for a long time will start to surface big time for all to see. Neptune is the planet that rules deceit on the negative level, and when that planet went retrograde the end of May the energy to uncover the deceitful deeds of the dark became very strong. On a positive level Neptune rules psychic and spiritual energy, it also rules Messiahs.

On the solstice chart Mars was in an exact opposition to Neptune so watch what will be uncovered from this time forward. As the light becomes stronger, the dark falls apart. Neptune was on 24 degrees Aquarius when it was opposed by Mars, and this degree rules danger by water and makes a person ready to fight. Neptune also rules oceans, gas, oil, and ships. No wonder we have had the so-called oil crisis. The positive effect of this crisis makes us want to use an alternative type of energy which can now start to manifest.

Israel is again threatening to go into Iran. There is some very stressful energy coming up the rest of June and July as Mars approaches Saturn. These two planets together rule military or police action. Repressed anger and resentment characterize this energy and can cause a very unsympathetic attitude so conflicts may arise. This energy will be in effect, by declination, for about three weeks in July. Don't become involved in any negative action that may happen. Be an observer and stay in the dimension of love and peace.

In my last article I said that if the Alaska HAARP was used to cause the Chinese earthquake, then watch out USA. Because China and Russia signed a pact, I believe the SURA was used to hype up the storms along the Mississippi River. These storms and flooding caused great economic loss. I also said that the Sun, Venus, and Mercury would be moving through the sign of Gemini which brings storms, and the Pluto line was activated which runs right down the Mississippi River. The Sun was opposing Pluto and the moon conjunct Pluto at the full moon of June. This longitude line is 90 degrees west, and the effects are felt on both sides of that line for several degrees.

Now Pluto is retrograde back into Sagittarius until November 26, 2008. Sagittarius rules the banking system and they are in big trouble. We just heard about the arrest of over 400 people who were involved with the downfall of Bear Stearns. This came out into the open because the top men of this bank were arrested for mortgage fraud. We will hear about many more events that have been covered up in the mortgage fiasco as time goes on. Then Dennis Kucinich set the process of impeachment before the house. He named 35 articles of impeachment against our president. I will write on the upcoming election later.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will now be crossing the East coast so that area will be under pressure for awhile. Probably more storms and flooding are on the way. Hurricane season may start a little early this year and there will be some large ones I am sure. We will be having a very active summer this year with weird weather all over the world. It will be a long hot summer in places where heat is a normal experience.

We have reached the point of no return. We are in the change. It's time to manifest love in our hearts and to live in peace and happiness no matter what happens on Earth. I am That - I am! So Be It!

I am now writing for a new magazine called "The Wonder of You". Check out their web site at:

Written in love and light! ********** Mahala Gayle *********

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A partial eclipse of the Moon will take place on August 16. The entire eclipse will be visible in most of Europe and Africa, and partially visible in South America and Australia. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon. Eclipses always come in pairs, and this eclipse follows the dramatic solar eclipse of August 1.

Eclipses are like big exclamation points and since this eclipse is in Aquarius, a sign that is focused on the workings of the larger group or community, expect confusing leadership situations, power struggles and sharp words. In addition to the heightened emotions of this full Moon, an active pattern of planetary aspects also adds drama to this eclipse. The placement of Aquarius in your personal chart will define how it impacts your life over the next five months.

If Aquarius is in your First or Seventh House, the eclipse will signal a period of personal development and growth. And if Aquarius is in your Seventh House, the focus will be on growth and development in your relationships.

An eclipse in the Second House will always make you more aware of your attachments: the things that you believe that you cannot survive without. But an eclipse in the Eighth House highlights your responsibilities to others: both physically and emotionally.

When occurring in the Third House, you will be forced to confront fears and your communication style. And in the Ninth House, you will be forced to consider the bigger picture of your life. How do you want to grow and expand?

In the Fifth or Eleventh House, the focus on the next five months will be on issues of individual expression and group participation. In the Fifth House, the eclipse will stir up the creative urge, or represent changes in relationships with children or with casual romances. Eclipses in the Eleventh House can often indicate changes in relationships with our peers and friends.

If Aquarius occupies your Sixth or Twelfth House, the focus over the next five months will be on your health -- both physical and spiritual. Eclipses in the Sixth House often make you aware of your physical needs and illness, while in the Twelfth House, they highlight religious or spiritual needs.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
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Planet Alert

November/December 2008

by Mahala - click here for more about Mahala

I was going to write an article for November about the upcoming election but God had other plans for me. I ended up in the hospital emergency room on October 15 with massive internal bleeding. The doctor put me in the hospital for two days so they could find out what was wrong with me. They ran all kinds of tests on me and couldn't find anything wrong. I'm fine now but it has taken me a while to get my energy back.

In my last article I talked about a possible UFO sighting in October. A large ship was predicted to hover for three days, possibly over Alabama on October 13-14-15. This did not happen and I wondered what that was all about. I did receive numerous emails and videos of ships seen all over the world at that particular time, so something happened. I received an article that was channeled by Kryon about October 14. In this article it said that those on the other side had been expecting a large world wide earthquake around that time period. In the past, every large consciousness shift was accompanied by a large earth event. This is apparently the first time a major consciousness shift has happened without a large earth event.

A friend of mine was informed by a psychic that there would be an anomaly over Seattle on October 15 at 3:00 PM. She called me a little after 3:00 and said look at the sun - it is blue. I did look at the sun for a couple of seconds and it was a gorgeous blue. (I don't recommend looking at the sun in the afternoon.) The inside of the sun was a beautiful blue and the rim was an intense electric royal blue. There was also a green aura around the sun. I've never seen a blue sun before, have you? Then three hours later I ended up in the emergency room. Something happened, at least to me.

I believe we went through a consciousness shift at that time. I know I did because I look at life a lot differently than before I went to the hospital. My thinking has changed. It's like the old stuff is gone, and I look forward to the future. This consciousness shift gives us an opportunity to look at events in a different way. We need to change our thoughts about life. How can we create something new for ourselves when we continue to think the same way we have always thought? Don't our thoughts create? When we think a thought it activates our emotions (energy in motion) and then comes the event we thought about. To get your emotions under control you need to change your thoughts. First there are thoughts - then emotions - then physical reality. To change your life, change your thoughts!  It's as simple as that. It also helps to change your attitude.

At the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987 we jumped a time line into a higher frequency called the fourth dimension. Was anyone aware that our consciousness caused this shift at that time? It wasn't until later that things started to happen on earth that had not happened here before. More people started seeing ghosts big time, they saw shadow people, and lots more space ships. These things were here before but most people could not see them so they did not exist in their reality. The whole psychic reality of the fourth dimension opened up with a vengeance. This is also the reality where the controllers exist so that also came to the foreground. We began to see that we lived in a reality of control and didn't much like that. This became the war between the light and the dark. Isn't it time to let go of that reality and move into a higher frequency where those things do not exist. Now we see Orbs. They are obviously from a higher dimension.

We now have the ability to move into what the earth calls the fifth dimension and stay there. Some people have been moving back and forth between realities. It's now our choice if we want to stay in the fifth. Look at what happened at our election. I felt a wave of hope and love move around the world on the night of November 4, 2008. Let's keep that wave going. To do that we need to see the world the way we choose to experience it. Please don't let negative thoughts creep in to change that energy. We're at the beginning of a whole new era of life. Sure, there will still be challenges to go through but they can be solved if we work together. United we stand, divided we fall. The Orbs were very happy about Barack Obama being elected president. Have you seen the pictures of the celebrations after the election? The pictures are full of Orbs? That is awesome!

We finished the Mayan year of Armageddon on November 11, 2008 (11-11), and what a year this has been. Many people experienced their own Armageddon by losing their jobs, money, business, partnerships, or possibly the death of someone close to them. We entered the Mayan year of the Goddess (feminine energy) on November 12, 2008. The Dreamspell glyph for that day is called Lamat or The Star. Lamat is a springboard that can literally shift your idea of self to a more expanded view point. It is also the harmony that unites all things. The Star has the ability to draw on love to prune away the disharmony in life's experiences. This is the glyph that appeared in England in August of 2006. There have been a couple other Goddess symbols that have appeared in crop circles recently. On July 27, 2008 an actual picture of a Goddess appeared. A number eight crop circle also appeared in England recently and eight is the number of the Goddess or The Star.

To me Barack Obama carries a soft, gentle feminine energy. He is very strong and yet he is gentle. Look at how he treats his wife and children. I must admit that I had misgivings at first. The fact that so many people were just mesmerized by him bothered me a bit. I thought - does he have everyone hypnotized? Then I did his Astrology chart - particularly his Edgar Cayce Past Life reading and here are some quotes from that reading.

He is a very unusual, highly intuitive and psychic individual. He is one whom others may be greatly benefitted by their contact with him. High ennobling qualities are his from his soul journey in the Jupiter sphere between lives. In his past life he has held positions of prominence, most likely on a high, history-making level as a spiritual leader, or politician.

He would be very successful in management, administration, economics and politics. High and ennobling conditions are his criteria in every thing his does. He has considerable capacity to counsel others in the use of their financial resources and investments. This same aspect gives him the ability for careful study of investments, followed by prudent action. Coming from his past life of service to others, he may guide and direct many souls this lifetime. His mental-emotional harmony together with his powerful intellect gives him an extraordinary capacity to communicate his ideas to others. These communication skills, together with his alert mind, interesting conversation and sharpness of perception, all combine to make him a natural leader.

According to the Chinese calendar the year 2009 is the Year of the Ox, and it starts on January 26, 2009, right after the Inauguration. Barack Obama was born in the year of the Ox. A person born during the Year of the Ox will be dependable, calm, and methodical. The Ox person will be entrusted with positions of authority and responsibility. He will not fall short where duty calls. In times of turmoil, his presence of mind, refusal to be intimidated and innate self-confidence will restore order. He walks with his head held high. You can rely on his promises; once he gives his word, he will stick by it. Those are the characteristics of our new president.

Last year was the year of the Rat, which is ruled by Sagittarius and is why the banking system came to a crisis. Pluto went into the sign of Capricorn the first few months of 2008 and the housing mess came out into the open. Then Pluto went retrograde back into Sagittarius and the banking system went into crisis. In January of last year I said there would be speculation and fluctuations in the prices of commodities and the stock market, and those who speculated indiscriminately and overextended themselves would come to a sad reckoning. This has happened.

The Year of the Ox is ruled by Capricorn, and the planet Saturn which rules business, governments, the housing market, and structures. Pluto goes into Capricorn this month to stay for several years, and will continue the transformation process of those things ruled by Capricorn. The year of the Ox will be much different than the year of the Rat. We will feel the yoke of responsibility coming down on us this year. The Ox sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. Every day we hear talk of people losing their jobs. What will they do? How will they survive? These are the things we have to deal with now and in the year to come.

Now, what are the planets doing? The full moon of December 12, 2008 looks very awesome to me. Be prepared for the unexpected. There is an almost perfect cross in the heavens in the mutable signs, which is considered the feminine cross. This full moon is also on the day of the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is considered The Virgin Mary and is very highly honored in Mexico. She is also considered the image of the Woman of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation. This woman is arrayed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. On December 12 the sun will be on 21 degrees Sagittarius, and Mars is conjunct at 19 degrees, Uranus is 18 degrees Pisces, Saturn is 21 Virgo and the moon is 21 Gemini. What an activation of feminine energy.

This planetary aspect will be affecting the United States very harshly because the moon will be exactly on top of the United States Mars, and squaring all those other planets. George Bush's node is on 20 degrees Gemini conjunct Uranus on 19 degrees. Mars will be opposing that aspect at this full moon. This energy could take him suddenly out of power, or he could make a sudden military move, although it will more likely work against him. This degree (20 Gemini) gives military honor, and also danger of sudden dishonor. This node activation could also bring death, violence or arrest. The Sun/Mars conjunction, making an aspect to Uranus is a very explosive energy. This is the energy that causes revolutions. It brings fires, violence, and revolutionary action because it gives the desire for freedom at any cost. It causes conflict over money and the banking systems, so it looks like there will be more money challenges.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 08.12.2008 at 17:38:06

Saturn will be conjunct Neptune in the United States chart. The energy from this conjunction is one of fear and anxiety. Brooding and self-pity should be avoided. There will be uncertainties in business, partnerships, and in family affairs. Public disgrace and scandal may arise. This energy will be felt by all.

This full moon will be activating Barack Obama's chart very strongly. Saturn is conjunct his Mars. This energy gives him a time of heavy work and responsibility, which requires organized action. This means that he can produce practical results. The square to his Mars from Uranus is what concerns me. Large scale forces beyond his control may suddenly disrupt the affairs of his life. If he keeps his cool he should be able to handle this energy all right.

The parts of the world that will be affected by this cross are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe, the South Pacific, the Midwest states, and the states along the Mississippi River. At the same time this cross is in the heavens, Mercury and Pluto are conjunct over the New Madrid fault. This could bring storms, flooding, earthquakes, or both. This is a very powerful chart. It may also affect the West Coast of America.

The energy from this planetary cross will be in effect for about a week before the full moon, and about two weeks after. We will soon start to feel this energy. What energy to have in effect right before Christmas. Just remember - we as a group consciousness create our world reality. We as an individual create our personal reality. All is Well in My World! I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season. Enjoy the company of your friends and family, give thanks for all your blessings and stay cool, calm, and collected.

So Be It!          I send you my love!               *****Mahala*****

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Planet Alert

February 2009

It's February already. Where did January go? Time is just flying by. We had the Inauguration of a new President on January 20, and what an occasion that was. Did you see all the people that showed up for that event? I saw a picture of the Capital building with thousands of people in front of it. This is an awesome event because the Capital is a Stargate to a higher dimension. William Henry has done a lot of research on that subject. He has interpreted all the symbols in the Capital building. If you are interested in his research work type into your search engine.

Washington D.C. lines up with the star Sirius in the heavens. This means that the capitol building is the Sirian Stargate. The Sun was lined up with Sirius on July 4, 1776 when The Declaration of Independence was signed. The Egyptians start their New Year in July around the twenty third when Sirius is rising in the heavens. The symbology of the Egyptians is found in the layout of Washington D.C. and it is also found on our dollar bill. I was in Washington D.C four years ago just after the Sirian Stargate had opened. I was sight-seeing on the Mall and felt love energy just pouring into that area. I thought; am I the only one feeling this energy? I felt it the whole nine days I was there and it was wonderful. I knew at that time this energy would change our government but it would take awhile. First of all the corruption had to be brought to the surface for everyone to see. This is what has brought the desire for change. It has taken awhile but the change is now here. Only a very highly progressed loving Being can now be head of our government.

I know there is mass unemployment, and many people have lost their jobs and their houses. This is very hard for those who are experiencing that energy, but I don't believe this will bring our country down. We are just experiencing change because the old ways of doing things has to be changed for the new to come in. The name Jerusalem has USA written in the middle of it. I think God has great plans for our country. We are the land of the free and have been a leader to the rest of the world for a long time. I believe this will continue to occur, although for this to happen we all need to create the world we wish to live in. United we Stand (in thought) Divided we fall.

There is so much bad news on the TV that we need to counter this energy by creating what we choose to experience. We need a new money system that is more equitable, and this is why the old one is crumbling. Stay out of fear as this happens. Become an observer, not an actor. Unite in thought with all those in the world who choose to create a new reality. Maybe we should have a day of no TV or Radio. Turn off the negative vibes and see what happens. We could even make it a holiday.

There are many people who say we are moving into a totally controlled world. I believe we have already been there for several years and we have finally awakened to the fact that we have been controlled and are ready to be free. The planets say freedom right now! What could be a more freedom oriented sign than Aquarius? Think back to February of 1962 when seven planets lined-up in the sign of Aquarius. What kind of energy came in during the sixties? It was a very rebellious energy. There were many demonstrations during that time period because people wanted their freedom.

Now, in the early morning of February 12 we start the new Aquarius alignment. This is when the Moon moves into Libra (7th house). This alignment culminates around 6:00 AM on February 14, which is Valentines Day. There will be five planets in Aquarius, plus the node. During this time period Jupiter will align with Mars in Aquarius and the moon will be in the 7th house.

Remember the song Aquarius. "When the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars than peace will guide the planet, and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius. Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derisions. Golden living dreams of visions, mystic crystal revelation, and the mind's true liberation. Aquarius! Aquarius! As our hearts go beating through the night, we dance into the dawn of day. To be the bearers of the water, our light will lead the way. We are the spirit of the Age of Aquarius." When the planets lined up in 1962 the moon was not in the 7th house. In this alignment the moon will be in the 7th house. The year 1962 brought in the first inkling of the new age and now it is ready to mature.

In the Mayan Calendar, the way Carl Callaman interprets it, we are in the year of the Goddess energy which started on November 12, 2008. On that day the Dreamspell glyph was The Star. For those of you who have Tarot cards look up the 17th card called 'The Star'. This card has a picture of a women pouring water from a pitcher into a little pond. This is the same symbol that has been known for a long time as the symbol of the sign Aquarius, even though Aquarius is an air sign and I think it should have a symbol of a bird like it does in the Stone Zodiac on the Salisbury Plain. Incidentally, a crop circle of The Mayan Star glyph appeared in England in August of 2006. The Goddess energy has arrived and we now have a new president who is very soft and gentle in his ways but also firm and able to hold his ground.

There was a solar eclipse on January 25, 2009 with five planets plus the node in Aquarius. This eclipse symbolized the beginning of a new era. The Sun and Moon were on the degree of "A Child is seen being born out of an egg. The ancient symbolism of the Cosmic Egg out of which a new universe is born can be interpreted at several levels. Here we see the appearance of a new type of human being who is not born from 'Ancestors' and who therefore are free from the inertia of mankind's past. He is a new product of evolution, a mutant. He constitutes a fresh projection of the creative Spirit that emanates from the cosmic or planetary Whole, and not from any local culture and racial tradition." (Taken from the book 'An Astrological Mandela.')

This eclipse could bring forward some Earth challenges - one of which is the huge storm that is covering a large part of the United States as I write this article. Aquarius is an air sign and rules storms such as wind, rain, snow, and then flooding. It also rules electricity and power outages. Then there will be a lunar eclipse on February 9th. This means there will probably be more storms in various parts of the world.

Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius, also rules light and space ships. Maybe there will be more sightings of UFOs or maybe even contact for some people. Who knows? Time will tell. The sign of Aquarius also rules the ankles. Pluto is in Capricorn, which rules the knees. Uranus is in Pisces, which rules the feet. There is a lot of knee, ankle, and foot pain going around. And of course Saturn is in Virgo which rules the intestines. Have you experienced any of that pain?

With Pluto in Capricorn we are seeing a real transformation of our governing systems. There is also a revolution going on in the business world. This will continue for a long time. Maybe we will see communities spring up all over the place with many small businesses. Many new inventions will spring up leading us into a new way of life. There are so many people being laid off that they will have to create a new way of doing things. Hopefully, there won't be violent riots. I am hoping this will be a peaceful revolution, and revolution is what we are definitely going through.

What we think and feel is so important right now. We are co-creators with God and it's time we acknowledge our own power and use it for the good. Don't let fear or negativity get you down. If you start to feel that way exercise, play music, call on the angels to help you, or do whatever it takes to change your attitude. This can be a great year if we create it as such.               So Be It!      I send you my love!

                                      *****Mahala Gayle *****

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Planet Alert - May 2009 w/ Mahala
Jun 5, 2009 - 10:17:02 AM

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According to the Mayan prophecies the time of the nine hells started on June 7, 2000. Does this mean the nine hells are over on June 7, 2009? This full moon is on June 7. Maybe a major event will happen that will affect everyone. Time will tell!

I send my greetings to all of you from the beautiful city of Seattle. It's June 4, and the Sun is out in all its glory. Summer is here! My article is a little late this month because I am having a hard time keeping up with myself. Time just disappears into the ethers and then I wonder where the day has gone. Do any of you have the same thing happening? Soon we will be in the time of no time, isn't that exciting?

The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron (which has been in effect for a while) is over Korea, and Mars is moving to oppose that conjunction right now. This means there is a crisis building in that country. The US and China are not happy with what North Korea is doing. The North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has already tested a nuclear bomb and in his hands this power could be disastrous. Mars will be opposing this conjunction all month, by declination, so that energy will be in effect for a while. Tempers may flare as this energy manifests. Mars opposing Jupiter means troop movements or a war type vibration.

Mars is in the sign of Taurus which rules money. Mars will stay in Taurus until July 11, 2009. Mars and Jupiter opposing each other may also create challenges with money like the banking system crisis, or the crisis so many people are going through right now with the loss of their jobs and financial support. I also feel there is something going on behind the scenes with the bankers that is about to surface although I don't know exactly what is happening.

There are military exercises going on in Israel right now. They started as soon as Mars moved into Taurus because that sign affects Israel. It is so interesting to watch the energy of the planets in action. The hard part is trying to figure out how the events will manifest because man has free-will. Because so many people are awake, mass consciousness can change a lot of events that were scheduled to occur. With Mars energy over Israel it is possible that this energy could also work into a crisis for that area?

In my last article I said there would be a major focus on either the Middle East or the west coast in May. There were major fires on the coast and there was a major event in Israel with the visit of Pope Benedict to the holy land. The third prophecy of Fatima stated that the Pope would go to Israel, walk up the hill to the Dome of the Rock, and be killed. He went to Israel, stood on the holy ground with thousands of people with him, and was NOT killed. I believe mass consciousness changed that prophecy so the event happened without harm. I was impressed to look in the Bible at the 14th chapter of Revelation, and information came to me. I realized that Pope Benedict had just fulfilled the prophecy in that chapter.

In chapter 14 it says, "Then I saw a lamb (a non-violent person - Pope Benedict) standing on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and with him were 144,000 (there were thousands of people there) who had his name and his father's name written on their foreheads (third eye). And I heard a sound from heaven like the roaring of a great waterfall or the rolling of mighty thunder. It was the singing of a choir accompanied by harps."

People have interpreted the lamb as Jesus but the meaning of a lamb is a gentle non-violent person. With that idea in mind, the Pope fulfilled this prophecy. There were thousands of people with him when he visited the Dome of the Rock - the site where The Temple of Solomon originally stood. Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News said on Coast to Coast last April that she listened to the speech given by the Pope at the Easter ceremony of 2008 and her interpretation of the speech was that the Pope was basically talking about throwing out the money changers who have controlled Earth for so long. Is this control about to change?

There has been a major challenge going on behind the scenes between the New World Order bankers and the order of the Templars. The agenda of the Templars is entirely different than the agenda of New World Order. The Templars were the ones who were in charge of the treasures of Solomon and they were also in charge of taking care of the Holy Grail masters, or the lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdelene. There are many Templars working behind the scenes to disintegrate the plan of the One World Order.

The Templars have tremendous financial backing with all the gold they have been in charge of for so many years. What the Pope said at his Easter service may indicate that he is connected with the Templar order, behind the scenes of course. One year after his Easter speech, there were tremendous earthquakes just outside of Rome that totally destroyed the country-side. Were these quakes caused by the dark ones who play with the
Haarp? Were they saying to the Pope - you better watch what you say because we are in charge.

Revelation goes on to say, "This tremendous choir - 144,000 strong - sang a wonderful new song (frequency) in front of the throne of God (temple mount) and no one could sing this song except the 144,000 (Symbolic number) who had been redeemed from the earth. This is referring to spiritual people who worship the God spark that is within everyone. They are the ones who will start manifesting Christ Consciousness on Earth. Do you know what the word redeemed means? The dictionary states it to mean the forgiveness of sins, freedom from the law's curse, adoption into God's family, deliverance from bondage, peace with God, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I'm all for that - it's about time.

The 14th chapter goes on to say, "Love God, and extol his greatness. For the time has come when he will sit as Judge. (In other words, the change is here). Worship him who made the heaven and the earth, the sea and all its sources." Then another angel followed him saying," Babylon, Babylon (Iraq) the great has fallen. Then another angel followed them shouting, anyone worshiping the beast and accepting his mark on the forehead or the hand will drink the wine of the anger of God." Aren't we at the time period where some people will start taking the mark of the beast? It appears that way. This is not good news for those who choose to be marked because they will stay on the old energy Earth instead of moving forward into the high frequency Earth.

"And I heard a voice in the heavens above me saying, "Write this down; at last the time has come for his martyrs to enter into their full reward. Yes, says the spirit, they are blest indeed, for now they shall rest from all their toils and trials; for their good deeds follow them to heaven!" Then the scene changed and I saw a white cloud, and someone was sitting on it that looked like Jesus, who was called "The son of man" with a crown of gold upon his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. He begins to use the sickle for the harvest time has come."

Many people are waiting for December 21, 2012 for the turning point. I think we have reached it now! After the Summer Solstice of June 21, the energy will be right for manifesting the New Earth. This will be our new job. It's time to live in love and joy and just be who we are. The New Earth is like a blank screen where we will be able to create whatever we want to experience. Our thoughts are very powerful - what you think is what you will create.

You cannot control anything in the new energy. Hopefully we have learned that lesson well. The controllers will not be able to control us anymore because the energy will not let that happen. In other words we have had Divine intervention by the manifesting of this high frequency energy that is here now. All we have to do is learn how to create with this new energy.

I think there are many things going on behind the scenes. It appears really dark right now but it's always darkest before the dawn and I believe we are at the dawn of a wonderful new age. The dark has reached the end of their reign and are about to fall because they will not be able to handle the frequency. There are a lot of good people in the government right now who are working behind the scenes and when the time is right I think they will come forward and manifest a government of light with Barack Obama as their leader. So Be It!
I send you my love and blessings!

*****Mahala Gayle***** Web site

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Planet Alert November 2009 w/ Mahala Gayle
By Mahala Gayle
Nov 2, 2009 - 10:12:30 AM

Halloween has come and gone. I planned on writing my article sooner but I had computer problems. The veil is very thin around Earth at this time of year because this holiday lines up with a black hole on seven degrees Scorpio. Every year this doorway to the stars opens and we have closer contact with those on the other side of the veil. This doorway stays open for a few days as we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2, which is also the full moon of this month.

The 13th sign of the zodiac is called Asclepius and is visible this time of year. If you look at a map of the elliptic you will see that the man/woman holding the snake has one foot on the elliptic at the time of Halloween and the second foot between November 30 to December 16 when a solar wind comes to Earth from that sign.

The Hopi celebrate Spider Woman as their creator Goddess. This is why Halloween has the symbol of a spider. The true meaning of Halloween has been hidden. It is actually the holiday celebrating our creator Goddess, Spider Woman. The pumpkin of course represents the Harvest. In the story of Cinderella, it represents the changing of a woman from rags to riches and Cinderella becomes a beautiful shining light. This is what is upon us right now for those who are ready. They are about to turn into beautiful beacons of light.

I received an email of a channeling from Metatron by Lauren C. Gorgo which said "In the light of the next full moon (November 2) there will be a changing of the guard. This change will commence as a result of new galactic and interstellar alignments that will precede the entrance of a new cycle," There is a major alignment in force right now as I am writing this article. The planet Saturn has moved out of Virgo into Libra and is on one degree Libra at this time. Pluto on 1 degree Capricorn makes a perfect 90 degree angle to Saturn. Pluto square Saturn brings up challenges with economic, political, and professional power struggles. This is the time corruption and dishonesty will come to the foreground. Any attempts to use dishonorable means to obtain personal advantage can result in damage to a person's career or reputation. Much stuff will surface to be looked at and released.

At this time Saturn lines up with a black hole in space that holds twenty-seven galaxies in place, which includes the Milky Way. This is a huge black hole (great great central sun) and it focuses into England and the holy land of Glastonbury. Have you read the book "The Mists of Avalon?" When things got too bad on Earth, Avalon disappeared into the mist, or went into a higher dimension. Haven't you wondered why the Da Vinci Code and the Holy Grail became so popular on Earth? It's because France, England, and Scotland were the lands of the Holy family and Goddess energy. It was considered Camelot, the place of higher teachings. It was considered very holy because of all the energy pouring into the sacred sites from the great great central sun. Most of the crop circles appear in that area because of the energy that is focused there.

Unfortunately, the dark side took over that area and placed The World Bank in London, a military base close by, and cameras all over England to spy on the people. This control is about to change because of the planetary alignment that is taking place right now. The controllers are in for a surprise because they are about to go down fast. Saturn rules structures and control and Pluto rules transformation.

I took my two younger grandchildren to see the latest Harry Potter Movie. The setting for this movie is England. I found it very interesting. I read most of the books a while ago to see what the attraction was in those books that made them such a huge best seller. I didn't read the 7th book until after I saw the movie. This book mirrors what is going on right now. It is about the war between the light and the dark and the final scene is where one group (the light beings) say, enough is enough and start fighting the dark ones with their magic wands. The dark lord has taken over the town and the school and it is totally under his control. Then the light ones decide they have had enough and start to fight. The battle goes on but the outcome is up to Harry Potter. He has to stand up to the dark lord and face him face to face. Harry decides that he will stand in his power of love and when they come face to face they both send their power at each other and the energy sent by the dark Lord goes back to him and he is destroyed. Then all the people get to live in peace and harmony. Negativity destroys itself. We do not need to fight. We need to stand in our power.

Let's go back to the changing of the guard. Maybe this means that from this time forward there will be balance between male and female energy. In other words we will learn how to balance our brains so we can become neutral and that is where the power is. Won't that be nice? Libra does rule balance, and Aries, the opposite sign rules the brain. Our brains are being rewired right now and our brain centers are being activated. We can help with this activation by using pure oils in aromatherapy. The smells go into our Limbic system and from there activate the Amgydala part of the brain and the Pineal gland. If you know someone who works with the living oils you could ask them which ones to use. When our Amygdala is activated, we will be able to connect with our own Divinity. In other words we will be able to manifest Christ Consciousness.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 05.11.2009 at 11:05:27

I receive many emails that I consider negative that portray a very dark future for mankind. I know what is going on in our world but the dark is about to crumble because the planets say so. The dark is holding on real tight and sending out lots of scare tactics to bring us off balance. This is the time when we really need to keep our balance within and to hold the light. Don't get caught in the negativity. I know that is hard to do if you have lost your job, have no money, and cannot see a way out of your dilemma. It's very hard to stay centered when something like that is going on in your life. Something we could do is send love and light to our leaders instead of criticizing them and then watch what happens. We might be pleasantly surprised.

We are about to enter the Sixth night in the Mayan Calendar on November 8, 2009. Carl Callaman says in his recent article that we will, in this coming night, be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. I like that! He also says that the birth will be very traumatic. We also have the 11-11-11 this month, which is a major opening to higher consciousness.

I'm concerned about the energy coming in this full moon, and around the time of the New Moon on November 16, 2009. At that time the Sun, Moon, and Mercury will be over the West Coast in a water sign, and Pluto is square Saturn in Earth and Air signs. This means there could be a large earthquake in the Pacific Ocean that causes a tidal wave on the coast. The asteroid Nemesis is on 3 degrees Cancer in almost exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Nemesis tends to stir things up a bit. Maybe we could send some light to disperse some of that energy. I have a feeling a large event is on the horizon.

I live on a hill in Seattle but the valley down the hill from me is in danger of flooding. The Howard Hansen Dam, that holds back the water in the Green River, was damaged in the flood we had here this past January. It has not been fixed and they say it will take a few years to repair the dam. There are 30,000 people in this valley that would be in danger if a flood came. I've been seeing the dam surrounded in the White Christ Light. The White Christ Light contains all colors in balance, and is also the color of Goddess light. It is a beautiful shimmering white light with gold and silver specks in it. I would appreciate some help in keeping that dam in the light during the rainy season.

We do live in interesting times. I don't remember anyone saying the Ascension process would be this hard. I guess the outcome will be worth the trauma we have all gone through. Hang in there because we are in the home stretch. I look forward to the New Earth as promised in the Book of Revelation. Focus on the larger picture, not on all the negativity that is out there right now. It's always darkest before the dawn. Manifest peace and love in your heart and stand in your power. All is well in my world! So Be It! I send you my love.

                                              Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!                  *****Mahala Gayle *****

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Planet Alert Newsletter January 2010 w/ Mahala Gayle

By Mahala Gayle
Jan 3, 2010 - 9:44:58 AM

Happy New Year, and what a year this will be. It's full of potential for new beginnings. It's a number 10 year (2010), and it's also a 2+1 = 3 year. The number 10 gives the opportunity for new experiences.

What we think and believe is what we create, and this year it is very important to think good thoughts because the frequency of Earth is so high that things now manifest almost instantly.
The number three rules social life and travel.

We ended 2009 with a full moon partial lunar eclipse on December 31, and will end 2010 with a total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010. This will happen at the time of the Winter Solstice. This is when the Sun and Mercury will line up with the Galactic Center. Wow! What an eclipse that will be. Kali Yuga information (Vedic Astrology) says the great cycle will end in 2010, not 2011 or 2012. Who is right?

On February 14 we enter into the year of the Metal Tiger. This year will be ruled by the planet Uranus, which is considered the planet of change. The tiger symbolizes power, passion and daring. The Metal Tiger is bound to be active, aggressive and passionate. Problems will be solved in a direct or even a radical way. The Tiger is sudden, unorthodox and drastic in his actions. This particular Tiger is easily stirred by both good and bad influences and will tend to act independently because he hates having his freedom curtailed. The fiery heat of the Tiger's year will touch everyone's life. In spite of its negative aspects, we must realize that it could have a cleansing effect.

Last year we were in the year of the Ox, which was ruled by Saturn the tester. This brought a year of many challenges on many different levels. This year will be ruled by Uranus which is considered the planet of strikes, revolutions, upheavals and change. It will be a very fast-paced year with totally unexpected events happening all over the world. Uranus has been going through the sign of Pisces since March of 2003, which is when we attacked Iraq. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is also a water sign. The Bible says that the end of the cycle will come with floods. Look at all the major storms and flooding there has been since 2003, and water will continue to cleanse the Earth for a while.

On May 28 Uranus will move into the fire sign Aries and will stay there until August 13, 2010. Then it will retrograde back into Pisces for a few months before it goes into Aries to stay for seven years. It takes approximately 84 years for Uranus to move through the zodiac. The last time Uranus went into Aries was in 1927. Shortly after that year the Stock Market crashed and a new era began. Will we again see more problems with our economy, or will it work out in a different way? The Earth is on a higher frequency now than it was in 1927. This could be the year when new inventions that have been held back will start coming out into the public. This could be pertaining to free energy devices, electric cars, new healing modalities, or anything else that is new or technical.

Jupiter will move into Pisces on January 18, 2010 where it will stay for approximately one year. This means that both Jupiter and Uranus will be in Pisces for the first few months of 2010, so look for more large water events in various parts of the world. Uranus has been affecting England and the South Pacific. When Uranus moves into Aries we will start seeing more events in Hawaii and Alaska. Jupiter will move into Aries from June 6 to September 9, 2010, and then it will retrograde back into Pisces for the rest of the year. Mars will stay in the hot fiery sign of Leo until June of 2010, so watch your temper, and Mercury is retrograde this month.

Saturn was in Virgo, the sign that rules health issues, the last couple of years and many people had health challenges as that planet went through Virgo. We had a flu pandemic and the House and Senate both voted for a new health care system here in the United States. Saturn will retrograde back into Virgo on April 7, and stay there until July 21, 2010. This will give our congressmen time to fine tune the Health Care Bill if they haven't finished it by that time.

Then Saturn will move into Libra to stay for the next two and a half years. This is an entirely different vibration. Libra rules lawyers, courts of law, the justice system, foreign policies and trade, and social consciousness of the people. I think that the people who have been trying to control us for so long will finally see their day in court.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 05.01.2010 at 01:52:49

We start 2010 with a lunar eclipse on ten degrees Cancer with the Sun in Capricorn, both are cardinal signs. This means there will be many changes in the year to come. It is better to go with the flow then to fight events as these changes continue to happen. Being the United States astrological chart has the Sun on 13 degrees Cancer there will be lots of changes in our government that will start at the beginning of this year.

There were many people expecting Barack Obama to sign away our freedom at the global warming summit in Copenhagen in December. This did not happen because the meeting kind of fell apart. I don't believe we are causing Global Warming. We have totally polluted our world and this needs to be cleaned up, but the warming is caused by something else because all the planets in our solar system have heated up. I have a book called Global Tyranny Step by Step by William F. Jasper that was printed in December of 1992. It's about the United Nations and the Emerging New World Order. If the treaty was not signed, doesn't that mean we won the first rung against a New World Order under the United Nations? Is this the beginning of our freedom?

In the above book he states "The first UN Environmental Conference, held in Stockholm, Sweden June 5-16, 1972 proved to be the launching pad for the worldwide campaign to establish a UN planetary environmental authority. One result of the conference was the establishment of a United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) intended as the overseer of a future monitoring system of the world's environment. The man selected to be the first executive director of this new agency was Maurice Strong, a Canadian, who had served as secretary-general of the Stockholm event and was at that time a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. This same Maurice Strong was named 20 years later to serve as secretary-general of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development summit in Rio de Janeiro a few years ago." The people who run this environment group would end up getting billions of dollars, which would put them in a position of power over others.

The modern world's financial system was perfected in Frankfurt in the province of Hesse. Mayer Amschel Bauer (later called Rothschild) discovered that although loans to farmers and small businesses could be profitable, the real profits lay in making loans to governments. Mayer Amschel was born in Frankfort in 1743. He served a three year apprenticeship in Hanover at the Bank of Oppenheim. During this time he met Gen Baron von Estorff who was the principal adviser to Landgrave Frederick II of Hesse.

Landgrave was the wealthiest man in Europe at that time. He inherited most of his money from his father, Wilhelm the Eighth, brother of the King of Sweden. Landgrave died in 1785 and Rothschild attained absolute influence over his successor Elector Wilhelm 1. Landgrave's sudden death had placed Rothschild in charge of the largest fortune in Europe. This large fortune originally came from Sweden and was taken over by Rothschild and out of that came the beginning of The New World Order.

Why has there been so much emphasis on the Scandinavian countries lately? Have all of you seen the spiral that appeared in the sky over Norway on December 9, at the time Barack Obama was given his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo? Is that a coincidence or not? There has been much speculation about what caused this spiral. Some say it was a missile, others say it was HAARP or the Blue Beam Project. Could our ET friends have done something to cause a spiral in the sky? I don't know what caused it, but it did open up a black hole and it's my understanding that a black hole is a doorway to another dimension. Did you feel the Stargate open?

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 05.01.2010 at 01:55:23

Did you know that on December 9, the Mayan Dreamspell glyph was that of the Sun which activates Orkney Island just north of Scotland which is 3 degrees away from Stonehenge? The area of Stonehenge receives energy from a huge black hole in space that holds 27 galaxies in place which includes our Milky Way galaxy. In other words powerful energy came to Earth from our great Central Sun. I believe that is when England had a very large storm.

Did you know that the word Elohim (our creator gods) came from the word Ella, which means The Shining Ones? The Shining Ones are often depicted with horns on their heads like the Vikings. This was a symbol of wisdom and rulership and to indicate they were descendents of the Atlantians who were endowed with power. Michelangelo sculpted Moses with horns on his head to show his connection with royalty.

Did you also know that the oldest complete version of the Ring Lord Cycle comes from the Norse mythology of the Volsunga Saga. Compiled from more than forty separate legends, the 13th century Icelandic tale relates to the god Odin, to the kingdom of the Nine Worlds, and to a dark forest called Mirkwood - a name later repeated by Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings. It also tells of how Prince Sigmund of the Volsung dynasty was the only warrior able to pull the great sword of Odin from a tree in which the god had driven it to its hilt - as replicated in the Arthurian story of the sword and the stone.

The story of the Ring Lords relates to nine rings or the council of nine. Anunnaki overlords were said to have governed by way of a Grand Assembly of nine councilors who sat at Nippur. The nine consisted of eight members (seven males and a female) who held the Rings of divine justice, along with their president, Anu, who held the One Ring to bind them all. This corresponds with the seven archangels (Elohim) of Hebrew record.

According to Zecharia Stitchin, Enki and his sister Ninhursag were our main creator gods. It's my understanding that Enki and Ninhursag came from the Fischer King lineage that originally came from Neptune a long time ago. This is the same lineage Jesus (Yeshua) came from. The Old Testament in the Bible is the story of two brothers who fought with each other. Enki felt like a father to the people he had created and wanted to protect them. Enlil was the fierce god known as Jehovah who wanted to destroy earthlings.

The tale of the Ring Lords pertains to the Inner Earth. Where is the largest entrance to the Inner Earth? Its north of Norway. Are we about to meet our brothers and sisters of the inner earth? Are they trying to point our attention to that area with all the signs in the sky and UFO activity around Norway? Did you know there was a UFO that warped into a cross as seen in the heavens above Norway on December 22, 2009? Is that the cross in the sky predicted to appear at the end times? We do live in interesting times.

I listened to a very interesting program on Coast to Coast on December 21, 2009, with David Sereda who is a scientist and spiritual explorer. By comparing the quantum universe to astronomical models, as well as correlating Hopi prophecy, he theorizes there is going to be a massive energy shift as our solar system crosses into another "galactic shell." After this shift, he believes the solar system will become lighter, both in weight and spiritual energy. As we enter this new area/dimension of the galaxy, the sun will release a super high burst of energy and everything will be different. A blue vapor or cloud will appear suddenly and earth will enter it. When this happens we will all change in the twinkling of an eye. He correlates this to happen around 2012, or before when the earth lines up with the galactic center.

Cliff High of Web Bots says the Sun is being wound up like a clock and ready to let go at any time. It's being wound up by magnetic strings and when it lets go, a large magnetic ball will come off the Sun followed by a CME. Could this be the super high burst of energy that David Sereda expects to happen? This could occur at any time. The Bible says, "The heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire. Then we will have a new heaven and a New Earth where righteousness dwells. In the twinkling of an eye the New Earth will appear, and we will change from mortal to immortal bodies." Then we will be able to live as long as we desire on a new planet Earth. Sounds good to me. So Be It!

Be peaceful, and walk softly on this beautiful planet! I send you my love!

                                  *****Mahala Gayle *****

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Post by Petra G. on 28.02.2010 at 23:39:33

Planet Alert

February 2010

We start the Chinese New Year of the Tiger on the new moon of February 14th 2010. This should really get things moving because this year is ruled by the planet Uranus, which rules change. I've always thought that Valentines Day should be a major holiday because this is the day we celebrate love. Instead of relationship love maybe we could celebrate it as the day of unconditional love.

We ended January with a full moon on the 29th with the Sun opposing Mars and the moon conjunct Mars. This energy will last until the new moon of February 14th. This full moon has already brought violence to Iraq and I'm sure we will hear of more violence as the days go by. When Mars is retrograde it is very powerful, especially in the fire sign of Leo. Mars will stay retrograde, and closest to Earth, until March 10th, so keep your cool. Mars will stay in Leo until June 7, 2010. You Leos can make use of this aspect by manifesting lots of energy. Leo is ruled by the Sun so look for more activity with the Sun. Maybe we will see more solar flares, and what are those round objects that appeared next to the Sun on January 18th - UFOs maybe?

Mars usually brings lots of violence with it on the world scene so maybe we can combine our thoughts to neutralize the energy from this planet. Energy is just energy and can be used either positively or negatively. Maybe we could visualize Mars as the planet of peace, instead of war. We, as light workers need to stay balanced and peaceful as the Earth goes through its changes. This will help bring in the energy of love and light. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

At this past full moon Saturn was in Libra in an exact 90 degree angle to Pluto in Capricorn. In fact, it will be in that aspect all through February. This is an Earth sign and rules earthquakes. The node is also in Capricorn and will be there all year so we could say this is the year of the earthquakes as witnessed by Haiti. My heart goes out to those people, I send them love and light every day for their highest and best good.

The eclipse on December 31, with the moon on 10 degrees Cancer set up that quake. I did not see it coming. I thought storms on the East Coast would be the manifestation of that eclipse and that did happen but I didn't think about a quake in Haiti. When I looked to see where the planets were at the time of the quake I noticed that four planets were between 18 and 22 south declination plus Mars was in opposition at 19 north which corresponds to 18-22 north latitude in the sign of Cancer, which is where Haiti is located.

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Saturn also rules governments, corporations, businesses, and all structures. Lots of structures went down in Haiti because of the earthquake. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn. It also rules broken bones, teeth, and knees. How many of you are suffering from any of those problems? It seems like all of a sudden dentists have many new patients. Because Saturn is considered the tester and rules businesses, there have been lots of problems with business and unemployment. Structure is being broken down because it needs to be transformed into something new. We need to rethink how we do business. The large corporations have taken over and they have forgotten about treating people like human beings and consider them just a number. This needs to change.

Saturn is in Libra, an air sign, and will be there for two plus years. This sign rules the justice system and everything connected with lawyers, judges, lawsuits, etc. The Supreme Court just ruled that corporations can make large donations to the candidates of their choice. This has alarmed many people and they will probably do something to change that ruling, like maybe make a new law. I don't think we have heard the last of that challenge. The last two plus years the energy highlighted health, healing, illness, etc. Now the energy will switch to areas of balance, and lawyers, judges, and lawsuits will be in the news a lot. Libra also rules the kidneys, and the adrenal glands.

We will also have lots and lots of water events since Jupiter just moved into the water sign Pisces. This will be a year long transit so look for lots of rain and snow storms, flooding, mud slides, and maybe tsunamis.

Right now the Sun is in Aquarius, which is an air sign, and two major airline crashes just happened. Aquarius also rules wind. There will probably be more wind storms as the Sun moves through that sign. Then on February 18, the Sun moves into the Sign Pisces. February will probably be a wild month as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and then Uranus. Then spring comes on March 20, and we move into a new energy.

As the Sun starts to flare it will affect the Earth's magnetic field, and also our bodies, mind, and emotions. I would like to quote from an article by Kryon, "As the solar system moves around it creates different gravitational attributes and actual patterns between the parts. Each planet around the sun revolves independently on its course and during each independent minute of time this gravitational scenario creates a different setup of magnetism and gravity within the influence of your sun. In the time frame that you have selected there is a pattern that is delivered to the sun that is at the center of the orbits and therefore at the fulcrum of the gravitational source".

Title: Re: Planet Alert
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"The magnetic/gravitational pattern developed through the movements of the planets, including Earth and also all the moons of the planets are delivered to Earth via what you call the solar wind - energy that is always passing from the sun to the earth. The solar wind delivers it onto the grid for both are magnetic and information is transferred within the influence of the field of the wind and that of the grid. The grid pattern therefore changes daily. It is interesting to note that the magnetic grid of the Earth is actually a product of the physics of Earth but its purpose for you is as a communication engine for Human DNA".

Kryon goes on to say "One of the attributes of what is imprinted upon your DNA at birth is the oldest science on Earth and you have called it astrology. We have just given you the science that explains astrology, it's a science that is not fully understood or known but it is science. When the 'mother lode' physics formula is known regarding magnetic gravity time and the location of matter it will explain astrology. Meanwhile you come to this planet and imprinted upon your DNA-on one of the interdimensional layers- is this astrological information, the pattern of the solar system's magnetics and gravity when you were born. The name for the pattern which you have given in astrological terms establishes a setup, a personality type, a type of reaction to Human cause and effect. It is a magnetic/biological setup that continues throughout your life causing you to react to the solar system that created it in specific predictable ways".

I believe our solar system is changing and when the Earth lines up with the Galactic Center within the next couple of years our DNA will be changed in the 'Twinkling of an eye, and we will turn from mortal to immortal beings'. This will happen because of the higher frequency energy that resides at the center of our galaxy. Maybe this will also cause the Matrix to come down so we can see reality. When Pluto went through Sagittarius and lined up with the Galactic Center a few years ago time started speeding up because of the high frequency, and look at how fast time is moving now. Time is a manifestation of the 4th dimension. When we finally move totally into the 5th everything will change and time will be no more. The 5th is a manifestation of the Love frequency so those who are manifesting this energy have already touched the 5th dimension. Love is soft and gentle and happy.

The 3rd and 4th dimensions are the dimensions of power, control, wars and violence, and lots of other negative attributes. Look at all the wars we have been fighting for thousands of years. There have been physical wars for eons of time. With the technology we have had in the past few years there has been mind wars, terrorist wars, earthquake wars, weather wars, chemical and biological wars, financial wars, and space wars. A lot of the trauma on Earth has been caused by the powerful dark Beings that have controlled Earth for such a long period of time. Their control will be coming to an end soon. We started the Iraq war on March 20, 2003. Seven years later is March 20, 2010. Could this be the end of the Vedic Kali Yuga cycle? No month is given in that document; it just says it ends in 2010. Isn't that interesting? Stay in the Love frequency and you will be fine as the Earth continues to go through her cleansing. So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings!

                                              ***** Mahala Gayle *****

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Planet Alert

March 2010

March is already here. Where did the winter go? On March 20 we will experience the Spring Equinox and the Sun will move into the fire sign Aries. On March 10 the planet Mars will go direct again after three months in its retrograde phase. With Mars moving direct, we should see more action as events start happening faster and faster. Have you been looking for a job and not been able to find one? Maybe this energy will open up some opportunities for you.

The Sun was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (water sign) at the time of the full moon February 28. This aspect brings earthquakes and water events. Pisces rules the oceans and ships. (Editors note-this event happened in Chile on February 27 with an 8.8 quake.) March will bring more storms in various parts of the world. This aspect also favors business transactions so we will probably hear more news about the world financial situation. The meaning of the degree of that conjunction refers to man's ability to develop powers and skills by transcending limitations. This will allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms. Like Carl Calleman says in one of his articles "We will in this coming night (Nov 2009-Nov 2010) experience the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind."

On March 16 we will find the Sun conjunct Mercury and Uranus. Expect the unexpected at this time. This conjunction will probably activate wind or electrical storms in various places, especially over the South Pacific and maybe even Hawaii. If a storm goes into Hawaii it will probably come to the West Coast a couple of days later. This conjunction may also activate solar storms such as solar flares or CMEs. Look for lots of electrical events, rain storms, snow storms, and possible quakes because we are in the year of earthquakes.

The Spring Equinox chart is very powerful. The ascendant is in opposition to the Galactic Center and is making a 90 degree angle to Uranus. This will bring in a lot of energy from the heavens - maybe even a large solar flare. With the Sun in exact opposition to Saturn square Pluto there will be a lot of energy of transformation in the air. I agree it appears very dark right now but that is just an illusion. Of course illusions can appear very real, and the drums of war are beating again, like Israel threatening Iran. We will see where that goes, and what about all the war ships gathered in the Gulf of Aden?


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The Spring Equinox is on one degree Aries which refers to a woman who has just risen from the sea. This is like the birth of a new baby who comes out of the womb (water) of the mother. This is very interesting if you read what it says in 2 Esdra chapter 13, a book that was taken out of the Bible. Here's what it says," After seven days, I dreamed a dream in the night, and behold, a wind arose from the sea and stirred up all its waves, and I looked, and behold, this wind made something like the figure of a man/woman come up out of the heart of the sea. And I looked and behold, that man flew with the clouds of heaven, and wherever he turned his face to look, everything under his gaze trembled, and whenever his voice issued from his mouth, all who heard his voice melted as wax melts when it feels the fire." Is this a man/women in a UFO that comes out of the sea, or is it some kind of magnetic energy, or is it both?

"After this I looked, and behold, an innumerable multitude of men were gathered together from the four winds of heaven to make war against the man who came up out of the sea." (Doesn't that sound like what is happening in the Gulf of Aden with war ships from all over the world observing the Stargate that just opened in that area?) It goes on to say "After this I looked, and behold, all who had gathered together against him, to wage war with him, were much afraid, yet dared to fight. And behold, when he saw the onrush of the approaching multitude, he neither lifted his hand nor held a spear or any weapon of war; but I saw only how he sent forth from his mouth, as it were a stream of fire, and from his lips a flaming breath, and from his tongue he shot forth a storm of sparks. This destroyed the multitude that was prepared to make war on him." Does this mean that if it is a UFO that comes out of the sea and someone fires on it they will be destroyed?

The book goes on to say, "As for you seeing a man come up from the heart of the sea, this is he whom the Most High has been keeping for many ages, who will himself deliver his creation; and he will direct those who are left. And as for your seeing wind and fire and a storm coming out of his mouth, and as for his not holding a spear or weapon of war, yet destroying the onrushing multitude which came to conquer him, this is the interpretation. Behold, the days are coming when the Most High will deliver those who are on the earth. And bewilderment of mind shall come over those who dwell on the earth. And they shall plan to make war against one another, city against city, place against place, people against people and kingdom against kingdom. And when these things come to pass and the signs occur which I showed you before, then my Son will be revealed, whom you saw as a man coming up from the sea."

"And when all the nations hear his voice, every man shall leave his own land and the warfare that they have against one another, and an innumerable multitude shall be gathered together, as you saw, desiring to come and conquer him. But he will stand on the top of Mount Zion. And Zion will come and be made manifest to all people and he will destroy the multitude that come against him without effort by the law and he will defend the righteous and will show them many wonders. Just as no one can explore or know what is in the depths of the sea, so no one on earth can see my Son or those who are with him until the time of the end." So Be It!

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When I first read Esdra many years ago, I wondered what in the world it meant by saying a man will come out of the sea. Now it all makes sense with our knowledge of UFOs and the opening of the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden with all the war ships gathered together in that area.

The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation talk about the fall of Babylon (Baghdad) which has taken seven years to complete. The war started on March 20, 2003 and now we are at March 20, 2010. We have also been manifesting the 19th chapter of Revelation because in my interpretation it talks all about UFOs, like the White Horse (ship) appearing in the heavens. The end of the 19th chapter talks about how the beast and the kings of the earth gather to make war against him who sits upon the horse (ship) and against his army. The 20th chapter is the downfall of the beast. Then the 21st and 22nd chapters talk about the new heaven and the new earth.

I'm not saying that Stargate event will happen on March 20 because I don't know, but I think it's a good idea to keep your eye on that part of the world. I kind of feel like this year will be one of transition with lots of things going on along with the transformation of the world financial system. I did have a dream two times in a row saying to be mentally prepared for Christmas (solstice) this year. I think something is going to happen at that time which will be kind of amazing. There will be a total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 with the Sun and Mercury lined up with the Galactic Center making a square aspect to Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. This eclipse will be visible from northern Europe just before sunrise. It will be visible after midnight on Dec 21 in North and South America, then across the Pacific Ocean. The end of the eclipse will be visible rising at sunset in Japan and northeastern Asia. What a sight that will be. This would be a good time to celebrate.

All of our illusions have been right in our face the past few years. They had to surface so we could look at them in order to change them. There has been too much negativity in the world and there needs to be a balance between positive and negative energy. This balance will start to manifest soon because Saturn will be going through Libra, the scales of justice, for the next couple of years. This is when we can bring our life into balance. It's up to us to create what we choose to experience. You can either live in fear, criticism, or control and remain on a lower dimension earth or live in love, happiness, and beauty on a peaceful world. What do you choose? It's your choice! And, don't forget to walk softly on this beautiful planet. So Be It!

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Petra,da se s  tem strinjat. Tudi sam mislim .da se 2010 končuje doba -kali yuge. In po notranje glasni intuiciji mislim,da bo leto 2o10  leto velikih civilizacijskih sprememb. ;)Že dva tri mesece snujem nek načrt kako razbiti to temo. Evo ravno sedaj me poklical prijatel iz Tolmina in pravi ;Alojz dajmo nekaj naredit tako več ne gre naprej. Drugi teden se dobimo in bomo videli,kaj je realno možno narediti-in- ali je pravi čas.Čutim ga, nisem pa še čist osebno prepričan.Moram še nekaj zadev previrit.Uživaj! ;) :)

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2012 je polovica, vrhunec te dobe v kateri smo
Ti lahko snuješ 9 let pa če ne boš nehal bluzit večno-sedaj ti to ni čne bo pomagalo
mesaja lojzek vesoljno zgubljen

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Post by Alojz in Sandib on 05.03.2010 at 08:25:55

wrote on 05.03.2010 at 02:04:43:
2012 je polovica, vrhunec te dobe v kateri smo
Ti lahko snuješ 9 let pa če ne boš nehal bluzit večno-sedaj ti to ni čne bo pomagalo
mesaja lojzek vesoljno zgubljen

Tele je vol -po  Davidu.

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April 2010

Spring is here and everything is beautiful around my house and garden. The fruit trees, daffodils, and tulips are blooming and the other trees are starting to blossom out. The grass is green and there is lots of color everywhere. In a couple of months our Dahlias will be in full bloom and they are gorgeous. We also have a vegetable garden and I am looking forward to the fresh veggies. My husband does a wonderful job of gardening by taking care of the flowers and planting the veggies. I love having a house and garden.

Did you feel the energy from the past full moon that was on March 29, 2010? It about wiped me out. I felt like every ounce of energy was drained from my body. There was a lot of very intense releasing of old energy that went on for a couple of months that climaxed at this past full moon. There was also lots of violence in the news the past couple of days with the subway bombing in Russia and fires in various places. This will continue as the Sun moves through the fire sign Aries and Mars moves through the fire sign Leo. Unfortunately this brings lots of events such as fires, volcanic eruptions, and violence.

As the frequency of Earth gets higher and higher some people are in bliss and others freak out. It's like when the energy from solar flares or CMEs hit the Earth's magnetic field; it affects our brains and people who can't handle the high energy kind of go crazy. There are also other manifestations such as Gamma Ray Bursts and planetary aspects. As long as Saturn and Uranus are in opposition, there will be crazy energy out there. Saturn rules the old way of doing things and Uranus rules the new. It gets kind of chaotic as things seem to fall apart before they get transformed into something new.

The Saturn/Uranus opposition also causes revolutions like what has been going on in our government for the past year with the battle between the Republicans and the Democrats. It gets kind of ridiculous at times. It's also like there is a mind war going on across the Internet. There is a lot of information and disinformation on the Net. You really need to use your discernment with the emails that circulate all over the world. Some are true and others are not. And then there are the viruses that seem to arise every now and then. We do live in interesting times.

The health bill was passed in March. That was a little before I thought it would happen. I thought that would happen after Saturn went retrograde back into Virgo, which happens on April 7th. Maybe the energy was the strongest when it was getting ready to retrograde. Virgo rules health, healing, diet, digestion and illness. Saturn will be in Virgo, in opposition to Uranus, until July 21, 2010. What a turbulent time we have ahead of us. Then in July Saturn will move back into Libra to stay for another 2 plus years.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 05.04.2010 at 17:49:46

The energy of the sign Libra is a lot different than the sign Virgo. Libra rules lawyers, courts of law, judges, and lawsuits. Lots of people are in an uproar about the child molestation that has been going on in the Catholic churches for so long. This time they are going to court to fight it and they are even suing the Pope for ignoring what was going on in Germany when he lived there before he became Pope. The Vatican is asking for donations to fight this allegation. It's interesting to me, from an astrological point of view, that the lawsuits were filed as Saturn was just starting to move through Libra. Saturn also rules Karma and what you put out comes back to you. It looks like the Catholic churches have some Karma coming back to them.

The sign of Libra affects Italy, according to the way I do Astrology. This means that Saturn will be there for the next two years, and lawsuits will continue against the Vatican. The Sun is in Aries right now and because Aries opposes Libra, there is the possibility of a volcanic eruption in Italy at any time, even now, or within the next two years. Maybe all the discord surrounding the Vatican will cause the Earth to respond. The Earth does respond to our emotions. This is why it is so important to remain peaceful inside and to become an observer instead of a participant. I do not mean that you don't do anything, I mean that if you are going to get involved in something, do it in a peaceful manner.

I believe we are all connected to the God force by the spark of light that is within us. I do not believe there is a God sitting on a throne somewhere judging us for our sins. We are responsible for what we do in this life-time. Sometimes we choose to release ourselves from past life karma and then wonder why we have had such a hard life this time around. Karma explains why there is so much of what we consider injustice in this world. Who knows what someone did in a past life? This is why the Bible says "Judge not, lest ye be judged, or criticized".   I believe criticism is a form of judgment.

I believe that God is love. In the beginning was love; then came sound, light, and material manifestation. Love encompasses everything; it is the force that holds the world together. Thought is what created our Universe. Think about how powerful our thoughts can be and what we end up creating for ourselves. Lots of thoughts run through our brains all the time and they do not create. It's thoughts that have emotions behind them that create. Our emotions put these thoughts into manifestation. Emotion is energy in motion. This is why when you get very angry or upset about something that energy comes back to you in some way, and that is why it is so important to stay peaceful within. As long as there are people in the world who are angry and upset and ready to fight, the Earth feels this energy and responds by Earth changes. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me. When enough people in the world feel peaceful, then there will be peace.

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 05.04.2010 at 17:51:26

We need to be as clear and peaceful as we can be before the full moon of April 28, 2010. This is the most powerful full moon I have seen in a long time. It starts out by Mars opposing Pluto by declination. This is considered a dark manifestation. Mars is focused into 38 north latitude which might activate Tehran in some way. The Sun, Mercury and the moon will be activating the Middle East. There might be some war-like manifestation somewhere in the Middle East; possibly Yemen or The Gulf of Aden. The Sun, Mercury, and Moon are opposing each other on 13N-S latitude and this is right over the Gulf of Aden.

Then we have Saturn and Lilith (the dark moon) in exact opposition to the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter. This is a very powerful configuration. Then we throw Mercury retrograde into the bunch to help stir things up. Uranus is a wild card and you never know exactly what it will bring, although whatever it is will be sudden and unexpected. It's a possibility there could be a solar flare or CME caused by this configuration. Uranus rules computers, wind, storms, lightening, electricity, and because it's in Pisces, it rules water and the oceans. This means there may be more storms in England, France, and the surrounding areas, and don't forget the US East Coast which continues to suffer from storms and flooding. This energy could bring more earthquakes to the South Pacific, Hawaii or Alaska, or somewhere along the Equator. There could also be a volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean just off the West Coast of the United Stated now, or in the upcoming months.

I've heard that the New World Order has plans to totally control us within the next two years. Don't they know that control will not work in high frequency energy? Don't they know that God (natural law) will intervene? The planets say freedom is coming. Have you ever tried to control the planets? I believe there is a higher plan for this Earth and I believe this plan does not include control, although it might be a bit turbulent along the way to freedom. Maybe this upcoming full moon will be a big wake-up call and what appears negative might turn out to be positive. Time will tell! So Be It! I send you my love.

                                              ***** Mahala Gayle *****

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Bomo uspeli Petra?

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Petra G. on 15.05.2010 at 18:02:59

moja namera je, da ja ;)

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Planet Alert May 2010 with Mahala
By Mahala

     I'm writing this article on the full moon of April 28, 2010. The Mayan Dreamspell glyph for this day is The Yellow Sun which focuses into England. The glyph that goes along with the Sun glyph is the Yellow Hand which rules the heart and the Gulf of Alaska. This glyph is also ruled by the planet Uranus. There is very intense energy in the world right now with the Saturn/Uranus opposition.

Saturn rules the old and Uranus rules the new. Time to let go of anything you have been holding onto that you need to release. This energy will be in effect for the better part of May. Then on the full moon of May 27, Uranus goes into Aries for the first time in 84 years and we start a new beginning.

It's my understanding that the area just off the Scandinavian coast was the headquarters of Atlantis. I believe that Atlantis was similar to England in the fact that they ruled countries all over the world. I believe that Atlantis had outposts in different parts of the world like Bimini, and the sunken city off Greece. This means that Iceland was formerly part of Atlantis and that energy just exploded with a fiery violent eruption. Was that all the old Atlantian energy being released to be transformed into love and light?

When I said in my last article that there would be storms in England, France, and the surrounding areas, I never dreamed it would occur as an ash storm that would shut down the airports. England was considered the original Holy Land. The disciples of Jesus went there after the crucifixion and the story of King Arthur and the round table originates from the ancestors of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is also the area that receives energy from the great central Sun that holds 27 galaxies in place plus the Milky Way. There is a lot of energy focused into England. The dark took over that area and set up the World Bank. This area needs to be cleansed and this is happening because the planet Uranus (which rules storms) is right over that area and will continue to be there for a while longer. England's government also needs some light.

Other parts of Europe are also experiencing great financial difficulties. This is triggered by the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn which causes legal, business, financial, and professional problems. This is particularly focused on Europe right now, although the rest of the world is also feeling this energy, along with the United States. Our government has filed a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for fraud, and there is also discussion in our government about breaking up the banks. By the full moon of May 27, Jupiter and Saturn will be in exact opposition so financial dealings will probably come to a head by that time. Then when Saturn moves back into Libra again on July 22, Italy will definitely start feeling the affects of this energy, and lawsuits will continue against the Vatican for sexual abuse.

I have been experiencing a transformation process that started on Easter - April 4, 2010 and I think it will continue until the new moon of May 13, which my astrology calendar says is Ascension Day. I intuitively know it will last for a total of 40 days. It's kind of like when Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and came out transformed, or when Moses led the people to the Promised Land. I think there are others who have been going through this same process because I usually experience what other people are going through. It has been a mental, emotional and physical cleansing. I know my DNA is changing, along with the chemicals in my body. It's kind of like a moth transforming into a butterfly.

I was given a book called A Change of Heart-The Mystical Power of Love, by Jane Elizabeth Smith. It is a wonderful little book. When I started reading this book I noticed that she talked about a period of 40 days. I thought, wow, this is what I am going through. There is a chapter in this book called Forty Days to Love. It says, "You are now standing on the precipice of Heaven on Earth. Your soul's quest for love has brought you here. The hidden treasure rests inside you. The keys to unlock the golden bounty are housed in your heart. Be at one with Divine Love and truly all things shall be added unto you." Her web site is

Then I received an email of a channeling called "2010 Experiencing-Teleportation through the Secret Heart Chamber." You can Google that title if you are interested in reading the channeling. It says, "in this year 2010, you will disappear so deep within your new experiences of heart creation, that you will feel like you have finally begun to live for the dream you originally came to Earth for in the beginning. In your own way, you will share and experience the secret of your greatest freedom; the return of the origination point of your Source through the blue-black hole sun chamber in your heart. All your miracles, your new creations, meditations, relationships, and joy will come and go; teleporting from this place as you begin to precipitate your dreams where choice will become creation. You have never experienced this secret in a multi-conscious universal DNA cell body before." Is this the outcome of the 40 day search for love? I sure hope so.  (

Now what are the planets doing? The Sun is moving through the sign Taurus and because the area from San Francisco up through Canada is affected by this sign there is the possibility of some Earth or volcanic movement along the coast. We are still in the year of the earthquakes. The Sun will be over Seattle for six days starting on May 13 and culminating on May 19, when the Sun lines up with Alcyone our Central Sun. The Middle East is the opposite point of Seattle and will also feel the effects of the planets.

Then the Sun goes into Gemini and southern California and Mexico will be under pressure. After that the Sun will start to move across the Plains so look for more tornadoes and storms as it moves across the United States. There is a huge oil spill occurring in the Gulf of Mexico right now. We just had a Scorpio full moon which is ruled by Pluto, and that planet rules oil and things underground. Pluto is stationary over the Gulf right now and it looks like it will be some time before they can stop the spill and clean up the mess.

Jupiter is in the water sign Pisces which rules ships and the oceans. This planet will rule the upcoming new moon. The Mayan Dreamspell for that day is the Blue Solar Eagle, which is over Japan. The glyph that goes with the Eagle is the Monkey, and this is over the Arabian Sea. The meaning of this glyph is I am guided by the power of magic. And of course Jupiter is opposing Saturn which brings financial challenges.

Mars, the red planet is still in the fire sign Leo and will stay there until June 6th. It is very powerful in Leo. The Sun will square Mars from May 1-5, so this might activate some violence in the Middle East, or possibly the Gulf of Aden area. Or it could cause people's anger to flare in various parts of the world. The positive side of this energy is that Leo rules the heart so this is a good time to connect with your heart energy.

Chiron has just moved into Pisces and this means it is a very good time to heal the waters of Earth. Chiron is considered the wounded healer and now the energy from this planet can focus on healing the oceans, rivers, streams and all water on Earth, including what we drink. Don't forget to bless the water you drink and the food you eat.

Thank goodness Mercury will be direct by the new moon of May 13th. I don't know if Mercury retrograde affects you as much as it does me but I find it is a challenge. My computer doesn't work right when Mercury is retrograde. I tell my computer it's great but it still complains, and my phones go crazy.

We do live in challenging times. It's definitely time to be heart centered. Let there be love in the world and let it begin with me. All is well in my world! So Be It!

I send you love and light!

***** Mahala Gayle *****

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Post by Alojz in Sandib on 16.05.2010 at 13:33:30

Hude borbe-umiranje starega sočasno rojevanje novega.Sam vidim zadevo v tej luči. :)

Title: Re: Planet Alert
Post by Dreammer on 21.05.2010 at 20:22:16

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 16.05.2010 at 13:33:30:
Hude borbe-umiranje starega sočasno rojevanje novega.Sam vidim zadevo v tej luči. :)

Saj to je to - okončine ti že prerjavijo in deli odpadajo drug za drugim ... sem se ti ponudil za en temeljit servis ampak pripravi solde moje usluge niso zastojn najbolje zlatnike ker imam rad plemenite kovine

ampak žal ti moram povedati, da si tako primitiven zastarel model ki nikoli ni prišel v industrijsko serijsko proizvadnjo in žal novih delov zate ni ... uni študentski faliranci ki so te naflikal na popravcih 10 roka so že zdavnaj v penziji in polovica jih je pomrla tako da ni ga koga ki ti lahko pomaga

čim prej se sprijazniš s tvojim žalostnim koncem, tem bolje zate

Title: Re: Planet Alert
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No, Sanjavi, vidim, da si se opogumil in zopet pisariš. Torej si upošteval moj predlog s česnom. Predlagam ti, da vsak teden venec zamenjaš, saj gre za tvojo varnost.


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Dreammer wrote on 21.05.2010 at 20:22:16:

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 16.05.2010 at 13:33:30:
Hude borbe-umiranje starega sočasno rojevanje novega.Sam vidim zadevo v tej luči. :)

Saj to je to - okončine ti že prerjavijo in deli odpadajo drug za drugim ... sem se ti ponudil za en temeljit servis ampak pripravi solde moje usluge niso zastojn najbolje zlatnike ker imam rad plemenite kovine

ampak žal ti moram povedati, da si tako primitiven zastarel model ki nikoli ni prišel v industrijsko serijsko proizvadnjo in žal novih delov zate ni ... uni študentski faliranci ki so te naflikal na popravcih 10 roka so že zdavnaj v penziji in polovica jih je pomrla tako da ni ga koga ki ti lahko pomaga

čim prej se sprijazniš s tvojim žalostnim koncem, tem bolje zate

Ja vidim tudi ,da si čistokrvni bebec.Tako,da me ne čudi,da so te delali faliran roboti. Konec je sestavni del življenja.Problem bo -ko boš ti spoznal,da si bil že ob rojstvu programiran za drekec-pekec. ;) ;) ;)

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Alojz in Sandib wrote on 21.05.2010 at 21:51:44:

Dreammer wrote on 21.05.2010 at 20:22:16:

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 16.05.2010 at 13:33:30:
Hude borbe-umiranje starega sočasno rojevanje novega.Sam vidim zadevo v tej luči. :)

Saj to je to - okončine ti že prerjavijo in deli odpadajo drug za drugim ... sem se ti ponudil za en temeljit servis ampak pripravi solde moje usluge niso zastojn najbolje zlatnike ker imam rad plemenite kovine

ampak žal ti moram povedati, da si tako primitiven zastarel model ki nikoli ni prišel v industrijsko serijsko proizvadnjo in žal novih delov zate ni ... uni študentski faliranci ki so te naflikal na popravcih 10 roka so že zdavnaj v penziji in polovica jih je pomrla tako da ni ga koga ki ti lahko pomaga

čim prej se sprijazniš s tvojim žalostnim koncem, tem bolje zate

Ja vidim tudi ,da si čistokrvni bebec.Tako,da me ne čudi,da so te delali faliran roboti. Konec je sestavni del življenja.Problem bo -ko boš ti spoznal,da si bil že ob rojstvu programiran za drekec-pekec. ;) ;) ;)

Marš na servis!!!

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Dreammer wrote on 22.05.2010 at 12:08:46:

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 21.05.2010 at 21:51:44:

Dreammer wrote on 21.05.2010 at 20:22:16:

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 16.05.2010 at 13:33:30:
Hude borbe-umiranje starega sočasno rojevanje novega.Sam vidim zadevo v tej luči. :)

Saj to je to - okončine ti že prerjavijo in deli odpadajo drug za drugim ... sem se ti ponudil za en temeljit servis ampak pripravi solde moje usluge niso zastojn najbolje zlatnike ker imam rad plemenite kovine

ampak žal ti moram povedati, da si tako primitiven zastarel model ki nikoli ni prišel v industrijsko serijsko proizvadnjo in žal novih delov zate ni ... uni študentski faliranci ki so te naflikal na popravcih 10 roka so že zdavnaj v penziji in polovica jih je pomrla tako da ni ga koga ki ti lahko pomaga

čim prej se sprijazniš s tvojim žalostnim koncem, tem bolje zate

Ja vidim tudi ,da si čistokrvni bebec.Tako,da me ne čudi,da so te delali faliran roboti. Konec je sestavni del življenja.Problem bo -ko boš ti spoznal,da si bil že ob rojstvu programiran za drekec-pekec. ;) ;) ;)

Marš na servis!!!

Ja kam, k tebi v prmeknjeno delavnico? Ne gre nič noter- je kolikor opazim vse razmetano v tej tvoji naglavni delavnici.

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Alojz in Sandib wrote on 22.05.2010 at 13:51:22:

Dreammer wrote on 22.05.2010 at 12:08:46:

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 21.05.2010 at 21:51:44:

Dreammer wrote on 21.05.2010 at 20:22:16:

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 16.05.2010 at 13:33:30:
Hude borbe-umiranje starega sočasno rojevanje novega.Sam vidim zadevo v tej luči. :)

Saj to je to - okončine ti že prerjavijo in deli odpadajo drug za drugim ... sem se ti ponudil za en temeljit servis ampak pripravi solde moje usluge niso zastojn najbolje zlatnike ker imam rad plemenite kovine

ampak žal ti moram povedati, da si tako primitiven zastarel model ki nikoli ni prišel v industrijsko serijsko proizvadnjo in žal novih delov zate ni ... uni študentski faliranci ki so te naflikal na popravcih 10 roka so že zdavnaj v penziji in polovica jih je pomrla tako da ni ga koga ki ti lahko pomaga

čim prej se sprijazniš s tvojim žalostnim koncem, tem bolje zate

Ja vidim tudi ,da si čistokrvni bebec.Tako,da me ne čudi,da so te delali faliran roboti. Konec je sestavni del življenja.Problem bo -ko boš ti spoznal,da si bil že ob rojstvu programiran za drekec-pekec. ;) ;) ;)

Marš na servis!!!

Ja kam, k tebi v prmeknjeno delavnico? Ne gre nič noter- je kolikor opazim vse razmetano v tej tvoji naglavni delavnici.

Marš na smeti med zarjavelo železo robotinjo pokvarjeno in še zarjavelo staro olje ti ven teče fuj  onesanžuješ okolje  fuuujjjj

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Nekaj časa si ti treble bil  še zanimiv,sedaj se že ponavljaš v svojem kvakanju. :-/

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Alojz in Sandib wrote on 22.05.2010 at 16:39:06:

Nekaj časa si ti treble bil  še zanimiv,sedaj se že ponavljaš v svojem kvakanju. :-/

saj vem da te zanima še večji drek in še več sranja ki ga že kot vidim pogrešaš!

Si pač tragični polizdelek ki je po pomoti preživel čiščenje podstrešja kjer so te pozabili tvoji gospodarji  lol

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Dreammer wrote on 22.05.2010 at 16:43:24:

Alojz in Sandib wrote on 22.05.2010 at 16:39:06:

Nekaj časa si ti treble bil  še zanimiv,sedaj se že ponavljaš v svojem kvakanju. :-/

saj vem da te zanima še večji drek in še več sranja ki ga že kot vidim pogrešaš!

Si pač tragični polizdelek ki je po pomoti preživel čiščenje podstrešja kjer so te pozabili tvoji gospodarji  lol

A zato ti kvakaš? Iščeš in kličeš mamo ? ;D ;DKljun malo skrij mogoče te kak leptir posvoji. :D :D :o :-[ :'(

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Planet Alert June 2010
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on May 29th, 2010

Today is the full moon of May 27, 2010 and what a powerful full moon this will be. The Sun is on 6 degrees Gemini and the moon is 6 degrees Sagittarius. This area focuses into the border between the United States and Mexico. It was announced on TV yesterday that we are sending 1200 National Guard troops to the border to help keep peace in that area.

Lots of people think that the full moon is a one day event. This is not necessarily true. The energy from it lasts until the new moon and sometimes longer. Events do happen on the full moon, although sometimes it takes longer for events to be triggered. I’m just saying that events can happen both before, during, and after the full moon. On May 29 the moon will trigger Saturn, which is in opposition to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. This will be heavy duty energy. The main energy will be over Europe, especially England, France, Spain, Greece, and Iceland. The other side of the world affected by this energy will be the lower South Pacific area like Samoa or Tonga. (I just heard that a 7.4 quake happened in Vanuata which is real close to Tonga.)

Right now land is rising in the ocean off the east coast of Australia at the rate of 13 feet a day. This is bound to cause a large earthquake in that area sooner or later. Jupiter is in Pisces, which rules the oceans. Uranus just moved into Aries, which is a fire sign and rules volcanoes. Saturn is in Virgo, which is an earth sign. This full moon energy could cause a large earthquake or volcanic eruption, either on land or in the South Pacific Ocean which could possibly trigger a Tsunami.

Uranus moves into Aries at 6:48pm PDT this evening May 27, 2010 – freedom anyone? Lots of people look around them at everything that is going on in the world and say that the dark is winning. Uranus rules light and is now in a fire sign. Have you ever tried to keep an Aries down, it just doesn’t work. Freedom is on its way although Uranus only stays in Aries until August 14, 2010, and then it retrogrades back into Pisces until February of 2011. This means we will still have what is considered dark events to go through on this Earth before freedom arrives. When Uranus moves back into Aries it will stay there for seven years. Aries rules the area from Alaska to Hawaii. I heard on the TV yesterday that they are expecting a volcanic eruption in Alaska at anytime and they were warning the airlines that there could be an ash cloud if the volcano does erupt.

Saturn will move out of its retrograde phase on May 30, and then it will start its journey toward the sign of Libra. It will move into Libra on July 22nd.  Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo which is an Earth sign and rules health issues of all kinds. Challenges with health issues have been rampant for the last three years. Now it’s time to be healthy and ready for Saturn’s sojourn into Libra which rules lawyers, judges, courts of law, relationships and the liver. Saturn feels very comfortable in the sign of Libra.

The Sun is now moving through the air sign Gemini which rules wind. I am expecting lots of wind or lightening storms as the Sun moves across the plains. Its tornado season and this month could bring a lot of wind because we are in the time of great change. It’s time to be prepared, especially mentally and emotionally as the Earth continues to go through its birthing process. Those who feel good and are vibrating in the new energy will be asked to help others who tend to freak out as Earth changes continue to happen. It’s time to think with your heart and be compassionate. Love is the glue that holds the Universe together.

Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct in the sign of Aries starting on June 6th and this will last for the rest of the month. This aspect can either bring a wonderful new beginning or karma from the past. Whatever happens expect the unexpected because you never know what Uranus will bring. It acts like a bolt of lightening coming to Earth. It’s a good idea to watch your temper and focus on positive events this month. Stay centered and stay in touch with your God within.

We are moving into cardinal fast acting energy with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and on June 21 the Sun moves into Cancer. This will make a T cross in fast-acting signs, action anyone? Then when Saturn moves into Libra we will have another planet in a fast-acting sign. Time will appear to almost vanish. Look at how fast time is moving now, it’s already almost June. Energy we have been holding onto from the past will no longer work because the emphasis from now on will be on fresh new energy.

Are you aware of the many events that have occurred in the past month or so? There was an uprising in Thailand and major violence in Iraq. Jamaica is having lots of violence along with Somalia which is in constant war. The Pacaya volcano, which is south of Guatemala City, erupted today. Poland was flooded along with Nashville, and a huge hail storm in Oklahoma caused much damage.  A United States Patriot missile unit is now in Poland and Russia is not too happy about that. North Korea attacked a South Korean ship and now North Korea is calling for all out war. Our Stock Market has been in a downfall along with challenges in the European countries, and the Jupiter/Saturn opposition could cause a new money system to emerge.

Then there is the major oil spill that is now destroying the coast of Louisiana. There is also another oil spill occurring in Alaska from their pipeline, although this one is not anywhere near the size of the other spill. Do you know that oil is considered the blood of Mother Earth? Have you ever thought that maybe Mother Earth is giving birth to a new way of being and she is having trouble and is hemorrhaging? Maybe we should ask our space friends to help with this spill and definitely send prayers to that area, or see it surrounded in The White Christ Light for its highest and best good. Our thoughts are important.

The turning point into the light happened on the full moon of April 28, 2010. It might not appear like light is getting stronger but it is. There are more people who are awake now then ever before. At the time of the last full moon Saturn was on 28 deg 41 minutes Virgo. Scheat, the death star is located on 28 deg 41 min Pisces. Scheat is in Pisces lined up with the constellation Pegasus. This event points to The White Horse (ships) appearing in the heavens. Read the 19th chapter of Revelation for more information. I was sent an email with a utube that showed an object next to our Sun on April 27, 2010 that was shaped like a heart. It was awesome!

In my last article I talked about going through a 40 day period of challenges that lasted until the new moon of May 13. I woke up that morning in a different space and have been happy every since then. It was like a change of attitude or something. Hope this new energy also happened to some of you. I believe we are on the verge of entering The Null Zone which is zero point energy. This is the time when magic can happen and the time when we will be able to change from mortal to light bodies. This is very exciting to me. I’m looking forward to living on a beautiful New Earth. Hang in there because that time is fast approaching. So Be It!

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Planet Alert July 2010
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on June 25th, 2010



How are you handling the intense waves of energy that are hitting the Earth right now? Are you able to stay in your center of love, or are you in fear, or chaos? Life is too short to be in fear so the other alternative is to stay in love. Love conquers everything. Managing to stay in the Love vibration is passing the Fire Initiation.

The full moon eclipse of June 26, 2010 at 4:30 AM (PDT) is now here. What a powerful eclipse this will be. There will be a cardinal cross in the heavens with planets in Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. Saturn is in Virgo but is still close enough to be in the cardinal cross. This type of cross is fast-acting energy. This means events will be happening very fast.

The areas affected by the cross in the heavens are China, France, the South Pacific around Tonga, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Sun is opposing the Moon/Pluto conjunction over the gulf. This point of energy runs all the way down the New Madrid fault which is bordering the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. An earthquake there would not be good.  Events from an eclipse often happen before the eclipse and we are seeing that with the flooding that occurred in France, and the tremendous flooding in China. A d**e on the Fu River in China was breached and 90,000 people had to flee their homes in the small city of Fuzhou. A total of 2.38 million people in China had to flee their homes because of flooding. I would call that a major disaster.

The Mayan Dreamspell glyph for the full moon day is The Blue Magnetic Storm ruled by Pluto. This glyph also signifies “The Initiation by fire, and the arrival of the Thunder Beings who bring the final transformation. It also brings storms, rain and lightening. I looked up on the Internet the word Thunder Beings and what I found was that Native American tradition honors the existence of Thunder Beings. These Thunder Beings are understood to be messengers from the powers on high, the Star People or extraterrestrial visitors.   Modern day heyokas, the human counterpart (star seed) of the Thunder Beings are here to usher in the Fifth World. The Extraterrestrial light visitors are here to help us usher in the new paradigm.

I wrote an article called The Return of the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire and put it on my new web site – check it out. I also put on my web site an article that was put into my hands called Petroleum, Petroleum. It was written in 1903 by Gustav Meyrink aka Gustav Meyer, who was a banker. The article is about an oil spill and explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. This event was planned way back then. Another thing, if you click the F5 key at the top of your key board the pictures on the top of my web site will change. My son put up some beautiful pictures of the cosmos. Also check out his site which is The Sisterhood is also part of the Thunder Beings and the emerald comet that is in our heavens right now is announcing the fact that it is time for us (star seed) to start taking our place in the world and to start thinking about creating a new paradigm.

I’ve been saying for a long time that we are experiencing the 19th and 20th chapters of Revelation which are the last before the manifestation of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The 19th chapter talks about the White Horse (ship) appearing in the heavens along with an army of white ships. I was sent a SOHO picture taken on May 29, 2010, which showed a whole fleet around our Sun. The great Thunder Beings are here.

The end of the 18th chapter of Revelation says “Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a millstone (that which grinds or pulverizes) and throws it into the ocean saying so shall the great city (USA) be thrown down. Isn’t that what happened in the Gulf when they drilled too deep and hit the strata of the earth and oil and gas continues to come out polluting everything in the water and on shore?

Whitley Strieber mentioned on Coast to Coast a couple of nights ago that if you look at the 20th chapter of Revelation and then go to the 12th verse (2012) it talks about judgment day. I looked up the 10th verse (2010) and it says “Then the devil who had betrayed them will be thrown into the Lake of Fire burning with sulphur, where the Creature and False Prophet are, and they will be tormented day and night forever.” My interpretation is the Lake of Fire is the Gulf of Mexico and the whole event was caused by the dark side to destroy this world. Natural law means they will be judged for their deed and will feel the repercussions from this event and suffer for it. It was the dark ones that opened the Bottomless pit of fire in the Gulf of Mexico.

The most important thing we can do right now is to be in our heart center and pray for the world to move into a higher frequency. When we move into a higher frequency Earth the oil spill will cease to exist because we will be living in a different reality.  We are great Beings of light and it is possible to accomplish miracles. The final fall of the dark Beings is occurring right now and I think this oil spill will have a tremendous effect on the ones who have controlled the world for so long. Do you know who controls BP? It’s J P Morgan Chase who owns 57 percent of the stock, which boils down to the bankers and they are the ones who set up the Federal Reserve Bank. It looks like they are in big trouble now.

So many people are in fear because of the events that are transpiring on Earth. Fear is not the place to be. Think with your heart. I have heard people say “How do you know if the Space Beings are from the light or dark? The great dark ones can manifest as light and they can put you in a state of Euphoria where you think everything is wonderful. Don’t buy into that. The light ones come in love. The dark ones cannot manifest love because they don’t know how. You can usually feel a dark ones presence by the evil feeling they project. Love is soft and gentle and happy. Love makes you feel full of joy and happiness.

I have had a book for several years called Love Without End – Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green. It is a wonderful book.  Jesus talks about the difference between structure and love. Structure =corporations. Basically you could say that structure is of the mind and love is from the heart. The heart needs to control the mind, not the other way around. This is why it is very important to think with your heart. Structure is an illusion that we create with our minds. You have to experience letting go in order to receive. This lesson is as important as loving your enemies, because when you let go of structure, the real wealth that is already there will multiply many times. The sacred heart is your magnetic center as well as your source of higher intelligence and your very life force. As love you have the power to attract to yourself anything you need.        

There will be many earth changes as we continue through the downfall of the controllers. Stay in your center of love. We came here to help the Earth ascend into a higher frequency along with the people on it. We are in the final throes of the change. This summer will be full of events of various kinds. This full moon eclipse will be seen over Asia, Australia, the South Pacific, and most of North and South America. The Middle East is also critical and violence could break out at any time.

Pluto is considered the God of destruction, or the transformer. On April 20, when the accident and the spill first happened, the Moon was in Cancer in opposition to Pluto over the gulf. Mars was in Leo opposing Neptune which rules oil and gas. This means there is a war going on over the oil spill and we are fighting to stop it. In my opinion this will not happen unless there is a miracle. We need to move our consciousness into neutral energy which is love. Jesus said “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, then everything will be given unto you. When we go within and think with our hearts everything will start to change; the new paradigm will start to manifest and we will be living on a New Earth.   So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings!

*****Mahala Gayle*****

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The Mayan Dreamspell New Year
By Mahala
Jul 21, 2010 - 4:25:12 PM

We are about to enter a New Year called The Magnetic Moon on July 26, 2010. This year will be ruled by the moon, which will cause water events and lots of emotion. This particular Mayan Glyph is over New Zealand. On July 26th the Sun will be on three degrees Leo, which is a black hole (or doorway to another dimension).

I don't know why this calendar starts its new year on a black hole day. I do know that the Egyptian calendar is based on the helical rising of the star Sirius and so is the Dreamspell calendar.

The full moon is on July 25, 2010 at 6:37 pm PDT. Depending on where you live the full moon might be on July 26th. This full moon chart is very awesome. There will be a perfect T cross in the heavens with Saturn on 0 degrees Libra opposing Uranus on 0 Aries. Jupiter will be on 3 degrees Aries and Pluto on 3 degrees Capricorn. If you have planets on any of those degrees be on the look-out for action of some kind in your life. This cardinal cross is fast-acting energy.

Pluto on 3 degrees Capricorn gives basic skills in order to achieve a group purpose. Uranus on 0 Aries means the emergence of a new form of consciousness. Saturn on 0 degrees Libra means we are in the process of transformation, like the moth becoming a butterfly. At the very core of this new process is the perfect form of man, ascension anyone?

The area on Earth which will be affected the most by this upcoming full moon will be the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding states. This area is going through a major transformation and hopefully it will turn out all right in the long run. Right now it doesn't look too promising although they managed to cap the well today. They didn't say anything about the rest of the ocean floor that was breached by the drilling. Time will tell how it all works out.

Mars will be opposing Uranus in the heavens just after the July 25th full moon and this is very explosive energy. Hopefully this will not be felt over the gulf although it is a possibility. Remember that the New Madrid fault runs up the Mississippi River. The chart for the oil spill on April 20, 2010 had Uranus on 28 Pisces and Saturn on 29 Virgo.

This was an almost perfect opposition. At this upcoming full moon Mars will be on 27 Virgo conjunct Saturn and opposing Uranus on 0 Aries which will trigger off the T cross in the heavens. This will be a very powerful full moon so keep your cool.

There will be other areas that will be affected by this full moon. The South Pacific Ocean will probably stir up more storms because it is Typhoon season. This means that the Philippines, China, and Japan will probably be affected. It will also cause more hurricanes in the gulf and Caribbean Islands, or the lower East Coast states. There is also the possibility that Alaska and parts of Europe will be affected.

It will also affect the longitude between 60 to 90 West and the lower latitudes because the darkness of the July 11 eclipse was seen over the lower areas of the world. (I just heard that Chili had a 6.5 earthquake.)

Five planets will be retrograde at this time. This means their energy will be very powerful because they appear to be in backward motion and spinning their wheels. The retrograde planets are Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter. Old energy from the past needs to be transformed into light.

The Earth still has to be cleansed and old energy removed from her body which I think is happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico. Mother Earth is bleeding and releasing old energy that she doesn't need anymore. What appears as a tremendously bad event may turn out to be a good event after all.

It all depends on how you look at it. I know a lot of fish, birds, whales and other creatures gave up their life for us and I feel very compassionate for them. Maybe their gift is to live on a higher frequency Earth. To transform this event I think it is a good idea to picture the gulf with beautiful clear, clean water. Who knows what might happen from that; we do create our reality.


I can be reached at

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Planet Alert August 2010 w/ Mahala
By Mahala

What an intense time period we have been in and will continue to be in all summer. There are both positive and negative vibes hitting us right now. How you respond to this energy is how it will work out in your life. We are in the time period we were told about years ago. There is no more waiting for the change, we are in it, and we are the ones we have been waiting for. It's time to transform and ascend into a higher frequency.

The positive side is that Saturn is now out of Virgo and so is Mars. The last month when Mars was going through Virgo it was a very hard time period for many people. Virgo rules health, illness, and the body. Many people became sick because they needed to transform the negative energy being held in their bodies. In fact, this has gone on for the past three years so hopefully we have released all criticism, judgment, control, and fear issues from our body that needs to be transformed so we can move into light bodies. With the planets in the cardinal cross we will deal with more planetary issues than body issues.

Did any of you have pain in the back of your head going down into your neck and shoulders, either right or left shoulder, during the past few weeks? I sure experienced the pain. I asked my guides what was going on and got the answer your reptilian brain is being worked on or transformed. I received an email talking about a new sound that will be coming to our Solar System sometime soon. The email is called The Cosmic Unlocking Sound of the Earth Humanity Shift. I would like to quote a part from that article. It says “One of the powerful elements that has held humanity back is a system by which that thought-form called by some ‘the Illuminati Agenda’, essentially a suite of negative programming, has been constantly broadcast to us. We cannot ignore this, because well over half of humanity has been fitted (against our collective will) with a symbiotic energy structure that acts as a receptor, placed low in the back of the head, which ensures that we keep on listening.”

The back of the head is where the reptilian brain is located which is often called the brain stem. This kept us locked into negative thinking with our brain instead of using our heart to think. With the disconnecting of this reptilian brain energy some have also felt pain or noise in their ears. This can be quite annoying as the noise gets very loud at times. This disconnect, or transformation is being completed right now.

The other part of the article says "There is an upcoming event that begins and ends with a new cosmic sound that will resonate through our local Universe. The Bible refers to it as ‘The Word', and it sets the tone for the whole of our physically manifested reality. This sound is also a key that allows many energy structures of a controlling nature that have long been locked in place to become unlocked and set aside. The new sound replaces one of a lower frequency, and in so doing it moves the whole scale upwards. By activating a new consciousness structure it invites and enables a return to full consciousness for all of humanity. This key sound we refer to will be sudden, happening, as the bible says, ‘in the twinkling of an eye'. Veils will be rent asunder; old energy-based humanity-control systems will finally collapse and no longer be effective. The long battle for the souls of humanity will have been won, and we shall start to have our true selves back."

When will this sound be heard, or are we already hearing it? Time will tell! I wrote about the sound in my August 2009 Planet Alert. At that time we had a lunar eclipse that was lined up with Cygnus. According to what I have read, Cygnus is where the sound of creation for our universe comes from. In Astrology Cygnus is in Aquarius at 13 degrees. Last years lunar eclipse was on August 6 and the moon was on 13 degrees Aquarius. This sound event was set up to happen at that eclipse, but it needs a trigger to activate it. I don't know when that trigger will happen. The sun will be on 13 degrees Leo on August 6, 2010. There is a possibility this sound could be activated then, if it hasn't already been activated. I think the exact opposition of Saturn to Uranus at 0 degrees Aries/Libra on July 25-26 (Mayan New Year black hole day) signified the end of one creation and the beginning of a new one. The Sun is now in Leo, which rules the heart and unconditional love.

Our Earth still needs to finish her cleansing and planetary wise we are in a very intense time period which will continue all summer. Have you noticed how easily people get upset and lose their temper? This past full moon seemed to be especially volatile and we are still feeling the effects from it which will climax in the next few days as Mars triggers the cardinal cross.

The Sun at the full moon was on 3 degrees Leo and the moon 3 degrees Aquarius. This activated a typhoon in the Philippines, which I mentioned in my last article. There were also three very large earthquakes in the Philippines. We will really start feeling the affects of this cardinal cross when Mars moves into Libra on July 29. The areas that will be affected by the cardinal cross are Aries (Tonga area including the surrounding islands), Cancer (Gulf of Mexico and west coast of South America) Libra (Africa) and Capricorn (China and the South Pacific Islands like Sumatra). China has really had a lot of rain and massive flooding, which I also mentioned in my last article. Right now they are worried about the Three Gorges Dam not being able to hold all the water.

The Sun is on 18+ north declination in opposition to Pluto on 18+south declination. This will be in effect until the end of July. Right now there are 6 planets between 0 to 3 degrees North-South declination. Four planets are on North declination and two on South declination. This is called a planetary alignment and acts like a major opposition. Zero declination equals the equator. The lower latitudes will probably be triggered by this planetary aspect and possibly the Sun/Pluto declination on 18 North will again trigger some event in the Gulf of Mexico or at the higher latitude of 36 to 38 North like the oil spill in Michigan. It is already triggering China.

The aspect of Mars conjunct Saturn in opposition to Uranus, Jupiter and squaring Pluto is very powerful and explosive. Libra is an air sign and rules wind, Aries is a fire sign, and Pluto is in the earth sign Capricorn. The Sun is moving through Leo right now which is a fire sign. Fires will continue to be a challenge this month along with some explosive energy like maybe a volcanic eruption. Pluto will be in Capricorn for a long time so there will continue to be earthquakes with more structures going down. Mars will make a 90 degree angle to Pluto on August 3. This aspect can cause power struggles and a tendency to coerce others. People may become aggressive and angry during this period so keep your cool. Conflicts may arise over finances, money, political affairs, or military events. This energy can also bring natural disasters.

The Earth is going through a transformation process which has a tendency to activate negative energy and disrupt life as we know it. I'm sure the final outcome will be for the best of all concerned. The other side of negative is positive and can be just as powerful. Now that Saturn is in Libra watch how the energy changes to one of people initiating more law suits and changing more laws. On July 16 the Senate passed a Wall Street reform bill. This is a major accomplishment for the people. Then on July 21 a financial bill was passed although I'm not too sure what will come from that event because I haven't done any research on it yet. My feeling is that it had something to do with the Year of Jubilee that started on July 11, 2010. I guess time will tell how it all works out.

Did you know that since August 24, 2006 the Astronomers recognize thirteen planets in our solar system?

Eight of them are large planets such as Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Earth. The five dwarf planets are Eris, Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, and MakeMake. The thirteenth planet is the last one discovered which is MakeMake. It was discovered on March 31, 2005. MakeMake was triggered at the time of the Gulf oil spill and Mars was conjunct MakeMake when the oil spill happened in China about a week ago. Astrology is an interesting science. I wonder what happens in the fifth dimension when we are free of planetary influences and will be able to create with our superconscious mind instead of our subconscious mind. That sounds like fun.

Remember, when the energy feels too intense, take a break and do something fun. Joy and laughter is what we experience in the higher vibrations. When something happens that you don't like, laugh about it and then watch how the energy changes for the better. Love to you and live in the joy of life.

So Be It! *****Mahala Gayle*****

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Planet Alert

September 2010

by Mahala

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Hello to everyone who reads this article. I send you my love and blessings. Are you enjoying your summer, or maybe its winter where you live? I've really been enjoying the last couple of months here in Seattle. Our Dahlias are absolutely beautiful. I make sure I have a fresh bouquet on hand all the time so I can enjoy their beauty. I also enjoy the fresh produce from our veggie garden. I love summer and I also look forward to the fall season when the trees start to turn different colors like red, orange and yellow. I was born in September (Virgo) so I really like this month and Happy Birthday to everyone else who was born this time of year.

How have you been handling the intense energy that permeates our Solar System? There has been lots of activity in our local system like Gamma Ray Bursts, solar flares, meteor storms, CMEs from the sun, and other intense energy. In fact there are photons hitting the Earth right now from a hole in the Sun. Watch how tempers flare, and Earth changes happen as the magnetic energy hits us.

In my last article I wrote about a new cosmic sound that will resonate through our local Universe. The Bible refers to it as 'The Word', and it sets the tone for the whole of our physically manifested reality. This new sound will change everything. We will be moving out of a duality Universe into oneness. I think this sound might have started from the activity on our Sun which is a transformer of higher energy. On August 1st there was a complex eruption on the Sun which was facing Earth at that time. There was a large scale shaking of the solar corona (Sun quake) solar flares, and two CMEs that came off the sun. Along with this there was a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the Sun and all of those photons came to Earth. We experienced major magnetic energy on August 3rd and 4th along with beautiful Northern Lights. Magnetic energy affects our brains and causes emotional reactions.

The jet stream was also affected and was part of the reason for mass flooding in Pakistan, and the fires in Russia. The Sun was going through the fire sign Leo at that time. My compassion goes out to those people who experienced all that trauma. It's hard to watch so much suffering, especially if you are an empath and feel everything. It's time to become a higher level empath where the emotions are felt but not held onto in our bodies. Attaching to a drama does not help anyone. Everyone has chosen the reality they chose to experience. There are as many realities on Earth as there are people living on this planet. My reality is one of Ascension and raising my frequency so I can live on a higher frequency Earth where there will be peace and happiness.

The Sun and Earth are separated by 93 million miles of space. Spacecraft and ground-based observatories have shown that Earth is located in the sun's outer atmosphere, buffeted by solar winds and pelted by hail storms of energetic particles. The two bodies are actually connected by invisible threads of magnetism. During reconnection events, which typically happen several times a day, you can trace invisible lines of force all the way from Earth's poles to the surface of the Sun. The Earth and Sun are interconnected. This is how Astrology works. All of the planets are also connected to Earth and to us by magnetism. We are born with what is called a hard drive in our brain which is set at a certain frequency. When a planet makes a mathematical angle to one of our planets events happen.

We are all part of God. All of us have a spark of God within us which makes us co-creators of our Universe. We do create our own little universe that we live in and with combined thought we create our greater reality. There is also such a thing as Karma where people have chosen to experience different events for their soul growth like being born with some kind of physical challenge. Then there has been all the baggage we have carried with us for eons of time that has needed to be transformed into light so we can start creating with our conscious mind instead of our sub conscious mind. Our subconscious mind responds from old programming unless you have released that programming. Hopefully we have released all that baggage and are ready to move into a higher frequency Earth.

There seems to be a turning point when we reach the end of the sixth night of the Mayan Calendar. On November 2, 2010 we will move into the seventh day and this will bring an entirely different energy to Earth. Night is darkness, and it has felt like dark energy descended on this planet and brought chaos to our world. It has been a time of major Earth changes, and inner changes and they are not over yet. It's time to start getting ready for the new year of November 2, 2010 by becoming peaceful and happy within.

On November 2, 2010 the north node will be conjunct Pluto, which is considered the God of the Underworld, or the transformation God. Will you be transformed by the time this aspect happens? Then on December 21, there will be a total eclipse of the moon which will be lined up with the Galactic Center. This feels more like the end, or a new beginning to me than 2012 does, although there has been so much thought connected with 2012 that something is bound to happen. I think that is when we move totally into the fifth dimension and time ceases to exist. Time is a manifestation of the fourth dimension.

We have been in a process of breaking the seals on our seven main chakras. Once this is complete you can start manifesting the eighth chakra which is the soul star above your head. The energy from this star comes in through the back of your head and down through your spine, at least it does with me. This opened very dramatically for me back in the early nineties around 1994. I heard an explosion in my head and became very dizzy. I had been told ahead of time this chakra would be opened so I wasn't concerned when it happened.

In my last article I talked about our reptilian brains being transformed by the incoming energy. This had to happen before our soul chakra could be activated and our higher self could come down into our bodies. I believe this happened to many people just recently. When this chakra opened, a higher frequency part of our soul descended into our bodies to help us become pure light. The eighth chakra is the bridge between the individual and their higher self. This energy/light of your higher self needs to be brought down through all your chakras including your legs and feet down into the ground. This is when you will be connected to heaven and to Earth and then you can start living on the New Earth. It's time to integrate this energy during this Mercury retrograde period which ends on September 12, 2010.

One of the things that will happen from this process is regeneration where we will become younger and will be able to do all the things we couldn't do when we spent so much time clearing our bodies of negative thoughts and releasing them to the light. The Bible says that we will be changed instantly from mortal to immortal bodies. I think this happens when we enter 'The Blue Fluff' which is a magnetic cloud in space. If you haven't heard of 'The Blue Fluff'-Google it, our scientists know about its existence. I have heard our solar system has just started entering this cloud in space. Photon belt, maybe?

There will continue to be Earth changes as the year goes on. They do not have to affect us. If your light is shinning bright enough you will be safe wherever you are. You will be able to walk through fire without getting burned. We will start to learn how to do the miracles that Jesus did when he walked the Earth plane 2,000 years ago. What an exciting time we are moving into. Turn up your light and enjoy life. So Be It!

                       Love and light to everyone!              *****Mahala Gayle*****

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Planet Alert Newsletter October 2010 with Mahala

We are in the cycle of the transformation of governments and the business world, which has gone on since the economy started crashing in September of 2008. This is a normal process with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto rules birth, death, or transformation, and Capricorn rules all structure like governments, corporations, office buildings, and houses.

October is here already and we are fast approaching the end of 2010. The trees are starting to turn different colors and fall is in the air. I love the beauty of this season. The Sun is moving through the sign of Libra and was conjunct Saturn on September 30, 2010. Saturn has been in the sign of Libra since July of 2010, although this conjunction of the Sun with Saturn will really activate the energy of Saturn in Libra. This energy will be in effect for about two and a half years.

I watched a program on CNN Saturday night called, "What the Pope knew." It looks like the Child Abuse issues are coming to the foreground to be looked at again. The Pope is being sued by a man who says he was abused by a priest and nothing was done to stop it. This is what I have been expecting to surface as Saturn moves through Libra because Saturn is the stern judge and that sign rules lawyers, judges, lawsuits, courts of law, and anything concerning the justice system.

What you put out comes back to you and the Catholic Church has gotten away with a lot of things that are now surfacing to be looked at and to wake people up to the fact that they have been controlled for a long time. We are in the time period of the downfall of the controllers. Anyone or anything that controls, or tries to control, will have challenges during this cycle, like the minister of a mega church who is being accused of sexual misconduct and is being sued for it. Lots of lawsuits will be occurring during this cycle. The sign of Libra also rules relationships, the arts, clothing, beauty parlors, flowers, social gatherings, and the kidneys.

Look at how many structures have been destroyed by earthquakes, storms, flooding, and volcanic eruptions in just the past year. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their homes for one reason or another and to all the people who are unemployed. That is such a hard lesson to go through, although it also gives many people the opportunity to re-create their life. Many new businesses are springing up everywhere.

Then we have the political war that is going on in the United States. I have never seen such dissension between the Republicans and the Democrats. Have people gone crazy? Don't they realize that they don't get anywhere by fighting? Nothing is accomplished, and the war goes on. I guess the revolution comes before the change. It is said that out of chaos comes a new creation. Everything has to come out into the open until people can't stand it anymore and decide to work together. How can there be peace in the world when there is so much fighting and arguing going on in the public eye. Where is Camelot?

The higher the frequency gets on Earth, the crazier people seem to become. This is a natural process of ascension. Did you know that one of the Nostradamus prophecies was that the King of Terror would arrive in July of 1999?

I was thinking about that and realized this was when George Bush first appeared on the world stage. Wasn't he the King of Terror? Didn't he bomb Iraq for no reason? Wasn't that proven to be a war on false pretenses? Didn't he promote the terrorist war which is still ongoing? Incidentally, didn't that war go on for seven years just as prophesied in the Bible? It started in March of 2003 and lasted until August of 2010. Isn't it time to wake up? Get over the fighting and back biting, let's work together and have Peace on Earth? Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

A great door opened in mid September. Let's walk into that love energy and start walking our talk. We have until November 2, 2010 to get our act together. This is when the node will be conjunct Pluto and who knows what will happen at that time. This is also when we move into the seventh day of the Mayan Calendar and it is also Election Day.

Let's pray for the highest and best good for all in this election and hope that people make wise choices. Another question: do we need to be ruled by someone? Aren't we capable of ruling our own life? What would it be like if we all did our own thing? There is only one rule in this Universe and that is Cause and Effect. What you do to another comes back to you. It's as simple as that. Jesus gave us one commandment and that is to love one another. Unconditional love is the answer. Think with your heart.

I think great things are on the agenda for the New Earth. Let's all move into that energy and get out of this negative cycle. Fighting and arguing are not part of the New Earth. There may be disagreements but they will be talked through peacefully. Great art and music can come forward in this Saturn in Libra cycle. I think there are great artists from the past who have come back to re-create more beautiful manifestations, and musicians who will bring us beautiful new music. Maybe they will include the new tone that is now on Earth.

It's my understanding that when a planet exploded in our solar system a long time ago it left our system unbalanced. The missing note, according to a friend of mine, is E#. This note corresponds to the Leo constellation, which is the fifth sign of the zodiac. There were many people working from the higher levels to heal the energy of the missing note, and balance our solar system.

It's my understanding the Leo constellation has been healed. I believe it was healed by July of 1991 when there was a total eclipse of the sun over Mexico City, and this is when we moved into the Sixth Sun. This is when we moved from the sign of Leo into Virgo, the Virgin. This is the sixth sign of the zodiac and rules the manifestation of love. The frequency of love is 528 hertz which equals 15/6. Regulus will be going through the sign of Virgo for the next 2,160 years.

When I asked my guidance about the cycles we were going through, they told me they measured the cycles a little differently then we did here on Earth. They measure the 2,160 year cycle that we just completed by the star Regulus, the royal star of the lion, moving through the different signs. Regulus just moved through the sign of Leo. Jesus came here as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Leo) to bring us the understanding of love. Leo also rules the heart and the heart brain is where our thoughts are suppose to come from. When more people start thinking with their hearts you will see a total transformation on Earth.

The most important event to look for in October is Halloween. This is the ancient celebration of our Creator Goddess who the Hopi call Spider woman. This is why spiders are used for decoration on that holiday. The veil is very thin at this time of year and it is very easy to see into other dimensions, thus the symbol of ghosts is also used to decorate this holiday season. November 1st is All Saints Day and November 2nd is all souls day. It's a good day to start a Mayan New Year.

Many people listen to the doom and gloom that is out there and become very fearful. Everyone has their own reality and they are free to choose what they want to experience. However, that is not my reality. I choose to be happy, healthy and full of the love. We live in an illusion anyway which was created by mass consciousness. Isn't it time to step out of that illusion and create a new one? So Be It!

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I send you my love! *****Mahala Gayle*****

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Planet Alert May 2011
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on May 4th, 2011

We’re in May already. I do believe time is speeding up. I love this time of year because I can look out my living room windows and see my beautiful pink flowering cherry tree in full bloom, and all the other trees and flowers. My other cherry tree and pear tree are also in full bloom with their beautiful white blossoms. Then there are the red and yellow tulips all along our long driveway. Our living area is on the second floor so it feels like we live in a tree house. I love it!

We also have beautiful red bushes between our house and our neighbors. They also bloom in the spring with white flowers. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. Our house faces east so we get the rising Sun. What a beautiful view to wake up to in the morning. In another couple of months our Dahlias will start to bloom and when you check out my blog you will see a sample of those beautiful flowers. Isn’t nature awesome?

Now, what is going on in the world? There have been several major events this past month. One was the death of Sai Baba on Easter. He had millions of followers around the world and they will miss him. Some people still need the experience of following someone. I do not follow anyone because I believe God is within me, and everyone else. It’s time to be in your own power. We are all great Beings.

Then we had the beautiful wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It reminded me of the stories of Camelot. I stayed up all night to watch the pageantry and what a show it was. I felt a tremendous amount of love as I watched the proceedings. Then I thought; oh my gosh, there are 2 billion people watching this event. That is 1/3 of the population of the world. No wonder I was feeling so much love. If our conscious thought creates our reality, what does mass love and happiness create? This event might have been the event that will push us into the New Earth.

Then we have the ending, or closing to the drama of 9-11 with the death of Bin Laden. I feel for all those people who lost their loved ones in that tragedy, and now they are finally having a closing to that event. Whatever you believe about Bin Laden, I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories about him and 9-11, his death is still a big event. When it comes to conspiracy theories you also have to use discernment. I have discovered that there is just as much disinformation in the conspiracy theories as there is in regular news.

Now there are a lot of people who are celebrating because of his death. Whether you think that is right or wrong is up to you, although the energy from the celebrations is going out into the world. First we had the celebration of the wedding, and now we have the celebration of the ending of 9-11. It’s time to tune into that happy energy because happy is where we need to be.

I know there are still many people who are not very happy. I guess they are still going through the ninth initiation, and it’s always darkest before the dawn. If your life is wonderful, it’s possible that you have passed the fire initiation. We need more happy and joyful people in this world so we can all change.

I received an article about the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar. The article is called The 9th Wave-Last Year of the Mayan Calendar.

Here is an excerpt from that article – We are being called to move within and reflect on what we have grown or germinated during Day 2. We are in the 2nd night and the 4th heaven of the ninth wave in the Mayan Calendar. This lasts from May 2 to May 19th. This energy is one of reaction. This means that we may experience tension within our lives. The ambiguity of what we thought was real versus the reality of our experiences. (It’s time to learn discernment-what do you really believe?)

This is not a negative occurrence but rather an opportunity to re-evaluate and differentiate the polarity between following the will of ego or the Divine will.

The 4th Heaven relates to death and destruction. We will experience inward releasing/cutting away of our pain of unworthiness and relentless fear of the ego-and an opening to receive and enact upon the Light of Source within us. When we follow Divine Will, we embrace Divine Truth and experience infinite freedom. As the saying goes ‘the truth will set you free’. As we come to the end of the 4th heaven, we prepare to enact upon the inner visions received during this time, in order to ‘sprout’ during the 5th heaven which starts on May 20th.

The full moon this month is on May 17 at 4:09 AM PDT. In this chart we find the planet Jupiter on 26 degrees Aries aspecting the Sun at 26 Taurus and moon at 26 Scorpio, which is exactly over the Pacific Northwest. Three days later on May 20th our Sun will be aligned with Alcyone, our central Sun in the Pleiadian system. It takes our solar system 26,000 years to go around Alcyone.

May 21st is one day after we start the 5th heaven. On that day Jupiter will be on the degree of a black hole on 27 degrees Aries. This will open a doorway to a different dimension, or a higher frequency. This doorway will stay open until June 3rd. Jupiter is considered the supreme God in Roman and Greek mythology. It is the largest planet in our solar system and is called our Sky Father. Jupiter rules abundance. Does this mean a doorway to ascension and abundance will open? Incidentally, Ascension Day is celebrated on June 2nd this year. Are you ready to live in the 5th dimension?

In the meantime Earth changes continue to happen. Mexico and Texas have had major fires for the past month. There have been massive tornadoes in the southeast area of the United States. Whenever Mars and Mercury are in an aspect, storms occur which is what caused the tornadoes. The southern states are under the influence of Pluto, which is the planet that caused the gulf oil spill last year. Pluto in Capricorn knocks down structures which is what happened in the southeast area. There has been major flooding in the northern states like Missouri and Illinois. And of course there have also been Earth changes in other parts of the world.

These changes will continue because we are in the Year of Change, and the Time of Fire. More volcanoes will erupt, and Mars is still in Aries so we may see more violence in the Middle East. We haven’t heard about the end of fighting in Afghanistan or Pakistan yet. They are in the world drama right now. Mars will be right over the Middle East at the full moon of May 17th. What will that bring? That energy will be closer to Israel, Syria, and that area. Doesn’t sound like the best energy, but who knows what it will bring. Maybe it will bring a drive for peace. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I hear there will be more large solar events in the coming months, and of course the comet Elenin will be at the closest point to Earth in the fall months of September, October, and November. For more information on this comet-Google comet Elenin. It is so interesting that Elenin will be at its closest point to Earth just when the Mayan Calendar, as interpreted by Carl Calleman, ends.

You never know what a day will bring, especially with Uranus in Aries. Life is just full of exciting new adventures. My wish is that everyone will release any remaining trauma they are experiencing so they can vibrate to the new energy. This is the year to gather in unity and compassion. Express love, which is soft and gentle, and please walk softly on this beautiful planet. Happy Mothers Day! So Be It!

I send you my love.

*****Mahala Gayle*****

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This is the line-up for May and June:

The Wesak festival culminates on May 5, 2012 at 8:35 PM-are you ready for graduation?

The poles on the Sun are reversing and this event is expected to finish in May of 2012.

Mother’s Day is May 13. Venus turns retrograde on May 15 and stays that way until June 27.

There is a major solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 that reaches its peak between 4:30 and 5:00 PM PDT.

There is a lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012 at 4:12 AM PDT.

Venus eclipses the Sun on June 5-6

The Summer Solstice is on June 20, 2012 at 4:09 PM PDT

On June 24, 2012 there is a perfect mother T-cross in the heavens on 3 degrees Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Saturn (our teacher) turns direct on June 25.

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Planet Alert July 2012
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on July 3rd, 2012

Are you prepared for lots of changes in your life and in the world?  In this article I am focusing on what the planets are doing because they are producing very intense energy. We do create our own reality and it is nice to stay in the energy of love and light, although sometimes it gets a little chaotic out there. If we stay peaceful we can watch the play in observer mode instead of being caught in the drama of it all.

There will be more drama played out for the rest of this year. The more intense the energy gets the more drama occurs. The Earth and our solar system has been moving through a very highly charged space since 1998. When our Sun lines up with the Galactic Center in December we will feel very highly charged energy. This also happened at this past Summer Solstice when the Earth lined up with the Galactic Center, and all you have to do is listen to the news to see what was created from that line-up. When the planets are in an aspect to each other, like a 90 degree angle, a Torsion Field is created. A Torsion Field can create waves, currents, and vortices. This is caused by a spinning field that is created when two planets aspect each other. This energy can be measured on Earth and also causes chaos here. If caught in one of the vortices you may find yourself losing time or some kind of unusual event.

I listened to Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast last week. He explains how Astrology works and calls it Hyper-Dimensional  Astrology. It was a very interesting program. His site is  He has technology that can measure energy from the planets. He measured the energy from this past solstice and the energy went crazy. He also measured the energy from the eclipse on May 20, 2012. He has a graph on his web site that shows the chaotic energy those events created.

We are, and have been going through a consciousness shift which also affects our bodies and Mother Earth. Chaotic thoughts are what create chaotic events. Mass consciousness that is out of control creates Earth changes. There are a lot of people out there who are in much trauma right now and are having a hard time dealing with their anger and negative thinking. This drama really stirs up energy on Earth. Like attracts like and this dramatic energy collects onto itself and Earth changes are created. This is why it is so important to create peace in your life.

We are now in the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square which triggers solar activity. It has already triggered weather events on the East Coast and across the Midwest.  The temperatures are soaring and power is off in places in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and other areas. According to the news, a very powerful storm came through that area this past weekend, probably triggered by solar activity.

The full moon is today which is July 3, 2012 at 11:52 AM PDT on 12 degrees Capricorn. The Sun is in Cancer which is a water sign. When the Sun moved into Cancer on June 22, the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast started to be affected by this energy. This full moon energy brought storms and heat. Washington D.C. corresponds to 13 degrees Cancer and this is why the storms were felt so strongly in that area. Pluto was also in a 90 degree angle to Uranus which causes storms, winds, and lightening. The longitude line of Pluto also runs down through North and South Carolina, Florida and the Caribbean.

I think there will be more weather events in those areas so I think it is a good idea to be prepared with food, water, etc. The Uranus/Pluto aspect is not just a one day event. It is in force right now and will continue to be in force for a long time. Actually, right now we are moving into the energy of Mars moving into that aspect and forming a T-cross in the heavens. In mid-July Mars will make an exact square to Uranus and Pluto. This is very intense energy. Mars and Uranus together bring storms, floods, wind, etc. and Mars and Pluto in aspect bring to the foreground energy of war, violence, power struggles involving political or military affairs and negative events. We can also use this energy for self-regeneration. I think that is a better way to experience this energy.

The north node goes into Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) at the end of August. This will continue to activate the Pluto/Uranus square. Mars also goes into Scorpio at that time and Scorpio rules the Middle East. Scorpio is the only sign that has three symbols. The lower symbol is the Scorpion, which can really sting you. The next symbol is the snake and the last symbol is the high flying eagle. A person born in that sign can manifest the energy from any of those symbols. Hopefully mass consciousness will focus on the high flying eagle. The north node will stay in Scorpio for one and a half years and the dominant planet will be Pluto.

The north node will be moving out of Sagittarius at the end of August. The past year and a half the emphasis has been on the banking system, lawyers, law suits, laws and working on creating justice.  President Obama was the first president to create a health care bill because the energy was with him to get it passed. The hearing about the legality of it came up with Mars in Virgo, which rules health, and this is why the Supreme Court said it was legal.

Actually the banking crisis started when Pluto was in Sagittarius in 2008 and continues to this day. It should be time for the crisis to be over, and a new monetary system set up. We’ll see what happens. With the node in Scorpio the emphasis will be on regenerating dark energy into light.  Scorpio is a water sign so watch for more water events as the node moves through that sign. Also look for more trials about the misuse of sexual energy. Scorpio rules sex so watch what comes up with the Vatican and other institutions.

Pluto is in Capricorn and that sign likes power. Capricorn rules governments and the leaders of those governments. Watch for more governments going down and new ones being formed. On July 23 the Sun moves into Leo, which is a fire sign that activates fires. Jupiter is in Gemini and will bring more fires to the desert or dry areas across the United States. It will also affect the countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan. And don’t forget that Mercury will be retrograde from mid-July to August 8th.

We do live in interesting times and this is why it is so important to manifest peace within, and to think with your heart. The heart brain is very powerful.  If you want to create what you choose to experience, think with your heart.   So Be It!  All is well in my world!  

Love you!

***** Mahala *****

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Planet Alert October 2012
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on September 27th, 2012

Fall is here, and we now have the beautiful colored trees to enjoy. We are still having summer weather here in Seattle and it is gorgeous. I just love fall weather with the warm days and the cool nights and the beautiful trees. We just experienced the Fall Equinox which brought in some very chaotic energy because it triggered the cardinal cross.  The days prior to the Harvest full moon (September 29 at 9:19 PM PDT) and beyond will continue to be very intense, so stay cool, calm and collected.

The Feast of Tabernacles starts on October 1, 2012 and continues for a week. This was a very important holiday at the time of Jesus and also today. It has been celebrated at this time of year for many years. It is the Harvest Festival and a time for great celebrations.

Columbus Day is October 8, 2012. This is also a very important date.  I heard from a friend that this Columbus Day would be the end of a 520 year cycle since Columbus discovered America in 1492. I also received an email titled The Fall of the Reptilian Empire, which I found to be very interesting.  A quote from that article says “Before October 7th billions upon billions of Reptilians will be cleared away daily from the astral and etheric planes by the Light Forces. This will be a very chaotic period of time and by October 7th more light will come to Earth”.  If you would like to read this article check out the Cobra web site which is portal2012 and look under Blog Archive.

At the Fall Equinox the North Node was on 29 degrees Scorpio. This is the degree of much light coming to Earth and that chart will be in effect for three months. This energy will continue to affect us for a while. This upcoming full moon will trigger the cardinal cross. In fact, the sun will be in exact opposition to Uranus, the planet of fast moving changes. The Sun will be 7 degrees Libra, Pluto 7 degrees Capricorn and the moon will be conjunct Uranus on 6-7 degrees Aries. If this doesn’t bring lots of changes to Earth I don’t know what will.

Saturn moves into Scorpio on October 5th and starts a whole new energy cycle. For the last 2 ½ years Saturn was in Libra and that meant relationships were the challenge.  This involved relationships with friends, family, people at work, partners, and the relationship you have to yourself.  Now the energy will change to getting in touch with the core of your Being, which is your God center within you. For those who are not ready for this energy, they will experience more transformation of the dark side within them.

There has been much violence in the Middle East for eons of time.  A pamphlet was given to me several years ago that says the Third World War would start in North Africa. It did start in Tunisia in January of 2011. The pamphlet also said it would spread to other parts of the Middle East. That has happened. There are just a few countries who have managed to stay out of the violence.

When Saturn was moving through Libra it was affecting the area of North Africa. Everyone saw the revolution that happened there. Now that Saturn is moving into Scorpio it will be affecting the rest of the countries in the Middle East like Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.  Saturn rules Karma. If you have good Karma that is what will come back to you. If you have bad Karma you will have bad things happen because it is the law of cause and effect. What you put out comes back to you. It looks like there will be more bad karma affecting the Middle East.

I am concerned about the Middle East with Saturn affecting that area.  Will the Middle East explode like it did in September when Mars was affecting that area, which I mentioned would happen in my September article? The Bible talks about a major war in the last part of the 19th chapter of Revelation. When the revolution started in Tunisia I knew that was what the Bible was talking about.

During the time this war is occurring the dark ones will lose their power. This is happening right now with all the corruption coming out into the open. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, rules the underworld. Everything that has been hidden will come out into the open to be looked at and changed. The north node will also be in Scorpio for a year and a half. The people who have not found the light within them will have a hard time. The ones who have found the light will be able to manifest the energy of the high flying eagle.

We have been walking between two worlds for a long time. Maybe it is time to be totally on the New Earth. Take a few minutes in your day and create your heaven on Earth. Think about how you would like your life to be and then create it with your mind. You can create anything you wish to experience.  Anything is possible because we are in the year of magic and miracles.

The Earth is changing and it has already started to tilt. I noticed the tilt this past summer when I only had to pull down four shades over my big windows instead of six like I had to do in the past, because the sun started coming in at a different angle. I received an email from a list saying that when Mike tried to stand an egg upright at this equinox it would not work like it had in the past. I don’t know Mike. He is someone who was on this email list and he did the experiment with the egg. This means the Earth has tilted.

What has caused this tilt? Has the sun been affecting the core of the Earth? Did one of the large earthquakes we have had recently cause it to tilt? Could it be from the planet Nibiru, which is behind our sun? Could it be from the energy at the Center of our Galaxy?  Maybe it is from all of the above.

I heard from my friend Mona that the planet behind the sun is affecting all of our planets and making their energy more intense. It is affecting Mercury the most because that planet is so close to the sun.  It feels to me like Mercury is retrograde all of the time now? Doesn’t it feel like it is retrograde to you? It sure does to me. And, Mercury technically turns retrograde on November 6, 2012. That is our election day. This will really make the election interesting.  All bets are off on this election. Who knows what will happen. Maybe there won’t even be an election. Time will tell. I think there are some surprises in store for all of us.

If you think that time is moving fast now, see what happens in the next three months. I feel like I am on a roller coaster myself that never stops. It just seems to speed up more and more and I never know what a day will bring. I guess that is what they mean when they say live in the NOW because that is all there is. Yesterday is gone, the future is not here yet, and today is all there is and that is why they call it the Present. Enjoy it to the fullest.

I send you my love and blessings for a wonderful fall that is full of lots of happiness and fun things to do.  Take care of yourself, enjoy life, have fun and live in the moment. So Be It!

Written in love and light!

*****Mahala Gayle *****

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Planet Alert August 2013
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on August 5th, 2013

How did you experience the energy of July? It was very powerful. There were several important aspects that happened last month. The first was the activation of the Emerald Flame on the new moon of July 8, at least here in Seattle which is called The Emerald City. I’ve heard there is going to be an activation of the Emerald Flame in California where the Sequoia trees are located. The Earth keepers are having a large gathering on August 16-18. It has been 26 years since the Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17, 1987. It’s celebration time. Check out their web site

The Emerald Flame is also the ray of our heart chakra and indicates more energy coming into our hearts.  Basically it is wake-up time. This green ray is also the ray of healing and will activate much healing energy. Mary Magdalene had a healing group called the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire that did a lot of healing work two thousand years ago. This group (from all over the world) will probably come forward again. I heard through my friend Mona that the Emerald Ray is on the 7th dimension and is connected to the Pleiadian Star system, which is called the seven sisters.

The Emerald Tablets, written by Thoth will also be activated at this time which means new scientific information will come forth for our understanding. It will also be the activation of the little people like fairies and leprechauns and many people will start to see these little ones.

The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar ended on July 24, 2013. Then on July 26th we moved into the year of the seed, which is ruled by Jupiter. This brings new beginnings. Thousands of years ago time bandits from Jupiter and Saturn stole the mathematical code of time. They changed time from 13-20 to 12- 60 which pushed us into the third dimension and threw out the goddess energy. This year 2013 has the vibration of 6 (2+1+3 =6) which is the vibration of love. It is also the musical tone of love which is 528 HZ, which also adds up to 6, and is the color green.

Now we are moving back into the 13-20 energy by moving through a time tunnel. On July 29th there was a Star of David (Merkaba) in the heavens. This opened the time tunnel and is pushing us through it. Basically it is ascension time. Ascension means we are moving into a higher frequency where we will be able to bring Heaven to Earth. I have a feeling that we will be out of the time tunnel by August 25-26 when there is another Star of David (Merkaba) in the heavens.

Both of these stars have Earth and Water trines. A Star of David also has six points. There is the number 6 again. Maybe we will start manifesting energy from the sixth and seventh dimensions. Won’t that be nice? The Earth trine was Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo, and the moon in Taurus. The water trine was Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. This was when Jupiter and Saturn bowed to Neptune, the heavenly goddess.

Saturn and Jupiter have been going through a tremendous transformation in the past few years, particularly Saturn. Saturn ruled karma. This means that karma is over for everyone, at least by the end of September. No more blaming your parents, spouse, or whomever for your challenges. Take back your power.

We have been manifesting the negative side of Neptune for a long time by the misuse of drugs on all levels. We have drug wars, the misuse of prescription drugs, and there has been a lot of deception everywhere. Saturn in Scorpio has been doing the job of bringing all of this deception out into the open so we can transform this energy. This planet also brought the misuse of oil to the foreground so we can start using a new energy source. I know it seems very dark right now to many people but this will soon change. As soon as we start vibrating to the positive side of Neptune, which is love and cosmic consciousness, things will get better.

Our scientists say there are 11 dimensions, others say there are 12, and I say there are 13. Anyway, however you look at it, these dimensions or densities do exist and it is our job to manifest the frequency we choose to live in. These densities exist simultaneously and we can jump from one density to another.  This is why we all manifest different realities. There are as many realities as there are people on Earth. It doesn’t matter what reality you choose to live in as long as you manifest unconditional love. Love is the glue that holds everything together and this is how we can all become one.

And let’s not forget about the birth of the new Prince George in England. That was an awesome event. He will be so full of love that he will be able to change the whole British Empire, and maybe more. He will be a great leader as time goes on. His chart is very feminine with all those planets in Cancer along with a water trine. He is a feminine soul in a male body. He was born on July 22, which is a master number and the festival of Mary Magdalene. It was also the full moon. I saw on the Internet that lightning struck in London at the time he was born. A manifestation of the elements like that signifies a great soul was just born on Earth.

Now let’s talk about August. I received an email yesterday from a Pleidian channel who says there will be a big shift starting on August 12th. She says there will be vibrational pulses created from the rotation point moving through the Earth plane. These vibrational pulses will create light frequency waves. The intensity will be great and it is time to concentrate on being in your heart chakra and releasing any remaining ego that you might have. Just let it go. Be in the flow and let this energy flow through you. Focus on the Emerald ray and see it opening up your heart chakra to unconditional love. Her web site is

We are in an intense period of time which will continue at least through September. Right now the sun is in the sign of Leo and this activates fire energy. This energy, when used to activate your heart chakra, can bring much enlightenment to you. It’s time to shine like a brilliant candle and move into your power.

James Twyman will be having a peace concert in Syria on August 15 and in Egypt on August 18th. If enough people concentrate on peace during that time period maybe we can actually start creating peace on Earth. Please check out his web site

Egypt is a sign to the world. When they experience peace, the rest of the world will also have peace. The drama of Moses was all about freedom. Let my people go. Then a revolution happens and the people become free. We had the Star of David in the heavens on July 29th which is a very nice energy, but during that same time period Mars was opposing Pluto which brought up the energy of violence. This energy continues to be in effect.

Now, today August 2nd Mars is squaring Uranus which brings unexpected events and there is a major terrorist alert in affect. Mars is over Washington D.C. and Uranus is affecting the countries in North Africa including Egypt. Hopefully this threat will not manifest and we will be able to neutralize the energy of Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.  Then the peace concert in Syria and Egypt can change the energy so those countries can become more peaceful. Please add your energy of love to those countries on August 15 and 18th. Let there be peace in the world and let it began with me.

Follow your heart and manifest love. And may the God within you bless you and bring you everything your heart desires.            So Be It!     *****Mahala Gayle*****

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So many people have been looking for the New World Order to come to pass. I’m saying that the New World Order has been in effect for many years. We have been under total control and have not been free for a long time. Now, freedom is finally opening up for us although to obtain this goal of freedom we have to concentrate on keeping our thoughts on positive events. The people who continue to focus on negativity will not be able to participate in this new dimensional shift that has just occurred. Negativity affects your body and you end up sick. It releases acid into your body and your whole body system is affected by negative thought. Please make an effort to keep your thoughts on positive events so we can create this world of love.

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